The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1949
Page 7
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t' FRIDAY, MAY 27,1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACE 8ETEW THE NATION TODAY Notion Needs to Observe Simple Facts and Either Spend Less Or Rap U.S. Taxpayers Harder By James Marluw A WASHINGTON, May 27. Wj—You're in the soup If your Income Is 160 a week and you spend $55 » week to live. If you're going to keep the sheriff away, you'll have to cut down the spending and slay within your means. Looks like the government, is in that kind of soup now. In the fiscal year stnrttnK July 1, government expenses are expected to total $42 billion or more while its Income—mostly from (axes—will vun maybe 3 billion less than $42 billion. Congress, of course, could bridge the gap between Income and expenses by boosting the income (taxes). But that's what Congress says lt» doesn't want to ito, although president Truman still is calling Wilson Seniors Give Program; Receive Honors tor a tax raise. Or—since Congress must vote the money that government spends, it conltl bridge the gap by cutting government expenses. So far this year it hnsn't taken much deitnite action to do that, either, although it talks a lot about the necessity ot doing it. Yet. if it did do that, without a lot of care and wisdom, it could cripple the work of the government. l.onff, Slow Process All of which illustrates one of the problems of Congress; Early each year the government's Budget Bureau, after checking ^/•efully (or months, lays the budget on Congress' desk. That budget Is the list of expenses for running the various departments of government for another year, starting July 1. Then the House Appropriations Committee goes to work, holds hearings, and calls in the officials of the departmenl to explain why they need tills or that. After al! this, the committe finally decides how much it thinks each department reslly needs, no matter what the Budget Bureau «aid. Then week by week the committee eomes up with a bunch of appropriations bills: So much needed for | tht Justice Department, so much for commerce, so much for the trewury, so much lor the armed forces. These bills are then laid before th» full membership of the House, generally one or two at a time, for debate and vote. Th« Senate goes through the Hme procedure. It tultes weeks »nd months to get around to nil of the money bills, tfnce each is tackled more or less ^tjparntely. ' Would Vtt Sensible Method With this piece-men! approach, Congress • never knows precisely until the last appropriations bill is voted on how much money altogether it has voted for the government to spend «nother year. That makes,it v little, .tougher to cut down total expenses so they'll be le-Sj than total Income, if they can be made less at all. Now there's talk In Congress o! this: Next year wrap up all the appropriations bills In o\\e big blockbuster bill and lay It before Congress, instead of doing it one bill at a time. Then, able to see (lie total expense ot the Government all at one time [ and all in one piece. Congress will , have a belier chance o[ whittling ' down Ihc total expense money to | fi^ the total income. | Since thus idea is still in the talking sta^e, maybe it won't come about at all. Congress is famous for sticking to the way it used to do things. I wouldn't want to have to sit in the gallery through the debate on the block-buster. I guess it would last for weeks, at least. Property on Military Reservation is Tax-Free LITTLE HOCK. May 27—</PJ_ Personal property located on a nill- Hnry reservation, even though privately owned, is not subject to state taxation, the attorney