The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1967 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1967
Page 3
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Wythevfll* (Ark.) Courier News - TuMriay, Novmeberjr,J967-. Page Threap Once They Found Dates How , Computers Pick Colleges goals. It would seem that ac-1 each area. The applicant checks curate answers to these qualify-! the appropriate slot if he will ing questions are difficult, if not \ need loans, a scholarship or .UK ~.,^. F ,.a C „„.,,.. impossible, but research in test-1work, and his own estimate of YORK — (NBA) — I ing and psychological data has i the maximum yearly tuition ne By FRANK JOST Moderator Magazine Written for Newspaper Enterprise Assn. NEW student that doesn't really have to be made until much later. Several years ago computerized | progressed in the last two dec- dating was a joke on college lades to a point at which it is campuses and looked upon as mostly a gag. It's not a joke any more. Now, a company that calls itself the American College Selector has programed a thousand accredited American colleges the way compu-dating quite easy to tell a computer things one doesn't even "know." The applicant files his cur- can afford, starting at $300. Four pages of exacting information of the student's academic record to date are followed by some subtler questions re- rent year of study (junior, sen-1 garding character preferences.^ ior, etc.) and finds himself confronted with clear-cut decisions he has to make. The college programed guys and dolls. j selector wants to know whether The American College Selec-|he is more interested in a pro- tor, based in Los Angeles, will I fessional training or in an ex- select the names and addresses j perimental educational philoso- Would you prefer an "easy" school or a school that emphasized teacher training? Do you plan to go on to graduate studies, to study abroad, etc.? A seemingly disproportionately large number of questions center around religious affilia-' of the six colleges which besttphy, whether he expects to re- center around religious alfilia- suit an applicant's particular |ceive guidance and supervision, ] t.ions, demands, rules and1 clubs, objectives and qualifications, i whether he wants to study with jThe reasoning behind this is Along with the list of six insti-1 students of diverse backgrounds ! simply that on the large num- tutions which will enable the!Whether he expects the college:ber of denominational colleges applicant his or her parents, to regulate student behavior, to in the United States, religious and the high school counselor to ! be formal, to be social, etc. The , activity affects even those stu- select the one "right" college, j answers to these questions run , dents not affiliated with the de- The fee for the service is 510,from "very'much so" to "not ; nomination, and American Selector does not 1 at all." Very simple ! Athletics, another important guarantee that the applicant j Next, the questionnaire tries area of student participation, will be accepted by an college, to find out whether the stu-!are explored in questions about Nor do they file applications j dent's interest in college is preference of spectator sports for the student. They merely i cultural, social, political, relig- over participation or mtramur- suggest what the computer de-iious, athletic, creative'or aca- als. Clubs and fr.aterni Ues and rides !demc. Honesty is all the ser-i minor sports wrap up the ques- The need for a more accur-! vice wants in the answer i tionnaire, followed by a half- ale college selection is indi-j For geographic reasons, as i page for additional comments, cated by the fact that 49 per! well as social implications, the 1 It seems significant that _no- Nonwhires Have Job Increase CHICAGO (AP) - The nunr ber of nonwhites in office and supervisorial jobs in certain firms in the Chicago area has increased in the past nine months, a study showed Sunday. The survey showed an increase of 433 jobs—a 33 per cenl jump in the number of nonwhites holding such positions. Professional positions held by nonwhites climbed 27 per cent, or 31 jobs, during the same period. The study was made by the Merit Employment Committee of the Chicago Association of QUICK QUIZ Q—Do U.S. senators have individual seals assigned to them? A-Yes. The individual scats are numbered and assigned on request of senators in order of their seniority. Democrats occupy the west side of the cham- ber-on the vice president's | army? right; Republicans sit across i A-No, it has no army, navy the main aisle to his left. jor forls Q-Whal American general i Q-What fish is known as a led the victorious Union Army at the Battle of Gettysburg? A- overland in quest ot a new plat?. • to live. To move about, the fish '. has unusual gill covers, which! it uses much like crutches. i Q—What honor did Caligula/ the mad emperor of Rome, be*' stow on his horse? A—He declared his horse, THRILLING LOW PRICE Genuine Hand Carved land traveler? climbing perch, a Asia and Africa, ft special breathing permits it to, and journey | Incitatus, to be a consul. SSii; Your Choice 3 DIAMOND PRINCESS RING Or 3 DIAMOND DINNER RING 3 Brilliant diamonds set In the newest 10-KT. Gold mounting. Iceland main.ain an Dainty mounting ot 10 Kt, Geld. One ef Hie fasMon items f«r young modern*. OPEN AN ACCOUNT Diamonds Enlarged COME IN ANU BROWSE AROUND 3 Ways To Buy Cash • Lay-A-U'ay found an over-all increase of 23,000 nonwhite employes. where does the American College Selector ask, "What do you want to do when you get out of Selector fills out a 10 - page I be