The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE BLYtHEVTUE, (AfcK,) COURIER WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6, 1034 Surprising Symbolic Snrnppers Firpo Was Synlhotic Too : But JlelMlfil Jack (Jut of Ring. BY JACK DKMPSF.Y .(As Tnlil to Harry fir.i> son I NEW VOHK.-Max liacr Is a natural fishier. Tlie California!! who will altempt lo win Hie world • Jw-avywflghl eluimplmishlp from ; Prlino Cinnrra In Ihe Gulden Howl nn Jimr> H like-; lo bank-, tins Ihe ».esl fnr cnnipetiilon, and 1ms been sfjiiii-llilni/ nf a :.,•](- .innde niHtiiimi, • :• Carnern, on ihe nll*-v liand, fl syiilheilc .scrapper.- Whatever skill the Italian has ncfiuiied us I • a Iwtr-r and hitler has roum lo! him. not through native nplliudc. |~ and competitive- wll, bin ihroiigb -skillful leaching. Rni-r took to fighting as a kid, -JiLst us your youngster will take In boxing, lennts. track. briM-bn)I. fOrtthall or golf- and mrike gnod nt It. Camera loo_k lo Ughilng Ix-caiiKC II ofl'crcd if i;nod way In' capital^ hts slAi and strength. , Camera nrst came lo this country frankly u physical freak, lie had been with circuses, had attracted the nllenllon of Ibe llule Frenchman, l/eon .Sen, and sprouted out as a fl|<liler. bad I want lo :i ullnilc to Carnera. 'rim clam lius [lone u maikable Job. Anybody wlin saw The La?? Word In Pmil.Ooan Hurl* Win Over Cults; Iwlianr.. Tii'nrs Spiii '(lie Si. slroiiK (;hl- Am- k-inl- liLs left work against the master fencer. Tommy l,nii|;hi-aii. «t Miami, kixms hnw well lip Ims done Ijy himself iiml Ills tutors. There were many moments from Mart to linlsh of IS rounds Jn which Cnrtiora oulboxed llic foslcr. much lighter Ixmglmm. Many who had come to scon nt the Venetian remained lo marvcel nt lite aptitude niul iilmnst Incred- Ihlo progress. I cite tills because I don't wnnl . you to ct-t Hie Impression Hint 1 nin runnlne Camera down, or liu,' PNriMi Ilial t-is .speni on Ihe linltan. l-'or l-lr- |x> plenty IniiKh. even ilu.ugh I kiKM'kcil Id lit In the w-ciinil ihul wlilk- i!. wldli< hu nniid hlt-- mini U Hut l! wu.s [iliiln I,His Angel was Inrg was strong, while he he was a synthetic (Ighlei To lie a tji-cai llghu-r. must Ix: ulile in give Ii. laki .mil \mfffn a fighlliig liemt. When nrpn i-lnlilied me over the ropes and oui among ihe h|k'wr[l.-l.s ami telegraph Inslni- mi-nls. I Mjiiiclmw inuniigcrl 10 gel ; heard was n lillrrli-Mllc lirst rnuiul. hellUlliu> lils'slamllni! as chain- 1 ' l| ' ll ""' ; 1 "' illm :i- dlil Hint. plnn. i j fn'lxi's puiu-h knix'kcd me I am eager only to drive home ""' °" '">' fn ' 1 - ' wmliln'i loll the imtllsimleil fact In the battle yo " *' h " 1 klni1 " f " I'"" 1 ' 1 ' H «'"s. in Queens we will have a natund | 01 ' wllm; a l ' l; r ">" fighter opiiosed by a made er—and this should rcbou the advantage of Baer. i" tcs ''"'• nll(l lt « " ra's rtcfense of Ihe llllc"" 11 ^vantages that I had over I Dacr reminds me of