The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1944
Page 6
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8H Carufhersville Docket Crowded ' Two Murder Gases Probably Will Be Among Those Tried CARUTHEHSVILLE, Mo, Julj 3 —The regular July twin 'of Circuit Court convened here today, vdlh Judge L H SclniU presiding. Only 34 criminal cases are listed, with 103 civil suits appearing oh the docket^of which G6 are for divorce Among the criminal cfcses are four murder charges, two of which are not expected to be heaid These l«o aief the" Ross-Bowman cnse, In whiQli a mnteilal slate witness Is now in 'jlie nnned service, and which has resulted In the cnse be Itig ['continued , generally (he past several ternis of court. Ashley Shannon, negro, charged with slay- Ing another oMiis rte, Is not expected to be Heard either. Two murdei hearings expected to tie held include the trial of Ernest Milk, south end yoiilh charged with the death of Helen Wright, a young girl also of the south end of the county, by shooting into the family homejn December, 1942. Mills was convicted at the Mnich, 1943 term of local circuit court, but appealed to higher court, ond the case was remanded,, recently for rc-lrlal because of .some flaw in instructions given to the jury. The fourth murder charge is against Harry Garner, Frisco section Corker, of Portngevllle, nccused in the death-of Clell Hawkins, a fellow-worker, Qarner is accused of striking ills adversary with a pick handle, fracturing his skull and causing his death. Hftwkins was said to have first attacked Garner, Ark-Mo Manager Named Rotary Club President CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo., July 3 —P.- O. Gardner, manager of the local Arkansas-Missouri Power Corp. plant, has been elected president of the Carutliersvllle Rotary Club, succeeding Lloyd Rogeis Mi Gardner will preside at his first meeting July 11. Secretary Harold S. Jones announced at the endisg of the jpm undei retiring President Rogers, that aUendKufe for the jeai had nvernged 9C22, with one month being 100 per cent. (ARK.) COUBfliR NEWS Political ,Announcements T6B Courier News na» been «tt- thorized to announce the foUowlci candidacies, tubject to Ui« Democratic primary in August: STATE" REPHESjSNTATint ALENE WORD (for re-election, Post' No. 3) " W^ J. 7TONDERLICH (for reflection, Post'No. 1) .' .J/IJEE BEARDKN tfor re-election, Post No. I) • I/00IKN E. COLEMAW E. O. "GENE" FLKEMAN (Post No. 4) PROSECUTING ATTORNEY I VIE C. SPEHCER- MAHCUS PIETZ (For Re-election) SHERIFF 'AND COLUCTOB HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON ' COUNTY TEEASUREE . R.- B. (SKEET) STOUT M13S DELLA PDRTtK •' COttNTI 1ODOB * ROLAND QREEN (for re-election) UWIGIIT H. BLACKWOOD CIRCUIT COURT CLEEK ' HARVEY MORRIS (For re-election) COUNTY CLEEK- T. W. POTTER (for re-election) Once Fat! Now Has a Model's Figure ; "l lost 32 Ihs. wear, size 14 again" Belly Reynold,, I Houses Floating Down River Follow the Shifting Populations „_ —-— i i i »^^^HB^PVB^^BBBB^^BMH^BW;&(y Neat trick In moving homes to sections wlierc llicy are inos( needed because ot sltifls Jn war .proi&c- tloii, Is this method of floating whole towns down (he Ohio Hlver on barges, ' Once 156 Ibf., Miss Reynolds lost Tvdctii weekly with AYDS Vfumln Candy Kcducirg Plan rsow ( she has a model's figure i our experience may or may ncL be the same but tty ihij easier reducing plan. First Oox Musi Skcta Rtixlls or money .tattle. No cxeidje. No laxatives . No drugs. Eat plcnly. You don't cut put.meat;, potatoes, etc., you i ust cut them down. Simple , O 1***?*} etlj0 " delirious AYDS befoie : KIRmr BROS. DR"UG STORES NEW THEATRE •MamZa's Finest Shows Nightly at 6:30 . MATINEES Saturday & Sniidnjr *t 1 • Last Time Today "THOUSANDS CHEER" ' \Tith Gene Keliy FOJC News & Short ; Tuesday -"GOOD NIGHT, SWEETHEART" "" with • Bob Livingston &. Ruth Terry SERtAt 4 SHORT Wednesday & Thursday "GUN'G HO" " with • ,. Randolph Scott \fOX NEWS & SHORT By AIXKN i, GREEN NKA Correspondent WASHINGTON — The (rick of making war housing n.s mobile us . motorized division is enabling National Housing Agency to keep race with the shifting war produc- tlon with a minimum of critical naterlnls and no ghost towns. Ohlo "<HIWT town residents' we're, reccntly treated lo the spectacle of 120 houses complacently moving down the 'fiver on barges behind a wffing steamboat — from Point Plcasant, W: Va., where the war worker population liad declined, lo Morganfield; Ky.,. where workers ut Camp Breckenridgc could use them, It cost N1IA $1002 per dwelling 10 float (hem to the new site against S3.M5 to duplicate each. More than 2000 N!IA homes were left vacant when production at the vast KlHfj.sbury, Ind.,. Ordnance plant declined. So NI1A "dernoiint- cd" 200 houses, moved them 200 Imile.s by (rniler truck' to Port Clinton, o., moved 172 to .Chambersburg, !