The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JUNK G, 193-j THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TBB COURIER NBW6 CO, PDBL1BHKM C. R. BABCOOK. Editor B. W. HAINES, AdrertfciDt Sole NaUantl Advertising Aifcuuu IMllks, Inc., New York, Chicago, Oirvit, 61. Ixuls, Dailu, Ka?sw City. Memphis. Published. Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered «8 second maltor R« UK posl o«lci> nt Biythcville, Arkansas, under act at Congress, Oc- lotwr l», 1'Jl'l. Scrvea oy vhe unitcil Pr«M we ever learn how to use them sibly we can <io exactly tliat. SUBSORIITTON RATER carrier In t:ic city o: lUvthcrlUt, 15c per or $6.50 per year lu advance, By mall within a radius of M miles, fci.OO I>cr year »1 50 for six months, 85o for t)j^c month*; by mall In postal nones two to six, Inclusive, $6.60 PIT year, in a>ncs seven and clglil, »10.<XJ per year, payable to advance. We Might Put Science to Beneficial Use The job of the scientist, snys Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace in a recent Scientific American, is not finished when he has handed the world a new discovery, lie ou^hl to he prepared to insist thai his discovery he used to benefit mankind. The secretary's remark is not u new complaint, hut since- it is one thai has been consistently ignored, for many decades, it is worth while ID stop and have another look nt it. "Instead of oomplaccnl after-dinner speeches in sweeping defense ol science," fays Mr. Wallace, "I should like to find our more articulate scientists insistiiii! that the benefactions of science he used only in ways that are plainly in the ycncrid welfare. ,. "It would be ciu-ouriifdiie to find, nmoiitf .scientists everywhere, .some evidence of honest indignation at the way the gifts of science have been turned iiguinst society and therefore against science itself." * * * It takes only a very little thought to reveal what the secretary is talking about. Brilliant men, for example,, discover the secret, of flight, and enable men to soar through the air like the birds; -.., and so far the chief result has been -'Mo make war infinitely more . horrible '^iml to include women and children on its casualty lists. Other brilliant men devise ways of enabling man to increase immeasurably his capacity to produce useful things. As a result, a few men gel very rich, while a great depression sweeps down on the land and millions of men are unable to get jobs of any description. Still other brilliant men make it possible for voices and music to be sent hundreds of miles through the air; and we .get, accordingly, a mass of trivialities, banalities, and stupidities thrown at our firesides evury night in a volume to make the angels weep. You can cite many more examples, but these are enough to show that the secretary was quite justified in making his protest. We have today enough marvelous inventions to turn the earth into a fruitful and idyllic garden spot. If scii- —Bruce Cation. OUT OUR WAY The South Should Benefit Tlic rccipim'iil lurilT liill, which ;i|>- piirL'iiLly is SUDD to Ijocoinu Isiw, ia tuil ii free trntle measure, DV even a very long slep in that ilirwlioii. It involves no al>;inilonnicnt of Ihe protective lariir principle, but rather a mixli- Ikation of it to fit chaiiKi'il cuntlilions. of its limitaliuiis Hie liill tines not promise tlie South i-umplete relief from tlie ocoiiomii; liandiaip im- iler which il has labored for a hundred years. H does, however, promise definite benefits, the extent of which will depend upon how tlie powers which the measure entrusts to the executive branch of the government are used. When tlin bill becomes law