The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1934
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Served by United Pret* VOL. XXXI—NO. 69 «<ier BlsiS IV1LLE COTMER DOifcHAHi NEWSPAPER Ofr NORTTOU Bi' AHKAfiaAB »K» 6OD17«A»r MI86O0H1 BI.YTHEVH.U?, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 0, 1984 HOME MflON SINGLE COPIEg FIVE CENTS U. S. VEEDS NAVAL BUILDING Loads G. 0. P. Measure Conlrol I'rovules Stncl! (or All Scruri- lies Mcii'lu-ls WASHINGTON, .liiiit- i; Ull'i" I'lv.-ldcm RooM-u'll .slgjtrd lin- stock i-xchiiiiye conlfol bill today, placing for I tip (linv In liis- loj-y the iKitimi's M^cm-liies markets niuli-r .slrli'l fr-deral sn|Wr- Slaliulila: ut the bitterly i'Or.- h'.'.iecl and much rewritten bill loltowed by llvi- days final con- cessional aelirui- 'J'ln l law's gpn- i.sls was In the pi-otrm-tdl stock iiinikct iJivcsiinalKin or HIP wn- ale b:mklng and currency committee in willed liirurpil many bi^ l.:iiibeii;, including J. P. Morgan, (Hi<; Kndn untl Charles Milchell. Pj'actice.s nnparlhed by Ihc com- mlllpe formed Hie basis of mosl of llic strlnrjer.i provisions of tin- net Wall Street foii,;lii ilie bill 1 i la- stall. Al OIIP time in li-£lslutive. course, capltol bill i 1 ••I'd lhai the mnsi formlilnble lobby nf all lime wits nrrayed ug '!'!«• mea.sure contains ten major provisions, df-siyntd in pruleel not oiilv HIP investor but naiional crediV and Ihc fsdernl taxing l.mvi'r. 'I'he provl.sions follow: 1.—Appoinim.'iu of five roiu- niisstonc-rs lo adminiilc-r Hie act. •2— RtgLslrailo:i of slock brokers, who may not use Ihe malls or in- lerMatP. commerce facilities without approval of the commission. 3— Licensintr ol exchanges after tliclr rules and regulations hmv received approval of the commission. "4.—Regulation of brokers credit and margin rcrf.ilrcmenus by the federal reserve Irani. Ii.— Outlawing of lictiilous Irans- m:iion.s. simulated iiclH'ity. iiiul rpif-ading of l like Inioimatinn In iih'ccl prices. il.—The commission may regu- llliilf DESPITE tEFUL Six Moullis of Now \V I'.ra Leave Rnsulls ol I lolly Oisputec Piclnro R(?vcals Pope, i\\ 77, in Vigorous Health 1.5. III! IIP Tdls Is tin- Hist nf a s«rle.\ «f Iliri-t 1 stiiries Mimminr up si\ HIP effects mi Hie tXHitlrteU x Irittrlr, Ilie dim-as* In trafflv ac- •nl-i, llli- t'i\ prtihU 1 !]), :ilul the [ :ill<>ndlm> erTnrls of Irs In draft workuM* 1 llqunr ClfTCAOO. June G . f-'leiclwr of. Pcnnsj'lvaula was time UV WH.I.IS THORNTON NKA Seriii'c Staff Cnircspoildflit (UP)— Henry I Six mom I is of ie]>eal Is n. sliorl eleclocl chairman of the Repttbli- 1 1:1111 national coinriilltee today as the parly drew Into battle line the guns II plans 10 in nexi years congressional election. of ibf [iiiiL'llinis i:f hioker.s il-alcr.-, mil will study the hllltji nf S':gr<!3Bling Ross Stevens, Herman Cross and Roland Greene in Line for Office Wlien a successor to J. H. Elkins afler 12 years nf prohlbi- bul the course of events In IhnL JK-I Uxl shows the general llni-.i of Lhc Atnerlcnn future .lolin Iliii-leyeorn. 'IMenty-elRht slates have i; wei, and nut e.xnerlnienllii'j with a siirptlslnc vnrielv nf ll(|iior control plans. Nine dry states have no repeal aellon In prosixri unlit afler .Inn. 1. Two .M:I[PS hav" no stale littuoi eoniio] nl nil. Nine have state monopolies on liquor: n have eon- nl biws. l-Vinr slates make the drinker oiu n |>"rtn1l lo drink, and ihree siatr-s havp already made drastic revisions of their Initial •voder laws. Six stales permit no "by-the-drink" sales to tlie public. UOOTI.Er.GINO HARD HIT \ Bootle^plnp lias been greatly re- il AliMiidoiuiicnl of Dry Areas Is fio;il nf Program , .iuni President Hooseveli IHLS KAIIIIK uircn u now frontier >:ud wllhln LI moiilh AnipiliMins will la> on llic iiiiiivh io ninv