general' office has ruled. The opinion wen to Ouachita County Tax Assesso Eltrod J. Anders. Assistant Attorney General Cleveland Holland said that personal property located in the Shumaker Depot of the Caniden arsenal was not taxable because the state had, by agreement, turned over jurisdiction of the area to the federal government. WILSON, Ark., May 27. — The Class Day program for the graduating class of Wilson High School wns held Wednesday afternoon In the school auditorium, diaries Standifcr was Master ol Ceremonies. Each member of the elnss gave brief history of his or her school days, followed by the reading of the class pi-ophccy and will. Musical numbers Included a duel, solo and trio by members of the class. Mrs. Dora Merrcll presented the D.A.H. award to Mary liyals. G. \v. Patchell. principal, unmeil the scholastic honor roll. These students had a grade point average ol 5.5 or better; Claudia Campbell. Mary Ryals, Blllie Ann Stanrod. Bob Amuiutson, Patricia Campbell. Polly Slanrod, Reta Wright. Martha Dtilftiiey. Grace Ann Brandon, Virginia Ellen Bird, James Muiicy, Patsy Greenwell, Joanne Cullom. Frank Keel, Edwin Webb, Nanetlc Palchell. Collie Lowranre, Nancy Grain, Aisle Dulaney, Peggy liowcn. , Sara Kfkins, jimmy GarrcK, Helen Hamrten. Dorothy Dobson. Jim Deer. Peggy Zook, Mar; Abbott. Walker uhlhorn, Joe Howen, Rubin Push. J. D. Rankln. Etta Jours. Bill Williams. I*well McAfee and Virginia McAfee. Perfect attendance certificates were awarded the following: Lula Vlae Prcels, Frances Ann Pvland, Ruth Abbott. Viola Abbott, Mary Abbott, Lornn Abbott. Billle Jo Brimhall, Betty Coburn. Modean Andrews. Jimmy Bussey, Harllene UggcU, Etta Jones. Betty Walton and Peggy Zook. Special recognition was given to the Elvis Abbott's, whose four children have received this award three consecutive years or more. Lorci has not been absent or lardy to seven years, Viola In five years Ruth in four years and Mary In three years. State Hospital Escapee Captured in Foot Race LITTLE HOCK, Miiy 'J7. (,P|— Francis Alves. 19. was buck In custody today—the losw In a foot race wilh sheriff C. A. Ezell of Perry County. Alves, facing charges In Pope County, escaped from the Klate Hospital here Tuesday while beinx Ink- cn lo .1 dentist's office on his pretext he hud a toullmche. Sheriff Bucll spotted him in Per- ryvllle yesterday and clui.scd him down. Alves was brought here by Slate Police. The ofllrers said he first denied, but later admitted, his Identity. i He had been declared sane at the hospital, and piobubly will be returned to Uussellvlllc for Irlnl. He was held overnight In the Pulnskl County Jni| here. Alves was suffering from an nn- klc Injury and bruises and scratches. He told an Arkansas Clir/i'tlc ir- orler he once concealed himself In le Arkansas Hlver here while po- ce searched nearby. He said he originally was from 'all River. MUSS. Eleven-State Tour Planned for 1949 Seniors in Wilson RITA-ALY UoiiUnurit from rage 1 farle Student Hurt In Beach Accident wo Churches Entertain Wilson High Graduates Wlt.SON. Alk., Mil.vl>7- Tho Mc- and Huplist Churches c-iitri 1 - ntncil members of the senior class i-ith a May brcnkfasl at the Methodist Church TlHii'sdiiy. A commll- of women from liotli churches Kepiircd ntxl served the food. The committee members were Mrs. f'hil- Ip Uccr, chairman, assisted by Mrs Hudson Wren. Mrs. John Knoch Sr. Mrs. J. S. Whtluker, Mrs. Carl Bird. Mrs. Bilford Hoyles, Mrs Albeit Grcemvell, Mrs. Cecil Co- burti. Mrs. Frank Pylnmi, Mrs. W A. Williams, mill Mrs. E. n. Heall Friday iilRht. after grniUmtlnn ex creLscs. Mrs. Dorn Meirell will enter tain the seniors with the atuma dnncc lit the Wilson Club House For