The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1945 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1945
Page 4
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BLYTHEVJLUS COURIER HEWS , JANUARY 81, 1045 fHB .BLYTHBV1LLB CQURIER NEWS ; fKE COURIER NEWS CO. H. \V. HAItfES, Publisher ,. ' . SAMUEL F. NORTHS, Editor JAMES A.'.GATENS, Advertising Manager ' Sold National Advertising Represcnlullves: Wallace AVitmcr Co., Now York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. : . • ' Published Every Afternoon Except.Sunday Entered as second class mutter at the post- office at Blythcvllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. ~~ Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier li) the clly of Blythevllle, 20o per week, or 85o per month. By mall, within .a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 pef jcar 5200 for six months, $1.00 for three months; by mail outside 50 mile zone, $10,00 per year payable In advance. cnrgo to other vessels. With Manila Bay's deep 'water and poii facilities, many miles and much labor will ba saved. Ami of course it will also give us nn invaluable base for naval operations against the China coast and Japanese islands.' Now with a bomber base almost in Manila's oul-. skirls, the prize is within reach. A Brand New Hara-Kiri Method •& I/feu* Shining Example Bureaucracy is n sprawling tiling of involvements and inconsistencies. And though maiiy thousand flaming words have been written about its real or fancied evils, it's a rather hard thing •to pin down for an attack. However, wo came upon a postcard the other day which, in three lines, seemed to distill nml illustrate .the essential annoyance against which so much indignation has'been directed. A friend of onrs had written lo the Deputy Solid Fuels Administrator for War on a matter that he considered somewhat important. In reply he re- ,ceived this postcard. It bore a date,'a few mysterious serial numbers, the deputy administrator's fascimile signature, and this message: ".This will acknowledge receipt of <you,r (telegram hotter memorandum)" ,—the first and last choices were crossed .out—"dated ... your reference . . . -.which will receive prompt attention." The blanks were filled in, and i"prompt" had been crossed out niul "appropriate" substituted. That was all. Now this, ,wc;submit, is bureaucracy in a nutshell. Rudeness masquerading as efficiency; arrogance triumphing over the long-forgotten fact that gov- 'ernment bureau employes arc public .servants, too. Any congressman would of course 'be committing political suicide if he even once replied to a constituent .on a printed .form. -But. .congressmen got •their jobs through the people'.", sufferance, and 'keep them by being not .only 1 as wise but also as considerate as they >can. ', '/" v The bureaucrat also pays the grocer with the taxpayers' money. But ho can*nol find time to give .his own or his 'assistants' 'personal attention lo the ^taxpayers' .troubles. "We don't know what can be done to correct bureaucratic bad manners. We offer no solution. But we do offer one piece of advice—*lon't, for heaven's •sake, write your favor bureaucrat about it. ten* IB (U« wlQinu o( (dllorlali tram M ••«• Mi MOMMulhr neui M li U Ktawwtadfment of tt* The Marriage Law Needed By Arkansas , From the bills 'Introduced by HenrcBOiUntlvc Sliofncr of Tnlftfiki county nnd -Mrs. I.. W. Buchanan ns representative of Nevada county, to require .three-day notice before n mniTlnge license Is Issued, Arkansas should obtain n reform that Is needed for reasons thnt touch the social fabric. HID enforcement of -a three-day requirement would go fur toward discouraging linsly and ill- considered mnn-lagcs and particulnrly toward ending the Inflow of bolder counties of ont-of- .slr.te couples teeking to escape legal restrictions they would have to meet at home. In some of these counties such couples have been able to obtain Arkansas licenses and gel married at almost any hour of the twenty-four. Representative J. Leo Beardcn of Mississippi county—where for n time Justices of the peace were .supplied with •licenses signed In blank by ,the .county clerk for "curb service" customers— has sulcl -Hint In otic day 26 licenses were Issued at Bljthevllle and 23 divorde suits were filed. Of