The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1945 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS Corning Events THURSDAY Thursday Night Bridge Club meeting with Mrs. Wtllard H. Pease. Thursday Luncheon Club meeting with Mi* J. A. Leech. Mrs. 0. P. Tucker entertaining Oc- tette Luncheon Club. , Friendly Eight Glub meeting with Mrs Hubert Wade. Mrs. J. D. Lunsford entertaining E M O. Club ' Mid-Week Club meeting with Mre. M. O. Usrey. Mrs. Q. B. Keck entertaining Thursday Contract Club. FRIDAY C. B. C.' Club meeting with Mrs. Bits of News Mostly Personal 'War Approved' Seed Potatoes Can't Be Sold Orders affecting sale of "war approved" seed Irish potatoes and J Lendennlt Fowler. } G N. B. Club meeting with Mrs. i H. C. Blankenship. Chapter "M" or P.E.O. meeting I with Mrs. W. L. Homer, 2 p. m. Dorcas Sunday School Class of | First Baptist Church meeting for 1 business at church, 2:30 p. m., { with Mrs Tom. Haynes and Mrs. " Harry'Gold en as hostesses. • Visitor To Be Honored Mrs. L. 8. Brlscoe, who made her home In Blythevllle for many years prior to moving to Harllnsen, Texas, several years ago, will arrive Wednesday to spend three days vis- iting'friends, including Mrs. George W Barbara, Mrs. W. B. Williams and several others. . • Now' In New:York oh business, Mrs.' Brlscoc p) a us to stop over here enroute back to Texa*. Several Informal events already are btlng planned In her honor durlng'htr stay here. Business Women Meet Mri. H. O.' Blankeivhlp entertained njn* members ol the Business Girls Circle of First Baptls Church last night at her home waffle supper. Inter In the evening, Miss Delia Mrs. C. A. llovey will leave Fri- ^ day night for Chicago where she sweet potatoes from 'other "states will attend the National Gift Show have been received In Mississippi ....I V,,,, f_, rvn-ron.-. .T.,,,.1,,, . Co , mtyi ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ by Paul II. Miller, chief Inspector of the Arkansas Slate Plant Board. Under regulations In force for the past three years only state certified Irish potatoes can be sold tor seed purposes in Arkansas. Purtle taught the home studv book, "A 6tranfrer Our GaUs," by Plalnfield. .•- « mlssioi Within and buy for O'Brj-ant's Jewelry Store. Miss Margaret Crook, who has been a [tending University of Mls- plsslppi, Oxford, Is transferring to Texas State College for Women t Denton, where her sister, Mlas nne Cicok. also Is n student. She , spending this week here with .or mother, Mrs. J. E. Orook, be- ore leaving Sunday for Denton. George - W. Pruitt loft Sunday or New Orleans, where ha will eceivc Instruction before going on ctlve duty with the Merchant Marine. Ho lias spent the past hree wcrks here as guest of his notlier, Mrs. Clara Pruitt nndfam- Pvt. Donald Franks, who has lecn stationed at Blythevllle Army- Air Field for the past two and f years, left Sunday for Buck- ngliam Field, Fort Meyers, Fla.. vhorc he has bnrn transferred. Mrs. John W. Snider of St. Lour? arrived yesterday lo spend several days as Rucsl of Mrs. B. 8. Simmons and Mrs. R. F. Cook at Del! Mrs. Charles Mabcrry of Ferguson. 111., Mrs. Fred Maberry o' Lawrcncevllle. HI. and Miss Eller .