Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 12, 1985 · Page 18
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Star Tribune from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 18

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1985
Page 18
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T"t ..1Lmm Minneapolis Star and Tribune The weather Friday, 12,1935 .2B Twin Cities forecast r TodayA 20 percent chance r n TonightPartly cloudy with a r n SaturdayA 20 percent j Extended Chance of showers -r, ; of a thunderstorm. Southwest 40 percent chance of showers r chance of a morning shower or Sunday and Tuesday. Partly ' : i winds at 10-20 mph. High 90. I I and thunderstorms. Low 70. I I thunderstorm. High 97. L CJ cloudy Monday. Highs 83-87. Twin Cities (at Mmeapofe-St. Paul International Airport through 1 1 p.m. yesterday) Temperature Thursday year Average High 81 88 83 Low 62 56 63 Today's record high 106 w 1936 Today' record low 48 in 1941 Yesterday' hourly fading M'mght69 8a.m.67 4 p.m. 79 1a.m.68 9a.m.70 S p.m. 60 2a.m.67 10a.m.73 6p.m.6Q 3a.m.66 11a.m.74 7p.m.79 4a.m.65 Noon76 8p.m.78 Sa.m.62 1p.m.77 9p.m.73 6a.m.62 2 p.m. 78 10p.m.71 7.m.63 3p.m.60 11p.m.70 Cooling degree days July 10 1984-85 1983-84 Average Dally 6 4 9 Season 254 235 248 Precipitation . 24 hours to 6 p.m. yesterday ; Month to July 10 .07 Abovebelow average -1.12 Year to July 10 13.56 Abovebelow average -.33 Today's precipitation record 2.93in1912 Relative humidity High 75 (5 a.m.) Low 26 (6 p.m.) Regional forecasts Minnesota Partly cloudy today with scattered showers and thunderstorms. Highs 83-90. Clear to partly cloudy tonight. Lows 55-73. Partly cloudy Saturday. Highs 80-90. Wisconsin Partly cloudy today. Highs 80s. Scattered thunderstorms tonight. Lows 60s. Partly to mostly sunny Saturday. Highs 80s. Iowa Sunny, hot and humid today. Highs 90-100. Scattered thunderstorms tonight. Lows 65-75. Hot and humid Saturday. Highs 90-100. North Dakota Clear to partly cloudy through Saturday. Highs today 85-94. Lows tonight 5544. Highs Saturday 65-90. South Dakota Partly cloudy today. Highs 90s. Chance of - thunderstorms far west tonight and Saturday. Lows tonight 57-65. Highs Saturday 86-95. Old crocks important to gathering in Red Wing Associated Press Red Wing, Minn. It was the Tupperware of its time inexpensive, durable, not always beautiful, but very functional. Red Wing pottery was sold by the train-load and found in just about every Midwest home. Today, however, those big crocks, refrigerator jars, plates, cups, statues and knicknacks are prime collector pieces and worth big bucks. Any of the 1,200 to 1,400 members of the Red Wing Collectors Society who are holding their ninth annual convention in Red Wing will tell you that some of those old pickle crocks are now worth hundreds of dollars, and others are worth thousands. Some society members are dealers, but most are collectors who fell in love with the pottery that was made in the Red Wing area for nearly a century, said Phyllis Johnson of Red Wing, cochairman of the convention, which runs through Saturday and has drawn collectors from 20 states. the pottery business began around Red Wing when Joseph Pohl, a German settler, discovered that clay found in the region was good for making pots. He set up a kiln in 1861 just to make pots for himself and friends, said Johnson's husband, Ar-lan, the other co-chairman. F. Philleo founded the first commercial operation a few years later and the nearly 100-year-long tradition of making pottery in Red Wing began, he said. Several factories made pottery in the community, including Red Wing stoneware Co., Minnesota Stoneware Co. and North Star Stoneware Co., which all later became Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. and eventually became Red Wing Potteries. It was one of the top potteries in the Midwest for many years, but closed in 1967 because of a bitter union strike, foreign competition, the advent of plastics, refrigeration and because clay was getting more ex-' pensive. The stoneware wasn't the kind you'd find at banquets in mansions, though. It was blue-collar pottery, made to be cheap and functional