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Green Bay Press-Gazette from Green Bay, Wisconsin • Page 7

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Feasibility study: The parent company for Unlroyal Goodrich Tire Co. agrees to pay (or a study on the feasibility of attracting buyers for the Eau Claire tire plantB 4 IB Business on B-5, B-6 Friday, April 12, 1991 Green Bay Press-Gazette Lawmakers seek $12.3 mi awarded ff HOST) injury lead poison grant Wisconsin's 11 lawmakers Thursday put Brown County jury compensates man who broke neck on Slip 'N Slide asiae partisan diflerences to seek a $627,000 federal grant to prevent lead poisoning. In a letter to Health and Human By Lisa Sumter Press-Gazette 1 Services Secretary 1 Louis Sullivan, the A Brown County jury has awarded $12.3 group complained that million to a Green Bay man who broke his neck on a back yard water toy, his lawyer a Centers for Disease Control grant for Wisconsin was said. Michael and Phyllis Hubert and their LJL 'i-t authorized last year but children, 327 Fifth sued Kransco, the it caused death and quadriplegia to adult users," Bachhuber said. Kransco put the product back on the market, he said.

The jury awarded the Huberts $10 million in punitive damages and about $2.3 million in compensatory damages. "The $10 million probably was an adequate award to punish this corporation, which is the purpose of punitive damages," Bachhuber said. The damages were designated for medical expenses, past and future pain, past and future loss of earning capacity and the Hubert family's loss of their father's society and companionship, the jury's decision said. tic on which people slide when it is wet. Hubert became an "incomplete quadriplegic" as a result of the incident, Bachhuber said.

Huber is not confined to a wheelchair, but his walk and use of his arms and fingers are limited, Bachhuber said. Hubert no longer can work as a mechanic and is retraining as a computer analyst at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Bachhuber said. Jurors at the end of an eight-day trial said the toy was defective and unreasonably dangerous, that it caused Hubert's injury and that Kransco was negligent. Whamp-0 Corp. originally marketed Slip 'N Slide but stopped in part "because IV I not appropriated.

1 "Almost half of the San Francisco-based company that makes Slip Slide. iiuiuea in vv isuuiiBiii ore The company could not be reached this morning. Michael Hubert, 38, was injured when he used the Slip 'N Slide in a neighbor's backyard on June 14, 1987, lawyer Bruce Bachhuber of Green Bay said. The award amounts to about two years' worth of profits from the sale of Slip 'N Slide, Bachhuber said. Bachhuber and lawyer Tim Aiken uncovered three other cases of people including one man from Waukesha who died who were injured while using the Slip Slide.

Two of the injured parties, one a quadriplegic, testified during the trial, he said. The court cannot force Kransco to take Slip 'N Slide off the market, but the multi-million dollar verdict sends a clear message, Bachhuber said. "This company cannot get any more certain statement from the public that this product doesn't belong on the market," he Officials crack down on shots for measles vonl more than 40 years old and therefore likely contain lead-based paint," Democratic Sen. Herb Kohl said. "Only 1 percent of those homes have been tested for lead hazards." Kohl, who wrote the letter, said the delegation was jarred by the death last September of a 28-month-old Waukesha boy who ate lead-based paint chips.

The slide is a 30- to 40-inch piece of plas Cuts seen for UW-Madison After the death, the Centers for Disease Control recommended yearly blood tests for lead poisoning for all youngsters at risk generally those in older homes where lead-based paint is prevalent. The letter noted that almost half of the state's 1.04 million housing units were built before 1950, but 1 percent have been evaluated for lead hazards. Suspect device on truck Shalala criticizes budget proposal By Alice Paulsen Press-Gazette The University of Wisconsin-Madison will have to significantly cut back on admissions and limit hiring if the Legislature approves Gov. Tommy Thompson's budget, Chancellor Donna Shalala says. Her No.

1 priority is raising faculty pay, which already lags behind the competition, she said in Green Bay Thursday. "This (Thompson's plan) will put us into a very critical situation in terms of holding onto faculty," she said. She said professors are being lost to other states that offer $5,000 to $20,000 more in some cases. The UW By Gary Dodge Press-Gazette Two couples who recently learned their two children would be barred from Sturgeon Bay public schools got them the second measles shots state law requires. Parents of another child were referred to the Door County district attorney's office for failing to comply, Superintendent Jerry Kain said Thursday.

