The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1934
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Served by the United Pret* VOL. XXXI—NO. 70 BLYTHEVH Blylhevllle DUlj Newt BlythevlUe Orurttt UlMlaalppi Valley Lno«r Bljtherille RertM 1 US DOMINANT MtWttfAf KH «JV NOKTHBA KUTHKVILI.E, ARKANSAS, TllUPiSllAY. JUNK 7, 10!M NEWS HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIKS PIVF CENTS NRA P.CLARES BAN UPON PRICE FIXING : «V' ; STRIFE. IN UP 10 PRESIDENT ,. M Dean Pleads For New Trial at Greenwood Ourni of Aironit'l Carriers Joins I 1 . S. Fleet | GUEENWOOD. Miss., Julie 1. ' (UP)— "You are sentenced lo spend the rest of y:ur life in prison nt 1 i'ard labor." With those \u>rds still ringing In 1'er ears. Dr. Sarah mull H?JII. convicted of (lie "poison wnLsky highball" murder cf Dr. Jotin Johnson and His Aides Prcs ! on *<••"***• reuirnej 10 the J * courtroom tha 11101-11:11;,' for another Chapter in ler iruyk- rnmun-i: with [ c . p,. Dr. Kennedy. lire Ol JCtllemeilt httortS. No longer bright eyed nnil smil- . lo Admit Fail- 7. ! Ins. Dr. i— mark of Unaii rMurnrd wllli the tro.iljjp uiion her f:U-c. 01 bluer five-week long trial, have combined to wreck .her physically, i TKlny Judge S. P. Davis, before whom she was tried and tonvlclcd. wilt pass on her plea for a new- trial. VElElUlST WASHINGTON, juiir Tile steel indusuy.s SO-ypfir labor Chronic .stomach di-jorders, togetli- (IsjM, now culminated in threats of er with (f.c .srid-!; ;ind pain of the a paralyzing strike, was put squarely up to I'l-c-tdeui flopsevell today. Action by the riilcf-.exciMilive ap- Ji'j-'ml Inevitable. ;x-' Confidence «as felt'in Ills ability to win a compromise, liiough IKissibly not wllhnul. .arduous negotiation. ;, Grn. Hush Johnson and hts NRA aides werc^ expected lo report to the president today that they hud niet little .success: thus far In attempting lo win a In the .stubborn and long smoldering steel dispute. Union leaders, hardened by years of struggle for what they believe to l>e tlielr riyhLs, contemptuously rejected anything less than full recognition or thr collective hargciin- Inrj principle throughout tlie industry. T.Ms left the controversy Just MEMPHIS, June 1. (UP)—While nlxiut where it was except lo em-1 his former ccmrades ill gray—the Death Claims Judge John of P. Long, Who Seivetl Under Forrest Formally accepted in colorful ceremonies at Nerfolk. Va., the i:i.800-lon U. S. R. Hunger, world's most modern aircraft carrier afloat, is shown entering Hampton Roiids. VH., lo lake it.s pbce wllh ships the tleet. Named in linnor uf the flagship of Commodore John I'aul Jones, the Hunger carries T> planes. phasl?e the general resistance of (tie Industry to any change in its labor setup. Development ol the'steel situation to the poim where the president would he forced to take a hand was a trend which Johnson, General NRA Counsel Donald Richberg, and Senator Robert P. Wagner of the national labor board, had hem fighting. Bold Sides Hit Wagner Bill WASHINGTON. June 7. <UP>. The .jnjich revised and --modiried . . Wasner tabor, bill was under at" lack -from, all. .sid^s today. .._, ;, "A hoar," and "anti-labor bill." cninplalned the American Civil Liberties Union. "It will cause more strikes," leaders of big business charged. .y.'The -reply of its author, senator Wagner-(Dem..N. Y.) was: "The purpose of-the bill and Ihe effectiveness of the bill Is to prevent further strikes. If some such bill-Is not enacted, we'll have more .strikes and possibly revolution." Meanwhile tlie measure, setting up a national'industrial adjustment board, finally placed on the president's "must" list, seemed certain to prolong the sc.s-sioo for some lime because of the "disguised filibuster" speeches planned on the pending silver