The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1944
Page 6
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t f AGE Injury Hampers Belkas In Bout Joe Welch and Wisbar Win Feature Tag Bout < At Legion Arena Here Taklnge advantage of a sever fcnee injury lo Slatf Sergt.-.Chris Belkns, Joe Welch and Gus Wisbar defeated "Hough Red" Roberts and Belkas via straight falls Monday night in the feature tag match of Promoter Mike Meroney's weekly wrestling show. Belkas substituting for Cecil (Blacksmith) Pcdlgo who, oddly enough was unable lo appear on the program because of a bum knee suffered in a previous match, hurt his own right knee during the fast and exciting preliminary encounter with Wisbar which lie won. It was a tough' break for Promoter Mcroney. He worked hard lo assemble wha.t he considered one of his best cards, only to have It dimmed by [he Injury to the skilled snd colorful Deltas. But at that, it .was a fine show teeming with fast moving hard and al limes brutal acllon that kept the overflow crowd in' tenseness all the way. They went away singing (he prates of : Belkns for his sheer courage, .Welch and Wisbar for their sjHTlsmnnshlp as they avoided the' soldier's injured knee, and Big Red for his one-man stand against two of the best wrestlers in this territory. Fend Flares Billed as a fend that reached serious proportions the expected . battle between Welch and Roberts was a bitter struggle that h.nd all the earmarks of a genuine rivalry. The grants forgot their best ring manners and blasted each other with everything al their disposal and wished for extra help. As far as statistics go, Welch Imd the upper hand in the Utanttc match. While Joe dropued-the preliminary lo .his arch-rival, lie WM in on putting Red through the "ringer" Hint left Rotate too badly shaken to put. up his usual post limtcli argument and exhibition. Thai's how rough it was. • Welch and Wisbar employed the only logical course to win. With Belkus barely able to hobble around, lo. say the least of moving in high gear, they concentrated on him until he was eliminated, then went lo work on' Roberts with vengeance. There is no lost love between Roberts and the other pair and that prompted much of the rough stuff that followed each time Belkas was eliminated. Use Same Pattern Practically the same pattern was used in winning both falls. Welch downed /.Belkas with a body pin, following three vicious body slams, after'20 minutes ot the roughest yet fastest mixing ever witnessed In the local ring. Roberts put uji a whale of a fight to keep in the running but suc- sumbed in seven minutes to four successive Irish whips that packed plenty of power. A body pill was mere formality. Wisbar '"dood" it. The boys really let go in the Second fall. Little was overlooked, with choking, gouging, plenty" ot "rock and sock" getting u big play. Highlight was reached midway when .Roberts was victimized by his own stunt. He had just slipped Wlsbar's head in the twisted strands of tile ring and was in process of duplicating when Gus suddenly turned on him and inserted his heart in the noose, as the fans roared their approval. Belkas Surrenders . Bctkas again w : as the first lo go, In 11 minutes. He surrendered quickly when Welch became too chummy with his bum knee. Irish •whips cut Big Red down in three more minutes, bringing to a close one.of.the best shows of the year. .Roberts and Belkas eaincti sonic consolation over (he defeat in the main event by sweeping both preliminaries. Chris eked out a win over Wisbar in a beautiful scientific '.match, that will go down as one ot the most exciting ever staged here. The finish came alter 18 minutes when Sergl. Belkas recovered long enough from a series of flying tackles to win. Belkas was'hurt in the crash but continued despite severe pain. Welch and Roberts wrote another bitter chapter to their rivalry in BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS DOPE BUCKET Aj J. P. FRIEND UESKUVKH IIOIKJUKTS Congratulations to members of the Blytheville Army Air Field baseball team for their tine showing in Die Second Animal Mid- South Service tournament which closed yesterday nl Memphis. . . : Wlille the Fliers did not win the tiilc they did win two games and work their way (o the finals, losing a lough 5-2 decision to the star studded Fourth