The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BIA'THEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Farm News Edited by T* j o jaunty Agricultural Agmt J. Li. DAMKRON A'ss'l. County Aypivl Id HI FM Rape a«d (itrnlps sh.ou.lo; be con- Eidered b> farmers who are seeking laf? ^e«tl crops for their stock, nc- cor^lng to J O FnUcrton comity agent For a limited ncrc.iec,'rap: is an feed croj) fpr ixntllry, ' iiieep, gpaU and e\en for Ihc county agenl was told by C.-K. McClcilaiid, assistant agronomist, University of Arkansas college- of agnculUire Rape, belongs to trie mustard family', and. must be planted and cared'for In the same, way as mustard,- '.turnips, and such crops. 11 demands >Irly ferllie soil nnd good rixolslurc condition's. It makc.s Us best (grow Hi In the cool weather which: Is cliaVaclerUtlc of the fall and spring months Planted In rows 30 to 36 Inches apart;-It will require 3 to 5 pounds oi seed to plant au acre. If It is Forbid Cubing Soybeans from Corn Regulations under tile New Soil Conservation Act, do not penult producers lo cut. .soy beans out of trie com and receive credit on a illvcTslon or soil Improvement payment. If this practice Is followed Hie field will be classed, ns !( up bctins were planted in the corn. It Is permissible to cut both soy : beans and coupons for hay \yhcri tliey are seeded alone. THUUSDAY, AUGUST 13, lose. arc sallsrnclory. In tlio cotton belt where oats are subject lo attacks of crown rust, Reilruslproof strains, j £uch as Ferguson, Appk'r, Noi'tcx and lOO-niishel should be grown J If it Is intended to grow oat« to i nmlurlty, I There Is it scarcity of seed of whiter oal.s varieties, anil I'nc seed will likely be higher In price than the seed of spring oals. ! If fall condition.*; approach nor-1 mal and If the oats are planted reasonably early, an abundance of toll gracing will be obtained. While fall oats may bo planted as late as September 20 In Ihe northern part of the stale, lo October 15 In lhe southern parl, llierc Is no reason why earlier planting cannot be made. The amount of all pastur- «8e .secured ulll no doubt \>i (jreat- or if On; oats aix 1 planlcd on or about September 1. ! W GULF5PRAY Ht AlWAK OIK HH BUG! Spring ami \vimcr-oijls will tur- iilsli abundant fall pasture to replace tile regular piisuires In Nojtli Mississippi •c'qunty that, liave been burned up by'l'iic droutli, according to J. O. Fullcrton, county agent. only winter, oats far- planted In rovis" and cultivated. Ill ,,',', ?"* »'•" w "> f ,? , mnt« ,.,r,r,> mni,i nnri inrcpr! "' sh ( " u P«luragc, bill, the added advantage of returning a. grain crop next, yci\r. U the winter'Is mild, spring oals plnii'cd. ihls full will return a [>raln crop nest year nearly equal in value lo thai produced by the* more hni'dy strains, according to C. \<. McClelhind, assistant agronomist, university • of Arkansas college of agriculture. However. If spring oats live killed during the winter, the abundant _)>asluragc w'nlch .they will provide ... . jcrj growth, and there is less waste lu pasturing as the livestock will tend to walk down the ro\\s when feeding on It Ha'pc develops'no: lleshy roots as ous at- aluabtc for sows lo Inrrow, aiid lor those suckjlng little pigs "' , bo 1 .well developed be- . foretlhe stock'lS'luriied on It. Once the growing, point Is eaten oil, further development is checked, Mr. Mcdfclittnd tsnld Swedish turnips or rutabagas, and,also the sniiHer round or llal- top turnips can be plinted for \vlii- tcr -feed. ,Unlike the rape, these fimkij'a eood root growth and biitii the tops and roots nre of value. The ruUibi^a'; should be plan led a meek or so earlier, if possible, tharj the jrSpe or the turnips, and niter a good rain—about the middle