The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1946 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1946
Page 13
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s> 194e CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING JNFORMATION ft, per « !!««• per Ui, 0 in-u-i per .'Lna pet d»y _ ' • - 1J Uuei per lino per d»> _ i. » Msr.t. ter linn ____ ' ' ,5! ' All Ulmtl/lDd Ad^erUBlnj' „,,,, lo i, "Iv"*,^' ir?«o S m'"SY-'''' ' ' W b« ««!!)• "oSiluS froVa 11 , 1 Jfo'il M'A t.o AdrurlUli.1 order for utei id, out tine .••.or.iijwruiMlitjr Kill le Cale'n for mor. '° ' " efulir U>.,r- of el., for Sale -•"' I'M. M:ui.,]iBry ,-a K \ne in K "Oil rcjn SMAItT r.-.HMF.liS nre siviltliliiB daily Hii. I.- ,:i:il tiVi'l'nr/l "r'!,' n -"l.u"n 'I'h'u I!; 1 . 1 ,,' il ;™' ) ^;. 1 .," 1U 7 I >;. Ci "; ''»>•• v« n I 1 . •!.'. i'ix) t "ii,''"drum loJJl K "'' ''' h ' S Din-ct-it !•'(>!• Ice Cold Watermelons", (lay 01- night, call at Ice I'luiit, Osccola. 6-8-pk-G-M HI pk II 9.!li, Call 2 1 li l] ?.|.k.| I '(•mplclc sa.wmill, Inlerna- (ional luiwcr unil in jjoorj condition: large carriage and cd<;er. 20" planer. This will sold all (i)Kclhcr. Four trailer -wagons; S heavy yniin/f mares; exfra mill inivt.s; 'i saw niancla; extra ciirrUigo and other mill I/arts; small International motor. This mill is running in I'ridf Addition, S 21st St. 0. S. Rolliaon. f>-7-ck-G-14 'swt Underwood Sunstrand ck'ciric ))osting machine. Can be used for adding machine only. In the very Ix-Hl of condition. Hlydie- >'ille M o t o r Company. I'hono \2'i. G-7-ck-(i-14 Shod music and all kinds ot nuisical instruments and supplies. We also have l.een appointed dealers for the famous well known line of Century. Retails liic copy. Over ifiOO selections (o choose from. Now in stock. 1'arkluirst Com- I'-'i'y- 6-4-ck-6-17 liny .your Gould's Electric I'limi) now before they become scarce again. Planters Hardware Company. 5-28-ck tf On-- AlJ.-n .Molor Tnno-tip inAchine f»c- l.'yv n.rnniliMom-r. I.eo llnlor Sales. '••'** .-l.ur.. ^ji.vno &09. 4|20-ck-tf Kiis- Fine i'drlfaits It's ir.STKKN'S STliniO 5-25-ck-tf New riiiinogrriphs, automatic n-conl changers, ampli lici-s, microphones. All malits to select from. I'arl.-hursl. Co. 5-.17-ck-6-17 .Insl arrived large shipment. Traveling hajjs and accessories. P;n-!-:hurst Co. 5-17-ck-G-17 I'irdire IVaines made fo order C/Sleon Studio. 4-24-ck-tf ,.",''. ry * l " T . Ch vit)l livir1 ^ 'Jimrters. to- ii«r.e..| } - :> »rros of land. Fror!t8 "A ,.l'. ! '- . , 1 ' 1 : '""-'Irrs on Collon Dclt '. li.. iil-,«l lornlinn (or In.lustrj-. Ste a Rorcrry. N. Hvvy 01 ir gasoline trailer, sa.'il) trallon with 3 com- |):ir(ments. landing- gear, 1()()(l\2n lires jiainled \vhife in perfect condition. Priced In sell. Terms. Hlythcvillc X'olor Company. Phone •122. fi-7-ck-G-M sfrl Trailer. 21~f77~Nabors Trailer with 1000x20 tires in Ihe very best of condi- finn. Terms. Ulythevillc Motor Company. Phone < :!2 '_ _ G-7-ck^-l.} :':';• [«r:«Mr Itiryrle in excellent con.''.''i" : '__!Illl!!lL_5^£; la-pk-io eavy fO uallon metal cans suitable for fiarlingc pails. (Jrapcllc HotMing Co., 201i! West Alain. fi-12-ck-15 ForSoM fARir.v, COURIER NTJWS •""• Do you need a place to go In business? Ideal (wo story building in splendid loou- i turn in Osceola. For sale, not for lease. Price, $20,000. Call Robert M. Graves 1 Agency, phone 27S(i, for appointment to see. _____ 0-!3-ek-27 W-Aere him, HuSttla Clerk i7riT- T' loom ,\»-,.]lin k - nn,! K-IIOIH IIOUIHJ. 11B< j B,T,' |,c.»cli orrlinnl, lares Ijorn. 1'niv * 12,40(1. 3 Aores trllh .'