The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6, 1934 HLYTHKVILI.K, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CiA*smED SECTION ne s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally raic |«r tine ror consecu- FREE H O L C Roofing. PaliulnK. Repairs THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. ( LOST i Brown "kl<l~SLIPPER from l!o;il-: 1 cry. Saturday night. KKV/AIU). liecdy. Call KiO-J. ii-d;-ll I'llttNITUKK l.AWN i'llAlliiT Jvc Inse (Five average woios'to » "nw One lime per Him .......... '* Two limes per linn [x?r day .. 08c Three time* per llni per day .. 06c Eli times per line pet day .. 06c k'onth r»te per line .......... Me Minimum clurge 50c Ads ordered 10- mrce or si* times and stopped before explra- L'on will be cliar^r.o lor the number of Uuics tbe *d appeared ano adjustment ol blU made. All Clasiined Advertising cop) flubmltled by person residing oul- tfde ol Itio city itust be accompanied by cusli. Rales may bf computed [nun above table EXPERT Typewriter and Machine Kepalrint. V. S. Blank- ciulilp, IK E. JBust. Call 165-J. Kurnil»re repairing— llpUolstcrinc ftlso automobile upholstering. We mil be io refer you to customer* as to quality and workmanship. Complete line samples. New Location 118 No. Second JENKINS & SON B-ck-C-5 AUTOMOTIVE FOR SALK OK TUAS)K June 12, 103-1, ill olllce o( W. A. ;U!IBI> A: rjomjmny, Pulls HulldliiK, Mi'iu]i!ils. Tcnn. Aiming other iiwl- UmipainU'il $1.05 ii'i.i K> be considered will bi! pro- I'.itniril $2-50 I K!: -"1 cluiiiKC of lly-l.uw providing '1I1I-:,A1(KMO l.UMIII'IU ('O. I"!' HIlwnclliHillls (il lly-LHUS by 25-ck-lj-25 iliinliiallin; llivrclroiu necesilly lor ol pro| cniin^c;. W. K. Uafe. PlTSllU'Ni 1. 11. l-'lrnilni:, !!;• kii-12 Assistant Secretary. GAHAOK doinii BOuil bnsiiicss. ttdli NOl'll'i: I'rnilpfK'rt. Easy monthly p.iy-j Amnnl iiuvlm-.: ot swklioldi'rs• nents. J. C. CHAIMN. Manila. Ark. .nf Hhtii.'ull.' Oillnn Oil .Mill will, ii-p-12 be lu'ld lit lui.iu i\. M., Tucsduj 1 .' Summer Sale Uuctiycar Tires OUUBOAKDJiNGIlOUSE VtA cSOvlM/X "\7\KC (\ - , : ";!-\f\NCE: OM Tl US TUVOG.- ) ( K. YOI.1 <30T HAS , - 1 PIVE MORE PATCHES/ TH/X"T LOKI6 PATOV IS ONE \ PU'T OM liv Alien? Park Service Plans Camp For Every Pockelbook I'AKK. \V)o. NATION A L >— "A i-iiiiii) for cvrry ixK'ki-lbuok" Is ihc uiioUlolul inollo of YcllowMonu Nalloiml 1'iiik (Ills Miininrr. Tlu> louilM In Iho "nation's "~ pliiygronnd" can Imve the class of lie muiLs (he Nti lloniil Turk Service liiis decreed. lloli'Ls with nil Ihc modern con vinU'iicvs. lodges H little lc«i Ian-' cy, nnd frrc mito cninixs will \x llVllillllllO. A room In the best hotel will COM $^ lu l!i u iluy; tourist homes limy I)? hud lor t^50 or |3 u nlKlit. Or you "con just pitch your tent In UK unto park for nothing." THK AMUUSI1! 