fJ'ttU'iuenl.i. Tn (llvvers nnd i-oveml wagons. nn Iriitn.'i. linrscK, mid by fool, M,000 to 100.000 of Ihi'in will leave llic soil from whlpli they have loir! Klrlved vainly to grub un pxLsteiu'e unit .si'L put.' for hri^hli'r horl/ons 11 will lie a voluntary inli'mtlon. The gnvpviiniCMI will hp)p Ibein with some jrin.OWJ.OOO provUlPc] In [hi 1 $W5,(10fl.OOfl oiuprgptiry iliouth irllpf program apnmvpil by Hi pie.sidPnl yeslordny. \VIII Hliv Their I.mul llelpiisi! of this Innil will touch as tXBtmnster at Blythevllle is diiced, and Ihe lucrative b?er inar- immcd the job will go to Roland | kd almost eliminated. Willie boot- GreenJ Raw Stevens, or Herman| | egs ing still nourishes !n almost Crnss. : It-appears virtually assur- er!. •' ' ' .' ~ These three, have been certtflpd by Hie civil service commission as the three best, Qualified, of. those who applied for the office, accord-' In'.; to word rr-ceivpd by local men Interested In llic anpolntment. The \t\\v docs not. require that, the- appointment go to or.c of tlie three certified by romijiission. but '.--Corporations must file [iktt 1 Infrrmat-lon wllli Hie iriifsion rouoPii.!ng offipers, . contraets. prmlt find low suil«- m- ills. lie., i.riori' they can .I'-ciirilic:. t.- - Corporr.tions ir-^iilui .icixirls <:i liieir affairs i.-r rci-flvlng prrmisbiou to fc-osu-1 Cf brokr-i 1 and '" acum] practice tliar, Ls what j happens In nef.?iy pvery cose and tbere Is no reason to expect, that Blythpvliie will be an exception, N.-iw that the civil service commission 1ms completed Its bit. toward com- com- pHnldlng Blyihevllle with n mslmasler, it Is up to fteprc.- iurnish' M ' ntollv(> w - •'• nrlvpr - The nctunl '. appointment will lie made bv list 9.— Violators may bo punished which may be fined up to WOO 000. l!Ver ' President. Roosevelt, subject lo the approval V Ihe senate, hut Mr Roosevelt will nominate whom- PostmnstPr General Farley every state, wet or dry. It has'had n hnrri-blow,' and should receive further blows as prices of legal liquor tend to fall and enforcement of lax laws, becomes slricter. have lieen somewhat dlr-ippolmlng lo most, slates, though the. fpdera Hale nnd rugged despite his 77 yeai.s. 1'opc Plus XI appeared In excellent health and spirits when this most, recent |»setl picture of him was taken In the Vatican in Home. lie has been Pope (on 12 years. tR iNlLL PRESENT flPPEl! Approves $100,000,000 To Pay Cotton Advance* stands 1 tn clear some In the first year of repeal. Prices are. regarded by. .the consuming public .as too high in almost everv stntfc. lhou°h several, such as Oregon. Michigan. Washington and Virginia, have shown the way hy very reasonable prices v.-hicli have mei 111 tie objection. Newspapers and stale authorities everywhere have l>een warning people lhat. this year will s°e an all-time hlch In traffic deaths An nlarinine In auto accidents has followed repeal. How niuch of Ihls Is due to liquor Is uncertain. There arc more cars on . . i.vii sunence ol two ;.cars. The !;llt !t' ( '-' ;l - <; . n»rt Farley will suggest the street-s ihan there vierp a year i idv exceiition.i aie .stock exchanges, v.iiirii may 1^ lied up (o JWKi.ix/j. Hi.- Civil da'ii:>|;cs m.iy IK' cc.- l.-(:n! li y Iniuinl New York Cotton NKW YORK. June fi (UP)—Cot- Ion clasf-d steady. open high low close .lid Oci Hec .Ian Mar May IMO 12M ras 1241 12S3 1261 1202 118!) 1226 1211 IMS I2M l'241 12M 125S 12:18 12G1 1250 1204 1217 IMS 1235 1245 125C Spols closed steady ol 1210. 