The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1946
Page 2
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BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NJBW8 FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 10-10 ,Dcu was hostess »o«i'l Fld-.lE Bap- Is At Don Haley Home Mr? Ust pi. sud buSn&s "• Ww « of the CuiKJml, School Ci»ss of tUi Ohurcta. * *.•'*' ' I The~Halcy home, 301 East Kentucky was (Kcorated with Summer llowtr* *lth a. nortl arrangement centtjjnt the t«J>l« tram »nlch suup«» was served. ' Mr*. Roy Wood led fame* for 'n* mcmBers" an* t*° quests, , Mrs. T. A Bell ai*J i Mti. Fletcher King. .?;' , ••'..">• • Clulj. -Is Entertained Scherer Wed in Leachville Sunday By Mrs.'Leoil Scherer was hostess yesterday Afternoon to members of ill. Friendly 'Rook Club .and two other -suests, -Miss Betty deannme tchereFana Miss Dorothy Sue Will- Iford. . : ' ' . . • ' In afternoon rook games, his" Ecore prto went to Mis. U. A. Co pelafid,' second' to Mis. Neville Blakcujorei. ..'and rooko to' Miss Echcrer. The hostess served nn Seed course, , •- • ;- »• • * • Slouklls. Entertain With Dinner Party Mr' and Mrs. Jim R. Stovnll entertained members of the Thursday -Night Dinner Club last night > ut their home on North Franklin Stieft. The home was attractively decorated. with swcetpeas and hydrangeas.' 1 Guests included Mrs. Alma Smith Bits of News Mostly. Personal B. L. Sheirlck will return to his Home in Memphis today alter aU tending to business here several clays. Ue was guest of Mrs. Sher- rlek's parents, Dr. and Mrs. C. -E. master's degree In a ceremony yesterday, Is the daughter of Lieut. Col. and Mrs. Ivy W. Crawford. Mrs. C. W. Ramey, 426 East. Davis, and niece, Miss Virginia Swearengcn, 109 West Kentucky, have gone to Memphis to meet Mrs. Fiske Miles Jr., of Chicago daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rainey Mrs. Miles will be the guest for two weeks of lier parents und oilier relatives. , pvl. Harry Ray Brooks wil leave Monday for his new station at McUiil Field. Fla , after having sptiil a brief furlough here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. If. n. Brooks, 808 chlcknsawba. Private Bwoks hns been stationed in Scott Field, 111. j. T. Hicknian has been confined to his nome, 1703 Hearn, Wilson. Noble Gill, of Gill Insurance Agency, will return to Campbell's in Memphis Monday for for the past week. Kobert Jontz lias returned to his home 'in Memphis after rpehding several days here with his tjarcnts, Ml 1 , mid Mrs. J. Mea.rl Jon'. 1 /., (•.nd Uro'.her, Bill. 1108 Kcnnetli B. Tyler, motor machinist third class, has been discharged the Navy at the Separation Clinic further treatment because of foot Injury received recently. A. bone in his foot was crushed by J Center In Memphis a farm machine'mid he underwent I' Mrs. Everett B. Gee and son, an operation ill Campbell's before E. E. Jr.. have gone to Washington, reluming home several days ago. u. c., to spend n month with Mrs. Mrs. B. F. Gay will leave Sun- Gees slstev ami (tvmlly. j clay afternoon for .Los Angeles, | M:s. Patty Shane Wright lias Calif., where she win spend six r enrnecl home from several weeks weeks with Mrs, H. H. Hicks. v i s |t 1,, New York City. Misses Belle and Alice Whllsitt 1 MI. a»d Mrs. C. W. Afflick re- I and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Whltsltt, | turned Yesterday from Memphis 'all of Jonesboro, were guests iu.fthcie they spent three days. Blythevlllc- yesterday o; Mr and M's. W. G. Sanders and daughter. Mrs. Hugh WhuslU, 704 West Patsss of Sanderson. Texas, are here Walnut, und Mr. am; Mrs. IHissell for i visit with Mrs. Sanders' par- Cnmpbell, 1301 West Hearn, and enlt Mr, and Mrs. R. A. .Eades. : friends. •• . 'I'. — — r— ••'•,."••'•.' jack Hnic of Biythcviii?, wh o is Methodist Stewards employed In Harrisburn, has'gone • :•• •_ . , ijj.'J.i;..i.'' lo Ames, Iowa, for the graduation flfll Special of Miss Eugenia Crawford from | LIXORA, June of . At The Hospitals Wall* Hospital Mrs.. C. II. Lewis, Steele. Mo. Mrs. A'Jam Lee, Manila. Sue Long, Rt. 3, city. Mrs. 13lan Heath, city. Mrs. K. L. Harris, ISracgadcclo, Mo. Elaine Richardson, Dell. Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. c. Cns- mnn, city, a daughter yesterday. Dismissed: Mrs, Jess King, SteeJc. Mo. J. E. Halseli, city. Aloinn McDonald, Decrlng, Mo. Cab*c Oldhnm, city. . Memphis lUpllsl Hosjiltiil Admitted: Mis. J. E. Morgan, Wilson. l:l;.Mirull f Hospital Admitted: Myron Strickland, city. Flora Mae Griffin, Osceola. Marvin Louis Griffin. Osceola. Jlmmie Price, Manila. Dismissed: Mrs,, Chester IlurUs, city. Memphis Methodist Hospital Admitted: Mrs, C. I. Do-A'cll, Osceola. Taylor's Mission To Last Until Peace Restored latlve of the President to the Vatican was counter to an historic American principle of separation of church and state. Tile President was asked today nbout a statement attributed to on? [Of the protestant conferees to the {effect that the President promised WASHINGTON, June 14. «JP>—;u>-recall Taylor after the Italian Russian hospitals experimented with operation rooms painted :i dead black, with surgeons and attendants also wearing black. President Truman said today that Myron C. Taylor's mission to the Vatican as the President's personal [representative will be concluded when world peace is restored. Leading protestant clergymen recently asked the President to terminate Taylor's post Immediately. j'Mr. Truman explained today that the United Slates plans no permanent representation to the Vatican, but will not withdraw Taylor until peace is re-established. Other news conference developments in the foreign field: 1. Mr. Truman said ne would nominate Paul V. McNutt to be .the tirsl American ambassador to' itlic new Philippine republic. Mc'Nutt I is now U. s. high commissioner to the Philippines. 2. Tile President still supports the idea of admitting 100.000 European Jewish refugees to Palestine. An inter-denominational group rhilming to represent 30.000,000 pn- ustants recently protested that alignment of a personal repre.sen- peace treaty Is signed. Tlie President said that recall was not the proper word. He sold h« told the churchmen that the late President Roosevelt sent Tavor to the Vatican on a special mis- ion to help in the war. -Mr. Human said he assigned Tayor to the Vatican again to aid h 1 - niaking peace. the 14.—The Stew- Luxora. Methodist Iowa State College. Mr. Hale stop- ards pcd for a brief visit with his par- Ohuich will hold a special mcet- cnts, Mr. and Mrs. E, L. Hale, In ing it the church HI the servlci. /Vrmorel. before going to AmeB. Sumay morning. Charlie Thomas Miss (Jrawford, who • received her will JL 1 In charge of .the, meeting. O of Washington, D. .C., housegucst of htr parents, Mr. and Mrs. Langdon. Mrs. Jobe Hostess To :Her Club, Guests v Mrs. Ray Hall and Mrs. Rupert Oration played bridge with members of Club Eight yesterday afternoon when Mrs. Paul Jobe was hostess at her home, HIS West Main. .During afternoon games, high score prize went to Mrs. G. Poctz and second to Mrs. H. Partjow. Refreshments were served. Supper Parly Held At ,;.Hut ILast Night The Hut ' was the scene las night of the monthly supper datic iv» CUrt) £8 when hosts and hostesse wei% Mr and Mrs Max B Held Mr rand Mri p B Joynmr and and^ilrs. Ffed Child. A&angements of hydrangeas Uee ora^sd the room vthere members ttiid-Tfuests weie served suppei bu, >et 5-style and danced during th evening. , Gtiests Included Mr.; »nd, Mr Norman Pirrish, Mr. and Mrs.'W. Mciiullin, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Greenway. Mr.' and Mrs. W. M. McKeirzie, Mr. ; and '.Mrs. Bddw B 2>avid, Mr and Mrs Johnnie Marr and Mr. and^ Mrs. Ernest, Mrs. Robert Lewis Pierce, of Lt'ac.Uvlile, was before Uci- mncrlauc Sundcy Miss Dorothy Annls fioblnson. daughter of Mrs. Amos Elnicv Robinson of Leachville. PTA Dance At Hut dance Is to bo given .tonight nL lie Hut. 9 o'clock, lor h\gii schtx>l Indents fti^d students home from oUego. The dunee Is sponsored by 11 ic Senior Parent Teacher Association, which during the school tevrir, niiors a wcjckly dunce ut The Hut. Dr 8-Year-Old Hostess With Informal Party Watching her, one would the pretty and charming hostess was a conscientious entertainer who served her guests with determination to do everything "Just right." She was .eight-year-old Llewellyn White of Osceola, who ontertatiu'd with an Informal pnrty this morn- Ing in the home of her uncle and uunt, Mr. niul Mrs. Aubrey Conway. 