The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 22, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIT (ARK.)' COtmtER NEWS MONDAY, AUGUST 22. 1949 THE BLVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK COURIER NEWS CO. H W HAINES, Publisher JAMES U VERHOEFT Editor PAUL O. HUMAN. Advertising Man««r •oil Nation*) Advertising Representative!! W»l!»« Witraer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, AU.0U. Memphis. Cntcr«d •• second data matter at the- poat- elfiot it BIy'rievilte, Arkansas, under act ol Con- (ie«. October ». 1917. Member ol Tin Associated Piea» SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier U> the city ol BlytheviUe or any fubuztoan town where carriei service U maintained. 20c per week 01 85c pet month By mail, within a radius ot 50 miles 14.00 pet year. 12.00 lor six months, il.OO (ot three months; by mail outside SO mile cone Hd.OO per year payable In advance. Meditations A«d the priest ahull malfe an atonement for »ll the congregation of Ihe children of Israel, and It siiil! br forgiven them; fur ll is ignorant?; and they shall bring their offering, a sacrifice marie b-r fire unto the Lard, and their sin offering before tht Lord, far their ignorance.—.Vumbers 15:'?5, « * * Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge, the wing whermith we fly to heaven. —Shakespeare. Barbs It is claimed a Frenchman invited the &n can in 1809—but some autos must go further Men than that. * * * Wonder whit next winter's firat snow storm will do to peeplnf-toe shoes, halo hats and net glove*. * • « The'new marriage trend in some .slates maken 'It hard for police to determine whether the disappearance of a baby is a kidnaping or an elopement. • « • Some trailers ar« huiU alone Pullman lines. Even ta mealing; the windows? » • • Th« lad trying his first chew of tobacco usually finds he dealt himself the unkindesl cut of all. Street Improvements Bring More Projects BlytheviUe toyed for a long time with the idea that some of her narrow »treets needed widening:, but never •eerhed to be able to find the money to jet the project started. But the program did get under way •nd as soon as some of the wider pave- .merit* were opened to traffic there developed almost overnight a demand tor more and wider streets, and a willingness on the part of property owners to help pay for the cost of the betterments. A news item in the Courier News last week tells of plans to provide a wider pavement at the east end of the Main Street business section. These street improvements will pay rich dividends for BlytheviUe in the form of easier flow of traffic, and leave a better impression with visitors. And more than that, there can be greater satisfaction for the home folk. They like to live in a town which recognizes its problems and then does something about it. 'Economy' Cry on Arms Aid Rings Out a Hollow Note The European recovery program now can go forward for another year without the fetters its opponents tried to clamp on it. The administration leadership managed to kill all proposals designed to hobble the ICconomic Co-operation Administration. Foremost amung those plans was that of Senator XlcClullan of Arkansas. He wanted to earmark about .^,000.000,000 of the §;W28,0(lO.OOO in the Senate's KCA appropriation bill to be used exclusively for the purchase and dumping abroad of American farm surpluses. The Senate also struck down a scheme to hand Franco Spain a loan of -$.~>0- OUO.OOO, even though Spain is not one of the Marshall Plan countries. The last big scrap came on an amendment by Senator Kem. Missouri Republican. He wanted to bar further aid to countries that are continuing to nationalize or socialize their basic industries. Britain and France, prime recipients of Marshall Plan help, could have been affected had this proposal been adopted. Fortunately for the KCA program, it is free of all these handicaps. He hardly dare hope, however, ihat opponents of the plan will not try again at the earliest chance to weight it down in timilar style. In one important respect they succeeded Un's lime. The Senate chopped 10 ,'p«T cent off thfi aniuiinl of money voUd by th« House for EGA. Only itrong administration effort averted bigger House cuts, so the lower chamber is not likely to resist the Senate's reduction when differences between the l\vo versions are reconciled. Tlie reduction does