The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 27, 1939
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MAY 27, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION . rate per line for consecu 'ivc insertions: One; lime per line ip '1'wo (lines per lltie per day Of {'luce (lines per Hue per diiy...(M Six times per line per clay 05 Month . ralp per line QO Cavils of Thnnkr,.. 50c & 15 Minimum' clmrt'c 50c Arts ordered, for three .or si 'lilies anil stopped before exiiim (ion will be charged for (he ituin ber of (lines Ihc adct appeared nil Adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising cop submitted by persons residing out side of the cily must be accom panicd by casli. Hairs may be eat. lly computed from r».'>ave table. Advertising ordered for Incgula Insertions lakes the one lime rulf . No . responsibility will be take lijior''more' limn one Incorrect nisei vifon of'nny classified ad. For Kent 2 fiiriiislied rooms. Phone 3H-J '1'cel Green. ' 2'i-ck-i •1 room unfurnished npiuimeiit, Va caul June 1st. I'hone 321, nigh 55 - ' 27-ck-( Modern house. Built-in feature 1 .' Newly painted. Apply 122 \\ Cherry. ' ;j/~| Two largo bedrooms for rent, Mrs Nolcn, 310 W. Walnut. "24ck'-l 3 room unfurnished apartment am bath, newly decorated. 412 Chick asawba. Call Sl'O-W. 23-ek-l 3 room' furnished apartment. Mrs C. H. Wlieclcr, 809 Hearn. 23ck3l 2 or 3 roo mfinnislied apartment 100 W. Waliint, • 22 : c);-t Comfortable bedroom. C25 W Main % Phoiic_ 277-J. 15-ck-O-l Store building- nud residence torn bined. tlood location for grocers ant', meat market, 840 Lake St. Sc( Ur. ,J. A. Saliba. Phone 410 or '118 • Attractive front bedroom. Beauty 'rest mattress. COS W.'Mnhi" Ph •H 2 -' • ' lo-ck-l: :2 room furnish eel 'apartjneiu •downstairs. S315 W. Muiii SI, 0-ck-ll One. fr"iil bedroom. Twin beds 10QO . w. Asli. Call 'H5-W. 3-cktf , Furnished ro^ni entering into bath. Bcautyrcsl Mattic&s. \Vill give 2 meals a day.' 818 Chicka- savvba, phone' 03G. ••' '" i- ( | a QHice rooms, Sndbury Building;-Sei GrahainiSudbifr'y'. ' . 27t For Sale IrA large corner lot with two good houses. One five room house A: bath. One four room. Large front o,nd back porches. Close to good school.' Sec owner, W. B Thompson. 418 s. Lake. St., Blythevilie, Arkansas. ' 27-pk-31 193S Chevrolet Coupe. DcLuxc niodcl, in gooil condition. Radio and Heater. Need the money. Real Bargain. Mrs. Fanny Baker. Phone W. 27-ck-tt For Sale Sln'nncis I',fj cents each. Crayfish IDc ( Luther Thompson, '£ mile out on Bust Main. 25-pk-l Oood milk cow. Fresh. Sec H. If. "iicod, Rl. i,'2',» miles north of t°wn: 25-pk-30 Tor Kent Stucco BimgHlavv. Hardwood floors. Rent $35. Possession June 1st. MG IS. Davis. • ^. " ~o rcom Modern .Bungalow. Nice servant's quarters. Rent $35. 113, W. Kentucky. 25ck23 j ""THOMAS LAND co. Room and Board Comforlablc rooms. Reasonable rales. 112 K. cherry, phone 602. 8 ." cl J' t . ( Uedccoratcrt soiidi bedroom Coupie preferred. Plioiic CM: 2-cktf LU\VII Mowers BARGAINSlJT Used L^wn Mowers IN KXCiai.KNT CONDITION SHQUSE-HENRY HARmVAHK CO. WIOHC 35 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN JVliniiows For Sale Minnows nnd fishing caiicZ'soo IS Main. Phone 800. G, O. Hnw'ks. Goldfish Minnows 8. F. BroEilon, jm KINNOWS & I-OCK KOACHKS wn Damon Cor. Rallronrt * ICy. . iiality a nf i scrv | ce | n Dairy products. Caltlc free of Bang's Disease, in bos) of ph'^Mefti lonrtlllon. Call Mrs. Grace Lo-.veiy. 002-J, for HrilseU's\ Grade A. Raw Milk. Cream, Country Butler". Bu'V termilk. extra or holiday "ordera. iispeotioii encouraged nnytliiie'.' ' iralscll's Dairy Promised 'Lnnd.' Route '2 Cartels Batire Hurnpine SYDNEY <UPj_Uancin. of the [lornpipc lias become