The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1947
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS) '<."• TUESDAY, MAY 13, 1947 TURS1 The Fence You've Waited So Long For is Here! PRICE REDUCTIONS TOTALING THOI SALE STANDARD WEIGHT HOG and SHEEP FENCE A £ood utility ,s*c<fc fence. Stay wires C'' r.parl. Top arH B'>ltom Hires No 10 sauce. * bar 32". li 1-8 ea. filler 2« rd roll , , , ,.._ 9 BAR 39" KOG and STOCK FENCE Built »f first quallt) galvaniied steel wire. Top and bottom wire 1» sa. 12JA ga. 'iilsr. SUywires 6" apart, 20 rd. r.ill. 10 BAR 47" HOG arid STOCK FENCE Fxtn heavy, built of finest quality galvaniicrl rust reslstcnt •steel wire. No- 9 ga. tap ami bottom wires. 11 as. filler. The Jim Brown WEEII-Mas- TER. No moving parts to brcal- or wi'ar. Unequalled cpcralinc economy oil HO volts A. C. From Thursday, May 15 Through Saturday, May 24 Reduced for This Sale Only From 219.50 198 50 Only 28.88 DRASTIC SAVINGS on QUALITY Only $20 Down Easy budget Items You can haul bigger loida faster, saftr when you roll on rubber. Heavy-doty, ill'* itcel construction. Tops for profitable. Reid or highway hauling. s • Hauls 17% kcovier load! • 6,000-lb. Cron Capacity! . • Low-Lift Style Btdl . • Complete with tirei, 50-lrf. Hitch! Protect Your Roof With Jim Brown's Top Quality Roofing - While It Lasts! Reg. Sold for 108.75 li his Sale Only Paints and Paint RUST PROOF PAINT Can bo nrp'Iert light o*cr rusted surfaces. Oiic quart' cover". 150 sq. x feet, 1 coat. SAVE 28c ALUMINUM PAS NT One ^oat oners metal surfaces Uinruughly. 'Males an excellent pilmtr for wood surfaces. SAVE 61c ; ; ORANGE ; S'HEi.'LAC Contains high grade shellac sum and 190 pvooL L alcohol for quick drying. : ' SAVE 38c Supplies Reg. Now 1.25 97c In Quarts Reg. Now 4.50 3.89 \ In Gallons • - - Reg.- •'. ~ : '•' • Now 1.35 97c In Quarts Thir slrntt|>, sturdily constructed furm AVtii;<>n Is Iniill to £IVL* yon nuwy years of oV- pjiiuhililc service. C:m readily be adapted to highway hauling by i-cpliic'n^ sled wheels ivilh ruLlijir lirt* wheels ul low cost. CimiplcU; with 6D" (ruck .steel wheels, double-tree?, sim;l U'ci: ami slay eliuins. ' 195 Only $6 Down WHITE BARN PAINT Make o rubber-tired farm truck out of your steeii - wheeled farm wagon with 16 in. 'brop:'.,Ce*tfbr Rim Steel Wheels — Were 6.75 — Now 2.98 — Save 3.57 JIM BROWN BRICK EFFECT SIDINJ3 Muilcrnlze j'liur home this c»sjr, low cost way. Simple to apply. Has all the fine appearance of real brick. Each square allows for a three inch lap. In red anil huff. FELT BASE 3-in-l SHINGLES Protection assured wilh these eitra htary singles. Approved by Fire Underwriters. Available In red only. 65-lb. DREADNAUGHT ROOFING Solve yniir roufin;; prnbleins for years to come with Ill's citra fine Quality roofinff. Made of lone 'Ibrc rag felt, lias Under Writers Approval. HEXAGONAL SLAB SHINGLES A high quality fine appearing shingle that will enhance the upepLiranee of your home. Marie of best Duality m:i- teriais. Available in red or 5 15 HAMME MILLS .05: Per 4 Col. In 5 Gallon Lots PURE LINSEED OIL - - 3.98 gal. 100 per cent pure white house paint made of pure 'white lead and zinc. i , - f - ...... # Now Only .'