8CI1 west Main. Daughter of Mr. and Mvs. Clort- Club Meeting Held Wednesday Afternoon The Flat Lake Home Demoimra tlon Club met Wednesday altcrnoon frcy White, Llewellyn will return at the club house with Mrs. Fred , home tomorrow. Wahl as hostess. Mrs. C.'M. Abbott gave the devotional and a reading on GI brides organizing a Trailer Home Demonstration Club was given by Mrs. Philip Deer. Each member answered roll rail with, his -favorite, salad recipe. Following, there was. a discussion on local leader's resolutions, In addition to tlie 10 members attending -was a guest, Mrs., R. .E. iCirksey of Jonesboro. The hostess served a sala.l pUMe with fruit .punch. Steelman Nominated For Reconversion Job WASHINGTON, June 14. (UP) President. Tnunmi announced today that the Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion would be continued under John «. Stcclmun. While House Labor adviser. The President scut Slcoiinn'^s nomination to the Semite for a two-year term. j GT®" Members Guests Of^lrs. Fitzpatrick Mrs. Joe Fitzpatrick entertained iast, : night. with ft party for members- of (3NB Club »t her home, 307 :r£ast. Davis. Ttie hoine was decorated with arriligements of roses. In bunco ( games, bnncfl, prize went to Mrs. Byron Nail. High to Mrs/ Norval; Humphrey and low- to Mrs. John Tyrone. •rive hostets served a sandwich plate with .a beverage. g. Logan Hostess To.Entre Nous Club Mrs. E.-R. Dickinson won liigli score bridge prize yesterday afternoon when Mrs. Theodore Logan entsrtained members of Entre Nous Club and other guests at her honlfe on Highway 61 North. Second prize went to Mrs. Her- mun. Cross, a guest. Other guests were Mrs. Lynn Brown and Mrs. A. JE. Henry- The Logan home was decorated Trith bouquets of Summer flowers. Refreshments were served. Invented Crlluluiil A New : «urn primer, -who was trying to win an award from a billiard ball manufacturer seeking i substitute for ivory, tr, credited with the development of celluloid Another "From Me Tp You Letter" from Harry Fritzius. THE V6TO A good friend, who was honest in his convictions, called me the other day. He had read my last "Letter'ln which I Intimated rather strongly that Mr. Truman did not inlaid-to "offend" labor lenders seriously and that his "tough" speech.isking for Anti-Labor legislation would not be backed by fearles: action. My friend" assured me that Mr. Truman couldn't possibly veto the Case Bill and hud no Intention .of doing so. ... i Well, - - - . j • . .;,:. ! j\. Mr. Truman has vetoed the Case 'Bill, Who was against this Bill: and who cpplled the pressure? Joseph Stalin was against It. One of', ,he stronB'esl arguments In favor of this bill was the unprecedented action of the Russian .press which" for the very first time in its history assailed an American Issue that was purely domestic and wint to fs,r as to accuse the sponsors of the Case Bill as being-parlikers in n "PLOT AGAINST WORLD PEACE." Why is Stalin so vtally interested in this particular bill? Here's the answer and th: only answer. The "Brain" behind the present labor, racial and political unrest in America, ru)ts the Kremlin In Russia'. .... ^ | < ,,. -;' „. i Events In America have: oeeir 'goB|.-iFr>ccordmk r to schedule" for the "Rod Ogre of the : Kremlin."{The Case Bill would seriously hamper this well organized progrBit so vital In Russia's scheme of "World Revolution." The Case Bill .would give America hack to Americans. This would never, never do. So, the word went out from Russia, the Ogre spoke, the pressure was applied. Those yreat generals, Bridges, Hlllman, Bittncr, and others of their Ilk, applied the pressure. They wiive aided by aiaivy well meaning Americans such as Johnston and Whitney of the Railroad Brotherhoods tv.'ho have been blinded to the real needs of their country by well and timely placed propaganda and by opportunism! and other so tailed American:) who to my mind are the least dangerous but the worst "Stinkers" of the bunch, namely such little politicians ns Pepper of Florida who will attach themselve/ to and do the dirty work of tlie "Generals" for purely personal ikin. The Generals are amply lolin Ju. Lewis, who apparently ixided also by the one uud only John knows no allegiance to any nation, c I S50.00 ifotrrt you obouT the quality Tru Ail Dfomorul Sing you buy hir*, « -soch -iqU't!l*V mounled Tru Art rvrl U terii'Tied, and iti Quality U Jhun Iti pritflk ._-..• ^ PAT O'BRYANT for IJetter Jewelry Corner Main anil Secoml Phone 3261 Continuous Shows Every Day Iiox Office Opens I :*» Show SUrld 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN 9:00 a.m. 