The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 27, 1939
Page 8
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'PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS Ride Fo Top '0)1 Wilimno ' Winning t /-» Cop I -Game Y-mK lanKS BY .GEORGE KIUKSEV United Press Staff Corresjiontlen NEW YORK, May 27. lUP) — The Cincinnati Reds finally collared the St. Louis Cardinals after a 15- day ehase and today (hey command the National Leneue pinnacJe, a II game winning streak inlacl. For n week the Reds and Cards had been virtually tied for the lead but St. Ixmls held the fort because of the difference In the number of • games played. Every day the red- hot Reds hoped to move Into the lead, but the Cards reeled olf a seven game winning streak and Kept one jump- ahead. Tills Is the second time the Heds have had undisputed possession of first place, and many critics Ijelleve tliey'll stay there from now . on. Cincinnati was on Ion for five days In early May, losing Die lead to the Caids May n. Bucky Walters, scoring his sixth • triumph, went the route In pitching tlie Reds to a 7-5 triumph. The Reds slugged Lon Warnekc, n flve- game winner, out of the box in the fifth, and mode 11 hits altogether off five Cardinal pitchers. Waller had one bad Inning, the seventh in which he allowed four rims He snuffed out a threatening rally in the ninth by forcing JOD Merlwick to hit into a double play with (lie tying runs on base. The Cards got 10 hits. Liiymg a 17-iiil barrage, Pittsburgh blasted Bill Lee out of the box and went on to score a 14-5 ' vlcloiy overt he Cubs. Paul Waner, with four singles, lopped the Pi- fates' attack en four Chfcago huri- ers. Jim Tobln was credited with the victory but hnd to have relief from Mace Blown in the eighth Tommy Jlcniich's home, run—his foiiith—enabled the Yankees to trim the Athletics, 1-0. It was the second straight day the Yanks had been held to four hits and yet won on their opponents' misplays and mistakes. Thursday Red icress' error permitted Ihe Yanks to beat the Tigers. Yesterday rookie Bill Nagel got himself trapped oil third and this prevented the A's from tying the score and possibly winning. After Dickey trapped Nagel, Ambler's double and two walks filled'the bases but Ornl KiWebrand pitched out of the jam.; Henry Plppen out- pitched Hildebrand nil the wny. The Red Sox snapped their three-game losing streak with a -1-2 victory over Wiishingloii. Woody Rich was ciediteci with his fourth victory even Ihcugh he had to retire in tlie eighth with a blistered finger. The Red. Sox made five double plays. Jim Tabor and Doe Cramer led the Red Sox 10-lilt attack \Utli three nils' apiece off Dutch Leonard who sulfered his first defeat. Joe Kuhels homer Avas the deciding blow In Ihc While Sox's 2-1 victory over Cleveland. Clint Brown performed brilliantly in a relief role In tlie ninth when lie replaced Bill Dietrich with two on and none but. He purposely passed Chapman! and then forced Pyllak to hit Into a double play and funned Jeff Heath for the final out. * * * • Yesterday's hero — Baby Rice Tommy Hcnrieh, who blasted out his fourth hoiher to permit the Yanks to win, l-o. 'Bama Athlete Seems On Way To Big League TUSCALOO3A, Ala. (UP) _ Tlie University of Alabama, which has sent such stars as the Sewell brothers, Joe and Luke; Rises Slephenson, Jim Tabor and olirers to the major leagues, has another prospect \viiom ' Cvach Happy Campbell believes will make the grade. He Is Vlclcr Bradford, an all- round athlete who won letters In three major sports, and who likes baseball best ot all. In his sophcmore year, Bradford won letlers in fcotball, basketball and baseba) „ rare accomplishment for a sophomore at Alabama. His first ttvo seasons on the dth- m;nd found Bradford hilling well with the best. He plays the out- held and has a powerful throwing . arm. & Bradford