for the most part, Johnson said. The only public event during the convention is a show and sale at the Red Wing Ice Arena from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Yesterday's temps Minnesota Ptecip. LH Aleianoria 6478 Bfmdji 4378 DuKith 4175 Wooing 4277 International PeHs 4574 Redwood Fans T 5880 Rochester 5981 St. Cloud 5278 Wisconsin Latin America LH LH EauClatrs 5480 Acaputco 7591 Green Bay 5677 Barbados 7687 LaCrosse 6082 Caracas 7588 Madison 6282 Fr port 7589 ParttFaet 4671 Guadalalara 80 Wausau 5477 Havana 7393 . Mazatlan 93 '0Wa Merida 6993 LM Mexico City 4677 C'darRapids 6386 MontegoBsy 7088 Decorah 5985 Montevideo 4146 DesMoines 6991 Rio ds Jan. 6182 tW 5883 WorW Mason City 6085 Sioux City 6291 ' Waterloo 6488 Amsterdam 5066 mmm Athens 6884 North Dakota Auckland 5057 LH Belgrade 5577 Bismarck 5891 Bin 5770 Dickinson 60 100 BafTmxl 71160 Fargo 4679 Brussels 5068 Grand Forks 4475 68 '90 Jamestown 5284 Copenhagen 5572 Minot 5787 Dublin 5768 WHtlston 6598 Frankfurt 5568 Geneva 5477 SOilth Dakota Helsinki 5272 LH Hong Kong 8188 Aberdeen 5788 ium 5781 Huron 5690 Joh'n'sburg 4666 Mobrldge 5794 London 5572 Pierre 62 104 Madrid 6393 Rapid City 64102 Manila 7393 Sioux Falls 6184 Moscow 5573 Watertown ---- NewDelrri 7588 Oslo 5472 Canada Paris 5270 LH Peking 7588 Calgary 5593 Borne 6488 Edmonton 5290 Seoul 7079 Montreal 5273 Stockholm 5277 Ottawa 5075 Sydney 5759 Reglna 5577 Tel Aviv 7282 Toronto 5475 Tokyo 7382 Vancouver 5779 Vienna 5468 Winnipeg 4673 Warsaw 5272 Little hope offered for rain in southeast Associated Press There is little hope that southeastern Minnesota's parched farms will receive rain in time to save crop yields, Bruce Watson, a consulting meteorologist, said Thursday. "What can I say? It just doesn't look good," said Watson. The forecast shows little chance for rain in the next few days, and the odds for the rest of the month don't look good, either, he said. Farmers in the area say crops are in desperate need of rain within the next few days to prevent low yields. The weather pattern indicates little or no rain in the next five days. Added to that are statistics that show that July 10 through July 29 is normally the driest time of the summer in this area. "If you're in bad shape by the middle of July, you've probably had it," Watson said. State moisture maps show a huge disparity in rainfall throughout the state during May and June. With northern Minnesota receiving as Fake guns Continued from page IB John Laux "The threat of the weapon gets them what they want," Laux said. "They don't have to go through the red tape of purchasing a real firearm" from a legitimate store or face the risk of buying and carrying an illicit gun. Said Deputy Chief Patrick Farreil, "You could walk into a store and you've got everybody's attention." In addition, the robber would face a lesser charge if caught committing a holdup with a toy than he would if he used a real pistol, and he wouldn't have to worry about an accidental shooting. "They're so damned deadly looking," said Farreil. "They fulfill every function of a gun except that you cant kill anyone with it" In addition to the .45-caliber U.S. Army-style toy, other types of pistols are available. Police have a German Luger, a .357 Magnum and other models stored in the property room. "They even make fake bullets for them," Kulseth said. "You could look in the cylinder of a revolver and if you're familiar with guns, you would think it was loaded with bullets." Today's weather Higrr temperaturesPrecipitation FrontsHigh-Low pressure 7p.m. C.D.T Weather in other U.S. cities Yesterday LH Today SkyLH Toinovrow SkyLH 6993 Albuquerque 0X6796 Q6796 5368 Anchorage 4)5365 0)5364 6188 AtncvHt 0V6185 96486 7293 Atlanta 97191 97191 7283 AManUcClty 96777 06879 6783 Baltimore 96587 96887 7189 Billings 96692 96492 7068 Boise 96090 96095 7063 Boston Q6581 96685 7591 BrownsvHIe 97592 97592 5373 Buffalo 95678 96284 6298 Casper 96095 96092 8398 Charleston 97796 97796 6093 Cheyenne 95890 95989 5779 Chicago 95968 97086 5979 Cincinnati O6085 06690 5577 Cleveland 05478 05885 7693 Dallas 07598 O75101 6497 Denver Q6296 06394 6991 DesMoines 07194 07596 5773 Detroit 