course this does not mean that every divorce traces back lo a certain walling period between appllcattoh for and the Issuing of a marriage license. But there Is substantial evidence thr.t .Arkansas's qiilck-nmrrlagc facilities have their share of responsibility for mnny divorce suits both In this nnd In olher slates. The marriage institution s\iffcis under the operation of Arkatisas'e -present law. A measure should be enacted that would subordinate license fees and private gnln to the social obligation Urn I. rests upon the state., —ARKANSAS GAZETTE. SIDI GLANCtS "You arc nol fjoinfj lo lake licr skiing! After all we've spoil leaching 1 her to dance, do you think I waul Jicr to get a broken leg?" • THIS CURiOUS WORLD Arming the French Practical Retribution The recapture of Clark Field on Luzon, like the recapture of Guam, brought a .dramatic*climax of retribu-. tfidy-ailva.nce i.n .the Ra- (jt! tjiveii jfecl hi part the savage',' srteiltliy'' attack of Dec. 8, 1041, which destroyed planes and pilots and helped hasten the fall of llnnila. But the field's recapture is of practical as well as dramatic value. It provides a springboard for ;dr operations which will seal the Japs' fate in Manila. And with Manila retaken, one of our great supply arid repair problems will be solved. Thus far our Pacific supply problem has been .complicated by some ships which had no equipment for unloading onto lighters offshore. For that reason it was necessary to send them to Hawaii or Australia and there transfer Gen. 'Brehon B. Somcrvcll has sent the encouraging word from l.'aris .that there is not at present any supply shortage ,on the Western Front. But this is not a signal to relax efforts to improve our manpower supply and utilization, or to think that supply problems are definitely licked. They cannot approach solution until we have made good our commitment, to equip and supply a largo force of French troops. In the. last war the bulk of American munitions and much of our equipment was provided :by the. French. Now the procedure must, be reversed in the same interest of mutual help. > The rapid equipment of a French army will relieve the American load in the .west, and surely make the war shorter and less costly. The French are ready and impatiently willing to fight. Their part in Germany's defeat is an ..obligation joi honor and national pride. By every consideration of sympathy and realism, we should help them meet that obligation. WERE BORN IN JANUARY BEFORE THE "rtAR 700 B.C. THERE WAS NO MONTH KNOWN AS JANUARY UNTIL THAT DATE THE IRONWORK ON A BRIDGE SP4N WHC-HTS If DOWN, YETHOLDS irUP/'&tf JOHN H. BOEHMER, , Ohio., .'f, Announcements The Courier News has been au- u>rized -to announce the following mclidades for the Municipal Eleo- on In April. Municipal Judge In these days -of mechanism, nr- ny 'divisions require about 3000 vehicles, Including guns, tanks, tractors and trucks. Whole sole your worn footwear for AVintcr and obtain sturdy wet resisting soles, greatly lengthening the shoe's life. Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KSNDLii While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECSAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS: BARKSDALE MFG. CO. BIytheville, Afk. • Phone 2911 GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing ,mnd Tire Rcpa' r . WADE COAL €0. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291 IS THE HISH AV3NTH OF THE AV ERASE YEAR. FOR. FUEL. CONSU/APT/0/;. NEXT: What docs a groundhog live on in winter? FARMERS IVe have plenty of Iron Hoofing and Hough Cypress Barn Timbers. 3 Year FHA Terms If desired. The first thing yen must do in n. battle is to shnpe it to your desire. You must hnve iioisc and bnlnnce so that, no matter what the enemy rices It will not push you off balance.—Field Marshal Sir Bernard L. Montgomery. • • • Alone, planes like very heavy bombers will nol .win the war, but they will destroy factories, big anri small, and without factories no nntkm can fight, for long—U.-Gcn. Mlllard F. Harmon. Strategic Air Forces chief in Pacific. I1V KRSK1XK JOHNSON" NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, Jim. 31.