and other bills which are of it on the senate schedule. Several Republican senators and some Democrais of conservative Confederate veterans—were holding their annual reunion In Chaila- nooja. Judge John Preston Young, distinguished jurist, author, and historian, died peacefully at his home here early today. He was 87 years old. Joining Forrest's cavalry at the a?e of 17, in 1864. Judge Young pnrticipated In the blttev closing skirmishes and hixli!es of tlie war between the stales. . He gloried In , PETTIt EE1 U. S, Find Anti-Semitic Attack On President Roosevelt SUWER FREED . . I |-, , . » • UUl LU LiAllty U< Named District Attorney house committee and Marshal for Eastern Arkansas District WASHINGTON, .lime 7 lUPJ - Anil-Seniltlr propagandn. char.Ins; that President Roosevelt's fore- bcnr were Dutch Jews, was pru- ouccd today before the .special • Reports Stuttgart Should Receive Cut ol 9 Per Cent UTI'LE HOCK, June 1, tUP) — A fur reiichhij; dei'lMuu was humi'.'il doun to,>.y by tin 1 stale fai-l iln.l- ng In Us rc]«]rt on rale.s if the Arkiuisa', i-imrr and Ujlil •omiwiiy. Tlie tribunal loi.ud thin Slult- Utirl wius due u U iit'r cent rodiic- ion in present rotes. 'I1ie luves- lljalor.s found lhe |i j wcr i-o:u;),iny •^niings were $liii.[24 In cxc?.yt o[ a reasonable reliirn u| Stultijart Tv.e Investlgutloii was slarlcil las', July 17, when the tribunal ordered Its engineering dcinrlmenl to make an inventory and appraisal of the company's property. Slullgtirt and about 20 oilier i-lltes asked reductions. C. Hamilton Moses, attorney for the utility company, said, '-.Suvli a Iluding Us unuollraiblu." und ndded Ihat the utility company had no Intention ol imi'klng uny reilui-tl:)n.s. 'Hie present niiilliiB.s by llu> tribunal Is based on the company'!, oivn fl Bines. Mnsex declared If ncce.ssaiy lhe finding would Ije ap|x>ah?[i lo Lin .state courl.s. New Bill Will Broaden Bank Deposit Guaranty WASHINGTON. Jinii! 7. (Ul'>- C'unlt'iws mi Hie bank deposit'bill have agreed (•) r.iisi' (he giuirauly lo (5.000 lusli'ud i>f $:>.!il» us ii:i\v provided. St'imlur Dum'iin U. Hi't- clier iDem.. l-'hi.i .sale! lixlay. The bill i'xlnuls Ihi 1 U'ni|Ku'ary | lj;ink di'ixiMI cu:irimly t'eiilnres ol last jriir'a bill lor nnnlher year. 01 mull July I. HIM, n'.l by Pre.s^trtit. Itoou'vell us a preliminary lo u permanent guaranty. 'Itie conferei's. l-'iriclk'-r said, luive U'ji'cU'd htnin' provision.'! ]K>rmil- ling Ihr li'diH'.U dejHXsli insurance eorp'ntlun In liquidate ciOMHl banks, but have ugreed on »u amendment which would exlciul (he aid iv.-.lch (In! R. F. C. may imike ' lo Insltlulloiis. | They iihio ugrivd to u provision ' C^SKV.^ 11 ,',,^ P° p™™™* <*<*-. D. I. C. Exceptions M;iv Be MaHe Hi I'.mrrgeiicirs to Com- but Price Cutting . '•': WASHINGTON, .lime 7. (UP) — A linu on nrlce nxltw. except a?'.a nif-nns in iirevenl destructive price culllii" 'and lo uphold t'le funda- menln'-i nf the recovery act, u : «s activities in Ihe United Slates. I.ITTI.E ROCK,. Ark.— Nominations of Fred A. Isjrig for district the ability or his leader, heroTand attorney and Virgil C. Petite for life-long friend. Gen. Nathan Bed- marshal of Ihe Eastern District of ford Forrest. Arkansas were sent by President summoned- before It officers of. At (the'close of ,pie war he re . Roosevelt to the United States sen-' turned-ro the.University ol Missis-' ttt f yesterday, and ccnnrrnalipn is _ _ _ _ sippi. where he was graduated. He, expected within a few days. Mr. j Tlle disclosures were lo te WASHINGTON, June 7 (UP)—! New and sensational testimony concerning the spread of propaganda in the United States in truor or the Hitler regime and ,zi : .J. L King, Biinkley Farm Manager, Claims Self- Defense in Killing OSCEOLA. Ark.. June l.