1111- dialled. whomever Congressman Driver roves. When the nppolntment will be jmade Is not known, hut It prob- jablv will IK soon. In nny event Messrs. Cross. Stevens and Greene no doubt, have the wires to Wash- Innlon busy today, each In an ef forl to convince Mr. Drhvr lhat. public sentiment In Blylhevllle de- unnds his nppolnlmeni. And Mr. Ell-.ins. who ha.s been fortnnale •noiigh to hold lils office through 5 months of Democratic adminls- trallon. Is no doubt preparing (o .unender the keys lo Ilie handsome new building nt Walnut nnd Bi-omhvny to n successor. Stock Price* NEW YORK. June 0 (UP)— Sliver. hidf.s, and silk came to the front In the world market today with siilishinllal rallies, while Monks turned Irregular and grains . A. T. anil T ........... US Anaconda Copper ...... Hi Bethlehem Steel .. ...... 33 1-8 Chrysler ................ M 5,8 Cities S"rvlr." .......... 2 3-4 Coca Cola .............. 123 1-2 General American Tank 37 1-2 General Electric ........ 20 CiCiifial Motors ........ 31 3-8 Intel national HnrvcMer 32 1-4 Montgomery Ward ...... 25 3-1 New York Central ...... 28 1-2 Packard ................ 37-8 Phillips Petroleum ...... 191-2 Radio Corp ............ 7 !••) Simmons Beds ........ 10 1-4 St. tonls-San Pranclseo 2 3^4 Standard of N. .1. ...... 44 Texas Co .............. 25 V.. S. Steel ........... 40 I >2 11 S Smelting ......... 117 1-4 Airport Project Director Makes Inspection Here Q. W. Hnldercaum, of TJtlle Rock, slate dtreclor of airport.' proleels Iteing completed by (Pd- ernl emerceucv relief labor, ar- rlvpd here today to inspect the local airport, now under construction. Mr. Holderbaiim. according to lo<^l haclTCis of Ihe airport, ex- jircss"d surprise a[ progress already made on the Blythevllle ulr- POrt. declaring that work here seemed far ahead of other similar projects ovc-r the slate. Mr. Hold- 'rbaiun was lo make a detailed lupectlon of the work later In he day. more traffic, and cars are I Inslcr. Tho=e elements moke def>||P conclusions hard (o draw. ACCIDENTS ON INCRKASK But the National Safely Council 'ins made some accurate .studies, of Ihe matter.. Il found that inj cerlnln selected stairs 30.410 drlv- rs were Involved In non-fnlal Injury accidents compared with 35.- n the firsl three months of 1D33. In the IM-1 (Inures werp Included «tl "htid lieen drinking" drivers against -191 in 1933. That is a big ncrcase In "dad been drinking" drivers, but even with the Increase It accounted for only 1.8 per cpn;. of Hie accidents studied. Tdere was great variation from city lo rity nnd from slate to stale Reinstatement hy State Committee as Congressional Candidate F. E. Alexander, Blythevllle nt- Kirnpy anil former member of the crnle legislature. wTTl appenr before Ihe slate Democratic central romnillice. al Lille Rork Saturday to nsk lhat Ids name be placed on the nrlmnrv ballot ns a cnmlldnlo, for Ilie First district congressional nominal Ion. Harvey Coombs, sec- of the stfite committee, announced several days ago that. Alexander's name would not l>e placed on Ihe ballot, unless the committee rules otherwise, because of failure to clear of a draft given In payment of his filing fee. The final day for payment of the filing fee wns May IS. Mr. Coombs Indicated, several days aler In announcing that. Alexnn- WASHINGTON. June (1 tUP> — 'l'l.e .wuatc today pa.ssetl the Smith !b-,il, uuiklni; SllXl.nnO.rXKI iivalla 1 le tn (be agrlrultme atljiistmpnt. fid- li,".llnn lo repay comniprclal rank;, which advanced money In ctjiipeeilon with union |>.nl op-'ra- under last year's cnllon p'.u'i. > notes ro'ni 1 due June '.1(1 the National Safety Council found New York state. r n r Instance, had 127 intoxlcaled drivers In the first three montlis of inn lo l!(i In the mine pprlod of 1033. Chicago hnc IS! in IM-t. rompmed to 35 In 1S133. Michigan. Pennsylvnnln, New Jersey, fiosion. Akron, \OR An geles. Plllsburgh, Milwaukee, al ^howed marked Increases In "drlv-! snr ,' Chicnffo Wheat .Till Stpl .Till Sept open hlsh 100 1-2 102 101 3-4 Iffl low 8!) 