The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1947
Page 2
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TWO I3LYT1IEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER' NEWS Emily Wixswi, Society Editor itor W IMiono -101 lissibnary Society Has Circle Meetings iCircle meetings of (lie .Woman's ^Missionary Society of First Baptist Church vrtre held yesterday aluir- Jfoon at VHUOUS members' homes. Mrs. Joe McPnll was hostess 10 11 members of Circle One. fur which Victoria Gilbert gave'the Mission Study lesson. Mrs. J. J. Cook- Eton oiid'-Mrs. M. C. Oilt'i'uv led :ayers. Mrs. C. E. Johnson n'.i.i ID Jlrcle Two, for .whlcu Mrs. Theodore Logan gave. Ihe Mission Study Mrs. Johnson gave the tlevoHiLHiol and Mrs, Logah and Mrs. M. W. Lewis led the 10 members in prayer. Circle Three mel with Mrs. Erma tlolman with eight member? aitriul- ing. Mrs. Miirlon Williams led in prayer and Mrs. C. W. Afflict nie- sentcd the Mission Sludy. Mrs. Ebb Carson ami Mrs. R. G. Cash Ifd prayers for Circle Four, which lust with MM. Walter Bishop, lyrrs. Bishop taught, the '. Mission Study lesson for the eight members present. When Circle Five met with Mrs Robert Grimes, seven members were present. Mrs. S. M. Hood and Mrs. Charles Ncwcomb led prayers and Mrs. Newcomb gave a ropo 1 :'. of ilv? -Fi'uilwrn 'Baptist Convention held in St.'Louts. Mrs. Joe K. \Vaddy was hostess lo 12 members of CirclB Six. Mrs. K. C. • , , _, Brown led in prayer und Mrs. C. S.\ Ml'S. Ll'Ockcr MaiTICC Lemons gnve the mlss.on study Dell Senior Honor Students 1'ixik ••dm Maxim- M 1 been niitiM'tl v anil Mrs. A. J. Ma/.inc >:: the 1'ulim- lii.mrs <I Joyce is :~o.'i e1:',i y-i iv: "Annual f.;i:iff" anil :t Council. l-'vi'Iyu Joyce llh'iiuls k, d:u^>lit:-r of Mr, and Mrs. ;-Hie:tjy M'.-CtJUk, Kus '.-Uirian and Kvelyn .Jo>vr- iihoiul';, clnUf.lili'L' t;i Mi. j.'Kl.-, of Dlylhcv.'JIc, .'..'ilMfaloi i::i: <il li."tl .Senior Class, r- iu-chli-f ut Ihr "Annual Stall , via 1 j;rrsi(Uni ol AnKTica und sceidary of Hie Miuaoni Council. :luf-l of the fxinor <-J:i::;, activny lullt.or ol UK: nruibrr i>l It'.e I-. H. A. ,ic'|i oijn i I and student Bits of News Osccola PTA Meeting Delayed Until Thursday OSCEO[J\, Ark., May 13 — The meeting of Ihe Osccoln ITA schedule lor tomorrow has been postponed until Tlnirscliiy Iwcuuse of the nppcarancc of the high school band «i Ihe Mcmjihis Cotton Carnival, Mrs U. W. Watson, president Mr. and Mrs Earl McOreijor and .said today. daughter. Mareia I/ni. have return- 1 N ew t |, tl( . fr)l . ( hi, meeting Is 2:30 id home from Rlpley, Tcnn., where Thursday ufiemoon with the hitjh they Sjicnt n brief time with Mr.'i. McGveiior's iiarents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Newman. ' | Mrs. Clifford have undergone TUKSOAY, MAY III. 10-17' CmmciUc was. to a track o|icriitlf)n Iliis morninc, at the Daptl-ii Ifospilal ill Meinpliis. She was nd- iiiittcd Salnrday lor the operation. Mrs, Stella Davis i s alilo to DC out after iimteri«>inu a tonsilcctoniy :l( fil'/thevilJe Hosi:i(al, Mr. and Mrs. R. L I OBKlns will co to Ihe O'llf Const tomorrow to spend a week's vacation in Hiloxl iii"i ntlifr C'o'islal points. Mrs. W. N. Kianton of Itaytown. Mo., Is the ciii-sl, of her sister, Mrs. R. I) l-'cri;uHon. and Mr, Ferguson, for an indefinite limfi. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jur.nkin of Co- liimhia, Mo.. Icfi last ni|;ht to return lo llu'ir home lifter siicntlin;; a week here with Mrs. Jon.-ikln's lather, p. H. Cutler, and sisters. Mrs. T. I fx-av, an,i fiunilv. nnd Mr.';. 1'JiU Ihu-diii. and family. Mm. I). j[. r-felins left yesterday school .students in charge of Ihe program. A meeting of the executive commillce will be held at 1:30 and the study course will be conducted l)V the Rev. 1,. T. Lawrence at 2 o'cKx-k. At The Hospital* HI.YTIIKVIU.K HOSI'IT.H, Admitted: Mrs. n. p.. Koblnsoii. city. O. E. Workman Jr., cily. •J. I. Guliics, city. Tiiylor Liiyton, city. C. I,. I'uicelt, city. Di.snii.s.scil: Mrs. I,. M. Chan;>cll. city. W,\I.[,K MOSITl'AI, Dismissed: Hilly Wayne Bayrun. C'ooti'i'. Mo Mrs. n. j. Stcclf. aivi-1.;. Mo. Mrs. JiiniKi Thcnnos-jii :incl l;;i':y city. ' • • TWO I DeMolay Confers Degree I On Mothers of V Groups Ctimbined \ OSCF.O..A. A ,k.. M a y scholarship. last year's winner of the "Miss Ai'kuiijjiis' lltlc was Miss Becky Mcr Call or Hlylhevillc, wlio was run- test p in Hie "Miss America' con- held In Atlantic Oily. N. J. j dell Watkins. the m.inist. The Choi;- iirpsciHect a p'oi'.nm yc-stcriliiy inoruins ut BiyU'.cvillc lliyli School. Hendrix Choir Presents Two Programs Here The concert |)i'<\semc<| lost by Ilemlrlx CJollci-c Chajwl Choir. Conwiiy. at First Methodist Church. featin'L'd violinist Donald Warmark niul c&nlrnlto Mary Rllz.ibcth Bale's. For Party, Wcinor Roast Tile K:nit-N:iniK-Ils and Hiibbn Hiibbn <ira-Ys uf Hlyljieville Y combined .Saturday afternoon for a "hobo" party and weinei roast :it Walker i'ark. EJn rouie io the park, the "hobos", dre.s-id lor [lie oecasion, bep;- Bcd n pot of brans at the Joy Hester liunic. Miss Alice f:'afiija, staff advisor for both ^rutiijs, v:as assisted i]i en- tei'tniniiu', by jm.-ior leaders Frances Uoudy alul Mary Dowtiy. or (lie Order or Uc- 1 Flower MoJay \M >S confci-retl on inoiber.s of 20 members of the s'onp at a Mother's Day moetin;; here yesterday at the Masonic nail. 'l'he. initiatory ttef;reo was con- fc-rre<i on three new members. They wer c Steve flnlph, Jr., iJuin- ley Jones and Clarence Wilson. '•- W. Willlnms was in charfic °f tho program and Frank Sanders conferred the- decrees, Osceo/o Girl Will Seek Miss Arkansas Honor.'; \ J. filccn Mctcair, elioir director. - The ,' conducted the concert, !\fr. Wiifinar.l: presenled "O Bone "He.ioi' " Wieni- ,'Presbyterian Women Have Circle Meetings 'i- »i i i r> • i to iNcbnisKa Kcsidenl Mrs. Frances Kl:z ibeth Crocker ol Blylhevilje b.