The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 22, 1949
Page 3
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, AUGUST K, 1949 Reserve Officer DefendsVaughan General Declares President's Aide Being 'Picked On' WASHINGTON'. Aug. 22. <AP) Brig. Gen E. A. Evans .executive director of (lie Reserve Officers' Association, said Saturday he thinks Maj. Gen Harry H. Vaughn "has been the subject of unnecessary nia'.ignment and pickjng-on." Evans referred to the repeated mention of the name of Vaughan President Truman's military aide] lit the Senate investigation o( activities of five percenters. Evans, now retired, said Vaughan " been of tremendous help to the resenv officers in trying to get thi? defense department to give us a service program." He said his ref organization has 80.000 members. He told a reporter tie has written to "Fix or eight" members of the asso"iat!on on the organization's na'Jonery, asking for expressions of opinion on Vaughan. Evan* said tlie statements prcb- nbly will be used to get favorable publicity for the President's aide. Bui Evans adoed he docs not know just how they will lie done. He said he told Viiu»lian what lie (vas don'g He said Vaughan "had no particular comment but did seem to appreciate it." He added: "I think he (Vausham has been HIP subject of unnecessary nialign- ment and plcklng-on. I am liaony to do anything I can to help him." Pitching Horseshoes BV BILLY ROSE Once every couple of weeks, start- Ing as of immediately, Dn going to list my likes and loathings for thissa and tliatta. And, since we're dandruff-deep in the age of labels —an age where everything from milk to malarkey Is graded and boxed, I have devised a system for rating the things thai come within my eyeshot and slingshot. What .system? Well, seeing as how this column is called "Hitching Horseshoes" in many of the papers that carry It, I'm going to use the same terms any horseshoe pitcher would: A ''ringer" if some- tiling goes klunk against the stake, a "leaner" when a thing is passable but nothing to write home or Congress about, and "miss" for Ihe dingdong dctd. As for per instance. . . . "RIIIGEIl"— The new 20th Century movie. "I Was a Male War Bride." Here's the funniest lunik of celluloid since "Sitting Pretty," and if your kid sister doesn't get stuck on Gary Grant all over again, rush her lo a psychoanalyst. "RINGER"—"Passpr-t to Pimlico" and "Tight Little Island." a brace of howl-heavy films from England. Unfortunately, you're not apt to see these imports in our big movie cathedrals, and more's the pity, because these are comedies that one can sit UirouEli without having • check his intelligence at tile door, "RINGKH"—"The Set-UP." an Ruins of Roman Town Are Found in Adriatic Trieste, Free Territory. Aug. 22. Wi—The mills of an ancient Roman town have been discovered under shallow waters in the north eastern end of the Adriatic, dispatches from Aquieleia said Saturday. An Italian scientific expedition was reported to have made the find in the lagoon between Qnllicia and Marano. The ruins were said to be nart of the town of Bibionc. which was abandoned In the sixth century and then submerged. •'Read RKO movie about prizefighting, it be as slick and edse- "Champion." but for may not trimmed my money and more if. distinguished job. When the picture was over. T felt my jaw for several minutes lo make sure my bntlcework was still in iilace. "RINGKR"—Actor Paul Stewart, I've seen this sensitive pr. in two recent movies, once as the fight manager in "Chainplon" and once as tho so-and-so in "The Window. 1 more other week end its cast includec five of the prettiest babes in Man- screen they In search haltan; yet on my looked like hangovers of an aspirin bottle. If the cathode moguls want their cheesecake to look more like cake and less like cheese, I would suggest they hire John Murray Anderson or some other stage lighting expert to fix It so that the TV cameras can pjck up a pretty girl and make her" come out a prettv girl. And until that and a lot of other tilings happen. I intend to string along with the saloonkeeper in Washington Heights who has a big sign In his window reading. "No Television Here." "LEANER"—I can't BO along with the critics who opine that "Miss Liberty" is an out-and-out busto eruslo. Sure. I admit it's pretty far south of "South Pacific." but is has its moments, and it's