n part of the training curriculum' for Australian naval reservists. The npipe step? of Ihe Uritish uavy have been adopted as a valuable fcnn of exercise. i or i\ic;uiio,N ,T»II Notice is hereby uivcii' thai 1, i Hale Jackson, Sheriff of Mississippi County, Aiksmsas, will, on the Will day of June, IDM, bchvccn the' hours of nine o'clock In (tic forenoon nnd three o'clock In the afternoon of snld dale, olfer for sale, at public outcry, to Ihc hleli-' cst bidder on n credit of three, months the following described' real e.sialc in ti, c ciilcknsnwbn District of Mississippi Conntv ArkiiiiKas, lo-wl'l: The SoiUhensL Quarter of the Norlhcnst Qimrler of Secllon 12, Towiishlp M 'North; Raitgc 8 Ensl. Snid sale will be i, c id „(, Ulc soulli door of the cmivi'iiofiso In the city of Hlylhevlllc, Arknusos The purchiiscr will l;c required 'to jsivc bond wit), good security for tlip payment of the purchase price the security (o be approved by me together with Interest from the elali; ol snlc at the rale of six per centum per annum. The sale will be made by virtue of a levy inn'dc by me under tin execution Issued out of the Chancery Court for the ciilcknsawba District of Mississippi 'Comity, ;, on Hie 23rd day of May 103!), upon a judgment rendered In snld court in favor of Bnvlon- [\fansficld Company, doing business "- Manila Lumber Company, ,_ isl Dr. V. R. Fox, defendant, said execution being issiicf! In favor of said plaintiff. Witness my hand (his '24th day of May, (930. HALE JACKSON, Sheriff. Reid fc Evrard, Ally's, ' 27-3 PRE-SOMMER USED CAS SALE "'."LAWN'MOWERS"' KJmrpemd. iviclory method. i«ljust- ed oiled..-['idn-rt up ft iieliwcd $1' ATKINS Machine Shun & (Jiirauo no s. »„„ ! l ;Ci; a» " I 0 ?! 1 ,!J,"-y, , cf n(| J' |;i||| ie school VnlliT (,Vir; Her i;rmr MARVHVII,1,H. Ciil. (UP>-A wo- PBESCIIIPTIOHS '33 Chuvrutlul Tud"f .fl!,"i| , I'ri'slii'sl Slock j (•iwijiiileed Ilt'iil I'riccn Drug Stores '.'!! I'Virrt V-S Tittliir. .. .sjciil '35 I'nnl V-S Tmlor... .§181. '37 l''oi(l Dt-Liixo Tudor §;i7t: '.'!2 Ford Pit'li-Up -.'§112 '.'M I'Vinl l'irli.fJi> '•'5f> Chevrolet |'i '•'!(> Chevrolet Panel... ;$'& Ml Chevrolet 1 Yi Ton Truck '37 Kurd I \/ t 'f nn l,.^'.]{. $;)(; Bee Us Kirst for (lie l!i K 'IVitdc'-iti NOTICi: Ol' FIUNG OF APPLICATION FOIt MiQUOU 'I'KKMIT Notice is hereby given Hint Ihc undoisiBned has filed with Ihc Commissioner of Revenues of the Slalc of Arkansas" for penult lo sell and dispense vluenis or spirllu- uus liquors for beverage at rclnil on the premises ((escribed as 315 \Y. Main street, niylheville, Ark. Application is for permit'lo be Issued for operation beginning on the'first day of July, 19M, ami to expire on the 30th day of June 13.40, as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7. 1D38 and Supplc- menial Regulation No. 19 elfective I Jiily 10, 1S37. ' MAX MEYERS. MOTOR co |,int! of , WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP I'll N<>, S u (linton (,. t'a tugtun Hlilg- KljIliLilllc, iiwl WillioiU Sin-irn-.v, ;in.l (l , flom work mill |( 'V,,,, of pll,,, llMm ,,. ; , « s(llhw , , l; r, 'u'd I)KS. N1I5S& NlliS 511 Mili " 1 ' I|< "»' !>« Hl.v(licvlll<:, Aik. Nim f.iifii(«| ;\t ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU )(!« lil)\VAltl»s, fro|irlrtor AH Jlaln-s ,,f Itdmlll •l' y |,™rller.s, A,I,1I,, K .Murl,!,,,., ,„„, Ciilfiilalnrs—Ili'IBiirliif;—I'ait.s—uililioiis J. L. GUARD Optome^risl lilsl In ni)(hc\lllr (lliissfs ri(tri|. (,'ofreclly Inisliols of hybriti suod corn 'growii in Now J'id Coiinly,'Mo.;"l6\m.'i;i' vnnoly, pritod • 16 dose' 'otil nl $3 Also .several luislml.s ulomicil ' per • l)iisliel FAULBYRUM . l2a.K. Miiin SI. YOUR CAR HAD AV (\ppro\td Ford lubrication?' ls a dllT erence It ns Every place .loci not have the same standards; noi can they give you tins Micchl rord Lubilc^nt/ ospcclBlly foi lord cars Get follow Ing CHASSIS • AND W11BB1, f'AC'KIN'G ' d'or 30 IU 5 ^ only) CQMIM,P,T|ii CHASSIS 1-UUR1CATION • Gun Gicase In all pres- M»o Gun fittings. Qpilngr Hood ^.icings, uooi striker Waies «nxed r - Uooi iilngci, Lubricated, -.tireiifci In Univeisal Joints, bpcclnl 111)11 leant In stecr- »'S 8 c «i and (llitilbiilor ci\m. PACK I.