The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1946
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNR'M, 10-16 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAG3THRU Negro Battles Executioners Felon Postpones Trip to Electric Chair for Two Hours MONTGOMERY. Ala., June 14. <UI')—Musky Joe Mincey, shambling, Ala., Negro slood off his e; morning appointment with Alabama's electric chair for almost two hours today, but was 'unsuccessful in his effort to escape execution. Mincey. conviclcil of the August, 19-15 slaying of J. J. Hanson, of Troy, gained his first postponement when state prison Euards went lo his cell door. They found the lock on the burred door stuffed with paper. I The door itself was stoutly tied from the inside with a tangle of five torn bett sheets, from his own and nearby cells. Tin- prison door was covered with heavy screen \vire. Prison attendants attempting to peer over I lie burred transom wero .showered with wnter which the Negro dipped up from the commode in a bucket. ( • When they attempted to losen tho .sheds, he hammered their finders with the bucket. Crowbill's also proved unsuccessful. It was only waen a torch had been obtained an hour later that Mincey finally talked to two pii- son guards and agreed to come out. Outside seven guards fought him with heavys night sticks while a ( horrified execution spec- lalors looked on. Their blows at first seemed, to have little effect OH the frenzied, semi-crazed prisoner, but he was fiiiEvlly overpowered. Wild-eyed, bleeding, and 'in an apparent dn^e, Mincey was finally strapped into the chair by the dishevelled, blooct-spallercd guards. He had remained silent (luring •Vis struggle and h? refused lo Kpeak when questioned after being strapped into the chair- Warden Carl William.s gave the signal. The 1 executioner flipped the switch. The Negro's tense body jerked and relaxed. Two minutes later he was declared dead. Four Problem Scientists Hope to Use Atoms To Curb Cancer's Heavy ToH BV WILLIAM V. MoMKNAMIN , to study the functions of Uie Uiillrd 1' Staff Corrc-spoiulcnl IhyroUl i;Iniul. WASHINGTON, jiiiu- 14. IU!'> — l" clicckliin tlio presence of tu- The Army tuduv opened tile way »' ors 01 ' ciinccr. doctors cun nilmln- for tins first iwacetlme use of Its ,'sU'r Inu imlloucllvu elements 1» war-l»vu atomic in-oBfam by otK'i-!'"' 1 " 11 '-' »'»<»i"ls 1" ft Klass Another ciuostion for Big Four's foreign ministers is Austria's new demind for control of the highly strategic Brenner PDSS ure;i of Ilaly, extending 20 miles south of \ho present frontier, Italy objects on grounds that the area contain* the biggest power plants in tSw region and that its Joss would lie a damaging blow. Two Wounded In Prison Riot (iuards Frustrate L\scape Attempt by Score of Convicts ing science special atomic umleri.ils to nld the fiijlit iieulnsL cancel' .mil other < The materials arc the so-called "radio-active Isotopes" — particles of common elements such as su'.- phur nnd ciirbon which ai'e nidio- iictivc. They became radio-active under the (errific fbombaidment or the utum-smashing process in which materials arc uiiide for the' atomic bomb. The Army said they would be used In medical reseurch In two InuKH'tant ways: 1. As "tracers" they follow bodily processes such us uroutli of tissue, eillier normal or malignant. 2. "Possibly, after considerable research" as direct therapeutic agenls for treatment of specific diseases. The radioactive form of sulphur can be used to truce the reaction of the sulfa (IniKs on the human system. Hallo-Iodine, can be used _jminute amounts in a Klass of .water. The mdlo-iicllvc miilerlals I lend to congregate in the affected area, which then can be readily scon through x-rays. I The Army said the Isotopes may also be useful a.s (racers in Industrial chemistry and metallurgy. In the body, (he rudlo-uctive elements are viihmble us "(racers" Ihelr course can be followed as they g 0 through the bodily prcocsscs. Tills Is