The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1936
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BLYTHEV1LLJE COURIER NEWS «r,<roi ftl tu ur NUlUKiabl AKKANSAB AND HCVIITHKAKV Miuunnui * ***-r VOL. XXXIII—NO. 127 Blrtherill* Courier Herald BlytheyUle Dtlly New* AND bOUTHEABl MISSOURI HMTHEVlLU-y ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST SINGLE COPIKS FIVE CENTS HOLDS LEADJY L500-VOTE MARGIN Roosevelt Reveals Fiscal Pros/ram at \V hi I e Mouse Conference WASHINGTON, Aug. 13, (UP) — President Iiousfvelt and 'his New Deal akles today presented the uul- nne of a throe-fold election year fiscal program, piiibniclng assurance of no new taxes, revision oC |ire«m tux hu'iiiililes aii;l eavly balancing of the buduct. The program, as announced after n hastily .summoned conference of adrninlstralloii tax experts at the Willie House: l.— Assurance that no requests will be maile I 0 the nest congress lor tne levying of additional taxes or increase of present tax rates. 2— launching O f an immediate study by treasury and congressional lax consultants of present revenue la\v s as a basis for i-ccom- mjiKlaiions to the next congress fo-- elimination of liveni liable taxes' especially those unfair "to consumers or lo trad:?' 3.— Treasury assurance that "with cojilljHiwi recovery" the revenue /'.cm Is ripproacYiins the point wnere it will cover government costs and provide a surplus for reduction or the public debt, Tile tax program was revealed at a White House conference io winch President Roosevelt had summoned Chairman Pat. HaiTi>m of the senate nuance committee Oman-man Robert. L. Doujhton of the house ways and means committee, aim Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgentlmu jr. " • .Basis for: the white House announcement was n report by Mor- gentlian on the treasury situation which declared .l',,al. "due to con. tinned improvement in business conditions Iho yield of existin-. tax i's is steadily increasing," H e said ylo'd of all taxes except fhs out- tawcd processing levies was substantially above last January's treasury estimate. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. AUK. 13 <UP)Cotton futures advanced as much " s 12 to H points today and [lien eased nnder hedge selling. "e clcsc w <is unchanged to four Points higher, j,, the early trading prices were' helped bv the continued drouth and heat in the norllnvesl belt nnd better foreign markets. At the ],i»h"r lcre.s hedge selling Increased ami there was a larger supply of ccntrncts than the market could absorb. Changes Sex, Weds Old Friend I ,i'S& Spais closed quiet n i 1230, oil a. [IE FLOGGING Next Governor Closely following- the" suggestion, al the Olympic games that women athletes be examined to eliminate those border;,)., on masculinity, comes news'--that 'England's fornW shot put champion Editn wr-slon, not cnly.-hns become a man through - 4 scx chnn»>- oFcraUen,,<biit has married an old girl ehmn. Above left Edith is pictured on the athletic field as a girl.'" At right is the same individual after she became a man and took the name of Mark West on, - . ' OF HEIILT J LEI Dr. _A. M. Wasliburn Will lake Year of Graduate Work a I Harvard Dr. A. M. Wasliburn, director of Ihe Mississippi County Hcalt'.i unit since Us establishment nine years ago, will leave shortly after Scp-' lembcr 1 f 0r Boston, where he will attend the ritm-nrd University School of Public Health for n year. Tins year, for work on Ms masW's degree in £nb]j c health, was mndc possible by the Arkansas Daparl- ment of Health giving him a sci-o- larshlp so lhat he might have fur- Iher work in public heallh admin- accom- islralion. His family pany him. Since Dr. Wasliburn cam? h crc shorlly following fhe disastrous Mississippi river flood, a coinplotc public health program has b»cn carried out at an average cost of two and two-thirds cents per person annually. The unit, rounded by the County chamber of Commerce on a cooperative bask of the comity, slate nnd United stales Public Heall-h Service, owes muc Ti of its success lo its director according to state and local lcarl"rs who are familiar with his work "it is nnid tliat. his individual attention to the many activities of the program and his constant pleading for public cooperation has niacie it possible for t'nis county to show more thnn average progress. Dr. Wasliburn received his dct-rcc rrom the university of Chicago niirl laler did industrial work and gen- oral prnclice before be took up pub- He came here Lool<iiij,' for— KXCITKMEXT1 JFolly Milfnrd wanted advculnrc—and" foinul il! Her slpry is llic swiflly moving new serial, 'Aicli an<rUccklcss.' Starts Today On Page 6 lic health work. [roni Gallup. N. jj.. ^herc he was in public health «ork. He and members of his family have been active in affairs or (he First Christian' church and In educational interests. A son, Mansfield, was recently selected by the inculty as I'he most outstanding 00 y in junior high school. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. Aug. 13 (UP) —Hojs: receipts, 6,000. Top, 11.55. 170 230 Ibs., 11.45-11.00 UO-160 Ibs., 10.35-10.00. Bulk sows, 8.75-9.C5. Calllc: receipls. 4.000. Steers, 6.25-8.00, Slaughter steers.. 5.00-9.25. Mixed yearlings and heifers, c.OO- Slaughtcr heifers, 4.75-9 00 Beef cows, 4.25-5,00. . 3.00-4.00. Reach Peace Agreement in Astor-Thorpe Case LOS ANGELES. Aug. 13. (UP) — After an hour's Yieated conference with both parents and their attorneys, Judge Goodwin Knight announced at noon today t'he peace pact in the Mtiry Aslor-Dr. Prank- yn Thorpe child custody bailie will be announced from tile bench at 3 p.m. Pacific lime (5 p.m. central time). He ordered lawyers to be In court 15 minutes early for n final conference before (be .settlement is made HEAT HMD DR Fatalities and Property Damage Increase Stricken Area in KANSAS CITY, Mo., Ang , (UP)— Farmers of the hent-blaslc Allomey For Memphis Woman A n n o u njc e s Plans for Civil Action ^ - r MBMI'IIIS, Aug. 13. (UP)—Atlor- neys for (he Southern Tenant Par- nu'rs Union announced today lhat Hiree civil suits will l« filed in federal courl at Jonesboro, Ark., soon in which Willie Sue Hlngden, of Memphis, will seek damage.'! for the Hogging she charges was give!) her at Earlc, Ark., last June. Ken-ell Powlcr. attorney for the TcMimls union, announced lliat civil suits growing out of tin; t\0"- guig are practically ready lo be filed. . He said the suits were being d"- layed only until' arrangements could be made as lo bonds. J. The Kcv. circle Williams, tittle Hock, llojgcd nt the same limp with Miss Blagden, ;v l|l not figure in the federal sult.s as ho Is nol an oul-of-slalc resident, fVjwler said. Will Present Peonage Case WASHINGTON, Aug. 13 (UP) — Justice department orflclals today prepared evidence of hlle«ed pr'onngc nnd virtual slavery conditions among Arkansas ihaic- cropuor* to present lo a federal grand Jury. Ally. Gen. Homer S. Ctmnnings siid Ihe Investigations of Sannn.1 E. Whltakcr, special asslstnnt lo the atloi-ne.v general, had produced .sufficient evidence to warrant grand Jury proceedings. A HHirch through legal data revealed that Ihe almost-forgotten oeonagc statutes are listed as Section 2CO of the United state] criminal code and .-w^re-enacted immediately after the Civil War in I8C7. The code provides a .fine of $5 000 cr Imprisonment for one year or both for any person found guilty of returning or aiding In returning nny other Individual lo n condition of peonage or keeping """thcr Individual hi that condition. The mnlter has been before the •moreine court many times, It was •'howii, and the court has rule Hint peonage "Is the status -0 condition of compulsory service based on Indebtedness of Uie •wen to Ihe master." Hased on Debt The court's decisions have om- Phnsized lhat Ihe entire condition hinges on a slale of indebtedness. Therefore it was believed the enlire grand Jury action probably would hinge on the practice amoit" some plantation owners of remilrt '-IK (heir workers lo purchase iheir suuulle.i—food^ clothing, clc. —from stores conducted bv Hie planters. While declining lo comment on Hie case orficially, justice department attaches revealed Investigation-; which showed thai frequenl- ly llieiie stores charged unreasonably high prices, thus keeping the workers constantly in debt lo the •iwner.s. In addition, it was sold, charges I __ Wllh, the unofficial count'of ballol.s cast In •n.eatay's hut complete. Ally. Gen. Carl I?. BaUey hd:l „ | C ;,u of npprovlm, 1.600 votes over Secretary of Slate lid F. McDonald and a|-p» "-creel ef victory In the race for the Democratic no.nlni.tion ^overHor. all " ire I fin southwest scanned almost clmid-1 h!ul bcc » ">»<le frequently'that all less skies today and fought asainsi '" despair. A continuation of excessive tuinpei-atures exaclcd a mounting loll of life and damaged crops to Hie extent of hundreds of thousands of dollnrs. bocks were kept by the ownei.s lather than the workers nnd that the owners' figures nlways had 'o be accepted. Officials said no decision has won reached as to when the matter woiild be presented lo tha _.