- 24.50 per 5 Gal. Can - <g ., j E-CONO-ME ROOF SAVER Was 2.50 Now $1.49 In 5-Gol. Can Is fire rcsistiini, tou^li, flcx- ihlc, waterproof anil long-lasting. Easy lo spread. Smooth Black. Save 1.01 Reg. 79.50 . Now Save $39.55! Rrind mny kind of dry feed nl a | r ^, mcnctou» savinjts. in money a n <] linar K*]>iipprd wilh V-hcU intMcys fur plcc- *ric, operation. KosIIy adaplnl Itir »•-•; tractnr or Jeep prvwrr, l(«a\y -,i r " c |* tn»t -proof corutnirlion. I oni: tirrvicr ALUMINUM CULTIVATOR? -•• Reg. 12.95 Save 8.97 Now Only 398 in?;, furro job a hiin of hark b y 10 His. Can he used for breaking ;uul practically any gunlen cultivator will perform. A pr»c- . tiKil that will save you hours r:tkmg labor. - . MORE EXTRAORDINARY FARM VALUES Tractor Seat Cushions Mnile of strong ruliber. IntlaLcd In give yuii prealer riilt]if; roniCoil, S;jvo Now Heavy Saw Mandrels Made <if heavy duty slcrl for |> c . r ,-j ri\ <-« <!=; heavy duly and lon s service. V ^ """'. *11(" )J ItaMiit KrariiiBs. Save ?».55. NlNV V Table Saw Frames <':ui lie used ivllh pnu'cr from Lnic'ur or :mto Ics ult btzes of 13.53- jr. f Save N()W Patching Plaster , ready for use by ada.-nr water. l>ries ' white. .;-j, ; Save .W ~ ^ Linpleum Paste ^_^i .. Reg. 23c Reg. Now lOc Now 49c 19c In Quarts icadoo Brush Cleane 1 (V Sf •te tlMCMChlv hot dot*, nnl K,™ „, W-«. n • W */l Reg. Now and polishes linoleum surface rugs and easily. Save .30 tW»«shly bat don not harm or save .05 Heavy Duty Lift Pump Solid one piece cast oody. ,. .,. ,,. Full 0" stroke. 3 by 10 Iron '"•-<• "'••'•> cylinder. Save 12.00. Now Brass Lined Pitched I-'nr kitchen or slin.:n\v \\v\\ si-rvlt-r, Ilrnss rylimU-r, For Kojpf. 7.2',) S Ji ,J)S ivetls up lo 2ii feet In depth. Now • Save. 2.27. Automatic Deep Well Pumps Low cost opomlion fvir :i Itt'c- linu* «f ilrp^iiihiblv scrvic,\ C'finiplclc « ilh lank ;\nd .]- 1 h.p. motor. Sa\c 70.00. N>>\\ Gould Jct-O-Motic Water Pumps \\'rrks «n" centrifugal tervice EM pallons |>r r j:Ct vice £50 £uUoiis prr iir. 1 JciT ! 7 "> 00 *>^ fi P* pte. Gives quiet cconomieal ]\ Tt ,; V | ^ J ca)iaciiy. Save 50,03. Brass Boiler Unions Reg. «.« Save 40c Save 40c Galvanized BoiSer Unions Reg. Now yy^ Save 30c Galvanized Boiler Elbows 7x7^x'/2 Reg. /r^ 03^ Sare 36c Jack 1-4 h.p. Motor I'tivvrrfoL sninul h rumiiii^, I-*or nsr \\Hli n n ytypc of \mm\t. Now Formers Mixed Nails Reg. *).98 per 700 ' Save 5.74 Now i Ib. Keg 2.76 2-Burner Oil Stoves Itk-iil for Small Rural Home, Camp or Trailer Reg. 9.26 Now Save 2.37 FREE!-FREE!-FREE! A copy of "Five Acres and Independence" by C. M. Gains A wonderful book for those interested in diversified farming. ,':'.; Valuable hints on Drainage, Crop Yields, Irrigation.. Seed Control, Sanitation, Poultry and Stock Raising and contains hundreds of other helpful suggestions on farming. Reg. 2.29 Value! Only 117 copies left! DOLLARS SAVINGS on DAIRY SUPPLIES Merit Bench Mode! Cream Separators A compact, wparalor. Skimi milk dow fp8/JOOoM%. Hwvi(y tinned. Bowl FH<» rusf proof aluminum slumming ditet. Reg. 43.95 Now 29.95 Save 14.00 Direct Drive All Electric Separators tor at any price skim, closer. Save 56.80 . 1/6J5 69.9.) Merit Floor Model Separator This separator has every feature for close skimming, I 0 ,,~ lifr and easy nperat.on. Skims down lo 2-1000 of 1 nw cent. No machine can do better. ' Save 30.00 Now- 79.50 49J 3-Gallon Electric Churns I-1 h.p. G. K. electric motor. F'ull sweep paddle easily Rco dclacticd and easily cleaned. Heavily tinned. *liilc Bike 3< l!f n r: n ^..i. x*^\i.