not so easy with the ordinary form of the elc- ucnls. nu( when they nre rudlo- icltve, delicate Instruments can letect Ihelr presence, even lliouRh he amounts «ro so small that the ays which they give olf are not mrmfiil. some day bo used us a substitute lor radium. This atomic material will be iiuiss-produccd nl the Clinton lu>>- loili^ In Oak litdul, Tfiin., which arc openilrxl for the Anny by Monsanto Chemical company. Mniiy iso|o]x\s were iivulliible I'roin cyclotrons before th u war but only In limited tumntlttrs. The Isotopes will be dlslrlbnlfl only to c|iuillfled institutions s.ucti as iiccrcdHed hospitals. iinlversKle.i. rccogntwd rcseaicli laboniloi'les r.nd clinical Investl|!iillon groups. They must prove they will use the Isotopes In rimdmiu'nlal if- seau(i or n|?plt«l si'Huce iintl "Ui'ee lo publish their flndlnus They must piiy n "leasunubL 1 ' Weak Tropical Storm Hits Florida Coast NKW OH1.KANS, June II. <U1>I -A weak (ropli'iil storm «'as cell- id !JU mill's Miitili (1 f I'cnsiu'ol.i, I'lu., curly today, slowly moving noi'lh or norlh-Lioiihwcsliird, the U. H. Wcalher iluicau announced. The bureau said the cctilcr ol the storm will move Inland over III,. J'cnsacola-MiiblU'. Alii., urea Ibis aflenioon. It WHS attended by winds up I" :I5 miles |U'r luiili. I he government agency said, lidding that squalls may be expected from the Mississippi coast to I'linunin City, Mil. NOTICI: Notice Is Hereby given that the undersigned will williin the lime fixed by luw apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of ! Arkansas fur a permit to si'll wine at- retail at Main Street, Leachvillc. Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, uf good mjral character, that he has never hecn convicted of a felony or other involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the imd^- signcd has been revoked within five years last past; and that tjie^under/r. signed has never been convicted of violating the laws of this stale, or iiny other state, relating to the sal? of alcoholic liquors. .1. W. ALEXANDER • Subscribed and sworn to before me this 13 day of June, 1946. Mrs. Marshall BluciMd Notary Public. My Commission expires Mar. 9, 1949. *) ~~ 'Bead Courier News Want Ads. COLUMBIA. S. C., June 14. lUP) —Quiet was restored at the Slate Prison here yesterday after guards last night subdued an attempted mas break by 15 lo ao convicts. Two prisoners listed a» William Babb and Bob Capps were slightly wounded before guards quelled the rioting. Captain of th e prison guards, n. f. Goodman, said the rioting occurred in a cell block where recalcitrant prisoners who took part in a prison strike on May 3 have been confined. Cioodinau siiid they got out, of 1 their cells by "twisting bars" and were attempting to get out of the prison run into the yard when guards discovered them. Yelling and shouting, they refused to return to their cells until the guards fired into them, wounding two. The strike last May 3, occurred when prisoners demanded more concessions from prison autnoritics. As a result they were granted ad- ditional meal atld recreational privileges. Most of the convicts returned to work but the group involved In last night's attempted broak remained sullen and defiant. Goodman said additional precautions were being taken lo prevent future disorders. Medical research laboralories hope h e Isotopes will further the Invcs- .Igallon of the treatment of ciincerj ind oilier diseases Unit read la-; vorably lo radto-acltvc substances; In this wily, the isolopes ma.y LIGHTEN .TOO DARK UCLV. TANNCO SKIN Use M Interval. 25C ll.<l.»lil«*V»ll»T<TK<l». CAUTION: Vtf only m Old llrtlrf The iini'li'iit.s believed the lld'.'s *'ere eiiused by a i;reiu hole ni'iir he edge of [he sen. from which water rushed at Intervals to fill he ocant Jind flood tls beaches. Canneries consumed 70 per ci-nt of l-'lm Ida's Ii)l5 guipefrnlt crop nn»l 35 per cent of Its orange rrop. fgofat *r~+ . _-.»