not seem wise. Allowances had already been made by the administration ilself for lower costs stemming from the lower American price level. Further slashes almost certainly will hurt the program, although KCA Administrator Paul Hoffman did not fight them. He was too busy combating tht other crippling changes proposed. "Kconomy" is a poor excuse lor the KCA reduction. Coming from a Congress that can't bring itself to economize anywhere else, it doesn't nng true. Congress jusl look the easy out, knowing that it won't hear directly from any European voters. Until the lawmakers show enough spunk to apply the economy knife on some program closer to home, no sensible American voter is likely to give them credit lor thinking about ihe lax- payer's pocketbook. The job they did on KCA was a grandstand play. VIEWS Oh OTHERS Goose-Killer's Idea Still Popular. Vou reau awjut Jnni in yuur scimul diiys— that sniinciui who hud a wunuerlul BCM.SC. 11 iairl golucn tygs and lie killed it so he tuulil harvest, a slack 01 them all ai UIIUK, anu nave nuusell a t:\uuy spluriie. he cuuuint leave a good tiling alone; couldn't be OJUK.IU to ta»e In;, uru&periiy a nine at a tiiut, Mil il pileu lino Miiueliuuu Ijig. r^oi mm; he wauled his ail a I once, and so lie iiiessMi luiiueli right uack into ixn-eriy again . You laiiBUcd at his t>ui|iitijiy when, as a youngster, you read that old lame. You wouldn't ou such a munuskuil if you had a noose h "e tnau You'd give it imsthty good tare, you Inouglu. But here we are today. niill;o;ii ol us m llns country, acliiij. just as silly as mat lablnd old guose-lcillcr. j>'or we have, in ovu private ciiu-r- Lirise system, a far more wonderlul possession tlian he had. In -just a lew generations, it lias given us convenienees and luxuries never belore dreamed. Yet. instead of cherishing that system, Hie pres- Mire groups are alter it with their axes ol greed, iinein on whacking all the golden ejgs out ol it. The politicians, promising us every boon ihcy can think up, are leading this bonellead atiack. They have piled taxes upon taxes, till the enure bill, national, slate and local, is draining money Irnm enterprise that ought to be invested in production, mid louiing ihe citizens nl earnings thai ought to be spent on his Home and living, thus making a larger market for goods and open- Ing more jobs. At the siime time, powerful union.? are demanding yet higher wages, pensions tor their members, (eatherueriding arrangements, and other special favors which can only Increase tlie price ol goods, to the injury o( the whole nation, including themselves, if grained. Vou have read a dozen news articles anoul these-muddle-wilted follies in just Uve past lew days. They are all in the pattern of thai fabled goose-killing by a lunkhead who didn't know when he WR.S well off. They are pushing us down it.e same socialistic ryiul taken by Europe, wlncn Is now yelling to us for more and more help. Will you let thai crowd kill your golden goosey Better think. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT Immunity for Vaughan? President, Truman's conference comment about his friend. Maj. Gen. Harry H. ValiRhaii. comes close to being his most surprising remark in his years nt ihe White House. After saying that his opinion of Vauphan nad not been changed by. the testimony broughl out in the Senate committee investigation ol 5 pnr cent "influence' sellers. Mr. Truman, according to ttie Associated Press, asserted: that, in any event. Hie. Secretary of (he Army has no authority lo relieve Vatiiilian from d»u as he did two other Major Generals involved in the n per cent investigations. The effect of this is to say that VatiRlian is safe from disciplinary aclion by Secretary Johnson, regardless of «-hai Ihr nirtc may have done. It is to say tiiat VaiiRltan cuioys an immunity which Is denied otltei Army ollirers Can it be that this is the impression which Harry Truman wishes to convey to the Anu'riran people who so recently voted to trust him in nie presidency In his own right? If it is. then ne is due to learn something Whatever Secretary Johnson's atilhority. we do not believe that the great body of citizens will allow Vanghan to escape tne accountability they would demand of olhers In .he country's uniform. Harry Vauglinn may be a friend of Ihe President. That doos not make him sacrosanct. On the contrary, that friendship