The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1945
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 30, 1945 BLYTIIBVILLE COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Cost 0! Housing Held Reasonable NHA Charges Bring Reply From Editor Of Magazine Dollars spent 'jn housing loday uy the best and (most, .substantial allies that American dollars can uy anywhere. Today's homes with utomatic. heating, Insulation, lanned kitchens and laundries, arser window areas and many new laterials sire infinitely belter, nore efficient and- more comforl- ble ihun the homes of 20 years BO. Yet houses today co?.l little r no more. Tills was the statement today >f Herbert V. Kaeppel, executive ditor of the magazine of Ihc luilding industry "Practical Build- in replying on behalf of the milding industry lo recent charg- by the government's National 'lousing Agency thai "housing :osts loo much." Mr. Kaeppel'.' itntcment was contained In a "Red Jetter" to locnl builders issued •eply to Ihe recent critical "Bulle- in No. 2" published by the Na- lonal Housing Agency. Mr. Kaeppel said the NHA targes arc totallv without basis n fuel and that the NHA bulletin i. which they were contained "Is political document issued in sun- ort cf the Kilgore ( Bill which esires to set up at 1 a cost of 25,000,000 a government research gency on housing under the ui- •ection of NHA. "Ironically enough, NHA is Tear- 'ul that unless cost comes down appreciably tlie big. bored-tor em- jloyment boom in building will not ake pluce after the war. Certainly public statement by the highest roverumcnt building authority that iiousing cost.s too much' will not encourage people to build." Mr. Kaeppel pointed to figures m the cost of living published in ; government's Survey of Cur- •ent Business as proof that bulking costs are actually less than ither living costs. The combined :ost of living i?,\\ commodities) .tood at 1C5.1 in October, 1944 as :ompared with 100 in 1923. Tire ;ame figure for housing was 91, 1'qual to 13.9 points less than Ihe I ombined index. Costs of clothing, I ood, (uel and light, and sundries Ivere all shown So be greater than Ihe cost of hou.-Intr, the survev llt'closed. "Esoeclallv misleading is NHA's Iiousing has net, obtainrd^ as Much |'alue"'as'"H ' Hollar '{p'e'ril "for aiito- Inofciles. refri«erators. radios gnd Inany other items'." Mr. Kanppel Vaid. "Actually housing gives more I'alue for Ihe money than anything |!lsR'you can hvy. "To buy and o])crotc a new car |>riccd at Sl.OOO costs Hie owner lit least S30 ]>er monlli, including lleprecialion. insurance and opcrnl- Jing expenses. But for the .'.ame 530 loer month he can buy and. oper- Iite 53,000 worth of new home. |Which gives Ilia greatest :doil:jr lvalue? "We haven't anything against luitomobiles, and we think that •industry has done a fine job—bill jive don't believe that an anto- |:nobile exceeds a iioiise in value." Mr. Kaeppel specifically pointed Ito the job that the building in- Iduslry has done in research to in|sure better houses at lower costs. "Every large manufacturer of •building materials engages in such •research. Many universities and [independent organizations, inchld- liiiB the government -through the • Bureau of StF.ndards and other lagencirs arc doing research work. Furniture Golden Rules 11V El'SlB KINAItl) NKA Slafl Writer Leave furniture |)Ut, if possible, for the duration, no matter how upsurging the eternally feminine desire is to switch it around. Thai, along with other cautions from over-worked carpenters, will _ive your furniture a better chance to survive without repairs. One warning is lo slop overloading chest drawers (Hint's what makes their bottoms [nil out). If, in house-cleaning, you must move a bed, g'il 1 ">c center of the foot, or head-board and remember, easy dees it. Never yank it by a defenseless leg. Don't move chairs over uneven surfaces, and don't allow the man of the house to sit astride the back of a chair. Keep pillows of an upholstered chair plumped to distribute filling and lo prevent the matting thai untended cushions develop. Washing the face of your furniture is as sound an idea as wash- Ing your own, because dirt mixes in with wax and polish to mask J. lerrel! House To Caudill fine grain and dim luster. To wash, you needn't be afraid to use sud- whipped up from mild soap unit tepid water, if you'll take care to dry down after j-ou scrub. The washing trick