The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 22, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MA^VOU5Y«fMOMY«6seEKT'S A PAGC OUT Loslees CAOSMT T» oe A»I OLD ALSOM — E&8SZT AMD PL/TOTS i THE GOVTrtis£sTU£ MO^S—COV£RGt^ ^w ) iTFCT A1£h£\)CI JArz ACT ?~ &s< * T Wft * veL PLAYS Oft A COM8 AMD 1UE &CAT MOUR HUNTER'S COLIC r ^ R*WTIM6 TW SCREENS? Kk -CHARLEV HORSES' FRDMTH u^^^-Z. ? EAt> ™ IS/ " A CH*w.fe HORSE ISA STIFFNESS IN ARMS AND LESS Of BALL PLAYERS." PCODUCCO rS fW£ , ,„ Ht ASKED Me tUEY 6V6R BLEATS A FEVO BE BOP BARS OP LAURIE I5THE WM Tae 31)6 QgCDIT MOTHERS GET GRAV PRESCRIPTIONS By Adelaide ^HumphriesJ atrrit.«t«<( l» NEA SERVICE Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoc pie PAGE fresh Stork Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent operators! Use lh« protection afforded by the State and demand a licensed operator, Kxperienced, Reliable. Termites . . . Household rests. Bl.vthevilie's only licensed operator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rte. 1, Bo* «-\V. East Main St. Phone 3792 For the Finest Prescription Seryice Call * It . Wilh Kluwei> THE FLOWER SHOP tilf nrtM t$g|ldin& Ph>m» MHI M fT4t f e Follow , Your Doctor Prescription; Nichols Druq ' "" I'HONF 1601 FOR SALE Ctmrrftr colveru 12 Incb u» M inch plain m mnforced AIM C'nnrrelr KuildinK Rfcx-h-* ebrap er than ivmhri rm barm chirkm h..ux-> pump rM»»e» tenant hr.u-rs tool sheife Wf irbrei (.'all i^ Ittt free estimate Phone 681 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO CHE was in a smart cocktail lounge at Washington Boulevard and Grosse Point—which is Detroit for Fifth and Park Avenues—in her navy tailleur wilh its impeccable touches of white. Her lashes were long and curled at Iheir tips; her hair had a lustrous glint; her figure a perfect IS; she had a flair for clothes and a dimple in her chin. She was waiting for someon*. The sherry before her had scarcely been sipped, and there were three cigarets crushed in the ash tray. Her eyes kept questioning the entrance. After the fourth cigaret had followed the fate of the first three, a young man from a nearby table came toward her. He was big; he had thick, btond hair that required a lot of brushing to keep in place, skin weathered the color of cream in coffee, eyes extravagantly blue. He said, "Don't you think you've waited long enough for that fellow?" Gaynel drew herself up and said, "Why! The very idea!" I "That's what I thought!" The 'young man agreed. "The very idea of you wasting your time on a lug like thaL H /^AYNEL adapted her snootiest manner, "It's your time that's being wasted," she interrupted. "And if you really value your life . . ." Pick-ups, even joining tables > were discouraged in this lounge. She could see Armand, her waiter, looming on the horizon. Barry always insisted Armand should have been a Cossack Headsman. He had such piercing black eyes, such elegant mustachios, such pomposity, "Time marches on," the young man informed her with the utmost gravity. He consulted a somewhat battered, leather-strapped wrist watch. ''One whole hour!" He pointed it out to her. "Gone from your lovely young life. The pity of it! The shame . . ." "Madoine wishes somelhhig?" Armand's smooth voice i:ut across her shoulder. "The lady wishes me lo join her," the young man said. "Kindly bring my drink over here, that's my good man." "Armaad is sorry." The waiter bo\vc<l from his hips- Almost you could hear his spurs clicking together. "It is not allowed. To bring the drinks from one table to Ihe other." "Why. you old walrus!" The young man glared at him so that for a minute C.iynel was afraid lie might reduce him to hash- "I'll fetch the blamed thing myself." Bui Armand was quicker than lie. A side step barred the way. "The management," Armand bo\\e-ct again, "will not permit." "The management, eh?" The young man looked around as though wishing to include them in •Ihe hash recipe. "iMaybe yo:i'd better let Jiim sit down/' Gnynel put a plaeatin^ ha ncl on A rm a nd's red -cos ted sleeve. "Arm.ind >s sorry, Madomc," another elegant bow, "but it i* cmposseeblc!" "Oh!" It was the young man's rough Uvccd sleeve thai Gaynel clutched this time. "Look! You'd heller go! agement . . 1 think it is the man . ." The hcadwaiter. The young man hissed Into Oaynrl's car. "Say it . . .* Tritx, dear," Gaynel repeated. "I can't imajiiw why I didn't recognize you at first," followed by two plain clothes gen- | possible nod and stare, flounce on tlemen, was bearing dawn an tier way. , them. People were beginning to crane their necks and stare. "Please!" Gaynel gasped, and gave the young man a little push. r PHE young man practical^ pounced or. her from behind the palms. He tucked a hand beneath . her elbow with just the uuaxii , uei -Jiu-jw willl ^pHE light of battle in the young correct degree of prolectiveness man's eye had quickened, but and mastery. "Now," he said, Tac- anothcr push [rom Gaynel sub- ing her about and slatting back in the same direction from which she had come, "we'll take care of this little mutter properly. You know. I knew the minute I laid eyes on you that you were