The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 6, 2002 · Page 29
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 29

Los Angeles, California
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Wednesday, February 6, 2002
Page 29
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ET_F_11_F11_OC_1_02-06-02_we_1_CMYK 2002:02:05:15:27:12 LOSANGELESTIMESOCWEDNESDAY,FEBRUARY6,2002 F11 TODAY ON TV A dramatic finish yielded only minor ratings gains for the Super Bowl, while Fox’s “Malcolm in the Middle” fumbled away most of that audience due in part to its late postgame start, based on viewing estimates issued Tuesdayby Nielsen Media Research. Viewing of the game rose 3% from last year (the percentage of U.S. homes tuning in was actually the same, but the population has grown), as usual dwarfing anything else broadcast on TV this season. Viewers drifted away, however, during the protracted postgame show, and the youth-oriented “Malcolm”— which didn’t get on the air until 10:52 p.m. Eastern time— fell more than 50% short of post-Super Bowl viewing of “Survivor” last year. Insert your own joke here, meanwhile, for NBC’s attempt to lure away viewers with a special Playboy Playmate edition of “Fear Factor” versus Fox’s halftime and postgame coverage. NBC did draw the highest young-adult rating for any network against the Super Bowl in eight years, but the ratings were still modest. On Friday, an interview with Celine Dion helped “20/ 20” belt out its biggest audience in 10 months, though the newsmagazine still trailed NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in its time slot. ABC also received a lift from “Stephen King’s Rose Red,” which finished its three-night run as the highest-rated miniseries since King’s “Storm of the Century” in 1999. Brian Lowry Slight Gain for Big Game National Nielsen Viewership Here are the rankings for national prime- time network television last week (Jan. 28- Feb. 3) as compiled by Nielsen Media Research. They are based on the average num- ber of people who watched a program from start to finish. Nielsen estimates there are 269 million potential viewers in the U.S. age 2and older. Viewership is listed in millions. Program Network View- ersProgram Network Viewers 1 “Super Bowl XXXVI”FOX86.80 2 “Super Bowl Post-Game”FOX49.76 3 Friends (8 p.m.)NBC28.64 4 Friends (8:30 p.m.)NBC27.02 5 ERNBC24.75 6 CSICBS23.54 7 Malcolm in the MiddleFOX21.45 8 Everybody Loves RaymondCBS20.64 9 Law & OrderNBC20.56 10 Will & GraceNBC19.91 11 The West WingNBC19.12 12 “…Rose Red,” Part 2ABC18.65 13 Law & Order: SVUNBC17.05 14 “…Rose Red,” Part 3ABC16.86 15 Just Shoot MeNBC16.65 16 BeckerCBS16.51 17 “Price Is Right 30th Anniversary” CBS15.71 18 20/20 (Fri.)ABC14.21 19 Fear FactorNBC13.82 20 My Wife and KidsABC12.89 21 “State of the Union Analysis”ABC12.73 22 “State of the Union Analysis”NBC12.50 23 Yes, DearCBS12.44 24 King of QueensCBS12.38 25 48 Hours (Mon.)CBS12.35 26 The DistrictCBS12.30 27 Crossing JordanNBC12.26 28 JAGCBS12.08 29 Millionaire (Mon.)ABC12.06 30 Third WatchNBC12.04 31 Boston PublicFOX11.75 32 ProvidenceNBC11.59 33 According to JimABC11.53 34 “Fear Factor: Halftime”NBC11.43 35 Dateline: NBC (Fri.)NBC11.20 36 “Fear Factor: Playmates”NBC11.09 37 The AgencyCBS10.97 38 EdNBC10.77 39 The Bernie Mac ShowFOX10.76 40 America’s Funniest Home Videos ABC10.64 41 “Best Commercials...7”ABC10.61 The ChairABC10.61 43 FrasierNBC10.21 44 “State of the Union Analysis”CBS10.17 45 60 Minutes IICBS10.15 46 First MondayCBS10.06 47 20/20 DowntownABC9.78 48 The Drew Carey ShowABC9.41 49 “Super Bowl Commercials 2”CBS9.36 50 That ’80s ShowFOX9.01 51 Grounded for LifeFOX8.79 52 Touched by an Angel (Sat.)CBS8.65 53 Cops (8:30)FOX8.64 54 The PracticeABC8.51 55 