The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 1934 (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE SKI ION- « »* ectm « CLASSIFIED 'ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally ran: per itve Insertions: line ror constcu- REPAIRING NOTICE | Annual mectinn or siockho'.rti'rs. iio"« "' HOME LOAN—Free estimates on I of Dlylhevlllr Cotlun Ull Mill will i roots, palming and general re-'be held at W.'M A. M., Tuesday,! pairs. We can arrange TERMS It | June 12, 1531, at oilier of W. A. jollinimlim; therefrom i p:opixn-u euanue. W. !•:. Gage, I'U'iiiioir. I. 11. Hi'iniiii;. for Imported Huge Apple | Shipments Before May i iVi'iiCKUOliM iUI') -Sweden has . desired. E. 0. KOB1NSON LUM- 13HI CO. PHONE 100. average uotos to a line) >* .. UBc .. 0*o .. Me 80c One time per llnu Two limes per line ]icr day •Jlucc tiinca per Inn per day Elr times IKI Hoe per day k'rmth r»tc per lln Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered lo r utrco or six times and slopped before cxplra- L'ou *U1 be ciinrg'xi for II 10 iiuui- bcr of tunes the «<1 appeared and adjustment of bill made. All cia&tiGed Advertising copy (submitted by persons residing oul- a'de of the city uust be accompanied by cash, nates m»y be e*tily computed frnm above table. NO resporisiMhtv will be taken jin more than one Incorrect ui- sertluu of any classified ad. IB ordejed tor urregU' *r Insertions taio the one time iatc. FKt:«! H Oli V Estimates Roofing, Painting, Repairs THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. ID-ck-U-lU :\sc & Company. Tails linmlini;. 1 Memphis, Tenn. Among other 111:11-', ers to be considered will be pro- 1 posed clmiigc ot By-Law providing 1 [or amendments of Uy-Uins by! EXPERT Typtwrllrr and Adding Machine Ktpairinj. V. S. Blink tnshlp, lit; K. Host. Call K5-J. •22ckl>-22 Aiinm- China i ,\.w.tiu tktirclnvy.;., M;lsonL> | He kfi-ri'l.-i-:,,n- ihe —' iilivi un I'lhH'hul exports ol ]i.'i,:uls of u»] ne. Aii-iralhi iiud larill on Ifull anil just hi^hcL 1 rah 1 * \vcnt Into May unlondhl fioin steamers | The Miiiimor turllT h Intended lo I'Yoin I'orl Aili'lulile 11 llrllbh .lu'l|> Ihc Miles of unlive- fruits and slcuinshlp, the Port Ho \v e n,I honk'-i. bronijhl DH.OOO niws, Ihc IniueMi • fruit cingo evn 1 tllsclmrgcil here. hiwedeu aho iin|)ni(.', |:C'»5 f™"> IIIUl of 1, over a'ttOOflOl)!' 1 "-' UnlU'tl Sinter, onuses Ironi and iioius fixim jCiilifornhi, us vsvll us Spain anil Sonlli .Ur'ir-n nvi-i-1 biumnns fnun Hie OUK HOARDING UOUSU Sonlli Afrk-ii were I biumnns mini JIu- "liv^U^ix'l TLl ^ y ° 017 ; f \\Vsl HAI.KM, Or; Indies.I Wilson Illver Forest Fire : Down — The i lire of . lUI') forest In a decline of assessed valuation of Umber In Tillamook county, Oregon, from lo $».«4t,970, the slate miMkm announced, Tilliunook formerly conlahica inure timber than liny ulhcr county of Oregon, Washington or Idaho. Knriiiluc a*»»irlns— Upholstering ftlso uutoraoljUe upholitering. We will bo glad to refer you to customers as to quality and work- oiauship. Complete lh>c samples. New LocalUw 118 Ne. Second JENKINS Si SON 6-ck-G-5 USED CARS HKIIK AltK A GOOD VKW EXTRA ONES IOltl> V-8 TtlDOlt. lioucl Kubhcr, Clean as a t''"— License. at ...... S3G. •3Z CIIKVKOI.I:T ccns?, Mi)(ur RENT Apanmciu, 108 Wesi -iiuii-' ijUJ. oc KJ- Furnished IJEDItOOMS. Mrs. Ed iiuruiii, luri W. Walnut. Uail 1UJ. Ick-u a room furnished or lui- lurmshcd ulianmenl over Kiroy Drug tiiore. r'. Simon. Call 7U4. HOUSE. Can be used for 2 apart- mems. Ulti Holly. Call a!W. : •JO COACH, l.i- A-l, flood $31 OHKVUOLKT COACH. llaljbrr Like New. A Krai Buy al .. ................ sl47 rOKU V-X TtJOOli. Looks Gutil, Kims Like Nuw ---- S313 TIIUCK. JSAIKiAINS F01tl> l!-j TON TltUCK. Kual Wheels. Ciootl Kublirr. Jlolnr A-l ................ f 231 G.MC 2!i 'TON TKUCK. Goiid Uuuber, Large Size Body. A Kcul r.uj ...... ?li*3 Nicely furnished APARTMENT, lirivatc bath. Lights, water tree. lilu W. Main Call 332-J. ti UNFURNISHED 6 room iiparimenl, 1013 VV. Walnut. Call 30J. 5-30 c ktf •30 FORD riCK-L'l 1 . Closed Can. Ncvi Tiri-s. Kuns 4 room house with hall). Nicely lur- nished. Vacant June 1. Ill Division. Call C50 or 8ti8. 22cktf Nieely furnUliert cool 3 - room APARTMENT. Jlrs. Duncan, 719 Chickasawba. ck6-17 COOL BEDROOMS, REASONABLE MRS. WERT, 212 W. MAIN. FURNISHED apartment, 305 Dou- Ban. Phone 870-J. 18c ktf 2 room FUHNISHED and garage. (Jool, 10X)1 W. Ash. Apartment reasonable. I lie kG-ll ' Many Others To Clicosc From PHILLIPS MOTOR USED CAR LOT Curncr i»t & Walnut riwBt alO - SH Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolcn, 310 West Walnut. 30o k6-30 WANTED TO RENT Sis. BLSlNESi DiUKCTORY WANTED: Servant thorL disliuice of snwbn. Call 278-W. room within 1100 Chicka- tf CLEANERS, TAILORS SIKS. L. 51. BUKNETTE annuuilecs liu- oiniiniK ol summer CUKSSL-S in ijltiny, biiurtnanil, DooKkc.'|iir.i'. " COLIN'fY WORKERS UNION lor men and women over 10 Dues, 51 per year 21pk S-24 Kcaily-Made Slip Covers Approved b) Iniod lloustkctping. Choice oS pond materials. Fit Giiaranlceri— 't. L T sual Trice Jlrs. C. iL Ciray, agent HIGHEST Car.h Prices paid for brass, aluminum, copper, zinc New Deal Trailing Post, 1^0 W Main. 80 kli-8 All; u^ atoiil the llagen Himcj Cu-tcr Oolf Balls. They're Bel ter. Iliilliaid Hardware Co. 5c U7-5 We clean ana store winter rlolhcs and bed covers. Mold-proof, fire ;>ruof vaults. Pay next fall. Unique Cleaning Service WANTED TO BUY We buy Chickens anrt Esirs, hijh- rsl prices l>aid. Rile 1'rice Oro- cery, Phone 23*. Ill E. Milk fed FRYERS for sale. PICK- ARDS Store. 1044 Ghlckasawba. 17-ck-6-n ROOM & BOARD Roomers and Hoarders—Heme-likc almosphcrc. 1'ricM re««mtble. Mrs. J. F. Sanders, 51» W. Main. Call 278-J. 'c WHEN you arc fish hungry conic to McKail J'ish Market, 41& V/. Ash. Fresh FUiU At All Time? Ic k6-l AUTOMOTIVE Start A Savings Account With Us On Everything for the Automobile llubbard Hllw., AulomoUve Ueitt. Fhonc nu I'hone REAL KSTATE A ORKAT OPrOBTliNITY (o own a nice suburban home. 6 room bungalow, new and modern, one acre land on gravel in corporate limits, very low laxcs fine garden growing now, cos' near S3000.00, owner is leaving will sell for less than half price, take good used car in deal, some cash, balance on terms. W. M. Burns. Agency. FOft For Sale-410 Leonard Relngcra- lor. like new. porcelain lined, for only Slo. Parkhurst Co. 109 E. Mam. Blytheville, Ark. 4-cV.-7-i For Sale — Hctrasscssed large size Maytag washing machine, used only about 30 days, for balance due £00. Terms. Parklmrst Co., 103 E. Main. Blylhevillc, Ark. -l-ck-7-4 Second hand furniture taught and sold. Inquire Pnrkhnrst Co.. 10a E. Main. Blytheville, Ark. 4-ck-7-4 Second, hand WINDOWS and DOORS. J. W. Shousc. 