The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on April 1, 1963 · Page 8
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The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 8
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8---Indiana Evening Gazette, Monday, April I, 1963. New Unit Gees Into Operation At Martinsburq. West Va.-Robot Tax Collector On Watch For Any Funny Business By RAYMOND J. CROWLEY shadow she is wearing. MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (AP)-- These are among the workers in Taxpayers tempted to fudge onia small, modernistic building their April 15 federal returns I here in the Shenandoah Valley ap- should think again. They may be!pie country. The building houses;cards up against a formidable combin-jthe national computer center orianta ation, including: 'the Internal Revenue Service. mated 78 million, including individuals and businesses. Raw data--such as the figures on your return--are punched on in regional offices in At- and Philadelphia. These I cards transfer the information to 1. A robot without any feelings; The robot, or computer, is:magnetic tape. The tape -- about 2. A bureaucrat who admires the'checking millions of tax returns! 55,000 tax accounts on a reel about logic of Aristotle: 3. A gal whose!from the Eastern seaboard. By!a foot in diameter--is then flown eyes change from blue to green; 1966, it will be prying into returns to Martinsburg. depending on what color eye i from all over the nation--an esti- Then the computer goes to work. SOTM ....VIA*.... RODY'S BRODY'S ANNIVfRSARV ....TEAR.... BRQDY-'S BRODY'S ·TH *ANNtVERSAfir ....TIAR.... YEAR.... BRODY'S ·TO' ANNIVERSARY ....YEAR.... BRODY'S BRODY'S ·SOTM' ANNIVERSARY ....YEAR.... important fashion news... famous ·S0TH* ANNlVERSAfi* BRODY'S ·TH ANNIVERSARY * * * » Y E A R * · · · ANNIVERSARY «. ·. YEAR**** BRODY'S AHHIVSKSARY COMPANY SINCI Iflf BRODY'S FURTON WALK' by BESTFORM NOW in miracle SPANDEX! ·LYCRA SPANDEX is machine washable *LYCRA SPANDEX is the ultimate in comfort *LYCRA SPANDEX is tighter and stronger than rubber *1YCRA SPANDEX is soft, yet molds the figure beautifully And, most important of all, pur SPANDEX Flirtation Walk Girdle sleeks your hips as it frees your step! Thank Bestf orm's exclusive twin crossed front panels for that! Imagine, just a few ounces of gossamer sheer, gossamer light SPANDEX with a smooth side zipper can give you the figure you need 'neath newest silhouettes. Special Antron nylon front for tummy control White. In your choice of 16" length (sizes 26 to 36) or 18" length (sizes 26 to 38. odd fr-| A OR to 35). Fed the raw tape, it checks against a master file to see whether a taxpayer has filed all returns lawfully due, whether he is up to date on payments and whether there is anything suspicious about him. Then the machine produces another tape for shipment back to field. This can automatically /rite notices that a person owes money, that he must produce his apers for an audit, or that he is ven with the government. When the computer sends out a otice requiring an answer, it be- ins counting the days, and if a axpayer does not respond in time fires off a sterner warning. It can alert revenue agents to lap a lien on the old homestead r _oh yes--it can automatically rite a refund check if necessary. In charge of this awesome set- p is not a high-domed scientist-s you might expect--but an En- lish major from Bowdoin College, lass of 1940, John E. Stewart by ame. He is an unusual bureau- rat, in that he takes pride in the mall size of his bureau, 78 per- ons in addition to the robot. The machine is important, he ays, but far more important are he people attending it. They on't necessarily have to have ad- anced university degrees. "But they must have an apti- iide; an ability to do some ab- tract reasoning--like the logic of Aristotle, a master philosopher of ncient Greece. Above all, they iave to be able to get along with ther people, because this is a earn job." One of the youngest members f the team is a 20-year-old secre- ary, a looker named Miss Naomi Hoomes. She does not claim o understand the computer thor- iughly, but she is in thorough accord with its philosophy. I think everybody ought to pay his proper taxes, no more and no ess," she said. A newsman with a passion for detail remarked that he had no rouble figuring out that her hair is brown, but was puzzled by the color of her eyes. "That depends on the dress I am wearing and the eye shadow," she explained. "Today I am wear- ng a beige dress and green shadow. Therefore the eyes are green. Is it all right with you if ; go back to work now?" It turns out that checking on tax cheaters is not the sole reason for the computer, though an .mportant one. Even if everybody were 100 per cent honest, Internal Revenue would drown in a sea of paper work as the population expands. Hence the resort to automation. Automation has its limits," however. Officials explained that the quality of the computer's work depends on the quality of the data Fed into it. , Neil Hoke, administrative assi- tant to Stewart, quoted an adage of computer men: "Garbage in, garbage out." The computer is lightning fast, but in some ways is pretty dumb, Hoke said. To show how dumb it really is, it does not charge premium pay for overtime as any self-respecting union workman would. In fact its wage rate plummets when it labors overtime. Hired out by IBM, it charges a standard wage for the first 176 hours a month, then the rate drops to 40 per cent. As might be expected, the heartless revenue service takes advantage of this and keeps the robot going 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its monthly pay is pretty good, though--about $85,000. The human staff is divided into shifts, so that people keep the computer company even in the still watches of the night. Not that the machine isn't smart in some ways. It has a vast memory, for one thing. Also there are some things it won't stand. If a tape is damaged, say by the imprint of a human fingernail, the machine balks and stops. This helps prevent some long unemployed man in Tuscaloosa from getting a shock in the form of mUlton-doHar tax bffl. By the time the computer center is in full operation in 1966, about 500 miles of tape will be stored here; enough to stretch from Martinsburg to Boston. However, it would do no good for some tax dodger gone berserk to blow this place up to foil the revenue service. A duplicate master tape is kept in a "remote" location. It is not secret that the remote location is, at present, Washington. But nuclear energy being what it is, officials plan to move it wmehwere else, perhapa * cavern deep in a mountain. All the workers here seem to enjoy the automated Me, (hough some have reservations about tha hilly automated lunchroom. INSTANT $20 to $2000 I Up to U mot top*?! I R C INC. I ·LAN CONSUME* DISCOUNT CO. ($491 to $2000) Phil*, ft.. 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