played blocking back - - ----— Crimson Tide ._ defeat Tulane in Birmingham i asl After winning a basketball Iclte as a s:ph:morc, Bradford droppcc that sport because of an injures knee. contract and Campbell believes he" wil make the grade with a mlnlimm of minor league experience. Australian Ballot Reprieved CANBERRA, ; Australia i,UP>The Federal government has di elded that Australians will coi .limie to vote in the good old ball booth way of the past Instead u the American machine \vaj. Imes tigallon revealed that Hie cost of equipping cnly 10,000 of the 30000 pollin? booths in Australia with American voting machines would be $12,000,000, Today's Sport Parade By Henry McLemorc LUTES IB PLfil INDIANAPOLIS, Hid., May 27 UP)— Taking u few quick laps iroiind Indianapolis motor speed- vny; Did ycu know Ihal arovcr Cleve nd Uergdol) once was a racing driver and Dial lie comiwled on :he speedway here? That was back i" lfl'5 . . . Incidentally auto •acing almost kept Bergtioll from becoming an interntulonal figure . . While driving nt the San 'ranclsco World's Fair he ran inta n wire stretched across tlie track . . It was early one morning ind Beredoli tlid not see tlie wire \hlch liiul been placed to keep casual traffic off tlie track . , . still carries 11 scur on his kneck from he wire which nearly killed him. Next Tuesday's 500-mile race is he 27th . . . the first one wns leld !u 1911 but Iwo years were nissed because of the World Wur. . -. lineliif curs nre required to •arry reverse gears .• . . they never rear 0111 bccuuse tliey are seldom iscd. . . . Sometimes, however, n Irlver overshoots his pll nnd has Q buck up ... If a driver over- hcots Ills pll by ihe lengtli of more him three pits lie must go all the .ay around the 2K-mile track tind ome In again. ... At IiulitimipolLs .rs mny have any number except 1, 13, 20, 30, 40, etc. Number' 11 ecaiise It might be confused with . No number 13 because—you know, .nd no 20, 30, etc., because, for ome reason 20 could become 2, 30 ceome 3, tind so on. But don't ask •hy .... No Indianapolis "500" ever has ecn nm non-stop by a gasoline owered car ... a Diesel did It nee . . . A gasoline-driven car inying enough fuel for 500 miles ould be so handicapped hy weight • the early stages of tlie race that wouldn't stand a prayer he Diesel, as well as 1 remember, nlshcd along about dusk. ... The letter "M" is the lucky one or a sj>eedway driver . . . six mes the checkered flag 1ms gone o a nicer whose lost name began •Itli that letter . . . three "C's", urec "D'e" and three "S's 1 have 'on . . . Two is the luckiest ar number . . , that number hns nlshcd nisi three times . . . our, eight, 15. 16, 23 and 32 are e.ft lucky with two wins apiece. . . Numbers one, three, five, six, even, 12, 14, 17, 34, 35 and 30 each avc single wins. . . . Only one slx-cylindcred car has on the "500' . . . That was Ray nrrotin's Marmon which won the laugural. . . . Thirteen races ave been won witli eights twelve 1th fours, . . . Pours have held way since Louis Meyer won with n eight in. 1033. . . . Prettiest ar on the speedway this yeur— lie cream-colored Item entered b\ .Iden-JSinnpson II.-of Ixte Angeles . . This racer has beautiful lines . . It's trimmed in a pastel shajte f blue ... nnd its motor is wcct, (03 .