>«., mid scheduled 100 more lo.yo to Indianapolis, Ind., 151 to South Bend, ind., 100 to nlttman, O., 80 to Newton, la., 898 to Detroit, Mich., and 120 to Seneca HI. Another 500 were turned over to the Army to house civilians on military reservations 'Welcome to France 1 Towering Over thorn, six-toot; three-Inch Gen. Charles Do Gaulle >is greeted by citizens of• Bnyeux, first French town tq bo ll'beratrd by Allied invasion forces in Normimdy. Girl he's shaking haivi* -with wchi'S'brassarcl with Cross of Lorraine, symbol of De Gaiilles Fighting French, Keeps us stepping Jo meet the wartime needs for long Distance. Bu» we're moving right along and trying to keep smiling even when there's a rush. Thai's why we appreciale your own cheer- fu! ."Q.K." when the operator asks you to limit a Long Distance call to 5 minutes. It's to help everybody get better service. And that's a good idea these days. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. MOVE 5000 UNITS More than 5000 units ore.on'lhe move over tl)c nation— at an estimated saving of 14,000,000 board feet of lumber, over 5,500,000 pounds of critical metals, and thousands of dollars. ' •• Two Innovations' in home build- Ing were produced by NHA. to inako its war housing program flexible the demountable and the portable shelter unit. The demountable, developed earl v In the war primarily to avert the post-war threat of ghost towns when Industrial centers demobilize, comes In prefabricated sections straight from the factory to tile site. Some 40,000 dcmonntables have been erected over the country at a cost of $125000.000. ' After the war, NHA planners visualize the government putting the demountable!! up ror sale to anyone who has a site to put one — thereby obliterating the ghost loivn and partially amortizing the' cost. Special companies, NHA believes will be developed to handle the -moving. Even more radical and recently produced Is the portable shelter unit, PSU (or short. A compact, two-room house in appearance complete with bedroom, living room, dinette and kitchenette, it splits right down the middle ami one-half the structure serves as the container for the furniture anil the pieces of the other half. It makes a neat load for a trailer truck. SAVK 5C' I'EH CENT • •, • Like house trailers, the PSU is strictly what NHA terms stopgap shelter. It's designed to be erected around communal toilet and washing facilities, although each PSU Pern i scot Tops / War Bond Quota. By $200,000 CARUTHEflSVIbLE, Mo., July 3 —Harold S, Jonas, county clmtrmnii of i'cmlscot County for the Filth War l-onn Drive, announced Friday that the county had exceeded Its Quota of $592,200 by almost $200.000. Tolnl sales in the county ni> lo that time, tie slated, were $700,000. Sales continue in ninny communities which have already mot their quota, and Clialrmnu Jones anticipated tlie total county sales would reach the $800,000 mark by the cm!"of (he drive. What Is believed a record was fei K'hcn Warden subscribed Its quota of $35,000 In six minutes flat. A meeting mis held by (lie notary Club, and as fast on hands could l)e raised, pledges were made and the total quoin was met. Two Officers Promoted Two officers at the Blylheville Army Air Field have been promoted to Die rnilk of captain through War Department orders. They fire. First U. George R, Weller of the Dental Corps, nnd First, Lieut. William N Norton, n flying Instructor. Captain Weller, a dentist In Chicago in civilian life, is a 1929 graduate of Chicago College of Denial Sin-eery. He is the son of Mr. and Mis. William Weller, 4142 Oakdale Ave,, Chicago, and v,-a.s commisslon- MONDAY, JULY ft, I<M4 ed August C, 1043. Captain Norton, who reported at this station Aug. 28, I9'2, received his commission and wings May 20, 1942. He Is the son of Mrs. George N. Norton of Savannah, Ga. In