the. president will have authority lo modify existing tariff duties by as mud) as GO per'cent. This power, the bill contemplates, will be used lo enable foreign buyers of American products to pay for them in goods which they produce and we can use. Liecausc cotton is the chief American export product, ami because tobacco, naval stores, lumber and oil are. also export products, Ihe South should benefit particularly through whatever stimulation the bill may provide for foreign trade. Such benefit, it should be pointed out, will be Ihe result of no subsidy, but rather will come from partial elimination of subsidies Ihe-South for years has helped to provide for producers who have been unable to meet foreign competition without tariff protection! CHURCH EXCUSES »1 Go. W. Buiiw THIS CURIOUS WORLD "Yt's, I reckon we can (jive you ain't h<ild-ui> men." Ears Require Special Care by Those Who Enjoy Swiming II .seems that a lot of pcoplt are unable lo understand , iirai i am :i man way above the average In knowledge and ability, and I lind it almost brybnd possibility to make even my son-in-law and hired-man understand, while I nave not been In a church since • I was inil oil the board of my chinch I scncc the condition all tlinn-lics arc in. I so olten hear the expression that the churches nr« all In a bad way both as to nuances and attendance nd 1 am wiling for them lo send for me to straighten things out which will be able to d<iVwith practically no effort. 1 recall that quite a few of the members of my church attempted to wrest the management of the church from me which was a silly thinB for ihcin td try, and all because 1 \vns holding Ihe exjKnce down lo below what some of them termed the minimum cost. I Began by putting the minister on half pay and half time as I soon discovered that the members could get alon gwlth half of the kind of :crmo]is he was preaching and as he refused to give them some other type of sermons for the other half I told him to spend half of his lime In some other work, then later I decided to pay him on n percentage basis of the collections and so much bonus for each new member that he brought in and as none came he left, saying that he could not live -on the income produced on the percentage basis. This saved the church a lot of money. I have always been in favor ol "better government for less money." as we had no preacher of course the members began o drop out, and as we had Jo ew members I could see no rea- to spend money for another preacher. 10,000 SNOWSH06 PA66ITS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED FROM WISCONSIN TO NEW YORK STATE SINCE A\ARCH. NEW YORK IS STOCKING ITS WOODLANDS WITH WISCONSIN'S SURPLUS RAftBIT CROP/ liKERE IS A GROUP OF FISHES CALLED THE FtAfflSHfS. BUT THE XtMXT, WHICH -ARE THE FtSHES, DO NOT BELONG IN THIS GROUP. KLONDIKE- MO7~ tN At ASM IT IS A DISTRICT YUKON TERRITORY CANADA. BV DR. MOUKIS FIS1I1IMN , the presence inside the car of in- Editur, Journal or the American | feitcn material unher Standard of Living II. is exceedingly interesting to notice that New York authorities lnwe adopted n new definition o[ what it is lo be indigent. According to Dr. S. S. Goldw;itev, hospital commissioner, who lias just drawn up now rules limiting free hospital treatment to who are unable to pay, a man and his wife who have to livn nn an income of than ?20 a week are officially indigent and need not pay for hospital services. If they have a child, the limit is ?25 a week; if they have two children, it is ?;!0 a week—and so on. Here is s-oimitlring that makes one slop and think. To lie sure, ruUw lire geared to New York's metropolitan area, where living