The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1966 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 1, 1966
Page 9
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GEESE ' 11.00 per head. Free deUrery on JOO or more. Phono night TU 8- 3S09, day TC 8-4728. UADDEH'S OOOSB FARM, Kennett^Mo.^ ^ 1964 I Bdrm trailer 10x50. small NUI». aesum. pymt.. WW Dog houses, porch swings bird BouSe., tea.. George Nan, 201 N. Snd fit. PO 3-8738. 8-22 pk 7-22 rjSMl mgiaaire .awm-tlc WMh. in. Used Maytag washers. All strictly guaranteed. BALSELL * WHOT 307 W alaln W. mak. photostatlc copies. Money loaned on diamonds. We buy old gold rings. O'Steen'a Jewelry. 105 W. Main 3 bdrm house, fenced In back yard - Good neighborhood, near schools and walking distance from downtown. Vary small .qulty . and assume not., with' null monthly pymts. LS 2-8588. 8-M ck tf WANTED ONB Win to enjoy inU 1 itorf lonlal. LlTlng room, dining room, kitchen, den, |irag. and utility down. 2U bath and central cooling. OallT NOT A GAZEBO but screened for your eurnmer enjoyment. 3 bedrooms and den, 2 baths, brick and close In. Only 11(00 down. call. A LAHOE DEN Is a feature of this home at 1929 Heirn. Dining room. Nice neighborhood, and 1525 will handle a new loan DOCTOR WANTED—home doctor that la Needs a little paint, but It Is a 3 bedroom brick. Only 1790 equity. Payments »87.74. Get It today. Louise. WFE INSURANCE — got a Urge family? Get this corner lot brick with 314 tithe and close to park echool. Kentucky. FOR HUMID BEINGS — H«Ter»l cool homes Call. MaxLogan Realtor Ph. PO 3-2053 Harold R. Enop, Salesman Nile PO 3-4233 lillton Snow, Salesman Kite FO 3-4813 8-29 ck 7-3 W« Will Nor LU UNDER SOLD During Our 41 it Anniv«r»«ry Salt I ! I ! FOLLOW ME! 41 s ' WyffiwB*. WtKJ Courier Phillips It Celebrating Their FREE 1961 FORD FALCON Futura 2 door with bucket seats, white color with red trim, radio and heat. *r, 6 cylinder. NOTHING TO BUY .... JUST COME IN AND REGISTER! Drawing will be held July 2nd at 12 noon. You must be a licensed driver and over 18 year* of age. 1966 F100 i Ton PICK-UP 1775 Anniversary Special 95 HAVE A "BANG" ON THE 4th OF JULY -But NOT A BANG-UP!!!-DRIVE SAFELY... Remember, we give mere money en TRADE-INS that aren't banged up. Happy Holiday! ng ad ut :1> er PHILLIPS 41st ANNIVERSARY 1960 Lincoln 4 door hard top, gray, full power and air cond, radio and heater ........ 1965 Comet 4 door white, 6 cylinder, Merc-0-Matic, radio and C1CQC heater, air cond v' W 1964 Galaxie 600 4 door white, blue interior, V8, Cruise-0-Matic, radio, heater, power steering, WT air cond., low mileage, Clean 1964 Pontiac Bonneville Braugham, 4 door hardtop white, black vinyl roof, V8, auto, trans., radio and heater, power steering brakes, air C4CAC cond. Extra clean ....... »(M.UJr«J 1963 FAIRLANE Wagon. White, V8, Ford-0-Matic, luggage rack, radio & 1964 VALIANT 4 door automatic transmission, heater, W.T, clean $1895 light blue, Radio and $119$ 1962 Cadillac, 4 door, hard top, green, white, full power and air O1QAC cond., Sharp ........... VI**'' 1963 FORD 4 door, white, V8, stand- aid transmission, radio and heater, W.T, Clean 19("> Galaxie 500 Convertible, red with black top, V8, Cruise-0-matic, radio and heater, power steering, air cond., under factory war- C47Q.K ranty, 12,000 miles y£f 93 1959 Cadillac 4 door Sedan Devill, green, full power, radio, 9"tt AC heter, air cond V* I I TO 1965 Ranchero Pick Up, blue and white, V8, AT R&H, white tires, Less than 10,000 miles, on* owne. Sharp 1964 Chevrolet Pick Up V8, R&H, good tires, real nice, top C14AC condition V Itw9 1964 Ford Pick Up, Solid whitt, • cylinder, 12,000 actual miles, real sharp 1963 Pick Up Custom Cab 2 to choose from, V8 on* outo, one stand, take your choice 1962 Corvalr 4 door Black, radio and heater, W.T. ... $895 $595 a w si y .