Touched by an AngelCBS8.34 56 CopsFOX8.21 57 That ’70s ShowFOX8.18 58 TitusFOX8.16 59 60 Minutes (8 p.m.)CBS8.02 60 The JobABC7.98 61 America’s Most WantedFOX7.87 62 Three SistersNBC7.79 63 Dateline: NBC (Tue.)NBC7.72 64 Becker (Wed., 9 p.m.)CBS7.60 65 60 Minutes II (Sun., 7 p.m.)CBS7.57 66 “State of Union Analysis 2”ABC7.55 67 Becker (Wed., 9:30 p.m.)CBS7.50 68 “Sabrina”CBS7.44 69 Whose Line Is It? (8:30 p.m.)ABC7.33 70 “From Russia With Love”ABC7.14 71 “State of Union Analysis 2”CBS7.09 72 That ’70s Show (Mon.)FOX7.06 73 SmallvilleWB7.02 74 “The General’s Daughter”NBC6.95 75 48 Hours (Wed.)CBS6.77 76 WWF Smackdown!UPN6.65 77 EnterpriseUPN6.50 78 Whose Line Is It?ABC6.22 79 Dark AngelFOX6.13 80 Fear Factor (Sun., 8 p.m.)NBC6.09 UndeclaredFOX6.09 82 Fear Factor (Sun., 9 p.m.)NBC5.94 83 60 Minutes II (Tue., 10:30 p.m.) CBS5.86 84 Malcolm in the Middle (Mon., 9:30 p.m.) FOX5.85 85 Gilmore GirlsWB5.83 86 Buffy the Vampire SlayerUPN5.57 87 7th HeavenWB5.54 88 Malcolm in the Middle (Fri., 8:30 p.m.) FOX5.45 Temptation Island 2FOX5.45 That ’70s Show (Fri., 8 p.m.)FOX5.45 91 AliasABC5.37 92 Wonderful World of DisneyABC5.03 93 Family Guy (8:30 p.m.)FOX4.94 94 Family GuyFOX4.60 95 Weakest Link (SP)NBC4.36 96 RebaWB4.31 97 “Under Siege 2…”UPN4.14 98 Dawson’s CreekWB4.13 99 One on OneUPN3.96 100 “State of Union Analysis”FOX3.89 CharmedWB3.89 102 The ParkersUPN3.78 103 “Super Bowl Bash”CBS3.59 104 RoswellUPN3.52 The HughleysUPN3.52 106 GirlfriendsUPN3.46 107 Special Unit 2UPN3.37 108 Maybe It’s MeWB2.91 109 Sabrina, Teenage WitchWB2.89 110 Glory DaysWB2.85 111 Smallville (Mon., 9 p.m.)WB2.69 112 Raising DadWB2.62 113 Charmed (8 p.m.)WB2.45 114 Popstars 2 (9 p.m.)WB1.87 115 Popstars 2 (8 p.m.)WB1.65 Network Averages Here is the number of viewers (in millions) that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. Network Last week Season To date FOX26.2610.33 NBC12.8012.08 ABC10.5210.47 CBS10.4612.51 UPN4.794.54 WB3.523.83 Tips for Today 9-11 a.m.—Larry Mantle’s Airtalk : Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks (9-9:30 a.m.); “The Effects of Marijuana” (10-10:30 a.m.); “Gravity” (10:30-11 a.m.); highlights repeated 7-9 p.m., KPCC-FM (89.3). 10-11 a.m.—Morning Symphony : MacKey (“Tuck and Roll,” electric guitarist Steven Mackey; Michael Tilson Thomas conducts New World Symphony), KCSN-FM (88.5). 1-2:30 p.m.—Talk of the City With Kitty Felde : “Nation of Islam” (1-2 p.m.); “A Guide to Murals in Southern California” (2-2:30 p.m.); highlights repeated, 9-10 p.m., KPCC- FM (89.3). 4-8 p.m.—Duffy and Co. : Christian comedian Thor Ramsay (4:30-5 p.m.), KKLA- FM (99.5). 9:30-10 p.m., 2:30-3 a.m.—Dimension X : An SOS message is received from outer space (originally broadcast Dec. 11, 1949), KNX (1070). Drama-Comedy-Family 9-9:30 p.m., 2-2:30 a.m.—The Six Shooter : Britt (James Stewart) rides to meet an old friend whose life is in jeopardy (originally broadcast Oct. 25, 1953), KNX (1070). Classical Noon-12:30 p.m.—Masterpiece of the Day : Handel (“Water Music: Suite in F,” Orpheus Chamber Orchestra), KMZT-FM (105.1). 7-8 p.m.—Symphony at 7 : Tchaikovsky (2nd Symphony, London Philharmonic Orches- tra), KMZT-FM (105.1). 7p.m.-midnight—Jim Svejda : Shostakovich (10th Symphony, Helsinki Philharmonic) (910 p.m.), KUSC-FM (91.5). Rock-Urban 8-10 p.m.—Rhapsody in Black , R&B, doo- wop, KPFK-FM (90.7). 8:30-10 p.m.—Rockline , KCBS-FM (93.1). 10 p.m.-midnight—Chocolate City , urban rhythm & soul, KCRW-FM (89.9). Midnight-12:30 a.m.—Music From Your Own Back Yard , KROQ-FM (106.7). News-Commentary Continuous —KFWB (980), KNX (1070). 3-9 a.m.—Morning Edition , KCRW-FM (89.9), KPCC-FM (89.3). 7-9 a.m.—The Morning Show , KPFK-FM (90.7). 9-9:05 a.m., 11:45 a.m.-noon, 7-7:05 p.m.