The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1951
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1951 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRER Ex-Gambling Boss Testifies for State NEW YORK, Sept. 18. (/P)—Harry Gross, once boss of a multi-million dollar gambling empire, testified for the suite today in the trial of 18 Brooklyn policemen on graft charges. At the outset he identified each pf the defendants. A recess then 'off' called. Cross took the witness stand shortly after an ex-cop, who once substituted for Gross In running the gambling syndicate, agreed In court to testify against the accused policemen. Tail, handsome James Reardon now a resident of Westport, Conn, has said that he ran the huge bookmaking ring for a time while Gross was vacationing. Reardon appeared with his lawyer to make a stipulation that he would be available to take the witness stand for the prosecution. Gross, the state's key witness in the trial, allegedly showered bribe- taking cops with $ 1,000,000- a -year in cash and gifts to protect his $20.000,000 bookmaking business. Reardon, named as a co-conspirator but not as a defendant in the case, has admitted to authorities that he ran Gross' syndicate for time in 1950 while Gross was in California. Kings County Judge Samuel S, Leibowitz advised him that, In volunteering to testify, he was making himself accountable under New York laws of perjury and contempt, despite his Connecticut residence. CommunistPolice Take Steel Plant After Big Riot Workers Protest Production Speedup; Discontent Mounts BERLIN. Sept. 18. (/ft— Communist police occupied a steei plan 1 in the Soviet-zone state of Saxony- Anhalt after workers rioted over production speedups, the West Berlin newspaper Nacht Dep&sche re ported today. At the same time Communist of dais in East Germany have ac- nowledged a serious bread and eat shortage in the bread basket F /7m Director Won't Answer 'Red' Question LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18. (I?l— A prominent movie director has refus- :d to say whether he Is a Commun- -st, but declares he would defend the United States against Russia. Michael Gordon, who directed "Cyrano de Bergerac," told a subcommittee oT the House committee on Un-American Activities yesterday that he believes he is devoted to the U.S. Constitution. He declined to answer the question "Are you a Communist?" on grounds of possible sclf-incrlmlna- tlon and privilege under the Constitution's fifth amendment. At the opening sessions- of the Grim Hunt Centers in Florida For Two of Prison Escapees MONTGOMERY, Ala., Sept. 18. [/I*]—Two more of the escaped Draper Prison convicts were captured today, leaving only four of the original 19 still at liberty. DEFUNIAK SPRINGS. Fla., Sept. 18. (fl»j—A grim hunt centered in extreme northwest Florida today Tor at least two of the six convicts still at large'in the mass break at Draper Prison. They were reported armed with submachine guns and revolvers. The fugitives sought in this area « :e accused of kidnapping two Air rce sergeants, holding up a contractor, stealing several cars, and shooting up a Florida highway pat- 3 Die in Fire At Aged Home Structure Burns Near Washington COLESVTLLE, Md., Sept. 18. WV- Flames raced through a home for the aged today and burned three persons to death, the owner of the home reported. Firemen earlier had reported three bodies recovered and others visible in the burning structure 15 miles north of Washington, D. C. However, Mrs. Jessie Proctor Jolliffe told a reporter by telephone only three of her patients had died In the flames. She was sobbing and after giving that report hung up, saying "I can't talk." rol car. The airmen safd after their release that the desperados vowed they wouldn't be captured alive. The six sought weere among 19 who broke out of Draper Prison, near Montgomery, Ala,, Friday night after knocking out a guard and locking up five others. Sgts. M. LL Clem and C. Brooks, both statione dat Eglin Air Force Base, said they were stopped near Fort Walton, Fla,, yesterday morning by two men who threw u log in front of their car. They sadi the gunmen forced them to drive into woods near De funiak Springs, held them cnptiv* ilmost eight hours, then drvoe of in their motor car. Sheriff Curtis R. Miller said hi also believed there were at leas four heavily armed men dpcratini in this area in groups of two. The chase was intensified In thi aera Sunday night after two me put a highway patrol car driven b by Patrolman Carson Turllugto out of commission with two shot gun blasts. J-XPLOSIQN (Continued Trom Page 1) Crippled Child Clinic Scheduled For Thursday A crippled children's clinic Is be held at the Health Unit he: Thursday morning, Mrs. Annab Fill, county health nurse, s: today. Railroad Street from Wainut Chickasawba will be roped off prevent cars from parking next the Health Unit during the clin Chief of Police John Foster sale Members of the ••• J , Blythevi Council of Churchwomen will serve lunch to the youngsters at the clinic, Mrs. Freeman Robinson, social chairman of the group, an- ate of acking Mecklenburg. They down on "hostile are ele- .ents"—recalcitrant farmers and x administrators—whom the Reds re accusing of sabotage. Disorders have been reported re- ently In other Russian zone In- ustries over Communist orders to he trade