Ferry Group which included Jimmy Brown and Johnny Beasley, former stars of the St. Louis Cardinals, conquerors of the New York Yankees In 1942. . . . Special added bouquets arc deserving to Max Vickers llic hard work- Ing shortstop who shone brlllantly afield and at bat; Pitcher Mel Parnell, the wiry, clever New Orleans lefthander; Walter Blalek, catcher whose fine work behind the plate «'«s a distinct feature; Frank (Red) Sproull, carrot-lopped .slugging outfielder; and Hobcrt Tubbs, manager, for ills skillful handling of the team especially his pitchers m the blue ribljon event. VICKERS IS STAR Except for a lapse In the final gam c Vickers 1 work was of major league caliber and drew comment from many outstanding baseball critics, including Dill Terry, who spent mnny years as slar nnd manager of the New York Giants and served as tournament director. . Vickers hit for the cycle in the Initial 8-4 victory over Camp McCain, getting a walk, a single, double, triple and home run. . . . Parnell not only got the Fliers off to a good start by allowing just one hit In the four opening rounds, but slammed a three-run homer lu the big eighth inning rally that netted eight runs ami a 10-5 decision over Dyeifiburg Tenn., In the scml-fi- nals. . . . nlnlek attrncctl so much attention by his catching finesse that prompted David Bloom, sports cclllor of the Commercial Appeal, tournament sponsor, lo sprinkle words of praise in his column Sunday morning. . . . Sproull, the team's lending slugger, yesterday added anolhcr home run to his year's lotal as he caught one of Hal Toencs' fast ones and drove It well beyond Ihe right field palings, n lick that traveled some 400 feet 1'I.AVS THE AVERAGES Scrgt. Tubbs, 115 usuiil, plnycd the averages nnd lost. . . . Bui could easily have been Ihc victor with any sort of a glance from Lady Luck. , . . Bob quite a player in his earlier days in and around home town Lillle Uock, has done a fine job with the learn. . . .His system Is fundamentally sound and according to the rules. . . . That it has paid off In dividends Is reflected in the learns' record for the year. ... Bob pulled a neat stunt in the first game. . . . -Realizing that Parnell was his ace, he permitted the crack southpaw to go .only until his mates had built up I favor of Lovcil an Improved youngster in order to have him fresli for the finale. . . . «c ivns confident of gelling there, nnd he did, he second prelim, ncd was the vhmcr In H minutes with n surf oard. A customer was so enraged on/th c treatment (hat Welch re- el('cd that he started into the ring to lake a poke al llic big so-and- 0," Constable Arch Lindsey and he M.P.'s from the Blytheville \rrny Base prevented his entry, ml at the same tlmc saved pos- ible bloodshed. He weighed only bout 135 pounds, In contrast to Roberts' 215. 5"WA1U!9AH Buy Invasion Bonds Spend what you save uimg Shibfey's Besf Flour. ' 5 Fliers Given Tourney Honors BAAF Players Among Those Selected For All-Star Aggregation The niythevlllc Army Air Field Pliers, who lost a tough 5-2 decision to the Fourth Ferry Group for the MldSouth Service Tournament Sunday al Kusswood Park in Memphis, placed five of the 11 place? on the all-slar soldier le;im from the eight lhat participated In the meet, The locals who got the nod were; Mclvln Parncll, pitcher; Mack McWhorter, first base; Max Vlckers, shortstop; Danny UGruttn, ccn- lerlleldcr, and Frank Sproull, rgihl fielder. Those who made the selection were Bill Terry, director of the tournament; Boswell Hale, the field director, and David Bloom, sports cdllpr of the Commercial Appeal. Writing In his column Tuesday, Bloom Imd this lo say about (lie all-star team: "The tliree pitchers arc cinches —Johnny Beav.lcy of the Fourth Ferry Group, One Stockdnle of Greenville Army Air Field, and Mel Parnell, the Blythcvlllc lefthander, For catching, cimck Tnylor of the Ferrying group and John Dlspcn- sere of Greenwood are tops in our book, with an honorable mention nod to John Williams of Columbus. "Mack McWhortcr of niythcvllle gets our collective first base vole, with '• Jimmy Drown, the Cardinal great of the Fourth Ferrying Group, shifted from short to second—his natural position—to make way for Max Vlckers of Blythcviilc, who not only played a great shortficld, but was Ihe leading hitter of the tournament. Dutch