- dwrilinu liousp, .inrl ronj . . (nrrn Manila on na on ifiwur. «•...,! WIMin,,.. Elnririrlt,.. An i.| M l liotru'. 1'rJn- |10,00*». l.lcal «lorli («rm nrnr l'ar»twil,l DM Acr,.« will, 2SO ai-rr>s r,,nc,',l. Ijalni,. f liinlipr. 120 IICI-M in lcs|iea.>!» H,.r- iniida :iii.l rlovfr. lins mnv STIKHII ,\nj :i.ronai house. Indii.K'd Is nn I'-I2 IfBi'lor. -J:! ,1,,.,,^. -j l, or ».'. il/ii) . Mlsivlbiil-iius r»nn rciufnim-iii V.J ..... I.-K. f5,.'i(>L) ' •'. <.'. CMAl'IN _ .MANILA, AUK. l!>.,,k-I.-i New stake truck bodies 12 ft. long for long wheel base truck. Factory ljuilt bodief;. only a few left at the old price. lilythcvillc Motor Company. I'hone '122. G-7-ck-G-M Serv/ces Ilnyc IIIOVP,! [0 new aj.lrein Willie Hull '• (.nen. Acruss irum Duvls Hluri.. 1115 ' tljysiltiiis, .n, nijlu. Ksterencc'i I'" llc »"'. Cull 3139 or 4U3. 21.'<ll When yon oil «IOVB neeji clt«nlnj[ or i reynirini; C .|J 3U9 4. AJ , ,. orl _ «- Lawn mo-«r, .kirpened .nd rep.lri. All typei tud kintti. We •neclalli« in l»ow«r iuo«er ^ibtruenlnK »nd molor overl.uliug. Ye,. we pick up anil deliver. lllylhevllle M.cLlne Shoy. 4112 cktf Iractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-tf •^AA-W— .—^~^-^^v™for Rent bedruam, Kilclicn |irlvi)ej:Ps. al.l.- j.ric.-. ^L'tJ X (iih 'j' " riujiii /iinii.slirj n|iai tiufnt. Sink in liiiolirn. Until ami t!j..\Yer. ll'Jr. -Sj-i-:i " • Bc-tlrootus close in. Altic tan 310 W Walnut. ti|ik-til^ ledronij], convpnk'iit to b»th MJ5. Oil \f. Main, 18-| Ucilroom. 311 S. Kintli I'lmiia '".llts Wonted to Trade Will trade .41-42 model cars for as.or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 5th and Walnut. G-3-ck-U - isfnotion miarnullcoil, Kllj L .,| lli'[f,, m ,i .S«M,, .sin,,,. ,HH Ka«l .Main Htroel ' Wanted to Buy Vi'l,,r;in wnnts u'oiMlworkint; niiirliiiu-r v. ^TIloiLL' _taa. Osccola. 11-^ti-t'd DONT TAKE~A LOSS." Get the top'.price for your car or truck from PHIU.H'S MOTOR CO. Today. G-3-ck-tf Olil kodaks »ni! camor.i for pirn 0 Stecu's Htuilio. 4|7-ck-tf c pay tash for nm.ii furnilur« one IMCCB or * hnnu- full. Call 2302. ,M- vm irnrdy Furnilurb Co. 4llClck-tf Wonted to Rent nuill luiu^c on fnrin near or in tow ll<>a««ii»lili.. \Vrili. Ann I'arsl.-v I!.. I).-!.. l...atlivill,., .\rk. I'd-i.k.l Help Wanted . in Missisvi|i,,i and N'orlli Crilivtulnii luifiiirti.. Iluii.<i'lnilil' Meilirinrn --Fot.1 Trniluru — Kx1 rncU—Fnnn.'rs Siiiiplscs. '"'-' I'i'K'. I \ l>rr>[l(s. Wri!,- f..r l-nrlmilars. Ilnwlrii;]!^. I)i-|il AK-K- IKX WAS'I'KK. Ilrlw(,,..i llif nf,-t „( |7 :inii a 1. Cnnl.icl 1.1. S. Army ItfcrmC- injr .Si-rc.'.Hi.l In I'ost Office Iliiildim:. llly(li,-vilU.. Ark. ailt-ck 1! .Vol.l... Upward. Plans Fight Declaring that the American Federation of Musicians has np- pruxfmnlcly SI.OOO.OUU to "spend for the benelit ol ils members." James C. Pelrillo, above, head ol the music union, said thai an all-out fight ogainsl "anti-labor" legislation would be mapped by 1400 delejjEtes to Ihe organization's nnilona! convention in St. Petersburg, Ha. The STRIKES Manufacturers mil soon be in full production and the value of your car os truck will take a substantial drop. SELL YOUR CAR GET THE TOP at PHILLIP! MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—BIytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—45-1 Political Announcements Tti» Courier NMT* &M b*v> suthml'fii to umounee to* foUow- •ubj«ot to tbt _ AMI OOtXBOTO« JAOlf rTNLK? HOBINBON WILLIAM BERIIYMAN COUNTT JUIrQK OKNK IS. BRADUnt ROLAND OREXN ITCH TAX ABREHBOB OOYI.E HENDERSON W. W. -WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CLKKK HAUVEY MORRIU COUNTY COIIKT CLERK EUZAnUTH