The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1944
Page 3
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.^WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 1944 BLVTHBVILLB .(ARK,)'. NEWS EAGg THEEB f proposes Moving Slum Families Into Reconditioned Old Houses Moving underprivileged families from slum areas Into reconditioned old houses in better sections of American cities is the eore of ft plan for clearing the slums and providing better homes for slum families which will be proposed by Melvin H. Baker, president of Na- IJotia) Gypsum Company, In n signed article in the July issue of American Builder magazine. Says Public Housing failed "We need a new point of view on the whole subject of cleaning the slum areas out of our cities. Those who were In favor of public housing said it would eliminate slums and rehouse liiosc unfortunate families who were obliged to live in them," Baker says in his preliminary remarks, and continues: "Billions of dollars have teen spent. The slums are .still with ns arid very few of the slum-dwellers are accommodated in the high- cost apartments built by Die federal government and some of our slate governments. Stop I'uUlic Housing "Let us start all over again. Let us recognise that there are two separate problems here. One is to get the families now living in slums out of the slums. The other is to clear the slums tear down tho old run-down, unsanitary buildings and :ommodate the families qualified for rental subsidy. *. Tiic board will be empowered o enter into agreements wllli owners of older houses to guarantee them un agreed rent per month when the houses meet the stand- aid ol sanitation and llvablllty set »l> by (lie board. 'Hie difference between what the tenants are able to pay and Hie regular rent shall be paid out of •ocal welfare funds towards which most states pay a pro rata share. 5. To avoid duplication of effort, rents shall be collected by the local welfare workers who regularly visit Uiosc receiving public assistance. ' prevent favoritism records ol partial rent payments shall put the clearcii use. land to its best "Let us consider the first- problem first. This proposal deals only ol rehousing need financial ( 0 |j vc ,-„ homes bettci " those they now find 'only in with tlic problem those families who such be subject to rcviow'by thc board". C. As a family's Income increases it sliiill lie required to pay an in-< creased rental. When a family be"" s able to pay Ihc full rent, it be dropped from Ihc welfare roll and from then on deal directly wllli the property owner instead of the welfare department. 1. The houses shall not be designated as welfare-subsidized houses. They will be located on different, streets in the older but not badly in blocks picked and scgrated for Ihix purpose. 8. Tli c expenses for carrying on this operation shall be borne In the same way that other welfare costs are financed - out of local taxes and state welfare aid. 9. It Is proposed that administrative - costs be kept down to a minimum by delegating the opcrat- ne details to the -'08131)1131103 wel- ii'c department. 10. The board will withhold from the amounts paid the owners for _. —„.—^. llu ,, lui kllu lv .- nonthly rents a twelfth of t>i*> in housing immediately after the war cal taxes ana keep till taws nlJ« Of lOW income slum fsmilf,^ in ™M .... t- -T-i- ' LL nl * a lf ! > Get Acquainted With Fuse Box In Your Home Too few families nrc acquainted with llieii- home-wiring clrculls. The June Issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine lolls how any member ot tlic fniuUy can banish Ihc darkness without'a fuller after [allowing a few simple steps. Wllli every l| B lit In lli c liouse turned on, spot n member of thc family In each room until you run out If faintly. Take up your post. iH thc (use bus or service panel. Have a flashlight seme adhesive tape, a pair of scissors and a pencil liandy. n c sure Unit your luiints are dry an<| that you're standing on a dry board. Now douse the llRhts by pulling Ihc muster switch or fuse block. Unscrew nl) Hie fuses or trip all the circuit breakers. Tighten the first fuse and re-engage Ihc master switch. Somewhere in the house the Hunts protected by the first fuse will BO on again. Your comleteratc, spotted In tlmt locality, mil s | n( . out which lights :i re burning. At the same lime he'll check thc wall outlets b v pillaging in a lamp. . .1. DISCONTINUE .the building of publicly-financed housing. 