100-Ve»r-OW Tree Htan I'mll VANCOUVER, Wtsli. (UP) -All apple Ircc plunlcd by Dr. John Mc- Laughlln of Hie Hudson Bay Company inoro llian 100 years ago la slill bcarhn; delicious fruit. B/ Hamll» no responsibility will l» tan«i' nu more than une Incorrect lu- Krtloa of ati." classified ad. Advertising orfleu-a lor *r Insertions lako tbe one rate. 4.50 X n S 3.15 1.75 x IS * I.b0 x 20 > »8, 8 Hi}' x«, 10 [iiy S'^.'JS GuaranKfd Oil, lUUV't p.irunin buse Gallons Sl.M lo i>1.75 Spcciitl trices on Inner 'lubes HU1 Line Aulu Accessories WOLF AKIAN, 128 K. Main (ic M-C USED CARS ' HERE AKE A l-'EW EXTRA GOO1> ONES '32 FORT) V-S TUUOK. Ciwd Rubier, Clean as * Tin— License. Bargain al ...... S 3 " 3 •32 CHEVROLET COACH. l.i- ctnii-, Sloliir A-l, Good Kutioer .................. S311 •33 CHEVKOLfl COACH. Rubber Like New. A Ke;il Jiuv ill .................. 5" 7 •3Z FOlil) V-8 TUDOK. I.<wks (iocit, Runs Like Nc« .... 534! •I'llUUK BARGAINS Have Time and Money by mini; cur complete stock of Aulo Replacement 1'arts Hubbard K^rdHarr- Co. Autcmotive Urpl. - - Phone 470 FOK RKN1 •32 FORD Ui TON TKUCK. UULil Wheels. Good Itubber. Motor A-l $ VJt -M CMC 2!i TON TRUCK. Uocd Kuuucr, Large Sue Body. A Kial Buy 51*S •30 FOIll) PieK-Vr. Closed Lau. Nov.- 'lues, nuns ^ uood * 1|! JIaiiv Ollicts To Choose From 11.1111111, lun W. Walnut, unil ICli-ll MUlJt.HiN 3 room luvnislicd or 1111- liiiinsncd apurimcni over DIIIB wort. r 1 . billion. Uall 7ul. Nicely furnished APARTMENT, private tratti. Lights, waicr tree. -j \V. Main. Uail J3a-J, c UNFURNISHED 5 room apartmenl, 1U1J W. Wnliiut. (Jail 3UJ. 5-30 c kit 4 rcom house with bath. Nicely fur- nisned. Vacant. June 1. Ill Dlvi- bion. Call liw or 968. ;Kckll PHILLIPS UMtfANY '-~ ' UbKI) CAR LOT Comer Oi, A: Wulnut Sis. Nicely furnished cool 3 - room APARTMENT. Mrs. Duncan, 718 (Jlnckasawba. cs.6-11 COOt BEDROOMS, REASONABLE MKS. WERT, 'Jl'J W. MAIN. FURNISHED aparltnent, 305 Uou- Ban. Phone «70-J. 18c kll MRS. I,. M. BORSLTTE aimuuliccs tne opciiniE uf Dimmer classes in lypins. suurtliaud, bookkcfpirg. call e'i-i-tV. 2c k7 2 room PUHNISHED and gar;ige. Ccwl, 1CU1 W. Ash. icely Furnished BED ROOM Mrs. Nolen, 310 Wesl Walnut. COUNTY WO11KBRS UNION for men and women over 1G Dues, $1 per year 24 pk 6-24 ii»(ljr-Mail: Slip Covers Approved hi Oood Housekeeping Choice ot good materials. Fit GuaraiitcccJ— l a Usual Price Jlrs. C. il- Oray, agent HIGHEST Cash Prices paid foi brass, aluminum, copper, zinc Nciv Deal Tratfjng Post, 120 W Main. 8c k6-t Ask 11 u atoul Ihc Hagen lloncj Ccrltr Golf Halls. They're Bel Itr. Hulibarrt Hardware Co. 5e. k"-! FOR SALE Siccuil IMIII! (iirr.iluie boitsht ;m< Lcld. liniuite rarkhUTSt Cu., 10 E. Alain, uljthcville, Ar*. Ick7- For anle-SlO Leonard lielrigera tor, lite new, py.cclam linen, lo only Sli. I'urKhiirot Co. 103 Muni. Biylh;vil!e, Ark. 