The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1945
Page 5
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JTUBSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per lino ror consecutive Insertions; Minimum Charge GOc 1 taie per line I 6c • times per lino per day I2c 3 times per Hue per day g c 5 times per line per day 7o 12 times per line "per day 6c 1 Month per line 90c Ads ordered for three or six times 'nd stopped before, expiration will « charged for the number of times -he ad appeared and adjustment of .'bill mnde. All classified Advertising copy : submitted by persons residing outside of tl)c city must be nccom- panled by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Sale BLYTflEVILLE COURIER NEV79 Furnished apartment. 1614 West _^'5j Lnrgo bedroom. 116 \v. Davis. Ph W20-' !0 acres good land, two good houses Desire to sell mules, corn and tools to renter. Write Box 180, Jlaytl Mo - ; Ij27-pk-31 Bedroom. 101 E. Sycamore. I|30-pk-2j2 Wonted to Buy Table electric Phone 2368. washing machine. l!21-pk-31 Three pool tables in A-l "condition JK. E. Gallop, Luxora. l;2(i-pk-2 ; 2 Seat covers for any make 1938 2- door car. Bargain. Phone 2322. ____^ Team of mules;. cuUlvtifoVT bcddcr breaking plow and i.roo bu corn' C. O. Powell, Manila, Ark,, Rt. 2 ___ 1 1 29- pk- 2 |S Four piece bedroom suite. Also blue evening gown, size 12. Reasonable. Phone 817. 305 S. Lake St ___ _ ^l[30-pk- 1-A1 Parmail on rubber with equipment, 1 \v. C. Allis-Clialmers or rubber with equipment, 1 13 John Deere on rubber with equipment All late models and priced to tell Roy MnnJey, Senalh, Mo Phone J 2730 - _ 1127-pk-2|3 200 gal. Butane tank. GeoTw Bar- ham - __ 1125-pk-211 32 volt Delco cabinet radio. Perfect condition. C. C. Eagan, 615 Chick jiSflwba. l!27-pk-2;3 Chinese Chow puppy, 4 months old subject to registration. With harness, leash and feeding bowl s^s _ Phone 684. l|2T-c'k-2!3 15.2 H. P. Sea King outboard motor Like new condition. See Dewev Rice, Manila, Ark. l|27-pfc-2 ; 3 1040 5-passenger Plymouth coupe- radio and heater; good tires' Phone 3207. l|2-J-pk-31 B<ilh tubs now available if you arc eligible to file priority form. Come ID Montgomery Ward office lor information. Ask for Mr. CJcinmons. l-26-ck-12 State Certified, Ceresan-trcatcd Del- tapine (DPi,) 14 cottonseed 55.25 per 100 Ibs., $120.00 ton. State-Ccrtifled, Ceresan-trcated Del- tapme (Dl'iJ 12 cottonseed-(1943 crop) $4.00 per 100 Ibs. $75.00 ton State-Certified Ralsoy (Improved Arksoy) Soybeans S3.00 bushel less than 100 bu. $2.90 per bushel' over 100 bu. Delta Prolific Seed Corn $3.50 bu Burdette Plantation, Burdette, Ark Phone 782 l|22-ck-tf Fully equipped small "dalryTBargain For full cietolls call 2077. l|26-pk-2|2 Pair 5 year DM teiy~horsD nrales weight 3200 pounds, sound and goocL Located 4 ml. west of Bly- on gravel road. M; (x • ll25-pk-2Jl Corn oats, chops, hay7 dairy and poultry feeds, Custom feed grinding. Blytheville Grain & Elevator _°: . l|17-ck-tf cutters. Biythevilie i|l-ck-tf Maclnne Shop. Electric and K !t ! ( fr7~R!uiic)"s HardfMvav Appliance Co. 10-16-ch-l ( 0r w coal er phone 3309. o. S. Rolllson IOI2s-ck-tf _ Lost Double strand poarls"~ScntinTcnTal value. Reward. French Grocery C13 So. Lakc^ ]!30.pfc.2':2 One white and liver fermlo Polnt-r Bird Dog; wearing old collar. Answers to the name of "Kate." Will pay $5,00 reward for recovery of dog. Call R. L. Wade, Wade Furniture Co. or phone 3285, nights _ __ l|16-ck-tf One red mare nn;!c 1200 pounds. 