All three children are still in school, he said. Door County District Attorney Gary Schuster said a "stern" letter will be sent to the parents. The Brown County district attorney's office, which sent out 100 warning letters to parents a month ago, will mail a second warning letter soon, District Attorney John Zakowski said. If parents fail to comply after a second letter, prosecutors will file a juvenile court petition seeking an order for immunization, he said. Many parents complained schools failed to notify them of the measles shot requirement, but schools say the parents were notified.

If parents comply after the petition is filed, court action will be dropped. District attorneys' offices in Door, Kewaunee and Oconto counties also sent "This (Thompson's plan) will put us into a very critical situation in terms of System faces a $40 million shortfall under Thompson's 1991-93 plan. It provides only a 1 percent increase in sala-t ries during the-second year. UW has asked for a pay package of $40 million that would boost the sys-. was radar scrambler A suspected pipe bomb attached to the rear of a semitrailer Thursday turned out to be a radar detector scrambler, Green Bay police Capt.

Dick Buss said. The 15-inch long homemade device had fluorescent tube with copper wire wrapped around it. It scrambles radar beams, he said. Two truck drivers called Green Bay police Thursday to tell them about the fluorescent tube's use. Buss said.

Green Bay police called in the Milwaukee Bomb Squad after receiving report of a possible bomb on the trailer about 2:05 p.m. at Contract Transport Services, 2020 Angie Buss said. The Green Bay Police Department's bomb dog appeared unimpressed when he inspected the suspected pipe bomb, Buss said. "The dog smelled the object, licked it, and walked away," he said. Pamperin will appoint supervisor by Monday County Board Chairman Ted Pamperin will appoint a District 7 supervisor by Monday.

Pamperin and a group of other supervisors interviewed the six strongest of 11 applicants Thursday. The County Board will decide whether to confirm Pamperin's pick Wednesday. The new east side Green Bay supervisor automatically will become a City Council member. Incumbent Sup. Michael Daumler died Feb.

28. From Press-Gazette staff and Gannett News Service reports. Quoteunquote Vietnamese entrepreneurs are opening Viet Cong tunnels and holding onto faculty." Donna Shalala tern to just below the median of the competition, Shalala said. letters in February to parents who failed to get their children the second shot. Most Studies show that a critical draw for complied within the 30-day time requirement, spokeswomen said.

companies into the state is a first-rank re The warning letters said parents had to search university; "I consider it an economic investment, not an education get immunizations for their children, sign a waiver for personal, religious or medical reasons, or face prosecution. Shalala said she was struggling to pro The penalty is $25 a day for parents and possible exclusion of children from school. vide a quality undergraduate education for the future workforce and to maintain one of the state's biggest industries. UW-Madison brings in $350 million in re Deadline for the required immuniza search money every year, creating 7,000 tions was in January. None of the other public schools in Brown, Door, Kewaunee and Oconto counties barred students from jobs on campus.

Its economic impact on the state is $3.5 billion a year, she said. classes. Catholic school students in Northeast "We are a big-time player in the econo Press-Gazette photo by John Robb raising faculty salaries now behind competitors, despite the my of this state. All I am trying to do is maintain that, and you can't maintain that unless you have competitive salaries for your most important people." ern Wisconsin are in compliance with the requirement, and all seniors at Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran High School, 622 Eliza got their shots, spokesmen said. A state law effective Aug.

1 requires stu battlefield sites with hopes of attracting U.S. tourists. What do you think? Thompson's plan includes a 2 percent increase in tuition. If it were raised to 6 dents in kindergarten and grades 6 and 12 to receive a second measles vaccine. percent to match the cost of living increase, tuition would cover $23 million of Promotes faculty pay: University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Donna Shalala says her priority is At UW-Madison, 29 percent of the budget comes from taxpayers, 32 percent from tuition and the rest from fund-raising.

The campus is in the middle of a $350 million private fund-raising campaign for a new endowment; $215 million has been raised. Shalala also promised a more "user-friendly" campus for its 43,000 students. Upper classmen will register by phone and know what classes they are in before they arrive in fall, she said. Campus ad- the $40 million needed, she said. governor's budget proposal.

visers can talk about alternatives available when freshmen register during the Student Orientation and Registration sessions this summer. "Anything that we can do to make the campus easier for a new student from a small town, from a rural area, from a city like Green Bay to feel more comfortable is what we are up to," she said. Most UW-Madison students will graduate in 4.2 years compared with 5.6 for the UW System and universities nationwide, she said. All states except California have high er tuition, which pavs for almost 50 per "I have no desire to leave this country right now to go overseas, not for something like that. That's like digging up bones in a grave.

