The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 22, 1949
Page 5
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MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 1949 Morley Affirms Plan to Resign If Revoked Permit Re-Issued; Liquor Price-Fixing Act Upheld LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 22. M')-Ark«ns»s Revenue commiwioner De»,, R. Money reiterated Saturday that he will resign IJ the courts hold he doesn't have •uthority to revoke penults to sell liquor and be«r. "If the Supreme Court upholds*---— ___ i __ an adverse Pulaski Chancery de- Girls' Reform School Probe Begins Today clsion, I say unequlvocably that I will resign," ''>e commissioner told n r< ier. Morely had Indicated such a stRiid in a speech at Montlcello last week. The commissioner's recent suspension o( the beer permit of the Brass Rail In LJttle Rock has been taken under advisement by the Pulaski Chancery Comty. "There ha- been n clear cut violation of both the alw am Revenue Department regulations" tn the Brass Rail case, Morley said addins: "Unless my revocation In such a clear-cut me a.' this were upheld, 1 shr-"!d have to restore (he permits of -• least six other operator.'! whose permits I Imve revoked for comnnrablp violations. "The Revenue Depai cut would be a Hopeless shambles unless the authority of the commissioner is nviuncnsiiralc with his responsl- PrIrc-rl\in B Okayed LITTLE HOCK. AUB. 22. <a> t — Chancellor C iy E. Williams Saturday ruled Arkansas' liquor prlcc-HxIiiB law is "constitutional in all respects." The law, passed by the 1919 legislature, establishes minimum and maximum prices on liquor, allowing certain markups for wholesalers and retailers. It also levies a 35- cenlJ-a-taF" tax on holeswalers to help pay for 20 additional Revenue Department Honor investigators. ; Judge Williams commented trmt LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 22. <AP> — The n»t of two investigations of Ihe Arkansas Training School for Girls opened today. The Saline County grand jury, mectln? at Benton was expected to hear tr- limony from Sheriff Fred M.i.rtin and pc.-.sibly others, in connection with the school. Martin and Deputy Prosecutor Ben MeCray have made several re- cetil visits to the school. Tlie ii-and jury session will precede by one day a meeting of the school's bor.rd of control. The board. ihiirgM" by Governor McMath to ; t!!dy Cl,lldil!nn<; -At iho tll;H>,.ti~., "•"'"iinj and aroup escape at me school Aug. 13 was follow«cl by release of a previously-withheld report on the Institution by the Arxans-js council on Children and Youth. Whether consideration of the a rand jury or the board would be broadened to include the school's companion institution, the State W^itien'f Reformatory, was uiic r "-- laln. Chairman Ben D. Rowland and member Ruth p. Hale of the board BLYTHEVim (ARK.) COURIER NEWS I over 'man fy t j have lof a 'SKIl-PlCli' BttL'IN TAKES COMMAND-^ bear has undisputed »CiMon of this iinall launch during an invasion of Duluth. Minn., •' ihe side, abandoning their capture a'tlemp'l. The' belT ."ippVunc -He scat of the pam s lor B cc-d measure. The animal was slll)t shortly utter his boat ride. Several northern Minnesota cines liions by hungry bears the past two weeks becau-e crup. IAP Win-photo) . HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Creator of Trick Advertising Signs Yearns for New Vistas PAGE By Kd (Fur Hal Hoylc) hurt wild addition of lbc~ investor's hid °< m " (IO] ri!><;l " 1 « 1 comment ye s : IKT^S? " f '* *'» <'" r^n^'S °i£ e ££; In the state. Tlie ruling was made in a suit brought In the Pulaski County Chancery Court by the State Rep. J. A. Gipson of Benton against Stiite Revenue Commissioner Demi n. Morley '• state Treasurer J Vance Clayton. Gipson contended the law was unconstitutional and sought to prevent the state officials from carrying out its provisions. -. Gipson's attorney. Keiinr-th Cot• felt of Benlon. said the chancellor's decision would be appealed to the state Supreme Court. Law Sets Pnlin Judge Williams said In his decision that, in passing the law (Act 282). the legislature"Declared it to be the policy of he people of the State of Arkansas to stabilize liquor prices f or the purpose ot