Thornton of Coltim- bus Is the third baseman. "The outfield has^cullcy Rlknrd 3f the Fourth Ferrying Group In left, Dan LaGrutla ot Blytheville (a iinll hawk) In center and Frank Sproull of Blytlieville in right. "Some Southern League minmgcr could take thai team and come mighty close to a pennant, friends," WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 1044 HOME, FROM DIEPPE By Sergt, Everett Qglesby As Told To Menno Duerksen Landing Under Heavy Fire VII. U was a moment in the darkness Lhat night us our landing boats were lowered in the choppy channel waters. Our boats circled and converged into formation with other boats heI'qrc heading for otir objective. Then, toward Dieppe. I,ess than 45 fhinules after leaving our mother ships the first shots of the battle were fired as our left 1'liDik ran into :i German E Boat patrol. Immediately afterward a heavy.*— fire broke out all along the line from ships and shore. It seemed that both sides were scoring numerous hits. I saw several shells glancing off the sides of the ships. When Die firing broke out, some of the men felt tlmt the raid might we .hanks to zooming bats and i;ood )ilching by young Dick Grove ngniml Dycreburg. . . . More sig- nillcnnt Is the fact that the local Army Air Field aggregation is 1-0111- roscd of players with very limited experience. . . . Only two, pnr- icll and Bialck, have had professional experience to speak of. AT 'FROZEN' NORTH Just when we were wishing for a jtinncc lo Invade tile frozen north .o escape the beaming rays ol ol' Sol, Ihcre comes a letter from Boyd Godwin, brother of Ens. Bill Godwin e.x-Chlck and University of Georgia star ntbletc with startling information. . . . stationed at Fairbanks, Alaska where his fine jnntl is entertaining at the Club Royale. Boyd pens: "Sure Li swell country, plenty hot, though. . . . The sun shines about 20 hours out of 24 (same totnl a.s down here, imagine thatl). . . . I can't get used to it. ... u never gets dark this time of year. . . .' You can get sunburned at midnight " That settles it! ... It's back to Texas and a chance to cool off for m c next week. .... Staff Scrge- anl J. c. Klnnlngham one of the better fishermen and rabid sports fans, writes Ills spouse, the former Miss Mary Frances Stacy that lie is still boarding at the same "lio- tell" ... It was written from the base hospital al the Lake Clmrlcs (La) Army Air Field where he hus been confined ' for n couple of weeks with a foot ailment. . . . "I was never so rested in my whole life" lie arids. , . . Must be a grand and glorious leclin 1 . . . personally, 1 wouldn't know! • Read Courier News Want Ads. be called ort again ,for it had been | scheduled as a surprise, hut kept righl _.. plowing In. Our boats began duck- Ing back and forth, changing course to evade enemy fire. The channel ilsclf .see in c d to be changing. At tlmc ? 1L scem «l rough and choppy and other moincnUs It was very (•aim. The choppy seas showered us with spray, making us soaking wet. A few minutes after the firing broke out, the French coast came Into sight and about the same time star shells began bursting over us. Sometimes (hey were so 'thick the sky looked like one huge burst of flame, This blitzing light made the Her/ri. men feel naked helpless, as though under the very eyes of the enemy. Some of them Ijegan getting a bit shaky but calmed down ul the reassuring voices of their officers. Some of the toys kept trying to .stand up to sec what was going on mid the officers had to order them to keep their heads clown. The closer we came lo the beach the heavier the tiring became Scr water Into the air when they hit. Tile men began looking toward the sky, back in the direction from which we had come. "Hurry. Tommies." they shouted. "Give us some air support." And If as In answer to their demands the drone of motors nilcd the air. Tommy was coming. Some of Ihe men could no longer be restrained. They stood up, shouting and shaking their fists toward Dieppe. The some . from our boats tlmt had been hit made us feel as though we might not reach the benches and after coming this fur the men wanted lo see the enemy, and fire back at him. I know there wasn't a man in our boat who wanted to turn back. I was afraid some E Boats might come tor us so I took my Bren inn to the edge of the boat. If we