BLYTH* COUNTY TKEASintU DELUA puRTus HTATE KKrKKSF.NTATrVM ALENE WORD E. C. PLEKMAN LESLIE "DUKIE" BI>EOX L. II. AUTHY W. J. WUNDEniiTOH (Tor re-rlecMon) STATE SENATOB J. LEK BKARDEN JlSl'l/l'IiSON W. SPEOK ciitcuiT jlimit: K. Ci. WARD I. M. OKKI2R Klrli I'.irt 'I''" 1 (Kilt of Now Orlcniw Is snld i') he rrsixmslljlv, cllher directly <•[• iiKilrtTlly, tor 10 mils of i-vi-ry ilnllm- c-ii'«jl!illii|5 In ihnl city's t! :uh'. We Hove Movecl! Rides Land Co, . m ., Now Located in The Hale Buildinc u Across from City Hall Call or sec RUSSELL E. RIALES if von have a I'ilrrn fr*r Sale «r 'I'l---- 1 - -- ^' • • • '• - *" 1>L ll Missouri. MX2e^ i <z^vj£^,f Land Ownei If you are troubled.with Johnson Grtrs on your land you need ATLACI1 It's a Sure Killer fitl a Supply Today Sliccial Prices On (Juantily Lois! PLANT HARDWARE Ph ° ne515 CO., INC. 126 V/esj- Morn St. * For Complete Insurance Service Phono 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glnncoo Hote! Eld * CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of BIytheville" l-Iiomifiraphs — Records and Accessories. Hull cry and WIeclric Kndios 21 n \V i\I;iin Phone 3-MS . J. L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main SURE-en OUT AND GO! BE SURE YOUR CAR IS SAFE. . . Drive that car in here. Let us give it a complete check-up now . . . Avoid Spoi I ing your trip with untimely and expensive breakdown while away from home. DR//F /N TODAY! NO DELAY! Loy Eich Chevrolet my 301 West Walnut Texaco Gai and Oil' I.oc»l A I.onf Distance Movlnc Help led fiulpmeul. \,u. UUttely Iniund. OoMnct JUulIni • Id MIK. «.crlc... H»me Srnrlce A Btorare Co. rrrftcl repalriu? for (odaj'a ex - nalitlle footwtir EMured'whea rebuilt In tar nadera «hop. JUOLITY SHOC I 2 r w M R i NJ DON EDWARDS "The T>pi;wrHcr Man" SMITH. CORONA end REMINGTON POHTAni.K 110 N. .SECOND ST. PHONE (Every Trnnsnctloii MUST BE SATISPAOTOKY) Krcsli K(ot-k OunriinU'ed Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores Kills Rats- Roaches BiddU Extcrminaton Member N«l'L r*«t Ccninl 115 8. Third St. n. M ^MlJ^^v Sec us ^ out your $erv ^^ |C<J on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly - and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. | We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and frucfcs. T, K SEAY MOTOR CO. j Complete Slocks of I'arln For Chrrsltr Product* ' 121 K. Main _ Mwne 21 BOOTS AND IFRR RUDDIES ^ Hcfore you start out on thai summer v.n-ilion (rip. . , ' nlCS Chct ' k IIIU| d " ul ''c ''''"'I' vour car. s! Chanse Oil! Ueset ' Langston-Wroten Co. Sales U. S. Tire, OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Broadway Service Mobilcjas WRECKICK Tclephont VT WILL Bt ft SUPER SHOVJEC Left Out L K'-SOVJ ft PLftY GtT A OUCW1Y HIGH CHWR 1 Tnnnnnr VHKCKl.KK AND HIS'FRIENDS /"_... vWl i«»Mf? IS MRS. KANB.'SHE BAKES | *w, *r>\c, THESE DOUSWMUTS AMD PIES j ••- .'. ..v.-.^LG OF RESWURAMT:' I .' ' :'•' '.:- MAS Tp M'.KE ^LL , _..„ • - b <"- VJ f^<^r' ^-^ VOu'RF GONNA TAKE OVER FOR . HER IM YOUR. / v .. - - Three Musketeers BY EDGAR MARTIN THATS THE GEMERAL 1D6A [ L WANNA HELP HEP. DRUM UP MOP>~ CUSTOMERS/ BY MERRILL BLOSSEB MOVE OVSTE.. PA1.---L Fr eLA WAVE QF CO-OPERATION QD.WMG QM' . _ ^ . ^i ALI.KY OOP rflfK lltC D IN THIS CORNER .AT TWO MUNNEBT TFN POUNDS HOPING TO KAYO THE KILLER IN THREE BOUNDS FOR A PURSE OF FIVE ' MUNNCQT DOLl-ftRS-TH 1 PRIDE OF TAMERVILLt, MISTER Kouiul One BY V. T. HAMILTON . MiX IT I'M NEED A HOSSt- iu« f ^OW TAXE IT EiSV. OOP FEEL '!M OUT BEFORE ' VCU MEA5UR6 'IM ££?'. il^ps . W'^. -A,'

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