^wh of prMwort. Til., . arrlvet 1 'imday to spend several days her' es truests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom W Jackson. Mrs. Charles Mabtrry . L« a sister of Mrs. Jackson, and Mrs Fred Maberrv Is nor niece. Mr. aii,i Mrs. Philip Applebaurr have returned from Yazoo City Miss., where they spent several dayr with his mother, Mrs. Annie Applebaum. Son Is Bom Friday Mr and Mrs. .Carl Bycre o San Pedro, .Calif., are the parent of a'son bom lost Friday In Bar Pedro. Mrs; Byors is Uie fonner Miss Gall.Hawkins ol Blythevllle, wh m&de her home here with Kav Braddy "War while approved" wed state inspected, potatoes, are not classed as state certified potatoes ana ; therefore .cannot be sold in Arkapinji, it was announced. Irjjih potatoes will be planted in February -by many growers who are • anted to comply with theto ,. it was said. n Jan. 1 and Julv 1, sw««i potatoes win be admitted into' Arkansas only from co\mtles •>r 'parishes which arc known to V free of the sweet potato weevil This 'Apples botli to see<l potatoes ind' eating stock, and excludes •w«$ potatoes from Southern '«uls|anft and from certain coun- 'le« ip Mississippi, Texas, and oth- T ifujf »tetes In which the weevil 's kiwwn to be present. It was an- Money Orders Made Easy Mrs. Harry Taylor and Mrs. A! t-pit Payne spent the weekend I 1 Chnffec, Mo., as guests of Mrf Payne's sister, Mrs. T. P. Johnson. James A. Bryant 13 spending 1 eev eral days In Indianapolis where h Is attending an Insurance convert tlon. Mrs. Eunice Young had as lie guest Sunday, Miss Camille 6mll> of Memphis. ' : Miss Camille Robinson is unde v fjj^" • coin? a checkup at Mayo's Cllnl Rochester, Minn. undcrsolr- D « I r-1 L I? ' \ L ' 1 I treatment at BlytheviHe Hospital Bridge Utlb tntertamed Mrs. C. a. Scherer, who has bee •'....' la patient at Memphis Baptist Ho- All members of the Tuesday nitnl for the past two-weeks. Bridge Club were present ycster- turned lioree vcsterday, aecomp- day afternoon when Mrs. W. C. r,| ei ] ^ Mr E C \, ererp w ho has her Higinnson entertained the groupI i n .Memphis with her. Mrs. Sche) at her home on Chickasawba. Av- er's condition is much improved, enue. • -: : •; ' In the bridge games, high score I rj II. prize was won by Mrs. Doyla Hen- r\Q I PM derson and second high' by Mrs: | _ • n — ™r ,. , , „ (1 1 o Be Partner The hostess served a dessert' course. FJich Bhlrment must bear an •ffldil statement giving the num- *er of bushels, variety, name and •ddr«ss ol grower and of person rsiwportlng potatoes, nnme of •ounty or pnrlsh In which grown nd> statement that said county T parish is known to be free of ^n • street potato weevil. A cer- itlcotc of inspection, although ac- "ptable on shipments made be- •?e«ri July 1 end Jan. 1, Is not 'fflcisnt between the nbnve-men- •oned dntes, it wns pointed out. Theae •• restrictions are for the 'irpoae of preventing the spread f the sweet potato weevil Into according to the order. Mrs. Goodwin Is Hostess (In Drug Store Ralph 'Nichols, for more thn' I nine years connected with Borum Drug Store, has purchased a par Mrs M G. Goodwin, entertaining members of the Bl-Month\y nership in Woods Drug from Rir Bridge Club yesterday afternoon \y. Weeds. at her home, also was hostess to He will assume his new posltlo two other guests, MIT. Wyatt Henley and Mrs. B. D. Ferguson. fomorrow and both Mr. Woods an Mr. Nichols. will be In charge o The living room was atlractive- I the drug f torn e«t»bllshetl here 1 ly decorate,! with blooming plants, iarch, 1941, by Mr. Woods whe l| High "core prize for the after- he moved from Cavdwell, Mo.' /Vf "Hip Btythevllle Hospital Mmitted: Mrs. H, T. Gill. city. Mr S . w. C. nivis, city. Mrs. B. J. Allen, city. rjorn to Mr. nnd Mrs. Blnford imcs, city, a daughter this morn- iVar Prisoners In This County Are Not Pampered (Continued from Paje L) qucntly that prisoners easily could overpower a guard attempting to' watch from 20 to 60 men and that nllltnry police never work alone; rut always In twos. Fanners explain that whenever complaints on work of the prisoners arc made the commanding officer noes to