my guess that it will chalk up a respectable run. Incidentally. "Miss Liberty" again proves how much toughei it is 10 make the grade <n Shubcrt Alley thai' on Sunset Boulevard. Irving Berlin, one of "Liberty's" three big- uamc collaborators, recently mas-1 tcrmindccl "Faster Parade" which looks like Metro's top grosser for the year; - s Hart did the movie HEAD MAN—Looks tike someone carelessly dropped a spare head in the middle of this San Francisco street But it's Just Michael Sibak, crouchrhg in a four-foot hole that suddenly appeared on the street, ,A water main break caused Ihe cave-m <AMt.y eotTRTO mews ••••••••••••••••M^^^^ Cancer Victim, Scheduled to Die Soon, Seeks Job DETROIT, Aug. 22-WV-Ernesl Gillum, 3t, is hunting for a special kind of job. Jt can't require much physical exertion, because the former roofing contractor's doctor has forbidden that, H can't demand special training, since he has no time to get And Gillum, a Navy aerial photographer during the war, will only be able to work four or six months After that, physicians have told him, he will die of cancer. "I know I'm going to die soon." the tall veteran explained. "But the trouble is, I have to eat until 1 do." Gillum began his job hunt eight months ago nfter he underwent an operation n , Ule ve |erans hospital. At that time the doctor told his brunette wife, Lee. that her husband had cancer. But it was only a few days ago that the couple learned Gillum's case, was hopeless. Their savings have been exhuasted by months of unemployment. Gillum isn't interested in a rinnl fling before he dies. He just wants his lust few months to be free from financial worry. . and both times he rang the giant- sined bell. Actor Paul is a graceful fellow, plenty man and, if imaginative producer gives him break, he's a cinch to jostle the version of "Gentlemen's Agree- '. - mcnt" ivhich prossed several millions for aoih Century, and a couple of years back Rob Sherwood dreamed r the scenario for "The Best Years of Our Lives"—one of the ton top money-getters in movie history. Nevertheless, the combined efforts of thi.s talented trio wasn't enough to «• ng one little musical on Broadway which brings us back to ihe old line: The legit theatre is the toughest "ass of the show buyincss dice. Speaking of "Miss Liberty." a cute story is making the rounds. A song- i Puerto Cabello possesses Ihe best harbor In Venezuela. Cagncys and Ladds before too many cranks of the camera. "MISS"— According to Time magazine. the race to buy television *et-s has slowed down to a stumble, and I think I know the reason why. It Isn't that video is gcttiii" any worse— it just isn't getting any better. A couple of years ago. folks said. "This is only the beginning. Wail until it cet.s ffning." Well, judging from what. Tvc seen on my set this year, it still looks like the beginning— and to bore me. writer who isn't overly fond of some i Irving Berlin recently phoned a ticket broker and asked if he could cct. "Two on the aisle—facing (he it's beginning For example, take the quiz show "Leave H To The Girls." The sfrpe 'Copyright. 1049. by Billy Rosel 'Distributed by The Bell Syndicate. Inc.! Read Courier News Want Ads Minister that Married 3,OQO Couples in 59 Yrnart Of Service Dies in Texas BONHAM, Tex., Aw?. 22— (fl'i_ Mineral services were held yesterday for Dr. p. B. Milam, who married so many couples they called nun lhe "marrying parson." The Baptist, minister died Friday He was 89 and had been a preacher since he was 20. He married more than 3000 couples—some of them grandchildren of couples he had married years earlier. "«« JMIS l>r. Mllani was born Murcn 21 I860, at Abbeville, Miss. He served churches in Arkansas. Louisiana Indiana, Mississippi, and Texas. ' Racial Movie Banned In Atlanta, Memphis ATLANTA, Aug. 22—MV-"I,o s t Boundrlcs." a movie on racial to!- erance. is getting a cool reception ».v film censors In at least u-t> southern cities. 'Hie picture ha.s been banned i Atlanta. In Memphis, members 01 Hie City Censor Board declined '" verify reports lhat the movie. *d been banned there. But Mempli'* Uonrd Chalrmai, loyri T. Binford commented "we don't • ke that kind of picture here, ire refused lo elaborate The fnm . s A t| nn(n distributor Warned the ban here on city no!