makes him all the more an example in the public eye. —ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH SO THEY SAY Reports of My Death Vas Greatly Exaggerated Soviet Recognition Seems Near For Communist Rule in China By DrWIli MuKenxU AP Foreign Affair* Analycl China's bloody civil war is rapidly approaching the grim crisis of a last-ditch stand by the Nationalists against the onrushing Communist. Red steam roller from the moving steadily down forces. The north gainst the s>'eat southern seaport of Canton, emergency capita] of the nationalists. The Communist Army aiming at Canton already has captured the militarily important city of Tayu, 170 miles to the northeast. The seriousness of Canton's position is SMII in the announcement of the United States embassy that It is moving to the British crown The DOCTOR SAYS BT Kdviri P. Jordan. M.D. Written for XEA Service Caffeine is the principal active coffee and tea. In large quantities of drug view in both of the PETER EDSONS Washington News Notebook Federal Government Shows Amazing Ability in Coping With Unemployment By Pripr Erf.son , These reports were basrd on ac- " Since the war. BES has been NKA Washing Inn CorrespuniVnt j tual nosp-rount ing stauslic.s of 1 keeping tab on only the most WASHINGTON — <NEA>— The claims paid by the slates and could important. 93 labor market areas, way the (?rcnt, clumsy federal gov- i not possibly have been more ac- These 98 areas cover only about evnment goes alter a problem Is ; curate. This was no sample survey ' half of U.S. industrial employment, sometimes really amazing. consider poU. I During the war, BES kept tab on In the mejuiiinip, the President ' ;io ° lahor market areas, covering had -sent to Congress his mid-year ^ 90 V ei ' cent of U.S industrial om- l economic report, calling attention | P'oyment. Somebody thought they [io this problem. He hatf Riven Sec- I fhoilld !lU bc surveyed again, to rctary of Commerce- Charles S;uv- | makc - slll ' e Washington hart "the ycr ilip job of invcsiiriating un- rcal Picture." employment renditions. And be had Commnn sense finally prevailed jKlvpn Dr. John R. Steclman. hw i °» tn:iL one - II woutd Ilftve ta*eu ! assistant, the job of "co-ordinal- lfl cja > s to get the'additional data | ln«"—there's that \vunl E^ahi - O11 lhe olhE >' 202 minor labor mar- jiovernment buying in critical uu- kot a>'«a.s. The polity makers rie- emolovmenl areas. ! c " iL ' ( ' lo R° Hhead without them. So nou- the program has been [ these beverages which are consumed. it is important to know whether tlie caffeine in them may cause harmful effecis. Although nn ordinary cup of strong tea or coffe contains enough caffeine to have n definite drug effect, this is probably somewhat lessened by the fact, that the caffeine U associated In these drinks with other substances. Both these drinks act as stimulants which increase mental and physical energy and relieve muscle and mental fa- ticue to some extent and are otherwise just "comforting." USED BY DOCTORS Caffeine as a drug has definite medical value. It is » well-known brain .stimulant. It Is used sometimes to combat some of the harmful effects of acute poisoning with morphine or other depressing drugs. " ( stimulates breating and is used iji ceriaiii cases of asthma and other disorders of breathing. Caffeine acts also on the heart and tile blood vessels. It tends to tiiJate some of the blood vessls so that more blood may flow through anrt it is a ect heart stimulant. In the form ot tea, coffee, other beverages containiny caffeine. there is usually no harm produced by reasonably moderate consumption. As with any stimulant. excessive \ise can be hannfuul Unfortunately, nervous people are the ones most likely to drink too much and it is in them that injury from caffiene is particularly likelj to occur. colony of Hong Kong, to the »outh. Report has It that tlie Communists plan to proclaim a government of China on October 10. That li China's Independence Day, anniversary of the 1911 revolution which overthrew the Mauchu dynasty. Every Chinese knows It Is "double tenth 1 '—the tenth day of the tenth month. Red Rec*fnitlon Anlicipilcfl Speculation has It in Canton that when a Red government is pro- claimd it will receive Immediate Russian recognition. The position of the vitally interested American and British governments hasn't been declared. Many observers