The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1947
Page 5
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^ TUESDAY, MAY -13, 1947 New Sugar Stamp (No. 12) Valid Agriculture Officials Say Action Docs Not Increase '47 WASHINGTON. MilV 13, (IJP'J — The Agriculture l^partmont tcc!:i> ortlcrocl Ration KUmij) No W validated for ten nouMri's of sugar June i— a mnmh ahead of ' id Queen of Cotton it will \vtvej criminally • Bess Mycrson, "Miss America" of 19-1 ">, display.? xlic crown awarded her as Queen of Cotton for the inlenmtionfil ExposUicm ol Textiles, which will be held in New York City in Jinuv—'NEA Telephoto). uk—but wnrnr-1 tO iHfil l(j QCl- phuniccl. r llit! Ciclion ."!<xs net in..? co to th<? total .sn\pr allowi'.i v co. The JcpartiU'ril said rhipnieiils of Cuban s u "- iv "•"•• :tt - 2 fioasonal i:cak, thul dUtnbutnrs fii's lioldin;; a "tx'nijK'rary surplus,' and Unit boxcars now r.vau'iUe for liauling sugiu- sotm will b^r netvlud U move an estimated l.OGO.OCO 000 winter wheat -jrop. l Bc.sidr.s, *1:f: clciiai'li'-ioni ii^id, validation of the uow ---'EiniiJ will liolphelp Jiousew.ves «ntC inilns- triul u^ers 10 act, in 'inio, t).e fiugsir they ncret! to can this ytai's fruit crop^. The yoav's 35-|:ound domestic' ullowiince includes JIG special home ctniui-ij stamps. Meantime 3cn, Joseph }l. Mc- Cnrtliy, H., \Vis., demanded agriculture o.fic.ials either i ljuL to hcusevvivt:^ v/Ju.t he termed a "surplus"' oj susar cr cease rationing alt3</el.h-?:'. McCarthy .said liiat it no such action is tnk-";-.i he \viU iiitiorJiK.e legislation, to r.iako on*. 1 or the other action foaiijuUory. Ayricnlture <£'-iti il was luovinfj from June 10 to June l the thUc on which both "percerAn|!e" aii't "provistoiial' inciiLii i i-il sugar users may app ] y lor tliiv^-fiuaiiu'i 1 allotments. , A 30-day limitation in industrial inventories is being removed the department .said go industrial users can buy the!" ''.ill plkt- ment as soon as 11 i^ [jran!<:il. Th e a geiitiy a nn ounced products may be used in mnnufac- Lure of ot'^ii'v products without ! .surrender *of ration coupons. The;, MEMPHIS, provision covers shipments slncoj'<UP> — The May 7. | Council today snH Congress ->?.ve secretary of Ag- 'adian spokesm-.m w rlculLurc Clinto p. Anderson au-j he said cotton thovily to end sugiv: rationing ;;t pie warm hi any time he thinks it .safe when male. " it passed le^i^iation ccn'.imnng Citing war-fotvo.'ud reseasch, sugar controls until next Oct. 31. the Council said cotton not wily McCarthy ;;aid the cxi£lipg su- could but \vuld l:eeu Canruiians gar "surplus' madd the depart-' warm as it pur.Mtoi its newly- ment's rationing pnj|;r;nn "KI\ adopted policy of .sc 'kii,; to (.-x- incrcdibly fa\^nsUc hircc."' 'panel the slapSe'i 1'oveiRn markets. While Pi e s i cl e i: t Truman Tne statement was made hi "claims that he is attempting to Ottawa that there would te little-1 reduce the 01' living"' Me- expansion :r, Northern markets Carthy said "his a •„:<: '\^ir.