* i, v n i. 1961 Corvair 4 door light green, automatic transmission, radio and heater ....... •7 acrei land. SO ft. W. of High- ay 55 8 of ateele. Jenkins Farm £-3812. 4-3 ck tf 3 houses - 1 lot. $6600 total. 3 bdrm. & 2 rm. Price Includes lining new Inside It out. O 2-2702 after 8 p.m. 8-17 pk 7-18 Uonoy orden. City Drug. 7 days y.r week. 3-i "" a j rm. .houso & batn 14250. Gosnell. LE 2-5851. C-14 pk 7-1S 1 bdrm. kit. A dining aren. Nice corner lot. Sam Godwin. PO 33928 or nights PO 3-8853. _ WATEB FBMP8 ealaei aad service for Gould Dem- Ine Lero and Modem Water soften- Sf Hubbiri BsiSware 213_W _Malg TJsed EEPRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteed $49.95 up HALSELL & WHITE 307 V Uain S'130 1 Spartan Trailer, good condition. 11,000. Bent $40. LE 2-8129. 0-25 pK /-J Stor. 'tulldlng, 318 B. Main. 35'l •0 For lease or sale. PO 3-3483.^ 400 acres located on State Highway with plenty water and grase, nice building Bite. aU fenced with Immediate possession, priced to tell with terms. DAVIS REALTORS. PA 4-8204, BALD KNOB, ARK ^ ^ Very nle. a bdrm. house on Har- «ln at. Buy .mall wjuity and move In. DAVID REAL ESTATE Lou MeOluer - Kite PO 3-711» 8am Godwin - Nile PO 3-8853 0-28 CK 10 lot. at Goin.ll. Ph.^ PO £6331. New brtok houee. colored on W>n«ri Btreet, $7800, terms PO 3-9073 or PO 3-3309. = '" 28 321 DOUOAN. BCI EQUITY AND TAKE DP PAYMENTS ON A THREE BEDROOM HODSE WITH PAYMENTS OP ONI/T $44 PER MONTH. ?AS LIVING BOOM, DINING FiOOM, KITCHEN AND UTILITY flOOM. THIS O] IS WORTH THB M"NEY 2232 BIEOH. PAYMINTS ONI..T $50.80 ON THIS TWO BEDROOM HOME. ASSUME PRESENT LOAN AND AVOID CLOSING COST. HAS 0.1. LOAN WITH LOW INTEREST TWO BEDROOM HODSE ON u ACRE LAND ON PROMISED LAHC ROAD. LIVING ROOM, DININO ROOJ . AND KITCHEN. NORTH 81 HIGHWAY. FOR COMFORTABLE COUNTRY LIVING. YOU CAN'T BEAT THIS. THREE BEDROOMS, LIVING ROOM. DINING ROOM, KITCHEN. TWO TOLL BATHS, AND LARGE DEN. LOTS OF SHADE AND NIOI LAWN. OTHERS TO OHOOSS PROM. TO BUY OR SELL, SEE ME. Raymond Zachry Realtor PHONI PO 3-8815 6-30 ev White lots for sale. Will arrange manclng to build. PO 3.6W8 or O 3-2544. Osceola 3-3 Ok 9-4 218 Walker - one > Bedroom Brick, t bathe. Lot 100 J 165. well andseapad. Maloolm Oreenway, PO .7070. »-M <* « BEST BUYS AIR CONDITIONED, 3 bdrms (1 panelled), good cond. and location down pymt. u low •• IZOO FHA AIM CONDITIONED, Chen bullt-lni, »uy regular pymte. 1131 mo. PRICE REDUOEDI 1J04 Chickasawba, extra roomy kitchen, tar more space than avernge 3 bdrm. attract- 1« «UHor, Real low down pymt. M3 MOHTHtT total pymt. on neat I bdrm home. Lowest down pymt. OOOD INVISTM1NT In duplw, already financed, rented steadily, high and sal. return on your Investment PHA REPOSSESSIONS - good buys. ?h.>*. an filed up. lowest price, and «MMt ««»•. 0.11 «•••«•«•"•• FOR SALE Nice 5 bdrm. A deu 1 * H bath brick, cen. air & located on comer l- • Home only 9 yrs old * on «.l cond. Can handle on loan Msump- •• • -V refinance. 101% OT Vacant 3 bdrm brlc* looted within 1 bis; grade school. Pymts. only «8J per month. Purchase e- ..11 «o.ultT *• awum* loan 3 bdrm & den, lft% batbi, only ._ blocs from grade school. Piircnast equity and assume loan with pymts $95. PO 2-S2W. ••» P* *"* slon. 4 bdrm. 1 baths, cen. air., built-in r-ne oven and dishwasher. Carpet- ins and many other extra feature. Veil located. Buy equity and assum. loan. $130 per month. O.U for ap polntment. KEMP WHISENHUNT Realtor Pb. PO 3-44M Jo. Whlsenhunt, ealesman Nlte Ph. PO 3-7660 Kemp Whlsenhunt. Jr., Salesman Nit. Ph. PO 3-»225 Bill HentT. aclnmaa Nit. Ph. PO J-7889 TLERRY - »13 Walnut 7-room house. 