The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, A.UGUST 12, 19S6 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS (Continued From Pug 1 ! 1) biiison took n commanding l?aa early In (lie voting niul wiis In no danger of being overtaken by Ills tv.'o o|)|)oncnts, Vennble and Ilol- Imicl. Hoblnon's vote in 1,253 precincts was S8.11C, Vcnable 13,004, anil Holland. 23.008. In the returns from 1,236 precincts former Stale Auditor J. Oscar Humphreys held n slight lead over die Incumbent, Charley Taiker. Humphreys having 47,020 end Parker 45,890. Smith Leads Johnson The return of 1,261 products gave Judge Jack Holt a sizeable lead over nrooks Norllcet In the We for attorney general, lloll had 00,140 and Norlleet had 27,80. State Comptroller Griifln Smith had n silent lead in tlic chief justice race over J. E. Johnson, present justice, with n vote of 47.917 against Johnson's 44,712. In the lieutenant, governor ton- test Dob Uailey of Russcllvlllc had 42.077 while Harvey Combs had 32.310. Sam Lcvlnc • 18,082, O. E. Gales 17,095, and Harve Tliorn 15,840. C. O. Hall appeared to have won the nomination for secretary of slate with 81.988 votes to 68,801 for G. W. Neal in 1.493 precincts. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 1.2 (UP)-Cotton closed steady. O\KI\ high low close Oct 1182 1198 1178 1195 "2C 1185 120-i 1182 1201- Jan n'87 1200 1185' 1203 ar 1190 1211 ] IBO 1208 May 1102 1213 1192 1200 July 1189 1207 1207 Spots closed steady at 1200, u[: 18. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 12 <UP) —The futures market closed steady on tlie New Orleans exchange today as the crop in the northwestern quarter of the belt en- Based the attention of traders nnd matte for a market 14 point; higher. opsn high low close °ct 1178 1194 117G 1192 1182 1198 1178 119G Ja» 1182 1197 1182 1187 1187 1205 1187 12041) May.. 1190 1209 1190 1203 July I...."?-' 1186 S118G 118G 12021 Spots closed steady al 1242, up Stock Price* 170 1-4 40 1-4 GI 3-4 119 7-8 NEW YORK, All?. 12 (UP) — I Dullish steel news and favorable I railroad reports buoyed up ,quiet stock market today. Steel issues were slow to respond bu Just before the close took nve leadership from lesser groups sucl as (he railroad equipments and 11 quors. A. T. and T ........ Anaconda Copper Beth, stsel ...... '.'.'. Chrysler _ olties Service ........ 4 3_.j Coca Cola ..- ........ _\ 117 i_ 2 Gen. Am. Tank ...... 59 1-4 Gen. Electric .. : ..... 47 5-8 Gen. Motors .......... 07 3-8 Tnt. Harvester ....... 83 MeKesson-lfobbins ____ 93-4 •Vfonlgomery Ward 4G N. Y. Central ........ 43 Packard ............... IQ g_g Phillips Pet. . . ..... ,',', 43 Radio .......... 11 si- i.-s. F. ...... ;;;; 2 1. Simmons fleds Slandardof N. J Texas Co. U. S. Smelting . U- S. Steel Warner Bros 33 C2 3-8 Konile 76 7-8 68 3-4 13 1-8 7 [. Livestock 12. I EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Aug. • IJJP)— Hogs: receipts, G.OOO WijTop, 11.45. L^l 170-230 Ihs., 11.25-1135 W 140-160 Ibs., 8.00-9.85. Hulk sows, 8.60-9.50. Cattle: receipts. 4,000 Steers, 7.50-9.00. Slaughter steers. 5.00-9.25. „ ;J' ixc <l yearlings and heifers, COO- 8.00. Slaughter heifers, 4.75-885 Beef cows, 4.25-5.25. Cutters and low cutters, 3.25-1.00 Chicago Wheat open high low clase Sep 109 1-2 1103-4 109 1-2 110 1- Uec 109 1-2 110 3-8 109 3-8 110 1- Chicago Corn open high low close Sep 105 1-2 lOfi 1--! 