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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 13, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TO* DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHKA BT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI8SOUIU VOL. XUV—NO. 41 BiythevlUe Dal); Newr BlythevLlle Courier Blylhevllle Herald Mississippi Valley l**der iil.YTHKVlLLK, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY; MAY l.i, KM7 UN Rejects Arab 1 Effort to Create Palestine 'State' Political Action Committee Also Balks Russian Proposals LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., May 13. (UP) —The Arab stales were defeated today in two more attempts to force the United Nations to consider the Independence of Palestine and a spokesman threatened that, llicy might walk out of UN "so far as Palestine is concerned.' ' 'Die political Committee of Hie General Assembly slapped dov,'n proposals by Russia, nnd Poland which would have Instructed the UN -Palestine inquiry commission to consider c.slablishing an "independent democratic .stale of Palestine." In view of the action there was speculation that the five .Arab Mates might stage their protest demonstration today. They apparently had lost their last chance to hu-lude the independence issue in the Instructions for tlic Palestine inquiry. F.iri s El Khourl of Syria, considered spokesman, for the Arab bloc, said the Arab stiites were considering a jiolicy of "noii-cooper- ntion" if they were not Riven their way. He claimed the IfN Pales line probe coukl not. possibly suc- '•tci'cd if the Arabs did not coopcr- «\ile. ;jfcToday's voting closely followed ™e trend set yesterday when the Political Committee voted not '.o iusfruct the inquiry commission to consider Palestine's independence. The committee still faced a fight over the makeup of the Palestine Commission with the United states and Russia opposed on whether the Bii; Five should be included on ft •Most of the delegates appeared to favor the American plan for commission of seven small, "neutral states." Russia arguco witl unusual meekness for the bi^ powers and one. .Arab state on tin commission. The disagreement was the on!) obstacle to early adjournment, of the General Assembly's 16-day-old emergency session on Palestine as the Political Committee, a 55-nation duplicate of the full assembly, convened at 11 a.m. EDT. for another all-day meeting. The Western countries stilt had to tie up loose ends of a major victory they scored "yesterday when the committee decided to strike out of its instructions for. the.'Pales- line inquiry commission a reference to "Independence" as the ultimate eo-U of any plan for the Holy L'lpi's future. The^action was la'^- cn over opposition of the Arab and Slav states in one of the neatest bits of parliamentary inane vcring yet witnessed in the UN. DAR to Stress Americanism At Convention WASHINGTON, May 13. (UP) — The Daughters of the American Revolution are expected to lake a "strong stand" for national defense, against Communism and against any change in existing immigration laws at llieir .Slilh National Congress opening here nest Monday. Tills was announced to;tay by DAI? President General Mrs. Julis Y. Talinadgc, of Athens, Cia. Mrs. Talmadge said Ihc keynote of this year's "Congress," first in five years, will be "Americanism." VandenbergAsks Funds to Combat Europe's Famine Move Made in Senate To Meet "Zero Hour" In Foreign Crisis Auto Holds Driver a Prisoner •or 110 Hours After Accident OAKLAND, Cal., May lit. >UI') 1C. SU-e!c, 2(i, >ld today litiw ho lay for lour ninl a IKI'!' iliiy* with lii.s ii;lit liaiul nunflil in Iho \viwliii K <> „( |,J R uiitoinobilo, while I I'd- molonslx passim by without ln.;irim>- his cries. Slccle was trapped when Ills au-» ' _1_ _ mioblle plunged Into n cieekbed | awoke-, i f om ,,|, myself lying oiil- tlie car. My right hand was SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Italian Premier, Cabinet Resign Action Follows Move To Minimize Strong Communist Influence WASHINGTON, May 1H (UPi — Senate Presil-lt Arthur II. Vim- denberg Unlay oivic I H t'yht lo restore a $150.00".DID House ii'( (he general fori-iyl u!!ef piiHM will) a war.'ll-ic, l!iat u "dtacily /.ero limn" 'jf I'ti'mv.' and disease is at hand in Uilrope. Appealing lo ''the lo^ic and hard-hcndednr^;" ol' the ^er; the Michigan licpnblican said President ''ts :;iop-Cojimiun- ism program w'Hil I i..