^kn • • n^... -,- _ ' ™""^ *>.IKC- • «k lite finish. MOTOR^ALONE JS WORTH THE Nov/ Save 25.05 40.00 19.75 White Cedar Wood Churns This flrongly martc, new siylc Cedar Reg. Now Churn is Just the right size for Ihc J OQ QQ/» average family. Has 4 easily cleaned Hf«07 70 V paddles. Adjustable handle. 0 » __ Save 3.91 Save with Safety the Jim Brown Way! Money Back Guarantee on Every Purchase! BLYTHEyiLLK (ARK.)' COURIER NFAV8 ANCE SALE! OF DOLLARS IN EFFECT DURING THIS SALE!! )K! COMPARE! SAVE! ... on i-hcse quality Home Furnishings R«d L E«tr> Strong 1 Firm UnJcf ng ! (or Dininj Room or Dinttte! TabU E»UnJ» to 52 IncK<l REG. 5.49 DUMAL ELECTRIC IRONS For This Sale Only Save 4.51 Hurry! Only 50 left! of 4 ' tha m tjip .|f sue' to tl I V, Oil I IM case cither f «•=-,] ||ial ,,. the M,Viiy |:oiiUptl oui H'ernmcnl i witli pi material -mr,-^ Hies inilUons c* hotuos at ll'isly, •< ^ 1| infliUicim, r i addition to bill proposes ;c government i;osr; of adminisU housing said, j: !• nchuinistrative JGovcmtnenl a»< • men 'I office spice ; record of the* :HIS in g .Admir*" n!d be unlecl. Reg. 3.95 2-Slicc Door Typo Electric Toasters Save 2.97 Only 50 Left. 98* Funiturc Odds and Ends Reg. 72.95 TABL5 LAMPS Save 10.00 Reg. 77.95 BRIDGE LAMPS Save 73.00 Reg. 2.98 METAL BED LAMPS Save 2.00 Reg. 2.95 FLUORESCENT BED LAMP Save 7.97 , 2.95 4.95 98c 95$ AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES Portable Mobile Lites Reg. 10.98, now 6.95 2000 ft. Beam with Pistol Handle Siivu I ().'! Reg. 79c LOCKING GAS CAPS Now Save 40c Reg. 1.25 4-WAY METAL RIM WRENCHES Savc96r Now Reg. 72.95 TRACTOR AIR PUMPS Save 4.00 |: A f;ri':\t a s:ivin;j in frmu'Oniia : your l:cv>' !u»l.;e. The (op has 11 | : E:c:il. niroliol. and acid rcsistiiig 'finish. I'uiinlnr modern design, uliUc bunc cuLir ffius,h. Table is SO" s 40" anil extends to 52 I; inches. At a Record Low Price Req. 34.95 BATTERY OPERATED FARM RADIO Has clear lone, <i lubes in two tone wood case. Operates off 110-120 Volt Battery I'MC Reg. 62.50 Now 24.95 Save 37.55 VALUES FOR THE KITCHEN I9' 5 Save 15.00 Great Savings on Boudoir Chairs Now 24.95 7.88 Kit oxlni piece of furniture you've been -jkiiij: fur. In ^iiy striped colors, thnt | \>il| iiild charm to any room. Save 17.07 Armless Boudoir Chairs I 'A Inv.- !jut cffcctivo uddition to y<>' ir %A/«w« iwiiH-. Jliili's :> gift thai nill < lElighl TTCre 1A OR IO.VD any growing Rirl. } Save 11. 97 4 QT. PRESTO COOKER Now only Scissors Reg. Now 4.95 98c Nmi-liji. slcil lj|i« l>ase. l.ifl.s 'i "ilh cnw. <.'(im|)lvle with fulltin^ haiulle. Save 3.61 Utility Tow CabU Reg. Now 1.98 98c f..nOQ.Ih. IHlU. '!» Inrt li>r»:. 'llrtui furxrd frtd Kn.ik. Will P"H <"'. Save 1.00 Reg. 8.49 WALL TYPE FIRS EXTINGUISHERS Save 3.54 Now Reg. 77.95 BATTERY CHARGERS Save 6.97 Only 2 Left! Now 4.95 4.98 j V MULTj-PURPOSE STIRRUP PUMPS ^ m ^\ . Reg. 1.79 Now J^iff. Sovc 1.20 Frcparcs meals in onn fourth the Hint. A great time saver for biilh rural and cily housewives. Famous Presto design. Mailc of heavy gauge cast aluminum. COLORFUL RED AND WHITE PLASTIC TUMBLERS Almost Impossible to Break Only 7c ea. 77c Doz. Electric Broilers I;! Has 3 steps. HjIOs like regular slrp lad 11 clcr. S:ifc, tliiriilile. In Lrit;lit red and finish. Save 2.10 Aluminum Step Stools •e Now 3.98 1.88 IS'VJO" Cocoa iMals, Itcg. 2.70, Now !>«c Save 1.81 New 7 Modern Telephone Stands :ir.