"You probably have some extravagant or eccentric people out cent of costs, she said. "We have made a political decision to have very low tuition for everyone as opposed to what vv: other states do, and that is to have a higher tuition but an aggressive finan cial aid program." Professor's murder trial continues Associated Press Steven Agan's brother sat in the Newport, courtroom while Larry Eyler described stabbing Agan repeatedly and beating his dead body as professor Robert David Little, formerly of Door County, took photographs. "It's hard to believe that they did that to him," said Agan's brother, Robert Agan Jr. of Terre Haute. "It's hard to stomach." Robert Agan said he came to Vermillion Circuit Court because he needed to hear what happened to his 23- Obrovac the opportunity but I just can't see anyone wanting to see that.

"I think the Gulf War opened up a lot of patriotism in this country, and a lot of people might feel guilty for not showing that to the guys who fought in Vietnam. There has to be some remorse there." Michael Obrovac, 35, Green Bay, manager, Zippity-Do Drive Thru UWGB sophomores show solid skills in test UWGB assessment program These are average scores of UWGB sophomores on the campus assessment exam. A score of 276 to 324 Indicates "good, solid skill development. Lotteries Drawn Thursday, April 11 Wisconsin By Alice Paulsen Press-Gazette Average scores on a campus test for sophomores at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay show "good, solid skill development," a professor says. They ranged from 296 to 314 in English, Curriculum area Score year-old brother.

10-11-16-20-34-36 Science 314 SuperCash Illinois Dally game Pick Four science, math and social studies, the cur 3-1-1 5-1-2-4 riculum areas covered, said Timothy Sewall, assistant professor of human development and evaluation consultant to '-'308 30 296 Social studies Mathematics English Michigan Daily game 6-1-6 Daily-4 1-0-6-1 Keno,1826,30.32,34, 41.44.46 56,57.62.63 66 68,72 Beginning in fall, all UW campuses must assess verbal and quantitative skills at the end of the sophomore year as part of a Quality Assurance Program ordered by system President Kenneth Shaw. UWGB had a pilot run earlier this year. OC.Cv.kbW sic Academic Subjects Exam) test battery. Its purpose is to determine the degree of mastery for particular skills and competencies, not to rank them with other groups like the ACT, Sewall said. It was required of all students with 62 through 77 credits by the end of first semester.

Student cooperation was outstanding, Sewall said. There were 455 students who took the test, or 97 percent. The 13 who did not cannot register for fall classes. Students had 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete the multiple-choice portion. Only seven spent less than 1 1 1 hours hile 55 percent worked on it for more than 2 hours and 10 minutes.

"Our concern that students take the test seriously wasn't born out in terms of hrw long they spent working on the test." Sewall said. murder, was the first witness Thursday in the murder trial of Little, 53, the suspended chairman of the Indiana State University Library Science Department, and a former Door County teacher and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee assistant professor. Prosecutors were to continue presenting evidence today. Eyler said the victim had agreed to take part in sexual bondage when he was picked up by the two men on a Terre Haute street in December 1982. Eyler.

3S. said he tied Agan's hands over a beam in an abandoned shed, bound his feet, covered his mouth it duct tape and wrapped an ace bandage around his eyes Little took photocrsphs of the scene, then told Eyler to kill Agan. Evler said Oneida Cash 3 3-3-6 UWGB's Assessment Committee. A score of 300 and about 24 points on either side of that indicates a good level of proficiency. A score under 250 would cause concern, he said.

Some students "need to shore up their skills," but each must decide that based on his or her major and interests. Sewall said. Campus officials will not track down lower scorers and tell them to shape up. The test results did give us the information that we were looking for in the sens that it allows individual students to make the decision about what to do to improve their skills, or what areas they have particular strengths in." Preu-Gazetie graphic by Bob Yancey Another 45 minutes was given for an essay. Half attended orientation and 35 percent went to the follow-up session.

Students who went to those optional sessions and satisfactorily completed the test will receive one tuition-free credit. The committee has not decided a minimum cut-off score. Further analysis of results is under wsv. Inside a Deaths B-2 3 Bnhs B-2 1 Weather watch B-6.

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