the field, and through an Interpreter, warns the offenders who usually work the remainder of the day without further trouble. Most of the prisoners In Mississippi County are arrogant and aloof and appear unable to understand directions. •• When chopping cotton last Spring and Summer, they apparently could not understand why cotton should be thinned 'and joked among themselves, as to the "stupidity" of Americans who plant nnd then cut It up. • ''-:','-'' ' ' Better Wort. In JUy They do their,best .work'In erinr> hay, which many apparently had done In Germany, and helped to make a. bumper crop here last year. The time element, is particularly Important In gathering lh» f cron. It was ""inted out. The prisoners' dislike working In cotton and "let everybody know It," as one farmer said. They also. have been used, In addition to chopping, picking end pulling cotton, gathering hay nnd com, to' spread lime .on the ground prior to planting. . The government Is paid for each 200 pountta of cotton pulled, which Is what each prisoner must do In six hours work. Each of the five prisoners who have escaped In the past from the Blythevllle camp have been apprehended and were put on the bread and water diet and. In solitary confinement for from 10 to 14 days, It was understood. The Blythevllle ' prisoners are taken to and from the camp anc fields In truck -with at least one guard to the truck. It was understood they get the regular army diet "with no specials. 1 ' Consensus of the situation ap- lieared that farmers think the fauli lies in the Army's system, of pro vidlng guards and not Iri the camj commanding officers, and tha serious trouble might easily aris from use of prisoners but that the> are needed If Mississippi Count, makes the bumper farm crops thi United States Postal Note 123 -456,789 123,456,739 123,456,739 nor POSTMASTER win PAT (PUKCHA3EH MUST HU. IF! TMMS AW AiODRESB OT PAYEE) And the value, not exceedlno 99|f of any Postal Mote Stampj allixed to payiny cilice coupon. £ PAYING OFflCE -*» COUFON Postal Note Stamps to He affixed here and canceled at Issuing Office Pl'SCHASlRS RECEIPT Detach and hold. ' Claim cannot he considered or payment traced without this receipt. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 194C Awarded Silver Star Eergt, Thomas McPeters, son of Mi 1 , and Mrs. Ernest McPetcrs of BrtiEB City, Mo., has been-awarded the Silver Star for gallantry In action on Leytc last November,, according to :i recent report. A mine platoon leader, he was cited for his part in directing tlie disarming of more than 200 null- tank and antipersonnel land mines during an advance by his regiment. i 7 CttIK RECEIVED PAYMENT DO NOT FOLD. MUTILATE OR SPINDLE Shown here is the new U. S. Postal Note and stamp, by which, beginning Feb. 1st, you will be able to send amounts up to $10 hroueh the mails without the bother 'Of filling out a money order orm. Exr.mpte: To send $7.CO, just hand in that amount, phi? lie five-cent fee, at the money order window. The clerk will take . $1 Postal Note, like that above, afllx a six-cent stamp, !ike Unit .t right. You take the note, write In the name of the payee, tear iff your record stub, and mail the note. That's all—no applications o III) out, no fuss, no bother, no waiting. Postal Notes, which do not displace conventional money orders, come In denominations from SO o $10; there are 18 leES-than-one-dollftr denominations of stamps. UHJTElyTAII-S Claude Duncan, city. IJT. Stalcup, city. W. T. Ingrnm, city. Linda Fav Wooldridse, city. ' Walls Hospital J mittcd: Mrs. R. L. Scarbrouprh. Rt. 1, city. VFrs. A. L. Metcalf, city. Born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Clyde Rob-on, city, a son last night. Born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Fny Grlf- i. Cooler, Mo., a daughter last '^missed: Frank Wlllliii'.wi. Tyler, Mo. Memphis Methodist Hospital •milled: M. L. Hawkins, city. • MTS.