The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1949
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MAY 2T, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURTRR NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioim Our Boording House with Ma j. Hoople HEPROBV/ Pt SERVES. A V6RV DRASTIC LE4SOJ.' BUT MOT vJneti WILL s v»e ooswx 1& TELLJ 6SAt>,60V6' iMFv.U6KjfriA.i- VOO «TA\R.T R A F6\M CHOSEKi A FRlBKJDS ARE PLEADWG tWArtGlWG *Qv MeWSeCS Of TW& ]% *1ITH M6 TO ABArJDOfi tHeflCXSOlJ€Oy BACK KOOM SET \fl TH6 PLfttf—-HAl<-tfAFF/ ACROVJS At fl •sO-MeYCftfi ^EIL /I —ANJDI MA.V VIELD.' TUOSE <%\ HOOKAV fWtKj ^ UM' THEV FEAR. ' CROVJS At fl SO "MeY Cftfi ^EIL /; —ANiDI MA.V VlELD TWOSE £A HOORAV fWtKj ft\ UMf THEY FEAO- ;iWGlK4G -^SS SCO START <%>} MV CBUSADe WOOLC N^MERCIAV-SjVS POURING fHfc ) .x/ WOT THRUE IKS THS- MA3OR? j \ MlKiSGftE/ y^V DAlO^- ATMOSPHERE- vif^/^-sUr v ~t«'A«i±>' FKKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BI.OSSE* Stuffy in Hert? ~———'TJH& CRUSAD& "~ WOOLDrJT THRN6-*— l\E.LTl 1C y^fy^yf^ mtMNt-* 1 ^5^ M61TH6S ^jT^.S-31 WODLP HE Sa/esmon Wanted First Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box GUI, % Courier News. 4-22-ck-tl The state flower of Mussachusets li (i>« mayflower. He/p Wanted amended. "And h« »lway» h»s . ». Spor* i.i..* *_»ne>tr Ht»rr I p | en ty o* money. That'« where I :-."f.K "•-iLW™.-"!-Vc-..~: come in. I hang .round him and ... ----.»•!•! *f • *•»•!! M *rt»uv which w»« ••> l» wreck*'* ' • . do this and that and a few crumbs •t come my way." He laughed "That's it! I get the crumb* from BOOKKEEPER WANTED Have position open in our office for manager and bookkeeper. Good working conditions. Will pay top salary. Call Tom Little Jr., phone 4422, Blytheville Motor Co. 5-23-ck-30 Irlf. l» d*»! with BP« C«»icrav«. «vh» I* l» ch»r»* *f »«PP"I*«. !• pert hlM ••«*. Br* rrf «!»«•» •»* KU*« vitih Urorfcc- H»«e«M"h*. Mi vrrir« aide, l« March fnr • »«lr kU Kin..** « ?*>* hr-ch. H* • " rhrm »»4 JUc»»rr» (1ml B«-« C I the rich man's stable.' "Rich man's table," rected automatically. Bea cor- "Not with Fred," Bascomb* said "Now look, you don't happen to ; f know • safe place we could slow know of any other*. But It's fot a bad mime. It's haunted." Oh fine," George said. He ._. ghed. "Well, It's a good place then to lay the spirits. Tliat'e • ,oke, son." ' "Very funny," Bea admitted. There's one thing you've forgotten though. Your competition." "Lilly Warren? She can't steal enough to keep Fred partway human »nd she charged him plenty." ATA BEL JONES divided her time "'•*• bclwcen the care of her flock of sheep and care of Mollie Stark. Bea Cosgrove sometimes heard "The beit time we've had in years—I cim't remember another party where there was nobody we had to be polite to!" Notice Wanted HjKl loud tufcen to Western Art. About June l«i. Pick-up can handle. C»U JUS evenings. S,26-pkt-29 "ATTENTION -FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charged in sterilized trucks. Call collect 6142, Blythe- rAje, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAI DISPOSAL CO. Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices I the booty away? So 1 could dish it out a bottle at a time and not I flood the market? "I know a place." lica said | slowly. "A cave." ' "Let's gel going then." "We'll need a light." "I saw * couple cases of 1 matches," George said. "They'll srything on the XII ^EORGE capered up and down -* the beach, pulling at timbers, rescuing odds and ends, and screaming back at protesting sea birds. He stopped suddenly, pulled i Gullwin - wrls walc - rpr0 ofed. She a licavy wooden case from the grip was a w * t lx)at , of the sand. He stood staring down at it until Bea walked over to him. "Whiskey," George said reverently. "The Gu'llwing really broke up all right. Here's of her ballast!" "There's another. And another," I Between Bnscombe's trips Bea Bea pointed. I Cosgrove used the matches for "Our fortune is made," George exploration. Beside the small cul- said. "It's simple as ABC. A. We j de-sac near the entrance were two have found the whiskey. B. Sill- more short side passages that led well loves whiskey. C. Sillwell \ only a [ew tect back from the main cave. The Boor was covered with fine white sand, undisturbed I IJEA found the matches and led " the way up the trail la the part I Cave of Gasps with George puffing behind her with a caie of whiskey. has money in that belt ot his." "But it's his money, isn't it?" Bea asked. until a hundred feet from the en Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! 11111:111 Mm DnlfmT. . Wur JKtmmii m«i» m tun*. Kinmu M* i All Work Guaranteed George Bascombe rolled off the trance the floor dropped too case onto the sand. He clutched I sharply and was of bare, slippery his stomach, released his hold and rock. pounded gently with his flsts. She tossed lighted matches dow 'What a character! All right you j the sleep incline until one burne s;ot your belly laugh. You rolled long enough in the still air for he 'em in the aisles. So I'll put it on j to get a fleeting impression of th another plane for you. I'll appeal I long drop ending in a huge roc to your sense of humor. Think with blackness of water gurglin how much fun it would b« to letl I around its balanced base, old pal Sillwell his own whiskey, She was in the cave entranc at, well say $100 a bottle. Isn't when George came up with th that funny? Or do you think two last of six cases. His face was lob hundred would be funnier!" ster colored. Miss Cosgrove said, "I don't I "That's all I con do," he sal ;ant any part of it. But I won't "There're a couple more but we them laughing together. She finally asked the older Wrnn- nn a blunt question. "You like Mollie, don't you?" Mabel Jones smiled, "lie likes her. Anyone can sec that Hut he's worried too." "Worried?" "He can't rmike out why a nice rl like Mollie would be suiting th another girl and two men. e wants to think she's sweet and [joccnt. 1 * "Whal do you lliink?" "Don't get me wrong," Mabel quickly. "I'm iust as anxious you arc to marry Harding and pend the rest of my life on his land. Maybe more anxious. I'm gly, but I've buried two l.vts- inds. I had to learn long ago a man must have his >il of HulT." Miss Cosgrove looked at her in urprise. "Somehow 1 wouldn't ave expected you to be so cyn- •al." "Not cynical, practical," Mabel ones corrected. "A'11 lose his stop you, if you want to do that to let Harding have them your friend." I knows about this cave?" "He plays for keeps." George | "Harding." Bea said. "I i don For Rent, Houses 3-room house and bath in good location. Will make the rent attractive for a long time lease. ,MAX LOGAN Lynch Building Ph. 2034 5-26-ck-29 New modern 3-room house. 414 N ma HI. 5.24-CH-J7 Wanted to Kent 1 or 3-room nouM. Ph. Ml. S;24-plt-31 Save i • Time • Money • l^ahor \ Plant Sinkers ; ACID-DELINTED ! Cotton Seed • L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. I Chfrrv & Railroad '-.....___.---_ Phone 4493 ATTENTION Soybean Growers! DORTCHSOY NO. 2 SEED SOYBEANS R«cleaned. Tested and Tagged. PRICE $2.75 i'er Bushel. 