19230.00 Lnw dbwn virT'cac. 1 BE. tltchen H. famll room. Buy Kultf, »87.85 mo. Large epaclaiu nou. u Couati Olub tuition »Mwn by tppt- «U DAVID REAL ESTATE rO 9-3U28 Uu McCluer - Nit. PO 3-7UI tam Godwin - MM POS-BW1 Buy At Phillips Where You Know You Are SAFE! LLIPS FORD SALES Broadway & Chickasawba Phone PO 3-4453 J-bdrm. Ige. home, garage It utl. m. only S yrs. old - large lot -near loshell. M900. LE 2-3404. 8-8 pk 7-7 J001 W. M By Owner—3 bedroom ^ bric&ed ome, patio, screened breezeway, Ir conditioner, drapes and rugs In- luded. $700 eaulty payments $83. 00 Louise. PO 3-9582. 8-11 pk 7-12 Beautiful spacious country borne. bdrms, with 2 full bath.,, large en. screened In front porch, gar- ge & fenced back yard. Located miles north of Blytheville on full ere of land Buy equity and as- ume 5'i% FHA loan. By appolnt- "ent only! PO 3-4483. 8-2 pk 7-3 Lost—Toy poodle, white male. 1% rs. old, 12 In. height. Red collar, ast seen vicinity or police dcpt. If een or found call PO 3-8774. (-30 pk 7-3 For Si!« Cm * rel hous. A build foundation.. J0» South 8th St. PO 3-3901. 8-14 pk 7-15 Metropolitan coupe, runs weU, ood body. Make of'er. LE J-8107. 7-1 pk 7-3 19S9 Ford, MOO and tak. pym*. PO MM *« M. ^ Chsln link fence Installed 85c er ft. Oornei post * g»tea Mtra. &ob« alyera, PO 1-7243^ ^ ^ 1958 CheTrolet Blscayne 4 door. Call PO 3-6705. 8-39 pk 7-9 Real sharp caouiac convertible, 880 Excellent condition. A steal. Call LI 2-8107. «-30 pk 7-3 The umimppi county onioi, M.islon needi youi surplus clothing household items. Hardware, turn- ture. etc. Pleaie call PO 3-8380 ot iring to 410 K. Jain 4-18 cH 11 1953 O.M.O. truck rlg««d to pull trailers or a good farm truck. PO 3-7622. 8-28 pk 7-7 1931 Ford coupe, to settle estate. Ed B. Cook, atty. Can be aeen »t Phillips Motor CO. warehouse, PO 3-3211. 8-25 pk 7-9 1958 Cadillac. A. O. good shape, cheap, can be financed. PO 2-2545 before 9 a.m. ^".iL 'l985 Bulck, tul» .quipped. Call PO MOM lit" » »•=>• ••' P* M Help Wanted Fetnil* Wht. ltdy to ll« in A car. for elderly coupl. 185 wk. Call H1-21U or SJI-JM7. Writ. El. Ark. Help Wanft^Male Kvenlng shift to ag* 49. S hrf days, top.rtenetd only, salary open* Sena resume to Boi H. W. c/o Courier News. '-I <* '• WANTID TOHNO JAN WITH TTPINO & CAUICV-rtNQ MACK DIE ESPEMINCE. GOOD FUTURE OIVC ACE AND dAME HIQ! SCHOOL ATTENDED. WRITE BOX BO O/O COURIER NEWS. 1-20 .It t; Help Wenteti BOY OR GIRL TO DELIV ER PAPERS FOR THE COURIER NEWS. IN WIL SON. ARK. CALL TED BROWN PO 8-4461. Lost & Found Blond Toy Pekingese last seen at . Reward PO 3-9794, 7-1 pk 7-5 NoHM ARKANSAS GAZETTE — For early ome delivery call PO 3-0533. 8-22 pk 7-22 DIAMONDS No money down, 12 months to ay. year free insuarnce. PAT 3'BRTANT JEWELRY CO., MAIN T 6ECOND, BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. 8-11 pk 7-12 Prltati fulta; Uisons. PO 2-2104. 9-13 Pk 7-13 LEDBETTEBS DISCOUNT SBOE3 AIB BASK HIGHWAY 1 buy, sell and trade old coins. .111 Denton. PO 3-4995. 1-18 ck tf Situation Warted boning and ehlld ear. wanted. • 3-0827. «-B pk 7-7 Wanted to Buy Used car er truck S8 to 80 model. Must b« sharp. LE 2-8198. 8-8 pk 7-10 Blytheville, Arkansas. Date of Death: June 26, 1966 An instrument dated August 21, 1961 and codicil dated February 25, 1964, were on the 29th day of June, 1966, admitted to probate as the last will and codicil thereto of the above named decedent, and the undersigned have been appointed Co- Executors thereunder. A contest of the prooate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned or to L. A. Crowe, 400 West Main Street, Blytheville, Arkansas, our agent, within six months OL the date of the first publication of this notice or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit In the estats. This notice first published 1st day of July, 1966. John W. Noble T. E. Miles Vermon M. Jones c/o J. E. Jones Gin Co., Inc. RFD 3 Steele, Missouri 7-1, 8 Wheelchair - aajustanu legs call after 7 p.m. PO 3-8100. 