— Paul Harvey , KABC (790). Noon-1 p.m.—The World , KCRW-FM (89.9). Noon-1 p.m.—Noon Business Hour , KFWB (980). 1-2 p.m.—To the Point : “A Battle Over Homeland Security,” KCRW-FM (89.9). 2-2:30 p.m.—Marketplace , KCRW-FM (89.9); 2:30-3 p.m. and 6:30-7 p.m., KPCC- FM (89.3). 2:30-3 p.m.—The Politics of Culture : “Web sites on the Middle East,” KCRW-FM (89.9). 2:30-3 p.m.—Pacifica News , KPFK-FM (90.7). 3-4 p.m.—Fresh Air , culture, KCRW-FM (89.9); also, 10-11 p.m. KPCC-FM (89.3). 3-6:30 p.m.—All ThingsConsidered , KPCC- FM (89.3); also, 4-6:30 p.m. , KCRW-FM (89.9). Talk-Interview 6-9 a.m.—Mike Gallagher , KRLA (870). 6-10 a.m.—Mark and Brian , KLOS-FM (95.5). 9-11:45 a.m.—Allred & Taylor , KABC (790). 9a.m.-noon—Rush Limbaugh , KFI (640). 9a.m.-noon—Michael Jackson , KLAC (570). 9a.m.-noon, 6-8 p.m.—Dennis Prager , KRLA (870). 9a.m.-noon—Laura Ingraham , KPLS (830). 11 a.m.-Noon—Sam Rubin , KLSX-FM (97.1). 11 a.m.-1 p.m.—Talk of the Nation , KPCC- FM (89.3). Noon-1 p.m.—Jim Cramer , KLAC (570). Noon-1 p.m.—George Putnam , KPLS (830). Noon-3 p.m.—Sean Hannity , KABC (790). Noon-3 p.m.—Laura Schlessinger , KFI (640). Noon-3 p.m.—Michael Medved , KRLA (870). Noon-3 p.m.—Frosty, Heidi and Frank , KLSX-FM (97.1). 2-5 p.m.—Clark Howard , KLAC (570). 3-6 p.m.—Hugh Hewitt , KRLA (870). 3-7 p.m.—Larry Elder , KABC (790). 3-7 p.m.—John & Ken , KFI (640). 3-8 p.m.—Tom Leykis , KLSX-FM (97.1). 4-5 p.m.—Marc Cooper , KPFK-FM (90.7). 4-7 p.m.—Michael Savage , KPLS (830). 5-7 p.m.—Leslie Marshall , KLAC (570). 7:05-10 p.m.—Al Rantel , KABC (790). RADIO cuit. Each guest in the fluctuating roster usually receives about $1,000 per appearance (the host, of course, owns the franchise), but McLaughlin is quick to note that panelists fill their pockets in other ways. Just being on the show “is very lucrative,” he said. “It leads to white- collar crime, which is lecturing. They know that, and that helps keep their appetite for a piece of me at a lower level. I say, ‘What about this? I see you’ve been out on the road.’” My goal was to get McLaughlin’s thoughts on the talking-head culture he has helped popularize, with sons of “McLaughlin”—including Fox News Channel’s “The Beltway Boys,” featuring former regulars Morton Kondrackeand Fred Barnes—popping up all across the dial. McLaughlin took me to lunch at the ritzy Water Grill in downtown L.A., and despite his clipped tones, no one would accuse this former Jesuit priest of being short-winded. Indeed, based on his lunchtime patter, I began to fear inquiring about his tie would prompt a dissertation on the history of haberdasheries in America. After asking how his show wound up on KCET, I found myself listening to a long story about his testimony to Congress before the birth of PBS in the 1960s. When he paused to take a bite of his scallops and the next sentence began, “The show started in April of ’82 on WRC in Washington,” I briefly contemplated how much iced tea it would take, swallowed quickly, to kill a man my size. Still, there’s no question that McLaughlin, who is 74 but doesn’t like to discuss it, knows his audience and truly seems to believe his show inspires debate that is “therapeutic for the public.” To McLaughlin, TV talk has supplanted the street cafe or barber shop as a center for public discourse, providing an outlet for people “too harried and hurried” to engage in such vigorous dialogue on their own. “It’s as simple as that,” he said. “It’s an appetite that’s developed, to have a meeting place, a talking place, a forum, for the exchange of ideas”—abetted, he added, by his show’s taped introductions, which “pull apart the polarities of the issue so they’re very clearly set forth.” Of course, anyone who has watched “McLaughlin” or any other TV talk show