several years Aunt Dixllc ha entertained the seniors. Sunday moniinn nt 8:15, th seniors and sponsors will lie th Riicsls of Supt. and Mrs. Phillip J WILSON, Ark., Miiy 17—The 17 unuluntrs, itnd four spunsniK, of Wilson Utah School will leave Sunday miKMliiR al 8, by school bus. the minimi .senior irlji The (mir will lake In 11 Kuslcrn states and Is under the direct supervision of the .school. Tile tour Is finitnced by the clas: from the proceeds of Itisl year's Junior piny and the senior piny (his year, as well as trie senior school supply sUiro. They have approximately Sl.liOO in the treasury. Before crossing (he Gvcut Siuokey Mountain Niilionnl I'urk they me schrtlulert to visit the llerinitane and Pnrathon. In ViiRlulii lieach. Va., where they phin to spi'iul fvoiu Tue.sdny niKht until Friday morning, they will umkc n lour of near-by Norfolk Niu'n] Other pliu-es in Virnhihi lo be visited include Jnmfslosvu, Wtlllnmsbmc. l-'redeilcksbiun itnd I\!M> Mt. Vermin. In Washington they will vLsIl the House ami Kennto K't'leries, Hit; tomb of (he Unknown Soldier. K» a-lop Washington's monument and Ml the PenliiBou InilldlnR. Smllh- oniim Institution. Jeferson's Mem- irial nnd other hlslorlcnl places of Mteresl. The return trip will be vtu the inrlhwest route.—Oumborliind. Vii., hhiKlon. Pn., Wheeling. W. Vn . Columbus mid Springfield In Ohio, liicllniiapoli.'i. Ind., and Cnh'u. 111. Reserve Officers Plan Two-Day Convention LITLE ROCK. May 27. W) — The eighteenth annual convention of the Arkansas Reserve Officers Association will be held here today and Saturday. U.. col. T. E. Tappan, Helena, president, said speakers will Include Lt. Col. Norman D. King, liaison officer from the office of Drlg. Gen. Wendell westovcr; Cnpt. r. L.Lewis, acting chief of staff of the Eighth Naval District, and Brig. Gen. Glen C. Jamison, vice-commander of the Twelfth Air Force, Brooks Air Force Base. Texas. NEW ORLEANS, May 27. //P> An Earlc. Ark., high school scnio is In Charity Hospital here with fractured skull after an accidcr at Lake Pontchartraln beach yes terdfty, Betty Ann Perry and 24 cv»s mates were on a senior class tr . (or which they had collected fund during Ihe school year. The rest of he class left today for home, giv- ng what they had left of »100 lo Jetty Ann. They had planned to nd their trip Saturday. The n-year-old girl was hurt vhtte swimming. Two of the boys vcre tossing another girl in the nir. and she fell on Betty Ann, knock- g her unconscious. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brntton. two )f the rive chaperons, remained here. SELLING AT COST Our Entire Stock of GENERAL and McCREARY TIRES and TUBES Motor Tire Co. Deer for breakfast it* the Wilso Tavern. The seniors will leave their annual trip at 9 am. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Ncely entertained members of the .senior class Wednesday night with a chicken fry at their home nt Golden Lake. Other guests were G. W. Patchell and Miss Virgle Rogers, sponsors. Mr. and Mrs. Curl Bird. Mr. O. W. Palchell and Supt. and Mrs. Phillip J. Deer. High School Quartet Sings for Rotations The Blylhcvlllc Hlcli School quartet entertained members the niythcvtltc Rotary Club at Us weekly meeting at Hotel Noble yesterday noon. Members oi the ruiarlct are R. C. .