'l-c;;-1- For Sale - - Repos.^c.sscd large £iz Maytag washing machine, use only about 30 nays, lor baianct due SiiO. Terms. Parklmrsl Co.. IDSi E. Main. Elylhevillc, Ark. 4-ck-7-4 WANTED TO RENT Second hand WINDOWS and DOORS. J. W. Shouse, 815 W. Walnut. c kb BARGAING in good, clean, used ice b:>:«5. Evere'.t n. Gee Sales Co. 22ck6-22 CHEAP- 25 acres growing alfalln near Blythevillo, Everett B. Gee. 22ck6-22 Feeds, Flour, Groceries & SIc at BtslTrices. We Deliver. Phont 23), Rile Price Grocery. 9o -k6-9 For Sale—1 good ua?d Dclco plant, l ballcry radio set,-l eltclrlc refrigeralor. new & used electric fans. Everett B. dec Sales Co v - 22 ck B-22 WANTED job Wanted by boy just graclnntd tio;n Hich school. Not alraid o work. Will do anything. Writ Box J Care Courier News. 28xxl REPAIRING Tennis Rackets Reslrung Overnlglit service, d grades llubuiird Hardware Co. G-ck-7- 1IOME LOAN-Froe Cfllmales o lools. palnling and general re pairs. We can arrange TERMS rtf.-ired. E. C. ROBINSON LUN IJEK CO. PHONE 100. HEV. HERE ftLLEV OOP,ON TH' DEAD .i. UAW"-VLL &ET ( EvtN wnu V VOLI ^ ^ P/XVCH LOOK1T 1 MAKE UN. STEP.' WV r«icKi: GOTTA WORK.OR I'LL LOST PLACE6 HCH.OJER RIGHT ON HIS HEELS ' RET-USED ME . LOAN,ONCE .JUST LOOK AT A wm-i i.\JrAB/xe.o / WHEN \ LE VEAR& Ac30, \ PLA.STE.RS, OVtR U TI-IOUSAND5 WOM (AY WHEN I TCUN OVtR A ( TlECt.S OT- HOT )( <SCUO MINE, ' ;V-. IN TF06/XR7Y"S () WAT HR , CAKT\N' )( T3CTTLV1 AWAY A LOAD OF.. •* ^ l - ' ErAPTlEG. .... STAV AN' FIGHT Ffrj Wv\ v < 8EW "' "^ 6UYS/ "^ FOOZV-H( TU ' WHOLE G066V.e-LVrlO 1 ir.'RE Rtf\DV ) V. LEN\\fX^ ARMV IS TOR 'CIA- / j RIGH-T BEHIND fAE. WU NUM85KULL- WE WNT GOT A CV\ANCE THEV OUTNUMBER US AND HKK HUDUIKS WASH TUJ5I5S NO.CW-L DOCTOR, I THIMK HE'S! BEEN HURT.; RKiPUMI' WILLIAMS MftKBS A gTACfri.fM& DtSCOVERV .DANK OFFICIALS CHECK LOSSES. r\F rcR THE noi-D-or'. -rnu' CHIF.F o^ POLICE OUESTIOMS OFFICERS WHO V/'GRH GUARDIMQ 'IKfi BAMK. / WHY, VR. I- MR. (JO GKT TM SAMMY! -SALESMAN SAM F, ailEF GtUE ME A ' '. AM I ALL STEAMED UP 1 . HGRGfe CW6RE ( FIRST (-fOMeST-TA-60SH 3O6 fl£ A PDHCC DETKTI(/e! CCt MAKT ft NAME fER MUS6LP ; gR M*/ NAME AIN'T HOUJDV! CMIEF,Of\VUGIIT RGB- feciKE HAVP GCtN Pt HECK ftT GIMLET'S HftRDWARg CHIIiF! I'US B6EN CRACK f\T IT, WILL PCXOI-I -rKfc-RF.TAKETH' PART OP CLER^, AM' KEEP M6R EYES STORE i pc/vrer WAS STOCK UP! ' WELt- NOT? IF Mt'R GO!JHf> f 4G AH, ft »' TICVT'S TH' / S'VTH TIMF. IW A S MONTH! JOST 6OT(S I CALL FROM OL T, AM' I'M PUT- Tin' CHW-1CE Tfv SHOU) WHAT VfX CAM DO' / STORE //: THK I'AY-OI'T! FRKCKMCS AN1> HIS tX>NT BOTHER WM... HE'LL GET PLENTY OF THAT FROM StW VtxJ CAW REALIZE VAMT I V/ANT A RECEIPT R« •WAT...TWEN THIS -CASE WILL BE CLOSED IT'S OOOD, ALL RIGHT-' BUT I HAD TO BORROW PARr OP THE MONEy/ ^ YOUUC MAM, LET THIS BE A LESSON TO *ltXJ... KEEP 007 OF THIfKS THAT DOSTT COWCERM YOU, ALWAYS REMEMBER, KIDS SHOULD BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD.'. 1 I REALLY SHOULD HAVE BuLM /V/A»D[£D ^>IO,OOO....BUT ILL BE GLAD TO GET AN' I'll Bt WHC-N vou OUT OP AS SOON WRITE you A CHECK WELL, THAMESf THANKS A LOT t DIRK is AWARDED 5,000 JUDQMEMT AGAINST ED MASON, LOCAL JEWELER.,., VANTED; Servant room within short distance of 1100 Chicka- awba. Call 278-W. U CLEANERS, TAILORS Ve clean und siore winter elothef nd bed covers. Moth-proof, fire iroof vaults. I'ay next fall. Unique Cleaning Service WANTED TO BUY We buy Chickens and EK(S, highest prices paid. Rite Price Grocery, Thore 234. Ill K. Miin. ROOM & BOAKD Roomers ard Boardtrs— Home-like atmosphere. Triers reasonable Mrs. J. F. Sanders, 610 W. Mam. Tall 278-J. 7o k6 " KKAl, KSTA'i'E How Koulil you lil<c a. home your own in Hie bcanliful atks? A 40 acre farm, 10 minutes ficm toHn anrt 15 minutes from : good fishing ho;t, Rood house arn- Icnly of Iruit. trees, can. bi ought CHEAP. Small cash i>ay- lent, balance easy Icrnv 1 ;. Will onsider trading for nicrchaiidiil ock. J. C. CHAPIN. MANILA. Ark. A GREAT OPPORTUNITY own a nice suburban lioine. room bungalow, new and modern, ne acre land on gravel highway i corporate limits, very low laxes, me garden growing now. cost icar $3000.00, owner Is leaving, •ill sell for less than half price. al:c good used car in deal, some ash, balance on icnns. W. M. Burns, Agency. See me for 3. 5. 16 or 15 acre tracts — | fronting on Franklin Street beginning at Missouri Atemw, north. F,. M. TKRRY Phone 617 or 316 SALESMEN WANTED If yon own a car. have, some money lo Invest, hart sales i prrience (not house In house). I ran use you in a business that will pay you food income. Home every- night. Handle awn money. See by appe.inlmcnl. R. K. Blaylocfc. Dljlheville, Ark. POULTKY & Milk fed ITvYERS for sale. 1'ICK- AUU'S more. 1044 chickasawbu. 17-ck-C-l7 Stll ns your poullrr. Vi' K P 3 -? n ' Eh " Ml prices for hens A' ff) ers ' B ' T. Worthy 31S E. Main. HckG-14

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