-> '^on wilhoul the full SHiOBG.) .COO :t .- licf program. 'I'tie relief men.u'o -s scpMati from the Greek-T.ukisn :.ld im- gram. It wou!:l channel U S food medical snpp ies •.., I rerlilv!T S l< Austria, Ila'y. China. GIVLCC Hungary, Pol-mil an.l riiesi'e. ROME, May 13. (UP) Premier Opening Senate detol/- on Ihi Alcide dc Gaspcri resigned today I relief mcasur: Vandenbcru fi-.'il ii with his entire coalition lahinct, j wns essential lo Shis country's tf- yieldhrg to Ihc heavy pressure- yen- forts to assure "£ free iK.-a-.-i/in Stray Dogs Kill Hereford Steer Weighing 400 Lbs. A. L. Wood, vvha re.skles on Iho Barficld road, tod-ay confirmed reports that a puck ot stray dogs las', week .tUacki-d and kiltc<l a -100-pound H-'rforcl steer grazing in a pasture iica-. 1 Iho Arnty Air Base. This pasture is renled by Mr. Wood and on it ho is fattening aiiont 125 he.L.l nf cattle. It was aiso reported l.nnt r. registered SI-XT belonging to C'lcm Whistle, residing on Souih 21st street wns also killed the same .«, hi in the some vici.'V.iy. Mosl of the dog.~> ai-e npparcnlly "strays," Mr. Wool) Sftkf. A cai-l- fc.jusn is underway to solicit oe- * oix'ralion of owner^ of clogs in that vieinily io keep tliem Iroi-i ninnin;; loos?, he said Several of llic stray do^i have ijren r;i;orteil eialed by his efforts lo cut down eliminal? Coinnninisi. iniluence in the government. Oe Gasperi, (Jtirislian DL-mocrat Party chief of the Italian cabinet since December. I'J-lD, announced his resignation after an emerr.ehcy meetint; of the inmistei.i. lie \vent at once to deliver the cilrinet resignation lo President Enrico de Nicola. Earlier loclay De Gasperi notified De Nicola of his inlenlions. lie said he was (joiny lo ic.iiyn ai'd was "sorry that I shall have to ruin the President's digestion for lunch." The cabinet resiyu-.ition followed an expression of re:v.?ive I: yPiei'.o Npnni's Socialist Parly on Dn Gasperi's program for en!ar«n>:> the cabinet by bringing in all parties. The Socialists favor i'usii.n with the Communists. The crisis came after 10 days of troubled jockeying. De Gasp^ri's own Christian Democrat Pally ns- sailed his "weakness" a;id iailure to break wilh the Commur.isis. Indications of American influence seemed unmistakable in the. moves to weaken Leftist power in llaly. The U. S. embassy, however, said that "we have never yivcn any advice to De Gasperi and he has not asked for any." But on his January trip t.o the United States De Gaspeii -hurt decided to try to for ma government without Communists alter conferring with President Truman and l-.p ranking American State Dcpartincr.11 officials and political leaders. | He returned with iHunnst.-:; ol lart'e oans and a firm inlention of oust- ng the Coinimmisis, but hU .lan- uiry shakcitp of the government ailed to achieve that objective because of a party split. Early indicalions were that De Nicola would ask DC Gasperi to form nolhcr cabinet. But a possibility of a national unity cabinet under one of Italy's elder stati-smtn also vas mentioned. world of fri 1 "Without llil.i hill (llei-c is :i use in tryinc to .sa\c Cireeee" h said, lie also said r"lie r suppi'i are csscnthd to >:afeu'.nud th future of Hal/. "Without IMS program hur.r.e will substitut.; for stal'.'sm: to in incalculable- cJ.'.'iu."' V:-n dcnbet'f; maiiiLaineci. Mcamvliile, V.iiidsnhci'j's Sunut Foreign Rela' tn'mmsMe•• reported ready :o sll|>p -i-l ;i ]-,<,lic of patience and l:r,iilul i misc with Russia in wrilh.g prac treaties for O.Tnvii.y ii-.d Austria The committee views will Ii made public, pivibl'.ly lulu t. c.nj iiv a lengthy roix-it r<.'cunimcnc::>. Senate raJifiMiion of t!:c ilalia and Uaikan Ireaties. The report will g > fnrllii" li.a a mere dcf"nse of ci>:;trovci.sia terms embodied in picric trial.i Committee nnra'jers, u was leaned, arc prep:>.'