The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1946
Page 4
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Budgets Stretch Lknitedkomes Font Families f\»o Qitcmiioa of Tfctir "' Problems Beneficial Farm families, large and small, .these with small Incomes a;m with large, desire help in managing their , finances, according to Miss Cora Lee coleman, home demonstration agent. "Sonie: families want help In stretching a small Income to cover .tisfntial heeds," she, slated, "while ^thers ask for, assistance because^ over and over again they find themselves sliort of cash and without the things they see they might have had— If their dollars had teen spent more carefully. Still others ask for help because they , find themselves In a bewildering new situation or for various rca- . To get the most out of the dollars a family has to spend will. require careful Ihought, attention, and cooperation of the family, the home demonstration agent ixjint- ed out. "The first thing to do if •you wish to stretch, your dollars is to make a financial plan." Offers Deflnlle Filiern .'• To (lie question of what n plan is, the agent answered that It, is a pattern or guide, or what a family wishes to do in the future. The farm and home financial plan is the blufprlin laid out lo guid<; family spending. She stated thai th e ' purpose of a plan is to help families; no matter whether the income is small or large, the yeii- a good or bad one, n plan Is needed. The entire family should help make the plan, she said, because all are interested in the results. Some members will tnkc much more responsibility than others for certain parts of the plan, but one made by the funn family as ft whole gives all members a feeling of ownership, confidence in the decisions, and nn interest in seeing that the various parts are accomplished. "Every family should really have two plans," she said, "first, the long-time plan to . include goals for the farm, home, and family for a period of several years: and second, the short-time, or annual plan for operating the farm and guiding tile family spending toward the long-time plan." Planning for better family living includes working out a clenr pic- BLYTHBVILLB (AKK:) COURIER NEWS Pays $52,000 for Byll A. new record lor sulfc of a Here ford bull was mnelc In Tori Worm, Texas, when Jack Turner, left, o\vi}er of. Hie Silver Crest Heielurcls', sold Real Silver Domino «th to Mr. Keller B* Cnllnwny, Jr.; center, owner ol Ihe Hills nnd Dftles Harms, Lit- Grange. Georgia. Mr. Cnllaway paid $52,000 for iho prize bull which is held by Frank I'opc, itmnagei of tjie Hills nnd Pales Farms. (NBA I'liolo.) lure to show where the wants to go financially family In th years to come, she stated, and putting down on paper what be done to reach that goal. Situations to Solve Planning is not merely a matter Culling Flocks Stressed for Poultrymen Cull your poultry flock now, County Agent Keith Bllbrey urges. Grain saved by this method may be converted into food which will keep children alive through tho famine. Mr. Bllbrey snid that the U. S. Department of Agriculture Is urging poultry producers to step up their culling rate (liirlni; June and market non-producer and low-producer hens In the Interest of j'ceil conservation and more efficient, use of feed that is available. He pointed out that the recent rise In feed prices, Including protein feed';. makes It more important than ever to do a good culling job In the interest of efficient egg production. "The need for grain is so tremendous that we can't afford to waste It on hens that arc loafing on the job. Our government is shipping boatloads of grain to help prcvciit Gadgets Add to Efficiency of Clothes Closets Although some accessories 'or clothes .closets <tru on];- gadgets ;c brighten up the bedroom, many v/ill tetually mnke Uie rjosct more "ICl- clont. Home D?nMiistmlon AKC.ii, ' Lei CplcitMu lorl KOI Ul Mi pi comity lionicmnkcrs recently lhat these am oilen be made 1 or finished at home. Halboxcs may he covered with wallpaper or fabric to mutch the room. Shell edges can Ije trimmsd with plastic or with pauer edging' to match other accessories in the closet. These are only [or appearance, but many fittings Hint are useful as well may lie added. A shoe b;ig or set of shelves for sliues. « necessity, can be attached to the back, on one side, or on the door of the closet. The bug made of attractive material and the shelves painted In gay colors will brighten up the closet, she pointed Drainage Tile Pays Dividends Osceola Operator Bases Conclusion On Long Experience Clny Ayres, president and manager or the lirlckey & Ay res Lumber & a In Co.. of O.weolu. Is firmly sold on (he benefits derived from Ilic iis e of tile (trailing!! and •Irrigation for Mississippi County fnr."J lands. Mr. Ay res i)CKan his tiling oper- iions In' 1097, ln ora as j, n e x|>ert- mpjit In draining surface wa'er from Ion' places In individual flcl'Js. These experiments led to the conclusion that, tiling could be u.v-'d to c\ profitable advantage on DICE; Mln farm lands. Increased production running us high us 75 per ecu: in .some cases. When ashed if tiled land did no', suiter during dry seasons Mr. Ayrci said, "i have conclusive proof Hint (lied Juncl produced better crop.