— Having told quite a. few people In Holly wood how to make movies (and she usually was ritrht) ' Constance, !?cnnetti finally Is making one herself— "Paris Underground." Pro- 'uccd bv ConElance Bennett, Etar- rinB Ccnstnnce Dennett lor Con- =tance Bennett Productions. Partially linanced by Constance Bennett. Tlie picture didn't, get off to sucli r, good start, tlimigh. Some body reported that Connie am her director. Gregory Ratotf. start ctl (etullng ' the first day on th jet. So \vc put on our Air Rai Warden helmet and went out t the set tcdiiy lo reoort the [ire works. Gregory Ratoft greetrd us "Hmmm— so you come to se cef we are fightings. We have red warnings light ouUUlc. Wlie columnists come snooninir avoun vee kiss each ether. We luff cac other. As soon as you, vce liaff ever vovkecl with." La Bennett, came out of her vcsslng room, put her nrm around | atoff niul announced: "My director is a genias." NO l-Vll FLYING 'FeiidV:Nerts. Or else there was I lore tiding going on away from] be camera tlinn in front of It, vhlch we seriously doubled. Connie said she was.on a merry- go-round but thJit she was having un. "There is." she snid, "no time to lie Icinperameutnl when you're producing a picture, too." Between the camera and ap- E.G. Complete Super Service Station! GOOD GULF GAS AND OILS . . . GOODRICH TIRES . . . WASHING . . .LUBRICATION . . . TIRE REPAIR . . . ROAD SERVICE. We are never too busy to appreciate your business. B LAN HEATH 421 W. Slain AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY Vlionc 828 OUR PEOPLE LIVED (CHICAGO—THE YOUNG GIANT III Jeff Martin stepped out of thr> murky am 1 s.noke- proving production details, she's r blackened Irai shed into Chi- hll over the set—nnd the lot. A • cage's bright sunlight lir looked telephone in her dressing room | constantly. like a coal-heave lected to -was! who had neg- ,d the cud o' "Paris Underground," n best-sell- 'the day', work. His face nn<? ing novel by Etta Shiber, is nbonl hands were "In iked will- r Full of dust and whirling scrape [ Side, which included everything of paper. The streets. -ml side-1 between the two branches of the walkc were littered at.d dirty. Y. To Jeff, as he strolled along It was Sunday morning and . the streets, the communiiy seemed church bells were ringing. About a block from the 'Briggs House there was a large and handsome church, built of wood and painted gray. Many roups of people were coming along the street, on their way to the services. Nearly nn American girl and her EiiRlisI' and dust; his high-standir; linen all the men wore ,tnll siik hats governess who outwit the collar wa. wri '-Ice am 1 smutty ' and thi. long, double-breasted . and smuggle Allied flyers out of|-..nd his light-browi. -uk was I frock coats known a~ trine. Al- Fiance during the occupation. disheveled. beer, 'wolberts. each other names." "Conflclentiaily," Rateft whis- percci. "Miss Bennett crs vonder- ful— the most co-operative vowmon Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoople Out Our Way By J. R.Williams Connie hired Gracie Fields for nights or. '.hr -oan. i"t h_ nadl In the matter .of hair on the VJOULO^T IT BE \WELL, I <3O7 OMLV / CME CR1TICISM-- [ I DOfO'T 7HIMK EVEM \ A JAP WCLJLD BE .) DUMB ENOUGH TO HIDE f IS) ATREE THAT BENiDS 1 SO MUCH,PER FEAR 1 SOMEBODY MIGHT .s \\ 1 SEE TH' BEWD AN' \ W GIT SUSPICIOUS ' -« THAT SUMPIW WA\S UP 0 BlAW LEADER l£ HE TARTS TO \MR»T6 LETTER.? -w- UW.lJO.' M. SO FOND OF THE UTTLY= CftWP I'D HIM, BUT L MOST GET A PROS SO CROAVC ? VWlTH A STEAMROLLER.? OT TUKT, TMSGS, NOT ' THE SNEAKER. the role of the governess. 'There's a great dramatic .ac- trcs?," •. Connie said. "Her pantomime is wonderful. Hollywood 'lias never given her n real chance." A young unknown, Leslie Vincent, plays on RAF (Iyer in the picture. Connie saw him in n bit role in "A Yank in the R. A. F." and liked his work. "He'll bo a new star." she fflld. Director Ratoff called Connie nml Oracle to the camera. "My sweets—ve roll "cm," lie YVKONG CHINA i They statist! to rehearse o scone 1 in which Connie. -In a fit of tcm- not gon- ? Je'. . .. .o- dislrusted .h .cwf "iiglc -ie ing ?a .Hichei" t >c jrbin. He -?a r ned- -am r^cret—the s ; .us va; '300 neep money belt aroint- liis v.cis* This was an unexpecte' r.?u ri'rn e from a rheumatic anu .ouc.i l(.