The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 26, 1939
Page 7
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' - , PAGE EIGHT WITCHES ME 10III ' Cleveland Prodigy In Spectacular Form; Yanks Win As Usual. BY GEORGE KIRKSKY Untied I>rcis Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, May 20. (UP)— With the Yankees killing oil interest in tho American League pennant race, nbout the only thrilling contest iefl In' the junior circuit Is Hie snuggle laf (irtmlei- pltclilnif 'laurels. Even (lie Yanks horn In to llils .too with the great Charles Herbert (lied) Hulling and Monte Pearson, but the people's choice Is Robert -William Andrew Fuller, Die 20-year- old lovva fanti Iwy who throws them for (lie Cleveland Indians, Feller Kcoicil Ills 7th triumph In spectacular fnshlon yesterday, nar- rbwjy. missing Hie Hnll of Fame will! a one-hit, no-run gnme. Only Bobby Doerr's single in the second inning prevented Feller .from getting a •.no-hitler as the-Indians crushed the Red Sox, 11-0, and helped lengthen the Yanks' lead to 5!i games. Ken Kellner lilt, three libmc runs lor Cleveland. Feller 'fanned 10 and walked, fire and only two Red Sox reached second Ijase. Bob'walked two men in the third inning and then In the fifth two errors ]jcrin!Ucd another unmcr to get past first. Feller is ppci-allng close to a strikeout J>cr inning schedule, lie has fanned CD men in 11 .Innings, In pitching In nine gnmes Feller Ims, aliened 54 lilts, nml walked 3U. iie lias lost two games, one to the Yanks in 10 Innings nml one la Washington •lust week. Hu(Ting's record Is superior to Feller's; he has seven .victories anil no defeats; but big Red has lute Yanks .behind him. •Luck was with Hulling as he won No. 7 -yesterday from Detroit, 5-2. Archie McICnln; whose father was buried .in Kansas yesterday, had the Ynnks beat, 2-1, going into the seventh. With one -out, Red Kress tooled a double play bull and set up a four-run rally. McKain, relieved by Schoolboy Howe, allowed only lour hits. With' Venezuelan Alex Alexandra pitching n llnee-liiller Washington won fiom the Browns, 4-1. it was his third victaiy. Glenn's single, a stolen base and Berardino's double ptcvented Alexandra from getting a - shutout: - ' Cincinnati won jts 10th .straight —longest Reds' winning slreftk since 1899 when n Cincinnati team won 14 in a row—by dumping the Giants, q-l. Whitey Moore won his fifth game but giew wild In 'ihe sth ntin holding the Giants to two hits. Junior Thompson completed Ihe game, allowing cue more single. Ernie Lombard! led the Reds' attack, driving -carl Huubell to cover with his 7th homer and lv.o singles. The Cardinals . held their slim National League lend, again beat- Ing, the Bees: Bob Wcllnnd nml Bob Bowmiin combined to hold lioslou to six hits as tiie Cards won, 7-1. The Dodgers aiid Phillies finally' snapped their hng losing streaks. Brooklyn, behind Porresl Pressnell's seven-hit pitching, defeated Pitts-, burgh, ,8-2,.ending n string of sit straight losses, Fred Slnglon led the Dodgers' attnclt with (our hits, a double and three singles. The Phillies battered (he Cubs, 8-7, terminating a seven-came losing streak.. The Phils slugged Page and Russell for 15 lilts but just managed to stave elf the Cubs in the ninth. Yesterday's hero — Bob Feller, Cleveland's youngest bull player, who .broke the Fenway Park Jinx by pitching a sne-hil, 11-0 game against Ihe Red Sox. the first time in his career he had won or finished a game In Boston. Today's Sport Parade By Henry Mctemor* NEW ,YORK, May 