-UONT out hub and beailngs, imck \yl(h special Ford short fiber Sodium Soap Ricase. Ad- Jusl wheel bearings. All Aliovo Service JJouatil In Coinliinalicm. Quly ' $1-39 PHILLIPS CO. Many eye munitiablc. diseases arc WANTED TO BQY SURPLUS COTTON SEED & SOYBEANS Pull Market Prices Bring to Our Ul.vUieville or Gosncll Gin R. D. HUGHES UN CO. GLAMOROUS STAR V^S AL A " SWCr '° TrCVi °V S r "^* ^ Sh ? ^is a $20!) electric, range, u.wd -I months, $»5 cash. Call M. D. Tulles at 87. 21-pk-3t One 5-room ho\ise, George M. Lee. Phone 32D. 10-ck-tl Reconditioned motors. Ford $33.50, Chevrolet $57.50, with exchange ol oltl inolor. p. w. Crnnford, Dell, Ark. ' 3-i7k-li-3 Poultry ._.,.-.._.. SPECIAL. Select blopd- lcslc(| \Vhile Rocks, Reds. Barred Rocks', Wyandoltcs, Leghorns, |fk. ICC—$1.9'a. Heavy assorted— •4.50. IJcaivy breed pulleUs ^G.95. CcckeriMs f5.25. Leghorn FWlels $9.50, Cockerels S2.5C.' Prepa/d live (tclivery. Arkansas' Hatciicrics, UC(le 1 ftpcfc, Ark. '• • - Used 6" or' 8 foot glass showcased Must bc in'g".cd condition."Phone 12-1. '< - ' ' • 25-ck-23 licji) Wiuilcd Position open for 'young lady with ofTicc training, stenographic experience required, Montgomery Wa.rd. • • '' 25-ck-23 Personal \roiiso SIugKisir J.lvcr, work o(T he bile, to rid yourself of couslt- aHon, gas pains and that sour, uuk .feeling. ^Tnkc one box of KIRBV'S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS 25c at a.U klrby stores, 1,6 Pictured screen siar. 0 Device for Ir.icing. 2 Father. 4 Star. 5 Behold. 5 Minute organism. 19 Nul covering. 20 Argot. 21 Mohammedan nobles. 23 Wrath. U To pcrlurl). 20 Membranous bag. ' 29 Transposed. 30 Going before. 32 Sound of pleasure. 33 Bulk. 3-1 Uncommon, 35 Kfernally. 37 fashion. 30 Tq careen. 40 Scolding person. •12 Height of a person. ' : 45 Distinctive tlieory. 4V Slrcam. •19 Arnpilhcater center. 50 Tennis point, 51 Italian river. 52 River obolrnclion. 5.4 To card wool. 55 Measure of area. 58 Slio is by birth. 53 She is a or skillful aclrcss. VERTICAL 2 Right (abbr.) 3 \Vhilc fur. 4 Slain pf ' disgrace. 5 Land measure. 6 Grain (nbbr.). 7 Hoad (abbr.) BSIair posl. 9 Aronia. it Katablc grass growths. disposition. 17 Pool. : •' : lBAn>Idic. 19 Small nail. 22 Repealed. 2-! Accented syllables. 25 Growing out. 27Lavn--'- •" 28 To captivate. 30 Wages. •11 Three. 33 Wise men. 35 Poem. 37 Distanl. 3? Payment " demand. •II In n row. . '"Clicstnuf. ^8 To close with "'ax. 48 Queer. 50 Eudi.irist ^ ^ eSsel. 51 Postscript 5,1 Sloth- 55 Above 57 Note iii scale! , LITUt: BEAVER HELP ' PUSH WAGON -\o CKJ. BUT ME AJOt PUSH CAT .IN WACOM,' OPEN THAT DOOR QUICK/ TH'< AT'S CHE.WIN' T ' WAGON OVER HERE'/ SOME MILES FROM THF <;r C MC ^ -r, , t - . Pr . r ~ fer^ B y!iH s . K &EREuTyEiTroUEriii .W^^^NWTHW APE COME7oou N \ \ ALL THE \APE WILL HOOTS AND 1IER ^*!S?..9 F B^AKIH 1 OUT I AWAV.' \f Iff -5 BLOOPHOW1D5... OF ^UCH A SWECl. JAIL .i^w i >i,\,i t-w. v rM> ( nrti » nr*» J *J\JJ\ UiPVC f\f -5BWV. US TO r»' \ GOING TO CmCmtWCHf WE' rrir TAUK. .. WERE'S WHERE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS '.BY MERRILL BLOSSEK MOV/ TEU. ME WHY You STOP CARS ow TWIS H/GHV/AY AND TEU. PEOPLE THAT-THE BRITISH ARE COMING ? .THE BRITISH , HAVE LEFT.'

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