-rrinie Die ijride ol Rlwin Montromrr.- ol Horlli I'lalte, Nebr., in a ceri-juom' Saturday -HI ilfl a.m., in Oicc-'ila at the home of of First .the ni:v. Mr. Seivell. retire.'! M:nh- ' The Womnn's Aiixllifiry Presbyterian church met ''yestc^ > odist. miriistcr. wlm oflkiialcd dny afternoon nnd Inst night iii j .Mrs. J. it. <;;oii;:e. of ] circle -groups for regular business program sessions." i'5 H. H. Houchins wns hostess and Mrs. p. D. Underwood, co-lios- tcss to 11 members of Circle" One. Mrs. R. P. Kirshncr Bnve tlie devotional and Mrs. E. R. Lancashire, the program. "Am I Happy?" tnk- en lorm the book, "Thy Kingdom Ccme—Beginning in Me", pre- Ep-iteri at each meeting. Mrs. Robert E. Lee King and Mrs. , •Hugh Nelson Thompson of Cleve- • Al Bant IS land. Miss., guest of her sister. Mrs. Samuel p. Norris, Mr. Norris, sir.1 Mrs. King, were guests. Mrs. Roy Wnlton gave tlje program fov Circle Two, which met with Mrs. J. E. Beasley. Mrs. A. p . Diclrich was co-hostc'ss. In addition to the nine members present were two euests. Mrs. E. A. itioc and Mrs. C. M. Gray. Mrs. Farris McCalla was hostess (o nine members of circle Three, for which Mrs. L. S. Hartzog, guest, presented the program. Mrs. D. c. Bailey and Mr.i. ,). 13- Pisher were hostesses to 11 memliars ol Circle Four at the Bailey home. Mrs. Erwin Jones gave (lie program. Mrs. c. M. Gray, Auxllistty president, was a E*i p st, \ Mrs. G. 'W. Dillnhunty (save the devotional and Miss Jewel Smith, the program fov the Business Women's Circle, wliich met lasf night with Miss Bess Hall and M.-s. BvVd Wickham. Taken from the book, "Thy Wi'i be Done-Now", the pro^i-am sub-, jcct was "Brothers or Bombs." Mrs. Thomp.ton. Mrs. G. W. Diiitlninly and Mrs. LavelJe Maycs were guests other than l! le 13 member-, attending Refreshments were server' at each meeting. motvori of honor lKiMKi:; .'jet'vr was Ihe Charle.s brst man. Mr. and Mr:;. •'. 13. were lu^l i'.nd hosier; \vlili a reception following Hit,' fvrcmoay. Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery will make their home ::) Nt'rtli PI:Ulc. Programs P resent r,cl Mothers Are Honored By Soronly Chapters Mothers ol Alpha Delta ;ind Alpha All'Jia Chapters or Hfiln Sl«ma I'hl Sorority mciuhcrs were hon- »ith .soc'inl alfair.s K:ilurd:iy and Sunday. The Alpha Delta Chaplcr ciilci- Salurday with a luncheon Mirror Uoom of Hotel No- lained at Ihe ble. Armorel 4-H Members to relurn to her home in Oiikland.! Have Fisfi FfV 'J'ejin., after .spending'i\folher'.s Day) Je:,ii" p.ilcstrina! Hacb's niitl' Slni!" and "Romance' Mis s li.itci s«ni» "CavAtlna" lialf- Cain; "Jjecp Kiver" Burleigh, mid "Oar Mothers ' Metcalf. Sololists fov ohoins r.nd quartet numbers were Glenn Finneil, baritone; Beverly Stewart, soprano; Thomas Mills, tenor; Anne Scobee, contralto; Jean -McAnally, soprano; Mary Klixabcth Bates, contralto; Tlvj- ma.s rianigun. tenor and Robert MLlJanicl, baritone. Corrlis R. Arnold was the organist and Lyn- Continuous Shows Every Day l!o* Office Ojifiis l:-ir> Sliow Starts 2:00 I.ISTKN TO KLCN 8:0(1 a.m. K:4~t ]i.m. 4:30 pa. TuOHililV here with her daughter. Mi's, Ray WhiUiiiitlun. anil Mr. Whittinclon. W. Willliivhain. rnid faini! 