815 W Walnut. c kG BARGAINS in good, clean, used ice boxes. Everett B. Gee Sales Co 22ck5-22 CHEAP—2S acrre growing alfalfa near Blylhcvllle. KvcrcLt, II. Gee 22CU6-22 I'ccds, Hour, (Jroccrirs >t Mc»ts ,it Best I'riccs. We llcliver. I'honi 231, Kile I'rlcc Grocery- 9c k6-! Wr Sale—1 good used Delco ligh plant, 1 ballery radio set, 1 nice electric retrigcraloi, new & us« electric fans. Everett 13. Gee Sale, Co. « ck 6-22 WANTED jo'j VVnulcd Ijy boy just graduate from High school. Not afraid r work. Will dc. anything. Wril Box J Care Courier News. 23sx re me for 3, 5, 10 or 15 acre tracls fronting on Franklin Sired bc- at Missouri Avcnur, north E. M. TERBV rhone 617 or 316 inninc For Sale or Trade 0 acres well im proved in mosl bfa»liful section of O/arks, 1C iin»t«i from dandy town, linutcs from hcsl fishing in slate, iood home, plenty fruit. Will ac- ifice for S759, part c»sh, balance . Will consider trading for lock ot merchandise. J. C. CHAPIN, Manila, Ark. SALESMEN WANTED If you own a car. have some money to Invest. h»d saks c* pcricnre (not house t» ho«se). I can use you in a business lhat will jay you nooA income. Hnmc every nlghl. Handle own money. See by appointment. It. K. IMaylo*, lllythcvilk. Ark. 1'OULTKY & KCJGS Sell us your poultry. We pay highest prices for hens k Iryers. B. T. Worthy 315 E. Main. Ilck6-14 FURNITURE LAWN CIIA1KS Uunpaintcd S 1 Painted S THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. 25-ck-6-23 VVK WANTA KNOW OTHEW TIMES/THIS OL BOILtK WOULD <2>O "FOR THl<=> HILL LIKE. A SWISS? VODELER/—YKNOW STEEP -ROW BACr<, YVHATT tSOES UP l^AS'T WHY, I "ROMP UP \T IN H\<=>H / 1H"SUYS IN TH'TANJNE'RY NICKNAMED "TH\S HACK TH 'DETROIT H\LL BILLY , OoooH.MV 1 , «EAD.' ., ONLy A FF.W YARDS TO <SO "BUCKET, "BEFORE \T STARTS TO •ROLL , "BACK! fAY STREN&TH TOR THE <SOLT3 ^2^3 /OH, WHERE IS THAT BIG ) SNAGGLE- VTOOTHeO^J ALMOST TOLJcSH AvS THE OF BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES o? COURSE \ MADE \-OVlt A\X OF TV\' MUCtt Na W HE. By Cra» MORE STILL AT LAKCK! WASH TUB US COM8 NEAR-BY FOR DESPERADOES. BUltETlNS? HEAPING FOR NEW YORK. SEARCHIMti FOR ht/STERV FLAW, FOJUO SHOT TO DEATH fa BOSTC-M: MAV BE MEMBER BULLETIN HOURS LATER) POLICE 1W>JESTIO«E REPORT THAT BAKKITS A8ANPPNED CARS, AND ESCAPSD l>4 MOVING VAN. MAVOR THREATENS POLICE SHAKE UP/ POLICE FIND BULLET-RIDDLED BA»D»T CAR?.' 3F.UE.VE t»DRDWl GLh'M OR VJOUMDIiU V.'ArcM ALL MOSPl IT OIXJHTA (iO TO TIIK I'Od.NDUV! SALESMAN SAM st-timx ou' HOW DO VA UKE BEI'-l OETECK/YTIFF? , (T'S FUMWV) . ;. A &uy so s VGAH- TO BE cxw, FLATFOOT! I'M MY WAV' ITS QOINA BE RJNMIEf? WHEN THAT DUMB CLUCK. FINOS OUT THAT'S ft STEEL. BGULET-PROOF pf\uL>/, I'LL. &we MP, ~f\ DO RIGHT NOVJ I Tft«E THIS QAR- <IT DCWM To TH 1 TWLOR SHOP AM 1 MAVJE IT CLKftMEO AM' PReSSEDf V, CHip.F* I'M JES ; GlV'l' TH 1 LOST COLUMN! Ttl'TVJiCG- T WOT ( IDEA TA GO OUT LOOKIM' TElfi (.STUFF—I'M piWYIOUS TA 66 Cops V—^_^, TO UJOPK' THK GAI.I-KKY! FRECKLES ANI> HIS FRIKNDS klHDA Loovrs SAO IGET™ INTO TKMCS... =OR FRECK... 1 ALWAYS MAKIN' MiS- HE COT -1ASOM NTO THIS MASSH'S LAVA-ECi •3 TALHIW... LOOK'S K/,9 l-'C3 O'JR THATS RICMT: IF SOMEONE ASKED H'M FOR AM KG PK>:,HET> BRiNC IM A C0»hr- SCREW... HE GETS EVERYTHING TWISTED so) D'CXS LyV.'/YEP IS TALK- ICO.... r'«u3ON 13 Si'jiDM' 1 .. I -;OVP:"O us BROV.'...BOY DOM JUDGE JUST TOLD MASON I»S HAD TO PAY 01RX 4SOOO.'

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