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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin • Page 2
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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin • Page 2

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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A-2 TUESDAY. AUGUST 25. 1998 GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE Wisconsin praises federal court rulin; against sampling count of the poor and minorities. Many Republicans opposed sampling as favoring the Democrats. The traditional census method involves mailings and door-to-door surveys.

Studies have shown that, if sampling had been used in the 1990 census, Wisconsin would have lost one of its House seats. Instead, the state fought sampling in a case that went to the Supreme Court. The 71-page opinion Monday noted that "had Congress wished to authorize sampling techniques employed in the apportionment enumeration, it could have done so quite simply." Sen. Herb Kohl, said the court decision bolsters Wisconsin's contention that the only just and fair census was one based on an actual count. Through sampling, "states like Wisconsin, with admirably high response rates, would be penalized unfairly," Kohl said.

Associated Press A federal court decision barring the use of statistical sampling for the 2000 census won praise from Wisconsin officials who contended sampling would penaltae the state and could cost it one of its congressional seats. "This decision supports what Wisconsin has been arguing for some time," Wisconsin Attorney General James Doyle said. "Wisconsin will fare better under an actual census count" The three-judge panel in Washington, D.C., did not rule directly on the constitutionality of sampling, but said its use "to determine the population for purposes of apportioning representatives in Congress among the states violates the Census Act." The Census Bureau and many Democrats backed the use of statistical estimates as a way of compensating for the expected under- Steve LevinPress-Gazette Toni Scott, owner of the Door County Kamping Resort, surveys the damage to her facility and office, the back of which also serves as her residence. Most of the building was demolished by Sunday night's tornado. TornadoArea endures day of devastation Man's will takes aim at double-parkers -v 's jhv 4Jt ''xi It, This trailer at the Door County Kamping Resort was tipped over in took shelter when the tornado hit the.

campground. FIXrLE tion Sunday. The sale featured dozens of characters from the TV shows H.R. Pufnstuf, Lidsville, Land of the Lost and D.C. Follies.

Claudia de Llano, a publicist for the auction, said she didn't know who bought the Spielberg puppet. Representatives for Mich Spielberg Puppet fetches a big price ael Jackson bought 15 items, she said. She didn't know how much he paid. Plaque to honor Presley INDIANAPOLIS Elvis Presley fans disappointed over the planned demolition of Market Square Arena will have to settle for a plaque commemorating his final live concert. Mayor Stephen Goldsmith dedicated the plaque Monday at the site of the June 26, 1977, show.

Presley died on Aug. 16 that year. "It is only fitting that an appropriate monument be on display to remember The King's final concert," Goldsmith said. "His devoted fans deserve to be recognized for their enthusiasm and steadfastness." The Press-Gazette corrects factual errors promptly and courteously. If you have a correction or clarification, please call the metro desk at 431-8346.

i i Associated Press BETHLEHEM, Pa. Robert Allan Miller is getting back at people who double-park if it's the last thing he does. Miller, who died in 199S at age 64, left $5,000 in his will as reward money for officers who write the most tickets for double-parking. The will reads: "Because I be-, lieve that people should pay for their arrogant disobedience of our laws and their lack of manners and their selfishness, I give and bequeath the sum of $500 to the most conscientious police officer, each month for 10 months, who gives the most traffic tickets to motorists who double-park, thereby causing law-abiding motorists to break the law by crossing the double yellow Miller was not rich. He just felt strongly about certain things.

"He was a real character, said his friend Frances Altstadt. There were certain things that just bothered him terribly. I guess that was one of them. He lived on a really narrow street." Puppet sells for $16,500 BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. A puppet replica of Steven Spielberg sold for $16,500 during an auction of works by puppeteers Sid and Marty Krofft.

The puppet, dressed in a red shirt and gray sweater and wearing metal eyeglasses, was valued at $3,000 to $5,000 before the auc- Correction LIFESTYLE: Ying Yang was misidentified in a photo caption showing the Yang Food Store, which she runs with her husband, Koua. I From A-1 sin 42 and Sunnypoint Road. It was there that it exacted its greatest damage. Total devastation It slammed into Sunnypoint Gardens, a 110-acre plant nursery that Bud and Judy Zawojski had worked 25 years to turn into one of Door County's finest. It took only about a minute to undo what it took a quarter of a century to do.