is to dip a soft cloth into suds, wring out. and apply lo remove surface soil and to flush sticky wax-and-polish residue out of crevices. , Builders are constantly devishig new methods to reduce coils on the job. New materials and new methods are available today without which the cost of home build- ng would be vastly greater than I is. "True, Ihe hoped-for revolution .n cost savings has not material- zed, and lherc v is nothing Ihnt las been developed either In the ndustry or out of it, by prefabricators or anyone else, to indicate that such a revolution is remotely possible. Improvement and increased efficiency, yes; revo- lulion, no.' 1 "Much is made in NHA's bulletin of the 14 'layers' of material that make up a wood frame wall, from exterior paint finish lo interior finish, and the brilliant conclusion is readied that it should be possible to develop a single material possessing all Hie qualities of these fourteen coats. Yes, it should be. nut smart building material manufacturers have been trying to do just that for years and are still trying. Incidentally, a refrigerator may have as manj as II layers in its walls. Hov. many layers does an automobile have, from outside paint lo inside .inliolstcry? 'Layers' are not an indication of inefficiency." once exclusively decorators' items, he bedding Industry has now made llieiu available at moderate prices lo [it Ihc average budget. Among those displayed was a corner headboard with twin box- springs and mattresses attached, running along adjacent walls—an ideal arrangement in a smiill bpd- room as it gives n spacious ettect. Another smart- model was a full- sized headboard 5 feet wide—a full G inches wilier than the standard width. The swing bed model consists of two separate uoxsprlngs or coilsprings on legs with mattresses winch arc attached to a single headboard aild swing out from the center to facilitate bcdinuking. It gives the Impression of being one huge, luxurious bed. Children's headboard beds—shorter than standard length —were captivating with their colorful, typically juvenile uphulslery. Preference for Ihis type of bed Is steadily Increasing. A recent survey revealed that 20 per cent of the more than 10,000 women interviewed want them. Interesting was the fact thai this 20 per cent represented all age's, occupations and geographic areas. New Owners To Move To Holly Residence; Other Deals Made Iluylng nnd wiling ol real estate continues n nourishing business ii Dlytlu'ville with u number of substantial sales yet. Incomplete despite verbal contracts. One of the most nllrucllvc mc- (iinni sized residences In the cits changed ownership when Mr. mii) Mrs. John Caudlll purchased (In, Jimmie Terrell house, 1012 Holly. ICiTdcd about six years ago b; Mrs. !•:. M. Urynn unit family, Ihi English colonial, typo house Is o modern build with three licdrooms (wo full baths with showers, a sni porch on the rear, a large playroori space on the second floor, niodcn kitchen and central hull, along will living room and dining room. Tiler Is il garage nnd servant's room 01 the rear. ,Mr. and Mrs. Caildlll mid famll will move there within three month This sale wns made by J, E. Stevenson. Mr. and Mrs. Terrell, who purchased that house aboul a year ago, hiwe bought a duplex at 212 North Eighth street from Mrs. Edgar Her- riek, to where they will move. It is understood they plan lo reconvert the six-room frame build-' ing inlo a residence to have living room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two baths. J. E. Stevenson, who recently entered the real eslnte business as u side line, has purehiised the duplex ill lOiffl West Holly, owned by Mr. ami Mrs. O. M. Morgan. The frame building, each mill of which has three rooms, bath and front porch, was purchased as an Investment. The deal has been closed for purchase of the house at 1300 Wcsl Hearn. sold by Mr. and Mrs. L. S Benlsh to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Her- rynnui, who already have laken possession. Mr. Stevenson negotiated tills deal. [arlcrn Hawks, Defendant. The defendant Minion Hawks Is lercuy warned u> uppcar within liirty days In Ihe cowl named In he cniitlon hereof nnd answer Ihc omplalnt of Ihe plaintiff Lillian lawks. ' Waled tills 15 day of Jan., 19-15. HAHVEY MORRIS, Clerk By M. Jnmilt, U, 0. •M 11. Cook, Ally, for PIT. O, \V. Haiham, Ally, ait 1,11cm. 111 llie Cliani'i'i-y Muvlu, District, ty, Ail([ins:is. Joseph