ol August Is a good .time, for plnnllng. Although planted as feed crojM. rape) and turnips mnj smo also as food Thij rnpe is excellent when mK&l with mustard nnd turnip tops*°for "greens ' this. r • Turf, -or ' have ]nild their way, winter oats, have what ..... . c'nlled .11 wtiitcr habit. They spread over 1 the ground mid devel- O]) ii\ore root ihan lop until t'ney have ' passed Hirotigli a 'dormant ' Violin strings arc inn.le from sheep* gut nnd the strings on the bo\rs. froi]5 horsehair,'' \vj]He the Spring 'oats, on llic. other ; hniid, .'grow .nprlglit from .the- beginning and grow continuously wil'noub a clofinaht period! Spring o'nts lack the hardiness of wlnicr qali and should not hu 'substituted Ijor'theh). '.'!''. Some varieties of whiter oaU, inch as Redhisl-proof strrilns. L>ce, Curtis, and Cufoerson, have nil ihi tccinedint; ' Imblt of growth, nnd are neither proslraie nor ; uprlg'iit hi (ho early stages. Some ot'tiicao are fully a>j hardy as the Tnr^ oals, es- lieclally named. Where Ilit-re is a shortage of feed, passible In tiie Another $100,00 in Cotton Subsidy |> to August 10, the comity agent's olllce at, niytlicville iiael received 11)95 subsidy checks, totaling $1125.530.fl-l. There arc 889 more checks to be received, which will amount i 0 approximately $100,000. Tlie business of selling flowers and flower seeds- began In New York City, In 1802. Grant Thorburn, n nail mnkcr, lost his Job, and, when neighbors admired hid wife's geraniums, conceived Hie Idea of selling polled pialils. MANTNEVElT SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Tlii»01dTrc»tnienlOflc.i Bringi Hoppy Relief Of Pain Many sufferers rnllovo iiiiKKlnK backache (illicitly, ojico Uiey dlycovci 1 thill the real cause oC Itich- trouble rimy lie ll.rcil kidneys. Tho Idilucys ;iro one of Nnturc'n chlof wayu 'of Irllilnjf Ilio ncldH nnd \vaslO out of the lilootl. If they don't pass :t pints a day mill so get rid ot more Ihan :t lionmls or >vusle mailer, your 15 mllca oC kidney tubes may ncoil Hushing. . ' H you have Ijonblo wltli fi-equeni hhnhler [^i'S wllh scanty atnonnl which often smart anil burn, llic in miles of Khhioy liiljcsi may noed llnsli- •HiK old. Tills dnn'Ror staiinl may bo the. bcKlnninir of nnsKliii; l)npkni:)u-. ICK Plllns, IOKS ot p«p and niict'Ky, nel- tliiH up iilBlils, sivollliiK, nullities* iin- uor thu eyes, headaches anil itlx^liicKH. f)on't wait for .serious trouble 1 . A*k your duiKglBl for lioan'a IMlLs — which hnvc linen useil »iicn\<jaCully for over 40 year:! by millions ,,r linoplt!. They «lve ha]i|jy relief tuul will help Hush out llic iri'mllou o£ klilncv lulKia.. Ocl DOAII'B 1'illH. ' NV Sfltl- FWW) K!(',': > 5 ( A ' 15 T«Y DEATH.'" o ' • i • t? as larcc'an ncrcagc as • 1'n'oii ifl '• \jc>. \jlnn ted I o' oa Is. nood of the bows comes from Bra-1 northern 'part of the' stal,c, Lee, zil • Curtis, .Culbcrson !yid,-Tu.rf stijahis RITE PRICE GRO. & MKT. dl E. Main iMi'qriu 2;!..l ^'o D.elivvr '.iS]>ee,ials For Frid,^ : aiut;.Si)lu,viln.v,'.'Aug. \\ ami l!j j? "RHe Prices E\ep Day On Anylliing You Say" PIK CHOPS Ov ; sicak; •>'^,ir-"22 ql Gulfspr'ay is ccrtttn ^ ilcntli to mpsqui "14 toes. Kills moths flics, i)C<i bugs ruaclies'ancl o'lhe'r insects too; Stainless. Milil, pleasari o<lor. -iyc n pint in hood and department stores and Good Gulf Dealers; GULFSPRAY JHSKIKILLER LIBERTY CASH GROCERS LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN ;)H W. MAIN ST. HE.YTIIBVIU.H AHK SPECIALS FOB FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Mary Jane Plain or Self Rising Guaranteed 10 Lb. Sack , 3k 20 Lb. Sack 6k 48 Lb. Sac!: $1.45 . Barrel $5.70 Pole Beans Home 5c Dog Food Lemons Vigo ](!