- during dry stusuns than adjoining farms lluil w er e not tiled." "Tjl- Ing," says Mr. Ayres, "serves a dual purpose, that of taking surplus water O ff during wet seasons and causing the. suil to retain inolsUi:c- durinsj dry seasons." A few years ago the laying ol tile was n slow and expensive proposition, but, now, thanks ii the mechanical age, Mr. Ayrc; uses n tllljjg machine especially designed la dig the trench 10 a prerdclcrnilnecl trade, and piling the dirt on one side. A crew of men follow up. pliicing the tile In (In 1 trench which Is «Tlcrvvtr:ls illlod with a. bulldozer. During- (lie past few months Mr. Ayres liiis Inyed over 15 miles of Ule ranging iron) 5 to 10 Inches in diameter on MX own fanns and on ! mickey <fc Ayres farms. Til?, like most manufaelured av- ticlei. became so scarce about two months aBO, thai Mr. Ayres tensed ! Uie Union city Tile Co., at UnWn I city. Tenn., and is now using lite entire output in his tile operations. C. w. Holllster, one of Die pioneers In tile engineering, is in charge ol field operations. Jack Hook Is manager of Ihc Tile I'lout ul Union City. mass starvation In countries. Three or ........... o i,, ,.„ v mi,..,,j n i*i,,%~ -. ..•_.,., n *i. i^in, ciiuujjii in u iiiuiuil ici i iiuvr.1: |[ CflJslOl 1 to 11)1(1 I of listing dollars and cents; it keep some hungry child or adult ilhc closet, she pointed out, ic nlcr\ tnlnkino ' tlirrmi'H mnrw nllvn In o fn,»E>m ......... r ,,.. they are related. Actual steps In is also thinking through many situations and problems nnd how developing a farm and home financial plan arc: 1. Plan the 'major long-tim» goals of Ihe family. 2. Determine the family's net worth of whut is owned. -, 3. Estimate the probably income which may b2 used for investments and savings for .th e future. 4. Estimati the Income which may be used for investments and savings in the present year. 5. .Plan the farm and home needs and how much can be spent for them in the present year. alive in a famine country for month. And the feed poultry producers hove available will be needed In the months ahead for ihelr layers and growing chicks." >rcvmi.. ollt war-wrecked I Skirl or irousor hangers help four Ixmder : keep garments free of ; wrinkks nnd '""" "'"" " ' find them In A new . re hens will eat enough in n month lolmakc It easier to wooden on^ on the Extra Caution Cuts Costs for Home Canners Canned fruits and tomatoes make up the greater part of Mississippi County families' canning budgets, according to Miss Cora Lc,. cole- man, home demonstration agent, who explained that although these products are considered easy io can, more spoilage occurs in them than in other canned products. Mold and yeast, the main causes of spoilage, ar e easily killed hy boiling temperatures, the home demonstration agent point out. Both . are often found in products canned -by the open-kettle method. \Vhiio -boiling the food in an open kettle .destroys the mold nnd yeast, more ..may get into the food while it is •being packed, she pointed out. For - this reason the fruits or tomatoes . ; should be heated in a hot water bath after they nre packed, she •said. These organisms are found in the air and on the skins of products and both require air moisture and a moderate amount of heat for growth. Fruit packed cold, covered with hot sirup, and processed may mold and ferment If processing times lor hot products packed in hot jars ar e used, the home demonstration agent explained, pointing out that such processing time is not long enough to reach needed temperature. Similarly, if processing times arc decreased, the temperature within the Jar may not get high enough to kill moid and yeast, she cautioned. Politeness Pays Dividend With Children, TQO Adults must be polite to children if they expect the youngsters to learn how to be courteous, recording i 0 Miss Cora Lee Coleninn. home dcnvmstriilion agent. "Children will d'o us their parents ;lu more quickly than (hey will do .is the adults say. ir ordered about and told lo 'shut up' when their parents want them to be quic'.. children will soon adopt lhat kiir.l of an attitude niso." she said. She cited lh c following incident to explain how a child can be trained to ue considerate and polite. A child onc c said to a neighbor who was caring for him: "If you nmkc me go to bed. I'm going to town iind" I'm going to buy some candy and I'm not going to glv c you any. The neighbor did not become angry with the child, but onlj smiled nnd said. "Do you fcno» what I'm going to <lo? I'm going to town and I'm going to buy ipme; ;{.canUy, , and I'm going to bring you some." The end of tho story was thnt / the child went mpplly to bed and the next tiny lip neighbor remembered to bring lim some candy just n5 s i, e hiul iromisixl. New Liberty New* Mrs; P, B. Jan-all has ret'.uniHl home from Niishvllle, Teim., where her to/other, w. A. Wreim, dic-d June 5, Mrs. Jnrrnlt had been culled lo Nashville when he became seriously ill. Labor Commissioner Questions Cof* Owners LITTLE' ROCK. Ark.. June n (UPi— James Sotos and Nick Panos proprietor.'