05583 96387 7293 El Paso 07197 07198 5366 Fsirbanks R5170 95070 5992 Great FsHs 95690 Q5690 7491 Honolulu O7490 O7490 6790 Houston 97090 97191 5681 IndlanapoHs 96084 96888 7395 Jacksonville T7393 97291 7195 KansasCHy Q7298 Q7596 0 Fair 9 Partly cloudy Cloudy much as 7 inches above normal those two months, southeastern Minnesota weather maps show that area languishing 5 inches below normal. Watson said such a weather pattern is a matter of chance. Southeastern Minnesota usually is wetter than the rest of the state by now. The National Weather Service and the University of Minnesota Agriculture Extension Service provide information to the Department of Natural Resources on precipitation levels. The state maps shows a pocket In northern Minnesota covering parts of Beltrami and Hubbard counties where rainfall was 7 inches above normal during those two months. Moving farther south, totals are very close to normal in the middle of the state. In southern Minnesota, and especially southeastern Minnesota, the totals dip even lower to as much as 5 inches below normal during May and June. The trend has continued this month. A state weekly precipitation map for July 2-8 shows spotty rainfall in parts of northern Minnesota, but no measurable amounts in southeastern Minnesota. While Tuesday brought rainfall totals ranging to slightly more than an inch near Chatfield, most of the area received less than half an inch of rain or just enough to settle the dust Rotor failure cause of helicopter crash Associated Press Rapid City, S.D. Investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board said Wednesday that failure of the main rotor system probably caused a helicopter crash near Mount Rushmore Saturday that killed four passengers. Three of the four blades came off in flight in what investigators called a rare equipment failure. The helicopter, which was taking sightseers over Mount Rushmore, crashed into a wooded hillside as it was landing. The crash killed Albert Weisz, 24, and Stephanie Rudolph, 19, both of Ashley, N.D.,and Donald Hawn, 30, and his 5-year-old son, Brandon, of Black Hawk, S.D. Pilot David Schiltz was critically Injured. The craft belonged to Rushmore Helicopters, Inc., and was made by the Hughes Co. Minnesota highs n sitwnanuiial 1(1 soas Jas-so . Metro 8tCkM4 S area I S I es Legend OFair 3 Partly cloudy Cloudy QHigh QLow Rain EjSnow Fronts Hon toffpsreturss between. 6010 70 Yesterday LH Today Tomorrow SkyLH SkyLH 81H11 LasVegas Q80110 Q60114 7491 LosAngeles Q7293 Q7194 6184 LounntHe 06688 O709I 7394 Memphis 07594 07695 7587 MiamlBeach T7490 T7689 6475 Milwaukee 95885 96786 7390 NewOrleans 97392 97492 7187 NewYork 06883 O7084 7097 Okla.Clty Q7299 07399 6792 Omaha 07196 07395 7493 Orlando T7493 T7394 6684 Philadelphia 96483 Q6888 86112 Phoenix O85109 O64110 5680 Pittsburgh 95979 T6385 6681 Port, Me. 05774 05678 6188 Port, Of. 05883 05783 6889 Raleigh 96889 97092 5766 Reno 95694 05497 6390 Sacramento 06097 06298 7091 St. Louis 07292 Q7393 7993 Tampa T7791 T7790 7196 Salt U. City T7095 T7096 7489 Ssn Antonio 97490 97592 7284 San Olegp Q7282 97081 5665 San Fran. 05673 05775 7693 SanJuan 97692 97690 3667 S.Ste.Marle 94475 95578 5980 Seattle Q5680 Q5S78 6991 Washington 96788 97288 R-Hain SSnow T-Thunderstorms Minnesota Zoo's dolphins to get" whale of a deal Starting today, the Minnesota Zoo's whale pool will have new residents. Mindy and Rio, the zoo's dolphins, will move into the pool, while the beluga whales stay in a holding tank awaiting the recuperation of Big Mouth, who is being treated for an injured lip. "We're looking forward to seeing what the dolphins do when they get in the whale pool," said Austin McDevitt, curator of marine mammals at the zoo. "It is five times the size of the dolphin pool." The zoo will continue to hold dolphin training shows at 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., said Nancy Gibson, spokeswoman for the zoo. Big Mouth and Little Girl, the zoo's other beluga whale, are expected to stay in the holding tank for four to five weeks. When the whales are returned to the exhibit, zoo officials plan to leave the dolphins in with them. If Rio and Mindy, both females, get