-cd to ba^k cunlii: ucd efforts by C^ci'tai v < I j;ird George c. Manliuil " lo icac agreement by lin-.i'e,1 eemprn.'ii: with Russia nnd His o'.her powers in tlie futiue of timncr and Auslria. The rcixirt will flatly re.lccr. r.ij gcstions that because inl's cannot obtain o'r.ctly the pom terms it prafeis, It. sheuM i.rifi a policy" of hi -iale't-.ii nirnn with the rioferii e:I fjcw<rs i or international rrccoir.s. Razor hack Club Roster To Be Closed June 7 .1. l/ini-. Cherry, president Df the R;worl>ack uotvitcr Cluh. today received n ',eV<r:i.n fr-ini (>h Reed of Fayettcvil'c, pnsiclrnt of (he state organization, statit'.y that member! -hijjs In the tlub must he sub'ii'.it.ed by TlHivsday Membership* must he submittcc by the Thursday deadline i:i order tor member^ to l;r eligible to receive anplkai.iDns for fuoibal ticket pi-efcron':es fit anted them These a|) ara sc-nt mem hers so that ih.ny ma*- order tickets in advance for Universi'./ of Aik- ansas games- There are (ojare IK! nifmbcrs o: the Ba/orba'ck Hoc&tur gren]) an Mr. Cherry ui~nA that other U of A. fans -,vh;> wish to ;rin ecn (act him or man il.cir ' rncmbei ship fee lo Box 12G, Payettcviilc The minimum incint'r.v.«,h;p f._-e i SIC, he said, and rhccki s houl be made out to Ihr Un^-rhack Club. Art Gallery Robbery Suspects Face Charges HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. M.iy 13. UP)—Criminal informations were on file in Garland Circuit Court oday against John Maxwell and Benjamin F. Tillcy. The two men ire charged with burglaiy and grand arceny in connection with the Ers;ay Art Galleries robbery last October. Thieves slole more than S5-1.000 in watches and jewelry, all of which :),-s been recovered. Prosecutor Sidney a. McMnlh said .hat similar action will li>; taken linsl- Eleanor Ohishnlm who fnst questioned at a Hot Springs ourist court shortly after the theft She was bound over to the grand Jury in Hot Springs Municipal Couit as an accessory, but no indiclir.ent was returned against her. the road in lonely Frank- n Canyon, eight miles Nonli- csl of Murllnei;, Cal. He was rus- -led .Sunday. Stcele .said he never gave up ope. but on the third <|ay he cralched n farewell note to his lie on the fender of the car. He said he wanted to escape by lilting off Ills right wrlr,. out ouldn't reach his knife. Phy- elans ai Permanente Foundu'.ion lospilal, where Sleelo wns tnken eslerduy, .said the. arm and wrist •ere so badly crushed it might be ci-ossai'y lo amputate. Uiiring steele's 110-lioiir ordoa!. is wife. Mae. at, a nurse, 'wliu 'out lo aiilhorllles lo report his Isnppearance. Stcele. an oil worker, was rlrlv- »B home to Richmond from a ishing trip last Wednesday iilKlit. vlicn lie fell asleep. The aulomo- lle swerved off the road, crash- d throiiBh a fence and plunucil lo'.vn un embankment 'JOO iect roni the highway. He wns knock- tl unconscious. Tilts was his account of what ollowed: Wednesday night — "When 1 bide eauulil under lire finder. I twisted "ml milled It milt) i miifl have fainted (roin pain, hut 1 couldn't Bft It free. Thursday—Stcele could hear au- loiuoblli's passing on (tin lilnhway nl)»vc ti, P nivine. Uurlni: (he cluy a raiu-h hand mended Ihe hole his i'.ir hail made In the fence. "1 yelled all Ihc lime, but nobody heard me." Friday "My arm didn't hurt too much I had lost circulation, lint I tent passing out every once In a while." Katurdny—nnrlnc a moment of comcloii.sness gleelc ticrnlched n message to his wile on ihe fendrr "f the smashed car. "Don't forget," It Siild. "I love yon." Sunday—"I had had nothing lo eat or drink since Wednesday ex<'C]it two packages of i;nm. i ate my last piece or gum. I kept cry- Inn tor help." Ills cries now were faint. lint they were heard by John Picking; im<l E. A. IJracken, Ixrth of Vall- cjt), Cal, who were repairing utility lints nearby. They freed Sleele and caUetl j\n ambulance. Jimpe Edwards New President Of Jaycee Group Sanford Shclton Gets Vice Presidency of Blythcville Club Senate Approves Tough Labor Bill By Vote of 68-24 French Cabinet To Seize Mills Strike and Threat of ; Food Shortage Leads To Drastic Action PARIS. May 13. <UP) —• The French government today ordered Ibe seizure of all flour mills ( ln Ihe Paris