20. (UP)— Armed with n JclWr from his pastor— Ills Bob Pastor—James Joy Johnston Is taking a sort of yallop- Ing poll of this iswn to determine whether or nsl It is Interested In BLYTriEVlLLE, (ARK./ COURIER NEWS BASEBALL STANDINGS Norllie.isl Arkansas I.C.IRIIC W. I,, 1'ct. Newport 11 5 ,C8fl C'nnithersville 10 u .025 I'aniijoiild .' rj 9 ^ooj Jone.slxiio r, 12 ,291 Southern League W. L. Pel. Allanln 21 14 .CM ClinUiiiKCga 20 14 .568 )Jfri»li)(,'h.'im |g 15 .1545 Aleini) evef seeing Joe Louis in a real ™ e '"'*' ' 1717 .600 urlzcnghl. ' New Orleans ' irj 19 .457 Today's Games Northeast Arkansas League JOncsboro at Paragould. Carnlhersville at Newport. Southern League Memphis at Atlanla. Little Rock at Chattanooga. New Orleans at Knoxvillc. Birmingham at Nashville. . National League Pittsburgh at Chicago. Cincinnati at St. Louis, Only games scheduled. ; American If ague \ Chicago at Cleveland. Washington at Bcston. Philadelphia nt New York. Only games scheduled. prizefight. James Joy Johnston, who is known to his intimates as the Boy Bandit; manages Die Ne«- York heavyweight, Paslor, and In his picket hns a letter from his man offering to meet Louis for the heavyweight title, winner lake all. He thinks .such a bout should be arranged Immediately, before l/)nis dies of hjrwloin from ihe steady and relentless diet of pushovers, ancients, • round heelers, hns-beens and 'never- weres that arc MIIK fed him for one-round slaughter. "That [/Mils Is liable to keel right over In the ring some night from sheer—well, what shall we say?— •mini. Whiit a hunch of bums they live him to frghl." At Mr. Johnston's nicnllmi of bnim 1 spruced up niid puld the •apt nltenllon <lue a man speaking on n subject on which liu is an authority. Ami Mr. Johnston yields b no- man in his knowledge of ths boxllahl bum. He has manatscd some of the liuesl of them, Including the swooning swim of Soho, Phil Scott, iiiul can (race the bum light back to his beginning. Iu his discussion of the subject Mr. Johnston reeled oil a list of Louis' recent opponents, nml closed with a stirring discussion ol the xNnshvfllo :.... 15 ig .,„., Knoxvllle 14 n 452 xMltle Rock 1320 Ml x—Night, Bnnie, National .St. Louis . 6'iiiciinifitl Chicago .. Pittsburgh V-8's Come To Life; Good- It On the year Takes Chin Drooklyn . New York W. L. Pet. . 20 0 .090! . 21 10 . 17 10 . lli lii . H n . 12 n I.'! 19 .406 .077 .Ml ,4 81 .452 W. L. Pet. New York 23 li Chicago ) 10 .(H5 . Clcselund Washington Philadelphia Detroit St. 15 M . ....... ):) n; n 17 1221 H at .507 .393 ..TO Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League Newport 2, cnrulhersvlllo 0. Jonesbcro at I'aragould, ruin. demerits of Tony Qnlcnlo, He Hat- rain. . Knoxvllle ill Memphis, posl|»n«l. ly stated lhat given 15 minutes In which to train, he, Johnston, could flatten Galenlo. He spoke almost as (llspnrtiglngly of Bacr and ques- tidied tlmt he was In Uie times ol a comeback. "A comeback from where?" Johnston asked from beneath the derby lie has worn since lie was a child of tour, romping with carefree abnmbn on the docks ot Liverpool. "Where wns he ever nl to shut n comeback from?" 'The grammatical 'construction of this last sentence all but, tied him up, 1ml he extricated himself and went on: "There arc only two fighter. 