E pl ,b]| c revenues and avoiding price wars attempts at monopolies and the demoralization of the lc»allv control- Gc«d'iii>ii would be removed at superintendent of both Institutions and that the board Itself mi»ht resign. state price led sale of liquors In the winch grows out of unfair monopolization." The chancellor overruled Gipson 5 argument that the law constitutes an undue use of police power with no suitable emergency hems shown. Pointinc; out that the Supreme mi! > VOStC<l '" the rcv ™™ liquor InrtiiHry™ jydge" Williams 5EUC1 , "It is considered thai those en- E"^",'!? "^° r «^i n 7ro"tcc«o'l! snrt privileges and immunities clause fof the constitution)." The decision further held that ^£o monopoly was created by the act. McClellan Seeks Action On Economy Resolution WASHINGTON. All*. 22 (AP) Senator Vcdell.n m-Ark) plans utrder'v..h" hn "£,? ^r^vouM be authorized to trim five per cent off the monev a pr-'viriet, for the government. He said yesterday he would serve norice on the Senate today that he expects to offer the resolution as an amrndiient to the armed services appropriation bill He estimated that between Congress and the President the nation's budget micht be trimmed -S3009- COO.OOO -r $4.500.000000 FinH NewVitamir _. Still Seckinq Use CAMBRIDGE, England. Aug. 22. (API- Scientists have ioinid a new vitamin but don't yet know what it does. Us name is bioytin, and it ;s colorless. Only a tiny amount of It has been produced yet :n pure form. Eirht tons of yeast extract have vieldcd less than l-30th on an ounce of biocytin. Isolation of the vitimln f:ictor was announced today by Dr. Lemuel D. Wright, director of nutritional research for Sharp and Dohmc. Inc.. Philadelphia, to the Fiist International Congress of Biochemistry here. The vitamin was obtained in pure form through cooperative work of scientists of Sharp and Dohnie and Merck and Co.. Rahway, N.J. Us existence was found accidentally when scientists were studying !hc? content of a B-complcx vitamin, biotin. in various food stuffs. Biotin promotes growth. The new factor, closely associated with biolin. wa.s also found to stimulate the I growth of rcrlain bacteria. Like most growth factors, bicyltn occurs in nature only in infesites- al amounts, Dr. Wright said. Yeast extract v/fls chosen as y fair source. Thnt is. it has about one part of biocytin for every 1.000.000 parts of dry yeast extract. It takes about four months to get a tiny batch of pure biocyiin. South Clark Street In BIythcville, and Arkis D. Marian, fireman, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Mahan of Dyess. 'Bear Cafeterias' Set Up to Repel 'Invasion' of City DULUTH, Minn., Aug. 22— (il~,— Rcjidenls here hopeful today the first or n series of "bear calcic-lias" would Keep the marauding animals .safely outiidu die city limits. Poor berry crops and shortage of other natural food Imvc driven the bruins inio civilized areas in quest of provender. More than 100 have been shot after frightening dwellers in several northern Minnesota communities. Most of them were felled in the Duluth area. Oil company employes at an outskirts plant set up the first feeding station yesterday and others were promised. The Duluth santiiary service agreed to keep these stations supplied with garbage, described as "sort of a delicacy" to the starving animals l-croy H. Ham-on. Minnesota game warden, snid the first "cafeteria" already had numerous customers. He added the principal requisite of other sites would be the safety of the animals. "We don't want random gunners shooiina the bears after we've gathered them together foi feeding," Hanscn said. of Memphis Saturday denied the company's petition to load mid unload passengers on Main street I'homas said firm officials would talk to Fredericks this week to learn the alternatives. An annual output of , bicycles is credited to Brills manufacturers in- normal NEW YORK, Aug. 22-M'i-Whon » man builds a beter mousetrap than his neighbor, the next thing he wants to build Is a blsger I mousetrap. Then a still bisser one. • And, in the end, he's miserable if he hasn't built the whoppingeit mousetrap ever. Something like that has hapjicn- Lelgh is a boyish, soft-spoken Alabaman who lias made himself a millionaire