-. . it's the same motoi hich Frank Lockharl used in his 1-fated attempts to set spcet ecords nt Daylon Beach. . . . A i-cyli»der job, which really I; vo eighl-cyllitclcrcd curs In one. The'Indianapolis 500 Is, of course 500-mile race . . . but you have ) drive 502Vi miles to win it. This because there Is a pace lap •ound the 2!!: mile courac, a tap nken to send tlie cars away to a ying start. . . . And besides rivers always ran an extra Inp or vo alter the nice is over, just to uard against passible miscounts r the clcckeij. . . . Cars get better mileage from their lei during'the race than during mcticc ami qualifying tests everal reasons for this . . . one is ml the surface of the track, dur- )g the race, becomes improved, cr It Is coated with the rubber rom the 132 tires, and from oil 'hich drips cut . . . so the cars cally travel on a rubber surface Besides, a lid probably more iipprtanlly, Ihc parade of speed ugglcs creates a circular air cur- ent similar to a following wind or an airplane. . . . There's a rcmemlous difference in mileage mong tlie various cars . . . same et as few as three miles to the allon and some as many as n Pour drivers Irave- finished in he money (among the first ten) as nany as six times . . . They arc xmls Meyer, Wilbur Shaw, ctitf Jcrgcre and Ralph Mulford Meyer with three firsts has the most brilliant record cf them all .Icyer also is lops among all-lime his flat earn- Dell Lake Here Face Clear Al Walker Park Lutes, co-lender of Ihc Mlssls- slppl Counly Baseball I/eaguc with Number Nine, will piny at Qo.snel! while Number Nine will play at Ynrbro In games scheduled for Sunday. Other Division A games Include Kciscr nt BiiKictle, Vlclorla at Manile and Dell vs. Clear Lake nl Walker Park hern, Division B of the league had its opening gimics last Sunday rained out and will attempt io pry olf ihe lid tomorrow. Tomato plays al Ty- lun/a Lake, Hurkc's Store at Huffman, ami llcece at Ulackwater. Eeciuise of a eonlllct til use «f one park the Division n schedule las Uecn revised. The new schedilt: follows: May '28—Tomato at Tyroma Lake, liurta's Slore at lluirman, Recce al Blnckwalcr; June 4— Blackwnler nt Tomato, TJTOIMI lake nl Burke's Store, Hullinan itt Recce; June 11—Tomato at Blackwater, Huffman al Tyronzn Lake Recce at Burke's Slore; June 18— Burke's Store nl Blackwaler, Tn- nnlo at }liiffmnn, Tyrouza Lake at Recce; June 25— Burkc's Store nt Tomato; Blacfcwatcr at Tyrona Lake, Ituirmnn at Recce; 'July i— Tomato at Recce, Tyronzn Lake at Huffman, Blackwatcr at Burke's Store; July 9—Recce at Tomato, Burkc's Store nt Tyron/a Lake, liifTmnn nl Black writer. Standings of the Class A clubs follow: Team w. Lutes 4 Number Nine Dell KelEcr Yarbro Gosnell Clear Luke . BtirdeUc ... Vlclorla everal times . . . im d he holds he dislinclicn of being Ihe onh. hrce-limc winner ot ihe race. Only cnc olher nmn. Tommy' Mil on, hns wen as many as two races , . . nnd nobody has ever won ir •successive years. . . . And finallj •x small prediction: Floyd Rcucrf! record time of 111 miles per how sot in winning last year will s>o bi the boards this year If IndianapoR cars than ever before . '. ant 1 for another, that bactalrclch whlcl used lo be bumpy brick is snuolhly pavcrt \vilh nsphall. . Don'i be surprised if (he wlmiln mark is as high as 120 m.p.h. The poison of wasps, vcspn aiv Hie venom of anu. formica ar used as remedies for various hu man afflictions. •Tliere are more than 1,200,000 gasoline tractors on farms today. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe. Isaacs' Stnrt Phone 5.10 Win Will! Ninth Rally; Travelers As Usual Inning Lose By Untied I'ress The will to come from behind when all seems dark In the ninth inning kept the Atlanta Crackers pacing half a game ahead of the Chattanooga Lookouts today in the close Southern Association •ace. The Crackers were trailing the Memphis Chicks 2 (o 0 last night vlicn they came to bal iti their inlf of tlie ninth. It was then or never, so the Crackers tuned ip their war chilis, routed Lefty Jesse from the luountl nnd won the ame, 3 to 2. Memphis hnd scored ;oth its rims, also In the ninth, Paul Bruno's pinch home run vith a mate on base. For the first eight innings Bcssc ml Larry Miller had waged n icrve-UnglinK mound duel, with, pecUiciilar defensive play prcvent- g either side from yetting a run." Chattanooga stayed on the backers' heels by edging the Lille Rock Travelers, 4 