The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1946
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JUNK 13, 1910 BLYTIIEVIU-E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINB Hearing Date Set In Election Suits Two Congressional Candidates Test New Primary Law LITTLE HOCK, Ark., June i:i <UPJ- IIuuriiiBs on iwo anils Involving ilic validity cit' separate fedora! i>riinnry law will lit.' lielcl in ruluski Chancery coni'l at D;30 o'clock Monday murnlil before chancellor Frank Dodsi This announcement - was mndc lo- iliiy by 11. 11. Slitublcflclri, Littl Rock attorney for Lc e WhlUaker of I'orl Sinilli, who nice! (li e oriyin- al suil lust Saturday. Whittakcr, in his action against, IJjc .-jlLilc ck'mocralic cenlrul committee, is asking Ihc court to force lliu coninullce lo place Hie names of fourth congressional cllstrie candidates on Ihc ballot at Hi- klale run-off election August, i:t instead of on (lie federal ballot :is provided liy the conlvovcrsinl a I JOT. Parker Parker, of llanlanelle, congressional candidate in the. Mil district, yesterday filed an intervention in the .suit askinu Hint, the net bo held uncijiiKl \UUiunai. rarkcr a.skcd the court hi authorfe .submission of HID Fifth District contest, at the in'ofi'i-cntial s'atc election July HO because, lln'ric cjimlidnles arc involved. Meanwhile, Lcffcl Gentry, Little Hock lawyer employed by the cen- Iral commiltcc, lias announced that. lie will file demurrers to bolii complaints Ihijj aflernoon. Berlin Night Lift • "•»*• Finest of Marble Used to Lend Dignity to Highest Tribunal Harely pholop.raiihcd, Mr. nnd Mrs. Irving Berlin arc pictured during a recent visil lo a New York nifilit club. The lamed sons writer's newest Uroudwuy success is tiie musical "Johnny Get Your Uiin." In ihc Chancery Court for Ihc Chitkasawba l>istrict of iMissi:;- C'ouuty, Arkansas. Eugene Carroll .......... IMainliir, vs. Mary Carroll .......... Defendant. WAUMNO OK1HCIC The defendant, Mary Carroll, is warned to appear in the Chancery Court lor the Chickrisawba District of Mississippi Comity, Arkansas, within Ihirly days -and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Eugene Carroll. Witness my hand as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this 23th day of May, 19-15. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Preiiln Bright. . Barha;yi. AUy. toy Pllf. Cook, Atty. ad Lilcm. Qi'JO-UC-13-20 G. \V. Ed B. Four Men Die In Gun Battle In Tennessee LATOLUiTTK. Tenn.. June 13 IU.P.)—Fciiir men were killed here yesterday ill a |)l'e-dawn shotgtl'l and pistol battle that, .started when officers entered a l,-iFo)leU e Calo. Sheriff K. 1;. sutlou identified the dead as Bob Stanford. GO. cafe owner, his (.wo sons, Ulns, 30, and Jay, :('-, and Night Policeman Oeorne Woods, 40. A taxi driver was being held In connection with Hie gnu bailie. He allegedly fired at the yroup while they were arguln;; and started the gun play. A (iootl Shot Tho iircher fish, which brings down Insec:.s by shooting wnter at them, lias been seen lo extinguish citiarots in mouths of onlookers scvciai yards uwny. ity n:i:m:iticK c. OTIIMAN United 1'ivss Staff <'<>rrrs|HmU«iit WASHINGTON, June \'i (UP) — 1 have spent Ilic dny In one of Die mast bcaiillfnl buildings In »ll Oil! world-Ihe supreme Court- where only the fountains seemed serene. The cops In the halls ot marble Ilic undent negroes liiiurdlnit the velvet ropes iiiul llio Mujoi-Domos winding up ll.ic sinmner's paper work looked glum. They would not talk lof course nhout (he battle nsllces Hubert 11. Jnckson mill lingo 1,. Dlaek. The feeling around this Grecian temple of Amerlcnn Justice, I Ihlnk. was one of sadness flint tight among Ihi'so most honored of american Jurists eoiild become bit tor enough lo spew into public statements 'and threatened