The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1967 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1967
Page 13
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Monday, November a, 1W7 - Page TMrteeX «i?R BOARDING HOUSE — With Major HoopU OUT OUR WAY *y 1 R. Williams MV FOLKS SAV I "(f WHAT I'P REALLY LIKE TO HAVE IS IW- <30TTA FINP<SOOP \ FOR/V1ATIOU ON THE SUBJECT OF HCW 8EIM' SO SHORT AKI 1 WITH BOTH PilPPIES-WOULP y HANDS FULL, WERE ABLE TO RIM6 THS POOR CHIMES.' ,VOJWE- A K6ENI 6RASP flCr MUAMCE5 OF THE LAW— L&T ME: POS6 * YOU LIKE TO HAVE OME? fe WAS NAM£O PURCHASING A&ENT AND FIND ANY^-EK.AU*- 3JlTA6Lfr SHEER DE5PERATI0M .^^^ IPOMT THIMK THI9 IS SHOULDN'T HAVE- FOUREP CMEWCALS OP YOURS UP A WATER MAIW.' £ Ul u 2 o < X III III TELl.MG, EEK, U'HATISTHe MEAJOI/OG OF LIFE? LIFE (tirtnTpUiVESl, EAS.?fl. Ijhaf property of plants and--animals (ending at death and dist/nouishin0 them from inorganic matter>w.hich makes it possible for -them -to -take .in -food _get energtj from it and 3 ]*> 1, K!A. let. m <«. US. M OH. Television—Tonight, Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 1 WREC—Channel 3 •Mon., Nov.'8 6:00 HigiiWay Patrol 6:30 Gunsmoke "7:30 The Luck Show 8:00 Andy Griffith 8:30 Green Bay vs. St. Louis 11:00 News 11:20 Lntc Movie 1;00 News & Weather 1:05 Sign off Tlics.,' Nov. 7 6:15 Sunrise Semester 6:45 Above the Clouds 7:00 Good Morning from Memphis 7:50 % CBS News 8:15 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Candid Camera S:30 Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy of Mnyberry 10:30 Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Love of Life 11:10 Love of Life 11:25 CBS News 11:30 Search for Tom. 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 December Bride 12:30 As the world turn 1:00 Snlendorcd Thing 1:30 Houseparty 2:00 Tell the Truth 2:25 CBS News 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Early Movie 5:00 TV News 5:25 TV Weather 5:30 Walter Cronleite 6:00 6 o'clocfc Report 6:30 I Dream of Jearinie 7:00 Jerry Lewis 8:15 'rues. Kite Movie 10:00 10 o'clock news 10:10 News 10:15 irorm Brewer 8:15 Captain Kangnrpo •10:20 Today In Sports 10:25 Weather neport 10:30 Tonight Show 12:00 News 12:05 Television Chapel 12:10 Sign off WMCT—Channel « Mon., Nov. 6 6:00 6 O'clock Report 6:30 The Monkecs 1 lOO The man from U.N.C.L.E. 8:00 Danny Thomas 9:00 I Spy 10:00 News 10:10 Don Hlckman 10:15 Norm Brewer. 10:20 Today In Sports 10:25 Weather Report 10:?0 The tonight ahow 12:00 News 12:05 Television Chflpel 12:10 Sign off Tues.. Nov. 7 6:55 Television Chapel 7:00 Today Show 7:25 Today In Mid-South 7:30 Today Show 8:25 Today In Memphis 8:30 Today Show 9:00 Enap Judgment 9:25 NBC - News 9:30 Concentration .0:00 Personality 0:30 Hollywood squares 11:00 Jeopardy 11:30 Eye Guesa 11:25 NBC News 12:00 Noon News 12:30 Let's makea deal 1:00 Days of our lives 1;30 The Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:30 You don't say 3:00 Match Game 3:30 Mike Dotlglas 4:30 Merv Griffin 5:30 Huntly Brlnkley 6:00 Highway Patrol 6:30 Daktarl 7:30 Red Skelton 8:30 Goofl Morning 9:00 CBS news Special 9:30 Focus on M'hls 10:00 10 o'clock news 10:20 Late Movie 12:00 News J(E Weather 12:05 Sign Off WHBQ—Channel IS Mon., Nov. 9 5:30 Maverick 6:30 Cowboy