! ol a Little llotk cnfo, .were summoned ,l o the office o!' Labor Commissioner E. M. Goss yesterday to answer charges of employing a minor. Th<, investigation arose when Ki- ycar-old Christine Wilson wa? wounded earlier (his week In ;< scuffle between her soldier escoft and :i negro holdup man. She told police she was employed at lhc cafe. It is against the Arkansas law lo employ any child under M years in any Job or under 1'j years where intoxicating liquors nre sold. A calories Is the unit of heat required lo raise the temperature of on e gram o f water one degree Centigrade. lds four skirts. or pairs of trousers is nltai'licd to the door or wall "lh 1 .screws. • COOL Beat the Heat wirh a Hunter Attic Fan from Paul Byrum Implement Co. We have a large stock complete with motors ready for immediate delivery. Paul Byrum Implement Co. 122 East Main Phone 404 iniBtntial FARM LOANS / Lowlntan* /Lon«T«m / Fair Apprakal J Prompt 8«iti» RAY WORTHINGTON Serving This Section fer'zi Yean 115 So. 3rd, PlythevJUe, Ark. TV. FrWMUl IU_.OT C.-M-J •< *—•»• Tune In Prudential Program Sunday at 3 p.m. over WRKC Ninety-two pe r cent of the pop- ulatton of the Irish Free State coosi*t« of Roman Catholics. TERMINIX TERMITE CONTROL Triple Guarantee I. Guraata* by KTMO Terming Ci i,i.IT. S. Cttnptnt br B. L. Brace C*. *. «••••»»« ky Sm BRUCE TERMINX CO. E. U Brace Box 1271 NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Suitable for Sawmills, Unloader Fans, l.iriga- tion Pumps, «tc. 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Flrmt -w e Clean and w»» - Here's fcoic—be sure t> make periodic inspections . . . hibricah regularly . . . keep tires properly inn ted and, above all, let our factory-trail ed service man give your John Deere trhctor nnd equipment a thorough check-d'cr. It will come back to you just aboii like new with plctitv'of power and pei for many additional hours of hard \jork. Remember, these are days of. equpment shortage. New goods are hard to g£. What you have mist be made to last. I Come in the next tin* you're in town. Talk with our service man about this complete overhaul seivice. You'll be pleased with the completeness... the good work . . . the results yoJ get. Don't delay —ask us about this serv ce today. Missco Inlement Co. OMIY CftjUjNE JOHN DEERE REPAIR PARTS It Is Now Time to Use ATLAC1.DE to kill JOHNSON GRASS For Sale By E, C. Robinson Lumber Co. 551 Blyrheville, Ark. DELTA Published By The Delta Implement Co, VoL 4 Friday, June. 14, 194G No. 13 H;ivc you hcnrtl the "Harvest, of Stars" radio (Ji'otfnini on Sundays? Once you do you'll look forward to this reJaxiiiff hall- liom, presented tor your entertainment fov International Harvester. ll s fjtmilia.' ajul well-nked music is played ahd sunj; by famous guest, stars, accompanied by n 70- L>iece orchestra conducted by Howard IJjir- luw, and : I.yn Murray's 20-voice chorus Au- nealiriB- dramatic episodes feature Raymond Massey, master of ceremonies Yes, everything on "Harvest: of. Stars" is presented tor. your listening pleasure and enjoyment. NBC's national network carries the prog-rum at 2 p. m., Eastern lime; 1 p. m. Central;' 12 noon, Mountain, U a. m Pacific. -DI- Mr. Clyde Robinson of Blvtheville lias a good F-20 Fat-mall Tractor on rubber lor Kale,-7hia- tractor has just recently had n good clean -paint job. -DI- Mr. C. R. Harmon of Route 1 Manila would like to purchase a good used steel wheel tractor for use in rough ground. If you have one you wish to sell get in louch with Mi'. Harmon. DI We have read in one of our trade journals about a revolutionary lino of living room lui-njtiiru incorporating removable covers, airplane construction aluminum frames, engineered iincl -fabricated bv aircraft engineera: Won't life be wonderful a few years from now? .* -DI Automobile, truck and tractor batteries are still on the critical list. Frequent checks, regular charges and close inspection of the electrical system come under routine operations. A faulty cahle can be a big factor in prematurely running down a battery. -DI- Most families waste some bread every day This can lie prevented by properly storing left over bread and using it in cooking- If every American will save two slices of bread for the next six months. All the fat from the frying pan as well as fat from the roaster should be saved, carefully stored and reused if possible. A tea.spoonful of fat a day saved by every man, woman, and child in the United States will mean a total saving of at least one million pounds of fat \y iay - , ***-*mm We cannot, a s a nation, fail to meet this call to avert hunger. If we fail we shall see ii world of disorder and chaos which will paralyze every effort at recovery and peace. We shall see the death of millions ot our tcllowtnen. Guns may bring victory but only food can retain the peace. DI Delta Implements will be closed all day Saturday, .June 22 (a week from tomorrow") for the purpose of taking inventory. CONDITION PAYS.' • \\

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