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p.ra Last Time Today 'Gilda' with Ktta lluywortli and Ulcnn Vurd 'unimuuut News anil Scli-rletl Short Subject ^ Continuous Showing fcvernlay the ORE:AT John L. Lewis, and who when, ills great and dogmatic ego U publicity mid to whom all who dtffei destroyed ruthlessly even though he those "foolish" ones who have the t Yes. the Red Ogre of the Kremlin k nation has a government so weak t galii&ntion or person, except Is contented when, and only basking in the limelight of are fools and enemies lo be .estroy his nation along with :ncrlty to oppose him. lew full well that when any iat a well organized minority group can close down overnight it's vjtal industries, it-s transportation, ils communications, have the pa that nation Into submission and can with strength to oppose them, can dt sanction,—Joseph Stalin knew full w dltlon brought any nation, rcgardles; very brink of Anarchy. This Is the Russian plnn of WORLD REVOLi , in fnct, to literally simve o all this .with no legal power this in fact with government 11 that such a shameful con- of its material wealth to the ilm and the program of Ihc TION. Especially mus; Mr. f irritation to Attend Kiwanis Club of Paragould, Ark. ; 6tfc Annual Benefit, Society HORSE SHOW Monday -> Tuesday - June 17 - 18 HARAN FIELD — 8 P. M. NIGHTLY h<H>es, 3-fiHwi horses — fine-tiar- — Kl»*«tcr» — Hackney Horse!:, Walking; Horses — ExMMttMi o( faned John Diks Harntss SlutUiul Saturday 'Dick Tracy 1 with Morgan Conway and Anise Jeffreys Serial—"Forest Ran»ers" Xo. 4 ai\(' Short Coul'd Sliows Sal. li:30-ll:M Music By JACK STALLCUfP and his ORCHESTRA C«. AtafesHM if tovrtit before June 15 $1.00. After $1.20 BMC Setts 75e per ciuiir; Reserved seats 35c. CMUrca 5 to 12—50c plus tax. Reserved and box scats on ••li Var.itr.vooi't Molel, Paragould, Ark. Mail orders must I>ie4 by •eivn Addrefeed K«veV>pe. Sunday and Monday 'Miss Susie SlagleY •ith Sonny Tufts nnd Vrronlca I. i'araniouiu N'cws ami Selected Shilr Con I'd Shows Sun. I:l5-tl:0l) Comlnr Soon lo (he Rlti: SAHATOOA TRUNK with Ingrl Bevgrnann i Qary Cooptr FROM THIS DAY FORWARD wit Joan Fontnlnc & Mark Steven THE BELLS OF ST. MARY'S wit Blng Crosby & Ingrid Berg mnnn Stalin have been pleased at this slate of affairs in America, v.'hen our victorious Army and Air Force,(the finest in the world, Isad been foolishly sabotaged at the wllnlng supplication of a few short-sighted politicians a.nd hysterical relatives . . . sabotaged a time when a child should have ktown that the next few years would be years of political upheavals Intrigue and hazards sucn as the world Imd never before known 1 at a time when any tuition that would stand firmly against ouUlde pressure must of necessity be strongly guarded, and especially that nation in which there was still a comparative plenty of the fokls and other necessities that nations need so desperately. Yes. eveything had gone "as planned." so naturally Mr. Stalin would use e«;ry means al his command to force u weak president lo veto such I bill as the Case Bill. who were for this bill ure greitly in the majority. Such g.oat newspapers as tlie Memphis Commfrclal Appal for months have pleaded for Its enactment. The Anprlcan Legion was for it. Tlv: Chamber of Commerce was lor it. Most, Ministers of the Gosjx 1 ! were for it. Labor itself should haje been for it! Within such n law lies the only lioi« of making all organizations, including that of labor, answerable luy the law to the government for it's acts and of removing fron American life the constant threat of the misuse of unrestrtctedipower which would eventually bring both labor and the nation Itsilf to ruin. FRIT?IUS "Always Something New" SATURDAY SPECIALS Oil Cloth, Dirdseye Diapers, \ Wash Cloths and Large Turkish Towels A small shipment o! Priutdd l^ong ami Solid Color Broudcloth. Boys KIMX! 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MAXJDC nutNt uvi "• - BOBNOLAMud THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS Coming to Ritz Theatre BLYTHEV1LLE, ARK. 4-DAYS-4 Tub-Wed-Thurs-Fri, June 18-19-20-21 Sunday and Monday BiNG rings 5 scny. ALL : '..,.::A!.l INGRID sinas! ll's o biand new thfill! Fox Newii mnd Sel«t«tl Short Snbjtct C*Bt'«l Shows San. 1:15-11:W

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