The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 12, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 12 BLYTIIBVILLB (AUK.)' COURIER NIOWS Army Training Plan Faces Delay Congressmen Doubt Time Remains for Action This Session WASHINGTON'. May 12. (UP) — Failure of President Truman's ad- JtW committee to make a prompt «ypl- on universal military train- nig )ia s doomed that legislation for tills session, Recording to members of Congress. Chairman Walter G. Andrews, R., N. Y.. of the House Armed Services Committee said today he thought he could start hearings on the legislation in about two weeks. Many World War II Veterans Pass Up Chance To Collect Benefits Allowed by Government Hill other members said it is too late in the session to get House action. Chairman Chan Gurncy, R., By DOUGLAS LAKSKN NKA Staff Corrrs)iontlriit WASHINGTON, (NKA), — World War II veterans nrc unconsciously doing yeoman service lo further the money-saving efforts of Republican Congressmen. They are passing up an estimated $2,571,000,000 worth of aij- sorted benefits merely by nnl stepping up to the counter to collect them. This Includes, for this year alone, $2,000.000,000 In edu- I cation and training benefits under the OI Bill of Rights, and $507.000,000 for unclaimed terminal leave. • \ And since the end of the war $04,000,000 In checks for all types , ., . of tlie Senate Armed Services og benefits have been reetnrned unclaimed to the Treasury because veterans have failed to notify tile Veterans Admlnlstrat I » of a change of address. VA reports that, G.000,000 out of the 14,447,000 veterans of World War II have applied and have been declared eligible for GI educational and training benefits. Bu' out of that number only 3,439.000 veterans have actually enrolled had for courses and training and have received benefits. Various vclu alls' organizations figure the value of these unused benefits is worth leave, claims Committee already has expressed doubt that life Senate can act on the program thi s year. President Truman said earlier in tlie year he would make Ins recommendations to Congress on universal training after his Special i Civilian Advisory Committee liatl studied the situation from all ane- les. Doth the House and Senate arm- •" i..^o c .... t ed services committees have been 1 52,000,000.000. awaiting the committee's report 1 Amiy. Navy, Coast Guard and and tlie President's recommcnda-' Marine Corps officials estimate tious before beginning work. I 'hat more than 2,500,000 former President Truman said in a re- enlisted men have failed to file cent letter to the American Legion,I their applications for the S507 wliicli is pushing universal service. 000,000 worth of terminal tliat the report would be ready According to the law, no within two weeks. But he urged] will be accepted for leave pay Hie House and Senate committees after Sept. 1, 1947. Payments are to begin hearings without waiting in bonds which mature five years after the date a man left service. But It is bcllved likely that a bill to provide for an earlier redemption will be passed by Congress. When the Terminal Leave Act was passed last year. Congress set $2,400.000.000 aside to pay for it. The law says no U. S. Government check can be forwarded if the person to whom the check was sent isn't livintr at the address on the envelope. VA has tried to get the new addresses of the veterans who should have received the $64,00(1,000 worth of "'Hi'.- I»>1,| by L.iiMii;i befoiv Medical Society Names Dr. Utlcy as Secretary PAGE SEVEH "''• I' 1 - K. Ullrr has bi'i-n H« i.f Mlssis l >d Dr. T. F. Hudson ut his ilcnlh In ,, ir.vnL uomobiliMmln uoc'ldeni. I'r. Ulley was elected at a uirellni; 01 llu- society Wc<lnesday nt Hold c. l),. T . N . U(,,i m . m ,„ lit! , Kh . was i-lceictl to iiii'inbor.shl|) <niil '•"• 1) C. Mclj'.'au. mnubcr of th': Misaun-j stale Mntlral Kodoly, *, honorary iiu'iiibn In tills founty- 'he S'vlcly will liu> Missi)),] i-omnj, TubciTUlosl.s ASM>- c "I ii;n in Us procnim. It was dc- iu tlK- business tu'sslnn. It will HIM, usf | ls inllui'm-e In ob- 11 mobile screen inogrnm lor lubn-culosls X-rnys. At prosent lh« |>r«i;rimi is lliullcil and people who have the X-ray.s do not have iH'orlunity. it wu.s pointed out. Four Oscco/o Men Attend Meeting of Farm Co-Ops IKiG'KOl'A. /int., Miiy r>- I.VHII- OseeoUi tii.'