1 ; In thc:worl(l today—Louis mid Pnslor. Louis is the harder hitter, perhaps he Is the hardest hitter who ever lived, bill lie never would hit the Pastor of today. You should of seen him against Koscoe Teles in De- troll. Surprised even me, and Hint's (.ayiiig something! (You wouldn'.t know him' as the same boy who fought Louis two years »go. He was ...Just beginning then, didn't know liiii.r of what he dcc.s now, but 1 he lasted 10 rounds and never was,in danger." But he didn't fight (hut'way now —just reireuttd from coiner lo corner, rcpe lo rone—we reminded Mr. Johnston. "What's wrong \vilh that? Ts there a law compelling n man lo light Louis Ihe way J^oiiis wants him to? Thai is, charge in and mi\ It. Besides, if Louis was the great fighter every one believes him to Ire why didn't he catch Paslov and bell, htm out? Teles ran from Bob, but nob cornered him and Beat Ihc daylights out of him. The proof lhat Pastor is a fighter Is Ihe way I/iuls evades all mention of a fight with him. He \vnnla no part of Hob. Still, 1 don't .suppose you can blame a champion from dodg-, ing a fellow who can lick him as* long as promoters fill his pockets with money for fighting bums who couldn't (iiicllly tor first class scarecrows. Let me tell you . .' ." I slipped through n trap door that Mr. Johnston has thoughtfully provided tor the escape of his guests, and made my way -out onto Ihe street. metals. Allnnin nl Birmingham, rain. Night games: Nashville at Little Rock, Only (james scheduled. National League Cincinnati 0. New York 1. St. Louis 7. uoslon I. Philadelphia 8, Chicago 7. Brooklyn 8. PIHsbiireli 2. American League Washington •!, St. Louis I. Cleveland 11, Breton 0. New York 5, Detroit 2. Only games. Phillips Motor Comi)any provided the Jjlggesl upset of the current Softball season by clck'aling Coca Cola Hottlcrs 7 lo o In the «ccoml game of last night's double toiler in Ihe Ili-sl uainc (he pace scllliiB Arkansas Missouri l'owcr Corjxira- tlon won from Unntlyear Tin 1 !•! to JO. .Jarrelfs single in Uie seventh lijtilng broke a tie score an.! en- nWed the v-8's lo win from Ihc Inyhly touted Dottlcrs! T))e V-8's showed n reversal of Ihc form (hey had displayed In previous games. They took mi I'arly lend with n .five-run oullmrst In the third inniiiif and were never threalenod unlll Ihc scventli Mien the IWIcrs Ucd the score with nek 'Upton's rousing .-/Inglc to lett providing Die lluiely puiich ['he V-lj'.s came Ijaek in their HI of the inning and \vltli two out I "ml, mon on second nm( Mn[ Jaerelt, sent the crowd houif with " single to right, scaring Hicks wllh (he whining run up its ullslcring pace with n 14 to 10 triumph; storing 10 runs In the second inning. 71,0 Qaodycars threatened in the seventh with n /Ive run rally tjinl was finally snuffed out, Clrarics iirogdon was Ark Mo's chief threat with two out of four, Including a triple. Manager 1 Harwell ppt three mil of three lor Goodyear, including a home run into centerfield. First Came Score by. Innings; n jj E AJk Mo. 1 100 020 1 14 10 3 Goodyear 230 (KM 5 10 II 5 J. Burns and Hires; Kali, Cox at:d Harwell. Second Game Score hy innings: R, H E 0«a Cola 300 100 2 6 8 2 Phillips 015 000 1 7 8 4 Wnrrlnglon find TaU; Stepliens and Davis. - v HOLD EVERYTHING . By Clvdc Lewis FRIDAY, MAY 20, inn [RS LOSE TO MS, 13-4 Only Game Played Yesterday; Road and Home Teams Switch Ky Xhiiled Press Soullicrn Associalion clubs tried clinnge of scenery loday in an lo dodge the rain that, cut ycsierday's .activity to one game. The visiting tennis came home nmr the host hit the road In the hit for Ihc circuit The fust moving Power crew kept "Sure, 1 wrote excuse myself- sccrelary!" bill I'm my dad's KILL WORRY G to 8 Ghsscs of •MOUNTAIN VALLBV WATER M*y Do It Not ordinary i)i|i VA* IIT — )>nt Mounlnin > nllcy Wsii.