comes away with the impression that the most knowledgeable person in the world won’t be invited back if unable to present arguments in an entertaining fashion, hence the emphasis on predictions, posturing and other show-business trappings. “Civilized discourse does not have to be dull. That’s No. 1,” McLaughlin countered. “Secondly, it’s not a shout-fest. Individuals gather with passionate beliefs about public policy issues, and I hire them because they are so passionate as well as informed.” Although he served as a special assistant during the Nixon and Ford administrations, McLaughlin describes himself as a registered independent (labeled conservative, he quipped, because of his “tyrannical and dictatorial manner”) and the ideological “swing vote” on his program, which now offers an extra four minutes of content previously excised to make room for commercials on KNBC. Addressing charges of liberal bias within the media in general and PBS in particular, McLaughlin, astaunch supporter of public broadcasting, sees some merit in those claims but proposes the larger pitfall at PBS is a tendency toward elitism. As for explaining his longevity in this perceived tree-hugging environment, I could have sworn I asked but later realized my point somehow got lost amid another McLaughlin monologue. McLaughlin did express scant concern about the proliferation of daily talk on cable undercutting his weekly showcase, and shrugged off media coverage of the tussle between CNN and Fox News as gossip feasted upon by media folk—and pretty much them alone. “I think it’s mostly an inside sport for journalists,” he said. “I just hope it doesn’t take up too much of anybody’s time.” By the time we stood up from the table, I realized McLaughlin had steered the entire interview the way he controls one of his programs and began to appreciate how he has made a living all these years, even if I might yell “Wrong!” in response to his definition of what constitutes a shout-fest. “Journalists tend to meet without joy, live together without conviviality, and leave each other without sorrow,” he noted at one point. True enough. And every once in awhile, they’re reminded that ultimately, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. “The McLaughlin Group” airs Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. on KCET. Brian Lowry’s column appears Wednesdays. He can be reached at Lowry: John McLaughlin Talks Shop Continued from F1 CARLOS CHAVEZ / Los Angeles Times ‘Civilized discourse does not have to be dull. That’s No. 1. Secondly, it’s not a shout-fest. Individuals gather with passionate beliefs about public policy issues, and I hire them because they are so passionate as well as informed.’ JOHN McLAUGHLIN about “The McLaughlin Group” Morning 7:00 a.m. " KCBS The Early Show 29525 $ KNBC D KMIR Today 157122 % KTLA Morning News 78815 ' KABC # KEYT J KESQ Good Morning America 63983 + KTTV Good Day L.A. 96235 - KCOP Recess (TVG) 47070 6 KWHY El Desvan del Tío Ivan 8 KVCR Time to Grow < KCET Sesame Street 276544 > KPXN Employment Television B KMEX ¡Despierta América! H KTBN Rod Parsley N KFTR Fantaghiro R KOCE Real Orange 824937 T KVEA De Mañanita X KDOC James Robinson Y KJLA Shepherd’s Chapel Z KLCS Learning English AMC ✔✔✔ ‘‘The Revenge of Frankenstein’’ ’58 1hr45 7660544 A&E Dizzy: The Life and Music of John Birks Gillespie (TVG) CNN America Strikes Back 358693 CSPN U.S. House of Representatives DISN Rolie Polie Olie (TVY) E! E! News 662254 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Backroads FAM Monster Rancher (TVY7) FNC Fox News Live FSN Southern California Sports FX Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TVPG) HBO The Royal Diaries (TVY7) HGTV Decorating With Style HIST