(-.' tin' lic.nuty of jxiur home wilh _ __ _ —^ XN/> this ]i;imlsoi:ic piece of furniture, diirk^^ \J ^ *^ (j 52 * +J Av«7^J finish. C'cmplctc \\ilh cliair. Save 3.97 COOKS! FRIES! BROILS! Made of Heavy Cast Iron Aluminum Reg. 13.60 Now 6.95 Save 6.65 Now/ Special Values In HARDWARE Reg. Now For Tiny Tots and Children Reg. 87c PLASTIC JUICERS Now Save 48c Reg. 2.09 PLASTIC JUICER SETS Now Save 7.32 Reg. 7.79 SET of MUFFIN TINS Now Save 70c 39< BRAZING-SOLDERING WELDING OUTFIT Reg. 49.50 COLLAPSIBLE BABY CARRIAGES M;U!-T r >f slrr.n^ dmk canvas, 7<as wire D ea nthbrr tircii v.'Iu'cls. A comforlnblc; nicaiis -** nf transporlnlion for hnliy. Q Jt r ^\ Save 5.47 O.^t J Z. FOLDING PORCH GATES Made: nf «" r ':' "''"> 'screw joints. -W — liiijii. r-r." If"! "'lien fully opened. Helps Keg. ui jr.went iinall children from making bcri-jus Now Save 1.41 I I . Now 49c RUBBER TIRED ALL-METAL SCOOTERS Save 1.71 Reg. Now A stronslv '"I'll seoolrr Hint will thrill A jr f\ « n /> my ' );i '''" '" """• ''"'"'"I n brilli.uit, •< OW I \JX ' firc-ciisiiiL- ieil tli;\t cliildrcn «i!l love. *•* • *^ •* • • ^.W SCOOTER WITH GIANT RUBBER TIRES Save 2.00 Reg. Now A Iii-' liufk.v 'n.v. Has .1 real fnol typei- ^, f\ +\ £ f\ lir.ik;^ thai slops scooter install!ly. Bri!-"^ O7 J OW 'tiant red finish witli srcy trim. ** • ** **.\X^ BUY NOW! THE THRIFTY J!M BROWN WAY Aluminum Salt & Peppers lOc each 960 98 Reg. 7.98 WALL TYPE CAN OPf NERS Sare 7.02 Now Reg. 2.75 REGULATION BUTCHER CLEAVERS Sare 7.77 Now Reg. 69c MISS PEGGY OIL MOPS Save 79c • Now Strong Fibre Shopping Bags 1'orUble yet rugged. Simple to operate and will pay for Itself in a short c^ ^^ 'tim«. A)! equipment in- " • fj «lud«d at this price. Buy Now ,^^^5r .95 on KJ?J llutfeet Terns, Save 19.95 Regular 98c, now Save 19c Reg. 50c SCOUF AXES. 72" Handle. Sare 21 c Now 4.19 ALUMINUM CARPENTER LEVELS Sovc 7.27 7.59 72" IRON BASE JACK PLANES Save 62c 29c ALL METAL NAIL SCOOPS Save 79c 2.69 7" LINEMAN'S PLIERS, KNURLED HANDLES Save 7.20 98c STAINLESS STEEL ADJ. HACK SAWS Save 49c IF V«u lire two liusy to attend this sale use the" short cut to Jim llrown saving. • ; U,»>. •' , '' 1. Circle the items on thin ad you wish to purchase. 2. L'ill in your name 1 , address and other information in the spuiT.s shown on the order blank. H. rCm-lose check or money order for the total amount of your purchase plus Kales tax along wit It the 'it«l you have marked and mail to Jim llrown's Store. Your purchases will he shipped lo you promptly, fii'!.u;lit collect. Jim Brown Order Blank To Jim Brown's Stor« 105 AV. Main St., Ulythcvillc, Ark. , ; . Kind enclosed ;i copy of your ud wilh Hie Hums circled thai I wish to ptirchiiHO, along with chock ( -) or money order ( ) in the amount of? /.'. Name . ;V;. •• Address City & State Great Savings on top Quality Poultry Supplies Hover Type Buckeye Brooders 500 Day old chick capacity. Has heavy utitglu Iron liur huitic. Ihtrniu slat It-ally fontrnlled. Save 15.05 Now 35. 19.95 Peat Moss in 50 Lb. Bags Reg. 2.50, now 1.29, Save 1.21 3Gal.SnapOnFountsJJ°3- ; > N »Y Double wall, heavy galvanizedjT^^J lit/ Save 96c 6 Hole Aluminum R «s *°* HcnNesti J.95 4.95 Save • Sure Gro Single UnitR C9 . How Brooders O OC n nr ThfrmosUitically controlled. Open cm! I \ *f 1 if j»T feeders. 100 day old chkk capacity. ttfmJit fmJif Save 4.00 lOc r £?/ v ' 105 W. Main St. Blythe/illc, Ark. Phone 584 DON'T DELAY THIS SALE LASTS FOR ONLY 9 DAYS i*' ANTICIPATE YOUR NEEDS BUY NOW FOR THE FUTURE AND SAVE

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