e\|)eiises arc higher than in many other places. Nevertheless, considering the number of men who arc employed—and glad to be employed—at ?20 a week or less, it is evident that our boasted standard of living may not be quite as high as we have thought. Medical Association, anil of llvgrvi, Die Health Ma^mm The ulternuilh of summer vacations frequently is enrnche. Earache means infection, in most instances. When you BO bathini;, and fspcc- illy \\hen you dive or s^vim ndcr u'alrr. the water and the liny incision under will let the material the eardrum A recent expedition to the South Seas found that the natives of the nterior of 'New Guinea still like to hunt heads and will trade a out and save (he patient from the likelihood or deafness. It will also, in the majority of cases, serve to prevent invasion uf the infection into the mastuiil. The lining of [he oilier c.innl of the car is a delicate membrane. The the fact that gold-seekers of the curly days reached Ihe district traveling through Alaska. Also, the district surrounds I lie ii] stretches of the Yukon river, a stream which later flows Urn the heart of Alaska. -NEXT: How ito [aIcons kill their pri-y? Hatch 27,000 Pheasant tKgs ! today SALEM, Ore. (UP) — Twenty" thousand Chinese pheasant eggs arc under hens at ihc two state litfhly painted human skull for a j game commission farms at Eugene , set bj , largw : the n AlJOiJt 27.000 cygs will the end of the GL'iisun, ; number siuu; opi-rnlioii rms \vas begun. mirror or picket knife. | and Pcncllcton, officials announced | Read Courier News Want A ;ictcrla may get Inln your middle I easily scratched or Injured. Never ar through the nose. Localise u try to ircat a condition affecting that limn:; by uushini; in matches. | toothpicks, hairpins, BELJLAH PowTka I clmsc the name "l''" to indicate that he was frank and earnest. The "Merrl" part .•.peaks for Usrlf. and (he "well" to show that lie was healthy, yon know. —W. Gilbert len. author of Ihe Frank Mcrriwcll "dime novels." By Williams vT TO THANK: vou BOTH \ FO.R -i.v<'iMG THOC5E OUT OF THE \ AMD PILING THEM so KKAT'.V ON THE TABLE-BUT, WANT TO THAMKTHE/ ONE WHO W/XS THOUGHTFUL 7 , .'.1?.' EMOUCiH TO PROP THEM OP, SO / X WON'T HAVE TO Pick THEM OFF THE FLOOR WHV MOTHERS GET <SRAV ubc pusses from tlrj nose into the ar, You may wear a rubber cap ver your hi-atl and even put a nbbor stopper In Ihc outside nit that will not krrp the rotn gctluu; into the nose anci j he Eustachcnn tube. When you gel out of the water. T y nt i blow you r i lose n i id hoi cl both nostrils shut at the lime, you ire quite certain to force the water, and any thine thai may tappen to be hi the water, into your iulrmXl ear. j When you get an earache, it is j not. saie lo consider the condition lightly. Any infection in the ear! may be serious, focraipj it may proceed to an infection ol llio mastoid return and from lh;it even to an infectiun of Hie brain. • • ' * Of/ ronrsr. the most foolish of all Is Hie person who inis an in (net ion. with malorhil discharging from I lie eardrum, \vlio goers swimming while in thus condition. He stands (he chance of Introducing the infection from both inside and out. Nothing coulo Do more dangerous lo health and life than a performance of this character. When yon have an rnrachr, do lot try |*o treat it by putting all =ovts of things Into the car. Your doctor will tnll you that the only thing worth while and 5:1 Te for the avernae person lo put into life cm Is n little wanned glycerin. Thi: dropped in gently with a mcrti cine dropper and the enr is plug Eed lightly with cotton to hold Ih warm glycerin in place. While this will not cure the infection, it will help alH-iatc the pain and give your body a chnncc to promote healing. Knaever, the safeM procedure 13 to hnv? a competent doctor Jook at the eardrum as soon as [lossiblc. If there is severe rednr:-.