The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX m..YTirEVII,!..R, (ARK) COlJfUER XOT'S T lit BF BULL Plenty of Ifs and Tangles Possible But First Place 1 AsKuvocLRobmson. COMMKiU'l.VI. I.KARIIK Tom W. I,. IJotlnson .............. 0 1 Pasllmc .............. 4 2 R. D. Hiighps .......... 4 3 Tenchois .............. -1 3 m-Mo ................ 3 3 Terry .................. 2 ^ Liberty ................ 2 5 Hayncji ....... : ........ I 5 Tl'ESIXA'Y. JUNE ' .1, Nor. lo Ro Taken Li Undis|niled second plncc or a lit* will) R. n. lliighra nnd Toucher. (or ilie .'nine berth Mill will Patilmc Uillinrd I'nrlor lonlgli' In the closing donblehendcr at the first half of HIP Coiuniorclh Eefi Bull league rac-o. The Pnstimprs by bomlirj 01 tying ilaynp; Men's Shop lonl caa claim Lmiisuuiccl second plac. A lois lo Hnyn..s would fore? Saltba mallcis iwo a lie will) I R. D. Huyhi's nnd Toncln-io. Incidentally n victory loi 1 Huynps uxuld force Liberty lo slinrc the. cr-llnr bcrlli willi Ilnynrs. Tlw , second isame on Hie night': fdicdulc finds Ark-Mo opposing Terry. Til? po\ser company Icnm lias a clmnce lo draw up on Lvcn (erins willi Ills Teachers end R. D. Hughes by winning bu flioulrt Ark-Mo lose it will L forced lo shnre It's i:osil!on fti the half closes with Terry. To create a more complete mix-up tliould PiisLm? lose loniglil nnd Ark-Mo win. Such a .sllunlloi. would flnd four loams, I'nslime, R. D. Hughes, Touchers and Ark-Mo in n lie for second, third, fourth and fiflli places. Enge Mr. nipley! By Harry Gray son slamming gave Hunnlciir. the. only fall, Slnkey being imthle In' haok. IS IT; ALLEN lEFEflS SIIIE (lunnicul Puts Promotei'- Pcrformer in Hospital in 0|ionoi- on Card. C'lifirlcs "Titanic" Slnkpy, nip- Icy, Tenn.. wnvilllnn promoter wlia ila^e.s mnl .shows hr-re. was confined 10 :i lunjUlal lyd here ln- dny KH a result of clnnbllnij for \ HiKsliu! peiformer oji his anil .il Ihci urinary here hist nlijlii. Hinkcy sustained n couple of Inokrii boivs in his left hand uui a possible baek Injury wlion lie was rudely unil fnrelbly sluni- •iii'il lo Die nun by Bill Hiinntciil. In ilw lealnre match Rny Allen! nnd Johnny suite gave (he i*si' pprformonce ht-rn r.iur.e. Itiey me. > three wwks ago. Allen gained j vengeance for tils defeat PI ilia; lime by winning from Sloie la.-l! nliiht, two out of lliree falls.' Alii-n used Ills hix'i'lally, an uni) I lock to lake tl:c second ;uif|' llilrd falls after Stole Imd annex- oil (lie llrst. He Knew fiioli! mit l flu' riiiif n ii-w llme.s 10 .-olicji him up lor Ihe tinal fall. Hlnkey look the nmloli with Hunnlnii no sliorl nnilco when lil developed llml Speedv KiniWe, who was stated (o moei '[Iimnieui, (ould not nppcnr, CominKsirm< r, Jeir rioliind scatr.s. The promnler'. IK-rrornis In UK- ring nboiil ns much i as he stands in ihe gnie, how-' I'tt-r, In ninny towns in Uiis wc- lion nnd Eiiiparojiuy via In .sliupi-. [Il wns stiuert. Hunnlcut proceed-, oil, however, lo Ireal'hh employer ' .so lOUKhly 'thai dinkey landed on ; his neck in going lo Die. mat nnd stayed URTC niuil carried out. I fn-c-r ih* Knnxvllle Smokle.s 6 tn :i. Homers by Gill, Milialii: riml fx'tilnn akirct the Ijiokout vie- lory, (.'olif-n MILS the wlnnlnj |)ll-i (•her . fitdn prrv.inir-d play of the Ulllr> Koi'k-Mc-mphb Bailie sclied- iilfcl for lust night at tjtile Ro<-k. Clucks and Pebbles Idle 1 al Little Rock. j Tlie Allr.nla C'ltirkors (lefeak'd Ilk' Nn'hvllle