-Mlr-n, Jimmy Lowe, Jack Elliott and Prentis Jeininan. Oilier ul yesterday's meeting Included Earl Bolton, Memphi*. Hays Sulllviui. Luxora. C. E. Dean. Osccoln, Fred Smith. Osceola. Nev Hunt and Russell Phillips. Jr., o( Blytheville. Hit* and the second for the prince. He Is the heir apparent to leadership of the Itimiitl! sect ol Moslems, now hencted by his father, the ARU Khun. The father and his wife, tho llesiiDi, ivllnr.s.'i*d llio cerrjnoiiy find signed « "golden book" imide up by the village for the occasion. The Aga Khun was In his familiar white suit and the Hesum In a blue surl. •iho is his third wife; his flist, the mother of /Sly. tiled In 1826. am \ divorce ended (he second nutr- r!n«e. The mayor referred lo Aly Khan as pi-lure, and addressed (he couple as "your highnesses." Itltn wll be regarded us n princess, nt least by her tans and the blurbloodii who attended the wedding. There were seven urluecs ant four princesses present. Ollicla wIlnesM's were (he prlnre nl Or li > nils>l)rHgiin/.H and Gen. Ororne Catroux. former i-'reni'li ambat-sado to Miwow, Prince Siulvl ABU Khun IB. so nut the ARa's second marrlmii and thus a half brother of Mj w:is fjiiri'on fi'hunneur tboy of hon 011. Auieiluin guests Included Lou ella Parsons, writer and broadcastc o( Hollywood chllclml. and Joh llyilc. Hltu's booking aticm. Hie Ii promised her public she'll be mak uiB mine movies soon). llila's pale blue dress was u hrnvy i-icpc silk. It was tl^hlly lined In the iKxIli-c, had u small roll collar, V-neck and (Iglit-flltkng long sleeves, (he skirl was full with nc- cordlou pleats. The nclress' picture hal wns ot pule blue tulle, sel slightly on Iho ,,f I buck ol hoc head. She wore black suede gloves into the (own hull, and swept along on hlgh-hcclcd blnck succle pumps. Pearl callings were the only Jewelry evident. Tilt wedding bands that Rita ami ly put on were of uhlte gold, Aly as rciwilecl to have tlvi'n Rita a 2-carat diamond engagement, ring ut she was not wearing 11. The braln-J«ver bird !••_ o( Indian cuckoo. Its name I* from the suggested elftct of call. Look I It has an electric brain! "t J«f tkt dial, a miraclt hapftill NOW I ANYONE CAN HAVE PIENTY OF HOT WATER QUICK! Rent Controls Removed In McAlester, Oklahoma 416 E. Main Phone 2201 Hot Springs Man Picked To Head Arkansas AFL LITTLE ROCK, May 27, W)— Charles W. Mowery of Hot springs has been re-elected president of the Arkansas Federation of Labor. He defeated odcll Smith, Little Rock. 190 to 81 as the association closed its annual convention here yesterday. Sherman V. Zinn. North Little Rock, was re-elected secretary- treasurer. Little Rock was selected as the site of next year's convention. Negro Held for Trial LUXORA, Ark.. May 27—Preliminary hearing for Houston Loyd, Negro, of Luxora. accused of housebreaking on April 27. was held here Wednesday In Justice of the Peace Richard Thomas' court. Loyd, free on a 41,000 bond since his arrest, wns bound over to the October term of Circuit Court, and released on * new bond of $2,500. Housing Expcdi(erTic.hc E. Woods has issued amendments to the rent regulation removing rent control from the city of McAlcster. Okla., the McAlesler Defense Rental Area, effective imnicdialcly. The action was based on a resolution adopted by I he governing body of the city of McAlestcr for the decontrol of tha't city. In advising the City of McAlestcr of his action, the Housing Expediter noted that a public hearing was held by the city which resulted Id a finding lhat the demand for rental housing had been met In that city and that controls were no longer needed. The resolution was signed by the Mayor and approved by Ihc governor of Oklahoma, In accordance with the Act. A petition is being circulated In Blylhevllle" by members of the Blytheville Real Estate Board seeking City Council approval of a move to lift the controls here. Grants Realty Charter LITTLE ROCK. May 27. 