The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1945
Page 6
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.PAGE SEX BLYTIIEV1LLE COUIUEK NEWS TUKSDAY, JANUARY 30, J945 1 Players Admit To Conspiracy \ Two Brooklyn College .Men Tell Of Fixing Basketball Contest NEW YORK, Jan. 30 (UP.)— flie rumor that basketball players of big colleges were being reached by professional gamblers has finally been confirmed. . Last nlglit in Brooklyn, two Brooklyn college players confessed to Assistant District Attorney Edward- Hctfermarirftlmt they and other members .."Oj; the Brooklyn team had agreed, to throw a game against Akron University In Boston tonight. . . Five Brooklyn players were involved in the deal. They were to ' throwing I he Barnett and receive $3000 for game. '.".Players Bernard etter from Louie Larry Pearlstein, who confessed the plot to the Brooklyn attorney stated, that gamblers had (dreads ifgld them ,51.000, r and that they were to receive the remainder after the game. ""Attorney Hefferman states tha tljij'Brooklyn,players were not onl> bribed to drop the game, but also on a given number of points, thl ^ lo-protect bookies who laid certah crajg. la one points on the game.. : : ' ^Although Hefferman placed no charges against the confessed play- e'fi/ he held them tonight for prolonged questioning. > Barnett and Pearlstein, first to confess in, the''gamblers' bribe, named three other Brooklyn College players Involved In the deal. • They are: Jerry Green, Stanley Simon and Bob L'cder.- '£ijCder, Incidentally. ;ls'the team's top scorer, for the season. "Hefferman states Hint negotiations" to throw the Brooklyn-Akron gains In Boston started as far back as-January .22. At that time, all fjye of the Brooklyn players arc said'to" have visited the ho;ne of Alleged"gambler Harvey Stemmer where they each received $100 in cash. Later one of the players rc- delved $500 more in cash, which h'e was to.split five ways. •- The other gambler allegedly involved in the case Is Henry Rosen nTsuspected fence hi stolen goods. Scout Court of Honor Planned Next Monday l','A regular Boy Scout Court c Honor will be held Monday riiglii Feb. 5 at the high school , and I to rjum, it.was announced today by O P.VRainey, district chairman. Parents and friends of the Scout are, especially Invited to attend /n& * * DOPE BUCKET . IK j. r. rauND KKUUILDI.NG PHIUl'l'JNKS , new slant on a different, phnse With the sensational stories of l!ie Invasion— from the eye of Gen. Douglas MacArthur's gallant fighters on ihe Philippine invasion hogging the spotlight and the Deadlines of the dally newspapers, Mr. Average Citizen is prone to lose sight of the support which these Infantrymen arc getting. I am thinking particularly of the combat engineers who are in the thick of the fighting, yet are concerned not with destroying the enemy but rebuilding the bridges, and roads and air strips which have been destroyed or damaged while Ihe task of eliminating Iho foo was In process. We have several Blytheville representatives In that glorious branch of the service who arc lending hands and arms, working and sweating, some (lying, for a right for freedom ... Big Jimmy Ltms- ford, the former slant, boxer who showed considerable premise under the tciitelagc of the veteran Joe (~>ffi <«T \t niln .11 nl HIV ' ^p]*Vf*lt II Engineers ... It follows: Philippine Jan. 9, 194 Dear J. P.: Haven't written In quite a w but then it was back In Stales, loo ... Was In the day we started on the Phllipp and nm making it just fine far . . . Have been thinking writing for some time but we 1 been so very busy , . . You ki we have to build the roads boy arc they a. mess over . . . There Is nothing like It 1 there . . . Only one place rcm me or even makes me think this ... I mean the "Big I Bottom" . . . We were bull a road and had to cross a of rice ... We call them paddles ... Well, Hie first, t I thought of was Big Lake iThe water and swamps really a pain . . . The country ocean lo mountains Is not the hitch In desolate New Guinea lid' moved into the Philippines Ith the Ilrst wave . . . Another i Staff Scrgl. Louie Sninthcrmnn, rack iiificlclcr In the City Soil- all League several years ago, who ntes as one of the greatest ath- etes developed at neighboring \rmorel. ^ GIVES SLANT Several montlis rice much but swamps, ami when yoi get off the road, boy, you had better be looking for a. 