-r, l>ip liuif. . T«-inp« f\l 'sharn t^«ll^ ma lir, ., sr'!" 1 ' 1 ^ "«'l neuriiic ; - pains of 1 . on sl»rl worry — an,! ^^y ulimtMn't ihtyt \V*rn- Ing si^ns me iliry. Toxifis nnd \vattea in inc lody ran be nisli «d awny." Try thin hdm« tr«atmGnt. SUM today. Distributed by Crosstown Whiskey Shop 109 S. Dhision SI, tlic Nashville Vois halted .he Little Rock Travelers, 13 lo 4 The cellarite Travelers tried livo lew jjltchers, and Mea<bws. )»(. both were belted out early. Orlin Collier, meanwhile, pitched eight-hit, bull for Nnsliville. Gene lasson |>pled three doubles to leatl the winners nt but,. Wert Optometrist "HE A1AKBS 'BM SKI-l Over Joe Isaacs' Slore Phone 540 An opportunity like this seldom comes your way! OF 64 Cool - Crisp - fashionable TROPICAL WORSTEDS the unusually low price of m m m • E mm sa SPECIAL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 1938 Chovrnlel S«orl Sedan—A licauly §;>; 1937 Chevrolet Town Swlsm—Special §1^.) 191)7 Plymouth Town Sedan .1937 Kord V-S "60" Tmloi-. l{eal gas saver §: l!)3(i Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan S2!l! in;if> y W( ] y-S Tudor. lieid Clean Car !^2!)f 1935 Knrd V-S Ttidor. Deluxe Sloilcl 1035 Clievrnlcl Slatuianl Conch 193(5 Terraplanc Couiie. Only 5u;n Trucks, Large and Small—Chevrolet, Doi! R r, C.M.C-, Pord :itid Itileniationiil. We have a few cars under §50. Kasy G.M.A.C. Payment I'lau TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET GO. Dione 0,13 ng 50 Extra trousers where available . . . $6.50 Wait till you see these tropical worsteds! Not "Sale" clothes at all... but a special purchase of pure worsted, featherweight, tropicals in fashionable summer 1939 models, They'll hold their press and shape in the hottest weather and assure you 8 A. M, freshness all day long because their all-wool feature takes them out of the mussy "summer suit" class. You can choose from rich, colorful, tones of Platinum Grey, Bahama Blue, Malacca Tan, and Willow Green . .. from single and double breasted lounge, drape, and sport models ... in sizes to fit every shape of man ... at only $19.50 . . . and don't call for more such values when . these are gone! MEAD'S 31S MAIN 315 Also carloon & serial "Buck rs." Conlinuous shou', iiiEsion till 5:CO p.m. 10e. & Admission aflcr 5 p.m. IGc Ererything for your ent< tainment and comfort. W«tch Society Pa fe Of Courier New* P«r Free Show Guest* * S » 9 * 9 9 FRIDAY, MAY 21 75 GOOD KRASONS Why you ^iionld attend t show Matinee or Nij:ht| 9 9 9 9 $ $ BOB HOP*- •HEVtR. SAY Oli Also M.iieh of Time & Coin Saturday WITHERS FRIEND Sunday-Monday BOSANNA! HERE'S DEANNA! ! , IURBXRN, ' HAN GREY • HEIEK PAREIS8-/ SPKClAIj NEWS SVECIAL £(-uc cf Ihc survivors of iii-vivors of Ihc SUBMAH IQUAMJS." Deiiictiiig stup by stl he scfiics af this dis:isl| nd rescue of Iliii survivors. \lso News &. CdiHiiHious show Sundiy \Umisslon Sun. nil day IGc & 3] \ilinis. Mnmlny AlaUurc IDc ,t dmls, iMonilay N'ijjht ICc & ing Soon: r outig Mr. Lincoln luirw. to.sp of Washington Square s.ipi;iit) Fury t Side or Heaven oii rucific fardy's Uiilc High ("s a Wniiilcrfiil World Vlcxniulcr fJrabam llell ROX Admission alffajs Ilk & 2W Matinees Fri.-Sat-Sun. Friday - Saturda •' TEX RITTEF "DOWN nrWYOMIf I * TRAIL' -\ \l?n rarloon >t serial "Lone Rani r Rides Again." Continuous slu| iatunlay. - • Sunday - Monda CH5SHR ' RAtfH ANN 1 MORRlS-BELLAMY-OVORf rv the m o i sir icinoling Ihrllll .* COttllf.llA Also Fox News vt Comed

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