„ , ...... " "•• "«"iii oo presentou lo tha Fifteen hundred per.'ons gath- Bland jury but that it would b- cred at Mangum, Okla.. last night. I Placed Ml the hands of George ' anil tn,.^»,i .u, ..... ,,,t. ....... .:._ .and invoked divine Intervention to Joncs *• ••*•.*.! imvivi 11 ivr -"-.--j, ojn;w.t i tlSsistllllt to tJlO fit- end the unprecedented wave or torney general. It wns pointer! August heat. out that the district court at Lit- Weather orticials said no rj-ltlc Rock convenes In October nnd hef was In sight, [thai the grand jury quite likely Waler supplies were dissipated, would bo convened some time bc- prostrations' climbed above 100 ed. fields. 28 fatalities were report- Livestock perished in ll;c Each day Ihe heat continued reft cotton farmers Ihoiisands of dollars There were gapping cracks in the baked ground between rows of Parched cotton. Pastures were . and tinder-like. Prairie fires were a serious menace. Pasture conditions were near an. all- wave extended its scope yesterday and .noveii into Missouri and Nebraska. Included among yesterday's temperatures were: Wichita, Kans.. 114: Kansas City, 109; Port Smith, 10!; Oklahoma City, 110. time low. The heat Foxes never hunt In packs. England's largest synagog which has a membership of 1GOO. does not permit any money lender to bs a member. Despite the fact (bat adult male seals are,called bulls nnd We fc- fore the court. R. A. Thomas Wins Luxora Vote for Peace Justice I.UXOHA, Ark. — 'Hie return.! from Tuesday's primary election at Uixorn, where some 218 votes were cast, for Fletcher Township officers gave: R. W. Thomas, 163 votes for Justice of the peace." Mr. Thomas had two opponents in this ' J. A. Apple receiving 107 nnd F. L. Shanks, 07. W. A. Wood, 212 votes lor con- slablo. Mr. Wood had no opponent, Commltleemen: J. A. Gwaltney Victoria, in votes. Sam Bowcit Luxora, 211 votes. race, •votes Chicago Corn open high low close 103 S-: I 8-8 9G 3-4 94 5-8 98 1-4 Hope to Gain Outlet to Sea and Cut Off Loyalist Cities TOLOSA, Spain, Aug. 13 <rjpi —Picked rebel columns comprised of men Iraiticd in mountain fight- Ing began n desperate drive for San Sebastian and the sea today hoping lo cut loyalist communication lo the west before the fall of Oviedo. One column, after consolidating Its capture of Tolosa, advanced another live miles lo Villa Bonn on the highway only n m ites south of San Sebastian. II started fighting its way today nlong n line beside the Lclznrnn river. A second column closed In on Oyarzun, seven mlle.s southeast of San Sebastian. Column lenders hope thai they can't take Sail Sebasllnn this week end. Plying columns from these bates, if the rebel straljgy works out will cut the loyalists commuiilca- lion into Bilbao, Santnmler, and Oviedo. Gen. Emilio Mola, the rebel commander in the north, apparently has decided lo concenlratc On this corner of the country, bordering France and open lo the sea, while merely holding his line in the Guadarrama mountains north of Madrid, awaiting the word expected ever since the revolt started that rebel troops have slarlcd north from the Seville area (o cooperate In a drive on the capital. Holds Coughlin Conclave Gavel Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Aug. 13 (UP) — A last hour burst of profit-taking reduced prices through the stock mnrkct list after mi early rise had sent the Industrial average to a new high .since 1831. A. T. and T ns 1-3 ' Anaconda Copper .... 403-4 Beth. Steel 61 1 -4 Chrysler 115 3.4 Cities Service 43-8 Coca Cola 117 1-2 Ge:i. Am. Tank 58 3-4 Qcn. Electric 47 1-8 Gen, Motors 67 Int. Harvester 8'2 McKcsson-Robbins 93-4 Montgomery Ward ... 