bv creating those imnlc- dazzle electric signs that s\vln«, sway, hiss rain nnd otherwise startle the crowds on Broadway—nnd elsewhere. You've seen ilirm. in the movies it not In (he original; the NiiiKiira of renl water that rairs over Times Square, 50.000 gallons a minute- the blimps that flash advertising from the sky; the giant soldier blowing giant smoke rings. * "Speculators," they're called. And Leigh has dreamed up the more spectacular of them. He's been nicknamed "The Lamplighter of Broadway" and "The SiBn Painter of America." So—what next? How fantastic can you get? Let's sit down in '^teh's riwke- foiler Center oflice and listen lo a man who's as full of i-fcas as a boy with a new slingshot and a uag of pebbles, "Well, there's our walking man He'll be as (nil us a seven and a half story building and it will look from the sidewalk as if he's stepping from the top of a theater right down onto Broadway. "Then there's the 175-foot sign were doing for n bank in Minnea- irtmnnn P ,°, ' A rcal wl)n l>l>er. They'll be UOO.000.ablD to see it for miles across the from it what be. 'You know about our stork? it's so ng [Q be 320 feet long and it »'"1 JI.V through the air. carrying » baby. We're doing It with lights on a 111 imp. "Won't the stork make nervous; Like newlywi tileai ~ ~' a lo Leigh . something people you ..... - • .-Jin*, lit -n ly in I'll:*, YOU ' n? oh. 1 suppose there will be. I s ' ' t of wisecracks ..." special '~ n low -pressure Inlki-r remarkable In the «<.' ' " IC ""- discontented, Why? That's where the bigger mousetrap c-omes In. "For years," Leigh confesses. "I've been looking at the Empire Stntc Building. Longingly. Tremendous advertising posslbll'tles. And I haven't been able to do a thliiu with It ... so fur. "Another idea I've had is to paint od good Rood good goo'd sood°KooJ good good c°o<l good good_pnod go good good good good good f*'-\ £0 od good good good good go *• ood j..-^^,,.^..,,^! go . &\XlM )od good good good good - good good good good go od good good good good good good cood rood cood cood Rood flood jrc an Insurance ad on the Rock of Gibraltar. Never really expected to do It. Still, England owns the rock and she's hard up for dollars. I wonder ..." Playiully-or so I thought-I asked Leigh If |, e had c o ns |d t ,. t d harnessing the northern lights sometimes known as the aurora borealls, for huckstering purposes His gray eyes glowed. You've seen the same glow in the eyes of small boys contemplating a neighbor's pear tree. 'As a matter of fact." Leigh said, 'we have something very-17 il coming ,, p . 'ij R |, ts |n t , fiky-lliats »» I can tell vou now I wouldn't say It will be more spectacular than the northern lights but—well, yoii'l see for ymir=clf when we unveil it." After that, i didn't dare ask of he were kceinni; in touch with all the rockets - to - the - moon projects, Just In ca«e. But I did put. the cjueitlon to ont of hti associates, who nodded soberly. "If anybodj jets to the moon he said, "Doug will plsnt advert!*Ing signs all along th« way." There are no land areat lower than 3340 feet •bov« w* l«vel in Colorado. In the Constitution, the national legislature of the United SUtei always Is referred to as "tht Con- ureas." not Just Congresi. •Full Dm Sulli TUXEDOS*^ "I So Main At Rental L-oimau * uttmOM, C. For Adults Only" lh<it rp»d: .Notice lo l>ar«it»: This movie w tneant for uiults only. Childrei »'H m>« undcrsland it." Saw Smiley KoberUi, the m»n- ager, standing by the ticket-window, so I asked hi,,,, "What', I he law? This morie's co i big a i ar s in it —didn't Hollywood pass it Ihroush its 'national board'?" "Sure," a*!,! Smiley, "if, „ goo,] .,how~ror .dulls. Might «1n »n Oscar.' But I'm advising parenU not to let their 1<i,|, go — they wouliln'lknow what it's all .bout Fro« wktn 1 L_ , . , . Wr * J ' 1 —.rwy KMlrwV hw txisiMis. X»l,<m-wUJ, .tud- ards centrally nctd . Ijttlt extrc backing-op on (Iw ^oeaj level" A' JTflod eu»p|« of tlii. M th« Brrw- "« working ' " in their Bt\ Andy dot* 1 j '•"^" ' — r_. , •••• imim MW4 —<« make hi. G«rJ«i T.Tfr. MP«>ally cl«*» aiW ««fc r | T . A»| fc, keeps ami rra»n«»« «k« W.« ion't "undtriitaBd.* West Memphis Bcses Denied Memphis Stop WEST MKMHIS, Atk.. Aug. 