100 clor.e fi9 101 3-4 Chicago Corn open high low close 58 3-8 — 6< 1-8 55 1-4 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 6 (UP) — The cotlon market ran Into llqul- dallon after an early advance today nnd closed one lo three points above previous levels. Continued wet weather nnd advances In uraln pul Ihe market up in eaily Iradlng. open high low close Jul H9G 1200 1188 1193 Oct 1220 1222 1201 1213 Dee |232 1233 1219 1225 Jan 1233 1233 1233 1229b Mar 1243 1543' 1240 1240 May 1255 1256 1254 12501) Will Embarrass Negotiations (or Increasing American Foreign .Trncle WARIflNr.TON, June 6 (UP) — The war debt crisis today Jeopnr- d[?ed success of President ftoo^p- velff. Yankee Hading tariff pro- p.rnin. CtrnPral' debt tlr-fnnli.s Ing more than $ will be rfleelive Jrne IA when seml- , pnnunl Inslallments me due. Great 'low-ever thai Mr. AlexanrteV had j p, r ii,,||,. latest default recruit, owes liecn plven notice of failure of the I j.| in.(.<X).000. der's draft not IIPPII honored l>al Mr. Alexander might be re- n'lnled ns n candidate If Ihe Irnft. wns taken lip. He added off llu; llrst major attempt by this government lo move potlloni of HIP population. The cniliv drouth relief progrnm wns .shaping lip rapidly. In areas where chronic drouths prevails, wbete the pcrsls- (encp of man has Iwen defeated bv Ihn Kliibbornness of nature nnd I'liavlty has been the inle. the government will buy land nnd convert it lo ftlrcsls, gmnr- presents, and meadows. " Nn farmers need sell, officials empliasl?.pd. Refusal by a substan- llnl nmlnrliy In nny region will be resocctcd. If the offer Is accepted, government agencies will help . [tinners move away and will recommend desirable fipttlpmpnts. Tn many will ie given Jolis. Officials refused to reveal elftc nrens In which Ihe program will IIP Inslltiited, bill It probably will IIP confined nt. flrsl lo the more, acute drouth zone-the Da- kolas, Montana, possibly Idaho, Wyomlnn nnd Nebraska. riinusands Involved No formal estimates have l)een made of the unmix 1 !- of families which will be asked tn move. One official placed It nt between 10,000 and 25.000. Prices paid for the land will vary. None thought, that the afflicted would be reluctant to part with their poor acres. "We don't want to scare -them otf by offering low prices, bill at lip snme lime we don't want to put Ihls oiiernlion on a Santa Clans bnsls when some of thnt land won't bring nny price," one official said, In addition to the purchase pi Ice. Inrmerji who. have signed A. A. A. acreage reduction con- ii-acls will continue to recelvi benefit payments. The governmen may require farmers on new lam to comply with crop control con Irncts covering Ihe'new acreage. Saves Dyer Pair From Angry Mob MKMI'HIH. Jimr- n llir>)-0ill- wllllnu mi Infuriated mol) of more limn :titfl men. Sheriff A. fl. New- hlll ot' flyer county. shnilVv Iwfnri 1 ncxin today, spirited (Wo brolliciii. i-hfliypil wllli HIP criminal assault of u VO-yi'iir-old Dyer cnimly wo- Him. Inln the Klielby I'minly jail III-IP. Wluli' Mu 1 innli Mnrmril.llw |ior- Inls of I In 1 .small Dyer county Jail, KhPHff Newhlll wrupix'tl Ills ]ivls- oin-iB In shepl.s inul i'OiivcyiMl tlu'iii Into « walllin; I'm 1 Hi- I lie rear nl HIM jull. Thf brothels, Cleiirgi 1 , 2J. mid Wllllnni Nminally. '.HI, are R!FO wmled In Sinllhliuid Ky.. nn crlin- liuil lussaull I'lmi'iws, Sheriff Ncvv- hlll said. Ofllrcrs (nun Rnillhlanil. Ky.. apiicared In DyrnJjiirg Inlo yes- li-rdny find Idcnllflcd the men as Ihn ours wanted In Kentucky. Tlicy arc churned wllli assaulting (wo women In thai Midi!, I Ho nl- fleers said. TMCTM1F 'ompvcss Endangered by Removal of Part of Fire Fighting Equipment Ncpro youths and junk dealers who miv their loot were blamed bv officials lortny tor n situation which could have made possible thp biggest fire loss Irj BlythevlHe's Divert