invcsl (gallons by Congress. My o\\,n, thought was that Ihe psychologists, who claim cnvlnron- menl inrlueiiees the <lcods ol men. me cock-eyed, ir ever n bnlldln were designed to soothe Its dwellers and clothe their every iicllon in dignity, the Supreme Court is It. Tlie $fl,740,uou H eost. were sl>enl lo do honor to the nine men U|«ii the bench, lo make them comfortable, lo ease Iheir labors mill lo surmuml Iticin with bntiuly The loiiulains sl'lash In the courtyards, Ihc oilier walls marble Irom Vermont, glisten In the ho! sun like stlow. while the Interior glows softly from the light reflected by /loors, walls and eilings of marble especially <|unr- icd in Alabama lor its color o! hick cream. I don't want lo sound mnndlln. ^or a'n 1 It'ying lo write un edilor- a| aboul, Ihc lawgivers of Die past. Read Courier News Want Ada. Kix Tints Is Normal Our lungs hold approximately 10 pints o[ air when we.take a deep bmilh. Normally, however, they hold niioiit .six pints. One pint is breathed in and out every time \ve tak i a breath. Cancer look the lives of more than 100,000 Americans in 1929. fhe , Too "MAKE IT A MILLION!" THE ARMY GROUND FORCES WILL TEACH YOU A TRADE A GOOD JOB FOR YQU U. S. Army CHOOSE THIS FINE PflOFCSSION NOW! Room 305, Federal Blclg. Jonesboro, Ark. You may learn any ol 200 different interesting skills or tradee-and prepare YounscK ior a »ucce&s(ul. well- paid career either in the Army oc civil life — if you enlilt now in the new Regular Army Ground Forces. Orer three-quarlen - ax. a million ~liave joined up afready^ MX^E IT A MILUONi All the lacls are at your nearest Army Camp or Post* or U. S. 1 Army Recruiting Station. (I'om Mases and Solomon lo Hlack- stone and Marshall, el us look nl that bench, with Us iwllshed niHlioKanv and Its row of nine chairs, each one made especially to fit llu> anatomy and perhaps the whims of Us occupant. Justice Illuck, who Hkcs a hard sent ami who does not care lo rest hts head, lius H small chulr of black leather with a hack barely reaches his shoulders. Justice: Jackson, \vlio disagrees thev wouldn't! | »'"'' Justice Black In so many ways. between associate lf >o (hirers about 'clialis. Tile Jackson sent, vacant this season vlillc. Ihe Justice helps prusenile Nir/1 war leaders. Is soft, sprint::.', .hiek utul pmUlc. An extra pllUiw .'overed in b.-.>ck broadcloth Is attached by Ijlnck tapes so thai Ihe uack or lits head may rest upon Th c three-room Mine of Justice lilnek is In one corner. Ills next door nclBlilx)!-, as It. happens. Is .lusltee .lackson. Nearby aio the iference KXIIIIK. iniuelcil hi iv'uk and lighted by crystal chaiideiicrr> dcvilgncd for '(he dollljerallons ol the Justices. Uiwlalrs Is their private dining room. Justice Hliiek frequently lini- "liKHl In line with (lie clerks anc the slghl-seers Hi Ihe sleam tablori- In Ihe public cafelerta below, when Ihe walls are plumb-colored. Ui ... tables blue, and the lood excellent orj.Kven the Judicial wash rooj ''A little heller than most wash rooms. The waler Uinis llself of when (he hand basins arc fid Step on n button and a blast o hot air from Ihe wall serves 11:1 Veterans Unable To Buy Surpluses Senate Committee Hears Complaints About Red Tape WASHINGTON .lime til lUI'V Vi'U'nm.s Irylufi lo sliut sm-.r.l lii.shicssps told a Semite commute yesterday Hint It's nliinwt an (011:4 buy surplus niiveiimietH ^ s it was lo flt'.ht Hie war. T. O. colenum O f HIK'er Sprlnis Id., and Hobeil tiei'inan < Voosler. O.. both In tin' ucner ontmi'dnj; Imslnm, leMllletl ui. Somite. small huslnc.s.s commute hiMilnj; IliaL "red lni>o uiKl rlifnmn- rolc" mnkv 11 iilinoil impossible for Ihc vi'tmm Ktiirllii); onl for hlm- M'lf lo i;rt Hie ni'cco.sury ctiulp- nu'iit fi'oLii Iho [iovcnimi'iU. Culcniiin. who served in the . I'ticlfU: ttltli tins Army Kiiuliiccrii, d