unions, which the Reds ontrol. Recently a similar outbreak as reported at the Big Leuna syit- he tic petroleum works, also in axoiiy-Anharlt. The farmers are being threaten- d by the Communist rulers in the tate of Mecklenburg. Unofficial reports reaching West Berlin last week told about trouble n the northerly agricultural state nri said some 50 so-called "b i g armers" had. been Jailed for allegedly sabotaging delivery of state- ixed crop quotas. These reports were substantiated .oday in a statement by Otto Stein, chairman of the Mecklenburg Control Committee, published in the official Soviet organ, Taeglische Rundschau, subcommittee's public hearings here on communism in Hollywood, Gordon and two other witnesses de- cHned to say whether they had been Communist Party members. Earlier in (he day Harold J, Ajshe, magazine writer, and his former wife, Mrs. Mildred Ashe, freely admitted th ey were p a rty functionaries in (he 1930s. They said several Hollywood figures made regular contributions to the Communist Washington Man Wins 'Billing' in Boyle, RFC Inquiry WASHINGTON, Sept. 18. (3">—A Washington contact man won billing today among witnesses In a Senate Investigation ol the possible relationship between Willlnm M, Boyle, Jr. r Democratic National Committee chairman, and government loans. The prospective witness is Cecil A. Green, whose previous testimony before a Senate subcommittee conducting the inquiry was challenged under oath yesterday by a former Reconstruction Finance Corporation official. Senator Hoey (D-NC). the subcommittee chairman, said Green will be heard later this week. The subcommittee took a recess today; Its public hearings resume tomor- 5,000 Yanksto Feel Rigors Of Atom-Warfare in Test Obituaries Partly; which found a gold mine In the screen capital. CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Page I) advance notice that an'announce- ment Is coming was not matte. 12th Charge Made It was the 12th time since the Korean War armistice talks opened at Kaesong July 10 that the Communists have charged the United Nations with violating the five-mile neutral zone. The U. N. command has admitted one of these charges—that one of its planes strafed the zone accidentally Sept, 10. The Reds called off the truce talks Aug. 23 after charging that a United Nations plane had bombed the Kae- song area the night before. The latest Red charge dimmed even further the slight chances that the talks can be resumed. Raft Trip Merely To Make Merry, Saiior Mary Says CAIRO. 111., Sept, 18. (/P) — Warned of the dangers of the Mississippi River, the crew of the raft Letharela decided today on a motorboat reconnaissance* , before continuing its trip to New Orleans. The raft is tied up at Cairo, last port of call on the Ohio River. Skipper Mary McCrady, 24, of Washington, D. C., said river- tnen had warned her that it would be risky to tackle the trecherous eddies anrt currents of the Mississippi in .their small craft, which is equipped with a 1 l /a -horsepower motor. She told newsmen she was looking forward to the next leg of their journey with "apprehension but determination." she added that the party would remain at Cairo for two days. Miss McCrady denied the trip is a "sociological experiment to study human behavior in cramped quarters." That description was put into the mouths of crew members by newspaper reporters, she declared. She asserted the journey is no more than a vacation pleasure cruise. Mrs. Nona Shields Dies after Illness Services [or Mrs. Nona Shields, M, ol Clark Street will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow In Fulton, Miss., with burial there. Miss Shields died at Walls Hospital at 3 ajii. today following an illness of two weeks. Born in Tupelo, Miss., she had been a resident of Blythevllle for the past 14 years. Surviving are her husband, S. M Shields; two daughters. Liiuva Dean and Audrea shields; and two sons Kenneth and Delford Shields, all of Blythcville; five sisters. Mrs. Lela Rabbins of Tupelo, Mrs. Bcrta Po tcet. Mrs. Miley Thraser of Guntown, Miss., Mrs. Unie Culver o Plantersville, Miss., and Mrs. Alice Brazen! of Wilson; and one broth er. Burl Sullins of Widener, Ark. Cobb Funeral Home Is in charge. Rites for Joseph Day Conducted at Luxor a Sarvices for Joseph L. Day were to be conducted this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Liixora Baptist Church with the Rev. Harold White, pastor of the church, officiating. Burial will be in Memorial Park with Holt Funeral Home in charge. Mr. Day died at his home in Luxora yesterday morning following a heart attack. He was 82. WASHINGTON, Sept. 18, (API- Five thousand U,S, fighting men are going to learn by the actual explosions of live ammunition how t& operate when a battlefield U blasted and seared under atomic barrage. These men and officers drawn from the Army, Navy and Air Force, and including an Army battalion combat team, will get their atomic warfare indoctrination during a new scries of nuclear testa at the French man, FJaU, Nev., atomic weapons proving ground. The military has designed as "Exercise Desert Rook" this first atomic warfare troop maneuver. The combat team will establish a battle position, dig t/enches and dugouts ami string wire before tach explosion. Then they will move to safe positions as the explosion comes, an official Army announcement yesterday