-J. E. Kcnnemore, Osceolu. land will yield with sufficient labor. Ration Calendar CANNED AND PKOCESSEI) FOODS. February 1—First day for blue stamps H-2, J-2, K-2, L-2, and M-2 in Ration Book IV. (Blue stamps X-5, Y-5, Z-5, and A-2 through G-2 remain good.) March 31—Last day for blue stamps X-5, Y-5, Z-5, A-2, B-2 in Ration Book IV.. April 28--Lnst day for blue stamps 1-2, D-2 E-2, F-2, and G-2 in Ration Book IV. June 2 — Last day for blue stamps H-2, J-2, K-2, L-2, and M-2 in Ration Book IV. MEAT, CHEESE BUTTER AND FATS. January 28—First day for red stamps Y-5, 21-5, A-2, B-2, C-2, and D-2 In Ration Book IV. (Red stamps Q-5 through X-5 remain good.) March 31—Last (lay for red stampa Q-5. R-5, and S-5 In Ration Book IV April 28—Last day for red stamps T-5, U-5, V-5, W-5, and X-5 ill Ration Book IV. . June 2-Last day for red stamp: Y-5, Z-5, A-2, B-2, C-2, and D-2 ii Ration Book IV. "•::''•• SHOES. November I, .1914—First day fo Airplane iStamp No. 3 in Ration Book III. Airplane stanips No. 1 Wives Are Pin-Up Girls Of Men Serving Overseas By RIJTH MBLLETT (he story of the husband, overseas. It didn't get much of a play in The picture of the unfaithful hus- he newspapers, for It really was- band has been widely publicized by I't much of a story. Bi^t it Is sure a married American soldier's hav- o have boosted the morale of ev- ing quadruplets by an English girl, TJ- wife of a man overseas who by a husband who brought his baby happened to read it. I by a foreign nurse home for his Here's the story: A lieutenant wife to rear, by the story of a wife walked up to a woman In the Kan- who gave her husband a divorce so Because commanding officers are ' not. allowed to disclose' anything about the camps, -n. knowle.dce. or. "both sides" of .'the.'rmllter' "wo'ultq help very much, in the opinion, .of, the farmers who hope some .type' of school cnn be arranged to bring. about better understanding. VT?- T PPCYPO. Trx. (UP> — Mrs. Visit Us In Our NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. MuinSr. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Parts & Service 121 K. Alain Phone 2122 Choose Your VALENTINES While stocks complete! are new and Priced lOc to 51 The Gift Shop Modern & Antique Gift* MOSS BRYAN ias Cily Union Station, guessed her that he could marry th e English name, and told her where her hus- girl who Is about to bear his child, and so on. Those ore big news stories-^-and make exciting reading. But it isn'r, news when a wife is her husband's pin-up girl. Except, of course, to war wives. And to them the story band was. When she asked him how he knew her he said: 'You don't know but I shared a tent wllh your husband in Europe. The biggest and main decoration in the place was your picture, and I saw it often enough and of the lieutenant who recognized a you so tent mate's wife besause he knew you In- [ her HS her husband's pin-up girl makes better reading than all the » T .1. .. , ,, -:•- , wartime marriage inix-urs put to- Now that gives the other side of gether. I recognized MAKES BETTER Continuous Shows Every Day Box Office Opens 1:4a Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN i:0fl a.m. 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p nv Last Time Today Carolina Blues with Kay Kyser and Ann lliller Selected Short Subjects Temperatures Atlanta Angrusta . .... Birmingham . Charleston . . and nitely. No. -2 continue good indefi- '~ .SUGAR. ' November/16. ilSW-r-First day for Sugar Stamp''No'. 