area as Premier Paul Ramadler snl ( | he would use troops If necessary to back up his cabinets si and ngalnst wage Increases. Hamaclier's action followed the strike by .277 workers who occupied the Paris Flour Milling Coiri- pany, demanding a wage increase of 12 cents an hour. The cabinet approved an order lo sel/e the mills only a few hours after employes struck. : Riimadicr told reporters after the South Arkansas Gets 6-Inch Rain Temperature Rise Followed by Deluge In Parts of State Bronx Banker Is Witness in Bribery Trial WASHINGTON. May 13. (UP)A Bronx banker testified in the bribery trial or Andrew J. M-iy today that in 1942 munitions maker Murray Garsson paid off four of May's notes totalling S5.0DD. The testimony was introduced by the government after Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson told the court May called him five times in behall of Ihc Garsson munitions combine lo which May is accused of scllim; his services. The government says May. former chairman of the House Military Affairs Committee, Hot more than S53.0CO for his services in behalf of the Garssons. RaJniiHer took over the of the food ministry. It held by Cicorcc Ra.slcl, with the title of high commissioner of food supply. Deadline Nears For President to Act on Portal Pay WASHINGTON. May 13. (UP) — The While House said today that President Truman will act tomorrow on Ihc bill lo outlaw some SG.000,000,000 In norlnl-to-nortal pay suits. Press Secretary Charles O. Hoss salil Mr. Truman would send Congress cither a veto message or a memorandum of approval. Usually, when Ihe President signs a bill, he doesn't issue a memorandum ol approval. Mr. Truman must act. by midnight tomorrow on the controvctslal ncasurc. which has been attacked bv organized labor. Otherwise, the would become law without his signature. lily Unllrd I'rrssl •A sharp rise w«s predicted by the U. H. Weather 'Iliirciui today on the Ouachlta River after ra'iis up lo six inches washed over Arkansas last ni^hl. Tiie heaviest delude fell nt Bmmhton In Southwest Arkansns. where G.'^G inches, a record lor Ihc year, was rcpnrlcd. Nashville had 5.71. Menu B.S5, Texiirkai.a non. Fort Smith 2.50 and Caiuden 2.10. Maximum letnpcialure.s of U' decrees were reported at lilythevlllr and Brinklcy. while Gilbert hit 'a VHt of 57 degrees. ,^ljhc downiwurs were accompanies Ijf', brilliant elcctrieul disillays. but 'jio, serious damage was reported immediately. In the one-inch bracket wen Fiiycltcvlllc wilh l.rfl, Pine iBIulf l.ES. Calico Hock. 1.73. Arkadclphi: 168. Coniliit; iinrl Morrllton l.fil, Gilbert 1.32, and Bcnlonvlllc 1.0i>. Other readings Included Iliitivi- ille and Little Rock .01, Monticelo .73, Brink'lcy .60. MOt Slirings .til. larrison .61. El Dorndo .55, Ne'.v- >orl. M, Helena .21. and Illythc- ville. .18. Blythcville lay climbed •lish of Bfi during last .llnuule Kdu'nrds. Hlylhi'viKe nilure store owner, di-Teahd Wyalt, M lo -II vulivi. lo i- ilu' pr dcncy ol the Junlur Citninher ol C?iiininen'i' in Ihe club's jinnu'.il el-1 lion (tf ofllecrs at the ,l;iyr< e i-luh rooms last nlKhl. Mr. Kdward.s will !,n,-cee-l .lam-.-.s Itoy. Two honorary :nemb •Innior Chamber and c lor.s ulso \vere .si-leeli'd ballot illl 1 ,. Ill I 111- race fur the tin- pn-l- lirncy, Sanford Sin Itnn d; li-;iifrl ;,. d. Thompson Jr., ^[) tu :t7 voles. Larry l\neii.s was clivti-u -t-cri-tary. ^Innlnt: a clost^ -hi In u, volu i-aee over cllberl Hniinnock and .lurk Owens was named Ueasun r, n-ei-iv- Ini: 'Hi votes lo Oil! Grave',' :n. I.. H. Aulry. a Mississippi o.iunlv represi-nliillvcr lo Ihr , r tlilii tirn-nil' AsM'inl>ly, and Hairy W. I la inc.'.. publisher of Ihe Courier New;, wrre chosen by Ihc club us himurary members of Iho Chamber nf Commerce. Honorary mcr.ibrislup < are nlvcn annually lo mm mn x, wlm an^ seleclcd on Ihe b:ui:; 01 rivle hilerc.'.ls I acllvllli'.;. Tiie new ofllcers will !«• liMEnllid at a bani|iiel anil dHiiec Juia' i>. at ivhieh Ihe honorury mcmhvr;; wlli bi- liue.sls of honor. Tile cleclUin ellm.iM'd a hi-nl-d CMi]|>a1r;n and lodltv n M):>kr:.iiun for (he defealed puny plcdurd llns ppinl of Ihe loser.s ,o I..,: n-vv of. ilecrs. Jlmmlc Hander:;, prestdL-nl dinlnu the lOlll-Iti term. :i:ild. "The f; side will (!