explained, Recorders In Foxhole* Presumably, their places in the trendies and foxholes will be taken by blast and heat recorders and gelger counters to record what would happen to them as the detonation occurs and for the period of radiation danger immediately after. But if an explosion occurs on the immediate use of such equipment Psychological Factor* Another important factor will b« psychological—to convince the foo' soldier that he can live and fight through atomic attack if h« follows jeorge Expect* Format Tax Bill Tomorrow WASHINGTON, Sept. 18. (AP) _ Chairman George (D-Oa.) predicted the Senate Finance Committee will come up today with a formal version of its 85.800,000,000 tax bill lor Senate action tomorrow. George called the committee together to approve a report detailing the various tax increases voUd Is the group in a series of closed meetings. instructions and remembers his training. What types of nuclear detona lions would be used while the troop* are undergoing training was no disclosed. However, the Atomic Energy Oorn- mUsion and the Defense Department have been working for more than a year at development of atomic weapons suitable for battlefield use, of a force less than the mass destruction weapons uaed for tralegic bomb attacks on enemy titles. These new tactical weapons •eportedly have taken the form of joth reduced sized bombs and .lomlc "artillery." The latter probably is more in the form of a rocket missile launched from a rack than an actual shell fired from the bore of a gun. ground or beneath it, the area can be dangerously radioactive for some time. The announcement said tha' "supporting service troops" will operate with the combat team. Tills Indicates that the tests also are designed to show how much damagi to food, clothing, communication; systems and other material used b; a combat unit In the field might oc cur from blast, heat and radiation Presumably, training will Involv the recovery and rehabilitation fo OPS to Hold Meeting Here tor Oil Dealers An Office of Price Stabilization meeting for sellers of petroleum products will be held at the munic- ,pal court room here at 4 p.m. tomorrow, Chamber of Commerce President B. R. Hays announced this morning. Bulk plant and service station operators attending the meeting will be told how the OPS regulations affect them and celling prices, posting of ceiling prices, filing of service charges nnd record-keeping requirements will he discussed by Jack Stewart and George Standrldge of the Arkansas division. The meeting will last only an hour, the officials said. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Ph. 58 Tuesday 'CALL OF THE JUNGLE" Ann Curio pipefitter foreman. The bodies recovered at the scene were badly charred; Three Unaccounted For Three men were listed as unaccounted for. : A flash fire following the explosion shot flames more than 50 feet Into the air. It was quickly snuffed out by- company firefighters, but the intense heat hung on keeping rescue workers from probing deep into the debris. Cause of the explosion—the second major mishap at the refinery in less than a month—was not definitely determined.. A company spokesman said a number of things may have caused it, including a pocket of gas or static electricity. A company official estimated damage might exceed $100,000. Only last August 21 a fire created by lightning striking - —-~ ' fejg storage tank caused -"haninge. nounced. More than 40 patients are expected at the clinic to be conducted by Dr. John T. Gray of Jonesboro, orthopedic surgeon tor the crippled children's division of the State Department of Welfare, Meat-Hungry Britons Face Two Ration Cuts LONDON, Sept. 18. W)—Two more meat ration cuts face Britons. The Food Ministry said a decline in home-killed meat supplies will reduce each ration book share to 28 cents worth weekly on Sept. 23. and to 22 cents worth on Oc,t. 7. Under the present ration, at Brit- Public] ish prices, the housewife gets a smallish piece of beef or two small McCorron Hits 'Pressure' WASHINGTON, Sept. 18. (AP> — Senator McCarran (D-Nev) - said today "pressure Is being brought to bear" to cut off further funds for the Senate Internal Security subcommittee. WAR {Continued from Page 1) Allies Monday seized shrouded heights, lost two Jog- third and Inmb chops a week. She may be able to get enough cheap stew beef for four small portions. stood fast against repeated Red counterattacks on .others. American, Turkish, Ethiopian nnd South Korean troops captured a mountain north of Yanggu and a lower height northeast of the Punchbowl in Monday's grim fight- Ing. TRUCKERS WANTED to handle Jessup Apples Orchard Run or Graded Apples Jessup Apples Are Moving Fast Phone 2917 or 3385 or Come to the Orchard 1/2 Mile from City Limits on North Church Street Road. JESSUP-MILLER ORCHARD Jonesboro, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "WATCH THE BIRDIE" Ked Skellon —I'ius— "THE MGM STORY" 58 Featured Players mmmmjimmm RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Documented TasteTesff PROVE FOLGER'S UK •the Coffee Flavor Moit People like BesH Arms Building Approved WASHINGTON. Sept. 18. (API- Congress gave Its final approval today to a $5.864,301.178 military construction program designed to shore up this country's defenses against Russia. 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