a darn good sport." Gaynel knew she should have denied that indignantly. She should have re(used to budge. But she didn't want another scene. "Where are we going?" She was practically being dragged along, he look such long strides. The dirtjr dollar bill was still clutched gingerly between Gayncl's immaculate white gloves. dued it somewhat. "All right," he said. "I'll go! But only for your sake. There are other ways." He dug in his pocket, pulled out a dirty, crumpled dollar bill. He poked it under Armand's nose, then tossed it on the table. "That's the pay-off," he said. "Meet me in front of the elevators. You know, between those two big palms." He gave her a grin; wriq- kle<i his nose at Armand; bowed in exaggerated imitation of his manner, actually clicking his heels together, to the headwaiter and and his henchmen; turned and took himself off, "Anything the matter. Miss Tcare?" the hcadwaiter asked solicitously. Gaynel gave him her very s-weetest smile. "Not now, thank you," she said. She looked at her wrist watch, a dainty affair of platinum, set in diamonds and sapphires. It had been an hour. Barry had told her he might be a bit delayed. But this was inexcusable. Though of course Barrj would find an excellent excuse: one that would even place part of the blame on her. Their phone conversation had bocn brief and interrupted. They sometimes did meet downstairs, though Barry knew she thought it loo big and -. noisy. Bui if the mistake had been ig hers by this time Barry could have J had her paged. "Bring my check, please." She smiled on Armand now; from her purse extracted 3 crisp new bill. Of course she was not going to meet thai crazy young man in front of the elevators. But she had lo return his dirty old dollar, didn't she? She would just hand it to him, aive him the coldest off. To "Back where we left show that old walrus." His eyes were too clear for him to be even slightly piffcd. tic was the most outrageous young man. "But not the same table!" Gaynel breathed, finding herself swept toward that very one. "Where else? It's the most desirable table in the place. Excellent view of The Casino, far enough from the bar to escape the cacophony. . . . Here comes Nemesis. Fritz . . ." the young man hissed into Gayncl's ear. "Say it . . . 'Fritz, dear, it's been so long since I've seen you."* "Fritz, dear," Gaynel repeated, "it's been so long. I can't imagine why I didn't recognize you, at first - . It's quite all right," smiling up over her shoulder at the approaching Armand, as she sat down. "The lady will have sherry again," the young man stated firmly. "As for me, make it whiskey and soda, as befits a gentleman. And, my good man," peering up at Armand through an imaginary monocle, "make it snappj, please." (To Re Continued) A photographic floodliRht seven tr> 15 times ns Intense as sunlight on a bright day. enables motion (pictures to be taken at a speed of up to 8000 frames a fccond. Read Courier Nrws Want Ads BlythtvilU RED TOP CAB CO Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chkkosawbo swirrs PBEMIUI BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Mean and Groceries We Oerirer Phone 2043 Plenty of Parkin* Space It a n SO.' 3.175 to one chance | A bee's avcraRc load of nectar that von can turn up a seven on j weighs about one-hair as much as inc dice 10 limes In succession. I the bee ILsclI * C'OMPAY, \\l \ - M -i, Phoi» 3075 In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's th*. Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE w*W J I WFIE For Expert Prescription Service FRECKLES AJVD HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEI Yak, Yak I •'••' HAS A STCftlU OF MlMSTOL OtMES Me A 6ULLY A MERE MAM WOULDWT UNDERSTAND.' Bur WHEM A WDMArJ GEIS M '[HE DUMPS,SHE GETS HERSELF A.NEW HAT/ "That's the trouble with television—how'm I going to know what's going on when I'm out plowing?" PRISCII.LA'S POP 15Y AL VBUMERR THAT SMELLS GOOD, HA7EU.' WHAT WALDO' DIDN'T EVEN KI5S ME.'. I KNOW.,. BUT YOUR COOKING V3 A i NOW UY MICHAEL O'lUALLEY and RALPH R LAST MORNW6 OMIHt RAFT, . Wf lEAVf TOR TOWN RIGHT ~- AFTER lilHCH. BEEN SUCH FUN. TACKY/ .TACKY, TODM Wf MST TIME \ I COULD OKILV or All—DRIVING IN, ISTAY GOIN6 TO DINNER, INSTEAD C* COMING WASH TUBES You Don't Sayl BY LESLIE TURNER 1'* LETTING GIG DOWN BV (JOT MARRYING HIM WOW, SARA 1 . 1 VWUT TO HELP HIM — BUT IT'S KISKV TILL V0LJ CAM BE SUES HE'LL ST*V SO&EE.! f HE REALLY IOVES YOU, JAM, HE VVOH'T INSIST >JE1 1 10UE OAU KAKL BUT...W6lt,PtR 1*1 TOO EMOTWttAL IH UEGING JftW TO HeiPL.fl.Wr6 SRE WARRY ME SCMM?I COHCERUED WI1K HfLPIW VOL) -—-_ —^A FIGHT MCOHOL THftU" III MOIDIUG EISK.FOEH6ESEIF. •EIHOiO CAUTIOUS If SHt'a. M LOVE! UUGS BUNN Hut What a Koom vou ouoreeAw, TH' GUV TOO CM-CHEAP I rT WAS ONLY A A P-PRIC6 r-^ONE ROOM HOUSE VA SURE THIS 16 -rtl ZIP RISHT OVER IT' BY V. T. HAM LIN KS'5 GOT US RNN6D QCAVN.:.IT5 EfTHEK . - GROSSED M TUB'S EXAMINATION OF WHAT APPEARS TO BE A CPACKED- UP SPf^ESKP THEY FAILED TO NOTE TH= APPf?CACH OF A ST(?ANSE. LIKE. CREATURE. fl-M- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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