\tion because cotton ''doesn't keep the is, in effect, iucsreiisin,; tlic cost wearer warm in in* b: r .x^ Can- of living by licnyujg tho hc-uoewifc adian climatu." adequate ; sus:tr to can Iruifs t nd s Ed Lipscamlj. Council s'Uts berries for h-jr fam>!y\; use. . .". promotion director s-.xitl rescaich- If enough ;ii^-\v is 1101 made ers had proved that l;rat available nov;, M_C.irtliy f^dcfcd, "treincnrtous fiino'.uiU' • f fruits anil other fonds will gc to wn^lu. BLY'niEVIU.B .(AjlK.|. COL'UJBR. NEWS Coming Event* WEDNESDAY Hlylheville lliKli Schonl seniors ulla Ann Woodsoii, Dnn C:i!d- cll mid Hill Williams will be lion- red wllh n play l>ai'ty at llu> Hus- ell C. Fan- home, 1120 West Wtl- ul. 4 to 7 p.m. Mrs. C. a. heinous nnrt, Mrs. C. <3 Stevens hostesses to Chnpli-r 1). E. O. Sisterhood. 1 p.m., :it Lemon?, lidinc. Mrs. R. C, Hose of Hoselaiul hos- rss lo Town mid Country llrldgc Club. Hrtiry I'nmit-TMplirr Assnrl- itlim will havo rnaulai- moctliiR it selinol. :i p.m.. preceeiled by exr- iUllvi- bci.u-d inpctm'.i;, :'.:30 pin. Wednesday UrldW CUib will he entertained 'by Mrs. H. C. Hose. THURSDAY Alplia Alpha Chapter o[ HiHa £li>nm I'hi Sorority huvc final mrpt- ii'.'v; of year n(" cUibi'oimi. Mrs. W. H. Wyl'e hostess to ThurKdny Contrnel Clul). Octette club en tort n In Ml by Mrs. Mrs C''cil slimie. Mrs. Helen Wren enleitiilwl .71- lv Eiylit Club. FRIDAY Alpha nolln Chapter of Hcla'Sllj- ma I'lil meeting at elubrooiu, 2:30 o'clock, Ilnnl niedinu (his year. Mrs. llavry W Halnen and Mrs I'Veemnn Hoblnson hostesses to Chapter N. I J . E. O. Sisterhood, at llalnes home. 1025 West Chtcka- 1 snvvbn Ave.. with luncheon. Alpha Delta chapter of Beta Sifi- iiia Pill Sni'orily meeting with Mrs. T. II. Car:i\\ny at home or,her mother, Mrs. H." 11. Purvis, 721 Main St. - SATURDAY Miss Lynn Jackson, hvldc-elerl, will be honored \vith a lea bv Mr:;. J. C. Ellis and Mrs. .1. C. Ell'ls, Jr.. at home at Barfield Innn 3 to !> p.m. PAOt Special Invitation Morticians : Of State Mefet In Little Rock <v Uw F-B-I; Mitt boro, uwcUtloD tiriil^Mit; b*rt Roth 01 Little Rjxk, * trmurer; and A. E. ginilti Bluff, prnldent of 'the Burial A^ocUtloc. . , ' A fafi-tw auto of'fuaenl drew C. *!-, av- al rto* . C«ur>*r LITTLE HOCK, Ark., • May .. (Ul'j — The election or officer* «pd' ( «u» "»* of prcKcnlnllon of commute* report*]*'**> "> much at today were lo round out the con- j ______ volition of the Arktmsas ^utierw' Directors Association, coiicludbig » Iwo-duy run, here. In business sessions yesterday iiiinr to the unmm) tiunquH "^ dunce, the deleaates heard Rlchv<S C Heck of Weslporl, Ct, w»rn pf sliortiiiies In diomlcHl iuupllcs and olher funeral iiRTOlmndlso. Beplf Is President or the Hmbnlmer*' Supply Co. of Wcwlporl. •Other speukcrii at the the Cotton Council Jokes Issue With Canadian Livestock 'IVin Conniilly, lifilH. «n<l »cpivspnl:»llvi! Jiilm . "J 'IVsui. look over llio ofllclnl proclnmnlUni »l Cinvcv- nc:r DciiKord Jc.-,(i'i. di'slBnuUns Juno K>. 13. M :is "IJueimmvr Diiys" in Ciiipus CluisU niul HS n CommaiHl lU-rtiinnnniic <l»l>! l"r nil sons uiHl c.uif.lHiM-:. of UK- I-HIIP Slur StuU>. Miss Alice Hltl)cr«, (imipliUT u! fminiT Coii(!ri's.«iiv.iii mill Mr«. lilflmrtl KU-ni«'iS, utl'^il ii'i sp:*iul .ministry nl !hc Governor In cxU'mUnt; llu- lormnl Invliwions l<; prominent Ti-xmis in the niitlim's cai)itol.