•()?. Citu Kach Slot'k Nol lricd lip Dozen 15c Egg Plant Fresh Home Grown I'uuntl 2c Rolled Roast' H h 24c Bacon I'illlCV Sliced I'oiiiul 24c Lard Snow White Coinpnuiul Pound Salt Meat Fur lioiling I'oifitd Squash Potnid 2c Corn Itoscdale IS|o. 'i C';n\ Can lOc Dozen §1.08 Fai te B'KX Cb. .... lOc : CHUCK, u. .i5,e RIB STEAKS Extra. Fancy ((. (.'. ' Annonti'.s Slar. Pouml OLEOMAUGAUINE ITC 1T , 13 RS, Full. Dressed. REEF LIVER Fan'cv. ^ . Lb 15° GUOLINI) 15BKF I'tirc. . Lb. NECK-BONES or Hl Pig Wa^s. Lb r I i; SAW.. MEAT 10IC Boiling 12'/i_c;_Bcsl JO 2 TOMATOES ^••^:-^ : T™U Pound BACON Swift's. Sliecd. Rintlless. «mC I'outul £»J Medium Size, .l.uicy, Seedless Oo/.en GREEN BEANS ft Fey. Fresh Tetm. Lb,, U BELL PEPPERS , Tender RS 1AC . Lb. IV POTATOES, Fancy Idaho Triumph. Lb. LETTUCE, Cris'ii' n( Hard, Heads. .Eiich I, Pound S, Jlcd, Si/c c f)( . U POTATOES, Fancy JTC ' 1 Ualtci;s. Lb. Or Macaroni Case 5!lc; 2 Ijoxes PEACHES Table. \n Syrup e 2'/i Can COFFEE Canova 26 C SODA "CRACKERS 2 Pounds 15 C Quart Jar on L( FLOUR, Whitewater'ftr( Rose. 24,-Lb. Sack'33 MUSTARD Full Quart Jar Iff 1-1.1). Can :i Ibs. Ii3e IOC RELATIN, Uoynl 3 Boxes 17' SHORTENING White Ribbon S Lbs. ?l; .1 Ll, s . Maple Leaf ^VTrH.djjfox.' TOMAIOJCS; SPINACH i\(. COfiN, TUHNH' GREENS. LWge No. 2 Cans, K a . 2 Potted Meat Standard, -I Gins .. 10c Mbhv's, ;i Cans .. lOc £ utter 8eans S 12ic Tomatoes Oranges Standard, Can . . • Sc No.. 2 Can, Dozen-. f)0c Calif.' : ; i .Juicy', '"Sweet Dozen Greens Alnsfad or !i: ^ Htincli 4 For 21e Boiled Ham a 49c VanilaWafers ' > 15c Corned Beef, ; E C 15c I Bacon Swift's Oriole Sliced 1'on ml Full Dressed 1'oiinil 32c 29c Peas five Fresh Shelled 1 Pound 75c Okra Fresh Picked Pound 5c Salad Dressing 22c Shi.blcy s s Best Plain or Self Rising Guaranteed 5 Lb. Sack 19« 12 Lb. Sack •. ,.: 45c 24 Lb. Sack '. 82c 48 Lb. Sack ..., $1.60 Barrel $6.25 CLORCX Pint 10 ! CELERY IW SI S,, W : SUGAR l BKANS I'resh Lb. Fresh Lh. LIPS . . . ,khly fuliomc, JAW., . j- moist, TinMy,,. fond gl luiuiy am! I'rommenL Sp a nJ the elr^jncinorilfr. \Vitle- «He just bitlc'of chi Ffjrc in bow of Ijp injifjl- tjpcnngto njriow,fu ing "cllihticy" chjiactcT Jr.- thrust chin, 'l^ic-jiw nunJiiig Eu|Ti1itivc H'jiliiy. acteriitic of tliose \vl Lif* that 3|'pic<.ulc£e,\(M<.v. apfijijc Uuc woilh. in, hut r«.ird- clut- lio cm GRAPE FRUIT ^*W TURNIPS ¥ ^-yf PRUNES JAR TOPS i 1 Dozen Lux Har Life Buoy y fiC Ifcu- U \ Crystal White I! 'hite o/rc ii I5;irs L-J LiRht lloiisc Ui:'nkL!0-JDlt Can MIT I( Vapskim lulLJV Tall Ciiyi 2 MIT li F(IX 1{ivcr iTliLfi (i Sin, or 3 T c Tali .MATCHES Anch l Evai>. Lb. Good taste and judgment are guiding crowds of delighted folks to an inexpensive but delicious whiskey: Kentucky's "double-rich 3 'straight Bou rbon / Seedless TIC Lb. I 2 Hed Malaga • LI). Lh. Box Loose RUTABAGAS Tu ^ s Lb. Cloth Bug «* A 5*tifnlrr WhhVrr t^i\ i>it >filW - c Sniiiire Box SALT Table Lb. I 2 SARDINE % 4 ^ - •>' ' 90 PROOF—KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHiSKEY ; r .- ^Copy.-JRht |936, SchcnlerUiitribnorj, Ijic,, N'c-v York JAR..WN6S. l,o,en MATCHES BIRD SEED 6R.Q-UNDMEFLh.17? PORK CHOPS 'T,.25 VEAL BEEF' I AMP Ll ^ 1J} - • ...... - Oc L/rtlTIli' Forc(|uartcr, LI). .. lae SMJSAGE"" M " al ..b.lfl c HAMBURGER ^.'10° DA ACT K. C. P.cef 101C flUmo'l Shldr. Clod, Lb. 10 2 11 RAISIN UHAN Skinncr'sllC incr'sll Plig, 11 SPAGHETTI tffx T COFFEE ^ u . ^ COFFEE Kil " CCIIa L3f Large IJox Lb. Can ?FKK' l>l ' i(lc ° r : * lei "- T7 C t kl-' phis. Lb. 1* ly 1Q ( i.b. iy Liberty ^QC TUNA FISH 10; "^ J2!f PEACHES U( S^ n 15 c Kvap. 101C Lb. 1^2 NECK BONES "ff BACON SKINS Mealy 71C Wisconsin PIG LIVER • yriah ..b. MUSTARD a .I.- EXTRACT . SALMON" fin*, 9JL CATSUP!e TOMATO "^f p g^ c '^lu 17° Crossc'S Ulackwcll Can

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