.lne.s.sincn altendod a inecllni; of Aijrk-iiUural C'oojH'ra- llvcs In l.illlu Horn l'"ruluv. They verm II. C. liryan, 1». C. II. Yoiini'. Wi-lby yoinin and I)i- shl S. Ijiney. All are directors ol varloiiH coopi'rallve oi'Kauii-.alious hevc. l-lilMH'd iirniwhcads more JtiMWi) years old h : ,ve uwn ored by nrc-hcoloulsls. HEADACHE BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY EARLY MATURING ..Foundation Slock—Direct From Breeder Keccnt test proved yields a to 5 more bushels per acre and stands up belter than Hulsoy. Blytheville Soybean Corp, 1KUO W. Main Phone 856-857 the interest of national secur- .^ofe Lets Contracts F<!%Highway Projects LITTLE ROCK Ark, May 12 (UP—Contract.! for siirfaclivj woik on 80 miles of Arka'isas highways were Friday by (he State Hi-jhiv.-iy Commission for 51170,000. The work' i> <J1 Plllilhp:; Jefferson. Arkaiss.™, Hcrnpsiead, Crawford, Baxtp,-, Fclton, ouich- ita, Lawrence. Randolph, Woodruff and Jac'cien cuiunics. ; We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads • , ! Let Your Next Tires BeJ I GENERALS checks. Smiles on llicse face .is I'ifsiiliiil Tinman signed Hie Terminal .cave Pay Hill last Aueu-,1 brought B li-<- In the l.n-os of millions or eligible lo slMr e d'« mmicy. No, ,.| t |,i twm u n , illcri morc lip unit veterans Uian2,flOO,OCO former enlisted men haven't botlu'rrd t,, ,,(,,,, and claim their iiarl of (he terminal leave fund. ] Cos^Morc — Worth More; i MODINGER TIRE CO. J «6 E. Main Phone 2201 ' ! HOME SERVICE j & STORAGE CO. i is phased to announce that ) Mr. Richard Holt ! has joined our staff as [ carpenter and maintenance man. Call us joh you can't ivant to do. to do <lo that or don't Telephone 2801 When tlie owner of a returned check can't lie found, the check Is sent back to tlie Treasury, where it is held for the balance of that fiscal year. During that time a vet can get his check merely by identifying himself and claiming it at the Treasury office. After that the check is held by the General Accounting Office for a year, when it Is destroyed and a bookkeeping record kept of it in a special account. Although the passed-up educational benefits will remain usable until five years after war is declared officially over, it is pointed out that many of the veterans who arc passing them un arc finding permanent jobs. This means that such benefits will never tie used. Experience shows that the longer a veteran puts off coins to college or taking some kind of training the less chance there is that he ever will. American Legion officials say that the main reason so many veterans have not taken advantage Of GT educational and training opportunities is because the nation 1 ;; schools and colleges are crowded. There isn't room for them. The general prosperity of the country is given as the reason why veterans have failed lo apply for all the terminal leave money duo them and why they are not claiming the- $64,000.000 worth of checks already made out to them, "it's when times get tough that you fine! veterans trying to collect every cent of money their Government might owe them,'' a VA official said. , Some students of veterans' ai- fairs say the unused millions of dollars worth or veterans' benefits bear out the prophecy which the Disabled American Vcturans organization made when the GI Bill of nighis W as being considered by Congress. At that time the DAV argued that the GI bill would be too generous and wouldn't lit? equitable. DAV spokesmen said that the men who would be in the greatest used after the war would be those who were disabled. According to the DAV, a totally disabled veteran gets only 5138 a month, regardless of how many dependents he has, while millions of dollars for other purposes aren't touched. The DAV is pushing a bill which would divert .some of this unused money for increasing pensions of disabled veterans according to how many dependents they Hemorrhoids without Removed Surgery Iline nre ntiny Very lm]>nrlrsnl rrnw«i» whf INItLulls prefer tny inothols c>r rt-mwvltiBpile*. No Loss of Control I liavo ncvt-r hnil and will never h»»» this linpiwn to one ot my patientj. Tliliik over well. No Loss of Time Unless you nj-c tk^lrliMeii ulien yon frxne lo rnc, y<ixi will lose; n<t lime mini your wurk, UW3 this ir-«n anylhlns ti> youf No Hospital Bills Tills Ls a bit: S,-Lvlii^s fcir nil come lo me for file tcmuvuL No Overcharge J.Ty r)mrj;rfl for nil woi k tlmiB »t my rftnic nix'*iTir>sl coiiwi'vaLlve Tor the icrvlcefl rwi- clovd my iK\tlents. DR. W. H. THOMAS Clinic 14O7 Lamar Phone 2-6252 Memphis TO t. It A.M.