Anns Negotiations With Major Powers May Re Authorized WASHINGTON, June fi (UP)— : Thp ndmlnislrallon moved today lo brim Ihe navy lo trenly strcti- • glh wllh approviil of n speedy s|H>ndlnK projiam ns resolutions Introduced hi Ihc senate Bought lump sum wlllfinent of war debts md a disarmament agreement. The disarmament proixanl would ibandon Ihc world conference ,lor more direct discussions. "We will move fast Ih thte cfiiisliuctlon program," said Bee- relniy of Knvy Swnnson ns lie approved plans to spend (80,000,- 01X1 Ihls year. Senator Mlllnrd T^'dlngs (Dem., Md.) Introduced Ihe war debt and disarmament vcsoliitions. The latter would nuthorlw PrealdeiiV Roosevelt lo deal directly With heads of other government^' to oblahi ngipemenls on arms. The nn\y order to r.ulld camt wllh Ihe world conference at Qeri- cvn facing [allure, Swnnson approved plans for con- . flrurtlon o[ one heavy cruiser and Ihree light cruisers of 10,000 tona nich. al a cast of $50.000,000, : to p'nUl fiffln the'regular nav&l pproprlatlon. In addition he qnrd plaiu for twelve destroy- i'K, Iwo deElrnyer lenders, nnd six iibmnrlne.s, 10 be paid lor from IP J40.000.000 PWA lutid, ear- mrkccl for the first year's pro- rnm under the Vlnson replscc- u-nt bill, \yhlch suthorizes con- Imctlon of 103 ships by 1939. 18"lionellnes • i'.i?r . In [lie" elbboiate fire protection system of Prdrral Com- draft lo clear and absence of an 'Xplnnation for n reasonable lime would probably prevent HIP Blv- Ihevlllp nttornpv from keeping Ills nnme on tlw ballot. Mr. Alexander said here this mornlm that he did not refill/* until the final dav that his mine fee had tn be nald by May 15 nnd nt the last, minute gnve Instructions lo the committee secretary by Ion? distance telephone lo draw n draft, on him lo Ihe Farmers Officials Irelleve borrowers will attempt lo raise the debt Issue In any rr-:iproral larllf discussions in- tllatcci ti-e United Stales, in Defeated for Chairman, •' Donaghey Resign* Pos UTTI.E ROCK. June. 0 (UP) — Cieorgp W. Donaghey. former gov ernor, today resigned a member ship on the state roiwtnictlon com mission. Donnghey recently accepted ap of lien nf the first debtor objective. n general de'.'l conference, lo which | pointmenl to succeed Joseph Ihey are awarp Ihe adminlslraiton -----will iiM consent. Reciprocal tariff authorlly sought by President Rooscveli Is assured. 11 may become la*- this week. But congress ha.s lipeu rarilul tn gag lailfT negotiations nKalnst debt of Forl. Smith, chairman commission, who resigned. The commission elects Its own chairman. Carl Hollts, of Warren. vr- npcrn youth, ranging r(,m 12 to 16 years. x Tin us? Number Onp, on Soiilh Elm -irl. was phargcd by police to In ages years.' They have rim!lled the (hefts, nflicera say. Thp- seriousness of the sltua- ioa was nnl In Ihp value of the trjleti no?7.1ps. C. H. Hall, com- mamiier, said, lull In the net thnt the loss was unknowr o compress employes, who woult rnvp rplleri on Ihe missing equip neiit shrink) fire have broke o\i n Die hitar- r.omnress, stored will f.'Hini woith millions of dollars impress olflehils were umiwai 1 ' o! the stripping of the nonlea un asked their hv ]>ollce coulpment to check ill after officer In? while drunk" Denver, Minneapolis and Itxllani tw and' Tlnnk and Trusi company here to concessions rover Ihe fee. Mr. Alexander, A,,iiinrtiles ar.reed It will be reached for a statement lor the p rncl n- ;1 |ly Impassible to exclude nrsi time idoav. said that he left rtebl ,| 1wll!is i 01 i, rrran reciprocal Immpdlntely afterwards for Jack-1 |rTu!