in Africa 7:30 Mon. Nile Movie 10:00 Mid-South News 10:15 Moving Weather 10:20 Sports io:30 Joey Bishop 12:00 NewB Tues., Nov. 7 6:30 Agriculture 6:55 News 7:00 Cartoon Tims 8:30 Dormn. Reed 9:00 Topper 9:30 Temptation John C. McHaney and Sons Whether you need assistance in selecting a family memorial, or advice on cemetery requirements, take advantage ' <of our experience. No obliga- *^ tion. We'll counsel you, assist Monumcn you in every way. And, we specialize in fully guaranteed Barre Guild Monuments. ^pp its tnrlav John C. McHaney & Sons "Your Monument Men" South Highway 61 — Ph. PO 2-2601 Buell W. Carter, MFA Agen Phone PO 3-3361 607 N. 6th Use Classifieds YOff'Ufffflff WE ARE SERVICE SPECIALISTS FOR: • T.V. • Radio • Phonographs • Hi-Fi __ • All Makes - Models Call PO 3-1160 for Prompt Service /VlONTGOMERY WARD 1 PIZZA HOUSE S. Hwy. 61 - PO 3-7000 OPEN DAILY IT A.M. — T P.M. CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY SPECIAL FEATURE IN THE KING ROOM "Tfce Crown Jesters & Vocalist Joyce Bray" Every Thurs., Fri. & Sot. Nitt Call for Reservations. Cover Charge Thurs., Fri. & Sat. HOW SERVING MIXICAH FOOD WELDING OF ALL KINDS Arc - Gas - Gas-Arc Steel Brass Aluminum Magnesium BARK5DAIE 325 South Broadway TArtr.) Courier Jew§ n-t> >»T 1 T NfA, to. T.M. In. U<. tti. Qtt. No, that isn't the handsome, dashing, rich Wooster twin. It's the homely, tiresome one who lost all his ." money on Wall Street!" "Everything looks appetizing but the prices! WHILE SOWN SKINWES OFF/MONACO— JO EEWXES ATASOPA BAfS— AtiOTV£&IL MK. MUSHRCOM HATCHES A PLOT. HAVeFUM,g<3SS- THArsrocKHOLDses' /HECT/Ne TtWOKKM WILL. BE A AT LAST I CAM RELAX POKTOFIHO N6VAIB Misses.' AU REVCTP/ IT'S SC SIMPLE FOR SOMB PEOWE; NAME OMEli GO AHEAD, NAME ONE! EVERYBODYS S01NS SOUTH FO1? THE WINTER.- EXCEPT US! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THEIR NAMES? WHAT AEE YOU <5CMB K/NDOFA COAWONI6T?/ A6 A /WATTS2 OF f^CT, r'M NOT VER/ INTESESTED IN FOOTBAU. WATCHING THE P1SSK1N GAMES ON TV WHEN THE6t?>60N 9:55 CmlfirenB Dr. 10:00 Mother-ln-Law 10:30 Family Game 11:00 Everybody's Talk 1 11:30 Bingo 12:00 Furtive 1:00 Newlywed Game .1:30 Dream Girl-New* 2 :00 General Hospital 2:30 Dark Shadows 3:00 Dating Game 3:30 Funhouse 4:45 D. Stewart news 4:55 E. Craig Weather 5:00 Peter Jenn ings 5:30 Maverick 6:30 Garrison's Gorillas 7:30 The Invaden 8:30 N.Y.P.D. 9:00 H'wood Palace 10:00 Mid-South niwi 10:15 Moving Weather 10:20 Sports 10:30 Joey Bishop 12:00 News © IMT lr HW. l.«. T.M. it). Ul Til. 01'. NO... V PIP YOU HEAR AW 'FKO*\ A VOICES BBSIPE* HIS LAWSUIT v HWMSINaiNS? SUMMOWS! FATS'" IM.WCTIT \ 'THAT'S NO ND£D: LIKE "5tAT 1HEI.PI MAKE5 BRUSH FATS'.,.OKMflygey NO SENSE I FLAT SHKU5 FAre"-y HBV, LOOK.. HIDIM 1 BEHIWD THAT TREE! HAVBE MK..McK.;E'S WP- OfTfi ^.U HBWIMWW!' HE'5 NOT READVTO TE5TIP/ •VET: Wmi,VOU'BE SONNA efT MORE THASSA\ THAN! AN IM8ULT IF Y'DON'T TURN LOOSETHATMOOWAN ' YOU HEY, , OH STU^ISLSBUM! / SLOPPV COME OUTMHAT' / Oil STUMBI.S CAVE! I WANTA TALK TO. YOU' TTHE VWMEM OF M3O, DISSATISFIED WITH THE EFFORTS . OF. THBR MEW TO RESCUE OOP FROM THE NEANPERTHALS. HAVE TAXEW ON TH^ JOB THEMSeUVES . NO USE IN CI2VIN& £COOEVEUIMfe,.KX.KS,'THSIS , iw ELEVEM RM.V/OTERMAM PO 2-2911

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