have been expecting that they would act In concert. So far as Washington Is concerned, 1 understand Die position Is that if and when a Communist government is formed in China, and It a.sks for recognition, the request will be considered. Although the Nationalists soon will be battling with backs to the wall, there is no Indication that they are weakening in their determination to fight it out to the bitter end. The Communists themselves have estimated thab their opponents still have a million and a half trooj.s the handling of this increased unemployment situation, for example. H has token seven months to Ket the White House machinery in motion to tell govei*nmenl piocure- mcnt agencies where to place their orders to help relieve unemployment in a dozen .scattered areas of the country. And now that it i .= done, there n r p considerable doubts over whether "the program" will do much good. The fact that there was a serious unemployment situation became apparent last January. E.sLi- nititeri unemployment was 1.941,000 in December. It jumped to 2.GQO.OOO in .January and 3.2:1.000 in February. It dropped sliahtlv for the When susceptible people do drink too much of some caffiene-contain ing beverage, they are likely to be come excessively nrvous. develop pounding of their hearts, headaches, sleeplessness, tremblings, ani digestive distil rbance-*. When such symptoms occur from tea or cof fee. they are almost always cai'sei by drinking too much, resulting ii excessive intake of the active drug caffeine. The symptoms can be in the field. Nationalist sources say that these forces are well equipped with small arms—the weapons main• used in the war. The key Nationalist figure remains Generalissimo Chiang Kal- 'iek, despite the fact that he wa» ithdrawn from the presidency nnd ow holds only the position of lead- r of the majority political party, "hiang has bts headquarters on ths ig island of Formosa, which Is cfendcd by 300,000 Nationalist roops. China Now Has Two Capital* Thus in a sense Formosa is th« eal capital of Nationalist China, n other words, there are two espials, the official seat being In Canon for the moment. The guiding •oice is that of the generalissimo. I understand, by the way. that Madame Chiang Kai-shek, who for ome lime has been in America, is ikely to return shortly to Formosa, o join her husband. That would not >e surprising, for throughout the cuff years of China's war she wai he generalissimo's right hand. He s said to have leaned heavily on :ier guidance. As the result of the Red threat** . to Canton, the Nationalist govern- T nent already has started to move to :he world-war capital of Chung- king. That ancient, wall-encircled city of half a million population is the commercial center of Szech- Province, an isolated agricul- quickly on the lessened by cutting down excessiv- intake. So Secretary Snyrlrr and hnlf a into airplanes and Pullmans and unit .scurrying about in all direction^ TO discover where the . unemployment was, La,= t week they officers ami 18 other aKciicies that do some of their own spending o[ government money have all been insisting that (here was no depression. Be.s ruts Out Tlie: Story In May, however. Bureau of Employment Security, which oversees stale unemployment insurance benefit payments, put nut a list of 10 labor market areas where unemployment was over 12 per cent of Ihe tabor force. These areas were New Bedford and Worcester, Mass.; Providence, R. I.; Bridgeport, and Walcrbury, Conn.: Utlea-Rome. N. V.; Scranton-Wilkes- Havre, Pa.; Knoxvillc, Term.: Miiskegon, Midland San Jose. Calif. In other words: If .some liissh i They have been reading In the rmichny-murk had picked up a ; papers lor the past month that they telephone three mouths OHD and vvere soing to he asked to do this. asked director Robert c. GnodwLn ! ij m getting a letter on While House of the BES when- the trouble was, 'stationery is supposed to work some he rmilrt have told them in ;\ inin- n, aR j c effect. Stand by for a mir- ute - ' aclc. Actually, the program may not. do Spoils All Tlu- I im 1 Of course Dint would li;ivo been too shnplp. Just think of .ill the j •'.stiif* mpciinps. intrrdep;irtmental j contort 1 n cos and determination* of of operational procedure on a liiqh policy-making level" that would much good, even if it works. In ihe dozen areas arc perhaps '2QD.COO unemployed workers. E\*en if all of them could be put back to work on government orders tomorrow, total U.S. unemployment of -5.000.000 uoulti be reduced by only five per IN HOLLYWOOD \\y Knskinc Johnson NKA SlaEt Corres|H>ii(lcnt economy cannot romp nt MIF exponsr or *K'Hil weliair, hfalfh. security nnri other public services. Economy in government does not come in seeking hetnHins or In giving speeches a»our politic."; and waste.