3-11 dh tl WANTliO: ueM rurnitufe . & White. Ph. PO 3-8098 or PO 2-304S LOSE WEIGHT safely Witt DEX- A-Dlet Tablets. Only 98c at Klrby Drugs. 8-30 pk 7-3 Private Room* Nicely turn. Bdrm. BrlTate bath, mt. 108 W. Kentucky PO 3-3109. 6-25 pk 7-5 Rooms, Rm. Mrs, Cassidy. i noard. 115 W. Ash. i-14 pk 7-15 In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas Dewey E. Davis, Plaintiff vs. No. 16815 Rosa Lee Davis Defendant The defendant, Rosa Lee Davis .s hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereol and answer the complaint of th« plaintiff, Dewey E. Davis. Dated this 9th day of June 1966 at 10:30 o'clock, A.M. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Betty Coats, D.C. Percy A. Wright, Attorney Ed B. Cook, Atty Ad Litem 6-10, 17, 24 7-1 "private room with private bath. PO 3-7228 after 4 p.m. «-!3 pk tf Bedroom, eloa. IB. Pn. bath ent. PO 3-4438. . 8-7 ~Bdrm., 121 I~Da»U, jath PO 3-0643. Bdrm. private entrance. Ill J. Oat is. PO 3-4050. «-• ek tf Ne«d yard nan. 3ii W. Ash. 8-32 ck tl BulldlBC taaUrtali eal«mat> - lara ilOMt *n« nan a nw, H»d- lai company often oportunity for ambitious producer, plvis full frlnje benefit preiram AR. 30-90 High school education Bales experience and knowledie of fculldlny mater- lals hlihly dMlrable, --" "" •- OVTl M>T NOTTCB IN THE PROBATE COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS (Chickasawba District) In the Matter of the Estate of John Elmer Jonei, Deceased No. 4392 Last known address of decadent: 1208 Country Club Drive, WARNING JRDER In the Chancery Court, Chick asawba District Mlsslsslpp County, Arkansas. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE, et al Plaintif v«. No. 16818 FRED, S. SAMBA, et al Defendant AMERICAN UNITED LIFE IN SURANCE CO., et al, Cros Complainant* vs. FRED S. SALIBA ESTATE, I al, Cross Defendants The Cross Defendant, MELI FAY SALIBA, 1709 Dag Rive Drive Wait, Mobil*, Alabam i hereby warned to appear •ithin thirty days in the court amed in the caption hereof and nswer the cross complaint of is Cross Complainant Amer- can United Life Insurance Corn- any. Dated this 29 day of June, 166. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Geraldine Liston, D.C. Oscar Fendler, Attorney • W Steinsiek, Atty Ad Litem 7-1, 8, 15, 22 Read Courier News Classifieds) WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Starling Wesley Credille Plaintiff, vs. No. 16829 Nora Lee Credille, Defendant. The defendant, Nora Lee Credille is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Starling Wesley Credille. Dated this 23rd day of June, 1966 at 2:45 o'clock P.M. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Donna DiCicco D. C. Percy A Wright Attorney Ed B. Cook Atty Ad Litem 6-24 7-1, I, II Needs of Forest* Forests are found only whet* temperatures are above 1ft degrees centigrade during the vegetative season. Annual rainfall above 20 inches and humidity more than 50 per cent nature- tion, according to the Encyclo- paedia Britannica. ,. 7 You Could Peddle It Yourself... Or \Sf . . * You eon p/oct on /nexptnsiv* orf In The Courier N«wi elaulfM pages and reach approximate// 34,000 reader* daily. It would tak* a lot of HORSfPOWJER to reach that many potential customers. n ....... i ............ Mini ...... i ..... niinn ..... iiniin ....... pin ...... n ...... »iim ........ iiiiiiiniffliin ...... iiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiii«ii«iiiiii«!i™i» Let The Classified Ads Work For You! ^^^ BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS '•1

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