were to be attacked or sunk by shell fire before we reached the beaches I wanted to get some shots in anyway. My officer said, 'Be careful Sergeant Oglcsby, you might draw some fire with that gun." "Sir," I answered, "I'll hold my fire until I'm sure It is an E Boat." Bcslcie me was an 18-ycai-oW lad who had just joined our regiment three days before the attack. He Is now n prisoner of war. He said to me, "Sergeant Oglcsby, have no fear. We'll nil get back." He repeated those words over and over, just as though the sound of his own words would give him assurance that he would return. "Yes, son," I Uild him. "We'll all get back, I'm sure." But I wasn't sure. I too was wondering If we would ever reach Dieppe. Although the French coast l«y before us and our engines were pounding madly, Army Golfers To Meet Local Club Members Golf matches with the Blythcvillc Country Club will be played Sunday July 9 at 1 o'clock, at llic Country Club. This Is th c first match to be played I" the history of "llic field. 'Ihe following officers and enlisted men will participate: No. 1 Corp. McCoy No. 2 Lieut, Dully No. 3 Lieut Enterlliic No. 4 Lieut. Graefe No, 5 Lieut. Kennedy No, 6 Maj. Parlrldse , No. 7 Oapt. Charlie Barnes No. 8 Pvt. Sliindlcr No. 8 Seryt. Robert Tubbs No. 10 Lieut. Bill Adams NOTIOK Ol' GKANTINCi < UCIUOH riiUMlT NOTlCi: OF UKANTINO OF MCjfJOK I'KKMIT Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the State uf Arkansas has Issued a permit, No. 102 to The Colored Wills- key Shop to sell and dbspense vinous or spirituous lii|uors for beverage ul retail on the premises described as 418 W. Ash Street, Ely- Issued on the 1st Uiovllle. This permit day of July, 1044 and expires on the 30th day of June, 1045. W. H. Young Permittee. 1J5-12 NOTICE OF (3 It ANTING OF LIQUOR I'KKMIT Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the ! State of Arkansas has Issued a per! mil, No, 1G« lo R. S. Simmons to j sell mid dispense vinous or sulrltu- loner of li;il the of the , o e 11 seemed as though II drew no st «'e of Arkansas has issued a per- nearer and that our boalx were lying' '""• No - 1KO to Russell Marr's Liq-! sllll In Ihc waler. Every second I uor Store lu sell and dispense vinous ' expected a shell to land on our '"' spirituous liquors for beverage ous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 109 So [Division St., niylhcville, Ark. | This permit issued on the 1st. day day of June, 19-15. B. S. Simmons Permittee. 7|5 & 12 craft, blowing it to bits. Through all this Ihe Navy officer In command of our boat, a huge Ark. ' • , ••' •«! IJU V UI ll yu L . . ,. at retail on the premises described Originally Ihc sea cow had four !IS IftQ Knnth '>iitl c+ ni..ii ,,, i ... .. ,.._., dark-skinned fellow with n mustache and beard, sat calmly on his This permit issued on the 1st day of July, inn nnd expires on the -"".->i:o uL-.-iCiiueu una-many inc .sea cow nan lour St., Blyllicville, legs, but the rear tivo have evolved into a fleshy paddle. little pilot's scat, slowly and care- 30l h day of June, 19-15. fully smoking his pipe. He appeared so calm and self-assured thai it gave mc courage just to watch him. I fell that If lie could sit there and smoke his pipe I could be calm loo. TOMORROW: We hit the beaches. Marine From Manila Among Arkansans Cited A Manila Marine, Pfc. R. N. Fra- xicr, 18, was recently cited with live oilier Arkaiibans, who are ground crewmen for a Marine aviation group, for devotion to duty during Ihc Japanese shelling of a Solomons Island base. Tne picture of the Manila youlh and his fellow crewmen appeared yesterday in an Arkansas paper. Osceo/em Commended OSCEOLA, July 5.—For the initiative shown by him and Ihe fine spirit tlinl was evidenced al all learning "shells were' 0 dropping I fi' 11 ^ '" tlle c slablisliiiig and opera- •eryivhere, sending Imgc geysers of i headquarters, Technical iter Into thr> nh- wh™ ihn., i>n Sergeant William C. Ayres was personally commended by Brigadier General M. c. Woodbury, Commanding General of a Fighter Wing, somewhere In England. The commendation was made at formation of officers and enlisted personnel of tile headquarters commemorating the first anniversary of Ihe Wing's arrival in the European Theater of Operations. Sergt. Ayres is a former graduate of the Radio and Television Institute of