the' 1 '" 110 lulckly asserted ! In Ihc second round. natund , ll> '"' ; l ' l; " 1 "'e fight-1 !ul ""•' '' nl >wcl>s were \i'l]x-d innd lo''''"'" '">' t>r " hl <l>"''iw tlie niln- ' ' By Marry Grayson desired lo be self-suprxiilli In develop Ills body for profession * •d up a ilng In hack nf ie barn -an: Itglils and all, an.l ] held Hie Yankees lo two hi'iV «in the lui|irm'i:?il little mil-j rest of the l.niits CanlliiHls hold on Hie K e niee |, y .lefeallng il, Cubs yvsleulay. In t], iniKiii' Hie Yankees, iop]ied n B .,nii> („ (I,,. Klls . Td-il Hox Mr. Wt-.-'If-ill uho u.-x>,| to )mi| ,iie u>)i,|'.> lor ilie Cleveland Indians. Tin- (' wnn t:f|,n,,i |.|^ ng ol Paul neon, who v , as ly In Hie throes or u salary ii'iil wllh UK- maima-Miiem won his Mxlh ::lralt'ht b'nme allowing only seven hlt.s. I/in Wnrnr-ke wns, the Imlng pitcher. i The New York filnnt.s ilr-fenled ! liie Hnslon flraves at New York. i The w-urc WHS 13 to 4. The. i C.lnnl.s iiiiule III hlls ori iluee nns- • inn plletipr.s. Nehimioelier Vii.-; dir ttjuiilng liiirler. ', 'Hie Phillies wnti n pair ! 'junes from MIR lirrxiklyn i-rji. Ttie Keore.s were II in in find .1 to 4. Between them the Iwr. tennis made M hltf. In Die Hi si BUIHP. Ciicclnello till honi- fr.-i In enth Wesley Terrell relta'pil Dusty Rhrxle.s In II, n inmlh innjn,; ,,,in liie way. Uolli uiuie In of ASIH1RY PA UK. N. .l.-llllll Max Uai 1 ]- Iveen a ll.orr 1 skilled dicllUan for |>ii'::. he might noi now Ix? ipiin-tcied al I'. Hal Sims' pidallut place al nearby Kllx'ion. preparing in nieel I'rlu.o Carnera for the hciivvwi'l'jhi li-adeishlp in Hour ai-cm, became thc center of j ihe iilnlh after" lliellcd Box had iiilracllon fnr lownlcs and flsll- j put the game salely In their win 1 column. The score was u lo 3. cally Inclined youngsters from uil- Jncent larms. Twenty nr llilrlv iiiiioiiiublie:, di-ni-e In nightly 10 sec vnhmieer sparring partners put 'em on wllh Dial big -Bacr liny. Visitors were tri-aled Van Alia was the losing pitcher The Chicago White Snx and SI. [.mils Browns divided u-.-o games al Chicago. Chicago won the I! to 2 Sam Jones New York nil . The Cull Unei Iilvcillioii' i|||| Slitlluecl. and grew so hl-nlrtl challenger ellltei hrolher-in-law on tin ma- l-l. •ft dnlly ni unusually i The chuuged In- Iond men IICll Hie bii^r- Inlmlier nf cars menu for in ihe yard, revenue '.i farm at ' the plai-e." Ix- •,! ilu! li'UM- Louis finer. "They li.-lleved it lo incimieius l»-,ntle|: j,,uii. for thai was the Ilial tin- eiirri-iu only kind nf an eMabllshmem liiul In puiu-li hl.s iimmid l.lvi-rmore iiiiracllnu thai 'and IHW ui- i|iill. iiiiiny iH-nph'. I hn-lu-il them In--nil 13,(roll The TH-rs Al least, l Hat is what In- li.ld Ills lold Vm In take a go,,,) look. Fun-! Ihe Indians under a" Ion-sided" ••<] i, pater. Jacob Maer. ny. wasn't nv Their coining n.ji,, -j xc ( ,,,. ,„ , llD nrH ' ' ''" ' Ibe second the ut: the. Brownies In clu-ek. SI. Louis club look Ihc s:-i:by slugBliij; nut 17 hn s 11, Kdded i to : ( . Coirmmi was Ibe wliinhi" Pupa j pltclier. West hit a liomer in (he firsl. game and Cllfl and linn- ma In ihe .secnnil. The Deliolt Tigers ami cievi- Indlan.i split in two game.