-J, L King, plantation manager for the a e ainst'"the"je^h C1 race D "was "eT i Chapman-Dewey Lumber company, pec ed a e ™ by the ,oSei°» "* »""** "f 1 "- 15 ml! « «* investigating committee, whW ^ °*"^ R - *;" reloil ** » Raer * 2 '" =,, mm m,^. h.» n ~, i. »»i .. „.". 0°° bond aflcr a hubsas corpus Corporate Bankruptcy Bill It Signed Today WASHINGTON, June 7. (UP)- Tlie corporate bankrii|>tcy bill, designed to revive detit burdened cor- German steamship'lines. !•<• bearing before Circuit. Judge Nelll TIHMll TD GET URLUPPBIM Patronage Smooths .Away Objections of Senator Smi:h fo South Carolina WASHINGTON. June 7 IU1')— Juicy sitre.s nit from Postmaster Genera! James A. Parley's palron- ngt! iue npiMsncd today lo have helped Miiooth ihe rallied Ii-bl- liiSis of some M'lilhern. senators ii-p'nst nomination of Rexforil Guy Tugwell lo be undersecretary of agriculture. Tuawell's nomination probably will be confirmed by the senate today or Icmorrow. Opposition lo the young "new dealer" lips prevented the nomination froni rrnchfug the senate by usual ccrrmlttes action. 'Senator poratlons, was made law today by President Roosevelt. The measure, personally s|»n- sorwl by the chief csccullve. pro- vlilcs for scaling down obligations of corporations on approval of a majrlty of creditors lo prevent, re- - - celvershlps. It extends aljoao*^ 1 !^" O, Bmllh '(Uem., 3. C.i 'liie pnlkv ronlalnpd In an »x- tiilU'" order nrovldes: •:><;. I.—To Inn flxlin. "even or minimum prices." excent In emers«i- clcs which matte such action neees- snry to halt rtc.itrucltvc price, cut- 11110-, pro(r>ct smoll enterprl'ies;''curt> innnoixillMIc tendencies, gnd main- . ln'ri cixle wages and working cori--| dlllons. • ; • a.—To n«rnilt open price provisions where ^n^lred tiy an tndu.'i- tvy under comTfiloivi renulrlnij po»t. Iti'ii of price* with a "conflittnti*!, <lMiilr>rr3(ed" s'ency for ' lion to all members of I ,. try and lo e.nslomcrs wllllni! {o rjsy fnr (he .service—such posted prices noi In lie elmn^rd for 48 hours/ 3—To encourage Inclilslon (it model cost flndln? and accounting nrovlslonn which shall, however, hot ' oWlealorv, hut not to encourage nlforiu nddlllons In Ihe form ot irccnlaje.i of 'differentials deslgn- d to bring about arbitrary nnl- orinlty in costs or prices. TnLs poSoy, the NRA explained, 111 rfvern future codes and ap- roved codes will bo adjusted lo fit by amendments worked out with ode authorities. • trend are spccchos. n^ [ dilatory nd- began the praciice of law in 1872.1 IS S r '8' a " rt Mr - Pettic were ndvLsed j [iert 10 !hc la pi ( i] y erow | m , ieiHe . '-•—•- - in telegrams from Washington. I of Nnzi ttctlvlly ln lhe ' Un|((!(| ,7?li e v?^? "!L nl) v!." ed i *" ; Slale - s ' revealed by'the InvEstleat- ors. Witnesses have asserted that. official German rapresentn lives here aided the propaganda ac.iv- In 1902 he was elected to Ihe circuit court benc-h, where he served until retirement In 1923. : Not only was he a -Jurist of note, Jut an able author and commentator on civil war and reconstruction days. .His "History of. Memphis," quenlly as probable selections, since lost fall. Mr. Isgrig will 'succeed Wallace Townsend and Mr. Pettic, Geogrc U Mallory. . -'~~ Mr. Townsend and .'Mr. .MaCory and-"Reminiscences -of the Civil rcc eivcd their commissions on Junn War," are two outstanding works' 9 ' but - the y did;not .begin serving of southern literature. New Orleans Cotton NKW ORLEANS, June 7 (UP) — A moderate' wave of buying sent miton prices up SO cents a bale n lhe New Orleans exchange to- iluy. Yp.slmlay's Kellers bought mntrnris loflay, Giving prices a Hc:iHliy 1>OOM. open iiigh low close Jill 1105 1203 1189 1202 Oct 1215 1221 1210 1224 Dec 1227 1237 1222 1236 Jan 1231 1240 Mar 1250 1250 1250 1251b May 124D 12CO 1249' 12Glb SJKX.S