Ihul nlUioiiHli he l>"'> tried 10 buy biilldo/ers, (icrupcis, genders luut rolli'i's, lu> littti oi.:y tnunat'ccl lo 'Ink' lo ucl 11 lyiJfwrllcr. And tluil wa.s only boc'iiiise "they pro- buljly weron'l louklnij." l-'rtnnnn wild he tins Ijcon Iry- ln» since Jiiiniiu'y lo find the ninne stirt of cintlpiut'i\t. "These veterans' priorities," ho .Mild, "urc nbsolulely Iworlhless." Colejimn cslhtiuU'd t'HTc Is ubum oiti! piece of t'(|iilpinciil for every ICO vclc'runs who wniil lo buy It, KuUicrmorf, hp said, ther e must/ be "1,000 people doln( paper »ock; for every piece of equipnient bo-, Iwecn here', Richmond, Philadelphia "I'd Baltimore." " "Wlty tangle it all up in mllei i'f paiwr work and handle it llnough « dozen different ojflces?"' lie demanded indignantly. -Why) can't It be sold direct from the! KturtiKc dej»U?" . n Chiilrnuin Tom Steward, D.,' Tenn., reminded Mm that Congnisi passed nn amendment to tlia is property act last month" Blvlug veterans top priority over all^ oilier mucliasi'r.s. coleman cald ha luidn't lx:en able to see any un-- l.'rovi'incnt. ' Read Courier MCWI Went Ada, - owel. I II. Is a maiinllleonl building and wonderfully comfortable. Ami i.s an morlcan who helped pay lor n, von can't help feeltnc proud. Only Us no Inn today to sit In he court's press room and ica-l he headlines. In fact, I udvli-.! FALSE TEE-m More Firmly In Place no your teeth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping or wabblhij. whon von eat, liiuiih or Inlk? Just spilnkle n Ultle V'A.S- TKKTI1 on your plates. This iitkallue (non-acid) [lowder holds false loelli more firmly and more comforlably No gummy, gooey, pusly taste 01 feeling. Doesn't tour. Checks "plate "plate odor" (denture brealh). Ciel I'll lit any diug storo. Visit Our Recording Studio! Wo very f<ir h.tvtt inslnllcd the latest Kquipmcnt Rccdnlinjf Voices, it n (1 Orchestra Music and Messages. We also Kent Sound Kriuipmcnt for Indoor and Outdoor Events. BLYTHEVILLE --, RADIO SUPPLY , '•••'' Wholesale Only Phone <1<)7 I12So. 1st St. Need 24-hr. Service TAXI!! Call Bonded and Insured Bill Wunderlich lOvcii if you iiiv alilo t» luiy :i new Iruclor next season, yini can't IOHC by having yeiur old tractor over- liiitiled now. Money wpcnl f<u- rvcouditioninK will boost, your ti'iide-in vnlue. So dou'l wait. Lei us put your naiiu' tin inn- advance service schedule now, and order any needed purls. Don't risk not being ready. DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY BlyrherilU, Ark. a McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE I News, Friends! Here's The Tfe Tim e -iSATURDAV NIT|DUNE 15 * The p/ace~B!yfheville High School Stadium The Show -CONTINENTAL VARIETIES Annn Lm>'cm lends JXigm lJ3cve,m;in lowcrinc work! women's -lOO-mc-lc-r record lo 01.4 ! seconds in Siuckholni. And follow instructions in : lli<) Jtnlt Blue IJook. To cet your copr •end lOcHilb your name inj aildrCMto—>. »*U tHOTrltH? COMPANY, IBitn<l«, Iml. Show Srurts 7:30 p.m. Tickets on Sale Kirby's Drug Store Main at Uroadway or ;il the Gate CHILDREN Under 12 Yrs. 50c All Over 12 $1.00 Including Tax MARCO Featuring INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS MAGICIAN M A n II C I I C WORLD FAMOUS MAKVtLLt MIND READER DANIEL QUARTETTE The Souths' Sweetest Singers With . JOE SQUASHEAD, COMEDIAN DELUXE . THE FAMOUS TRIO . ; » JAKE— JOE — GEORGE Sensational Death Defying Straight Jacket Escape It Will Be Worth Seeing- D.ONT MISS THE SHOW SPONSORED BY Junior Chamber of Commerce STOP... READ... HUDSON 8-Hour (leaning Service II You Really Need III Ask your Neighbor about the fine Cleaning Service he gets at HUDSON'S. Tailoring Alterations Dress Making Safe Storage Moth Proofing HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2612

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