45 1-2 N. Y. Central 41 7-8 , 'Packard 10 1-2 " Phillips Pet 43 1-4 Radio 11 Simmons Beds Standard ot N. J, Texas Co U. S. Smelting .. IT. S. Steel Warner Bros. ... Zonlle 38 1-4 63 3-1 39 78 1-8 G8 12 7-8 7 1-8 Named as permanent chairman of the Cleveland national convention of Father Charles E. Coughlin's National Union for Social Justice, Sylvester V. Mc- Mnhon is shown above. McMalion is national secretary and . Ohio slate director of Ihe radio priest's organization. Funeral Services Held Today For Major Bishop Major G. Uisliop, 53. died Tuesday arternoon at Little Rock niter a long illness. Mineral services were held this afternoon nt 2.30 o'clock at (he Cobb chapel with the Rev \v V Womnck officiating. Interment was made at Maple Grove cemetery. Mr. sis-hop, who had made his lioine hero for a number of years Is survived by his widow, Mrs Rena .Mac Bishop, (hrec sons, Ivan Jn- Ims and Paul, two daughters, Ocr- aldlne and Margaret, two brothers, .lack Bishop and w. A. Bishop nnd a slslcr, Mrs. w . o . vVLseman or Los Angeles, Calif. Tanner Warns Airline SYDNEY, NS.W. (UP)-A farmer \rtio lives between Goulbuni nnd Canberra, on the Sydney-Melbourne air route, has declared war on low-flying planes. He has advised fne Civil Aviation Department and the Postmaster-General's Department that he will shoot down all planes which fly low over his farm and frighten his stock. A popular superstition nmong Alabama mountain folk Is: "Cook peas on New Year's Day and you will 'be ble.sscd with plenty all "the year." Sep Dec CMcafw Wheat open high ,low doss 111 3-8 112 1-2 111 3-8 111 7-8 111 112 1-2 111 111 3-4 The "marriage court" o[ Bury, Lanes, Eng., has had to register only one failure In three years to settle a matrimonial" dispute. Cenlral Committee To Certify Winners h'iday With nil county races and (he county's vole In the stale unil district ofllc-es ns well definitely <l»- (crmined uu; county Dfiuocmllr central committee will iiu-et at O:<- ccola tomorrow morning ,,t ill o'clock to cnnviLVi returns «f thu prlintii-y nnd crrllly winners an the parly's cinidlcliiii'.s in Dm Novem- lier general eletllon, 'I'he count is exp^ied to result in nolhliiu more fnan n formal aji- liroviil of unolllclnl counts nlrcaily nnnoimcwl rarejd tm small mrlu- tlons 111 the lolal vole for the several cumlldiitc.i. llnle JIIC'KMJI, shei-|||'-eleel, S 1, Gludisli for county Jiiitue. aii:l 'ivy V\. urawtord for icpi-esunUillve received cmphullc endorsement oi the county's l>i.mocnitlc voters in the only county contests. Osccola Allovncy Caplurcs Four-Way District Con- Icsl In Fvimary llruce Ivy or Osccoln nppenrcd n cerlnln winner ot the Democratic nomination for prosecuting attorney of the second Judicial district In Tuesday's Democratic primary Latest reports Had t vy w ilh n lend of close, to 3,000 voles over Denver Dudley, SCCK|II« re-nomhnitlon for a (hli-d term, with nil counties In the district reporting practically complete. Ivy's margin mny b! changed somcwhul n fi c ,- th e oni- clal count Is maile Friday by central committees of tb c seven conn- lies but 'his triumph Is definite, Dudley \vns second. Marcus Pict^ third and O. T. Ward lourth In tilt four-way contest for the iirosscii- .lor's nomination, \ Ivy 'Tirrlcd MlisSssipplj Oreehe Polnsctt nnd Cross counties »;K rnn welllii Crnlgheail county, un- ofllclal returns Indicated. Harry Taylor Is Easy Winner For Constable Harry Taylor wns re-nomlnateci as constable of Chlckasawba township In easy fashion over three opponents In Tuesday's Democratic primary. Taylor received a total of OSS voles Iti tlic township's seven boxes, compared to :H7 :,>r E. M Eaton, 303 for ,11m Burns nnd 101 for Prank McGregor. 'J'nylor carried every bos with the exception of fh c Yarbro bov where Eaton finished ahi'nd. Taylor imti the most voles nt the Number Nine box, Promised Land box and In the four Blythcvllle boxes McGregor ran In every Iwx, lalling to register :\ vole in IVic PromLscd Lantl box. Queilmalz Half-Owner of Nu Wa Cleaning Plant O. E. "Dutch" Queilmalz has purchased a 'naif Interest In the Nn- YVn laundry and Dry Cleaners nnd both i;c and J. G. Barnes. Ills partner will be actively cngascd in'the business. Mrs. names, who has also been manager for a number of year*, plans io retire from active business. This business, established iiere a number or years ago, recently installed new dry denning equipment nnd n complete new laundry scrv- Mr. Queilmalz, who 1ms been making Blythcvllle his home for the past two years, was In the dry cleaning business at Carul'nersvillc for 17 years. Officers Dodge Mobs With Negro Suspects JACKSON, Miss., AI..T. 13 (UP) -Tom Jones ancl Andrew Hemphill. Grenada county negroes charged with murdering two white ilniiter.s, were brought to (| lc ilnds couiily Jail today by heav- ly armed Grenada officers, lear- ng mob violence. The officers zigzagged over Ihe Inlc in bringing HID ncgrc.3s here o avoid any mobs. The two negroes arc held incommunicado. Griffin Jjmith Leads Chief Justice Johnson By Less Than 1,000 UTl'LB ROCK, All-j 13 <Ul>) — Altv. (Sen. oarl K. Bailey today held « slight !