closed steady at 1218. up 10. until July 1. and the Democratic appointees were uncertain 'when they will assume their duties. The teems are for four years. - Plans of the appointees for selection of their assistants will not be completed until afier the senate confirmation. It was believed that Gordon Frierson, Jonesboro attorney who had been mentioned as a possible appointee, uould be chief assistant (6 Mr. fagrlg. Arkansas and Missouri Officers inspect Trucks ities. -The German embassy Issued a denial thai ti had been coucmieu with the development of certain pro-Hitler moveme'nls. as cliar_ca Ijcfore Ihe committee! Dude Ranch Industry Has Bright Outlook n Killough here yesterday following his fatal shooting of Zan Mass, share cropper on the farm. King told the court he shot Moss. corporations benefits now 'enjoyed by railroads and municipalities. Under Hie law llnee creditors, with oblijatlons of $1,000 or more, ilmlrman v of Hit ogrlcrtllUre cOm- rmitfei'tn •chnrgeTof"- Ihe'dppolnt- niciit, does not . approve, of Tugwell and has declined to siunnioi Dealers Charted With Reeefrwf can begin reorganization acllon by llls group to consider the nomhm- 45-year-old sharecropper, syhen filing application wltn bankruptcy lion - Democratic County Committee Will Fix Filing Fees for Primary Office seekers, most of whom have been marking time before starting the long and expensive drive be- ( ° "I"-' •••>•*• \,,»L >*\. ..... »<.»,. ll^.J lib lllv .-^luLI. ,J1>C UJ1. fore the Democratic primary in An-1 Highway fil. four miles north of I IDAHO PALLS, Idaho (UP> — Dude ranching In Idaho. Montana p and Wyoming promises lo thrive this summer, Judging frran advance reservations. llard-iidiin cowboys don brlght- Iv colored shirts, polish up their an of roping mid trick riding, to give Easterners a thrill. Ti.-esomc ranee riding and duties of Moss mad* a move toward his hip,courts, pocket after rep-sated threats to take Kind's life. The shooting occurred late Tuesday afternoon after JClng had told Mass l-.e could not buy hts growing crop till the next morning, when they could go to the offlcc at West Ridge. Moss was sold lo have been Intoxicated. Shot thiou»Si Ihe lungs, he died a( Baptist hospital, Memphis, early Wednesday morning. Kim; sur- endered lo Constable Brill Sharpe Tuesday night mid remained In his Government Will Build Chute 16 Levee Loop CAUUTHERSVILLE, Mo.-Con- slructlon of a levee loop about ill mile In extent In the Chute Iti However Farley has sent con- Eress the names of several Smltl nines'for appointment lo Import- nnt South Carolina posts, Including n U. S. marshal und a custom: colleclcr. Although not complete asked on the project some weeks' Hit' nnnlnatlnn and has decldei not lo press for rejection of the Tu3well apiKillitinciit. Majority leader Jcucph Hob- to obtain a \olc dLscharglng Smith'. catllemfn gust, get down to work In ('Inning Stock Prices NEW YORK. June 7 (UP) — Strength In mining stocks and weakness in steels featured the .•--lock market today. Trading again fi-lt off to levels of 10 years ago. A. T. and T 114 5-8 Anaconda Copper 14 1-4 Bclh Slecl 32 3-8 Chrysler 39 3-4 Cities Service 21-2 Gen. Am. Tank 37 Cen. Electric 19 1-2 Gen. Motors 303-4 Int. Harvester 31 5-8 Montgomery Ward 25 7-8 N. Y. Central 27 7-8 Packard : . 