along with Utile Girl and Big Mouth, the zoo plans to exhibit them together permanently, officials said. Chopsticks Continued from page IB Gibeau said, "The city is providing certain development incentives. We are offering enterprise-zone tax credits, funding for loans and a land grant to the developer." The plant is expected to begin operations by early 1986 and will use aspen logs, Phillips said. Although the immediate plan is to make disposable chopsticks, he said the plant will be able to produce other wood products. "We have a signed letter of intent to manufacture the chopsticks, but we really won't be a 'chopstick plant,' " Phillips said. "We can also produce things like tongue depressors and Popsicle sticks." Death elsewhere Nicholas Thimmesch, 57, a former syndicated columnist and Washington bureau chief for Newsday, died at his home in Chevy Chase, Md., Thursday. Thimmesch, resident journalist at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, also worked as a reporter for Time magazine, the Des Moines Register and the Davenport (Iowa) Times. Weather summary Associated Press Temperatures soared over the 100-de-grea mark from the Southwest deserts to the central Plains Thursday, while the mercury dipped to record lows in Michigan and Minnesota. Duluth. Minn., had its coldest Jury 11 on record, with a 4 1 -degree low that broke a 1965 mark by one degree. Record lows were also posted in Marquette, Mich., with a 38-degree temperature, and in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., where the low was 36 degrees. More than 2 inches of rain fel in a six-hour period Thursday at Homestead, Fla., and more than 1 inch fel at Troy, Ala. Temperatures around the nation at mid-afternoon ranged from 64 degrees at Marquette to 110 degrees at Palm Springs, Calif. July 12, 1985 Vega is the bright star dose to overhead at this bme of the year. H is a little to the southeast of straight up. Vega is part of the constel-letion called Lyra. Area forecasts for the weekend Thief River Falls, Red Lake Falls, Haltock, Lake of the Woods, Roseau, Detroit Lakes, Bemidjl, Park Rapids, Fergus Falls and Alexandria areasPartly cloudy and warm today with a 20 percent chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. Wind southwest 10 to 15 m.p.h. becoming northwest during the afternoon. Highs 85 to 90. Lows 58 to 62. Mostly sunny Saturday with highs 85 to 90. Lows 58 to 62. A chance of showers or thunderstorms Sunday. Highs 84 to 89. Lows 56 to 60. International Falls, Lake Itasca, Voyageura National Park, BWCA, North Shore, Aitkin, Grand Rapids and Duluth areas Partly cloudy today with a 20 percent chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. Wind south to southwest 10 to 15 m.p.h. Highs 80 to 84 but cooler near Lake Superior. Lows 65 to 60. Partly cloudy Saturday with highs 78 to 82. Lows 53 to 58. Variable cloudiness Sunday with a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. Highs 76 to 80. Lows 50 to 55. .- Brainerd, Little Falls, Mills Lacs Lake, Sandstone and Wlllmar areasPartly cloudy today with a 20 percent chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. Wind southwest 10 to 15 m.p.h. Highs 85 to 90. Lows 60 to 65. Variable cloudiness Saturday with highs 83 to 88. Lows 58 to 63. Partly cloudy Sunday with a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. Highs 80 to 85. Lows 56 to 60. Lac qui Parle, Montevideo, Redwood Falls and Worthlngton areasPartly cloudy today with a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Wind southwest 10 to 15 m.p.h. Highs 88 to 92. Lows 68 to 72. Partly cloudy Saturday with highs 87 to 91. Lows 67 to 71. A chance of showers and thunderstorms Sunday. Highs 86 to 90. Lows 65 to 70. . Renville, Hutchinson and Twin Cities areas Partly cloudy and humid today with a 20 percent chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. Wind southwest 10 to 20 m.p.h. Highs 88 to 92. Lows 68 to 72. Variable cloudiness Saturday with a 20 percent chance of a morning shower or thunderstorm. Highs 85 to 90. Lows 65 to 70. Parity cloudy Sunday with a chance of showers and tnunderstorms. Highs 84 to 89. Lows 64 to 68. New Ulm, Mankato, Rochester