* or bnlg- in=; of the eardrum, indicating instrument that [> car, to have handy. water, eye, it is not sal any other ynii may happen Just as with the safe to put into the em anything smaller than your eibow. An eaidche is a warning signal t-iat t-umethiny inside is wron^. Healthfui ears do not ache. See tc it [lint you jMy attention to the wiiming signal. 3EHE TO1>AY no.\W €.VBHIKI.. elm* p*r- fitrMit-r, fall* IrftM ibe irayrxe and I* iNtHcnt. TH plruxe her purtnrr. 1*» M:idrlfn*'» home to recuperate, Amending lo h* Ihr olhrr B Jrl. ••be Ix n*hamrd r>l thU deception hill krfp* II up. even rrfcru JULL MIDI) AT.. Mftrirllnr** rnM«ln, fink.* her in marry him. AMOK SIIJ- IIWIIM Ihr farm,' U Uin<l. JHItS. n..\.\TKK. hnu»ekr<-ner rii-*- rh:irKr4 by Donnu. l» her rnrmr- [>«iiMa nnd Ititl are miirrird. I'O.N IIAVII*. rr. and Inkca act. ap- greeted this provnl. "Tlnit'd be nice, Ifoncy. Mrs. Ad;nns is a nice little woman and I reckon she's about, worried sicl;. 1 know llio little cwlser. Just ihc sort of kid 1 hope we'll have some day. Rotter KH early looks as thuii^ii we r blow," The skies had darkened during tlie. morning. Tlicre were snow Honey. This may blow oror. it looks tiLo we're in IW £ i blizzard." "I'd rather so av.d set it o with." "\VelI, you'ro the doctor." Left iliu room "-ami slic went ,y thoiisli—111 slah-a to change licr dress. /(, iniSltt have aj tlv ° o'clock inw. Any flnn:-V. lind had to stop at the Adams i on tier way to town was ^one, dare not keeo Con wnitiug BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From tb« . of the Covricr clotuis and a stiff wind way lilowiu? | SIIOW storni that tlueaLencd to Him into a hllz Frirhiy. June K. ID::I. I?. K. Lee W USD [i w as i n Bly- licvillc Tliiusfljiy on business ;mtt \vlicn ti pprnn chrd by 11 ic Conrior News as to ihc scf^eslion ot this ;ia|:cr in icnard to an cltnrt LO .cciirc a .state nonunl school in noithcRSt Arkansas, preferably at Osccoki, Buulctlc, BlyLhcvilic or Armorel. Mr. Witeon without hesitation said: "I am very much in favor of .inch a move;, tinci would be glad to do \vlirUcvrr I can to promote tho enterprise-. I \vouKl liuor the locution on wh:U is known as tho .school section, south of town, recently purchased by .some of us in order to have close rtr^iK-* U.nlMini- Rr ^Hk th<- IT N ktll.rl. I'lin l> m >;rr ivnr fn In ihr StiM:tl r »c:irlir t**wn hr s titttm nwil ?.hr n ihi- nr\f :if Irr i a 7;trd. inn. SOW <;<» OX WITH T1IK SIOEtV CMAl'TKR XXXVI ti'T'HE Atiams baliy lt:i.H dipbtlio- rtn." Minnie aniiuLinccd as' slic took tlie rcin.iiris of yesterday's i roast turkey fmin the oven and i placed it on a platter. "Ma pays' llmt latit ni^liL Mis' Adnms .sent for Hoc Lcniuon. lie was there for Tuorc'n nu dour and Ins hail to do As Hill spoke, a few in:; j flakes scurried throtmii the air :sml I dancer! ayainsl the window [ijine. | "This lime last year," Uill adilcd, j "we were snowed in for a. week. i Telegraph and telephone poles blew down. Trains couldn't set tlirou:;h. and a heap ot livcslnck iUed of cold and slarvatloi. ! 'don't wnnt yon to gel naught In a blizzard, ro - s ,mt, clM,,, re who,, I'm Koing just half a milo." Dnnim iHHRlicil. Hut slic Klmiccil uneasily '. out or Hie "I'll ill ivc you over, if yon like." ''. s Tills was wlint llonna \\nt\ ^ feirci! i :1 " tr lie wonlil t^y. "No. no. I'll rallicr : llnri; you (liiln't. I'm FIII-O CrnniHallicr OIIU Iioard the wheels of the n mobile crimchiiii; on Ihc I Si-omul oul^idc, and tbc n clnm-clmy of the engine. Tlicn vi'Iij.stlcri. Tluuna snatched ii]i cnat and li;it. With a new do*]: fimi slio planked the hat on head and drew on her coat. Hill helped her into ti;e lii i car. "Don't t-lay loiii;," he kissiti:; licr. "Vtm nrcn't a driver nt best and in the srmw-- ".Mollicr liuii! 