Sc'dekmky (now Joseph J, I.u Tour), I'liilnUIV, vs. No. IIOK! Klteibcth Si'dcki'isky, Defondaiil. The defendant Kll/nbetli Scdcki'r- ed 'to appnir ;iC-2;i-30-2;iiwltliln thirty days In Hie court, nam- 1 In the caption hereof anil answer 10 complaint of the plaintiff Joph Sedckcisky (now Joseph J, Ij« our), nali'd this 15 <hy of Jan,, 1SM5. IIAHVEY MORRIS, Clerk Hy M. .larratt, D. 0. OKDI-K Court, Clilrhn- isshsliiui ('utili- sky hereby »•» New Headboard Beds Shown At Winter Market Headboard 'beds'-iipholstdred m a variety of attractive malerials were outstanding at the 'Winter Furniture" Market held at the American Furniture Mart in Chicago January 4-13. Although these beds were Bprum's Building Being. Redecorated The Borum building, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Borum and which houses Borum's Drug Store and a number of offices on the second floor, is being redecorated. . The lower, floor and balcony, which.,,Uous.qs_.the. drujj.-. store.-,hat;, been done in'white and the eight offices and ball of the second floor also have been repainted. Metal alloys were used by the ancient Egyptians. 500 otlisr M 0 Hii Fo a ds-al I Ju stasCood! (Closets, Sinks. I Lavatories, Tanks. lAuromatic Water Heaters Pipes, Fittings. Lead, Oakum. All Plumbing Repair Parts ,tongued and grooved sheathing forms tight enclosure free from knots and cracks. Ideal covering forjmall farm buildings. Service Hugs OHISHOLM. Mo. (UP)—Two lo cnl war workers hiive a lotnl at 18 children in the armed services Miithlas Uonncvlc nnd Stanlcs Dolron have eialil service stars 01 encli ol ilieir Jlags. ' In WAltNING OKDKH Hid (Jluinci'ry. Oourl, Chickii s;nvb;i,* District, Mississippi Conn ly, Arkansas. Lillian Hawks, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8027 Hew in Paint" H't Clean! 6'iQuldcJ H'tfasyl • Y«i, PltUburjli Teclildo Ii lomelhlng brand new In will piinl—bucnvin it f IV<M *xc*llent t«>uU> over old wall- raper, pltitor, brick and many other •urficei...lxcniLio on* coat of Tbchldt U uiuilly lufflclcnt , . . hccnuso It it quick «rul lesy to apply »nd drloi In en* Imn . '.. because it (;lvc» you iian- lUry, wmhnbl* wnlli. Don't m!>i Iblt opportunity to reJacorata your rooina at amall coiL Aik ui aboul Tbchid*. ECOIlOMICAt On* gallon of Txhld. maloi Ih flolTani of point— •fl«ugh t» d* «vi( rfi« iviraoi rtorM. AOt IN I OOLORI AND WHITO TftMtti cOiMl* In paitt loim. Can It* nilxtd !• Ally, tor Pllf Td D Cook Ally, ad Lltem, G W. Barham, l|l(i-23-30-2;8 in eacii naatril s}cold' - Cud* i reeled. I'ENtTiiO HOSE DROPS If It's HARDWARE Wo Have It or Can Got It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service" PITTSBURGH quldly oHi may tool} Did wottf. Per Sq. Ft. Less than half the cost of lumber. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service Full Stocks of • DODGE & PLYMOUTH AUTO PARTS and DODGE TRUCK PARTS- We have a completely equipped service department and efficient mechanics. We service any make car or truck. BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 119 W. Ash Karl Stone, Service JIgr. Phone 422 SPRING OATS FIELD SEEDS — GARDEN SEEDS SPEAR Poultry, Dairy and Hog Feeds Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main St.. Blytheville, Phone 856 JUST ARRIVED! DELUXE AUTO SEAT COVERS BoaulHul, colorful, hard-to-fiml, quality scat covers give you oxlra riding comfort; givo your car oxlra prelection,' oxlra smartness. Thoy'ro carolully tailored, ol durable, walor-ropollonl, oasy-lo-cloan libro in popular plaid patlorns; double Blltchcd lor oxlra strength; olaalic \vebbod lor ease in pulting on or laking ol!. Sizes to ill most cars .. . priced low to j5l/J lit your budget. Quantities limited. For 2;Door Coachos or 4-Door Soriang. COACH SET Vou PEOPLE AKE n A Y ¥ 1 This Advertisement Contributed To The "Go To Church Campaign" By heville BERNARD ALLEN, Mana fer "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!'' ssas TIRES MEAN *:' "t „• BONUS MILEAGE JL X? 6.00-14 ' Now Low Prlco , rv---*^ Get Iho facts ctnd you'll gel- a Goodyear. For big,- sale, sound, new Goodyear tires give you exlra;safely;.,e]fi tra service for more miles and months. Superior in body, in tread . . ; in performance. Now you can give your old tires extra support lor extra mileage with cafe, sound Goodyear Heavy Duty Tubes. No certificate needed.. ?plus tux '6.00x16 GOOD/YEAR 410 W. Main Phone 2492;

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