The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1949
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MAY 27, IMS BLYTHKVTU,!! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK NtNC rf7 *'T A i- % t ^ * § fiterest arm srtti wttos tvtjii WIIH ATLACIDE Ml SAFt« CHLOtAll KILLS JOHNSON BRASS, BERMUDA GRASS, and many other gfassei and weeds. Destroy.! weed rool . . . prevent! regrowlli. In conven i«nl powder foim; easy to mix ioi use o« o spray. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Plume 551 Bagworms Attack Evergreens in > orts of County Bngworms arc beginning to nppenr junipers and other everfircen Imibtjcry i n North Mississippi ComUy and Mrs. Gertrude HolLimm <!vises .spraying affected areas with rseimlc ot lend to control the sls. A spray llial IMS proved effective Uiis area is made with one ounce nl arsenide of lend and one ounce of hydralcd lime in two gal- ons of wsUer, .slip said. A compressed air spruyor of two to Tour gallon raparity is sufficient for the spraying or a larger sprayer he used. ArseniUc of lead may a ho be usc'd in a duM. she said. The biiRwovni is a sinnU worm that lives within a case or bag feeding through the open end. I is common in North Mis5ls.s|pp CouiHy for the bagwonn to defoliate shrubbery nnd Is most promUien in the month of June. . Just what you need to MOVE OR LEVEL DIRT FAST! • You cnn't beat a Dan user All Purpose Blade for grading, cleaning feed lots, terracing, ditching, filling g u Lt' es > or moving snow. Attaches quickly f» Ford Trm-ior. Lifts and lowers by Hydraulic Touch Control. Reversible hla«lc adjusts fi>r mngte tilt and pitch. See one soon! •IVIRSIS FOR 1ACKFI111NO Cotton Acreage MayExceed1948 Planting 98 Per Cent Completed, Agent tor N, Missco Reports Planting of the ima cotton cra\. ver most of Nortli Mississippi County has been vuinnleted, lu'eord- tu County Ascnt Keith liil- ncy. with some lute [ilanllnt; ic- >oned in isolated areas. Air. Jlilbrey e.slimnlcd Dial pliinl- ii!i was tlH per eelit complete aiu hat only u few limners have no completed their re-planting. Stands me (|Uile irregular unc liappolntlni;, Mr. Bilbrcy suid. es ..jciallv in the heavier hiiul urea wllcie'phintinx wns later limn us Hill aiul in several amis where- cutworm damage wus reported. He estimated thai the iUi'.i col- ton ucreaiie to be slightly higher than last year which was eslimsiled at 300.000 acres. Alfalfa crops o[ the county Imvc been injured H'ejiieiidously due to the persistence of vnrleguleil cutworms nnd the .second spring culling has all but been elimimitcd by (lie Insects. Scores o t North Mississippi Comuy farmers found It necessary to poison their alfalfa around cot- .011 fields in order to suve cotton stands and a few hnd to poison ail or tlictr nHulfa crop, Mr. Bilbrey said. Taxiphene wus used as a .spiny for cutworms on larucr areas while on small areas poison bails were used in the form of wheat bran and shorts (jDlroiicd wilh Pnrls green and sodium flolisilicatc. In Little Rock, the State Crop Rcpsjit Service estimated that I lie cotton and rice crops are 95 per cent planted and both corps are In good stands. Harvest of the spring potato crop . expected to begin In abom two weeks, the state ai;euey said. Cool Reception Given University Hospital Proposal Gardeners Should Begin Early To Protect Plants from Pests Though niiiny new insectIcIdrH have been developed and ure inul v r text, n.D.T. and rolcnone icnriin he chiol reliance of home gardeners for control In both the •l-etable and flower gardens. Together they will destroy pr.ic- irnlly nil iii-ecl invader.', and pro- eet vonr garden from injury, if they ure used before the Injury is | done. So beuin sprayhiR <"' dusting nl the first si(;n of trouble, and In so'oe eases before you .see the sluns It you luck experience your nelv.htxivv ran (ell yon what insects lo Msncd, and when Wlien cucumbers and melons, for rv.iirple. you should and alwavs expect the Infant plants to be attacked t>v Ihe slrlwd brrtle. As soon as they sh-nu "vowth al>ove the -'.round begin lo rili't or si>r:>v. lull In this c:iso nol with l>n.T Thi- Insecticide c:Hl lulled onlv wilh BWt ri'llti-il on n- ciimfoT" 1'iHnns :'iid simi's''. *• "' plnv safe 'he iiliv'lcur may use ll-lxhllc of one p.i'l ,1- U'lVf. 1 O;i .i'l anil r-lci vide roi r curdon miinK U1>T me ninv 1>" unxc<l U> pv.>. iiiete protect l<>n HIM'list. Hi one opci-llnn, -i»ec wh'il "lie r!'»'S not kill ll 'C Hi!"! 1 will O"e -•' Hie newer tillvicHi's. such -ts lej'mMr, nia\ i'e :iildf<l lo the tiilvtm-. I" '"ve nil iimnnd iiro- inilil^sl, liolli li'S'-cl ni'd ll's- of Effective in Wor On Cockroaches CSilordunr, 31 new .synthetic: ,or- t;anie luscelicUU', has been [omul u In 1 especlnlly K<XK! In the rontui^ 'I coi'kt'iKiches tn Ihe home, m-rnnUiu Mrs. Gerti'iule H llnltihun. conn- | (y Jioin*' ilcnion.striitioii ii^enl. Tlie now tuMvtlade will kill the lOitclH'-i on cunt net nnd may lie applied in either a duM or spray lovin. A live pel t-rnt chlordauc du.^t should Ue used liberally^nlonp walls, nimv.'ty.s nnd .slielvr.s M?nJ .flit'iild lie blown tnlo the erevU-r.'* In-hind li;iM*bn:mK unit olln-r htdlUK plains. A ilu.s, y.w\ ov bl<iwrr l.s i-nnvrnii-iil. -lit 1 said, hut (luMinj; i';iu l)i l tl-^ir \Villl 11 ,s!lt»'[--tOp I'UU, j An oil solulfmi c«nt:(jnfn(K Hurt? tin 1 p*-r ti'iit chlnnlanc is usiml- Iv retMuinn'iideit for sprnyiuc Like dusts .simiys should hi" dhvclcd town id liulitn; pliici-s oT (lie rcmehes. Al»i>lird as a spray, cliloidnnr U':ivr.s little- nvldtie »ml tlicrr N lundly ;uiy itaiu;oi of polsfitilni; '•htldi-'-n hn-nmo 1 the* dried spi\iy stick ll'.'lilly to the s|>r;»yiMl MM - liu'r 1 Tht- n\'.1du»' iTinixtns i'1 fei*- Rice Producers, Millers Convene At Hot Springs HOT SIMilNClS, Ark. May 2V. 'A'l — I'romitTl.s mill tntlt<T:i ot Attli'l- iou'.s tlcf i-nip n:itlu'ii'il here >'i'.:- UMituy I" |»c-k up ixmitrr.s un w:iy.s to ll:imtlc tlu'll' pnKhU't. Mi'thtMl.s nl buying uiul srllmi 1 . llui isrulii »rt l iimjol jKtint.s which it 1 ])- n'M'iil'illK-.s "I Hit 1 iniliiMiy \vill discuss iluriiiR tin- Iltcc MlllnV As. MWlnt ion's Mill tiniuiul loiivi'iilliin. functions of n [uiUni'i'K (r:ulniij iukrt lor rl N'»w York MeiTmitlli" Kxchutifie, I r\i»laui how u Ititurcs exolianKc :'kis H;\ mttwy u'JM }w&ln inul- 111^ in rtct' futures Juno I. About . r >t)t) di-li'tjuU'.s fioin rlco 'lulnciti ti aiTu.s In Uic Uidled -Slittr.s, Cubii uiitl Pueito Rlcn huvc n^l.sti'iTtl lor the cotivmtlon. Kloi:- tioji it) oUiccix tnnioi'i'uw itlU'MKJOJJ wilt i-ioM- Uu' session. A % laskuii tioK tr;mis nvrniKC nltirp Ih.i'u MI mill's ii ilny with u loiul uf 1(111 pinimis )>['(• dog. Pope Asks Catholics To Make Pilgrimage VATICAN CITY, May 27. I'ojic plus XII called on the Roman Catholic world yesterday to mtlt* n pUgrlmugf of peace to • Horn* (tilling the 1050 holy year. JH a pupal bull officially pr'o- cliiliTiliig the holy year, the 13- yrirr-old iKintlff Implored .that "pence flnnlly return to the heart! or everyone, ullliln domestic; wall«, lu Industrial nations, In the uni- vcr.sul cnmnionwcnlth of people*." MlbjOll.S fill (ll.SCIIK.siHK lIllI'llIB till' ttiriT.-dny convention. C. 11. Under, miumiifr "DORfCH'S ARKANSAS GROWN leetlo nest-, I'vewred mix' I''P sunn ie.s " r "' n ' tbl ' nv Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Allen Hard In, Mgr. Highway 61 South, Blytheville. WheC'i'r vim d".sl or spri'V m:ikes little difference, except in (lie flnu- taken lo nrenme eouiiuueiil Many ••ardcncis nr.'ler rius'ui". PS a cupful of dost can be scnc-vd nn. mil in the dir.ler. nnd be flylnn over the planl.s in » lew minutes H" not coi't , An undiluted emmm'ivhtl Ki'in' 1 ' of scMliiun Hliorlile Is ftUso nil ef- leellvc roiiell killei. Mv<. llnllinilll suld. II l.s np'plled :is :i 111 Ilie >ntnc manner ns elildrilune bill, •lioiiUI lie implied in dry nvcn.s only U<nn'vc!