105 ice Dec. 84 3-4 95 93 3-8 94 1-4 Wanted—"Jimmy Valentine'' CHARDON, O. (UP)—A "Jimmy Valentine" is wanted here. WPA mvcsligntors have been canvassing surrounding territory for a man to open a safe 'that has defied opening for more than 30 year; Investigators itiink It mlRht con tain valuable historic lecords. More than are 10,300,000 washing » ,, 5e |,i American Facing Death Unafraid Serene despite Hie scenes of grim tragedy toward which she was headed, this pretty Spanish riuewoman stood sturdily erect, listening to last instructions from her commander before the march to Hie front started. One of thousands of Spanish women who took up arms to defend the government, she left Madrid to fight In the lampaign against the rebels entrenched in the Guadarrama mountain passes. Decisive Battle Believed in Prospect in Vicinity of San Sebastian MADRID, Aug. 12. (UP)—Heavy lighting rageil In northern Sjxiln today for possession of the seaconsl around the San Sebastlnn-Inin region and it was believed one of the decisive bailies of the civil war was In progress. The rebels, driving through t'nc mountain passes, declared they Itiul captured Tolosa. key city on the landward side of Snn Sebastian. The government, however, was confident that Mic strong loyalist forces of fool troops, artillery and airplanes would rout the insurrection- is Is. Reiwrts lliat the rebels were obtaining airplanes from foreign powers caused the government to concentrate on strengthening Its air force and it was announced that 30 additional bombers had been obtained and distributed at. strategic points. The government was perturbed and Indignant at reports of foreign nld to the- rebels, it was asserted hat the outlaw Uurgos government had negotfcted tin agreement 'with an unnamed western European power for mulual assistance In setting up a new pascLU regime, i Informed sources believed the crisis of the civil war was approaching. Tnere were strong governmental hopes that the powerful Catalonlan government would -cooperate to the utmost in efforts to maintain the left whig republic. Two leading rebeLT, Generals Manuel Coded and Alvaro Burrlel were executed by a firing squad in Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, after a court martial. West Virginia Gretna Green to Set Record WELLESBURG, W. Va. (UP) — -local marriage is geared up to quantity production this year and all records for state Gretna Green an to be shattered. So far this year more than 7.800 men and women have come here to be united. That's about 3.000 more than at the same time last year, i ";"rhc increase Is attributed to r. new Pennsylvania law tequlrlng a five-day pause between license application and the marriage. More than half the Wcllsburg marriage business comes from Western Pennsylvania. So busy is the uretna Green that all who take part In it work overtime. County Clerk Charlotte Calderwood issues licenses at night. Taxi drivers are so lushed that some couples arc left on tlieh own to wander around town, buying their own wedding rings, lind- In'B the license bureau mid finally wandering off to a minister. Earnings of ministers have Increased steadily. Jewelers, dry goods stores and other estnblish- menlsylo a good business in wedding rings. Restaurants get some business, but the merchants have a protest. They say tile couples don't stay long enough to buy anything. Pythons at Centennial Go On Hunger Strike FORT WORTH, ex. (UP) — Texas climate and a hunger strike have claimed three unusual victims (his summer. They are py- Becr glasses should never be washed in soapy water, according to "bar etiquette." They should be dipped in very hot water, then In cold, and beer should never be drawn in a dry glass. expected thons from Borneo--10 to 29 foot panto. I monsters exhibited at the Fort Worth Frontier centennial. Wild Three remain of the original six 60 miles pythons shipped Ijere from the tances. South Seas several weeks ago. None of the six have eaten voluntarily since arrival: The three remaining snakes, however, have been fed through funnels — four dozen raw eggs at a time.