- Sieze Packagtt Addressed to Berliner* Rn', ng ' 22 ~<' p >~'rhe West Berlin P^lnl Apartment protested Saturday against Russian seizure ol 2.000 gift packages addressed to west Berllncrs. office officials said Russian border gunrds Imd seined a mall cm- containing the gift packages when an interainal train entered the Soviet zone at Marlenborn Friday night. MM. Lorraine Sfrowd On Arkansas T«ch Staff RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., Aug. 22- MV-Mrs. Lorraine Spencer StroR'4, ormerly connected with VanderbUt University, ha, been named de« of »omen at Arkansai Tech here Mrs. Shrowd, who holds an A B. degree from lhe University of wi«- consln and an M.A. from Geo.g. Pcatwdy college, served a. infirrn- 017 supervisor and residence director of Mary Klrkland Hall at Van- THIS COUPON FOR AILING WATCHES J Prompt i.rvic, on <|tonin 8 '/ and repairs. ILOIN „,„ mi, nc |, Du<oPow.r Mam. ipnng lor Elgin fnod«!i from Prompt Service — Reasonable Prices xoui •HITIMVIUI 2 THE DOLLARS THAT GO FARTHEST ARE THOSE SPENT FOR FARM MACHINERY! 200% PRICE INCREASES SINCE 1939 PRICES FARMERS '•1 FOR THE THINGS THEY SEU PRICES MV FOR FARM LABOR separate compartments in... lhe new Frigidaire Cold-Wall Imperial! PEARL AMONG PEARLS- Miss Roma Paige, above, was chosen "Miss Victoria Pearl of ISoO." The honor and the bath- Ing suit are her*, but not the Jewels. They were on exhibit at the American National Retail Jewelers Association show io New York. SHRUBBERY We otic- a complete line o[ Stark landscaping plants and trees Order now foi Pall planting btarks 131 vears experience In this field assures your gcttm° I lie most for yolu money Allow ^is to give you a free estimate telephone 554 today. ULYTHBVIU.K WILLYS SALES COMPANY PIANO TUNING \\illi (he world l;mi<ms "StrolxH'onn". The »nlv 100% perfccl (lining Nol available elsewhere in I his area. RADIO REPAIR A 'l worli Hone bv a ifov- ernmenl licensed opera- lor nnd every job ijuar- ' nan ih c best? PIANOS for SALE NEW AND USBD Sheet Music, Records, •Supplies Kvervthinjr in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 K. Main Tel. 811 Th« new Frigidaire Cold-Wall Imperial fo, families (hot won! the best money con buy „ com . bmation refrigerator ond home f reezer Uppe , door opens lo "Locker-Top" for freezing foods for keeping up lo 70 Ibs. fro«n food tafe for n^lh,. Like having q frozen slorog. lock.r In cTrf W^V 1 - L ° Wer d °° r OPer " '° S "P«'-M°I»I Cold-Wall r-Mflgtrolor . . . Here eve food relcios flavor ond appearance for days "'by IhefamousCold-Waltm.ihod invented byFrigidoir.. ihown It oir« CIJ-10 • Fidl-wldih, roll.r-beorln, ,,„<.!„[„ Hydiota, wild glo,, ,, p • All-aluminum, ru.l-proof ihtlvet • Ouiikl|f rsmovob!. hall-ihtlf FICUJ.ES f«0« U. i. OtPA«l«i M , Of CO M ,,t« C [ (Q, , 9 <, This picture of farm prices shows that the dollars you invest in farm machinery today go farther than the dollars you spend for other things. for - '" s P'*e of s'ee/ prices that climbed over 60/o and factory wages that increased over 90% '„/„? Mce of farm mach '"e'Y was held down to about 44% over the 1939 level. In the meantime, farm labor costs stepped up over 200% ...and the prices of such things as livestock feed multiplied, too. These are things that you had to buy every month . . . even though you found the price tag going higher and higher. The situation today is that the cost of crop, producing machinery is on a comparatively low level Th,s ,s shown by the dash line in the chart above. It is easy to see that the prices of other things would have to take quite a tumble to make them as good a buy as the labor-saving, crop-saving farm machinery that you find on your dealer's floor today. Don't be misled by a few dramatic cuts in other items. Remember, farm equipment has been and is today your best buy for your money. Be able to rec- ogn.zc the .mportonce of being equipped to care for tn ?*° / ', ory " < ."" "OP that you depend upon tor this year s profits. $42475 -% Adams Appliance Co., Inc. .T. W. ATMJ1S, M Er . 2015-208 Wes, Mai pho|w 2n?1 IT'S WISE TO BUY FARM MACHINERY-SEE YOUR IMPLEMENT DEALER CASE Hoys Implement Co. FORD Rimtll Phillipi Tractor Co. JOHN DEERE Mrstco Implement Co. MASSEY-HARRIS 61 Implement Co. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Delta Implements, Inc. FERGUSON Jack Robinson Implement Company OLIVER Glin Harrison Implement Company ALLIS CHALMERS Paul Byrum Implement Co.

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