The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1946 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1946
Page 10
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TEN BLYTHEVlttE (ARK.") COURIER NEWS Senate Urged to Shun Court feud Heod of Judiciary Committee Warns Ot Possible Impeachment WASHINGTON, June 13 (UP)— Chairman Pat McCarran, D., Nev., of tlie Senat* judiciary commutes has allied the Senate to reserve 1 judgement on the Supreme Court, feud between Justices Robert H. Jftckson and Hugo L. Block, because the Senate some day might have to stl us a court of impeachment in ' the mutter. McCarran said he hoped t'mt clay would never come. But he uigcd lhat the Senate reserve jurgemt'nl now and avoid dolny or saying anything that ironic! hinder necessgry official action in the future. McC.irran's plea was prompted , by a Speech by Sen. Styles Bridges. R...N..H.. calling attention to the Jackson-Black feud. Bridges said there Is need for Co'ngress to se^ up some machinery for removing judges without Impeachment. The' New Hampshire Republican's remarks were levelled principal^' nt Black. He described Black as the spearhead of the National Citizens Political .Action Committee. Ati.thV end of Bridges' speech, McCjiirran-arose and solemnly asked the "Seriate to reserve judgement. ".The day hiay come—I hope it will-foot—but the day. may come when this, body would be called upon to sit us a court of impeachment," he said. ''3nould : that day come—and may God forbid—should that day come ;he chairman of the Judiciary committee of tlie Senate will be free to act. ' 'And, I only hope that evei fr tnom - beror. this floor will so reserve judge- ment-.that nothing will occur to impede his action on such an occasion." Sen. .Abe Murddck, D., Utah. & member of tlie judiciary committee, ftgreed that "every 'Senator could take heed of the advice and Instructions, of the chairman." ifcCarran Bald lie would lay before " the ' judiciary committee :i".xt Monday the cablegram from Jackson severely criticizing mack. '.'; shall urg e nil that committee •-and I- think ms' expression .>*'•' h= glistened to—that; It laic' no action-'whatsoever." McCarran said. Peacetime Uses for Powerful Atom t 3e Given Early Study WASHINGTON. ^Ulie ». CUP) — Construction of an cxperlmenUI illomic .[lower plum, which may be the forerunner or power production for peacetime uses will be completed at C:>k Hldtte, Teim.. by Jim l. n Manlaktlnn project spoke.s- man siild today. Construction of the pilot plant Is underway. It will be operated ty the Mnusiinlo chemical Co. The spokesman pointed out lhat tho new plant ^ being constructed on an experimental basis and thai "economical n^e'' of power from waster ii'i^WHations "may be years owny." In Its Initial stages, the pilot. l>iant u'lll • bo usc'd for Eclenuflc ctudlei rathnr thun the application of nuclear -fission to po'.vor gf-iuij - allon. I'pwcr KPiic-rnUoi), the spolx's- nian said, will b? considered latiM'. Atomic fission processes produce a tremendous amount of heat which is a mere by-product In tlie production of the atomic bomb, the spokesman added. Scientists believe Hint tlie byproduct heat can lie substituted In the futiira for slid) fuels us coal and oil. now used to generate.' power. They point out, however, Mi.u creation of a" atomic "pllt" for power purpotcs ulone !s now "impracticable." Maj. Gen. Leslie R. droves. Man- hntlan chief, has'wJirned lhat jjjany years mny elapss '.before nuclear energy can be brought vyitii tlie competitive price range of' conven- tlnl fuels. On the other hand, new scientific inventions may reduce the cos! and speed the time when atomic energy can be' used us " power source. Scientists bellcvs thai atomic energy c"n be applied safely to Industrial uses when It Is 'fully developed. They stale that the atomic chain reaction already can be controlled so that there Is no possi- bility Hint an atomic explosion would occur In an InduslrliX plant. The new Oak Ridge plant ft 111 duplicate ID many ways processes now used at (he Ilanlord. VVush., plant were phitonlum Is produced. Tli? pliuil also will clarify Hie value of any international patents involved In commercial development, of atomic energy. rBOPosto coJtsTiTrmtiNAb AMENDMENT NO. 38 SUBMITTED BY riFTT-rlFTU GENERAL ASSEMBLY HK IT IlK«OI,VF:h BY THK SI'.NATh AND HOUSf: Otl HKI'HKSlfSTATlVKb OF TIIK STATE Of AKKANSAK. •• iBJorit) o/ nil tbf [inMiiljfrs d-'i-tc,! If* Thai H,c f,,Ht>w[lJK t« rirrony [iruji'ineu * .TII aiiipniljin-iii 10 tin- O'HiUIimnm (. llif SlMti> *if ArkniihnH. nrnl u(«m iim; fiiljtnitlrtl d> ttio rlt-rtorK u[ n,v. \t\-ff. mill HeiiAtdrfc. If ft Timjorlly y 1 lu 1 rlCllOr* YG!)l))f lljlTi-OI), HI flllril HI I'l.-rllrm. adojil bncll Ainfiulniijikl, In,, • jrni- klinl) ln-cnme * inirl of the C'ju- illrullon Qf lh, Sl»|rt of Ark»»< lo »li: HKCTIO.V I. Ti.l AmpnAaeot No. 3 o[ clio Consllttiiloa <,f l?i« KtAt« at THURSDAY, JUNE 1?, 1946 It, (( 'i'lii- coiimy court.* of the Htat« lu Iru-ir r«'&]»oi-tivft countltti lo««t)i«r with " innjnrtly ,;! ll,p |u«|icfs of lliv pnn of Mull roiinty, Lr iddltlnn If, tlin jintminl of foarti)' tux ftllou-#j to b« li'vlcJ. Kl.;,]| Imvo ():« Jiover la lev, iml flfefilliiB l<n inilh on lhi> riol]M on hLI Uxol,!,^ ],ro|irny on th*Jr reautt- in'p coiinlld. nnri.;, «)u,|| v> kninfti ti^ tlu- count v rgai] t«\ uuij wlinn '•fillrrlr/l Khali lif HIM In Illo rff-v "ivo ioitr;l[r< fyr lll<- |iuf|j0^e of EII.IK. Ifit! and rcpnirlnj: puLlic roaax Hrt,i Ijrfdjjos o[ ih*- rrA|incflv« counti«A. aeia ior Jirt ollior y>ir|joio. anil rliitll >j» c<:lt,rlfd in L'nftPd .Stalr-B currency yt it-limy nvirrsnls l/vftlly iMwn on men ronrl [ft\ /anil If A rjiu|«,rlty of in« ciunli[ii'iL rhirliirR of *IH-)J connlj- i>iftll lniv vole.I ],lll,li, r r,,,| lnx ,, ,„„ t-^nrrnl rlcclion for -Slntc «rul conniy offj'or> [,r,-fciHin; *»<-lj Jovy at j!U'i, ' ' Pilnl In the office of • SflCrftt Slatr ou ll'« ^OOi day of Marclj, \\'IT:io*< ni>' Imiid and KCH| of r.ri Ill5 il^ 2f,t^' day of t\!btusry ii. Hull. rlnrr of Sl<t« O, Some face powder is mainifac- UTd from apricot stonc.s, ground .into dust. Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches Blytheville CIJU15 IMAUKET 1,'JO E:tsl Main JSireet HOT'S BODY SHOP Body and Fender Specialist. Wrecks rebuilt. Guaranteed Work, lleasoimble J'rkcs. Free KstimaU's. '112 K. Main SI. 1'hnnc ."ilSfi Day or NiK For Rirer-Waslicd SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt for Fills LARKIN SERVICE STATION 219 East Main St. ;...'., Directional Kelp Due to rotation of the globs, west to east flying Is less .difficult' ; lhat east to west'flying. Splnnli!!; of lh e earth gives the cast-flying aviator a lallwlnd at high altitudes. Rotury's Prexy Richard C. Hedkc, of Detroit, is the new president of Rotary 'International; having been nom- inutcd and elected without opposition A Rotary's 37th annual convention .m Atlantic City. N. J. He is vice president nrici scni.ral manager of the Enion- Co., iiiduslria! clicmi.'its Sl.OO (o $12.00 per 100. 3 ilajts to 1 weeks old—Al Store Feeds an* Supplies. WANTED prices. . Elevator Feed Store N. 4th Broadway at KR Crossing J. J. Fitld, M£r. IIP IT'S THANK'S /VAVY.' I'm VERY PROUD OF THIS — AND PROUD OF:/MY F£LLOW E/Y)PiOy££S WWO POSSIBLE THE"w/)(?T//we OF ARK'-/Ylo1'POW£/? COMPANY? 4 Corporalion f/iC .