1 ,; his sister, Mrs. SUP Wtiite. father, o. T. Wll- lint'haoi. tmd all of BlyUieville and mother. Mrs. nubye 'Willingham, who arrived here SaUmll'.y from Milan, Tcini. nnnually. Students farmed n receiving line. lo Krcol the 37 mothers who nt- «c«.ra eel with Ixm- i^^^, with „,.,, „ s( , nlln ' , , s Vk-Vl'(.ll.l .»i.l ..IL\.^|. \ l,l . I Mrs. Gl'i.arli^s Ifinfcid was hostess to Circle One and Mrs. A. I,. Ijrat- tcn to Circle 'I\\o v(^( alt.inioou of the Woman's Missionary Society of Calvary -Baptist Clmrrh. Circle Cnc meelinf;. which nine mciuber.s and a visitor. 'Mrs. J. P. attended, <ipenecl with the (M'oup repMilinc the l/jid';; Prayer in unison. Following a biief business st-'-sion. "Our Co-O,:eratLV^ Proav.v.yi" \va-i presented witli Mrs. ITniilft" r.-i^rroVrs. Mrs. D:irn>H L-linsford and ;uvs. Joinl Holm* 1 ;;. \vhri \\-:^ in rliavce, tid:in* i>ar|. The group was dismissed by Mvs. C'.i:.. rr, P. H. JcrniiMii i:avc> tho nitif, pi'avcr for Circle Two. Mrs. Jitn Knfihtnd concllK'Icd the business •s!.irjn and -Mrs. B. L. Vastbindcv )i:>d clifirr.e (if the |iroi;ratii. Mrs. elrti'.d' s;ave the cic>'otiinial and istiiii: on I lie |n\").::iaiii weic Mrs. Cam Pruilt :inrl Mrs. .1. \V. TIIIU- lin.^on. Mr*. O. Wil.soa le<l Ihe rlo.s- ini'. in-aycr. Kefrr.slmif nLs u'err served fhiiinj,' social iiour.s followiijt^ ran- session. raii|-ements. l>]:u:i: curds of inhi- liitiirc Siiriny boiifiiK-ts were used. Ka«h ElU'St of honor AV:IS presentc<l n Mexican hnndlilou'ii (jlass ivy jug in violet and a(pi:>. Alpha Alpha C'hapler mother were honored with a supper Sunday ni|>ht at Ifnslie Inn The six lables wiiere they were served were decorated \vlth lovv bou'l.s of ro.^es, l>ansles and other spring flowers. Mo! hers from out of to;vn U'er? Mrs. LuMarr Boyd of Drew, Miss, mother of Mi.s.s Belle lloyd. and Mis. ». n. Nclms of Oakland. Tenn., inolher of Mrs. n.iy Wliillnglon. Iliirct Grade Sfticlcnts Honor Molhcrs «l Tea "The; bif;i;esi event of tin jenr" is the way ihird grndu studcnla at Cenlni! refer to llieir annual ten f"r I boil' mothers, ulven li>- sl ''''''day nl the school. Miss Mar.v Oul- j lav; is Uip class teacher and sinrc she accepted thp position several years a|;o. the.iirtair has been held Party, Shower Honor Miss Aiexa. Williams ' Miss Alexii Williams, of Blyll-c- villc Hiah School faculty, wns hon- '"•'•rl last nipht bv fellow niemu- of the GEO Club with a surprise shower at the club's weekly uaitv when Mrs. J. C. Ellis Jr.. and Mhs Dorothy Jean Higsinson were ij lesscs 8t the Ellis home. They entertained with a dessert bridge. The home was effectively 0 decorated in Spring flowers tor th* occasion with l»uqu.