2. PROVIDE NOW for the re- of low income slum families in sanitary and livable old houses In sections of our cities which are classed above the level of slums, the type of houses in which millions of independent, sell-supporting American families arc now living. Baker then proposes Hint the states pass enabling legislation to permit the cities to set up a work- Ing arrangement, based on th e following ten points: 1. Permit each city to create its own Rental Subsidy Board to be constituted of five members to be paid for their time an amount to b e determined by the legislature of each city. 2. The five Board members lo be appointed in the following way: : -' (A) One by the governor of the state. (B) One by -the city'.s-mnyor^and approved by tlic city's legislature. (C) One to be selected by the local labor unions. (D) One to be selected by the local Chamber of Commerce. (E) One to ue the head of the city's welfare agency. Jjjj!. Tlic board shall be prohibited Trom building new housing, but shall use suitable old houses to ac- TE ST Petroleum Jel/if f/iis H'aif '' I flneer. I-oni, ilbrf-a prove Mcrollne'4 ' blgb ntinllly. yor minor liurns. rul*. ctistra l>rul!«. abmslona no<l exln Irrttatlooa. &(, Ulpleslu-, only 10£. Political Announcements : The Courier News Ti&g been authorized to announce the follow candidacies, subject to th« Democratic primary in Augmt: STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALENE WORD (for re-election, Post No. 2) W. J. WUNDEHLirjH (for re-election, Post No. 1) J. LEE BEARDEN (lor re-election, Post No. J) LU01EN E. COLElrtAH E. C. "GENE" PLEBMAN (Post No. 4) PROSECUTING ATTORNEI jk IVIE C. SPE^qCER ^- MARCUS F1ETZ (For Kc-ctcction) SHKRIFF AND COIJLEOIO* HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTS TREASURER R. B. (SKEBT) STOOT M18B DELLWV PURTLE COUNTS JUDGE ROLAND QREEN ((or re-elnctlon) DWIOIIT H. BI.ACKWOOn GIKCU1T COURT CI.ERK HARVEir MORRIS (For re-election) COUNTY CLERK • T. W. POTTER (for re-clccllon) paid up to date. By this process Baker believes these two unrealized but declared objectives of public housing will finally be attnined: 1. Those families w ho arc nn- abel on their own incomes to vacate slum dwellings will be. removed to better districts and cn- JOy a higher plane of livabllity 2. Clearing the slums putting he land to its best .use, - and beautifying our 'cities will be speeded. The owners of Ihis land win b e more willing to sell at reasonable prices when they sec their,tenants vacating Likewise, Baker believes that UiMe two evils which have grown eLZLT lic - ilousin£ »& »' -'^^r^^syr*; 'group of •Americans, able to pay an economic-rent-'while ot j erys arc not so favored can be stop __2. The present eroivtli of i ures and oiitlcls ar c serviced by he first or circuit breaker, fas- en a piece of adliesli-c tape inside the fuse box door in a position corresponding | 0 that of the fuse, tfark on the (ape the duties per- :ormed by th c fuse .it. represents. Da the same for eaeli circuit — iHilllrig thc. master 'switch before touching cacli fuse—until'tlio cotn- plclc wiring system lias'been diagrammed. Many Farm Fires Caused By Combustible Liquids Fires caused by the improper use and handling qf combustible liquids caused more than $0,000,000 damage on American farms last year. Safety authorities recommend that whenever more tlian 30 gallons of 5 Real Estate Deals Reported Residential Property