civilian life he was a clerk at the Savannah Electric ana Power com- pany, and Is a former student ot Miiiigan College, Johnson city, Tenn. Meeting Is Postponed The regular monthly meeting of Chlckasawba District Chapter of the American R«d Cross, scheduled to be held Tuesday night,'will not be held, due to tile July FoiiTili holiday, it was announced today by Kendall Berry, chairman. The next meeting will be held the first Tuesday in August. has its own water barrel to supply the kitchen sink. The first PSU was erected in Lafayette, Ind., knocked down and transported 750 miles by truck to Washington, where it was fitted back together again. Since then more than 2000 have gone into production for use around the West Coast's aircraft centers. NHA says it cast 50 per cent less than present war housing units (about $915) can be built in one-third the time and every time u PSU project Is moved, a saving of 50 per cent of the original cast is gained. HEADACHE Caoudlna relUvti h»d«ch» f»it b«cau»» It'a liquid, It* lfrnt* ar* a|r«ady «J|B*" [<*ln. II *l»a <«rv« t n.lon dti* to th* pain. LjB*an1y» 4ft*ctt4. iOe, 30«, GOe. HQTCHU gum's known through the laml; Buying Logs Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. BlytheviJle, Ark. NITRATE FERTILIZER For Side Dressing. J.L. TERRELL HIS. Bdwy. Phone 2631 Delicious Foods — Reasonably Priced' MARTIN'S CAFE • Specializing In Delicious Steak Dinners Special Plate Lunches Real Southern Barbecue • Sandwiches—Cofd Drinks HEER ON TAP AND IN BOTTLES 114 JOHN FOSTER, Manager W. Main 3 „,,. Phone 585 the ' Now Available In Book Form— HOME, FROM DIEPPE A complete account of Ihe experiences ot Scrsl. Everett Oel ««""•', Ark., mt licro, one of the first Americans lo light ou Sr» U, « f Ur ° PC '" iWS ""• Scrvhlg wilh lhc « allan * ° 1d Es -« f. v l | {c *' mcnl - '« was wounded at Dieppe, spent 14 months i. i , p OIX a " d fln:lll >' was repatriated. Permanently disabled from his wounds, he lus rcturntd to Arkansas after bclnx honorably discharged from the Canadian Army. tvcry American will wanl lo read Ihis absorbing story of courage and patriotism. While they last — a limited number of special autographed copies, mailed anywhere postpaid. Only $1. . r SEND ORDERS TO SERGEANT OGLESBY <i Courier News, Dlythcvlllc, Ark, Now that the Various Candidates for Governor have indorsed Free Enterprise, Lower Freight Kates, Jobs /or War Vrlcrtw. /Setter Times for Farmers, Teachers, etc., etc ...... anrf have Sounded the Anc-Old Cry against "Politicians and IT Alt BOItS DOWN TO THIS- WHO IS BEST QUALIFIED to Serve ds Your Next Governor FA RMERS! When you hire a man to look after your farm, you don't hire a : clerk, do you? Certainly not! You get a man who knows farming- I from EXPERIENCE. Isn't it equally wise to Wre a man to look after your state government who knows its complicated parts and functions \. through 22 years of EXPERIENCE in.the State Comptroller's office ? Arkansas Farmers Know Sims Is Best Qualified! BUSINESS MEN! When you need an executive manager, you don't want a J man without any experience in your particular;line of business, do you? Certainly not. .You pick-a man wlio has had years of training in your special line of business—-who knows what to do and how to do it. It's : good business judgment to choose a manager for our §44,000,000 business of state government exactly as you would in your business. No matter how good a man may be in other types of work, your Governor should havo training find experience in the highly specialized job of i administering the affairs of our state government. Arkansas Business Men Know Sims Is Best Qualified! When the people of Arkansas select their next Governor, they are going to choose a man who knows the structure and functions of every 'department of state and county government through experience under Seven Governors .. . SIMS! They are fed rip with men who may be Successful in other fields but knows nothing about the operation of our state government. The voters of Arkansas are going to elect the only candidate for Governor who has a definite, workable Program of Tax'Reduc- - tion and Efficiency in our state government... SIMS! AH Arkansas Knows the Man Best Qualified Is- J. Bryan SIMS for Governor of Arkansas Sims-for-Gtmernor. Campaign Commitiet

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