—Sen. Hubert Humphrey rD,> of Minne.sota. • * » If we «r?opi]l;lir;ins) do not \vin in Ui.ifl we will not have much lo worry about in la-su. In Ohio, old Mr. Republican himself (Totti fs up tor election.—Rep. Clarence J. Brown (R.> Ohio. * * * Economic isnJaLlonlsm is no more ixx--sli>ir today than political isolationism.—WiLJiam L, Bau, president, SKF Industries, Ine. By Marie Wilson 4 For Krsldne Johnson, who is on vacation.) HOLLYWOOD .-iNEAi — Ever since I've been in pirtirre^ I have received .special awards fov my legs. My face has been ciicd oy groups of beanticinii.s ant 1 my bust has won prizes from sweater jnanufac- -er.s. They've u'kccl my eyes and my hands r d my lip* and my hair. In fact. 11.?y haven't mi-seil any part of my physical make-up, except one—my bruin, I can't understand thi,->, I keep i doR.s, hoping ; mi ailing for same schol- f aily proup to name me 'The Brain." E neriny, some such or- si.ini/ation is soinp lo realize that 'My friend Irma" is all an art and that down deep. I am brilliant cirl who POASCS a brain unlike (hat of any other girl in Hoily- ^ood. Tn the 'vorld. rven. T am so smart, -.s a matter of fact, that I didn't even have lo haunt up a zha.-t to write this column for me. T eot riisrouraped It's nire to be in movies and appear on the iacliri. but it (iocsn't. cive mr time to continue my education and get a degree at college. T \vish I had gone to college. I wish t had eon° 10 Inch school. In fact, 1 wish T hart just conr to 5chnol. Still. I ronsole* myself in the knowledge that Abraham Lincoln <former president, of the United .States of Amenrat wa.« srlf-tnuRht in that he fau ,ht himself. I. too. am a sclf-tauRht student of world. I've -ised n different Irrhninup j than Mr. Liiu-oln, hovrvrr. Fie i used text be '^s ^ tttu by experts to Irani his .subjects. This seems almost like cheating. 'T\\e trxt- book.i which T use aren't written by experts—they're written by me. Tim. r think, nmkcs fc • a much <.;;uuc* to me very easily. T started ' to learn Kvetich by patroni/ing only i French restaurants — which, inn- I dentally, made mr a meat luver' of chili con earnc. Then I went to see all the French movies m town. It wasn't hard at all to un- dcr.*taiuJ what Ihey were saying .sinee I undt-r^tnotl CVCTV word in the Mib-tiitrs. D;u in« the prriod whni I was i studyiuc French. T ate only Ftctich : panrakrs Frenj-h pa>;vir.i. and hot • Well. T happrn lo Ukc hot j iosiries. I alway? u-^r French ! Annlhrr siilijrrl w'ljch 1 i-n- jo>nl teach in.? mysrTf i.s trico- nomr(ri-. This is my favorite foreiRii l-in^uaRr anil I 5peak if f turn My T likr trigonometry he- rausf ii rrmiinl-s mr of the movies— loK nl" squares niixfd up in triangles. 1 l^und calculus a cinch. The problems • ere never difficult, fu fat-1. I -j.-eri 10 make up new problem* all the time. It's I ' to make up pmblemx and never have to worry about the answer. 1 :. 1 was fi iencily \\ith a calcul- iiistmrtnr who offered to help me. He really loved uie. '" even commit ted sui- cicie to prove it I can still see the im:e he left. w'- ; ~' react: "I nm di>i»a this bfcansp of Mnrir Wilson . . " I was never .-o flattered in my life. Psyetiuhy is a no tlie; subjfrt wh:* li rame to mo easily. After 'he j IpiumnfiT all about it in just a few hoii:^, T derided to co out ami talk a vetetnn psychiafrisf in r;ive ten to learn in the field of (i-yehi- fltrv. Xow hr's going to a psychl* Note: Dr. Jordan is unable t answer individual questions [ron readers. However, each day he wi' answer one of the most frequent!; asked questions in his column. QUESTION: TR Ktreptomycii heloful in treating .stomach ulcers ANSWER: So far as T knov, :here is r.n reason to believe tha streptomvcin Is helpful for stomac ilcers. There may be a .slight DOSS! bility that it would be useful if ulcers became infected, although! tural area in 11 perches West Central China. rocky mount beside the great Yangtze River. Chungking is a tough place of abode, as I kncin- from personal experience. However, it has the cioilb!i> virtue of being isolated from easy attack while at the same time having quick communication by air with the outside world. H served the country well as capital during the v.