1 ' she Inuiibud. She tnruerl at. I!IK bend tu % | road lo wave to him. Me was s^j n^ on tlie uurch Imik^l licr. the wind whipping ]::iir atirl mnking it stand ^ometltin^ in liis iinttiut 1 , in sites dimes." tor faclorics or olher ANNOUNCtMENTS The Courier Nc*r. has been authorized to announct the following a.' candidates for piihllc oillcc, sub- ]cct to the Democratic primal? August: For KcprtMrntalivn IVY W. CRAWFORD For Count; Ji!fl;« XAI, B. HARRISON' GEORGE W. BAKHAM For Member of Consrrss CLINTON L. CALHWELOj Mrs. Robin Whilvvorth of Os- coolii '.V:LS rc-clcctccl county, sup- crinl.l.irhnl |of FrhooLs at. Ihs meeting ol Ilia county to^nl of ediicalioa at O.-.ccoii this week. Simon P. I.PC. who wn.i reported lost in MattimorU, Mexico, across the Rio Grande, arrived home Thur.-rl.iy. He explained the cause lor (lie alarm as to his absence in saying while he was in Mexico somebody stnncd romclhins jiisl '.itsirte from \vhere he was \vriL- nr; ii railcard, and he did not set mi? lo linish the writing before Unj for hunlin^ Ihe American idt? of Ihe border. For Sbfrift CLARENCE For Re-clccllon tntl I'nllrctor H. WILSON for Second Term KM Cocn«y Tr«»Mirer JOE S. DILLAIIUNTY ROLAND GREEM I or ClrcolC Cnnrf ( Icrk HUGH CRA10 ADDISON SMITH I!. U. ISKEBT) S'lOUT For Cnuntj- Court ricrk KKED FLEEMAN For Rc-Klcctlon for S:;il Torm For Assencr R. L. (BHiIiYV GAi.VES 0. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constablt of Chlrkuiwba Tomuhlp JACK ROBERTSON will lie all ri^lu. bnt jnst the s,inic j lhiiu;-h lie had hiilden her far Al Today's Hale, American patriot, born. selectai as capital of Kentucky. special i 1 '--- 1 cnTmn.i firOii^ £ r H;;c[hln^ tu the baby's tliroal." "I tiojic Ibo liltlc (bins will live." Donna answered. "Is anyone vviUi MI-F. Ailania 1 ;" "Vc?, Iier si.Jler'a tbere." "llipliElicria i:: a terrible disease,'' r)i>nn;i said. "I reir.einbcr once who:i a chiiil in thn ch'rng had it—" Her vnfrc tvaileil off as if a sudden thought had ?lmck ]icr. Tbe Ailaia? family were Uic Siil- flnls' nearest neisrhijors. White Honna .^rarcely knew llieai, under nltier rivnini^tanccs plio would have nft'evH ber a=5ic.tance at onco. Tiie cliibl'^ illness sectncil an answer lo her prayer. What could !x? more natural than to Icll Hill (hat she wn.i goini; over to sec if [here was anything she coulil do for \ht f.ianly wilb the sirk child? A;id on llio way hark from town ?i'.c iroiiM ;;tup and make sooil her statement. It beemcil a posillve inanirnlinn. Slit! bail been unable to invent any excuse important enough to take her tn Lebanon on a day when Grand father Siihlal "'.is 5.1 ill. And D'>ana felt lhal she fiirl to havn an CNCUSC. Con D.ivicl would be wir.tin:.: for hor at three o'clock. SV:--' lind promirrrl she wottlrl meet bini. What Cnu mislil do if she fa:lod to be Ibcre, she dared no! til ink'. Ar noon over (lie dinner labl Onnna p i^^cd o» Mlnnir-'s Informa lion aboul Uic Adams b.ihy. Sho [ithlcd Ihc fact that she V:neu- sunic- l!:i:!;< abont illphthcrli and remembered how they hart treated n III- lie ?irl In Ihe circus "ho was silt- fcrinr from it. "If yon don't think Granritalher necdi me here 1 think I'll drive over to»3' this afternoon." she said. "Maybe there's something I could do lo help." I think one uf us should l;u wllliin • lll!l1 was takini; a last, yearn call." ( ' n0 ^ at. her. ran^ht at l^u "Mr.yhc you're ri.c;lil." hravt anil almost stilled her bvco Thcro was a ue\v fai'ui ina^azine ' [1L 'to look over and Hill Fprav.