^••>,VI«0"' ' '. . ArVansas-Missoim Here's What We Wece Able To Do: INTERIOR GLOSS.. 1.O9 o>. Zany to apply, flows so cpiootlily. Dries quickly with a beautiful, glare-free blieeu. Magic for Rug, Upholttery 3 MOUSE PAIMT 3,98 Gallon TtB paint of lasting lioanty! Contains Titanium tlilcU gives it unlfonn, lasttoB and brilliant whiteness. Two coats do tlia work of ttreol Foam * ''eh foam to be pplied to tugs or upholstery. lo foam evaporates and so doe. all the dirt! Amazing! YI INSURANCE „„, 2311 For Complete rrotection ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITALIZATION AtlTOMOBILZ • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PtATE OLASS » TORN ADO • •8ORETY BONDS • :AVtATIOI» FUST HITIONAL INSIFPANCE AC.ENCY M. CMA* For those of us nt home, ihc satisfaction of being .iblc to meet the tremendous wartime dcnuruis for power, ait we needed. Awards are unnecessary. But for those of our group who served in the armed forces, we arc glad to be able to sliow this evidence of the success of the work we did . . . while they were doing the real job ... on the b.utlefronts of the world. Because or foresight tincl planning, your business-managed, taxpaying electric company was able to meet all calls for electric power during tho war. Two air bases — one of which was. for a time, under Navy supervision — each vising as much electric power as a small city, were added to our lines. But an even bigger job performed was the 24,000 horsepower "load" required by the War Emergency Pipelines __ the "lifeline" which supplied vital petroleum products fur our Army and Navy, without which victory would surely have been delayed it not Impossible. .N Here's What the Naoy Said: From the office of Rear Admiral J. T. Mattiews, Navy Department, Bureau or Yards and Docks: M . . . . Your company rendered invaluable service to the Naval shore Establishments nnt j to those Defense Plants engaged in building ships and planes and other items required by' the Navy to wage successful warfare. This service was outstanding in of- flclsncy and continuity, resulting in great pavings of manpower and materials and was a real contribution towards victory. This demonstration of planning, action, Ingenuity and coopcrativeness during this •mergency Is to to be commended ..." Ark-Mo Power Co, "A CUfico In Every Community We Serve" -GALLON CAN ......................... 15 - 55 Built to Last a Lifetime GALLON OF WAIX-TONE ROI.I.KK ami iE Til AY All-Steel STEP STOOli Don't miss this great value,I Wall-Tone goes on like magic. Just mix with water, pom in tlio handy tray and roll it oo. Many lovely aliatles. Strong «n4 sturdy, bit of it steel except tho rubber feet that prevent scraping. Folds into little •pace when not in use. Look, Kids! It's New/ Gefj the Bugs! AEROSOL DISPENSER with with 3 Propellers 1.00 Bciueeze the trigger and tho propeller shoots 'way up in the air, twirling and spinning like tho real ones on a plane. See it todayl Bo the first to have ill •' The famous "bomb" which releases a death-dealing g.i that penetrates all cr,ick3 »nd crevices, kills insects. Want New Tires ? ASK ABOUT THE Prodnces a thick, velvety l»wn of rich, green color. Ji*« a high percentage of «P«nnve perennial grasses. O ti"<- Seod 2 Ib,. 1.59 Ws Will fotJp You j far Your D Sjlcly. ^no Da . Av.iil.ibla to You W« V/ill tyuip Your Cor find Buy Your KccJppaO Ttrot. Firestone DELUXE CHAMPION The Tire Tdot Stoyi Safer Spray or brush it on vrccil, metal or bricV. Sets in two hours, dries ia eight. THE S T O RE OF QUALITY AND SERVICE The Hest Today — Still Hctter Tomorrow 6. O. IIAKDAWAV, Owner W. H. FEASK, Manascr Phone 2.02 207 Wes» Main Street

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