4 rhltllp'i Pet 19 1-4 Radio 11-8 Simmons Beds 16 1-2 Standard of N. J 44 1-2 Texas Co. 24 7-8 U. S. Steel 39 3-4 U. S. Smelling 122 3-4 earnest when the iwllllcal season really opens tomorrow with lhe firsi meeting of lhe county Democratic central committee. The comniiitec will meet, at the county courthouse here at 10 o'clock in the morning to re-organize and fix filing fees for candidates for county offices. General belief is that filing fees will be somewhat stifler than in the pasl because •-„' lhe double primary law, now effective for the first time. J. B. Btinn of Osceola will preside over the session. Missing for tr.e first time in many years will be lhe late T. J. Mahan. who served a.s committee chairman for long trtne. There are. 5!) members of the couiniitlrc. Including many new members elected at Hie last primary. Load checking officers of both Arkansas and Missouri concentrat- mnntn , -, ,.,.,.. cd activlies at ihe state line °" ! " ""o mo ninh e Highway fil. four miles north of I ITiVL P here, last night. Arkansas officers, who maintain a permit station at tl'c state line, are forgotten, for the two custody till Wedne afternoon, represented by o. U. Segravcs. Osceola attorney. Begun yesterday and continuing today Is the cass of Mrs. Rerlha May House of Blythcvlllc against the Cora Cola Holding company for damages of $8.000 for and suffering .she but tn- 1 £°nHuSb" t '"°' ir ° r ' h ^ feceivc'd! 1 """ 11 "° s " Uable m wos $15,000 Bail Set For Leonard Hague of Charleston. Mo., will be In charge, It was said. He will move a large drug line machine In from the Tiptonvlllc, CARUTHERSVIUJS. Mo—As re Tenn.. area within the next few' slllt of habeas corpus appllcatloi Bragg City Farme days and begin work. i on the part of his attorneys, Me It Ls estimated the job will re- Knv nml Peak, Will visitors Many rlndc ranches, closed tlirre years because of lack fopjliam and Young and Gludtsh aivl ofiYoiing are representing Mrs. House. 'rnlln n l l! | II te "^'"^^ H'e job will re-' K ") r "'»' Peak, Will McPher.sot f r ,, " 1-er ririntln^nf n Untifnrf rL , r-H '"""' fo " r '"°n«« for completion.' ^«'Koi with murder In coimee fnv,,r of the ;", d f 1(ln8 ° " '» " J cw " l ' cla ft Is expectert considerable local "™ w"h the slaying of I,u, ontertainlni; of «1lh » *>'<£ " li^ IM1 1nbnr w|] , lxl , M(! ft ^ „„„_ flllll1( , r „„„,. !)rngg Q i ue uscTOi.i jasi urms 01 n rlnounCL . ( | ..„,„„ tnmr - W01] , ( | lx Mny 12. was granted ball In Hi used in preference lo learns, etc., *"'" ol (15.000. which had not bee .1 iKiiim siaiion ai ire siaie line, hi.<:ii«,« i,,, '^ i"-"" ~" Rmr/T ivi. ic ^.,i> K /-i fi n,n i n rn, '" (1r( ' Wiln II llln st( 1es of lhe levee mll(l( -' yesterday, checked all southbound trucks en- jLf ill lnve . r ? 0 ' Kru ' ri llll!!f5 T-^ t h^imLT'Tinv later on. , At tlie hearing Elmer Drtski tering Arkansas nnd Missouri weight \ l±J he nromlsl "S »»!»« "f lhe-^"t botllmg ccmpany. , Anothr ^^ ]mka probobly 'lesMncd he had done the actua J about iwlcc the size, Is cotucm- slaying of Mills, on promise froi I plated In the Cottftnwood Point McPherson of a learn of mutt vicinity later. Bids have been ask- a "d harness, 200 bushels of cor ed by the engineers' office In ntu ' the iisc of 40 acres of lane Memphis on June 12. . free of rent. Drlskill us held In Jail withoi ST. LOUIS, June,7 (DPI— W, H. -- • • gcd free silver rocale. who broke his hip In officers out of Sikeslon inspected all I northbound (rucks entering Missouri. ! Frequent Instances of over-loading were discovered by officers on both sides of the line with most carriers being warned to see that future loads are reduced. In cases where loads exceeded amount allowed on licenses truck operators are required to secure additional licenses 10 cover ti'.eir extra load. son. Feast on World's Largest Strawberry Shortcake LEBANON, Ore. (UP) -The Coin Harvey Able To Leave St. Louis Hospital vb Authorized to Name Nine University Beneficiaries cake was served to Fair here. I The cake, produced in j banou bnk-ry. was 15 feet Inng nnd 12 feet wide. It weighed 4.035 pounds. a Le- li>ive the Daplst hospital here'to- day. Hi., Arrested while attending 'municipal court yesterday »(ternoon, Wplf Artan and M. NeUon, jecotid hwxl. goodi snd*.thwa -been charged with', knowingly "receiving : I tolen properly In buying.from ". ne- gro thieves lire Hose nozzles, re- luced to pieces, stolen" from- li» Federal Comp/esa plant oh. South ' Elm street; ..:'''.