- The survivors ore just shadows of their former selves, shrinking in circumference from' 12"-to six inches. :--... ! First Bale at Lepanto LEPANTO, Ark,- The first bale of cotton was ginned here Tuesday by the Citizens Gin Company of Lepanto. The cotton was grown on the Paul Prllchett plantation near here and was of the Half and Half variety. The bale weighed -130 pounds, Colon <s beglnnlnfi to open _ rapidly and farmers state that the crop is fifteen days earlier than last year. The first bale was bought by Fred Stuckcy of the firm of Stuckcy Brothers, Le- ostriches can run 50 to an hour for short dls- First section of the world's largest Irrigation, project, which eventually will provide water for 5,000.000-acres-of land through GjtOQ miles of canals, has been 'in service in India since 1932. i : "•^SVJSPRAY 1 **HMs 2nd Haiul Furniture Phone 1031 Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Near GolT Hotel v Thrilling Talking Pictures News Reels, Novelty Shorts, Thrillers —Including— "FIELD DAY" - - "STEEPLE CHASE" "WIND, WEATHER AND WHEELS"—The Most Unusual Picture Produced in Recent Months Children Under 14 Must Be Accompanied By Parents Tom Little Chevrolet Co. 301 WALNUT PAGE THREH KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. Specials for the Week-End k, £50 Cash * Carry Mil j n tSl U,. 0i i,| wav RUSSIAN MINERAL OIL ^ ... 4J< HOPPER'S Mr Cream s ,g ..... 89^ 50c IODENT Si.. ".":'....'.' 39c : NEEDS FOR SUMMER COMFORT /^w ' ?'-«MJ* I XPOSI , Sun Tan **" " ,4O AVuJ Improved " Modtlt V ~* f Super Juic* Extractor $1.00 Angelus Lipstick 89 60c Jad Salts (6n,Coiid*nt«d) 49 Cold Medal Heat Pirn T*n wlihuul buri) •if >«ur ikin S5c J. & J. Baby Powder 19 "Jiffy" Portable Shower Intnantw Ivory MnUfi *&' il98 ELECTRIC FANS k,,IJ. .Vr,-,, I €»: will. Cpi»> ii »J|uii. *tte IQ bni- »ngle. Ctn Pound Boric Acid P»«rd.t orCtyit«li 2Qc Rcmtdict For HAY 'FEVER lAnefrin llOe Odorono 75f Noxema SL X S1..25 l.Hd ('ream . Pint Orlii MOUTH WASH !)So l.tixnr liiilh 1'ow. ;)( ( Miii'-O-Oi! Sham. 7!)t $1 .Icrtit'iis Lotion Tic $1.50 Filch Shumpnn 8!) 51.2:1 Ti. 1'aitl' Henna 98 $1 Chiimhurlain Ko. 8i)c .... 7i)c r.Oe Nush Chill .... r>f)c Snyder Chill . . 39c $1.25' Crconiiilsbii '!5c lironio Quinianc 25 7f>c Ovnltinc ____ «;ic »I.OO SOcH.rt'.N.i.l Jl.OO Rlntx ....... ... 89c K«ller Eph(drin i Compound Inhalant 79o «5c Atthmidor Powder 49c MEET Depilatory 49° Nationally Famoui l Alarm ocks Malted Milk FREE! WILLIAM'S TALC.forMEN vtlti He AQUA VELVA Plain or Chocohtt Coty'« MinUtjr* Perfumes GOcltalian Balm Dispenser $1 April Showers Perfume 89< Bolh children unit adult* enjoy thll nutcitlaut food dilnk. Get • jar Km. Arilcn Gift Itox - '- $2.50 Only fi Left SI.00 Value Kor SANITARY NAPKINS 25e GRIFFIN ALL WHITE LOOK AT THESE OUTSTANDING VALUES/ Pocket Watch 99c BISMADINE ' Oll«illv(i Pewttr S:"> Value Wrist Watch $2.49 ASS TO. DESIGNS PUyins Cirds A^f 2 D«ch» 27 e 53c * Pint Size VACUUM BOTTLE 87< "Blue Fiathtr" Double RAZOR BLADES Package m .150 ...... 5 FXESHir MADE Cold Cream Mineral OU •nd Aflir TH'.': Cleaner tjquij al P..IC Si?? 19 e //o u , r .. TIDY Dcod«r*nt 7Sc Anacin Tablet! \30't/V ^59, c ., »< P*p»J«n« ) JUNIS CREAM Mexican Heat 1'ow. 25c lOc Phillip's Milk of Majncsli 39 Modess 1 DOZEN 45 40c BOST TOOTH PASTE J •3S° Iflc Velvet Toik'l Paper '. Pcrftction Cleansing^ Tissues •£ FX 500 Bo«J20-2l«r7J c | Ctrtifitd Milk of Magnesia Tooth Pute S TUBES SCOOP - It's New Lemon Flake Ice Cream Made from old fashioned L«Ron Drops and IT IS D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S Butter Toasted Pecan Ice Cream Nothing Like It—It's a Sensation 15cPt. 25cQt. BIGGER - BETTER - CHEAPER As our IMIESCRIPTION business gets THGGER and KIGGER—We can buy in larger quantities and our prices «ct CHEAPER and CHEAPER and nur service gels iiE'iTER and BETTER. Almost every day we. hear that we are cheaper than every other store in town on prescriptions. Let us lilt your next one and prove it to you. SEE YOUR DOCTOR—THEN SEE US . Giant Orangeade Made With I'Ycsh Kniil 5c KIRBY'S White Shoe Pol, 25c Gadi 19c lOc Gadi '. 8c

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