<'l. h.-hhul I hi' new atlmlnl.'.tiallon and pusti. ' The club voted it! in.;! night' nieelini; tn .sponsor rwu dance:, lui: month. The first, May 21, will hi for while attendance ami Ilu; ;,r.e- (.1111. May ai| r for Ni'Kl'OC!,. The [ilywond resoiln-c.s mup of Arkansas constructed lor Hi? .laycts s by Oliio Slanlleld ami 'iiiowlnj,' [he slate's (owns and .iKi'iniltiini'i an,I liulu:;lrliil (iDVi'lopnifin.i v.-ill be di-.- liluyell at the national convention of Ihe Fcdcrallnn of Wiuncii'.s <;luljs at Hot Springs next niiinlli. (UP)—The Seimli!, heedless a veto, approved Republican- WASHINGTON, May IS. of lasl-mimili! indications of siioii.soml labor- It^islalion today. Tin; volt! wan (i8 to 2'\. " Tin; vote rumc slmrtly nl'lcr tlic Republican majority, wilh Uii! lit!l|> ol' SOUK. Dcniourals, killwl a mild bill s|)on- soi-ctl i),v II DuniHcratie .senators as « sulwtitutc for tho inori! Kti'inmiiit Kupiililiniti inwistire. Tlu> IK'niucratit; hill was I'ciocUul by a volf of 7;$ (o |(). —* Phone Strike Continues in The Southwest Weather ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy (o cloudy an<| a few scaltcrcd showers today and in the extreme portion tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy nnd slightly warmer In the North and West portions. Black Marketers in Germany Cannot Get Food at Any Price FRANKFURT, May 13. (UP)—The food shortage in Wcsic -i aer many was so extreme, today that even the bln-.k. mav't n wns .nimosl, shut down bccau s c i( lacked food lo sell, "Lord knows what will happen next." an American military government officer said in a gloomy review of the food outlook for Ihc Evilish and American zones. In the Ruhr, union leaders at* Dusscldorf Coroner's Jury Returns Verdict ot Suicide HATESVILLE. Ark. May 13. (UP) —Funeral m langemcnU were I'emg planned today for a 'H-yc;u--old T/arrl County man, Granvill" C Haddock of Mt, Pleasant, who wn.< founfl dead in hi.s Ijarn ;-|K.ttly after noon yesterday. A coroner's jury said Ih: 1 ' (lie man had hanged him.;eit. His v,'ife reported that he had been !n il health. The body was held here printing completion of burial nrrangemcnls: Survivors include h!.-, wife, twi sislcrs and two brothel s. WASHINGTON. May IX (UP) — A few scattered dlspnir.s loday pre- venled complete settlement of the Crash Victims Still Unconscious Parents of Tv/o Navy Men, from Memphis Base, Arc Notified Tlic eiindlilon of (ho two sailors. Jasper N. Howard, aviation ma- mate third class, of Hlnek- Khcar. cm., and Uaymonil Hagby, seaman second class, of Manchester. Iowa, who were nljnrcd In, a niolorcyele accident at .1 n in. yesterday near Holland, Mo., silli're- innlncii erlllcal at noon tnilay. ac- cordint! lo utlcndiinLs at Walls Hospital, where Die uvo youDia were Inken follimlni; the accident. Ilaiiby partially icgnlneil consciousness lute yesterday, but Howard remained unconscious at noun toilay. Two doctors from Ihe Memphis Naval Unsc arrived here by plnno yesterday aflcimxin, but returned io Memphis Ihe morning ami reports from ihe hospital said Hint they gave Iho Iwo sailors "llltle chance of recovery." Initial cxamliiallon of the In- .lureii .sailor.-; revealed liiat several bone.'j of the hands and arms were lirnken nn ( i that biilh were unffcr- ln<! from brain cniususslohs, attendants of Hi.- hospital .slated. Hel;ilivcs Nolltlrii 11. lias not lje«n dclcnnincd whuther or not cither o| Hie youths are .suffering irnin skull fractuics as Iheir condition will not warrant a lhornui;h rxninlnnUoii, they said- Next of kin of the two yonlhs have been notified, the altchdn>»'.s slaled. nnd Uagby's father arrived in Mlylhevlllc last night. Details of Ihe accident were nut available tills morning hut It Is reported that II. o. Camion and II. 11. Patterscn, who live nc-^; the rccne of the accident, brought the :i7-day telephone strike and nation- injured youths lo Ihe hospital here. temperatures ycslcr- to a near - scason.'.l degrees anil rceedrd night to a low ol ti'.