-, swamped Will End Firsi fin!!' Tmiij-lit If Wraihrr t'ermits Fins) f-fiinf.- of ihe fa-si .half ': : | in ihr rommerolal f.ifi I.ail iiiviui'j> nf lain, will lie player! lo- niilii unless irdn r.faii; int r.--],i nuimr.iuj in n,i condition for i • bin imlr-.-ji iiiiinr-i r.iins 10- iiiiv :i-'M]ii -/,.il: it,,' fir-jii ir n\ (liM half run IK' i-lo-e lonlglit. I.eapue [itixlous for i lie firsl. is Ihe sccimd hah Is n 'i'lllil.'iday night, u lh- plavrd lontghi il P.irlru- 1'i-W-il AGAIN TONIGHT ON THR STAfiE- Hollywood Pmnierr -- STARS — :ir, ON THE SCREEN Mrs. IsalxM Dodge Sloanc's ihrce-year-old coll Cavalcade became llrst horse in jr. yeais lo lake both ihe prl/i d Kemm-ky and Ami can derbies when, as .shown below, la- uallniii-il over ihe ilnKh I iwo lengths abend of IJlu-fnery '.o capiure ilu- laiu-r r:u- at Wa lualnii ['ark in Chicago. In ihe dip photo nnin leu in rlnht. f'avnlcadc-'s jockey. Mack Oarner, Hi-iuge Hinr.iu-. t,nd Mrs. Slnan.-. owner, shmm with liie irophy ?.i.:ri!ih:'.l!iL: HIF- JW.iiihj tiiumi.h. Adnlnlic Mrniau, I it'll. Chiis. Hickfoid :ind Shirley Temple in ^Little Miss Marker'^ News • ('iiiiH-il\ Thursday & Friday "Now. see here. yniniR man." ad- : "'"' whisky and seeing the. coni- monlsheil the Papa Uncr, who '"B liemyivelBhl champion of ihe indiie.d waniors In Henver a quar-I icr century before, "tln're'll lie Wllh Jl : yon ciown, and, as U turned out, my bre:lk tllc Argentinian no! light i or liel in Hie ring." In llglil, Juln ihe army I'iipa Tlaer Aids Cull t« Kepp Pence hi Family Bui -tlie Papa liner wns slow to lo win, S to in the ninth made name. The Crnx counled Ihree of llielr fences n-ii In the ninth. Chaplin «as ihe mints game. In | winning plicher. Indians turned I Tin.' nii-mlngliain llarons wnn' wllu three runs over the New Orleans Pelicans in Inning. The Tigers elghl doubles in (lie, m.-,t Washington - Senators and Phlhidelphlu Aihlellc.-; divtdexl iwo neck-as well, against Luis Angel rirpo. -The-WIld Bull of the Pampas was just that on the September • night In isa, when I bumped Into htm at the Polo firounds, or rather when he humped inc. Thai, WOK one time in my career when T didn't land llrst. The Argcntln-] v inn. Was bUjittr— physically Incred- ' • NI '- XI: IWe. ife nn^esKnl plenty nf flre : " a '"' and ngnrcMlveness. and some men-' '*" M|Ui ' sure of ring aptitude. But .lack pempse.y. It myself, was a nslimii ngmer. i D -, -- . I Hked to pul i,n- tlie gloves ! Heal LotlAHWOOU Pnilll Prorn the oulsel 1 loiighl mninly ; . _. . . under (lie mm ihe result mlijhi I " TlllU '-' H " f 'l ll ln<1 Idea. Pop." lU'cnncllc himself lo Ihc Cub Uncr'si cam.s nt Washington. The Nats have been