The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1953
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS .West Germany Advertising Flop \0f Commun/sm to Attaci Tourists JAN. -«,-. 1W By RICHARD KASISCHKE BONN Wt—"TouristsI -Come to West Germany. The door Is open. There Isn't « single city which h»s a Communist mayor." Thfs is probably the only country In', the world that advertises the flop of communism as a lourlsl attraction. For .good measure, it includes j! tree West Berlin, 100 miles behind • the Iron Curlain, which divides *', Germany. West Berlin is advcr. Mised as.a "bastion of freedom.' .The excerpts are from a hand some brochure produced by the !i Federal Recovery Ministry titled if "Das Tor 1st Often Nach Deutsctv if land (The Door to. Germany Is Open)." The booklet doesn't point the finger at France and Italy,' where !j the Communist parties are strong, i! but some German political leaders The late Socialisl ch'lef Kurt Schumacher, at one of his last press conferences, remarked ; acidly: [i "Why do the occupying powers |J continue trying to teach Germans i| democracy? They should do their it Instructing in France 'and Italy, IJ where they appear lo need It." il The Communist party in Italy claims 2,568,351 .members. Tha j Communists have 130 seals and i the .pro-Communist Socialists 4£ i seats of 570 In the Chamber of Deputies. The Communists have 68 and the pro-Communist Socialists 41 of the 344 seats in the Italian Senate. The Communists nnd their Socialist allies have slightly more than one^third of Italian mayors; In France the Communist party membership Is estimated at 550,- ooo-to 600,000. The Reds have members In a 626-member Parliament. They have numerous mayors' fthd;city councilmen. But In West Oermany—the target of huge propaganda and infiltration of Red agents' from Russian-occupied East Germany—the Communists have only 13 members in :the 402-fnemher federal Parliament. And .these, will be tossed out if the federal ^Constitutional Court rules in favor of the govei nmcnt'E suit to outlaw the party as con- imports from East Germany, into | a street brawl in a Ruhr city. spiratorial and cratic order. hostile to demo- Most of the Red legislators may land In court even, earlier. Suits -alleging slander and conspiracy are pllint'up against nine of the 33, Including Party Chairman Max Reimann. These suits can be' tried asi soon as Parliament lifts the Immunity of the defendants.' For nearly eight years, since war's end, the Kremlin has lusted .after West/Germany and, lla "Industrial Ruhr Valley. It has spent millions of dollars, marks, rubles —often gained by shady black- market deals— for propaganda. It hasn't got anywhere. For today, despite repeated calls from the East for the overthrow. of Chancellor |-Konrad Adenauer's West German government, The Reds can't, 'even stage a sizable demonstration", In Bonn. Only occasionally 'can they push their trained youth squads, larded with §':.>&* •••ff'^-i"^ tU&i&tJsS&i. LADY COW BOSS .-Mrs. Phyllis Long, 32, left, is the first "yardwoman"'lo be employed by the Chicago stockyards In their «7 years of existence. She herds cattle into pens after they leave 'the weighing scales, presided over by Virginia Rush, welgh- master. who leans from the window ol the scale house. Mrs. Long thinks the work Is easy, compared lo the truck-driving Job she held for H years. Morale Is Picking Up at Giant Air Base Near Casablanca By JOHN RODERICK CASABLANCA 1 Ml — Morale Is picking; up at Nouasseur, the giant airbase being built by:the U. 3. Air Force 25 miles from here. Last winter 2,300 American airmen and several' thousand Atlas Construction Company" \v o r fc e r s based here had a morale rating about as low -as a snake's hips. There was mud everywhere. Living - faculties were ^ Inadequate. There were no movies, no officer's or noncorn clubs. This winter things are different although the huge ."mother base" of the five the Air'Force is building [n 1 French Morocco still is far from finished. Thousands of dollars worth of equipment and supplies lie In their packing cases exposed to North loan .weather because there arc stlil • no^ warehouses' In . which to •store:, tfiem. Hundreds;'of trucks and rhotqr vehicles are being damaged by rain, sun and wind because there are no garages yet. Nouasseur- was started on R 'crash basis" when ground wns broken in April, 1951. The Department of Defense was jittery about he prospects of aggression in Europe. So, were a lot of Europeans. Investigations later turned up the fact that haste makes OPPORTUNITIES for an* ' \ INDIVIDUAL FREED from ALCOHOL! HONEST SELF-APPRAISAL Do You Want to I. Become a real p«non? Z. Face realities? • 3. Break the «llb! JiabllT *. Face responsibilities instead of resorting to emotional fatalism? 