-. .slie raufioitccl thitt thi 1 -' insei'llclde is ;M>lMiiuni.s to liuin:\n* JUKI .sluinld be vised carefully. Seed Corn & Registered SOYBEANS Uoi'li'h's Sovlii'uns No. "i Solil liy Mrs. Howard Bowcn m.vllievillf, HittliwH.v (it So CULVERTS CONCRETE CULVERTS—ALL SIZES BLOCKS Uock h'lK'c — I'hiln — Cinder Cinik'i I'm Ii(ion Hloi'k.s I'vniinUI (iliinsi-) ItliK'ks <V: Kitse.' Sand & Gravel • WE DELIVER • JOHNSON BLOCK CO. Hhvnv (il Sniilli I'hone 2380 START CHICKS IHECHECKERBOARDwAY Make us your headquarters for ily feeds and germ killers...evety- iu need lo giow your chicks right. PURINA CHICK STARTENA Better than Ever for Life and Growth! LITTLE KOCK. May 27—(/!>)— North l.iltle Rock and Pulaski Counts* officials yesterday were cool (o Little Rock Mayor Sam Wassell's proposal (hat they share the cost of operating the University of Arkansas Medical Schonl Hospital. The hospital is owned by Little Rock and leased to the medical school, which musl have a hospital to maintain its rating. The City of Little Rock pays $3,000 a month for care of indigent patient.'! at the hospital. Mayor Wassell said Wednesday tnat half ol the patients conic from outside Little Rock aud that he would not consider renewal of the hospital lease unless I'ulaski County and North Little Rock slime that expense. North Little Rock Mayor Koss Lawhon .said "in the faee of Ihe city's present financial condilion I rio not see that we can do any tliinp." Plllaskl County Jurlce L. A. Mashburn countered Mnvor Wnxsell's I statement by sayini* the expense of operating the county hospital should :je figured in any case load cost, apportionment. "We spend 56,500 a mouth lo maintain the county hospital." he said, "and at least 15 Tier cent of the patients are from Little Rock." would use face powder, but lie lhat nil leaf and stem Mirfaee.s air covered. l'"i and Ixittom. The sales! form of 2 -in lo use ofi suravln-: is wettable dust, which does not dissolve, bui mixes with water to mane a liquid spray. Plants which are undcmo\iri> lied suffer much more from Insccl al- ncks thnn those which are well eil- so Die wise Rardetier uiakc.s Missouri's Berry Harvest Hits Peak And Prices Rise MONETl'K. Mo.. M"5' HtrEiwbcrry prices Imve ndi'Miiccd .slightly «.s the Mlsscurl Ouirk.s hur- ve.sL reilehe.s Its peiik. Flunk Giles cif Fuycltovlllr. Ar.. dislik-t mnnuner loi n 'I'csns liuy- liiK hfin. suld Aronui berries \vere ,\ire tliiit nn adequate qunntity if selling tar $«.-'5 n I'rnte mid Ulnkc- •omnlole iilnnL food has been m;lde m cre's [in SO.'2I). vjiilnble. He *"Ld 'he Aikiin.sus Is libout o\ r er. The Missouri Is expetiU't 1 to lust uliollier two nr three weeks Tlie Prism rnllroiiil snlil It lias hniiled 18 cnrlnnds of sLrnwberriei. from Shorter than Short" — Women's Fait Hair-Do Negro Donates Tract For White Boy ScoutCamp ST. I.OUIS, Mny 27 .-'(Vi—A NW( Give your chicks the start they deserve... feed Chick Slatlena. It's tops {or livability and growth. WASI1IMOTON. MAY 27. l,Ti — Think \vomen nre wentlntr tlielr hair loo short now? Wail until next rail. "H'.s solnn lo be shorter thnn short." snirt Miss Fthel Gilclirist. nresiilent of the Wasliliiuton Hair | bnsine.ssnnni has dimaled a '2(l-aere Dressers and Cosmclologisls Asso- I (riirl for use of n while lioy se«ii cation. i unit "bccnujic ul the trenlnienl Tlie Hnir Fashion Council ol | Imve received trmii so iiuiny whit Ainerleii meetins' here fiRurrd mil i people, espcclnlly .luws." 