\ :lenrcc.s. Ihc highest minimum tcin- iicralnre recorded lo date lliis year, iccordhif: to Robert K. Illaylock. official weather observer. Bullet Wound Causes Death Ot Financier wide resumption ol normal telephone service. One or the biggest ohslaclen was the deadlock In negotiations belwren he western Electric Co. and two of its unions — the Association of Itaniimnilcatlons: Ki|ulpmcnt work- •rs. and tlie Weslern Electric Em- iloyes Association. Picket lines Ihrown up by Western Electric employes were prevent- n general back-to-work move- nent in ninny area.s where local s-sues have been KCltlcd. Among the remaining locul dl.s- pules 'were those Involving Southwestern Hell Telephone Co.. Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co., the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co., and Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph. N. Y. Stocks Dealer Gets New Cars for Display Only Phillips Motor Co., 5th and Walnut, is holding an "Open House" at the company's showrooms throughout this week featuring displays of two models of the 1917 Ford. One model is a fonr-dcor scdaiv nnd the oilier a converlable coupe. These models are for display only and the agency here Is not allowed to sell them company officials pointed out. union warned British occupation officials that unless assurances of more food were givep within 10 days, they would refuse lo accept responsibility for any actions taken by their workers. They threatened to resign. German party leaders and administrative authorities in the Briluh Zone may also quit, the union ka-i- ers said. It was the most oprniy critical statesmen! made by German officials since the war. American military government officials, Army officers and German police agreed that the black market had almost dried up because it had nothing to peddle. "Supplies have almost disappeared, even from the black market." an American officer said. "Back alley merchants and ramshackle restaurants where you used to pet food lor ciRarets or at fantastic reichsraark prices are almost out of business." Around Frankfiut. Army officers said, upp to 9o per cent of the Germans normally supplement Iheir legal rations through illegal sources. An American military government officer said, "legally ninny Germans have had practically no meat or potatoes for the pasl two weeks. There have been serious shortages in food deliveries for s omc time." British ano American bi-zonal authorities said they were making every possible attempt lo improve food collections from German fann- ers, especially in Bavaria. Two days ago they predicted a crisis within 10 days unless assistance from outside Germany appeared. In Nuernberg. Germans reported that the average civilian was receiving a little more than 900 cal- oriee adily. Military government sources said that Germans in Bavaria. Ihe best fed Western German state, received a "reduced ration" of about a half loaf of bread sverkly and a meat ration of ap- proximalely 150 grams. They said practically no sugar or polntoes were available. Three Men Arrested For Looting Liquor Store IIEIZHVVILI.K. Ark.. May I.) 'UPI —Three men were held in C"!ro!l County Jail here charges of robbing lodav. faring liquor .stive, in Eureka Springs last week-end. They were identified -i> C.-:l E. Young, 24. of Hartford, Ark.: nnd brothers Floyd Canoy. 20. :'n<l I'a David Canoy. 15. oolh ol Kiueki'. Springs. The loot, all of which was i-civ- crcd. Included seven carlo:!,; ' 1 cis- arcltcs, one case of whiiKcy. ;md the cash .register containing SM. RADNOR. Pa.. MilV IX (UP) — Thomas Ncwhall, 70. Philadelphia financier and former partner In Ihe J. P. Morgan A; Co.. New York, accidentally killed hlni.seil while cleaning a revolver In the recreation on his estate, Radnor Township police .said loday. The twdy, with ,i single, bnllc wound In the head, was found li'sl night by police who balleied d'.v.