( , ll{ , B otiatlons. but with con- SiiiuJnj-| cfss | rals prohlhlled bv con?rcss. dls- rials.; nissions promise llltle of value lo on the other hand, showed decreases. OOVRRNOR WARNS OF PFRII, While Ihe returns are loo Irregu lar to permit- final Judgment. II seems likely lhat repeal will eventually show a clear Increase ;n dnmken driving.. Onvernor Ely of Massachusetts lold the National Conference on Street and Highway Safely: "The present menace Is from drunken driving. Between January and May. Massachusetts experienced n 33 per cent Increase In convictions and revocations of permits for , M °' Wh " r<> llnt " '*i° s om!il|ied ln wt nnl knnw " rollrl " Ark., was elected chairman by n vote nf four lo three. In reslRrilni; Donaghey said: "I appreciated very much the appointment by Governor Fntrcll but 1 couW not accept n membership on Ihe committee after the election was held." IJonaRliey explained that he un- derstoo.1 he hnd been appointed us rliolrmsn of the commission. the draft lo clear. He said he told I (mother attorney here to take' H sipnenm] this clause In Ihe | care of the draft when It appear- d. The latter went to the local 5B 1-4 59 61 1-8 I-8 8. Spots closed steady at 1208, up hank to cover Ihe dratt bid was } larlft bill may become M sreat an obstacle lo iccLprocat Iradc negotiations as llic Johnson act proved Informed that It had been placedj In Ihe mntl to he returned, un-l honored, nnd wns unable to secure | It. Mr. Alexander said he fell con fldent the centrnl committee would place his name on Ihe ballot nf-! to tie in recent debt conversa- a i Rules Samuel Insull ler being Informed of his predlea- i ment. Congressman W. J. Driver, run- nine for re-elecllon. and Clinton Must Stand Trial CHICAGO, June 6 (UP)—Samuel fnsull nuiu slnnd Irlal IM L. Caldwell of Manila are the only _,,,_, . . . . ' candidates whose names have bt'en.F". this oftense. "Unless this record Is Improved, (l' larl '' 1 on lllc llnll ° l It will noi lie safe for anyone toi venlnre on the hlghnays ... after the cocktail hour." I L . I f'.-dt-ral courl on mall frnud char- Philip I,. Sullivan, i 1 ed :oday In sustaining n govcrn- i ment demurrer lo Ihe charge Ihal The National W. C. T. U., keep- Ing tabs on traffic accidents and Horses Willed NOnWAl,K, Ohio (UP) "Old and worn out horses" 1500 has been willed by Miss Clara l hiiiill wns shanghaied from |bul. Turkey. For Judge Sullivan said lhat If drunkenness, declares ihtough Mrs, Sherman, who died here recently, In- [)r. G. W. Phipps Named (o Succeed Dr. Hudgins CARUTlinnsVlLLE, Mo., June fi.—At the monthly session of the elly council Dr. Q. W. Phipps was appointed city doclor. succeeding Inr. M If Hudgins. who died cenlly. June ID wns the dnle set for a special election lo name an alderman lo fill the vacancy ere- Died by Dr Hudgins' death. Judges for tills election are: Bill Clevl- denre. Ward Wllks, SI Harper and Floyd Ballard. Charles Shields, city clerk, was renppointed for a two-year lemi An outer was passed reducing daj wages for common street laborer.' from J2.00 10 11.50. lad recovered some of the noz cut. Into pieces. Nozzlps of (lie type stolen ar 111 Inches Vmg, ot brass, am vnlned nl Iwli'-epji S10 nnd $15 Reduced to Junk they have onl nominal vnlue. The stolen no?. 7les had been nttncherl lo hose line.; In Individual lio<c house which almosi. completely circle III The hnuses nre In spectcd every Thursday nnd kep imllpd lli;]il. Refusal of Myer Bnrlntck. sec ond hand dealer, to buy some ( the no7/lcs which had Ijeen r< diiced 10 pieces by charming tl brass" pipe, gave police Ihplr firs clue. Arrest of a negro by Bo Craddock, deputy constable, tc to further revelations, Compre. officials, checking Hied- eqiilpmen dLscoverexl loss ot the nozzles nn other nrrr-sl.s late yesterday brongl further confessions. Police then paid visits lo Wolf Arlan. Junk denier, nnd the op- rntor of Ihc New Deal second land store, nnd found Ihst sev- nd of the no?.?le.s had been dls- loserl of. in reduced form, to (lie lonler.s. Remnlnlm? nazzlps- were •ecovprefl where they hnd Iwen 'nchr<i by tlie negroes. Otllcers, who pieced together an enthe 52-Inch iKmle from the brass "Junk", claimed lhat wllh any degree of Investigation the lealers could have discovered that hev werp biiyltm articles that Hot Spring! June 12 nearly 100 per cent attend? of cotton glnners of thlj Iclnlty Is-expected-fit-the'SiTinuW nectliiR -of-the 'ArkinMs ; .tiiiiriett ssoclatioii, -'sc-liediiled- for' -June P. nnd 13 nt the Arlington, 'hotel, JoL Springs, SiMitheast 'Missouri atnne.