1949 Soybean Support l'ric« 90% Parity. Product more soybeans per acre bj planting DorUh»j N». t, hlthot yielder in IM* Yield conlrst Seed For Saie By BLYTHEV1LLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1800 West Main Phone 85fi-857 Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The Ideal way in remember tpeciij occasions. Also other type* of cam- eru for r«nt, BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200fi \V. Main Phone 3647 lOiisv Come, Kasv (!» Al, VKKMKKR BUT, PRrSCH.LA.' TH15 FEI-ICF WON'T HELP/ FHt DOG5 WILL WALK RIGHT THROUGH \T.' E DOGS KEEP GETTING 1M MV GARDEN 'M PUTTtllQ AROUND IT THAT'S V MAKING THIS.... 50 THEY I!Y MICIIAKI, O'iMAI.MCY and KAI.PH LANE Wliilu Jean Stulls VERY WEIL. CHANNEL '. VOU WIN.' HERE'S VDUR CONFESSION.' i JEAN.ARE YOU IN THERE V\ WHAT? BA5COM IHATS FOG CHANNEL'S I'D BETTER UNO OUT WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT HY I,KSr,1K TURNER Meet Juke rtlcncr WASH TUIiBS RIGHT WOW FEE FROM 1H1S I01K, K«>1 KUOrHEAO'. A CROV VOU A1MIM 1 PLftCE AS 1 CAN GIT BELlf. AW' TO PICK UP \ IN * HURRV! TEV W\ W*E WHEKE VOU\ SHAKE W GUMSHOfS LEFT Off. OE \ 1HWIL BE IMLrN' SPOtlOt Of fU KIMfOVKS? OUTSIDE UMCLE IAKE'. IK A.ND ^ B6NT FlfiLIBl T01TERS OOT...7HE LAST OH THE MOIO- eiOUS PltCHtK BOfS. IM 60l)luwtST SER.S\5TEK KATE'S CHILE ...ORVIU.E KO.LLIKWC! THE TUEUOF THE CEkllleV. ICOULDW'T FIND AMV RUBBER BUT I GOT SOWETHiW TDIVATEff TO'CARBCfTS SORRV. WE'RE Jf EVERV STDR6 OUT OF y^=^ I'VE GONE GARDEW y(TO K OUT 0' RUBBER )• I5Y V. T. HAMLIN No Uiiie for Doc lead over a girl like Mollie. But here's more to marriage than that. There's looking out for the man and working for him. Yes, and here's cheering him up after he jeb: hurt by someone like that jirl." "1 don't see why yon tell me iiesc things." No reason why I should give away my plan of action—my campaign?" Mabel grinned. "Well, it isn't a plan you could follow. U'd be all or nothing with you." "And you're not worried?" "No," Mrs. Jones stid. "I'm sure with you it'll bo nothing." (T« B« Continyed) FOR SALE Concrete culverts. \i Inch lo 48 inch, plain or rernfnr<:eil. Also Concrete Hiiildini; Blocks cheaper lhan lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, (ao\ sheds. We deliver. Call us Tor free- estimate . . Phone, .691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. .STUDEBAKER 1 Phone 888 Phone 888 MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 CHOOSE FROM THE FINEST In Volut • In Price JSI8 Slurlebahcr Land Cruiser, has overdrive, heater, and only 15,000 miles. 1910 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, completely overhauled and has new paint. 1938 Chevrolet 2-iloor . . . lots of service left in this car. 1936 Chevrolet I-door, gixid sound hotly and A-l mechanically. 1046 Studchaker '/j-Ton Truck, in really excellent Condition. 1911 Chevrolet '/z-Ton, a good serviceable pickup 103!) Dodge Vi-Ttm, clean and in good shape. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Fritndly Studehaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone SR! STUDEBAKER* c o hViV VHW A POCKET.' WHY. MY 5TA1E5. " THAT THING '<3U£3HTA, so PLUMB TO • THE - - I'M "PKETTY 5LJUE IT WILL.. AND WITH ME IN IT,' MET? MY FIELD is TIMETI INDEED \ NOT SPACE .' IM /-" I'M NOT.' IT \ KEEPING MV FEET / _. A.ND WAS WITH I PIGHT SMACK ON / YOU CAN THAT IN / OLD MOTHER. MIND I \ EARTH... SENT FOE. you' HOOTS AND HKR HDDDIKS T;ike Thai! BY EDGAR MARTIN

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