Here Changes Hands, Dealer Announces Five inlerestliK; real estate transactions completed recently Imvc been announced by U. c. Campbell, real estate broker. A. N. Williams luis piirclmscd Ihe home of Uen w. llurpole Jr., at DM llully. Laciitvd lu un exclusive neighborhood, tlic house Is of white clapboard. Mr. nnil Mrs. Wllllnins plan to lake possession August I. The consideration was reported us 55,750. Thc home of Mrs. Mmide Travis al 520 Chk-kiuiiiwbii has been sold lo Mrs. Notu T, Xcnos, who plans to cmodel the house. Tim new owner vill take possession when work on hi! house is completed. Tile sule nvolvccl SlilfiO, It was reported. The resilience ill 520 North Second has been purchased by Ihe licv. A. w. Harris, and will be occupied )jr his ilauelitcr, Mrs. Billy King •mil Mr. ICing. Consideration hi the sale of the home, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Dimgliis, was S'J.OOO. The six room house lit 127 West Missouri hns been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Canicll of Helena. PollovvliiB remodeling of the home, the couple will take possession. The reported sale price was $1000. . Mr. and Mrs. Ves Hobbs have bought the four-loom residence owned by a. ,1. Hodge. The home Is located one block tin" North Highway 61. The consideration was $1,250. vast bm-enuerncy, which seeks more and more public housing, can be arrested il not abolished, to the benefit ot the sorely pressed taxpayers.. The money saved in this direction can go to help pay the cost, of the war. Glamour, Eye Appeal For Any Size Bedroom if your bedroom Is too small lor aiuliml-slw twin beds, iry twin lu'iullioiml beds. They'll save you MO Muinre Inches of Hour space npleco, and provide unlimited pos- sibllltli'.s iilmig Interior dcconillnt; lines, i.'ov example, the heiidlxiards may be slip-covered or upholstered in uUnu'llve materials — smalt plaids, gay floral designs, or restful plain coiors-(o match your bedspreads draperies, and dressing table .skirt. More Important, however, thiin lh ( > spnce-savlnj; mid eye-iippcnllui; qunllllcs of headboard lircls -- or tui v other beds, for Dial mutter -Is to select it high quality spring foundation and mattress. Without these, you cnmint enjoy the complete relaxation of restful sleep which Is so»illnl lo HUIJI! lii-nllli, '.'Hi CuiniiKiiiil lloml ('mmcll FORT DOUGLAS. Utah. Ull'l-- Mnj. Gen. David Mecoacli, Jr.. coiimiiiiKlliig gcnentl of tin- Ninth Service Command, iinnoimn's Hie formation of n Ninth Servliv Command War llond Council. The council will [ii-orillimti- bond sale activities for nil military mill civil- personnel located within the Rcographlrnl limits of Hie command, which comprises the eight Western slates. WARNING OKl)i:U III Die Cliiuicei')' CVtiti, Clilek«snw- bu District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Tony Htui'iiess, Plntulllt, vs. No. Hli-10 Jenny May Ktunscs, Defendant. The defendant Jenny May Ktur- S Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In Ihe cinul innned In Hie niplloii hereof mid answer Ihe complaint of Ihe plnln- Ilir Timy titurges. Ualed (his 13 day of June, IDR HAlU'Iiy MOH1IIS. Clerk lly Hurls Mulr, I). O. Vlrull Clrcenc. Ally, for 1'ltf. I/, K. Coleiimn, Ally. »d l.ltciu. Nulli'ii of Sale of IVrsmiul l'rii|iciiy ami Iteal IM.ite. Notlco Is hereby niven Hint Ihe underiilgned, as lulmlnislnitor ol the i-slate of U-lu Ulylhe, ilmim-il, will <m (he 20111 dny of July, 19-1-1 Ix;- Ivvirn 11 it- IUHII'K of 11:00 o'clock In the lorenoiin and :i:01) o'clock In the iitlcinoon oll'tM- lor sail- nl Ihc dwelling house which Is located at No. 218 1-Jusl Davis Avenue In (lie City of lllyljicvlllc, Arkansas nt ntbllc micllon'to tho highest bidder the following described rciil eslnt'j intl pcrsoiuil property: lx)l No, la In liloek No. I) of Hie Highland Place Addition lo the City of Dlylhevlllc, Arkansas, and one lot of household goods contained in the dwelling house situated upon the above described lot. The personal property will te soln lo (ho hlKliait bidder for cimli. .Tile personal pryperty will first be otfur- ed by separate Items ami bids received therefor, If after bills have been received on Ihe separate Hems any person shall oiler for all of said personal properly an aumimt greater limn Hie itggrrgiila amounts bid for all of the sciiarato items, such bid will be accepted and Die propciVy sold lo such highest bidder. Tim real estate will he Mild lo the highest mid Ix-st bidder upun a creil- It of three months, Iho purchas'.