Vols, Koiithern As- foeliillon loadf-is, i; in ^ .,t N:isli-! villf. The Cnicheis wt.u 'uiili| Nelson on ihe mound. Taylor! of the Crux find nrllllipiift ol v.'llh lists to enliven ihe uamV. Tlie New Orlenns Pelican-; won over the nirnilnhiiui nurnns n 10 To , isko Barons to nine blows. New Orleans' look nn early lead and was never threatened. The Chattanooga Ixxikoiiis won •;nn i InWasliingioMjXfJ I/'Roy Dniienii. Hlythcsille bnn-i liiinu-M^hl. Is mil |J,|. only pni;il- I isi liom tills si'eiion who i.s doini;: well in Wa-hinxloii, u. (;. j(ov Miiii!f-y. tHPPh, Mo., u'ellprweliihl,! fonn<']|y of Arkansas, is also ^el- linu |ilac;-s in ilie caiiital cily. Mnnley mceis Hob I.owry, W:ish- inuion HTlicr. in ihe soini--,umhip uf Cleveland ;ind N'ale Urown, Wiisliinjjioii. lieav.veiKlil.s. al Cirif- lilli Kliidiilm, American l.cjsion ball park, ni Wellington luninhl. It will be the lirsi li'jln card to lie singed In HIP tisll park since l.nxhig KSS clorlartd legal In tin; Dt^trlet of Columbia a number f't «'feks ago. Prevlmisly fights for capliol fnas had been lield Jus: oulside the dtelrlrt. • Mauley won the Dt'.trJ-t nf Columbia wellenvelghl champlon- .siilp by knocking out Roy bowcn of Washington In one mini.t^ of Hie first roinui of the mutch. Miinu-y .stlil holds « serioiu<! tlirem lor any upjiontm In his lift hum! vllicl] I'e H*'<l with dfiiiliy i-ju-i-c '" '• |I1 «' i In nils see linn. i Ten VMM A*i> Today — liulhi : ilcfnilnl Itollaria in Oavls Cup 1 /(ini- play. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 797 Bdli Jumps Back Into Hole (or Ace Jess Willard picks Max Baer to benl Prlnio Camera, "provided he is in condition." ____ After what happened to WiUnrd when Jack Dcmpsey bolted from his corner nt Toledo. Ihe Knnsan knows the result of a giant being struck by li|.}itntnj. . . .Dempsey still ,;s n tough teacher, even for such a rough young man ns Boer. .."Don't get so enthusiastic. You. nearly belted me . out," cautioned the Butterfly Butcher Boy. when Ihe old -champion knocked his left lead In the air and hooked 10 (he body ____ Camera doesn't like spaghetti and never drinks wine. • • 4 Bells were presented to both Barney Ross and Tony Canzonerl xhen a nationwide vote, conducted by the magazine. "The Ring," to determine the beak buster whc. hnd done most for boxing in 19U, )esultcd in a tic ____ To keep his parents from learning thai he was a fighter. Jimmy McLai- nin launched his career under the na:«e of Billy Lane. • • • Umpire Donnelly refused to permit Julius Bolters to take first base In Cleveland the othsr day, when the Red Sox outfielder claimed he had been hit on the hand by a pitched ball ____ Solters had to retire from the game ____ It developed that his hand wns broken — Hit barmen frfquentlj {mil it difficult lo convince blue coats.... Bill Terrj- didn't gel to fnst base in a similar case earls last lerm. even Ihough he sulier- ed a broken wrist that kfpl hin- «ut of the Giant lineup for si.s \veeks. • • • No Sefrtts B*twetn Wlrsllrr and McNair Harold WarsUer altrib'.itcs mucl of the good fomine he and Erie McNair are enjoying as a doucl play combination to their Iryin to keep Ihe ball In sight all th lime — "I always see Ihe ba, when il Is hit lo McNair," ex plains ihe Rabbil, who has been Ihe live wire of the Alhlctlcs' nfield since a Charley horse put Jib Williams in the dugout during the city series with the Phils ...."Some shortslops whip Ihe ball to second basemen so fast lhal they lose sight of il, and lhal fraction of a second is cnougl. to give the runner i chance to plunk his splices in first bas, ahead of the throw."