•«*> MONARCH Finer Juices \ Orong* A Grapefruit.. Orapef ruir...Orange). AT YOUR DEALERS •-.. - v v :-v ^iSTTv; '^J 7 ^ M "' ' --'•i-'il^.^^i.'Ji^ t. t;i>. V-V J Sunday Is Father's Day 7 \ Giff Suggestions That Will Click With the Head of the Family If you're puzzled about what to get DAD for His Day . . . come and sec the hosts of suggestions at ROTHROCK Drug Store. Here's some ideas: Billfolds military Hefs Sunglasses Cisars (Ijy the box) Tobacco Cigarettes Shavintc Sels Tawu Toiletries Old Spice Sets Fountain Pens—Pencils Shaeffcr Parker Evcrsharn Reynolds (New Type) > 1,'Orlc Toiletries Toilet Water Stationery Hooks Pipes Tobacco Pouches Cameras Cigarette Lighters First Aid Kits Lunch Boxes ROTHROCK DRUG STORE Phone 451 (Formerly Boruin's) 205 West Main St. With Our Heacfs in the C/ouc/s and Our Feet On the Ground We Proudly Unveil the New Mo'dels in HOME ELECTRIC !%>TS I .Ike tint ds Tin- Blunt ii-hlhyn.srtmi, prt-hh- ilc fisli-Uku llvuutls, hud ilui lui'K- L uycs of uny oivutinvs nvci 1 viiown. Tholr ej'i's wi'H> us Itu'uo us Cotton Council Blasts Union Of Teamsters Mt'.'Ml'lltS, Tetm., June 14. <ui>) --Oscnr Johnston, president of the National Cotton Council, today blunted. M-'L, Teamster's Vlnion 1'rcsldcnl Daniel J. Tobln for dc- tinitulliiR Unit members of his union boycott coUmi products. Johnston said the June Issue of "hilnimllunul Teamster" organ of the union .carried i\ message, from robin asking members lo purchase I'.iwds iinvdu of synlhellu mmi-ilals whenever iwsslble. York billion person* rid* City's sub'* ay» New Courier News Want, Ads. Arrests Skin Torture -ITCHING A Simple Sttlnleu-GrmdMt Apia Mid^lily I 01 ni ,-u .1 -ii,i,, i I'l.nnoK-" II,.,hlr l\ linl.-iil -.. ,,i cilillii-,1 nl Jill ni>], S.vriMI.'.M-Tlil^ I imn, j- Hiii-ifuM Im ll.liliur innl I K. .'<li,.'. II, -h- ill-nit:) il)- Mlil' !lj,.\U.\NTH|.Jl) or t Ii-t It Mllilll ,11 lj;llilll l.nlllo Mi'DMr.S KMKISAI.I) (ill, Imliiy II tiniily us illnili'.l. ,\ m . |' lr ululi! will li«,l t,j ..i,n,,i>- v, u , \Voods I Hue Slum - Clly tlruK Co. Complete Outfits for the Little Stranger umt fur Little Knlks up In G yearn Choose Your Hoatliuj,' Krimi Our Well Stocked LKNI)!N(i l.IHUAKY TOT SHOP riione ' 105 South Second APPLIANCES GMD OPENING i Monday June 15th -f-fcvi. - .w Showroom n> oor cncral Electric Stpvcs jencrai Electric Refrigerators Genera/ £/ectr/c Wishers I Sendix Washers fronrite Ironers j \icncral Electric Radios Electric Fans Electric Toasters , Electric Coffee Mckers Electric Heaters Electric Lamps Electric Hot Plates Water Heaters Warm Morning.Stives Warm Morning Hiators Oil Heaters \ \ Frozen Food 1 Box Ranges—for Coal and Wood Ice Refrigerators Cabinet Sinks ' ; Utility Cabinets — Wood and Mttat A full line of Stove Parts G. f. Garbage Cans! with covers • Children's Swings Wagons and Sturdy Teeter-Totters etc. Monday, when we formally open our new and greqtc^.j v » applionco.centcr, you will find an interesting display • ''- ' of the rjeWest arid mostmbdern appliances — all designed to make living more comfortable and pleas- urable.We have carefully searched the markets and thoroughly examined the various lines, and those wo now present we sincerely feel arc tops. We cordially invite you to come in Monday and sec these deploys. We promise you an interesting and instructive visit, and we will be glad to tell you the facts ab>ut every item in the stock. None of the appliances on display are for show purpose only. Kvcry single piece is for h.ile. Of course we rcalinc that ' •" . .•_ our present slocks arc insufficient lo jj'> around to everyone. However. \vc have hce'n as.sured <if addilionu! deliveties from the manufacturer, so gel on our lisl. No Money Required - Just Register All Floor Samples will be Delivered after Opening Our Phone Number Is 34 5 0 407 West Main Street HOKE APPLIANCE CO GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES ' ~~ 2 Doors West of Hubbard Furniture Co., BlytheviliS

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