34. 'February. 28, 1945—Last day for, Jacksonville .' Sugar Stamp No. 34. • , Tallahassee . 49 56 50 58 Charlotte 49 Chattanooga 46 Chicago .-... 12 Cincinnati 27,. (Denver . ...•• -23- Detroit Kansas City 25 Macon 56 High Low ' Memphis 35 February 1—First day for Sugar I Stamp No. 35. June 2—Last day for Sugar Stamp Wo. 85. ' 21 Miami 74 29 Montgomery 54 18 New Orleans 56 33 New York 31 21 San Antonio '.... 49 21., Savannah G2 7 Tampa . '.' .' C7 13 Washington . 40. ••.8»Hou,ston, v- . .V..;-..;....'M 7-.Jackson . ...i : ... 51 40 Little Rock ...';......,..- 40 37 Bhreveport . "..,'. '45 M. L. Brockettc has so many pairs of hose that she is dividing wit>-> i OA&OLINt. j .her friends. Her husband, Lt. March 21—Last day for No. 14: Brockelte, sent her 50 pairs, pur-: gasoline coupons in "A" Ration chased at 5 cents a pair after they ^Book. ! wr-re captured at a German ware- , —; house. Read Courier News V/ant Ads. Well known In drug circles of Arkansas, Mr. Nichols was C'OHT ncclcd with a drug store In Jones- toro before coming here to be employed as pharmacist by Borum's Drug Store. noon was won by .Mrs. A. F. Huntley and second hlsri by Mrs. S. P. Martin. Light refreshments were served during the games. Club, Guests Entertained Mrs George Grear Jr., of Colum- Youf hs Enlist In Nary bus, Ga, houseguest of Mr. and Mrs a H Grear, and Miss Mildred t Rudolph Rogers, n-ycar-old' son lou Hubbard were guests of Miss of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer 0. Rogers-.of Mary Spain TJsrey last night when Route 1, Dyess, was included among she also entertained members of 1 the youths recently enlisted Iri the the Pouble O Club at her home for Navy through the Memphis Naval T?onruitlniT .Q+itirt« '' an evening of bridge. High score prize was won by Mrs. John IJnpitt and second high by Miss Hubbard. ' A dessert course was served. La Neuve Club Meets Members of La Neuve Club and a number of other guests were entertained last night by Miss Peggy "White at her home on North Tenth Street. Included among the guests were Mrs. Richard Jones, Mrs Robert Phillips. Mrs. Russell Haynes Fair . of Ashdowu houstguest of Mr. and Mrs. Farr, and Miss June Workman. Bridge was played during the evening with high score prize won bv Mrs Jack Chamblln, second hbh by Mrs. William Q. Boyd, and Mi's White presented Mrs. Farr with a gift. Canapes and iced drinks were served during the games, and a dessert couj-.e later. Recruiting Station. Included among three others from Arkansas recently accepted InV the Navy was Arlie Glen McArthur. son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. McArthur Sr., of Lepanto. War Production Board calls drive to save WASTE flu'i h wfiof CrSofrmon DonoW M. Nfl KYI about lh» paftr ihortaymi Student On Dean's List Miss Lavora Ford or Burdettt was among those students listtd by the Dean ol Arkansas SUt* Teachers College, Conway. as having n grade average of "B" or better on all work for the first .„, uc«<;. mi , „.«'! semester. Read Courier News Want Ad». Beware Coughs from common coWs That Hang On Creomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to the scat of the trouble to help loosen and expel perm laden phlegm, and aid nature — — —..— j",. ...