'cat' tc pull you out. WANTS ADDRESSES . Guess you have heard from scv eral boys from here I haven' er.rd from anyone yet, so If you now of any please let me know . . I am positive there must be some here, though. (Am enclosing the addresses of ohn D. McGlll, Tom Sccoy, Jlni- riy Lunsford, IJcut. Lloyd (Tear) Vise, Lieut. Lclloy rtoss. Others will follow as I gel them, Louie. lope you can contact them all and norc, too.) Saw where there were a few insets during the football season. Didn't get to keep up with any of the games . . . Heard only parl of one . . . We were on ship then . We were in Hawaii for wlillc and saw quite a few bascbnl :amcs there They sure had some good teams . . . They were all major leaguers, though . . . SUM a lot of stars We weren't in Hawaii long so never had much time to gel around much here place there could to be But be - no worse There is nothing and no place to go . Evyyonc Is sure getting fed u| with this island and ready to movi pn . . . Have been making it fini and doing all right now Seems most everything is over for the other outfits, but we arc still building roads and bridges. Well, write me if you can and let me know If nny of the boys arc over this way. Heard something about Marshall Dlaekard being wounded. Sure hope it Isn't serious . He Is a swell fellow Ambers Beaten By Navy Quintet Mcmphians Continue Winning Streak With 78 to 45 Victory Tin' Naval Air Technical Training Center quintet of Memphis kept Ihciv winning streak Intncl by <le- it'iitiiiK IlAAF's bombers, post on- listed men's loam, 18 to 45 in a name l:isl night, Jan, 20, at, the local recreation hall. II was NATTC's 20th consecutive victory as against, no losses tills season ami they kept their record perfect will) Mime of the most masterful basketball playing ever seen here. Tlic sailors played togethei like college ragers who liaU worked as H teum for a full four years. Thcj completely dominated tlic back- toiinls on both oftcnsc and defense their passing was beautifully co- nnlitKiied, nml their shooting was spectacular. Never behind, they kepi the locals oft balance continually to roll np their lop-sided score. Kchans of tlic visitors was higl' point man for tlic evening with 23 points. Llnskey was high scorer lor Blythcvllle, getting 17 points. Bombers' next appearance on Osceola Cagers Book Games For Rest. Of Season The Osceola basketball learns have announced games for the remainder of tlic season. The schedule Is as follows: Feb. 2—Enrlc at Osceola. Feb. C—Dyc&s ill Osceola. Feb. 8-^Shawncc at Osceola. Feb. 13—Kctscr— there. Feb. 16—Wilson at Osceola. Feb. 20—West nidge at Osceola. Feb. 22-23-24—County Tournament. March 8-0-10—State Tournament. Invention of the folding umbrella netted a profit of $10,000,000 to Its inventor. Hational field Trial Contests Arc Underway SlIUQUALAK,Miss.,Jan.TO (III 1 ) —The second day's running of National Field Trial championships has started. Dogs and their handlers are hoping to top yesterday's unlm- pre,sslve starter. There were eight derby contests on the opening day and a pointer, Tip Top Soo, was the standout. But even she was not too spectacular. '.". . Someday, I expect to tell you j some things about these islands | tlic court will take place Thursday But now am only honing to You're Not Too Old To Feel Young This is a message for men who have known life but no longer find it thrilling because of the lack of certain vitamins and hormones. Tromone, a recent medical discovery combining vitamins and hormones may multiply the vim ant' zest and enjoyment you once knew. Your whole approach, your wliole attitude toward life, may Improve when you begin to use .Tromone. Now 11 may be possible for middle aged men to again enjoy the same spirit, vitality and pleasures that CHICKASAW West Main Near 21sl St. Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts Isl5 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 0:15 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. BOSTON <UP)—Mrs. Beatrice II. Mullancy, 39, Is the mother of five children, but in addition to running her home in Fall River, she finds lime to serve as an assistant Massachusetts attorney general. get avray from them for now. Your friend, So long LOUIE. when they will compete in the semi- made their youth a thing to re- fmals of the Eastern Flying Train- member. Added years may not sub ago I had . a . . lie was on he West .Coast then and told of lis outfit establishing a new speed ecord at building a bridge dining festival of some sort . . . Time >ns5cd and nary a line from Louie .mill this week when another :amc, written in the Philippines and under a Jan. 0 dateline (Co •A" 321st Eng. Bn. APO 90, care PM, 'Frisco) . . . Loute gives a Piles! Ow!! —But He SMILES, Now American consumers spent about $07,000,000,000 In 1944. ing Command Basketball Tournament, scheduled for Maxwell Field, Ala., on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. H«ad Courier Newa Want Ad». tract from your pleasures when you use Tromone, the new medical formula combining vitamins and hormones. Follow directions on label. Tromone for sale by Robinson Drug Co. and druggists everywhere. Tuesday BUDDY NITE Fwo tickets for the price of one"THE FALCON AND THE COEDS" willi Tom Con way ami Jean Drooks Comedy Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "PRIVATE BUCKAROO" with Harry James and His Orchestra and tlic Andrews Sislers and 'DON'T GET PERSONAL' Tuesday PAL NITE 'Block Busters' with The East Side Kids ALSO SK11IAL: "Adventures of the Cadets" Wednesday & Thursday | 'Days of Glory' with ! Tiunaru Toiumnova & Gregory 1'cck Seven million people saw their homes blacked out c • • • '• . .