to 3. Dick Bnss went Ihe route for the winters and Bill Nicholson continued \is heavy hilling with two doubles and a single Unit drove in two •ims. The Knoxvlile Smokies shook heir losing streak to down tlie 'Jew Orleans Pelicans, 7 to 5. lAtnanski stayed the distance on .lie inoiuid for Ihe Smokies nl- hough he came In for » 13-hlt Irnbblng. Pour runs in the fiflli lining gave Knoxville the margin of victory. Scalzi, Remoncl nnd Shelly of the Pelicans hit, homers. The Birmingham Baron-Nnsh- .'ille Vol game was culled no con- csl when the rain came tumbling town nt the end of the third inn- ng with Nashville leading. 5 to 2. Today's schedule: Memphis nt \tlnnla; New Orleans nt Knoxville; Birmingham at Nashville and New Orleans nt Knoxville. Rodriguez And Long To Clash Tiger Ixmg, Miami; ria., boxer- wrestler who now clulniK the light heavyweight grappling championship of Ihe South, will again perform before n local imdlencc when he meets Carlos Rodriguez the Spaniard, In the feature built :it Ihe Legion arena here Monday sight. Tlie Florida lioy won a big following here last January when he pulled on Die plows with Lloyd Montgomery, then professional box- Inif champion of the South, and almost edged the Bauxile busier in a thrilling ten-round bailie. At Hint lime Long weighed nbout ^0 pounds less than 'Montgomery but- floored the latter for the count of eight one time nnd proved to nil present that lie was tough nnd experienced. Long 1ms been particularly suc- cessiul in his'wrestling'bouts liere uml has outclassed many opponents weighing considerably more. lie should prove a hard test for liodrlqui"/. Monday night. A iwhlsker pulling contest looms in the scheduled bout between Etocky Knellson, the Norwegian veteran, and "Floyd Byrcl, Birmingham bad man, both of whom are per forming with great shocks of whiskers on their faces. BASEBALL STANDINGS Norllicast W. L. Pet. Newport ......... -....11 5 .088 Caruthci'svlllc .. \ . ____ 10 c .(j25 Parngoulcl ............ c a .400 Jonesboro ........ : ..... s, K ,334 Southern League W. L. Pet. Atlanta 22 u .011 Chattanooga 21 14 ,(j()D Birmingham 18 15 .515 Memphis n 18 ABU Nashville ia 18 .471 Knoxvllle 15 n .46!) Now Orleans l(i 20 .444 Litllc Rock 13 22 .avi National League W. L. Pet. Cincinnati 22 10 ,G8B St. Louis .*. w 10 .607 Chicago n 10 .515 Pittsburgh IB' 10 .500 Boston .. —-.. 14 n .452 Brooklyn 12 n .m New York ; 13 13 .40G Philadelphia .. n 20 .355 American New York ... Boston ..... Chicago Cleveland Washington Philadelphia Detroit St. fxiuis W. L. Pet. 24. G .BOO 17 10 .U30 18 13 .581 15 15 .500 13 17. .433 it 18 .370 12 21 .304 11 21 .344 Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League" jDnesbcro at Pnragould, rain. Caruthersville at Newport, rain. Southern League Allniita 3, Memphis 2. Kuoxvillc 7, New Orleans 5. Chaltauoogn 4, Litllc Uock 3. . Birmingham, at Nashville, ruin. Naliona] League ' ' Pittsburgh 14, Chicago 5. Cincinnati 7, St. Louis 5. Only games. American I.rcijue Boston •!. Washington 2. New York 1, Philadelphia 0. Chicago 2, Cleveland 1. Only games. Today's Games Northeast Arkansas Lr-agiic Open dale. Stmllicru (.e:t£uc Memphis at Atlanta. Llllle Hock al Chnllanoogn. New Orleans tit Knoxville. Birmingham nt Nashville. National League Pittsburgh at Chicago. New York nl Philadelphia. Cincinnali nt St. Louis. Boslon at Brooklyn. American League Philadelphia nt New York. Chicago at Cleveland. Washington nt Bcston. St. Louis at Detroit. Park of the St. John's wort furnished early-day sufferers with :ure-n!ls tor all sorts of ailments. Doors were decomleci with the] plant on SI. John's Day In the belief that It kept out evil spirits. KILL WORRY 0 Io 8 Glasses or MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATKR May Do It 1 ordinary tap v«-- Iml Moiml.tin llt'Y \V:Uvr, lli*> linn' .'J. ilU-litlj' nlkaiino tT 