and Winona areasPartly cloudy and humid today with a 20 percent chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. Wind southwest 15 to 20 m.p.h. Highs 87 to 93. Lows 65 to 70. Partly cloudy Saturday with a 20 percent chance of a morning shower or thunderstorm. Highs 85 to 90. Lows 63 to 68. A chance of showers or thunderstorms Sunday . Highs 86 to 9 1 . Lows 64 to 69. Stabbing Continued from citizens whose homes were burglarized recently in south Minneapolis. One man was stabbed and another was beaten to death with his own shotgun. The three earlier incidents were labeled "crimes of opportunity" in which the victims, all apparent burglary targets, had left doors unlocked and were killed with weapons that were at hand. "There are similarities and dissimilarities," Farreil said. "It keeps you wondering. The time of day is right, but it's a different part of town. And then there are multiple stab wounds as opposed to single stab wounds in the other cases." Although Slaughter was known to keep her doors locked, Farreil said, her front door showed no signs of Slow spots and detours Here are some of the locations where the Minnesota Department of Transportation has scheduled road work for this weekend: Location "yPTB. Jm1 1-35 Half-mile south of Pine City to One lane both directions Hwy. 73 at Moose Lake 53 In and north of Duluth One lane both directions 32 SI. Hilaire to Thief River Falls 36 m.p.h. advisory speed 11 Donaldson to Karlstad Detour 71 Lake George to Itasca State Park Detour ,. 200 1-94 Between Sauk Centre and New Resurfacing, one lane each Munich direction 169 Mississippi River to Hill City Lane closures, delays, temporary road around bridge replacement 1-94 Junction County Rd. 1 near One lane each direction, reduced Fergus Falls to Junction Hwy. 59 speed 59 In Fergus Falls Delays "j 1-494 At France Av.S. Daily lane closures ; 7 St. Bonifacius to west Carver Detour via Hwys. 22. 2 12, 5, 41 County line 12 1-494 to Crosby Rd. Slow traffic, bypass ' 56 Between West Concord and 21 -mile detour junction with Hwy. 14 1-90 At Austin Detour 43 At Winona One-lane traffic, delays 61 At Lake City Detour in city 71 From Iowa border to Jackson 9-mile detour 4 Sherburn to Ormsby 6-mile detour 75 LuvernetoHwy. 268 34-mile detour 15 Between New lUm and Winthrop 24-mile detour 14 Between Springfield and Hwy. 71 30-mile detour 22 In Litchfield Short detour 7 West edge of Clara City 1-mile detour 23 Between Pipestone and Jasper Detour ' I-35W In RoseviHe, County Rd.C to Severe lane restrictions Hwy. 280 ; 3SW at ArdenHills Lane restrictions 694 244 At County Rd.E in White Bear Detour Lake ; - 280 St.PauHoRoeevHIe One lane each direction '" 36 North St. Paul One lane each direction 1-494 Woodbury-Lake Elmo Detour and lane restrictions 694 A complete list of highway construction protects can be obtained by calling me transportation department road information lines at 612-296-3076 (for statewide project listing) or 6 1 2-297-4 1 03 (for projects scheduled in the Twin Cities metropolitan area). Travelers forecasts Sun. Mon. Tues. - SkyLH SkyLH SkyLH Boston Q6584 Q6483 Q6382 H.Y. a6786 Q6662 Sj6581 D.C. Q7488 Q7386 SJ7285 Atlanta Q6793 Q6894 Q6995 Orlando Q7592 Q7693 Q7794 Chicago 36685 Q6786 Q6867 K.C. Q7495 Q7596 Q7697 Dallas Q7598 Q7497 Q7398 Denver Q6594 Q6392 Q6189 Phoenix O8S110 O83109 O81108 S.F. e5368 eS470 w5872 LA. Q6172 Q6374 Q6476 0Fair 0)Partly cloudy eCloudy R-Rain SSnow TThunderstorms OCDO0 Jury 17 July 24 July 31 Aug 8 page IB forced entry. She was pronounced dead at 7:19 a.m., after emergency surgery at Hennepin County Medical Center. According to police reports, Slaughter called the 911 emergency number at 3:03 a.m. The dispatcher who took the call reported hearing heavy breathing and a gasp, but had no conversation with the caller before the telephone was hung up. A neighbor called police one minute later. Slaughter was found semi-conscious. "The kids slept through the whole thing, even when police were doing the crime scene," Farreil said. The children were turned over yesterday to Slaughter's father, Glen Slaughter, officials reported.

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