-is of roses on each table. Other than member* quests were Miss Frances Bowen of Lux-ora, Mrs. T. H. Caraway '-ml Miss June dosnell. MLss Lynn Jackso.i won hi.m ' score prize in evening' bricW-ean'c- nurt brigo went lo Miss June Cios- nell. DAR Delegates Named For National Congress •Mrs. A. G. Little am! Mr*. A. Comva; \vi)l be de-f\".a!rs from Clnir!e\oix Chapter. l):i\'L'h f .rrs of the American nevohilion, at tin 1 Conti:irninl Cousiess of Hie !!-i- llnnnl DAP, Society in Constilu- tion Hall. Washington. D C M ly 19. Also i^annini.', to attend fiom Vississiiij-.i Cunnly in Miss Hulh Masscy of Osceola. deiegale of Ihe William Sli<:nn Clinplcr. XTir-s Aclcic Hook of Osceola. d:\ushtcr of Mrs. .1. II. llonic, will be a pare from Arkans.\'.. al the \Voaian's Club, •N.irnes of .s'li.'dcnt.s u-ho \vill jjlay will be announced later. The students prescnled a brief lirof;ram of poems ami songs about mother, nick Fosler lotd Ihe story or the origin of Mother's Day.and li^itbelh Ann Fowler presented Kindness to All Mothers." ncfrcshmenls of punch with cookies were served. Mrs. J. T. Westhrook, Hip "lucky" mother. on a cake inscritjed with "Mother." To form ;i soiling' for Ihe affair. Ihe room was transformed into an "indoor flower garden" and pictures of molhers bordered the room. or Die afhiir. assisted by W. T. Mot/.ler, Jr., nobby Vinson and tiny Clousc. liditys and Dailies v,'ere ])E:ivcd ([iii-in-'i UK; evenlnt:. Teachers were special fvuests. A. May ):t —- Osceola's! ' i'ni' "Miss Arkansas' icld in Hniena .June P. r »-2r. uiil ijo cboseji liere June 11 whrn the Osceola Junior Cliam- j brr of C')nimercc,,:;punsors a beauty I ponlci-t jit the high school atheletie field, nill Nicholson, president of i the Jayce.cs announced today, | Winner of (he contest will compete with entrants from all over the state at the beauty contest to bo held In connection with Uic Eastern Arkansas young Moils' Club con- venlion at Helena IH'MI mouth. Winner of Ihe "Miss Arkansas' title will lie presented a $1000 cash Listen !o Showers of Blcssinas Over KLCN Tomorrow Morning ot 8:30 a.m. Sponsored j-y Chni'c-li ol' 'i'ho Niixarene Beasi With Five Fingers willi Kohrrl Aliln A Aii<]rr:t Kin; ' Continuous Showlntr 1C very day Shmi SiibJnU Wcdnusdiiy Tliui'sdav aiul Pviihiv * WE BUY * WE SELL USED FURNITURE JIMM1E EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. E. Main Phone 2487 THE BUSIEST TABLES IN THE HOUSE '(mi feet 2(M«ttt<t Present Music Lovers Attend Metropolitan Operas Biytheville people in Memphis! lasi ni»ht to attend the Mclropoli- tnn Cy?ra, Verdi's "Aida", in ad- aition to those announced yesterday. K-ere. Mr. r.nd Mrs. P D Foster. Mrs. E. I, Hale, and Dr. and Mrs. <Aifred Vise. Ctl-.eis. r.lanninf; to attend "Mar, r:ap of Figaro" by Mczirl toniBh: Delude Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lowe '• nnd son. Jimmie, Afr. and Mrs Russell Barham and daughter, MKs Wsnda -Barliifcn. They will be ac- ccmpanied by the Lowes' other son Jerry, and Mr. and Mrs. ai T Moon, going for the Cotton Carni•:.