- Ihe door lo Ihc recreation hull He had been dead for more than 'J hours. Police said the ljudy w:is found bc.sidc a box on widen New-hall apparently had been Billing cliv.Mi'n!;- Uie pun. a .32 caliber revolver. The gun was al his side. Nearby were the cleaning rags .mil :i gm: rod. Police said he appaiently had been looking Into the barrel of the gun when it went ofT. Ncwhall t)ccame president of the Philadelphia and Western liallwav in 1010 and served until 1022 wl.i ii he became a partner in Drcxc-l ,t Co., Philadelphia, lie joined J. P Morgan K.: Co. in 1928 and rcm,r:n'j:i until 1930. A T A\ier Anac llelh ,V T Tobacco nda Copper Steel Legion Meeting Tonight Dud Cason Post 2-1 of thr American Legion will hold Us -Acr-kly meeting at 8 o'clock tonight 1:1 ihe Legion Hut here. Truman to Visit Alaska WASHINGTON. May 13. ilU'i — Secrclary of Interior J. A. said today President Truman (vl " visit Alaska late this Summer "•' Congress adjourns in lime." Chrysler Gen Kleelric Clen Molors Montpomi'ry Ward N Y Central Tut Harvester Norlli Am Aviation Republic Hleel liadlo Hocony Vacuum ! Sluclchakcr ' Kland.-ird of N .1 Tex:is Corp Packard U H Steel Oklahoma n Indicted HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. M-iy 13. (UP)—A 33-year-old Tulsa. Ok!a. cafe operator. Jack E. Kress, lias been indicted by a Garland Coimly Orand Jury on n charge of voluntary manslaughter. Kress Is charged In conned ion with the fatal .shooting last Monday day of Fred Sharp, 55, ,it a Lake Hamilton landing. On recommendation of of the pro- secutinR atloriicy'.s office, Kress' bond of $20,000 wns reduced to S10.- 000. Circuit Judge Clyde IJ. Blown J3id Dial the case likely will cerr-e up on June 0 or 9. both of which arc o|icn dales for the current term of court. ti:> 7-n :i:i S-H in :MI IfiO l-l: ,,32 7-11 r.ii i-; S'J n H!) 3-1 I! 12-\ \\ 1-C 14 7-8 m :t-; According lo n report [jiven by Mr. "Jnimon to hospital attendants, the -.u> sailors were traveling; pouth n Highway HI al a high rate of ipeed. when .they lost control of he motorcycle, il left the hl(,'h- ,vny and crushed Inlo an cmbank- nent. • The vehicle or. which Ihc two hiiy.s were rldinp,', was completely Mrmollshcd. reports said Chief of Police Charier, Short, .staled this mnrnini; that Cannon brought Ihe i.seense plalc.s 'if Ihc motorcycle to hi.s office yesterday, but thai he ve no detailed account of the i idem to him. It wn.s not learned which of the Iwo boys wns driving the motorcycle, hospital attendants reported. Otficlals of Ihe Naval In Memphis verified reports llial. Ihe Miilnr.s were reluming to thatlinsc [mm leave but fulled lo sav where the Injuri'fi youths had been. The Senate bill, which must'1)2 coii prircd with a more drastic llousc-aiiprovcil bill, would outlaw the elo.sed shop, prohibit Jjri.silic!;- lonal slrike.s and secondary hoy- cotl.s. establish n new. Independent Federal Mjdiatioh Service and al- .ow the Bovernmont lo enjoin • trlkcs cndanijering public health nid .safety. t Inillrallnns that the bill was faehn; a veto came in lliu clnslni;' debate fliini Semite l>Mn<Kr;>tlo leader Alllen \V. Barklry, who :nl»-d thai It bo defeated. He sahl In: I'Oldd mil vole for. a bill (o "P'iiall/c Innocent men." Chairman Robert A. Taft, R., O.. of I he Sonate Labor Committee made his final plea for passage with 11 denial that the measure was a "jumllivn"- one. OVuklny wound up the Senate debate by: 1. Charging House Speaker Joseph W. Miirlln with trying to "intimidate" 'President Truman to approve Republican labor legislation, a. Warning hli Democratic colleagues that the final bill resulting from compromise with the Ifouse-i'pnroved measure will tie "worse" limn the bill passed by H>e Semite. n. Asserting thai restrictive labor legislation would do more to cn- crnirjige Communism In unions limn unylhlng Congress could do. Dnrkloy said he did not' know whether Mr. Triimnn would approve or veto Iho bill that eventually reaches .him. ' ' Then Barklcy cited a recent statement by Martin saying Mr. Truman would not be given a '''second cbnnce'' on labor legislation if he vi'loc:r the first bill. "Tlic only interpretation that can be placed on It Is that It was a form of ' intimidation against, tlic President." Barklcy sjntd. - ''. Hit! said it \vsi "most uniortu- iiulc" that Me.rtin hart sought to "dare" , Mr. .Truman , to veto the bill, ' " -•"-• • MiJ ir Vrorlslnrfs I,Ts(*i1 M-ilnr provisions In the 'Republican bill would: I Oiilliuv the closed shop and allow the union shop only If- favored > majority of the employes h) an election conducted by -the Na- Truck Driver Killed In Unusual Accident AH!CAl»:i,PIIlA, Ark., May 13. l UP) - Funeral services wue planned today for Otis Uunyan 31. a truck driver fur the city .tl' Arkadcl- phin, wlio was crur.hi <1 to death between two city vehicle;; yesterday. He died in an AJ kaiic-phi.'i hospital. Wil nesses said his head was crushed when a patrol semper which hi:, Iruck had been lowing co:isl-xl inlo ::,c hack of the Iriuk. Labor Uelations Board. 