Aquariums: Windows on a Watery World (TVG) LIFE Denise Austin’s Fit & Lite (TVG) NICK Doug 736457 SCI-FI Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TVG) TBS Little House on the Prairie TLC Skinnamarink TV (TVY) TNT Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World (TV14) VH1 Jump Start (TVPG) 7:30 a.m. - KCOP The Legend of Tarzan (TVG) 33877 2 KSCI Suzuran; Cooking (7:45) 8 KVCR Time to Grow H KTBN Marilyn Hickey N KFTR Mr. Bogus R KOCE Wai Lana Yoga Z KLCS Barney & Friends (TVY) DISN Stanley (TVY) E! E! News 641761 ESPN2 Spanish Fly FAM The Zack Files (TVY7) FSN The Best Damn Sports Show HBO ✔✔ ‘‘Pay It Forward’’ ’00 (PG-13) 2hr04 10525186 HGTV Room by Room LIFE Denise Austin’s Daily Workout NICK Rocket Power 715964 TLC NiNi’s Treehouse (TVY) TMC ✔✔ ‘‘A Song Is Born’’ ’48 1hr53 320032 8:00 a.m. ) KCAL To Tell the Truth - KCOP Buzz Lightyear 69631 2 KSCI Kiss, Kiss, Kiss (Korean) 8 KVCR Ethics in America < KCET Dragon Tales 73612 H KTBN Kenneth Copeland N KFTR El Nuevo Mundo de los Gnomos R KOCE Simply Painting Around the World Y KJLA Gem Treasures Z KLCS Between the Lions (TVY) A&E Crime Story BRVO Antiques Roadshow CNBC Midday Call COM ✔ ‘‘Ishtar’’ ’87 (PG-13) 2hr 8330051 DISN The Book of Pooh (TVY) E! E! News 768877 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Fishin’ Hole FAM What’s With Andy? (TVY7) FNC Fox News Live FX Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TVPG) HGTV TIPical Mary Ellen HIST 20th Century (TVPG) LIFE Designing Women (TVPG-D) MTV Music Videos (TVPG) NICK Hey Arnold! 825780 SCI-FI Land of the Giants (TVG) SHOW ✔✔ ‘‘Escape to Athena’’ ’79 (PG) 2hr05 645631 SUND ✔✔✔ ‘‘Don’t Look Back’’ ’67 1hr36 1476439 TBS Little House on the Prairie TCM ✔✔ ‘‘The Girl From Jones Beach’’ ’49 1hr18 6745506 (8:15) TLC Salty’s Lighthouse (TVY) TNT Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TVPG) USA Veronica’s Closet (TVPG) 8:30 a.m. ) KCAL Family Feud - KCOP Sabrina, the Animated Series (TVG) 68902 < KCET Arthur (TVY) 72983 > KPXN James Robison 16341 H KTBN Dino N KFTR Anatole R KOCE Barney & Friends (TVY) Z KLCS Cursive Handwriting; Phonics in Context (8:45) AMC ✔✔✔ ‘‘Gods and Monsters’’ ’98 (R) 2hr 5242099 (8:45) CMAX ✔✔ ‘‘Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit’’ ’93 (PG) 1hr46 1485322 DISN PB&J Otter (TVY) E! E! News 767148 ESPN2 Fly-Fishing the World FAM Flint the Time Detective HGTV Smart Solutions IFC ✔ ‘‘The Killing of a Chinese Bookie’’ ’76 (R) 3058631 (8:45) LIFE Designing Women (TVPG-D) NICK SpongeBob SquarePants TLC NiNi’s Treehouse (TVY) USA ✔✔ ‘‘Evolution’s Child’’ ’99 2hr 796070 9:00 a.m. " KCBS Martha Stewart 80709 % KTLA Sally (TVPG) 22709 ' KABC # KEYT J KESQ Live With Regis and Kelly 17877 ) KCAL Judge Joe Brown + KTTV I Love Lucy - KCOP Maury 19273 6 KWHY Agua Viva 18761 8 KVCR Mister Rogers 43457 < KCET Clifford the Big Red Dog (TVY) 63235 H KTBN Dr. Cherry N KFTR El Inútil R KOCE Instructional TV X KDOC Life in the Word Y KJLA Afternoon of Jewelry Z KLCS Number in My World A&E L.A. Law BET Video Soul Gold BRVO St. Elsewhere CNN America Strikes Back 770761 DSC Assignment Discovery (TVG) DISN Out of the Box (TVY) E! Mysteries & Scandals (TVPG) ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 NBA Inside Stuff 1341952 FAM It’s Itsy Bitsy Time! (TVY) FNC Fox News Live FX MASH (TVPG) HGTV Appraisal Fair HIST Sworn to Secrecy (TVG) LIFE Golden Girls (TVPG-D) NICK Bob the Builder 848631 SCI-FI Sightings (TVPG) TBS Matlock TLC A Baby Story (TVPG) TNN Picket Fences (TVPG) TNT ER (TV14) 9:30 a.m. ) KCAL Judge Joe Brown + KTTV I Love Lucy 6 KWHY ‘‘Se los Chupó la Bruja’’ ’57 1hr30 555438 8 KVCR Jay Jay the Jet Plane < KCET Barney & Friends (TVY) 65439 H KTBN Lifestyle Magazine X KDOC Benny Hinn Z KLCS