... When Connie Mack obtained Warsller from the Red Sox, he intended lo ship him lo the Portland (Joaslers ____ Bui now Phlladelphlans go all th. way back to Eddie Collins and Jack Berry in recalling a pair of keystone killers like Waritler i and McNiir. Imagine the tribulations of American Association pitchers facing the Millers in that Minneapolis park with the short right field fence....Not satisfied with having Choe Hauser, who bids fair to break his all baseball record of G9 home runs,. Mike Kelley has landed Buzz Arktt for Birmlng ham—Arktt Is such a sorry fly-chaser that he was sent south by Baltimore after leading the International League in runs bat- Hfl In Tith 1«, in horns runs wilh 38, and finishing third in hitting with .343. BUcfc Gift's D.u» F*ud in Urrrr SUM* . Trainer Bob Smith comes up l!y NKA Srnlit DETROIT.—When .lack McDonald ffiw Ills liull i;o pasl the I3tli hole oti WashlciKiw lie snid t'oo<l!)y lo :\ enrol .score and rewilved lo net more spin on his tee shots nn Hie Htl- ynrd hole. But II turned onl ItuiL he had pliinly of nek—fur Ihe ball III n fool pits! Die hole nnd Ixmiweil bath lino the cup for a hole Ln one. STANDINGS Nn>.hvlllR .... New Orleans Alliintn Chnttiinoona sMeinphis ... Knoxviltc ... Ilirmintiliani i xl.itllc Rock i x—Nishl K i W. I.. IM. M 20 n nfler N'ATIONAI, St. Ixiuis Chicago ... PJsslburjh with one nlenxnnl surjirlsc another for Mra. Isabel "^oane, owner of thn plienoniennl- v successful Urookmeodc Hlabli; Mri. Sloune, keenly inlereited B OS ion n breeding her own chnmplon, | i t rlv>>i< Icl nol know run vcets rode Ih^ a-yonr-olil to n W. •2(i 27 .Mi .SOf) .Mi. .41)1 Ml IVl .GlfJ ol know she nuned Relnnce. i-hllnclclplila'.'! ".'!!.'!. 12 M of Blnck Oitt. until two C |,, 0 | niintl ' g ^ u&o. when Muck Corner ing llvc-furloii!; victory over :i fine ASIKItlCAN' eld of juveniles ut. Jomnlca In Ncw Yo r'' he remnrknble time of :59 1-5." I ncirolt •)•) "Where Is the dam ot lliat i Cleveland •>! oil?" she inquired, enthusiastic- " illy...."Right In thai burn," re- illed the veternn Smith, pointing (j ihe Brookmearte .quarters Sniltli traced Rqlance lo. a livery table in Washington nnd piir- husid the mare for S250, following a splger.dld i»rfonnanee ... her son at Havre de Grace. Lflst fall when young I^eon Carer, new superintendent of Mrs. Sloami"' farm at Opperville, Va., ould not afford lo keep Black Gift oud Relance, Smith nrrnmjed .or the colt to run under the vhitc .uid royal bine crasses of .he Brookmeade siring, nnd Re- lance \ sold ns n saddle :nnrc, Monday Was Open Date For Major League Teams St. Louis .............. 20 Washington ........ 22 Boston .............. 20 Phihulelpliln .......... n is 1'rl .51)5 .511 .MS .813 .500 .471 .41: :.<n Roseland Defeats Dell At Roseland on Sunday Kosetoml defenlcd IX;il on Ihe Re-ielmul diamond Sunday by a score of 8 to 4. Smith of Roscland allowed bin, clirhL Crilllnnd wns the vlnn up 10 blows. hiis. luirler. No Raines were played National nnrt Amerlenn in tho ]i>ai;iii'.s Both leagues resume piny toilny with a lull schedule. In the American New York Is nt Boston, St. Louis til Chicago, Cleveland nt Delroit and Philadelphia at Wnsh- ^ngton. In the National league Pittsburgh plays ru Cincinnati. -oston til New York. Brooklyn nl ...ladelphin nnd Chicago «i St. .uis. ii/fc Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2:30, I0-2f* Nile 7:15, 10-3oc Do You Remember? One Year Ajo Today — John J. MrGra\v was appointed to direct ihe National Lea$uc team against American League squad In (hi- World's Fair All-Star e«mr. Five Years A;o Todaj-—Stan- fotd University won its third I. C. 4-A track and field championship Philadelphia. NON-SKID SPOT PAD TRUSSES The Perfect. Rupture Holders! 