The funnel leveled a couple of greenhouses on its way to the Za-woj skis' home next to the highway. ''We got into the basement," said Judy Zawojski. "You could hear the crashing and banging. But even then, I thought it would just be windows busted and that's about all." But that wasn't about all. The extent of the damage left the Za-wojskis wondering if they could start over again.

Bud Zawojski was too sickened to even talk about it. He mechanically swept an oriental rug in his driveway. When asked a question, he swept harder and harder. Finally, he looked up and said, "1 Just don't want to talk about it. We've worked so hard Across the highway, Darryi Lautenbach stood silently in a field, perhaps 50 yards from a pile of rubble that had been Cornerstone Antiques.

"We had something unique here," Lautenbach mumbled before he couldn't go on. Indeed he did. The third floor of his remodeled barn contained two luxury suites, complete with a hot tub in what had been the silo. Below, on the first floor, Lautenbach ran an antique business. When the twister hit, he and his family huddled in the concrete base of the silo.

"I'm sorry, I just can't talk about it right now," Lautenbach said. Traffic, both on the ground and in the air, was picking up by noon Monday. Brown County's Emer-. gency Rescue helicopter Dew back and forth overhead. And U.S.

Rep. Jay Johnson, D-Green Bay, also took an air tour of the damage. He would say later: "It's amazing. It's like a big giant just stepped and crushed everything." Campground leveled The big giant put his foot down on Door County Kamping Resort perhaps a mile east of Lauten- "My husband and I just ran through the whole campground, shouting to everyone to get to the shower building," said Toni Scott, who operates the campground with her husband, David. "One family didn't hear us and they hid under a picnic table," David Scott said.

"Their camper was totaled right next to them." Toni Scott thought of the movie Twister as she watched the tornado approach. "You could see the lower clouds start to swirl," she said. "Then, when it got closer, it looked just like in the movie." Steve Harp, Appleton, was assigned to hold the door shut in the shower building the only concrete structure on the grounds. He did a commendable job; nobody was injured. Harp stood in front of a scene no movie could match.

Wooden outbuildings were leveled. Camping trailers were crushed. Boats lay under huge fallen trees. But everyone was safe. "When I was holding that door, the tornado hit it so hard it was like a car running into it," Harp said.

"It was unbelievable." A true survivor Finally, there is the story of Josh Sawyer, a 16-year-old who learned how to be a survivor years before when he recovered from leukemia after a bone-mar- during the case. "I stand by anything I have said during this investigation and the treatment of John Maloney," Lewis said Monday. "If he felt he should get special treatment because he was a police officer, I disagree with that. This was investigated as a crime. A crime with Sandra Maloney as the victim.

"Anyone can review the videotape of the news conference. I was Steve LevinPress-Gazette Sunday's tornado. Thirty campers row transplant. Josh, his brother and two sisters were home and his parents, Mark and Sarah Sawyer, were not. When he got the call from a relative that the tornado could well hit his farm home on Division Road right in the middle of the Door peninsula, he did all the right things.

He herded his three younger siblings to the basement. He stationed them against the wall facing the oncoming tornado. He covered their bodies with his own. I. Sawyer Uses his survival skills And nobody got a scratch, even though the wind leveled the house.

"Yeah, I was scared," Josh said Monday. "Especially when it looked like the floor was starting to rise up above our heads." It was that kind of day in Door County. A day of devastation. But, more importantly, a day of complete survival. Officials said it would take two or three days for even a preliminary estimate of the damage.

But the estimate that really counts, the estimate of lives lost, was already in: zero. fair, and there wasn't anything that I said that wasn't factual." Maloney who earned about $24,500 since his wife's death will be paid for accumulated vacation time, but he will not get paid for remaining sick time. "From the city's standpoint, this personnel matter is closed," Lewis said. "It may take a few days to get the books closed out, but it is for the most part closed." BUB w--p mam FREE Large Cappuccino or Largs Latte with purchase of Large Cappuccino or Large Lane Zesty's 3718 Riverside Dr. DePere Location fAtKVl Coupon Expires 9898 Vf' fi ess 435 E.

Walnut St, P.O. Box 19430 Gazette Weekdays, 7:30 a.m.-S:30 p.m. A Gannett ncwspaper Saturdaye, 7:30 a.m.-noon Main office: (920) 435-4411 or (800) 444-0007 William T. Nusbaum Edison Amachree. production director i president and publisher Terry N.