11M-.I liy Mlillml.S -- nii>li«'._ nrlhritic anil neurilic. fAin.l ollrn Marl »orrj— an.1 » liy nhoiililn't IKcyl Warn- I"B si|:ii\ arc tlifj-. Tc>5in« »n,| MMSICS In Hie body tun IKV \s•n^ll• o.l «i"«r." Try it,i« liiiiiit' lrojiitn^f,i. Start loilay. Distributed by Crosstown Whiskey Shop 109 S. Division St. Couples Advised to Slow Down ALAMEDA, Cal. (OP)—Mr. and Mrs. Frederick William Chadoayne, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, gave tlie following recipe to young couples: "Do not iry lo live Uo fast, slow down once In a while and heed where van are going." WRESTLING CARLOS RODRIQUEZ TIGER LONG STOCKY KNEILSON FLOYD BYRD Legion Arena, Monday 8 Hunter College Girls Become Expert Fencers NBW YORK (UI')-Polls are Ihe favcrilc weapons of Hunter Collego students fencing team placed (Mini in the eleventh annual women's Intercollegiate fenc- SATURDAY, MAY 27, 193*9 Ing matches held recently nt Brooklyn College. Hiinti'r's wns Ihe only unbeaten lean) In the Eastern Division up to Ihe finals, having derailed Wagner College 0-0. William and Miu-y 8-0, Jfofslra S-4, New York University (i-3, Brooklyn College 0-3, and Jersey State Teachers College. 6-3. Maria t'eira, (lilid ranking im- llonal woman champion fencer in the United States, Is the captain and star or the Hunter team. Miss Ceria beijan fencing at Ihe n<je of 0 and, was ;i member of tlie 1930 Olympic ajuad and last year's In- lercoileglalc champion, other mem- bers of the vrtrslty team nre Eon'tlrl Beriinbcau. manager of the teaml neiw Daly, Kthel Pried, n. During 1938, 08 per cent of •<• «,900,GOD registered c'tr" m tfl world, were registered in United Stales, giving us n lot' 2a,503.0M motor vehicles. I T'S THE most natural decision you ever made! Once you've laid eyesonthemagnificent Dodge Luxury Liner,-with all its new money-saving ideas — and then looked at Ihe price tag —you're bound to agree there's only one thing a wise man can do—"Buy Dodge!" Never before has Dodge offered ' so much that is new and different! Yet this great 1939 Luxury Liner is priced eve/j lower lhan last year's Dodge! And; listen to this! The new low prjcea include, as standard equipment, all the wonderful new Dodge features: the new gearshift ( at ihe steering wheel. wider Airplane-Vision" windshield... new "Jewel Case" inslrumem panel . . . the new invisible trunk that holds 27% more luggage... and many other new advances! Go to your Dodge dealer's and sec them all! Have him tell you your local low delivered price on this exciting car. If your present car is of average value, you'll be surprised how low your monthly payments will be! _ .^£z2£ - a * *&G Tune in on Ihe Maior Bowes Oii £ iiij| A Hour, Columbia Nclvtoik, E»n> TliurjJa,, 3 (o 10 P. M., extern Diylight Satins TRKE RIOOK RTTHESE 1 LOW PRICES! Coupes TAKE A LOOK! Fa. mous Dmljjc "Scotch Dynamite" Engine wiihi all the proven Dodge'^ gas anil oil saving features, plus new advances for even moio efficient operation! ,' TAKE A LOOK! New Dodge Kiggaye com pat t- nient, 27% largerl Unlike old "trunk style"; corsi- pailmenis, u's tnvjsiblo — completely concealed beneath windsliearned rear ensemblel TAKE A LOOKS New handy gearshift near the steering wheel—yours al no extra cost! You sliifi in the standard "H" pattern — nothing now io learnt Not an "attachment," but an integial pail of ihe car. Floor is clear fot.rcal conifon For three in front seat! No more "straddling" the shift lever I much or liow Ulllc yc.n care to pay, he has a car Io sun your laslel new 1939 NOW ON DISPLAY! New 1939 Dodge Trucks..."truck-built" in giant new Dodge truck plant...priced with the lowaatl | BLYTH£V!LLE MOTOR I.OUTS GEORGE MAUKKI) THEE MOTOR CO., Marked Tree, Ark. CO., Osccoh, Ark. C. \Y. \VHITK m-119 East Main St. j rimne 888 :! AUTO SALES, Kennell, M(

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