-s old maiden ai.nt o whou. ... -iad been kinc* im attL.itive. He lia_ readied the aje o£ 32 and was vividly >. nscious 'hat his life wjs i. f ilurc. he had tried hard, but »or one vcasoi or another, had never made. -> sic- c:ss c^ anytt-ing. Now h" noj. .d to make .. new »larl A th^-£p"* growing, vigorous to.fli .hat was pcrament, breaks a couple of dish- | ou everybody's ton:-,ue. Just «s she was about to throw the dishes. Proi) Man Ken Walton yelled: "Don't break those—they're cxronslvc. Tliey're not fakes." "So. how much did they cost?" :kcd Connie. "Tliey're Hoy'al Worcestershire china—worth at least $50 aacli," the pvovt man said. "As the star of this picture." .she lai'Rhert. "Vrt suv we would hrenk them. But us the producer- no. We have to keen the budget down. Bring on the fakes.'' Read Courier News 1 Want Ads. J EFF v/as sadly disappointed n the appearance * Jhicago, r of a: • inch £ .. 3s '" :oula . e irom thv. anck tha. V ^ool: o 'AC Brig,s Uous- iroin '.h l^tio. . The :ity L locks -/ere - : odg - poilgo f wooden o,\d n'ic,'.. buildings, huddled logeth-n- «th -t hannony or 'esigu. _<Ios>. £ the wooden houses \.ere ..npainted, i about and they h d JK. odd.n ..ppear- lanV -o I masculine face there -was muc.\ Idivcrsitj in fashion, but j\cry I "rown-up mal r wore •sithvr £ bearu jr mustache.. Jsff Atari in had '.iO beard but his .mustache sfoou ,ou , straight and still; lie wax ^ .''.daily. . • Leanin u ovc- in thC'ihack^to get viev/ .. the people going to church h -.noticed that th^ ladies of Chicago dresseu exactly like th ladies.O-.Baltimore. The hoopskirt era wa- over and full sk.rls wilt, bustles Lad,come ! nto favor. Skirls were .long, so long indeed lha. .their hems collected djst and refuse from the ,pavement. All UK ladie wore overdresses 0- coloro. silk. These MiUid t Jincn wer ornament- d \vit.^ err. roiderci flowers and other deco.>.Uoiu. f .« TEFF spen' hii first fawr day3 in J Chkag feoin? abouMh, city, u^ . littl map h. :let..ned to he a conglomerate mixture oE shanties, office buildings, marble residences, low and liithy dram shops and elegant stores. The people he passed followed the same pattern. Sedate-looking | gentlemen in high silk hats and ; properly equipped with gloves and canes were elbowed by toughs and street Ara!:s. Foreigners, with strange speech, on theu- tongues, went back and forth. Along the lake front o,. the North Side were the houses of many wealthy families. Some of the costly, pretentious : lake front residences wcr^ archi- \ Vectural monstrosities cluttered : with turrets, domes, bay windows, ; ; cornices and porte-coc'-eres. Sim- ; plicity was a word 'eft oat ^i the dictionary of the arclr'ecls who designed these structures. Tiiey endeavored to fill every blank space with some ornamental device that would disliswc the facade o£ the houses. * t * rpHE Henderson home, where he •*• was attending a parly the night of the fire, was similar i. design to these palatial lake fron. Dwellings but built on a stiller ocete. It was of reddish ori« ; no Consisted of two stories and -r. Hie. At one side a wide driveway led ance that -omcs 'torn loiu ex- --one •omint -ron. tno northwest up to a porle-cocherc. The .jun in front was so wide and its tiling so low that it kept the rooms tha. th Ohicagi .iw ,u,.-sUc.igh or< the lower floor in a'ooiny dusk .•as -Me jakv Michiga an ih. even when Ihe sun shone orightly. mil an quariv .-' Th<s large weather vane on the •va> ormcii by U.v forks ridge of the roof, shaped like a posurc '.o the w illier. cionie f them leaned crazily t; me sidi.-, or over Ihc st et, -nd ookcd s it a little push would knock ihe.n down. ind lh-- Jlhet -om the southwest -so thes" waterways iiad a shap- £Oifif\vhav like that of a capita letter ', with wide-spread in b^s. Modem stores -vlth ha:icUome 'show windows stood ne :t door t-/ Vho city wns divided into thr uivisions — North Siae and - dtsreputable-looking b-rrooma. A t>JUtl. Side, meaning north . >. . wind was blowing and the air was I south of the river, and ths.jvc.w flying goose, creaked noisily with every little shift of The wind. 'i'he porte-cochere was much too big wi.d stately for a house of such moderate size but ;o Jeff Martin .t all sefmioci very elegant. He thought it was just the kind of house lie would build for him- ; self if 1,; ever had .the means, .(To Be .Continued)

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