- ; .. Arlan and Nflson will.face-heir- nigs this afternoon before Munlel-' pal Judge .C. A. Cunningham."-' •• Slid Tines and jaU sentences- wtre Lied out- to negroes who", participated in (he stripping of nozzles rrom the company's hoso lines, thereby leaving the .plant's..lujge qauntlty of stored cotton without Tdequate fire protection.. .'.',. Elmer Brown and Sterling Thomas, alleged leaders of the banH""6f' negro yoiftlis. were fined $30 Va'ch' and sentenced lo 30 days In Jail. 1 The other negro boys, R. D. Stubbs and Joe Willie Mosby, were nnf'd. $10 nnd given ID-'duy Jail sentences. Lloyd nennedeld haa been..held lo lhe grand Jury un a niarge'pf emljeTzleniriil. '"71 .' Ixmd. Margaret Shaver Wins First Place in Premiere Miss Margaret Shaver, 03 Zasti 1 Pitts, won first honors, Marsh Cal-1 lowny Jr.. and Kenneth OsborneJ NORTH BAY, Ont., June 7 (UP) Impersonating Stan Laurel and'— T »e Dionne quintuplets, appar- Dionne Quintuplets Are Still Thriving Steadily , S- President Orders Quick Relief for Drouth Areai , hip has mended nlc3ly. despite his I ollver Hardy, received second cntly thriving In their two Incu'bat 1,600 pounds I advanced ace. and physicians e's-' |)r ' 2c ' tlni ' ^"- w Eva Nelson, In the' 01 '-''' continued lo Improve loday, - pounds ofj 1!tcl | ]is c,,,,,],!,,^ recovery. i mlc "f Ki >'c Smith, won third nll(l Dr - A. R. Dafoe, attending Announcement has been made '." P°" n » s or shortenins. 2M , j honors, in the Hollywood Premiere physician, appeared encouraged b> by County Judge ZaI B. Harrison P°L'. s "gar, 18 pounds of.. • 0.1 • '.given ai the Rltz theater Tuesday the Infants' increasing strength, that he has received authorization ™ ltln R powder, six pounds of salt.jLUineran oCnOOl ,u\d Wednesday evenings. These' Ur. fJ.i[o:'s professional caution, lo designate nine Mississippi coun- *'° 01 , 1nr '-i of vanilla, 110 quarts j Rv»rri«»€ TnmArvnuil werc Presented cash prizes. I however, led him to warn observ- ity high school graduates as bene- or mlllt - 20 ° n«arts of cream. So 1 — . Fv»rri«»€ TnmArv»u> werc Presented cash prizes. uscitisra iuniorrow| !t0 | lorau | e men tio n amon Dollar Liner Afire -'.'"• As She Reaches Port HONOLULU, T. H., June 7 (UP) —With the ship's band playing, "Smoke Get In Your Ey«s," .the Collar Lin?r President Lincoln w« ccnvoycd into port here today a.'- . ler the ship's crew had fought. ,antes In the caiyo hold all night. Although pbssengers hid keen ;epl on deck wearing life preserv- ' :? for many hours, and some were trrd perfect order prevailed and no time was the danger, sjr-. OILS .! " Firrmeii. as-^mbled on the pier iwalllng the arrival of the Prwl- dmi Llntrln, which sailed from ,os Anpelc' five days a?o, bound 'or ihe Orient vl* Honolulu. Immediately began fighting ..the tame!., whlth still blazed In t>n l-.okl. ' ! Chicago Wheat Sept Jill Sept open M 1-2 98 high 08 5-8 99 1-2 low M 1-2 97 5-8 I ^ onlrams went lo: Tommy Fra- '•'< school 7lori f mir i), mong the crs Ihat -anything inI B ht happen ' " 2-1 hours." With thr- aid ol Mnclaries of the University of Ark- 1" arls of whipping innsas. Such appointment entitles e?SSl i nip ! '"S r1m Uitheran school 7 [ ori fourth as Paul Munlf MLssiHirce nurses Ihe doctor has been WASHINGTON. June 7 (UPi — '.the holder w free tuition for four ._ . . rom , p:< '. te(t . cak ? was carried win n . n ,™J ts .. cl ™ I1 8 exercises Frl-j LOU^C Dourland, as Joan Craw- I" almost cotulant attendance up President Roosavelt today ordered years, lull speed ahead In providing B»»- f-rnmcnt relief to. drouth victims . of :)ie mlddleweil in a conference with Harry Hopkins, relief admin- , Istrntov, and Lewis DoiLghis, get director. hud- I rm a truck during the parade. H Students who do not live in towns having high schools may ob- «'t with a six-foot 20 pounds, mart? - tain appointments and prepare lor r "" lv for lhe occasion. knife r.spr- New York Cotton entering Ihe freshman class at the o , university by taking necessary SlX OrCfOn work In the University Training. rr ... . „. high school, at Fayettevllle. ! Uldn t MlSt a day afternoon. 