Chicago, and before entering the armed forces, he was an acreage calculator, working for the government. He has one brother, E. M. Ayrcs, Jr., in Ihc Air Force and liis parents, Mr. and Mrs. E, M. Ayres, reside al Osccola, Ark. Traisc for Wartime Girdle KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP)—These wartime girdles may \K good for something after al), according to Mrs. Earl E. Trcanor of Kansas City. Mrs. Treanor reported to police recently tliat a dog attempted to bite her as she was passing along the street. "I wasn't hurt," she said. "The dog couldn't get its teelh through my girdle, but it tried hard. I thought you ought lo know about it for the safety of someone else who might not be as fortunate as I was," Mrs. Trcanor told police. West Riding, Yorkshire, England, has the largest police area of any district in thai country; ii has more than 4000 miles of roads. PIMPLES =5' BELIEVE ITCHING-PROMOTE HEALING KHSO eorcnc 1 ^—burning mill miti-scptic Hlnck untl White Oindncnf. Use only fis — - ilitcclwi. In 10;, Ki mni 60; eiica. A fcmnlc alligator often lays CO CIcunsopiihRliickBiulWhitoSkinfioiiii. or more C BBS, piling ai cm in layers •*^™*^^^~ 1 ^"~ of about ten each. JiUMCll K. Man- Permltlce. 7[5-12 BLACK M WHITE '•• Ask us about Doming Water Systems. All sizes and capacities of shallow and deep well systems aro available. Tho "MARVELETTE" Shallow Well Sy«tem (illustrated) is low priced iut has feature* you would ordinarily expect in. higher priced systems. Quiet o{i«raiion, dependable peiforinance, low cost maintenance and long life of Deming Water System* protect your investment in running water...the greatest of nil modern conveniences! There'i a right type of Deming \fttst System to meet YOUR requirements. Ask about it! Have a "Coke" = How are things goin? ^m^^^Mmsy "p|S5^|y .^s»"rS H *c5i^*i«Si*.r-.v^. /2~<\¥: ¥ft ^--^r^ ' N 1 ...or being friendly in Newfoundland locccs an American m*-o t^ *—„!._ e * ,. . .. aa Amencaa way , o make new-found friends in Newfoundland. It's the cheery invitation H.« a "C, ie "_ an old u. s . custom (hat ., ^ •roucd .be world. It 5 ays Uf t ^/r^-romind s Yanks of home. Because Coca-Cola staads for , he ^ Je lbat , f/mte ,_,, as bccomc a bol of ouc fncndly home-ways. So Coca-Cola belongs in your ho m e, too . . . ice-cold and ready b the refrigerator. Get a supply today. I0im» UNDE. M,,HO S ,,Y Of , HE COCA-CCU COMfAHT .V COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. O f BLYrHEVILLE «Coke"= Coca-Cola It's natural for popular names to acquire ftiendly nbbrcvia- i tiona. Thai's why you hear I Coca-Cola called "Cokc"i CC Ct... See US For ripe, Fittings and Other Plumbing Supplies W A t E R HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. JUylhcville, Ark, R For Side Dressing. J. L. TERRELL 111 S. Bdwy. Phono 2631 Delicious Foods — Reasonably Priced' MARTIN'S CAFE Specializing In Delicious Steak Dinners Special Plate Lunches Real Southern Barbecue Sandwiches—Cold Drinks liEER ON TAP AND IN BOTTLES 114 W. JOHN FOSTER, Manager \V*ln ** _. Phono 565 NOTICE OK CHANTING Of LIQUOR I'KKMIT Notice is hereby given Unit the Commissioner of Revenues of (he Stuto of Arkansas lias issued a pcr- Jlill, No. 168 to Robinson East End Phcy. to sell am! dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 310 E. Main St., Blytheville. This permit Issued on HID 1st day of July, 1944 and expires on the 30 day of June, 1945. M. H. Robinson i Permittee. VJ5 & 12 We have plenty of WHISKEY at all times . . . Also Gin, Wine & Liquers CEILING PRICES ALWAYS HASSELL'S W H J S K K V 315 W. Aluln Guy Germ's SKATING RINK Now Open For Summer «'K Tent Now Located Across From Nu-Way Afi Laundry and Nile Sessions NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest^ j. Shows Nightly at 6:30 ^ T MATINEES Saturday & Sunday «t 1 Wednesday & Thursday "GUNG HO" with KKiuloljih Scull FOX NEWS & SHOItT CHICKASAW West Main Near Zlst St. Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sal. and Son. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "DISPATCH FROM REUTERS" with Edward G. Robinson and "STRANGE ALIBI" nith Arthur Kennedy Open 7:30 Show Sfart$ 7:45 Wediiesrtny & Thursday Maimmureso'VdSt ittooktlieWnvest Mounte{]^fi)lice totlicto V News of the Day Short

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