5, Realize that you cannot pat your cake and 'hare It? #.. Recognize that you, and not eirc.u'msUinces, Is your major problem? ' . 7. Acknowledge that your t ro uMe ;i es \ n being allergic to your, self rather than 1n the dirty deals life has dealt? V Admit that you have had more trouble with yourself than with any other man or woman you know? , 9. Betfere f-hal only if a man can accept himself, Ls he fit for marrtW*\|f* or any other. form of constructive living? 1*. Eliminate fean, anrl tarn m minus Into a plus? II. Tackle yourself, when depression comes, and not blame ctr- eunBtancca? 1Z. Learn that i« put jronnelf In second place |, (he whole sts- - nlficince of life? 13. Makt first place your desire to help and lo rehabilitate unfortunate alcoholics? 14. Cultivate a spiritual faith even though you ft> no further than belierinf In ah ultimate decency? H Your' Answer Is "YES," You Con Achieve A. You can bend any erenU (jood or bad) lo 'your own improvement. i B. You will nol cower <o human opinion or fashion but look lo a higher law dictated by your own self respect. C. Tfo» win automatically use your freedom to resist the bondage of habit. p. You will Iraterniie with congenial company anil acquire true and genuine friendi v E. You will learn to enjej- jaanJInr .Tour oirn Intellectual rights. r. Yem will automatically forget the pasl and listen for higher arid Him n»tea from ;our belter self. G. Y«« will UM» be true to yourself, nol false lo any ' lr " e "" r «P«>. IhrouRh honesty, which """ » "««« of underaUndlng of life'* Your local Alcoholics Anonymous group wi/J be y° u * ith y° ur problem. Write: ANONYMOUS, P.O. Box 873, Arkansas. Millions of dollars were being spent wilh no very striking results. THE Painty COOKtNO. F*J I fa U)ondtrni±_ Under the crash program, the base should have been built and In working .condition' by now. The casing of the war throat, congressional criticism 'and the indignant demands' for greater economy slowed down the project, Now, Air Force planning officers say. the base will be In good shape by July 1 and in full working order by the first of 1054. In the event of war, il coulrt b'e pressed inlo service at once, though on a limited scale. , SOIh Air Depot Wlnz Nouasseur Is being built for the 80th Air Depot Wing of the Air Force. Its mission is to overhaul, re-outfit and put back Into flying shapo any of the Air Force's ships, up to B36 strategic bombers. It occupies 7,000 acres In a sparsely settled region a half hour's automobile drive from Casablanca. It Is 27 miles around at Ihe imeter. . , per- During wartime, it will be able to serve a dual purpose—bomber base for striking' aircraft and repair station. It has an 11,000 foot long, 200 fool wide runway capable of handling any aircraft In the world. The, base also has an 11,000 fool taxi strip 100 feet wide. It, like the big runway, Is completed and being used by the Military Air Transport Service, which has a' small unit here, The hearl and brain of th'e Nou- asscuf base will be Its "cannibal" air hangar, scheduled for completion by July. This enormous building will contain four .two-story platforms and a number of overhead traveling cranes. When completed it will handle four B30s and six B50s* the hlggest planes the Air Force possesses. Nouasseur has its own railroad system, connecting H wiih the port of Casablanca. The base ultimately will have 1.400,000 square feet of storage (pace. When tb» *0th Air Depot Wing moved la fn August, 1951, there wasn't » alng!