—! lo n P.M. write r«r rrr. lltcradiro. Nr, ctinrrn ff>r rim^nlftllnm. Writ* T phone for appointment, (EsUbllBhcid 1*14> MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Save 50% Chopping Expense Pliinl Chemically Dclintcil, Ku/.y.-Kvce COTTON SK1C1) i Sitve Money—(» (o 10 I As. per Acre. Any corn, jiea or liean planter will plant those smooth, slicli cot (on seed. >; Curt he plowed f« lo (i days «f(er |il:uitiii|r. KOWDKN 'III? — STONKVIIJ.K 2C — I) 1' & I, 1-1 >: ' > r I; Kor Sale Hy IBLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phones 856-357 ATTENTION FARMERS You Con Now Get 100% Coverage On Your Crops Against Hail Storms! This may lie ii yciir of heavy hail storms. We represent the Itti'KOst and oldest Hail Storm Insurance Company and with the holiest rating. Six-cm! roin-i'Hcntativfi will be in Hlytlicville and ' vicinity for it limited time to lake applications. Call, write or phono NOW for particulars—No obligation! UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY A. V. IMimtlCll, MamiKcr Over Guard's .Jewelry S'.ore j j n liiHurunce" AAAA CERTIFIED BABY CHICKS A compli'le lino of poultry feed. IJuttery fed fryers— liny tlit'in on foot. ! I'OUI/I'llY WANTKD: I lion or truck loud. 5 Open til <> Sattinliiy evening, K to JO u. m. H Sundays i'ho tie !),!<) Plenty of Parking Space LEWIS POULTRY 419 Kust Miiin St. ! NOTICE Twin Gables — Osceota, Ark. To our Friends and Customers: For your Convenience we arc now offering CURB SERVICE! Plenty of Parking Space in rear . . . We special- ize in Ice Cold Beer and Delicious Sandwiches. Open 9 a.m. Til 12 p.m. Proprietor O. C. St. Clair TWIN GABLES OSCEOLA ARK. I DON EDWARDS Tk« Typewriter Man' ROYAL, SMITH, COBONA mat REMINGTON PORTABLE IIP N. SECOND ST. PHONE S383 I (Even Transaction MTJBT BE SATISFACTORY) I To every young man about to graduate j from high school A CHALLENGE TO THE CLASS OF '47 Your country needs you now. The future of a free America may rest on your decision. I here is no Draft today to put you in the Army. Yours is the first class since 1940 that faces a free choice. But with that freedom, as with every freedom, goes responsibility. ^ The nation has put the maintenance of a strong, alert, defensive force squarely up to you. This is the only country in the world that dares to raise and maintain -a million-man Army by voluntary enlistment, in the American tradition. The duty of keeping our Army ready for emergencies is shared by every citizen —for never before, in peacetime, has the need for it been greater. Our freedom, our ideals, the safety of our homes and families, depend on a world peace backed by GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line ;•; on the left at the Arch 7 Crown Kinscy Schcnley Philadelphia . . Three Feathers Hill & Hill Old Taylor . Four Rosas . . . . .35 .35 .35 .35 .35 .40 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 Bccr per Case $3.35 GAS, reg 17.9c; Ethyl 19.9c Cigarettes pcr carton $1.55 , GOOD JOB FOR YOU U. S. Army .CHOOSE THIS FINE PROFESSION NOW1 firmness and justice. It's your Army now- yours lo keep strong. Joining the Army as ;t volunteer may mean some sacrifice to you. On the other hand, you have much to gain from the experience. Sound physical condition, training in leadership, world travel and adventure, the comradeship of a fine group of young men, a job with a real future at hotter pay than you can get in most civilian work-all these make the Army an excellent career for young men who can measure up to its high standards. And in addition you will be entitled to educational benefits under the GrBill of Rights, if yon enlist before Congress officially terminates the war. Before making yotTr decision, get the full story of this career opportunity at your nearest U. S. Army Recruiting Station. "For Work Done Right" CALL 474-475 Cold Storage for Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 'The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ T.«r So.rcc »f PETROLEUM Deptniabl. 8«r»k« PRODUCTS offle . KB at Cherry ENIfST NOW AT YOUR NEAREST I/. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION U. S. ARMY RECRUITING OFFICE 2nd Floor City Hall Blytheville, Ark. Clay Road Gravel Available in Yard or Carload Lots -DELiVERED- Phone 721

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