Turn on to Numbers DISN Rolie Polie Olie (TVY) E! Mysteries & Scandals (TVPG-V) ESPN2 NBA 2Night FAM Living the Life FSN2 Southern California Sports FX MASH (TVPG) HBO ✔✔✔ ‘‘Circle of Friends’’ ’95 (PG-13) 1hr36 53524761 (9:45) HGTV Appraise It! LIFE Golden Girls (TVPG-D) NICK Franklin 550964 SUND ✔✔✔ ‘‘The Passion of Anna’’ ’69 (R) 1hr41 86196867 (9:35) TCM ✔✔ ‘‘John Loves Mary’’ ’49 1hr36 35357273 (9:45) TLC A Baby Story (TVPG) TMC ✔✔ ‘‘Cannonball’’ ’76 (PG) 1hr33 2834525 10:00 a.m. " KCBS The Price Is Right (TVG) # KEYT Voice of Santa Barbara $ KNBC Rosie O’Donnell 33728 % KTLA Sally (TVG) 57322 ' KABC J KESQ The View (TV14) 42490 ) KCAL Judge Mathis + KTTV Good Day Live - KCOP Montel Williams 22761 8 KVCR Sesame Street 40709 < KCET Caillou (TVY) 59983 B KMEX Marta Susana D KMIR Judge Joe Brown H KTBN Behind the Scenes N KFTR Cambio de Piel T KVEA ‘‘El Gendarme Desconocido’’ ’41 1hr30 165099 X KDOC Southland Today Z KLCS Jason Project Prologue: Frozen Worlds 79322 A&E Murder, She Wrote BET Videolink BRVO thirtysomething CMAX ✔✔ ‘‘The Great White Hype’’ ’96 (R) 15343631 (10:15) CNBC Power Lunch 56457 COM The Daily Show 8340438 DSC Lynette Jennings Design (TVG) DISN Stanley (TVY) (10:25) E! The E! True Hollywood Story (TVPG-V) ‘‘Roman Polanski’’ 406525 ESPN NHL Cool Shots ESPN2 NFL 2Night 5509235 FAM The 700 Club FNC Fox News Live FSN2 The Best Damn Sports Show FX MASH (TVPG) HGTV A Place to Call Home HIST Great Blunders in History LIFE Beyond Chance (TVPG) NICK Blue’s Clues 913380 SCI-FI Dark Shadows 2378964 SHOW ✔✔ ‘‘Bring Him Home’’ ’00 1hr32 1676612 TBS Hunter TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TNN Kids Say the Darndest Things TNT ER (TV14) VH1 Fresh (TVPG) 10:30 a.m. ) KCAL Judge Mathis < KCET Between the Lions (TVY) D KMIR Judge Joe Brown H KTBN Dr. Carl Baugh AMC ✔✔✔ ‘‘The Celluloid Closet’’ ’96 (R) 2hr 2108742 (10:45) COM Win Ben Stein’s Money DISN PB&J Otter (TVY) ESPN Hockey– NHL Young-Stars Game. 277896 ESPN2 RPM 2Night FX MASH (TVPG) HGTV The Good Life HIST The Wrath of God (TVG) IFC ✔✔ ‘‘I Don’t Want to Talk About It’’ ’94 (PG-13) 1hr42 77337457 (10:45) NICK Oswald SCI-FI Dark Shadows 8522438 TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TNN Kids Say the Darndest Things (TVG) 156983 USA ✔✔ ‘‘The Companion’’ ’94 (R) 2hr 200493 11:00 a.m. " KCBS The Young and the Restless (TV14-D) 28896 # KEYT Port Charles (TVPG-LS) 8728 $ KNBC News % KTLA Ananda Lewis Show ' KABC News ) KCAL Crossing Over 40419 + KTTV Divorce Court - KCOP Jenny Jones 42525 6 KWHY ‘‘Al Diablo las Mujeres’’ ’55 2hr 993709 8 KVCR Breaking Bread With Father Dominic < KCET Teletubbies (TVY) 48631 B KMEX María Belén D KMIR News H KTBN James Robison J KESQ Montel Williams 77877 N KFTR Isabella Mujer Enamorada X KDOC Perry Mason (TVPG-V) Z KLCS Shakespeare Shorts A&E Magnum, P.I. BET Countdown BRVO Moonlighting COM Whose Line Is It Anyway? CSPN U.S. House of Representatives DSC Lynette Jennings Design DISN The Book of Pooh (TVY) ESPN2 Racehorse Digest FAM It’s Itsy Bitsy Time! (TVY) FNC Fox News Live FSN Snow Motion FX The Practice (TV14) HGTV The Carol Duvall Show HIST In Search Of ... (TVG) LIFE Unsolved Mysteries (TVPG) NICK Dora the Explorer 679438 SCI-FI Viper (TV14-V) TBS ‘‘The Triangle’’ ’01 2hr 946273 TLC A Personal Story (TVPG) TMC ✔✔ ‘‘High-Ballin’’’ ’78 (PG) 1hr40 49743490 (11:15) TNN The Waltons (TVG) TNT NYPD Blue (TV14-L) VH1 Behind the Music (TVPG) 11:30 a.m. # KEYT News ' KABC Port Charles (TVPG-LS) 12612 ) KCAL Crossing Over 41148 + KTTV Judge Hatchett 2 KSCI Taiwan News 8 KVCR Lap Quilting < KCET Jay Jay the Jet Plane (TVY) 16032 D KMIR Mad About You (TVPG) H KTBN Benny Hinn T KVEA Noticiero Z KLCS Third Planet ; Third Planet (11:40); Third Planet (11:50) BET 106 & Park: BET’s Top 10 Live COM Beat the Geeks (TVPG) DSC Lynette Jennings Design DISN Bear in the Big Blue House (TVY) ; Playhouse Short (11:55) ESPN Pro Hockey– NHL All-Star Super Skills Challenge. 