—(NKA 'IVU'pliotoi, ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK. YA1ZS, III., Mry 13. (liPi — >USDA) —Livestock: Hogs 9.50D- sill sulnWo: ucllvc 25 In 5Cc hiihi'r llip.ti Moiuliiy's nvcniBC. Bu 1 .!; (jnnd, :IIH! clidice 160 to 2EO lOs 24( 2 24.50 iwicl 'ively; '.'SfQ-'t-i 1 6 SOi ) ir.O Ibs Twin., May, 1 Nati mnl c'cttcn ssM -.hat. :•. Can- '23.50 lo 14.25: ~M\ s wroiv when!'*' to 23.50; UO : wouldn't keep peo-. to 24.CO; 100 to 120 Ibs pias, ia.25 Uie deininicn cli- to Z\SQ; goo'l 270 ID 500 ib fws lil.CO to 20 tD: vi:ry Irtiv irr.25; heavier wci^iits 18 CO to )37<i most stags. I 6 -00 to 170'j. Cattle -l.SOO. Salable 4.000 Bacca/aurcato Se/'v/ces Cone/nrtnrf ot >\r(no/'eJ The liidivlcluni innsi bo cch'cnlcd before n .stronKCV iKtlion ov n slvou- gcr world cnn bo built, tbo Rev. II. J. A<tkins, pnstor of Annoiel Bii]) Churcli, lolcl iiunnbers of tho I!H7 Annorpl achonl itrndual- lnt r RliiKs siindny at tlic clsiss' bnc- cnltiurealp scrvSet's. The Rev. Mr. Atlkins polnlcd out to .sinciputs [hat UuTy must decide now what they are to be. He strcsspd tbc Importance Of clioos- in^ the riyht vocaticm. Mrs. Rny Downltiu bnd cliai'Re of tbe music program. Prelude to the seniors entrance was "L'n'ijo" and processional was "Onward, Christian Soldiers." The hymn. standing bands of the Mld-aoulh Invited to play durin;; Carnival festivities tomorrow. 'llir hnjli .-:c'lu>ol bund is sehe- duled for the first i\])pearance on the program i>iul will play from 10 mull 10:30 run. In its Cotton Carnival appearance, the band will Include :)U musicians,, six majorettes an ( | a drum major. They will play under the direction of Handmaslcr ' ^ j To Install Officers ' At Sudhury Pf A. Meet Sucl'jury Piirei.'.-Teacher Association officers for the next term will be installed tomorrow afternoon. J o'clock, at the. oi-j!anv/.illon's final m«'i'lliiB ot this school term. Mother.! of pri'-scho:il children will b c .' i;ui'sls, An t«s*i'ullvp b!>aul meeliiiK nl 2:30 o'clock, will pro- cede the regular session. Barrel R*ck» T. t» MJUWOUIM mr. re. • Plaster • Stucco • Concrete Phone 2028 Boxer Short Sets for Boys Sixes 2-7 The TOT SHOP Women Democrats Meet LITTLE ROCK, May 13. <UP>— Arkansas ]iolilics take a feinininc -slant tomorrow when tiie Arkansas Democratic Women's Club holds its animal convention ill Little Rork. Plans were being rushed Today to complete the last-nimuu: details The delegates will be welcon-.ed to Little Ruck by Mayor 3,im Wa.sssl] Skitc chairman is Mrs. E. L Thompson of Hot Spriugs. and cu'Lir.', I0.5ti 19.50; thermal transmission depends] cows, lot on the kir.4 .jf fibei in (hcjners r abric, but nn l : ie eo:i^lvuct'on,l ^ . ^~"_^ thiikness and finish of the ifub/j Bcati ,&nrler ric. It was rccosnitio'.i nl I litre facts by Anny research rncn that contrib\ited to the abniulonvrnt during the \var of \v,i:lc-:i c.vcr- coats for field service trm to their replacement by wind-resigtciit cotton gnnncnts Lipscomb sa'.'i. "J'l-ese liglitly constructed ccicto-^, when eied over a soft any more ifsilient nlider|r<irinenl. weie shown lo rio- vitte more wa.'iarii nncl coinfcrt than the Vrai'y overcoats." Come Calves 2.00D, all salnUc. Morior-j Tllou Almighty Kim;," was present- ate supply of oat.tle finding acuvc cc iar]d the Girls' Chorus saiiR. .Je- Inqutry at si-vjia prices. Around sl]5 Christ." Uccesslonal was "God Including clniec nt 2G.CO r.iul O f Ollr rntlicrs." 