-o are, agllioted with- the .Ar- jnsas nssoclallpn. The ;neeltng Is of-more than or- inarj' Importance for.two reisons: Flisl.- It will- provide the last opportunity for discussion ot prrf- •Ision-, of the pending NRA ccdfl or Hie liidnsiry, on ' which final i-!ari:ips will IK hjlii at Little ?c:>: June 2(1. • Pecond. Cully A. Coblj. head of he cot Inn section of the A. A. A,', will 1-e present to <?xpln : n to the nlmicrs Ihe part they will ha called or. tn ploy In enforcement ol Ihe Bankhead cotton production contiol net. 92 Cases on Docket [ for Civil Court Term A total of 02 "live" cases are on Hie dr,ekct of Ihe Chicka- snwbn dUtrlct circuit civil court, which opeiv; for n two weeks terrn" here Monday. MemlK-rs of the local bar have set many of the cases for trial, subject lo change by the court, but n large number are on call without definite setting and will probably be paas«d for the term. still had been kidnaped the court I New appointive board members wns without power lo Investigate Include: Hoard of health—Alder- and any power violation his rights'men J. W. Davis nnd T. J. Med- Tda B. Wise Smith, lhat "drunk- leaving an estate of about $20,000. j or (hose of Tmftey was n matter I lln and Dr O. W. Phipps; cemc cnness, dissipation, and .traffic ac-'other bequests were made lo vai-'lo be selllcd by'the dlplomatlcltery Iward, Miss Nelle Lee Dorrol (Continued on Pt|e 31 Ions churchrs In Die city. lilwaukee Home Maid* Battle for Shorter Hours i-iti been destroyed nnd of n type lot ordinarily contained In Junk. Ed Rice, police chtel, said that Allan admit'.Pri !-e thought th«re was "somethlns tunny" aboul. Junk bought from one of the ne- groes, but lha: he took care lo fct the negro 1 ' name (Incidentally •i fictitious oi:r) and then made the purchase. The "Jimk" sole fcr 65 cents. V.ilue of all the slclPn no77le.- wns estimated between SIM and $1M. 'and W. H. Dorsey, reappolntment*. tcoay. "Slow Train Through Arkansas" Writer Dies MINERAL WELLS, Texas, Jmv 6 (UP)—Thomas William Jackfon 6A author of the "slow ira'n llnougli Arkansas." nnd other vol lime.- of bornely color, shot am killed himself, nt .his home h«i NflLWAlJKEE. (UP)— Houst nalds nnd other domestic workers' • .ere hnve organised a union In effort to cut down hours of •or); tind Increase wages. : .j. The moving spirit behind "the >rganl7.ntl.<m is Anna Schoen,!'!i hort, stocky woman" who came'to Ihs country from Hungary 25 •ears ago. Two months ago when her wages were cut to 10 cents an lour she protested, since that time <lie has brought other domestics together nhj- formed the union. Mrs. Clinton M. Ban- of the .Vonien's International League for Peace and Freedom addressed the opening union meeting. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Increasing cloudi- nes.s, somewhat wanner In southwest pofllon lontght. Thursdcy partly cloudy, local trmndersliow- ers In northwest portion. Memphis nnd Vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight, thundirjhowers tomorrow. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 80. minimum 6S. cloudy with .80 of an Inch relr.- lall, according to Samiiel F. Not) Is, official weather' ob»erter.

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