8KB OUR FITTER NOW Consultation unfi Advice Frre. fie have a special type Tor ycci rupture I Robinson Drujt Co., Inc. Railroad A Mala St. — MARKEtf : MEIMtl : ;.I(I8TIH OUL (jTf| ^CHILES I1CIFIII ! smuf iturii 1: l\ ! IS i L p. kM« NMM '.:'. I'aramnnnl News l.ooney Tuno—"Hudily ;>nil Towser" /CHEVROLET'S reduced prices reflect ^^ in dramatic fashion the record-breaking demand that, month after month, is keeping Chevrolet first in sales. In offering these exceptional values at these new, lower prices, Chevrolet hopes to maintain, during the balance of the year, the high level of employment so necessary to the general program of recovery. These reductions bring Chevrolet's base price down to $465, f. o. b. Flint, Michigan—the lowest price ever placed on a car of this quality and equipment. They also mean that you can now buy a modern Knee-Action car for as much as $35 less than before. Truck prices have dropped as much as $50—making America's most NEW REDUCED PRICES EFFECTIVE TODAY NI* RMutK! Amount STANDARD MODELS LRr ^,f, „„£,,„ Sport Roadster $465 $25 Coach 495 25 Coupe , v . 4S5 25 MASTER MODELS Sport Roadster '... i'.V,~ . 540 35 Coach 5go 35 Town Sedan 615 30 Sedan 640 35 Coupe 560 35 Sport Coupe 6flo 35 Sedan Delivery dOO 45 COMMERCIAL CARS Commercial Chassis ,' 355 30 Utility Long Chassis 515 50 Dual Long Chassis 535 50 Utility Chassis anil C;it> 575 5ft Dual Chassis anil Cab 595 50 Utility Long Chassis and Cab.. 605 58 Dual Long Chassis and Cub... 625 50 Commercial Panel ' 575 35 .Special Commercial Panel... . 595 35 Utility Panel 750 50 Dual Cab and Stake Body 680 50 Dual Long Cab and Stake Body 740 50 Above ate list prices of passenger c.lrs at Flint, Mich. With bumper*, spare tire and tire, lock, the list price of Standard Models is $13 additional; Master Models tlO additional. List prices of commercial cats quoted are f. o. b. Flint, Mich. Special equipment extra. Prices subject tochanfc- without notice. Compare Chevrolet's low delivered prices and easy C.Af.X.C. terms. X Central Motors Value. economical truck a still greater source o' savings. Chevrolet is particularly glad to makr this important announcement just at this time when you can see and judge the Chevrolet at the National Exhibits of General Motors Products. Make it a point to look over these cars. Be practical —compare its modern features and these new tow prices with those of any other low-priced car. Then you will know even more surely than before why we say with confidence, "Drive the Chevrolet only 5 miles and you'll never be satisfied with any other low-priced car." CHEVROLET MOTOR CO., DETROIT, MICHIGAN CHEVROLET LEADS IN VALUE BY A WIDER MARGIN THAN EVER SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blythevillc, Ark. VROLET ANNOUNCES SUBSTANTIAL PRICE REDUCTIONS On all models of Chevrolet passenger cars and trucks Reductions amount to as much as $50 on some models

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