Thompson Carol A Hunter executive editor director James M. Lobas advertising director Douglas C. Miller Kevin Corrado service Julie A. Nenahlo services Denlse Handrlck quality director. 431 -8268 Mettja R.

Overly human resources director, 431-8228 i 1 John Dye managing editor, 431-8325 We welcome your news tips, comments and concerns about our news coverage. Please call us at the following numbers: Nationalworld news: Dave Devenport (3 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.) Local news: (7 a.m. to midnight) 431-8348 Business newe: Richard Ryman (10 a.m. to 8 p.m.) 431-8221 Sports: (4:30 p.m.

to 1 a.m.) (800) 289-8221 Lifestyle: Kim Nuss (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) 431-8216 Weddingsengagements: (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) "431-8321 Opinion page: Mike Blecha (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) 431-8248 i8 availabl to take your call, leave a message on our Newsline-431-8510, 431-8511, (800) 510-5353 or (800) 8205858. How to help The Lakeland Chapter of the American Red Cross has stepped up to help victims of Sunday's tornado.

The Door County Red Cross chapter is getting assistance from the Green Bay-based unit. The Red Cross will be issuing cash vouchers to people who need help with food, clothing, medicine or housing, said Keith Alvey, executive director of the Lakeland Chapter. Teams will be going door-to-door today checking damage and offering help to people who need it. To help the Red Cross with its efforts, send donations to: Door County Disaster Relief do Lakeland Chapter American Red Cross P.O. Box 8295 Green Bay, Wl 54308 bach's business.

It was a well-ordered campground until Sunday evening. Now, it is a twisted mass of chaos and a miracle story. More than 30 largely defenseless campers were around their sites when the funnel cloud continued its relentless trek eastward. "I would have thought that you would have waited until the verdict was announced before attributing guilt. It does not speak well of you to have violated my rights to due process by indicating your belief of my guilt.

It is for that reason I am resigning. I would never want to work for you again." Lewis rebuffed Maloney's statements and defended his remark Paa 2 I 1 I I Brought to you by: "Press-lxazette kumtttmm ntmffw tiff and this fine business BaloneyResigning officer criticizes chief 431-8200 or (800) 441-1415 Home delivery is the most economical way to receive the Press-Gazette Designated moming delivery areas (primarily outside metro Green Bav) should receive the weekday paper by 6 a.m., weekend editions by 7 30 a Designated afternoon delivery areas (primarily metro Green Bav) should receive the weekday Press-Gawffe by 5 p.m., weekend editions by 7 30 am If you don receive your paper by the times designated above or would like to subsenbe, call our customer service center daily 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.; weekends 5:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please leave a message after hours 7-DAY SUBSCRIPTION RATES SINGLE-COPY RATES Carrier route $50 Motor route Sunday-Wisconsin $1 75 Mail rates available upon request Sunday-Michigan $2 00 From A-1 Sandra's home the night investigators believe she died.

Lewis charged Maloney with insubordination and failure to cooperate with an internal investigation. Lewis did not have the authority to fire Maloney. Only the Police and Fire Commission can fire an officer and only after a formal hearing. 'Maloney avoided such a hearing by tendering his resignation. The one-sentence letter was received by Lewis on Monday.

Another letter Maloney sent to Lewis Monday explained why he resigned and was critical of Lewis' handling the situation. Maloney wrote: "I wish to tell you that I am neither guilty of a violation of any rule or regulation nor am I guilty of murdering my wife. What saddens me most is the fact that certain words have been attributed to you that say I am guilty of these crimes. a law enforcement officer I thought you believe in the presumption of innocence. You don't seem to hold that rule true when one of your own has been charged.

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This staff sells advertising to retail outlets and local service businesses. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays a gjf Ha miim Ti -1 mm 50 OPF Cheeseburger Limit 2 Zesty's 508 Greene Ave. Green Bay Location Coupon Expires 9598 Esa ra wsa E3 nrm r-i VOL.

LXXXIVNO. 59 1998 (USPS 228-160) Sand address changes to Green Bay Pmsa-Gaelte Box 194?) RraanRau wi Otm Bay Press-Gatem. 435 E. Walnut Green Bay, Wl 543uTprto pooeatGrean Bay, and addfional mailing office Member Aseodated Pres. UitMMsWlBiHidVI.

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