'a. API --The west Memphis Transportation Co., lias been denied bus slo|K ori lllr Main Stivpt of Memphis but it.s spokesmen say the firni's vehicles will operate into the ciiy anywpy, A. J. Thomas, vice president, said jTfterdny "it's just a matter of wen-kins on: details/' Commissioner Robcrr Fredericks foor Missca Men in NOYY T&rve With Honor Units *. Pour Mississippi County servicemen in the United Stales Navy, a.o attached to squadrons or air- l -*' t . <*n' lcrs !ha t h^^ been prcs- nl ' r , tlrtte , Battle Efficiency Pcn- ~i r °'' t!lc Past year's work. They Include: Willie S. Dobson. swnian apprentice, husband of Mrs. '"ne Evelyn Dobwn of Osceola: J. W. porter, airman, son of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Porter of Osceola; Rennie H. Ooff, airman, of 924 Beautiful Floors Much mor. at tnily in refinfahint floors «r (n Ujln, wood, asphalt or nhber tilt or inl.ilrt linolfum. C»ll tilt Free Estimates Charles Wood Arkansas Paint Co. Phone 2272 Read Courier News Want Ads. KEYS MADE ror any K,nd ol 'CKK Locks opened and repnlred SPIICK'S LOCK SHOP M3 W. .Main, llrhlncl Johns l-liime 387 I'uul Hall "PICTURES YOU WILL LIKE" Sour salislaclion assured on ail photojraphlc work, mcludint commercial and portrait. FAUGHTS STUDIO C/ieet f/iew exciting conv.nJenc. feotur.,/ in South first Nljhl Phone 6321 Phone 60) 1 SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS .. , vrr ML.L KINUd l-ustum work („, C i n s, altalla mills, oil m j|| s Cuslun, Shearing up to 1/4 Inch thicknesa . I ^ • ^_. S ' mmor » Tin Shop No other home freezer has them all'... No other home freezer has a» many. HOW COLO |NS, D n . . . MOM THAN FOUR INCHK lerop.r.tur, O P INSULATION ... B»L«" Wool blankets food compartment to Mura proper m.mten«nc« of rreeiinr •md itorage temperalurt^ -- irdiotor . . . nioiinted on Iront of cubing.. . . t«ll> «t • gl«nc« t«mr»r«tur« iiuido food comp«ztni«nt. Serve. " Wfrrung in cut of r»nt FOR ALL THAT »S GOOD IN INSURANCE Call 3361 Automobita till forroil Burglary "usinew mtemptloiu n.vers * Cleaners Rxtrndni Hrt Central [.lability Marine (all forma) Personal Property Hoilt--» Plate Glass Residence Liability Tornado Truck Cart. Windstorm Workmen', Compensation W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY Hove a Complete Stock ot Gin and Mill Supplies m u^| rlC ^- B ' ltlng * Clipper [Jell Hooks • "oods Gin Saw Filn » Stcam Packill • Pyrwe Kxlinguishtrs and Recharges. mper« Protwrt. your food, your •ONDIRIZID IAKED SNAMIl fINISH . . . WITH CONViNUNT TOt SrACI ^ir«time construction L«binet hond«rii«d iniide • nd out, with two co»tj of b«ketl-on enxmel for lut- «f, «p«rkli n g dniih. •VMYIODY WANTS MOKE 1C! CUIfl . . . for the crowd in for in «venini of fun. Three trayn on BtTvinj; tray hold nix pounds of ice cuh«. HJU .jector. for removing two cube, or entire tr«y full. COUNTMBAtANCID 110 WITH IIOHTS . . . Counter height lid "floats" up «nd securely at Any pofton, etlini you IIM both hands. When open «tor»n« «nd r«it-f r ««r. compartmenu "Ught up." AUTOMATIC, ADJUITAIU TlMPHATUdf CONT»<X • -. - with . flick O f your wnirt you control th« Um- per.tur. of your naw D«pfr«» horn. f,«,, r jnywn«r. from wro tltrnt* (or nor.*, to ten delrMi b«lew »ro far faM ff*»jin,. AJ Will AI . . , v .ry « nn»r w,]| of 'n» food romp«rtm«nt ic rre«iin(( nurfic*. Foodi »n w «pped" in • blanket of wro cold. Model. CIO-47 «nd BlO-<7 hive .peci.l iiit-fr«j. conp.rtm«nt. ITURDr HANDtl AND UO f? c ? • • • Chromium tn. whed h»ndl« »nd lock, wid. •nd nturdy ... ,,,y i n .,.„„ ; ' v'•'/>'«• «utom.tioiUy to ho M lid down tight. Tumbler lock in handle for protection from med of your froMa food*. S.. D.,pfr,. M Horn, fr,,,.,, IAIY At TAKINCJ A IOOK ?«OM THI SHItF... Removable wir« b««Vcli help yon «tor« foods iy,. Umatically »ntl eneily. En- »bl«, you to pl.ce more food, in the freezer nwiftly • nd r»mov» them •• f«t whcn o| , AUTOMATIC ALARM lYt- JtM . . , extr« protection for your food inve,t men t. Connected to th« t»mp»r«- ture indicator of th« freezer thu w.tchmnn «]«rm will nng the moment th« inwd. 1 « m pe«t"'« low «bov« Phone 2487 JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPANY 301 E. Main fPFKEEZE HOME FREEZER

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