40 loads of ilcers clfcrcd, tliese! .lames M. Brents, faculty mem- iHimcrou s Ion is medium lo £.v- !,,,,._ B ,, V( , lhc tuvcK-atlon and R. W. cragc good -it 3'_'.:.0 to i-I.FO; Nichols, superintendent, spoke brief- mix- ly, uie- , Jd t° Osceo/a High Sc/iooJ Band i uef To Play at Memphis Fofe' (an-1 OSCEOLA, Ark.. May 13.'—The' THESE BETTER BEANS nnd choice heifers i.iul yearlinBS 22.110 lo 24.511: m lew .dai-om.d. mostly 15.00 to 17SO; U.50. Osccula Hitjli School nand has been spleelprt by .T Memphis Cotton Carnival 'committee as one en the'out- Wednesday Morning BARGAINS at We're Closed Wednesday Afternopii -We Open at 9:00 a.m. BOYS' OVERALLS Full cut. Sanforized hcriingbotic twill that wears and w«qrs. This garment is cut on the same pattern «s our Little Mac overalls. While pre.sent quantity lasts. $1.00 pr. BROWN DOMESTIC The finest in styling, authenticity and volsio il yours when you select the emblem of your frolcrnol order or lodijc (rom our wide orroy of distinctive frolernol rings ond pins. Choose the cmblim you're proud to wcor .omo.row. Charge fof Crcd j r 32nd MASONIC with diamond KNIGHTS TEMPLAR 18.93 oLUE LODGE ORDER OF EAGLES Styled in yet low gold please the gentlemen of the Consistory. . . scl with a Hashing blue-while diamond. LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS S 29" FRATERNAL PINS from $1.25 Authentic emblems of your fraternal order skillfully styled in lapel pins to plcose masculine tostcs. Here's one you will hardly believe. quality, 39" wide tsntl a value, ideal for sheets or pillow cases. Good 5 yds. for $1.00 Children's Rayon Panties Our famous 'Miss Peep' Panties cut over ourown exclusive pattern, for perfect fit and longer wear. Penco Sheets Ponco is back! That famous name that means qualify supreme. These sheets arc first quality rhat insures years osid years of faithful wear. Sizes 63"xl08" and 8T" x 99". SJ"x99" $2.69 each Boys' Slack Suits - Short tteeve shirt with long treuwrs. Sanfor- ized cotton poplin for long wear. .Graduated sizes for perfect fit. Sizes 2,12. $2.20 Marked Down Shoes Regular prices $6.75 & $5.50. Now reduced. Black patents in low and medium heel heights. A few left in tan calfskin. They arc going fast and won't last long ar only $3.00 pr. Men's Work Shirts Full cut, Sqnforiied blue chambray shirts thai arc just what you warti- for hot Summer days ahead. Compare and you'll be convinced that these are super va'/cs at $139 Boys' Polo Shirts^ A gay- colorful striped shirt that requires no ironing. F.ost colors, cool, .colorful, cconomi cal an4 appropriate. 79cea. Time to re-decorate! Use Wards Wallpaper |QC Get quality wallpaper al Wards and save as much as 50%'. Allraclivc patterns in ftuleproof, washable, and eniliosseJ ([ ily. Styled by nalionally-known dosigtiers. \jo\\-- priccd al Wards for greater savings! Better Wallpaper For leu at Wards! WHITE PLASIiC SQUARE HANDBAGS A special buy. We could gef just a few. With the white s*«0n (Aead you can't afford to miss this one. __. $1.00 GIFT SETS * For the 'Girl Graduate. A cornbinption cologne you will be proud to give. Delicately scented with IH«c. $1.00

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