willing to attend college, j college?" That question, when cent of college freshmen- cither transfer or drop out of college. student checks off a list of the 50 states and Puerto Rico, giv- ThTappIicanf to the College ing the areas where he would 50 questionnaire designed to estab-JThe next item is a list of lish his financial and academic major areas of study, with a re- abilites as well as his future sponse of yes, maybe or no for it demands a specific occupation as an answer, seems to I mean a severe limitation on the FINDING THE "right" students for the "right" colleges is far from easy but the Lnerican Collefie Selector, with the help of a computer, will give it the old college try. Some Library Study Necessary By The Reading Laboratory World Excerpted from the Publishing Company "Study Faster and Retain book, More," Doty. Illustrations By Roy reference section. There will be English dictionaries, foreign language dictionaries, subject dictionaries and biographical dictionaries. Now is the time to bring out the vocabulary lists you've been me vocauuiaiy usiu juu vc ucv.. Now that you are familiar with keeping f or eac h course. Why the circulating section of your nol set asi( j e a cer ( a j n period library, let's find out about the egch week to j^ up these reference section. What mater-> wort j s j n me dictionaries in your ials are in it? When and how do - - *,...<« < — - i-i -i—t you use them? You recall that reference mm fAsm MORI books can be used only in the library? You'll learn a lot about the reference section and a lot about the words. Dictionaries tell you how to library because they contain in-1 pronounce a new word, how to formation that should be acces-1 divide it into syllables, its de- sible to every one, and at a mo- rivatmn anri its ripfinitions. ment's notice. Dictionaries, en- rivation and its definitions. Which brings us to another cyclopedias, atlases and alma-1 reference books for words — nacs are examples of refer-1 the thesaurus. The thesaurus ence books. They are found together in one section of the library. helps you choose the exact word to express your thought. For my. every word it contains, it lists You use these reference books i numerous synonyms and anto- —— • either to collect or to check ' nyms. Using the dictionary and summa ry of a subject. Reading facts. They are storehouses of j the thesaurus will increase your an encyclopedia article is often information — names, dates,] vocabulary and knowledge. You g g 00[i place to hegin when you places, words, etc. Consequent- will be able to spell more ac- are t r yj n g to choose a topic for , ,, ..., , .. curately and write more ma-1 D aner. Sometimes these artily. you should not expect to spend a 1 e i s u r e 1 y afternoon browsing around the reference section. When you go there, you want to find answers to specific questions, quickly. For example, you will find a turely. Now consider the encyclopedias. Your library has a general encyclopedia and, perhaps, several on special subjects. They are great for verifying ja paper. Sometimes these arti- |cles are followed by a list of books on the subject. You might look up those books if you want to do further reading. Finally, din't forget the al- For example, you will find a They are great for verifying manac an( j the atlas. If you collection of dictionaries in the I facts and for getting a general j have t rou t,] e with information -- «••••••••••••• «•«••»«»•••«•«•••'. 'that is presented visually, pick "Study Faster" c/o Blythcville Courier News Dept. in P. O. Box 489 Radio City Station New York, N.Y. 10019 Please send COPT (copies of STUDY FASTER AND RETAIN' MORE at J1.95 ttch to: NAME ADDRESS • Clfy ., STATE ZIP Make check* p»y»M« to "Study Faster" Allow 3 week* for delivery. ••••••«••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*•*•*••* a map in the atlas and for practice try describing it in words. Better still, you could even outline and summarize it. There are many, many kinds of books for reference in the library, too many to discuss here. By now you should be aware that using the reference section is like playing detective. Follow your clues. Collect interesting facts to bring up in class or tuck away for a test. Without realizing it, you'll be building a better vocabulary, collecting a lot of background information and writing better papers. (NEXT: Periodicals.) If our BankAmericard man still hasn't gotten in touch with your place of business... (Your bank name and mailing address here) Td like to hear how BankAmericard can help ray retail business. Without obligation, of course. Name. Firm- Business Address- City- Ek Get in touch with his! Frankly, we're running behind schedule. Since our recent announcement to the business community about BankAmericard* our sensational new charge account service, we've been submerged in mail and phone inquiries. Not just from retailers, mind you. But from interested shoppers as well. So if you haven't yet heard, firsthand, how BankAmericard can bring you more customers; increase your sales volume; reduce your over- head ... or how it can relieve you of credit losses by providing immediate cash for every sale, don't wait Fill out and mail the above coupon today, and we'll put you on our "first priority" list.* Could be the smartest nickel you ever invested *Whether or not you write, a bank representative will call soon. The coupon is for retail businessmen who just can't contain themselves. FIRST NATIONAL BANK FWC DOWNTOWN BLYTHEVILLE NORTHSIDE BRANCH BANK 61 AND MOULTRIE AT DAY SHOPPING CENTER

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