2. Determine "unfrdr labor practices" for unions as well as employers. Including a ban on refusal to bnrnnln and on coercins em- ployes in the choice of a union. ' 3, Allow Industrywide bargaining ' II both parlies wanted il: make a union guilty of un unfair labor practice, for striking lo force an m>pi'>vcr inlo such negotiations. •I. Establish an independent mediation agency Inking over the functions of the labor dcparlmcnt'5 conciliation service. ft. Outlaw jnri.sdictioniil strikes, secondary boyroU-s nnd somc.orfiA- nlziiiK strikes; autliorize the NbRB to seek injunctions ngainst them, nnd allow injured parties to sue for damages. 0 Allow breach of contract suit,'; against unions. ' ; 7. Fx:'.udc supervisors from the Wanner Act so employers iould not be compelled Vo bargain with them. B. Create emergency machinery allowing tiic government lo obtain an 83-day Injunction against .strikes endangering the public health and safety. Fulbright Opposes Postal Rate Hike for Smaller Newspapers WASHINGTON, May 13. i UPI -fen. J. W. Fulbright. D., Ark. I'Kliiy .said Increased postal rates wimld drive small newspapers out business and lead lo "stalci.'in" in Ibis counlry. He lold the Senate Civil Service Committee Hie past 30 years have ::hmvn the "powlh of monopolies ami concentration of |xiwcr in Ilu- field ol coimiumk-.-ilions." in that ix'riod, 'i; Mid. the number ot small independent papery has dmp])Cd from 2.000 to 1,800 "In of the growth of r.cvv bu.'-iness and iK>i>nlation." Fulhriiiht said the increased pns-» — tal rales prep^sed by the Post Of-: force tlie govcriuuent to lake over lice I)c|jartmcnt uotiid increase ([uarlerly mailing costs of smail ncw.'-pspcrs about W) per cent. "Whereas large pa[>crs can turn to trucks and .set up Iheir own mctho.-l of distribution," Fnlbright said, "the .small papers cannot, "Tiny have nothing to do but go out of business—that is. the big papers will buy them up." 'lie said the long-term "danger" was that the .,'con:entralion of IMiwer In the hands of the big papers and 'he chain papers" would Die communications field— "That is Stateism.' Fulbright said that in England "already there are demands in par- lijnicnt for the government to lake over (he news field because of the concentration of control in a handful of pxibllshers." "Increased postal rates, combined with the newsprint shortage, will greatly increase the death rate ol .smaller papers, he said. "The small ones now nre down to four pages and the big ones are so Ijlj! you can |iardly pick them up on Sunday. 1 ' Government Accuses 700 Railroads of Overcharges WASHINGTON. May 13. «.'?> — e government today accused more than 700 railroads of char.;- mu "unjust and unreasonable" pri- cc.i for transporting aluminum alloy airplane landing mats during the war. The government's charges were contained in a Justice Department complaint filed wilh Ihc Interstate Commerce Commission. 11 was not indicated how much money wns involved in the alleged overcliarijes, but the complaint said "hundreds of carloads" were ship- p-d during 1914, 1B45 and 1946. El Dorado Lions Club To Observe Anniversary EL DORADO. Ark., May 13. HIP) —Clifford D. Pierce of Memphis. Tenn.. Inlernatininl Lions Club president, will be the principal speaker when the El Oorario club celebrates Its 25th anniversary tonight. Representatives from \ dozen communities in South Arkansas a:;d Norlh Louisiana are expected to attend the meeting. N. Y. Cotton ?,NEW YO3K. May 13. (UP)—Cot' Ion close easy. open high low clojo Mar '2755 2765 2745 K739 May 3f2S 3623 3573 SMC July 34CO 34H S330 3352 Oct 2:C4 2924 2885 2S83 Dec ZSIS 2S31 SB*) 28C3 Spots close 3fi24 down C6.

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