525544 ESPN2 Cheerleading FAM It’s Itsy Bitsy Time! (TVY) FSN Ski TV HBO ✔✔ ‘‘Loser’’ ’00 (PG-13) 1hr35 1699780 HGTV Simply Quilts HIST In Search Of ... (TVG) NICK Dora the Explorer 670167 SHOW ✔✔ ‘‘A Small Town in Texas’’ ’76 (PG) 1hr35 21287867 (11:45) SUND ✔✔✔ ‘‘Crows’’ ’94 1hr06 510612 TCM ✔✔ ‘‘The Winning Team’’ ’52 1hr38 1282051 TLC A Personal Story (TVPG) Afternoon Noon " KCBS News $ KNBC The Other Half 55877 % KTLA 7th Heaven (TVG) ' KABC # KEYT All My Children (TVPG) 52457 ) KCAL News + KTTV Divorce Court - KCOP Ricki Lake (TVPG) 84438 2 KSCI Mandarin Drama 8 KVCR Scheewe Art Workshop < KCET Sesame Street 88032 B KMEX María Rosa, Búscame una Esposa D KMIR Ananda Lewis Show H KTBN The 700 Club J KESQ News N KFTR El Escándalo del Mediodía T KVEA Cotorreando 60612 X KDOC Ironside (TVPG-V) Z KLCS In Focus A&E Night Court BRVO Antiques Roadshow CMAX ✔✔✔ ‘‘Almost Famous’’ ’00 (R) 2hr04 282186 CNBC Closing Bell CNN TalkBack Live 197419 COM Saturday Night Live (TVPG) DSC Home Matters (TVG) DISN Rolie Polie Olie (TVY) E! Celebrity Profile (TVPG) FAM Step by Step (TVPG) FNC Fox News Live FSN This Is the PGA Tour FSN2 Bluetorch TV FX ✔ ‘‘MallRats’’ ’95 (R) 2hr 3902877 HGTV Decorating With Style HIST Black Sheep Squadron LIFE Unsolved Mysteries (TVPG) NICK Little Bill 835167 SCI-FI The Twilight Zone (TVPG) TLC A Makeover Story (TVG) TNN The Waltons (TVG) TNT ✔✔ ‘‘House of Secrets’’ ’93 2hr 305322 VH1 Top 80 of the 80’s (TVPG) 12:30 p.m. " KCBS The Bold and the Beautiful (TV14-D) 74902 + KTTV Judge Hatchett 8 KVCR Western Tradition R KOCE Right on the Money Z KLCS Reading Rainbow (TVY) AMC ✔✔ ‘‘Sing, Boy, Sing’’ ’58 1hr45 30904273 (12:45) A&E NewsRadio (TVPG) DISN Out of the Box (TVY) ESPN2 Cheerleading FAM The Wonder Years HGTV Kitty Bartholomew: You’re Home IFC ✔✔✔ ‘‘Shakespeare Wallah’’ ’65 2hr05 831761 NICK Blue’s Clues 554780 SCI-FI The Twilight Zone (TVPG) TLC A Makeover Story (TVG) USA Nash Bridges (TVPG) 1:00 p.m. " KCBS As the World Turns (TV14-D) 79457 $ KNBC D KMIR Days of Our Lives (TV14) 64525 % KTLA Sister, Sister (TVPG) ' KABC # KEYT J KESQ One Life to Live (TVPG) 13815 ) KCAL The People’s Court (TVPG) + KTTV Texas Justice - KCOP A Different World 6 KWHY Cine 8 KVCR Western Tradition < KCET Mister Rogers 97631 > KPXN Bonanza (TVPG) B KMEX Milagros (TVPG) H KTBN John Hagee R KOCE Simply Painting Around the World T KVEA Maritere X KDOC Streets of San Francisco Z KLCS The Story of Read-Alee- Deed-Alee ; Club Write (1:15) A&E Law & Order (TVPG) BET Cita’s World BRVO ✔✔ ‘‘Twelfth Night’’ ’96 (PG) 3hr 423964 CNBC Closing Bell CNN America’s New War 106167 COM Saturday Night Live (TV14) DSC Home Matters (TVG) DISN Madeline (TVY) E! Mysteries & Scandals (TVPG-D) ESPN Winter X Games 935631 ESPN2 Cheerleading FAM ✔✔✔ ‘‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’’ ’93 (PG-13) 2hr 278983 FNC Your World With Neil Cavuto FSN Golf the West FSN2 Bluetorch TV HBO ✔✔✔ ‘‘Superman II’’ ’80 (PG) 2hr07 45091780 (1:15) HGTV Decorating Cents HIST Sports Cars (TVG) LIFE ‘‘What Makes a Family’’ ’01 2hr 281457 NICK Maggie and the Ferocious Beast 735728 SCI-FI Highlander: The Raven (TVPG-V) SUND ✔✔ ‘‘I’ll Take You There’’ ’99 (R) 1hr33 5735070 TBS Mama’s Family TLC A Dating Story (TVG) TMC ✔✔ ‘‘Operation Dumbo Drop’’ ’95 (PG) 1hr47 508457 TNN Judge Mills Lane (TVPG) VH1 Top 80 of the 80’s (TVPG) 1:30 p.m. % KTLA Full House + KTTV Texas Justice (TVPG) - KCOP Moesha (TVG) 2 KSCI Tea Time 8 KVCR Oceanus < KCET Zoboomafoo (TVY) 15916 H KTBN Rod Parsley R KOCE This Old House Z KLCS Early