*, to soothe and heal raw, tender. In*. the psrenU of. a son bom yester-! flamed bronchial mucous mom- Son Is Born Yesterday 1 ••:,.. J Mr and Mrs. Clyde Robinson arc 01 ^ * PLAYFUL YOUNGSTERS NEED Platform models — just like the frown-up girls wear. Sturdy and comfortable. Mothers love their practicality—daughters love their style. Sizes 12 to 3. S-M Widths. Brown Elk, as illustrated except closed back. ) • OUTER ABEL • RICHARD HARIHG-GEO. CO'JIOURIS-MARIORlt RIORDAN Directed by YINCENI SHEF.MAN • Screen •' Ploy by Julivi J. i Philip G. Epiieirt • [roa Q ' Slory by'Elj2atclN'»!v'.JI>c byfioni Waunnri 3 On Sale 5 tn Lobby! Paramount News and Selected Short'Subject Matinees Sat. & Sun Only Opens each night 6:45; starts 7 Opens Sunday 1:00; Starts 1:15 Continuous Shows Sat. and Sun. Bargain Night Every Night Except Saturday. N'o passes hflnorctl on Sunday at the Roxy. SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOV/ERS properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are always fresh, nnd all work Is guaranteed to please. Let our expert designers help you with your floral needs. ™« FLOWER SHOP Ph. 491 F.T.D. Scirice We Deliver Anywhere Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Williams, owner Glencoe BIdjr. day , at Walls Hospital. The baby has been named George Miller Robinson. » The Robinsons also have three daughters. Club Eight Entertained branes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way It quickly allays the cough or you are i to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Counlis.ChesrColds. Bronchitis 25 WAR PLANTS CLOSED! Ai we go to press, about 25 mllli mitdnf W*r product* out ol pap«r have had t* dost down. Are we going to Jet them ftay cloted? Or shill we open them again with a community drive to save w»tte paper .., ao4 keep right on saving it? You know lh» imrwtrl We MUST twing UIOM 25 doon wide with th» biggeat avm- Uadw tt old boxe», corrugated paper, car- ten, btft, Bewipap»rs and majazmes, that tbi* city Hu • ver Men t W* MUST organ!™ our friendi... our thildr«n.,. rvtrybody who lias a loved one la th4 Arrntd Forces . . . everyone, who wants thli war to end xoon ... in victoryl Q«t going right away on that paper trail! REFRIGERATORS and RADIOS REPAIRED 324 EAST MAIN City Radio Repair ACUOSS FROiU LILLY STREET Last Time Today Double Feature Victory Thru Airpower Also SAVE A BUNDLE A WEEK SOMI BOY'S LIFE -When Mrs. O. O. Poetz entertained members of Club Eltjht last nl7h{ at her horns for their reg- i ularsweekly bridge party, she also ] was-* hostess to two other guests. ! Mrs.-'.C, R. Wroten and Mrs. B. o. Allen. •;'.High score prize was won by Mrs. L. 8. BenUh and second high by lira ^Charles Langston. j , A dessert course with eoffee was ' t Aope ia «*ch no«trtl TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES non'l rely on makeshift methods of termile control. Let the world's larsesl tcrmllc control organha- lion iirolcct you against costly damage. Free inspections on request. BRUCE TERMINIX CO. . Licensee of E. L. Bruce Co. MEMPHIS SINCE 19H ; LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative —Phone 2S1I 205 Lynch Klclg. Secret Enemies with Crafe Stevens and I'aye Emerson Thursday and Friday A Nation's Fate Depended Upon QNE WOMAN! The true stotyof the plane ttiatblasled the blitz...and the woman whose secret heartbreak gave It wings 1 K*wipjp«r«i PoM them ftti <tho way tin (Mptr twj itlli ihem) and tf« ihfm in htimllc} ibcwi 1] Incbct hiib. ? iK>tln«t ••< •••kr It ih«m ID bandl«» •boat IS licht* blgk in4 C«r4< Mi4 Cvrtonvl Fltrrm d»*m ou k >nd t/» la bandlvt about 12 f «p«r tWrappuri, Cnvotopec, tto.)i Flatten and pack down la a hot or bundle, ao that it can ba curried- U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign Recapping and Done Hy The Hawkinson Method "It's MORE Than A Re-cap!" PATENTED EQUIPMENT it MODIISGER-PQ Hl|hway fit 'Xorth Phone 2201

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