2 o'clock, at the school. The Rev. H. J. Klelndlenst. pn.stor, will be the speaker. P. T. Haney is'ihe only grod- . uole from Ihe eighth grade. ford In the role of "Sadie Thompson." In "Rain." fifth, and MLss (\nnn Nfae Jones, as Una Merke), sixth. on Ihe babies. close 97 3-8 n 90 3-8 Oct - Dce Chicaan Corn open high low close M 1-2 54 55 3r f.6 51 3-4 10 54 56 1-8 high 56 1-2 SS 1-9 NEW YORK. June 7 (UP)-Cotlon closed steady. open high low close Jul 1196 1204 1191 1203 . 1217 1227 1214 1226 . 1229 1238 1220 1237 Jan 1234 1243 1222 1242 Mar 1245 12S4 1242 1254 May 1253 1253 1252 I263b Spots closed steady at 1220. up . ALBANY, Ore. (UP)—Five of six I graduates of the Ash Swale school Will Employ 20,000 on f V II n Iwflr nere » nlsn *<' their last year, ICnnCSSee Valley UamS without being absent or tardy. Thel fil, "I have some of IKH stuff A woman stood In a store and taw another woman buj tone scrip and stamps and nnurk- (Indiana Train Victim Identified at Arkansan LAFAYETTE, Ind., June 7. (UP) —The body of a man who was killed by a train here last week was Plan Benefit Concert for Blytheville Band There will be & band concert and Ice cream social on the lawn ot the First Methodist church Friday evening, 7:30 o'clock, for the benefit of the uniform fund for jsixth member nf the class missed | at home—I oti(hl to spend KNOXVILLE, June 7. (UP)—The!a day and a half. Tennessee Valley Aulhrlty will em- j Ethel Harrison attended th« ploy 20,000 persons when work on school eight years without being all contemplated power dams reach- absent or late, Leo Borers seven es Its peak, chairmtn Arthur E. Morgan estimated today. years, Joan Harrison four years, Doris Schlat and Norma Harrison The anthrity now has close to' each three years and Evelyn 9,700 workers on Itt payroll. '.son two years. shouldn't I!" U h itne that her thoiifhtlfwncw made her scrip Idle ard ki;i! it from earn- In; it's legitimate share of Ihe Identified today ns that of Jack]lh» Blythevtile band, directed by it, I Rose. 31. of Hot Springs, Ark. I Everett McDowell. siimp money. Is jw»r thongrit- to contribute lo | Plans ore being made by spon- BURLINGTON, VI. (UP)—Threejsors of the hand lo promote the hundred feel of the state highway I organization until it becomes as between here and Hinesburg sank (widely known as similar bands out of sight almost overnight. The j In other towns of this size. The road passes through ft Hoover's Friend Finds Chairmanship Difficult CHICAGO, Jim; 7 (UP)—Henry r. FHcher, wealthy friend of Herbert Hoover, sped toward Chicago this Bfternoon to face th«;dl*heartening welcome of a party >p]H apart by his election an Republican national chairman. The 81-year-old Pennsylvania diplomat, who won his spun ai a Rough Rider under Teddy Roosevell, found enthusiastic favor only with lhe old line conservative!. WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair swampy! women's missionary societies of the .Friday partly cloudy, the Uilnrt of . a thoroughly 'section" and apparently was un-iFirst Methodist nnd First Baptist! MemphU and rtelnity—Pa*; to- worthwhile enterprise? dcrmtned by water, church are spotuors, night and Prtdiy. CODtbitwd. warm.

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