-orld war. and should do the same lor the Nationalists. 75 Years Ago In BlytheviUe it IK certainly not treatment. a usual form of that Ed's heart was set on .seeing to it that every act in the show got its full opportunity. Ed challenged me to a gamr of Ca.ssino, which is a Rreat game of memory I would ^et he is good " at it very because, while E<" appears onchalant, he never McKENNEY ON BRIDGE 1!V \VII.I.IAM K. McKKN'XEV Amcrica'.s Card Autbnrily Writlen for NKA Service flame Contract Can He Defeated Easily You would expect a fellow who h,is done so much for the Heart Association to have a heart as big .is t-he to\v itself, and Eri Sullivan scaliy has. 1 sat \\itn nini recently as he rehearsed his television show. "Ton.H of the Town." Kd told me about the titnr he tlid a sports column f the Port Chester. N. Y.. Daily Item. Yes. sir. at SI per column. He became a sports writer for the F;vening Mail and the Evening Graphic. One day the tnauasins editor decided that he would like to bc the a trick. If he wcrr a bridge player he would have been disappointed if he hart niiwrrt the opportunity to defeat today's contract. South took hEs partner's opening lead of the kin.e of hearts with the ace. He played the king of clubs which declarer won with the ace. The queen of spades was led and finessed. South won with the king and returned n small heart. North won and returned a club South ruffed and defeated the contract, The Gerald Smith Construction Company of Memphis was low bidder on the Big Lake project which includes approximately 540.0110 to be spent in restoring the Lake and the bird refuge. This announcement has been made by the Department of Agriculture In Washington, D.C. following the opening sealed bid.s on August M. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Logan have left for a vacation to "be spent in points of Indiana and Illinois. Mr.s. Louise Straeke and daughter Anita have returned from * vacation spent in Yellowstone Park and other points c' interest in the West, Moss Bryan of New York City has arrived lo spend hj s vacation with his mother Mrs. E. M Bryan and his sister Miss Ellen Bryan. Moss Bryan '« on the staee 'and does impersonations on featured night club programs in (he East. Oxygen in liquid form, instead of « gas hljjhiy compressed In containers, soon may be in use in airplanes flying at high altitudes. Its advantage Is a saving in space and weight, tor pilots, crews, and passengers, as well as Increased safety Notional Banner Answer to. Previous Puzzle rr»-\C" IS RKS" 1 ' T guess thd subject In which T excel it Fienaii. Somehow, this The bottleneck in flic h:£M-sp< fliilit may be the hunnn being unless sv-ieuce nds ways to pro- tcci him fro_m the torccs created by the higher speeds. Q 10 8 6 2 V 92 « A K73 *A7 » 106 + 9865432 N i * A J 7 4 W E S Dcoler «<3J92 *QJI« I'JSS a V A K 5 3 W A J 7 « 5 J • 854 + K Rubber—N-S v\>\, We* Korib Ea* 1 A Pass 2 * ' 3 4 1'nss 4 * Opening— » K 22 sports writer—so Ed became Broadway columnist. Because of that big heart of rils he sl.irtcd to put on charity shows A network covered one of his shows, and that is how he go staled in television. As we talkec duiu.j lite rehearsal, i could HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted is the flag ol S Its background 11 Oismal 13 Interstice HLair IS Weird 17 Was seated IB On account <ab.) 19 Goes fo bed 21 Tungsten (ab.) 3 Oriental coin 1 Parent 5 Woody plarvt 6 Mastery (Scot.) 7 Anent 8 (loddess ot th« dawn 9PuRed up 10 Disposition 12 Still 13 Ventilate 16 "Smallest State" (ab.) 19 Saved 20 Smirked 32 Eirropean country 3,3 Portion 35 Amazed )€ Responds to treatment 22 Domestic slave 2S Wise Bdvi»«r 41 Imitated 2< Brain passage 25 Shaped -12 Sorry 26 Sow 27 Style 28 Southeast (ab.) 29 Italian rivtr 30 Tellurium (symbol) 31 Hebrew deity .12 Out of 34 Raise 37 Unusual 38 Rim 3 9 Near 40 Coward 16 Laughter sound 17 Hile 19 Inner court 50 Pacific 51 Chilled 53 Armow 55 Finished 5fi Markets 43 Size ot sho< 44 Point a weapon 45 Space 4R Seed vessel SO Through 57 French article 54 Note erf scale VERTICAL II 2 CM I! K

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