Americans in History; Concepts in Nature (1:45) DISN Winnie the Pooh (TVY) E! Mysteries & Scandals ESPN2 ESPNEWS FSN Hooked on Golf HGTV from Martha’s garden NICK Bob the Builder 553051 SHOW ✔✔ ‘‘High Tide’’ ’87 (PG- 13) 1hr42 386877 TBS Mama’s Family TCM ✔✔ ‘‘She’s Working Her Way Through College’’ ’52 1hr41 3841728 TLC A Dating Story (TVG) TNN Judge Mills Lane (TVPG) USA Walker, Texas Ranger (TV14-V) 2:00 p.m. " KCBS Guiding Light (TV14-D) 85693 $ KNBC D KMIR Passions (TV14) 70761 % KTLA Clueless (TVG) ' KABC # KEYT J KESQ General Hospital (TVPG) 29051 ) KCAL News Los Angeles/ Orange County " KCBS (CBS) 02 $ KNBC (NBC) 04 % KTLA (WB) 05 ' KABC (ABC) 07 ) KCAL (Ind.) 09 + KTTV (Fox) 11 - KCOP (UPN) 13 2 KSCI (Ind.) 18 6 KWHY (Ind.) 22 < KCET (PBS) 28 > KPXN (PAX) 30 B KMEX (Uni.) 14 H KTBN (Ind.) 40 N KFTR (Futr.) 26 R KOCE (PBS) 50 T KVEA (Tele.) 23 X KDOC (Ind.) 56 Y KJLA (Ind.) 25 Z KLCS (Edu.) 17 Æ KRCA (Ind.) 20 Palm Springs D KMIR (NBC) 04 J KESQ 7, 25 Santa Barbara # KEYT (ABC) 07 San Bernardino 8 KVCR (PBS) 24 A&E 39 AMC 35 BET 57 BRVO 54 CNBC 31 COM 79 CSPN 29 CMAX 45 CNN 42 DSC 37 DISN 53 E! 63 ESPN 34 ESPN2 84 FAM 47 FNC 91 FSN 27 FSN2 59 FX 89 HBO 33 HIST 30 HGTV 80 IFC 21 LIFE 46 MSNBC 90 MTV 48 NICK 38 SCI-FI 87 SHOW 41 SUND 36 TBS 43 TCM 88 TLC 51 TMC 58 TNN 49 TNT 52 USA 44 VH1 62 Cable Services Use numbers after call letters to set VCR Plus. Where there are two numbers, repeat the procedure. (R) in the grid, denotes a repeat program. Movie Ratings ✔✔✔✔ A CLASSIC ✔✔✔ FIRST RATE ✔✔ FLAWED: HAS MOMENTS ✔ DESPERATION TIME TV RATINGS (TVY)All Children (TVY7)Directed to Older Children (TVY7-FV)Directed to Older Children; Fantasy/Violence (TVG)General Audience (TVPG)Parental Guidance (TV14)Parents Strongly Cautioned (TVMA)Mature Audiences Only (D)Suggestive Dialogue (L)Coarse Language (S)Sex (V)Violence CHANNELS Continued on next page Jazz Banda Bros. (Steamers Café, 138 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, [714] 871-8800). Ramon and Tony Banda have been the mainstay of the Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band for two decades. 8 p.m. Sal Marquez Quintet (Spazio, 14755 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, [818] 728-8400). Trumpeter Marquez works with saxman Doug Webb, pianist Theo Saunders, bassist Chris Colangelo and drummer Joel Taylor. 8 p.m. Calamari (Charlie O’s Saloon, Bar and Grill, 13725 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, [818] 994-3058). Vibist Emil Richards, drummer Joe Porcaro, pianist Mike Lang and bassist Mike Valerio begin at 8:30 p.m. Theater Synergy (L.A. Theatre Works at Skirball Cultural Center, 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd., L.A., [310] 8270889). JoBeth Williams and Richard Kind head an all-star cast in Keith Reddin’s satire of morality and corporate life, as the devil lets awoman live longer if she will supply him with other souls. Wednesday-Friday, 8 p.m.; Sunday, 4 and 7:30 p.m. Ends Sunday . The Worst of Eric Bogosian (Freud Playhouse, 405 Hilgard Ave., Westwood, [310] 825-2101). A one- man parade of raging modern madmen from award-winning monologist Eric Bogosian, with selections from past shows and his newest solo work, “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.” Adult audiences. Wednesday-Saturday, 8 p.m. Music Allan Vogel and Bach’s Circle (CalArts, 24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia, [661] 222-2787). The ensemble plays Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi and Fasch. 8 p.m. Free. Art Hues & Tones of China (Anaheim Museum, 241 S. Anaheim Blvd., [714] 778-3301). Black-and-white photographs by H. Montgomery- Drysdale. Ends April 27. OPENINGS

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