1/1*1— The secretary of slate today Issued a charier to the Camden Realty Corporation of Tcxarkana, which listed authorized capital stock of 250 shares valuce* at $100 each. Incorporators are C. L. Shaw Jr.. Henry Hirsch and Joe Rosenbloorn. all of Texnrkftiia. Culbertson Sees /*om War with Soviet Union LEXINGTON, Mo.. May 27. </T>— Ely Culljerlsoti. nil authority on international relations, last night told members of the Wenlworth Military Academy's graduating class "We won World War 11 hut we are losing the peace and fire confronted with nn Atomic, war with Russia." But he sees no immediate attack from Russia. He salrt that not until 1952 will the Russians have enough atom bombs to risk an attack. Culbertson urged strengthening of American forces and being firm In all dealings with the Soviet. U. of A. Trustee Resigns Habeas Corpus Hearing Is Set in Arson Case COLUMBIA, Mo., May 27. " A habeas corpus hearing for \Tar- g»rcl "Gypsy" Waters Horn. 2.1 University of Missouri roed. will be conducted Saturday afternoon lie- tore Circuit Judge W. M. Dinwlfldie She Is charged with setting fire to a university rooming house May 14. Edwin C. Orr, Mrs. Horn's attor ncy, took her case lo the clrcul court after Magistrate Temple Mof sett held here for Irinl followln: a two-day preliminary hcgrtng. MW PKKIT-1III FMTAILI WtTU HUTU (MTI LUS THAU $1.10 HEATS FAST AS GAS rt » |«itl»l,l« K.\ST.WAV W M MM Inrtiilliini.ieriili Ini Mil 1 . ,.i..r.i, wunlilr. !(«(« I nmlo Hnild or h I down .1. lilfltlllll. I K.\ST.WAV inliimn, ..ur. I 1 lo r«iry—nn ninn iliil. no mm*, no 1 Ii |M« iUn i; A loi«uihu. toruliby— lluhbarH Hardware <'o., niytllrvl • Newest Bondix can soap, soak, wash, rime ond damp-dry automaticaHyl • The ONLY automatic that doei the WHOLE job ot by llselfl Saves wafer, saves soap, saves YOU! • Doesn't have lo be fastened down. Place B • The best buy is a Bendix . . . UMcf by more likocf bail by more women, wanled by mart w any other. 1,300,000 in usel FREE DEMONSTRATIONS DAILY AT HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Company Body of Photographer Found in Mississippi MEMPHIS. May 27. rYT> — The body of R 33-yeiir-old Memphis photographer, Jnme.s Es.sBry, WHS recovered yestorrtny from Ihe Tennessee Chute In the Mississippi River here. Efforts to recover (he body hnd been underway since Snnrtny nltcr- norm. when Csspiry fell from his .small H bonL aa 11 &wein against a bit rgc. LITTLE ROCK. May 27. </P(—Dr. Exiclid Smith, Hot Springs, has resigned (rom the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees because ol pressure of private business Governor McMath has not named a successor. NOW! NEW FALL TERMS Vs DOWN on anything we have in stock amounting to $40 or more. Balance Next Fall Hubbard & Son Furniture Phone 4409 Blyrhavillc £) •^J»>10J<1««"*^ KENTUCKY'S KEY TO HOSPITALITY In the Slats where hospitality »no modeu- lion go liand in hand, one bonded bourbon is b«l appreciated for its Irue sour mash flavor and M fashioned bouquet. Palienlly distilled anrf aged in the Iraditional Hen- lucky manner si nee I870,OIDFITZCERALO is most olten poured wlierever Kentucky hosls wisely serve never th« most bul always the best! v OLD FASHIONED. .. OLD FITZGERALD Dlitilbuled hy MOON DISTRIBUTINO CO. Little Rock, 100 GALS. GAS FREE USED CAR & TRUCK SALE POSITIVELY ENDS MAY 31 Yes, if you buy a used tar or (ruck frnm Sliclltm Miilnr Co. before the end of this month, you'll receive absolutely fi'irc 100 pilous of gusoline. But I bill's only part of this special offer. .Itisl for (his sale, every one of our Seleet Used Cars and Trucks liavc t>cen carefully reconditioned and specially priced . .. and since eacb car is Kiiaranleed, yon won't find n better offer. Of course yon RCl. Hie 100 gallons of gasoline even if yon trade-in your present car. 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