dlftorcnl had he not' ™ 1>lu ' cl l}tf c " b Uncl '' lvll ° wiis. 1 ' 1 "'' resolutloii. Again It was thelfiot the decision In ihe second 4 l>een a' synthclli; scrapper I tar " wllh !1 1)nnst °" llls ]l l« I !VI " m "" 1 H^' 1 who acted us ine-1 to 3. after thc A's had irrahuerl 'Hut flghtlm; .simply ,||,| nol'cnmo I; 1 "/" 01 ' ' ll!1 "' } » v " ihlnking of dlalnr. nalmally to the Wild Mull of the lc "' K<> ""' """'• |j "' lk u ' lial " xs ""o'lKT Is always !'nmp;is. Hurl, he did no, hnvi'i "''"'PT. "'"' '''"'""'y made. And! 1 "!!. lia|i|iy-i>n-liicky. and on in;; In:.l Inn njxm uhlel back. ' l)rni|>se> dlseuss.s WII- Drills af_tl,r hi 111- - Ihe fecdlnij hogs when 1 can lick ""• !" sl "^e him." smiled the jail nf lhn::e kind nrguysl" ;I'apn llaer. •'llrntlir-r Iludiiy, il.ere, When he reallwil Ihal. the Cub j ls 'I 1 ' 1 '- 1 like mi-. | liner iiieaiit what lie said, ihe Ta-! "I dldn'i pay much nltejiilim In pa Haer did his ulmnsi in dls- |Ma-< mid Ills l/ixlng until hi ennrace- him Tlioroiichly vencit Hu- JIIO- Cfilile In mi- one- nielli - iiml ll! pugilism. Ihe. Papa Mner vision- |Sal<t. 'You ought to 'l>e ashanietl .1 bis handsome ,-nb with a lni.ii.-j of yourself. .lake. There's that boy .1 Ueak ami .scrambled enrs. The I" 111 'here In back of the bam fip-i liner sl'mgesled a jnb In n |dnlng his to learn how lo to 3. after the A's had grabbed the opener, 8 to 1. lientou of Ihe Macks and Weaver of the NIIIS vere ihe winning pitchers. » hurling duel by virtue of a home run. Tlie score. 2 lo 0. was pio- vlded by roiL]--ha^f;er (list with one nn. Hughes the winning pitcher. Rain caused tin- Chatlanoogn- Kno\vllle Efime to be colled „„ ,, , Hit' NiimlH'c fii:hi, mid yon, who know nil : • ulioiil u, ivfii.<-.ii]>> in help him. 1 uall club de- .Maimiia Uner llajs i "What w:is I lo do? I had tit ruled Coilnuwood I'nint Suiidny, U-uli's I'irst l!ii. K Kqiilpinrnl. ileml Max a hnud In keep peace In i^ lo -I. me Number Elgin .slii.,-- Rui Max's uujlher, Mrs nnra i ibe family. So 1 lold him that if ucrs found Cottunwood Polnl liarr, wa.s more sympnilu-tlr.-. The I he feally wauled lo become a thnic flglitc, Because of his si z c, $^^ JZ ^^1^™^^ ^ '""" " IC l "^ ** ™ '° "° " ^^ in YOU'RE TELLING ME iKH'.anse r loved lilt; game, lliel siiH-11 of resin, the imr of the: crowd-ewrythiiig that enters in- i lo the Iwxlng business. like Carnera, was a syn- : because of the flnaiiclol lure. Luis j second Firpo entcrcil llic ring. The IK- ' lu-moih of Uuei.ns Aires soon (omul lilmsi>lf in America, then the Inutl of fanulous purses for extraordinary heavywelehls. His verj' un- couthiiess and club-like rlglithand made him colorful. He attracted the attention of my friend, the' late Tex Rlckard. greatest pro-' motor or all time. Hickard gra.ubed Firpo while.he j lie" Ir. located In lh, was hot. 'There was no long p !c - ! Seiim of Honnlnlu. drove her 18ii-1 -mil v.