-r being required to execute Ixmd with approved security to secure the puy- mc-iil of ))!» bid. Said side will bo made for tno mil-pose of paying thu debts of snld estate under Ihe authority of un order ot the 1'i'obatc Court for the such fluids are kept on hand, an outside shed should be provided for storage. A suitable shed can IH built inexpensively by using italics- tos cement board and scrap lumber. RHEUMATIC PAIN J net S>«)l MW — r i* Don t put off getting C-2223 lo relieve pain of muscular rheumatism mid other rheumatic pains. Caution- Use only us directed. First bottle purchase, jirlco back if not Kalisfied. (We und 51.00. Toduy, buy C-2223 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me ft>. check-up without cost or obligation. EATS, MICE.AND ROACH'CONTKOi , , GUARANTEED WORK ' ' ' " H. C. BLANKENSHIP «»• F. Kentucky .. ., MT'5 JUST A COINCIDENCE. V t WASN'T SMILING BECAUSE / YOU HAVE TO DO K.R IM I ALWAYS HAPPY WHEN V I'M DRINKING A OR. PEPPER/ Chlcknsiiwba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas rendered oh Jtins 27, 10-11, MARCUS J3V8ABD, Administrator. 6)28 & 7J5 Please VOTE For R. C. 'Bob' 5URRIDGE For STATE AUDITOR Your Friend' ' Buy Your PLUMBING SUPPLIES THE MAN WHO KNOWS YOUR NEEDS Cussing the Heat Won't Make You Any Cooler! ... But feel how fast a bath refreshes you. No need fo let hot weather wilt you. Hurry out of confining clothes and into a tub of cool, clean water. You'll feel better already. Five minutes of water-cooled comfort gives you more than heat relief. Foremost experts say your Wh actually soothes fretful nerves . . . revives your spirits. In short, peps up your personality. In hot weather especially an extra bath makes you better company. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity I" IS^teafeifeaSaaS/Ais : L : :i£& GOOD HEALTH DI-SIIKVl-S THE BEST WATER; Bod Health Demands It. Over live million Amerli-an Homes have ordered the Famous WOIINTAIN VAI.U-V ftllNliliAI. WATKK 1'Vom HOT si'iUNtis" A IKANSAh. It Is rellahUv-iui iild In trciilmcnl »f Arthritis •Minimalism. Kidney, Hlailik-r, and uuiiiy'lutiuifliial disorders. It stimulates Kidney i-lliuhialliin. For I'jirtlciihrs, Tree health booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP ' """''' Bljihevilte, Ark'. If you wonl o gleaming kiuhcn in a hurry wilhout a lot of moss and bather, v-,a Gliddon Speed-Wall. II will slay liko new* for years! Good fof V/a!ls, Woodwork and Furniture. A TrOT/ferRi! Painll . . . J DELTA LUMBER CO. BIATTHEVILLK'S ONLY HOME OWNED LU.MllKK CO Main & Division MILLIONS Of Screens, Window Sills, sash and frames need to be PAINTED to be preserved, Screen wire should be painted at least every other season. When so treated it will last indefinitely. Window sills and porch floors need one coat of paint annually. ; . Your entire house needs painting two coats every four years, • • EBERSON-UNDSLEY PAJNTS have not advanced in price For Exterior or Interior. A paint for every purpose. : E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Serv/co ROOMS REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper,' Plaster, Brick, Etc! -wbM you c*d*co»ti • te«>i wttf P*lntin( with TVchfcW Uk m M n jrcm A« whoh Macf rf Mi Txliidt wol'l may b» Sukllywa^i^wllXn-.ild W9p and waltf, •AM m I *OU>M ANB WWT1 PJTTSBURCH PAINTS H U B B A R HARDWARE CO.

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