« warehouse. The French, In agreeing to permit the United States to build jases iri her protectorale, stipulated that there would be no more than 2,300 men based at Nouax- seur. Similar ceilings were set Jor the 1 other four bases. Eases Sore Guffi* • Sore, Irritated Gums Snug cases sore, irritated gums due to loose fitting dentures. No more chafing of wobbly dentures. All tender areas are gently cushioned. Eat corn-on-tho-cob, steak, apples — talk, laugh as you please-'platea "stay put," firmly, solidly. No falling or clicking. Goodbye lo Loose, Wobbly, Uncomfortable Plates - SIIUE Denture Cushions are a triumph of science, a sensational new plastic re-lining- that -gels rid of the annoyance and irritation of loose, badly titling false teeth. Harmless to fjums or dentures. Don* At Horn* —No Waiting Snug Denture Cushions are thin sheets of a marvelous, scientific plastic material. Simply place one of these wonderful re-liners on the cleaned denture .(upper or lower) according to simple instructions in pnckaKC, ond presto! You have practically a new plate. No daily bother with arihesives. When Gums Shrink , It's not your dentist's fault that gums shrink gradually-leave spaces between the plates and the mouth. Nature does • tills. Snug Denture Cushions re-line plates so there are no gaps between plate and gums. Snug Re-liner* Can Last Months — Easily Replaced Snug Denture Cushions can last for 2 to 6 _ months, according to the individual mouth. Stays soft and pliable — does not harden and ruin plate. Peels riant out when ready to replace wilrj new cushion. Used Widely by Dentists Snug- Denturo Cushions were first used by many dentists to tighten up loose plates. They were so effective that they are now available to tile public. Tasteless, odorless-cleaned • in a jiffy. Get Snug Denture Cushions today! 2 Liners for Lower or Upper plates $1.50. Money back - if not satisfied. During l»s>, rotational w!n«« will move in and put of th« bl» base. In addition to the transport planes of MATS, huge B29. will trundle down the big runway, The airmen of th« 80th Depot Wing now live In double Dallas huls. Showers gnd toilets are a brisk walk up the company street. The base h»s a hospital, a school for 300 dependents of offi- cers and airmen, an ofNowv 1 *t*k and a post exchange. fiery, Smarting Itch Vi C4MVMM9H 9KM • Don't it*nd Mich torment uoth«rbouc I Ju* tmootti Retinal Ointment oa you/ irrluted ikin at once. S« how autckJy it» medically proven Ingredlenu in tab- olin bring bliwful. long-Uitiaf reLkf. • Your car's motor will be happy wilh Phillips 66! It'l packed with Hi-Tesi energy! And the Hi-Test tlemenii ia I hiliips 6(, are scientifically blended to give you (1) easj starting (2) fast engine warm-up (3) quick acceleration, and (-f)-full power oulput-under all driving conditions! Hecause it burns so efficiently, you save gasoline. You get miles ami miles of cnjojMble driving per dollar. And Phillips 66 Gasoline is coiitrolled according to th» season of the year. Winter, summer, spring, or fall, Phillips C6 is right for your car! Fill up »t any station whfre you ft* the famous orange and black Phillips 66 Shield! LUBRICATE FOR SAFETY EVERY 1,000 MILES SMART rOlKS-lROSE BB1CK EH61HHRS'. VV K ' K^l ifc"^ *•_ _ -m* f A9 «Af Mvc «.^f«. mad. *h« 1953 BUICKS 87 ways b.«*r THE GREATEST B01CK IN 50 GREAT YEARS O UR hat's off to the men who made the 1953 Biiicks what they are— the greatest Buicks in fifty great years. They came up with a new kind of V8 for the SUPER and the ROADMASTER— a brilliant V8 Engine with a long list of engineering "firsts." ; They redesigned the F-263 Fireball 8 for record horsepower and compression in the spirited Buick SPECIAL. They kept every inch of room in the roomiest six-passenger Sedan in America— and still shortened its turning radius considerably. They did new wonders with the wonderful Million Dollar Ride. They stepped up visibility', comfort, handling ease, control. And man — what they did with getaway! They dreamed up, designed and developed a new Twin -Turbine Dynaflow Drive* that, whisks you away quick as a wink—and just as smooth, almost as silent. In fact, no other car in the world gets away with all the combined quickness, quiet and smoothness of a Twin-Turbine Dynaflow Buick. . Wouldn't you like to see for yourself just how great these Golden Anniversary Buicks really are? Drop in soon- wc'II be happy to do the honors. 'Standard on RoaJiruHer, optional at extra cost on other Serictt • • » 1elt*itm« freol-Ae StitCK CieCUS HQUft-tver, hmtt, r u «t<?oy. fnl.r GENERAl MOTORS SI9WOO BEU£K HIGHWAYS CONKST S«« Vow Sufcl Dwbr lor conhrf Montr ond Ml mfornxrtmi LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK Co., WalnuU Broadway, Phone 4555

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