-ork "OIXl imiiiii!. Blue tiiib-.licd iheiixnuid cub .15 miles lo Oakland, [drove him (o Oakland llirce nhjhls \\ei-k. or until Haul Ixii liner got same. Baruer luirlert Mcady ball Number Eight. Barger and liarger roui|«.sed Ihe Niimlier lei-y while Wiseman caught Timi- mid nine fnr Colinnwnixl Point. The niii.-ha.-.od liL. inst rlii;, ..,...,. for- iiieul. Tlie Mnmina Ilaer'.-; Rewind for Ihi.s less than two' years laii-r was a $1>(I.[|(X) linine and a m-i-yl- ; .i illller car. \ "Mn\ nhvuys vj:: a i;o<»l liny." j explained ihe i> ;l p;i Haur. "When! him -a Job In Ills fallu-r's engine Slniss Knocked Out; Vols Defeat Crackers Willi Lain Rally The Little Rock Travelers were on the losing end of 12 to 2 game with thc Memphis Chick.-; yesterday at Little Itock. Strii.-s started for the Travelers hill was sent to ihe showers I Hie Baseball Is only a fccoml love i . In-\lmplrft-.C.-n." .ru-lg'i, of- the j I Southern League. . . Htaoner Is' a former pro football sinr. having] played with the Cainon Bulldoc;?' and New York Giants . . . lie jiow conches Rice Tnstliuie's l-.ncl-:- field. . . . They're saying ihar tbe Nfaniissn Nfauler ilroppc-d n."> grand when tiarr.ey Ross lifieil Jimmy McLarnlii's welter crown . . -. Joe Steelier, former ln-avy- uelglu. nun chump. h;,s folciorl his 1 tent . . . .iiiiil v.iiti all Hint swell, easy wmstllnu rlougli In sight! . . • .-u meant \-owr-fl he fame wnrk.s there." The Cub IMer has been riiilii mei-iy illp on blr. nivn'1'' s i round. Swayye. wns the win- iwei ever .since. Milnq pUclici-. Memphis scoicil :;!x — .. jriins In Ihc lirst Innln;; In put , . - Workers nn linuldcr Dam lake l tllc Camo on Ice. niicieiil nawallan feather ;rhcutiial!.Mii laid me up for 111'fall in llielr ihinklng waicr lo re-1 The Allanta Crackers lost a i! In Ibe froul oflice ll is s>ild -nul cloak known its ihe "Queen's Man-1 months, he Inboicd like a slave.". place Ihe excessive lo---.-) o! salt:-I name lo the Nashville Vols alien inmiorc have H he's'nn the iv.v UWn.p inn-- The Cub Haer look the Job In In |iei.-:|i1iatlmi. which afl.-etr. iheir .the scoivil all of their runs'out as manager of Hie P.nii- iiln- giavcl pli. bin only because! blixxt. • -in an eighth Inning; rally. Hilly Petrolic must. what ho said when he was .Tinlsheil wllh the after Ills defeal by itariiey . . . The FaiL'O r:\ Is iiinnlni: n cignr store in Duhitli. . . Oabby Slrcct again is exiici ii;iie.- hi't too much inieifeieiice from In llie:-e aie liMhi 'S ol plains fiaiml In nn oilier; coimiry. NON-RKin SPOT 1'AI) TRUSSES Thr I'eilect I'diplure Holders! SICK oiw I.'ITTKII NOW CoasiilMllon and Ailvlce l-'ree. We havi: a spi-clnl ly|n: for rupiiire! Kciliinsnn Drnjf f'n., Inr. /)««'/ Caudill's Agency d'cncral Insurance GARY; i B. P, SCHlilBERB f A Fat a o u n l": P f e 1 ii'r & COAI100V - - CARTOON We WUl Pay In Cash Your Equity In GOVERNMENT LOAN MEYERS BROS., Inc.

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