( >ad (n U]c rno;; for Iho ix-niocfnllc nomination, rcr ijovurnor as 50 or the state's •U02 precincts remained to be Initialed by unofficial counters An early afternoon tabulation BIIVO Bnllcy 13.57.J while Mc- Wonnld wns credited «l(h 73,076 nnd^Counly .n,,| KC H. A. Cook with MciJonalil and his .suppoilti-> refused to concede Bailey v,n>, the winner and maint lined that the counl or the nnal lio\cs \\o\ild cIclei-nilMe the clecKon Civil Sen-lee I irst 'l.isk Balluy rested at his home lo- diiy, hopeful. Hint I* viould ic- i:;'lvc the nomh^ition but .e- (rnlnlng from/'cluimlns It until the count .rfas co.npictcd. During the mornlnj Bnlley held a press conference at hh lion.!}, meeting reporters svhlle wealing ilia house slippers and a j blue balhrobc. ^ During the confc.encc Ihq riv- torncy general said Liut should, Ihe mini count disclose him fo «c tin. 1 parly's nominee he v>ould appoint n comnilltee oi three lo study civil service questions Tor Kale employes. "Of coin-tic I want lo be suru thiil I am Ihe nominee and then Die committee will bo appointed I0jwork;0ut a civil seivica; pio- graiivfor slate employes ' Bailey said. Un then disclosed he would take a short vacation icgaidless of whether hi; won 01 Icbl the nnmlna(tcn.-r . - ; . ^ % Slim J,ci.d ^ f-'oi fimjU/i The nice-;between Stnfu'*CoinpV trailer Gilllln Smith and Justice C. E. Johnson'.for chief justice of the stale supreme coi.rl \\a*J drawing second Interest with 'the. public as the. candidates' wejo separated only by n few hundred votes. Smith hurt 110,517 against. ; 109,.71-1 for Jcli.ison wilh only a few counties untahnlalcd. „ ,,^ Justice Basil Baker Reported Gravely III LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 13 (UP) — Associate Justice liasll Baker,.,'g:), of the slate supreme court, -was repcitccl seriously-III at-his home today. Mrs. Ross Nicholsoi) •! Killed in Auto Accident LUXQRA, Ark. — Mrs. Howard nowcn received word WednesdnJ afternoon that her slslcr-in-laV, Mrs. Ross Nicholson, widow of the Inte Row Nicholson, who was shot lo dealh near Twlsl, Ark. several years ngo, was killed In' an automobile accident In Okln- liomn as she was returning fro'm Uoulder, Col., where she had. been amending Slimmer school nt the University of. Colorado. Mrs. Bowcn left this niorriirrj for Forest City to be with Mrs, Nicholson's parents. North Dakota to Save Taxpayers. $2,090,000. BISMARCK, N. D. (UP)—TaJC- liayers of North. Dakota will bs saved approximately $2,000,000 in interest charges, it was announced slate officials, due to the action Jf the state industrial commission In calling $3.1517,000 in oiilsUind- real esiatc fcoitds from four to 11 years in advance of maturity. The bonds arc to be paid oil July 1, 1937, from a sinking lurid; containing $7.855,600. The actual saving in interest through tbc action, the commissioners aifd, will be $1,930,300. • New York Cotton NEW YORK, AllJ. 13. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high 120D 1215 Oct Dec Jan Mar July 1233 1210 1512 1217 1219 1221 1220 1222 1217 1217 low close -1194 1194 1199 1201 1204 1201 1207 1207 1207 1208 1205- 1205 - S]wls closed steady at 1259, oft 1, Trampling with the fore feet Is he method used most commonly by Ihe. elephant In .icaliiig out dealh lo an enemy. ' ' France lias SOO manufacturers • ot agriculliiral Implements, or about twice as many as before the World War. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair and continued warm tonight nnd Friday. Afcmp'riis and. vicinity—Fair tonight and Friday, conilmied warm. The maximum temperature here yesterday was- 94, minimum 10, clear, according lo Smnuc] F, Norrls, ofllcial weather observer,

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