'I'lie Neeru, II. O. rtotaltison, •A: "I think there are Mines nn flilces when the coloi'ed man shouU turn llic lalilc. 1 ; nnd show Unit IK too. enn lie benendent." fiobinson, owner of nn unhol.sler- IIIR shop. Is a bachelor and n col- l"«e ni-aduate. Me l.s n veteran of World Wnr I. "Life has been KOIK! to me since 15 different hair styles. Allhousli cul short, il will be "very feminine," Miss Gilclirist Insists. [ |: "No shlncle.s .but soft liltle wispy ' curls oh the mips of the neck, short ban?;, and hixh fealhery Ihinss on the .side very soft :md very flattering." Sixty-six per cent of all persons entering Wnshinclon. D. eacli day use public transit vehicles. Read Courici News Want Ads J came lo St. Louis :<0 yeru.s auo." he said. The 20-nrrc liny scout camp l.s near Troy. Mo., about 50 miles northwest of HI. l.ouis. fstop ^ I SPRIHD OF ISEASE in the Drinking Water Protect yout cKicks. Kill Blinking water qerms . . . takes jusl one tablet per quart of water- Purina Chek-R Tabs CHICK FOUNTS • many siz.cs • well buiU • lost long DON'T FORGET YOUR LAYE RS You gel lols of eggs wilK Purina Liayerva... i I 'a qual ity fred. No grain is needed 1 PURINA LAYENA PURINA CHICK FEEDER * SQV« |*«dl * all mclal * well built YOUR STORE WITH THE CHECKERBOARD SIGN 4493—Telephone—4493 L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY M HI<Mk ••«* •* PRECISION EQUIPMENT GENUINE JOHN DEERE cs co rcconilmorunf; John Dccrc ! : arin Equipment, onr iraincil mechanics, our precision working c(|iii]i- ment, and genuine John Occre Parts add up lo a "recipe" for servicing thai can't be matched in this community. When you bring your farm equipment to us for a checkup, our qualified servicemen will know whai to do and how to do it—quickly, efficiently, and economically. Your equipment will come back looking like new working like new—ready to give you months of dependable service. Be sure to talk over your servicing needs witli us soon. You'll he convinced —our "recipe" is best for your John Deere Equipment. ' JO*! 1 « • * BUY ONLY SOniHf JOHN OEERE PARTS -THEY FIT AND WEAR UKE THE ORIGINALS! Missco Implement Co. South Highway 61 Phone 4434 Thc Appointment of W. C. Gates G. W. Wiggs AS AUTHORIZKD MORTGAGE LOAN SOLICITOR FOR TIW I'UUDENTIAI, 1NSUKANOK COMPANY OK AMERICA. NKWARK. N. 1. Tin-: NATION'S LEADING INSURANCE COMPANY FARM LKXDEK LONG TERM fltOMI'T LOW COST .ft A l,nan I'lan To fit I'Ol'lt 1'rrfernnrc, YOU 1C i\crd», YOUR Operation GATES WORTHINGTON CO. 115 Stmlli :ird Slnifl I'lione 2751 STEEL BUILDINGS Something Hew! BUTLER BUILT PACKAGED BUILDINGS • Small industrial typ«, packaged in iize$ to meet your need*. • Lower Co*t du& to volume lac- loryfabricolion and packaging. • Quicker Erection. Easy to dismantle and re-erect wifh full lalvage. • Covered with durable 24- gage galvanized steel sheet* fo< Long-life service. BUTLER'* BUILT ••t J 1 Fr (f -*~^ "~^"*" AVAILABLE AT LOW COST IN AO', 32', 20' WIDTHS Spacious truss-clear buildings, quickly erected in just a few days. .. adaptable to many industrial, commercial and farm uses. Straight sidewalls and truss-clear roof give full use of interior space. Sturdy aluminum sheets on sidet and roof arc tough and durable — actually thicker than 2'1-gage galvanized steel sheets. Butler Built Aluminum Covered Steel Building* are available in '10" width, length 40 ft. or in any multiple of 20 R. Also in 20 ft. and 32 ft. widths with lengths 24 ft. or in any multiple of 12 feet. Th« Mark of C. A. TANT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Authorized Dealer for Huller Sled Kuildings— General Contracting l>. O. Box 83 J'lione 89« Bljlhevlllp, Ark. METAL BUILDINGS FOR INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL AND FARM USE

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