• val. F J minst. to Students in Rccit;il Mrs. Efiith Slrphnn wi'.l 12 of hi".' piano -students ii I'ital Thursday ni(!iH. TLtt TEEN-A6EB. ' by Barney Want to Keep Healthy? world si These over fur Lalhs Iheir Ttke tarklFh known ihc hraUhlnl fjuAli -TiirVifch BHltiK I^Vp lm|i«irUTcs' ir^m Tonr *r*(un. relieve *tthritiF, rnnsru- I*T ache* fcnH pains ftnd maVe *you lik« new Rgaln. Don't drlsvy. call m> for Hppufftlmpnt .»iftw. you'll he f****!• Iflff liell^r In ihort /vrdcr at very . tmtil fYMnxe loo I Bcoury Shop •13 Kcrlh'H«c««4 £tr««t Phone 3302 FOLDING TABLiS ASH' FOIDING CHAIRS CAMERAS FOR RENT B ARMEY S DRUG STORE Samson Df IUXE Card Tables • All CARD GAMES • BUFFET SUP?IRS • CHllDRtNS PARTIES • OUTDOOR USl • WRITING TABLES • RCCRIATION ROOM • STUDT TABtl • RADIOS. TYPtWRUERS • MIDNIGHT SNACKS • AUXIllADt SIRVICIS Samson Deluxe Card Tables Provide FuHcst Use of V»ur Room Capacity. Charles S. Lemons, Furniture hord - tcm leg* . <on't «- Eict'. . " ,: l 'j - .if-'id pcicrf steel ccns • Smooth tubular snog hose. • Lever automatically locks tabla fcgi in place, releases cosily, • Chairs woi^'r tip over. Scot hinges can't pinch . . . Safe lor children. _ • Back rcsri afford p'crfcct pos- turc. Scats removable. • Circular rubber tips prevent slipping, scratching lloori, marring and all-purpose tables tVuit arc o whenever you want ihcm ... and just easily fold out of sight when you're cramped for space. Sit comfortably in these sturdy chairs,.. they're cushioned with no-sag springs, 3 layers of virgin cotton felt. Tables c~o streamlined, trimly- modcrn ... styled by America's leading designers in 6 colors. Sfainproof, washable, color-fast. 'TYRONE POWER-GENE JOHN PAYNE • hm BAXTER Clifton IBB • Herbert IfflML W, SOMtiiSET'tWUciiAM'S The Razor's *£>" .2^. t "~-*/ p..^.j»,nARRYLr.7ftNUCK ^^ D .j b, tUMUHD (iOUlDING I,,,,,.T^, b, l/IHAK IKOItl Alsn Short Subjects ('nntlmnuis Shuu'iinjj Everyday Box Office Orens nt G:30 Opens Sunday '">,':; Sl.lrls 1:15 A> Continuous Si'.,\"V Sat 'nrt San.™ Bargain Nleht fv-~ Night Kiecpt Sat.r.'ln; •t. '*^^ea honored ^n .jtlnday ai the ICoxy. Tuesday ;tntl Wednesday .ROMPING THROUGH THE *!1 K !!! ?rch for bandit Qoldl i^HALEY'T, % \\\ W^^S^s. AflNE lETIIttYS-','i^LlY B^OWri^ IRIS AOTUAU - MORGAN COSftAr . AlKt! CRRNCY ^atieJ FoMinq Ijb't! rugs. Charles S. Lemons, FURNITURE COLORS TABUS How Many: CHAIRS How Many: Uo.y C.vfh CJ'jr* Yi^iprf C *•< <*<- K- Pf-.l C'.'f ( ', ( r 1 ! 6lL,t | Nj^-0 No* SltPM Tc!jl Coil J _. C^H-' O Vj:e ^_ C^CCV Q COD p ..J Selected SliOrl Slllijects

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