-lert n:i [ Kll e lhnn.=hl. "Ob. (Inil— tbo conch in Ihe living room (or ! 't's the last lime I'll ever sec ]>i some time after linisiiinR liis im al. i Kii|>imse Ihir. fonllinnlincxs ot m "Hoany. dirl yon imlke Kit-e irnn Ibis morning?" be ajkcd. Looks dad, ducsn't lie?" "Docs he?" "Ye*. I wonder if [here i-- any ruth in llio reports going avouinl 1 :'" 'What, rcpoils?" * * * , seemed trivial now. ihnngl' ir IJII.L laughed and rearhed n:il liis ! 1'asl :=he lind used them • '' should separalc u.;! Snppo.-n r as n p:iniHhi];cnt fo]- all I fie Th I've done, should (ear him n from me!" Wonts Ihat di anilfntber Si bad spoken nbont Intrnlions Ij j more imporlant Ihaii a <• I i o linnd. "You're nni a :;o.ipl|i. nrc i s " rc llpr failiiiK Kpjrils o\ . ... you. dear? I lio.ird in town ihc'. ovcr • 1 " 1 >'"- Kvery stcji stin Ii ntlicr itav tli^t his wife is just n | taken Hint liail drawn [lie net itllc too iiiLinutc "i;li tlio follow ' i'l'riR'se tighlcv flashcil iicrrus 1 who Imards willi llicm. nf course . inoaiorj-. ici n pninU town ov-rytliin- a wnm- ! TIioic find lipoa imny ojii-nr(:u doos is nin^iiiticd ;iml ini^con-! '' p;: to sot licrocit risht will; l\ Elrncil liiil -" ! "inn flio married. Inn slm ]£ I'm Ptirpri= ft -! nt ymi! To . ' cl :1 " n t tlT-m slip by. Cow:in! t ) tl)ink you woiilil li.'.cii lo ?i]rii \ ' lrl1 ' Nitric li^r 110 it. Donna talk!" ' t!nl now. Owiirrliro ami llic I I cli.In't. S-.veol." Hill ln,;-!ie'l (ccrl si ore wild! ll!-.:. I'rrcmnll went liy. auti Hii^k :ir.f! i;oir::>> I.ia- nnln to l^l'.iir^. 1 tonldn'l help licninx «lix ri t ,,.y said." "Didn't ymi ^1mi-l i:i> f.,r her?" "How ronH I. m:rir!rrin; slir was u-jlli tho lni.!:t:f'r ;\*\"n we F:IW i il'le llmt she ir.iplit l.i.=e lovn. oil. if slip coulrl only hnj Hndcr^toiid l)0ii*r^[ Knrli stD]i \_ I'M anslc of suMerfuio liad lc<! 5 anolhcr. Kach sir;, mmlc it l::inl{ lo turn nrontul and face llic true And now the very Ihiiv 1 ^ ?lio Ii 'l.-mc lo save licr love inislil l.i' it away froin lirr: lier? There's nu nM •ynyim Hi.n where tJicrr'.^ ii;^ i:^i e nui?t lie smoke. No—ilV \',:f r;'.icr way aroiind. i;:i't H? If sho doe.;:i'l wnnt I.ilk. s!ir- :;lr i:!.::i'i by lirr self ojirn I't it !iy ii-:r rinion'. Iff. loo liart. Krccman i; -i ii;,c (cllow. I reckon he'.' hr-ivd ih:ric.;." "I pi;ppo-r," ll'-iiiii.i ^ ;l jd lon^e. ly. "it Iheie wc-,o ftv.^ke .ironlirt me you'll Iciok fnr 11.^ tire?" Pile drove [o-t Ihe Atlnni? fa; ! ln)ii=e. scarcely ron:;cious tint ^ was passing it. Once the car ?'.; dcd on Ihe rond, now covered n thin layer o( soft, flippcry j lluu w-as a!) Ihc moro Ire.ich ! hccatifo of tli» liravier coat of i i underneath. The cold wind 1 Ihe driven snow flakes Finns I). n.Vs checks. The windshield 11 ! ed conslnnt wipins. She did "Sure would—hut ynii lake c.iro s ce I.era Holilen's little car as IhB there's no fmokc: ]joy, | 0 ok at P-i'scrl at tl>e ertgc of luwj, n| that snow. If you're poine to Ihe i nMr hi' cheery tTceling,' -?i An.inu-es, you'd Ullcr tel start- : J lrs- Slililal!" ' ed." ' ' 1( she had. she might hav hp,l ILL. who was naturally friend- "Yes. I supple jo." ly ar.d hiJ often Carried a lit-! "t'H S« tt= ;ir c-it f,-r yfln." • e''=r his bt'aes r?osrve and dls-'Hs ro=f ,-ir.ti »^IIL to th? window.; f-ir mlnglins Ftth str-tngers. 'I dcn't hc'.'.fve I'd go today, given the letter that won!' SEircd both Bill and hoi:' cnantlcss hours of agoDT. (To Be Cnnllnnril)

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