£''<•• >'»*o-.. :.">,:>:: ::-r.V -a*. / .. ,. pfium u i tin; i v» IF".«i •„ - -- .. Helps sullen nm\ lends lo shrink swell InB/Gct tube Thornton & Minor's Ilccta Ointmoul-or Thornton & Minor Ilctlfl Suppositories. It not dcllglilcd with tlila DOCTORS' WAV, low cost is refunded. ftt ill «oo<l druK alorca everywhere. • • At nil drug stores everywhere—Hi Blythcvllle nt Kirby Drug. NOW LOCATED 107 West Main (Next Door To City Super Market) Foster's Liquor Store WHISKIES—WINES-LIQXJEKS Phone 2127 will) Hugh New Theater Manila's Finest What have you done today that some mother's son should die for you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— Tuesday COLUMBIA PRESENTS "DANCING IN MANHATTAN" Serial and Short News of the Day. Short PTT7 1 JX.JL 1 LJ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show SUrtj at 1:39. SATURDAYS & StnVD •Box OfBce Opens 1 Show BtarU 1:15 Wednesday, & Thursday "THE IMPATIENT YEARS" with Jean Arthur and I.ce Bowman Fox News it Short SEE... CALL... or WRITE i - , me for your StONEVILLE COTTONSEED Swift's Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . . Ajso Seed Sacks J. L TERRELL 111 S. Bdwy. Blythcville, Ark. Ph. 2631 T/iis shows the fiurrfcare's pol/i as il tore up the Atlantic Coast. On the job in Connecticut. Lire crews cama ib the rescue from as far away as Detrotf. Tuesday & Wednesday i. Tuesday Night Is OPPORTUNITY! NITE "I LIVE ON DANGER" willi Jean Parker & Chester Morris KKO NEWS AND COMEDY RECAPPING . and VULCANIZING All Recapping Strictly Guaranteed. Quick service. In Any Size Passenger Car Tire. Our Molds Will Handle Up to Size 700x16 Tires. ALL SIZES of RECAPPED PASSENGER CAR TIRES FOR SALE- RATION FREE! L AR K I KT SERVICE I-M I\ IV I IN STATION 12 Years At Main & Lake Street Call 965 For Pickup & Delivery Service Tfie big blow Iwiiled the sleepfe off this Massachusetts church and toppled it into the street across the eleclric wires. Another headache for harcf-worfcing linemenl Recapping and Vulcanizing Done By The Hawkinson Method , "It's MORE Than A Re-cap!" PATENTED EQUIPMENT PATENTED METHOD MODINGER-POETZ TIRE CO. Highway 61 North Phone LAST FALL, a raging hurricane roared up llie eastern seaboard and left a $400,000,000 irail of wreckage from North Carolina to Maine. Falling trees crushed, houses ears and power lines. Poles were snapped off by the fury of tlie storm. Hundreds of lowns, millions of people had no electric service. The electric light and power companies 'moved fast. Line crews worked around the clock, 18-hour stretches were common. Clerks, lucter readers—everybody—pitched in to replace workers now at war. Short-wave radio helped direct the job. Men and equipment came lo New England from other electric companies as far west aa Qhio and Michigan, 111 fact, some trucks were already rolling ^before the big storm struck", In most cases, service was quickly restored.. Hospitals got first priority, then war plants. It was a staggering job, swiftly done — and helped immeasurably by the patience and understanding of customers. J This hurricane—like fires, floods, tornadoes across the country—dramatized anew the fact that only a major 'disaster can interrupt the even flow of electric service. It proved again that Zmswess-iuanage'd electric companies are organized and able to meet any emergency as completely as they met 'America's greatest/emergency—itw. • I/cor NELSON EDDY In 'IKE ElECTRIC HOUR," wild fiobirt Arnbriuf.r'l OrcJiMlro. NOW ejery Stinrfoy ofltrnoon, 4:30, EW, CSS Nttrorlr, Thi Navy Dept. has called upon Arkansas people to construct the most important United State* . . . NAVAL ORDNANCE AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS Production of newly developed and very essential weapon of World War 2 ... TO SAVE OUR BOYS' LIVES! Eswfl NOW! WINSTON, HAGLIN, MISSOURI VALLEY ; AND SOLLITT ! (Prime Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Tims and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at $1.00 per day. Excellent working condition* ... Help build this plant so vitally needed by our ; fighting forces. " Hiring on the Spot and Free Transportation Furnished at Every EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS • T« *r» now •initial acUvltr »t your lUD, to not applf. In \m Men under 21 must iiav« mln»r I release form ilfnefl by p«reBM which can be obWned »t Empl«T' men! Office. Jl ROCKETS WILL SAVE LIVES! \j

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