5 years; one bay mare mule 1250 pounds 5 years; one black horse mule 1200 pounds, smooth mouth; one blue mare mule, 1200 pounds smooth month. If found, notify' John tx>tt. Manila, Ark., Rt. 2. Live l mile south of Floodway and 3 miles cast. l;30-pk-2.2 Small tractor of any make. W F Lunsford, Blythevlllc, fit. No 2 _Box^TC. 112G-pk-2|l Soybeans, liny and corn. Blylhe- vllle Grain & Elevator Co. '_ l|)V-ck-tf Before you sell your fur, see Joe Hester and Son lor. highest prices Dealers in raw fur. Joe Hester's Grocery, N. Highway 61, Phone J532. I211-pk-2-) Will pay cash for §10,000 worth of goocf used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. Will pay 20c per do?,, for wire coal hangers. Hudson Cleaners, Form Needs Bring us. your poultry, hog and stock health problems. We carrs a complete fresh stock of Xx?dcrli serums, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drut Store, Main & Railroad. ~— ~ Wanted to Rent 4 to G room house in ov near Permanent. Call Acton Printing Co 2513, 8 to 5. 3i.rih.jj ______ 40 or 50 acres to rent or ehar« crop, have large family. Near Blytheville or Osceoln. Write p. L. o a t- tls, Hornersville, Mo. l[27-pk-3i 10 to 20 BCMS, close to townToaah rent. Phone 2350. liS-ck-ll Permanent resident desires small unfurnished house or duplex Ph A. H. Boyd, % Goodyear Service. l|27-ck-31 Help Wanted Maid to work approximately 5 hrs. per day. Good/wages. Phone 2415 l[20-pk-2|l Experienced cooks nnd waitresses Apply Hotel NoWe. 10-ck-li ••-— --V-V- -^J-ww. Services DON'T WAIT Until Spring to/have your tractor repaired. Avoid delays and valu- n We forming hours by having u, check and repair your trad or now. We also specialize in steaai cleaning and painting machinery PAUL BYRUM, Allis-Chalmers dealer i^-tic-y Federal .and..state .income, tax m- turns prepared. 320 Chickasawba ![26-pk2|26 V* I* USED CARS At Ceiling Prices " —Terms, Too!- 1940 BUICK 2 Door Sedan. 1938 BUICK SEDANETTE—Just Like New. 1937 FORD TUDOR SEDAN-Dcpcndable. 1938 DeSOTO 4-Door SEDAf^—A Good Car 1938 CHRYSLER "6" SEDAN-A-1 Condition. See PHILLIPS about a good car or truck if not in stock, PHILLIPS wil! find one for you at ceiling price and on time, too. Buy With Confidence. PHILLIPS VI v> v» 4A MOTOR COMPANY T«L 453 $ $ $ $$$$$ W»ln«t »t 5th $ $ $ $ COLD WEATHER SERVICE WORN TOPS! F. B. JOYNER Comer Second & Ash Sts. ' ncw FLOOR MATS *«* >AIR Qnd REPLACE SERVICE STATION Phone ZS11 Taken Up Jersey hotter call, nbout yr. old. May have same by paying «d feed bill and damages. M. A Sills' __^-_ Strayed Dark reel, muley headed Jersey cow Reward. Giissie Sa:»!ers 1M East !—_ Wonted Two riders going to Los Angeles Phone 2nv. l|20-pk-30 Live meat rabbits. Mo-Ark "iabblt Breeders Assn. Phone 2G09. "It'll be lough un me when I'm • discharged—I'm getting too soil tor married lite!" J. LOUIS CHERRY NEW YORK LjETSsURANCE CO. BljthevlUt. Ark. DRS. NIES.& NIES OSTEOPATHtC PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8;00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main BlythcvlHc, Ark. Phone 2921 Car Until You Get Our Price! We. Pay.. Top Geifmg Price And We Need 50 Cors Now . Authorized Studebaker Parts & Service CHAMBUN SALES CO. Ash & R.K. Sts. ChamWln Bill Chambtfn Dr, W, A. Taylor Veterinarian I'Jiono 453 <« At 1'lilllljis Motor Co. [' you nuin to Day nert) War """*' SKI-t UH TUB FURNITUKK AI m RK NOT UB1N«, tut wul,J Also Ulwrul Irude-in »l!o*un« for ulU furniture on new, Alvln Hurdy Purii. Co. * K - ila i" 'try Oar "Own Atiulc ICE CREAM Ok Hickory Inn Across Prom nig]. School Save 50% On TRUSSES Stcd nnd Elastic STEWART'S Drug Store fn & Luke l>horic 2822- Dr. J. L. Guard Optometritt at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main WE FILL ALL DOOTORV PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MCNET STEWART'S Drug Start Ualn £ Laki Pbea* ^llft .'RESCOiPTIORS Stork Bttrt Stores Is your car standing !d!o much of the tim» under gas rationing? Do<i* ft cost you more to keep j! In trim than tl pays back to transportation? Why not him "fc Into money-good money? Sell It to ut-and let some war worker have the oppor- tunity to get vitally needed traniportationi .. : ' BRING YOUR CAR TO \LLEY OOP BRING YOUR CAR TO US ,> . TOPAYJ toy Eich Chevrolet Company And Thill's Tlmf! Af^t'lV Clt* Ol O' -.YOU JUST WCK'A , VCU WCXJLDMT CW)E\ LH-11AM CITIZEM KCK MY PANTS ...WITH ) AN' 6EE HOW rV VMCX-E WMV J QUICK VOU BEHIND ME U /\ PINDOUT! V G'WAW.VOU BIG WIMDI3AG.,,KICK MV PRIME MINISTER! IJU5' WI3H VCXJ'D TRV Fiy V. T. HAMI.IN 'RECKLElTANl) H IS NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your propDrfy. Cnl] me to check up without cost or obligation. RATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK 309 E. Kcntuckj H.C. BLANKENSHIP Phone MM DON EDWARDS "Tile Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS US N. 2nd STREET PHONE Mm (E«ry Transaction Must He Satisfactory) U. S. Naval Leader .Aif.ivcr lo PrpTlon. Pn.,1. —lojAjy laes^- JL IJo|o SlQ. DAVID LYNN el iss £i issl HORIZONTAL 56 lie is in 1 Pictured U. S. command of naval leader, the Atlantic Admiral , E - VERTICAL 13 Either i Pbnt parts 14 Recovered 2 Prayer 15 Whirlwind 3 Area measure 16 Lubricant 4 Conducted amount »H^h.u«, ssa.po.ntsa*, s'&sr sUuclural 7 Symbol for 22 Scraping 40 uSlUcd ••»%«„ ^ Sp" 1 ™ Si™^X , ;»|^P iSSr^JISS!^ ^Ifcete, :28Waare iiT ab-> 30Q»olod 48 Removed •27 Fountain l^' 8 ,, 32 Steamer (ab.) 51 Upward : drTnks J 2Smalicsl _33C a rtograph 53 Cloth measuro ; 29 Upon I 30 Military ', student • 31 Birds' homes • 33 Digger for j coal ! 34 Fondle : 35 Siamese coin ! 38 Willow twig • 38 Equals ' 41 Stigma ! 42 Fear j« Pealed ' 45 Rescue ! 46 Individual : 49 Dibble ! 50 Inner Guard ; (ab.) ; 51 Chaldean city : 52 Symbol for i iron •54 Proceed '55 Jumps IF MOM F NDS our YOU 0«ousnr \ WE'LL TAK? THAJ up ME HERE IMSTE-AD OF KEEPING MET , \ IMEK., JUMIOR.,' SHADV- AT,/ION\E, SHE'S 60NWA HW£ A FIT.' IsiDr HIGH NEEO 1 ? MV -VkNOVVl AIMT SUPPOSED TO BE / SfR-VICCS I OUr fiffEU Q o'CUXKj A BLOSSli m ^m ^^:'>-,f--^;\' xtH \ /p $%$* ^,L>i).. RED RYDER Irt CE1TW HUNGRY— WAtCHIN' "'" —" LI1TLE BEAVER ' SQUAW A .Toll for !>n(iciirc I HFARD THAT SUSIE LOOMS is GOING TO GIVE YOU A KISS FOR. EVEF-V GOAL YOU SAVE .' YOU'D [UTTER. NOT SAVE TOO MANY LAR.D SMITH-' SET TO . PLA.V-A GOOD COACH MIND IS AS FREE AS A BIRD' HV WASH TUBBS ' MHEN EASY RECOVERS FROM 'BLACKING our" W AFTER ft, POWER DIVE TO ESCAPE JAP-S.HIS 13 CLIMBIH& THRU AN OVERCAST Then \VIuil? TIIEYMUST'VE MIT AH OIL LINE7" JUMPING BLUE BLAZES. 1 I CAH'T HY'UWUE TtTRNKR BETTER TURN SOUTH...HEAD ACROSS HIE IMlflHO SEA FOR MAgEITBACK MOW....I'MGO)JH/ SHIKOKU... IF i CAH JUST KEEP IOOXS LIKE THIS 47 y ••".», . . . i m UWH1U BE FORCED DOWN )H JAPAN. FLYING FOR ABOUT EIGHT LiOOTS AND HRR HI 1 OH I EH KY RT1OAR MARTIN' 60X.D S\\-^. \OliC\\ Of

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