The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRRH FtltLHOlD Little Walnut Street House J •Vill Show La lest Develop- •incnls in Low Priced Home Subdivisions. WASHINGTON, D. C.—In order acquaint bankers, operativ ;uilders, nnd others directly or in- iireclly nflilialed with the con- ruction industry with Hie latest teveloprnenls in Imv-piiced horn? lib-division building, a .series of cnftTi'iices has been arranged in aive-populalion centers by the ^edci'al Housing Administration. These subdivision conferences ill i>e conducted by Seward H. vloll. chief of the land-planning rction of the Housing Administra- lon, who will outline I'ne needs nd requirements of such projects. : will be Ihe purpose of Ihe pro- sram to show the need of decent mil attractive sites for modest ivcllings and to give practical .sug- icslions as to how they may be irofllably created. Mr. Molt will itilizc a model low-priced homj iiilxlivislon in Viis talks to builders md others. Tile first conference was held ate in July in Detroit. Other con-' cicnces have been scheduled for .uccessive Mondays in Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, D. C. Ten- nllve plans call for two additional inferences in Newark, N. J., ah<l iioslon, Mass. "The creation of desirable resi- lenlinl communities 'has a much reatcr signiri'cttiice llian simply .lie ]>roviding ot a decent home ile," said Mr. Moll. "Growth an:l :liaracler of our cilies is absolutely :onlrolled by the manner In which ubdivisions are developed. A bad- y planned street layout or the lack >f control of land use in n single ubitlvision can create traffic and ocial problems t'nat throttle n vhole section of a city with losses 'f millions of dollars lo home uvners and investors. "It is because of Ihe tremendous (Tcct that subdivision development ms on rcM-csUiMi values that the 'ederal Housing , Administration nsuresoio loans in new or partially levelopert subdivisions until they lave'been reviewed nn:l approved.' 1 Subjects iiiat will he discussed at he subdivision conferences include •jVJsraphy, soil, drainage, trans- •So/Jntlon, sewers and water, lol •Jiapes, parks and playgrounds, •treet patterns, shopping nnd com- nnnity centers, and other import- nt factors attending such devel- pmenls. Model Subdivision The Housing Adinli:~ral!on bas list completed a model subdivision n miniature w'hich will b2 dis- >! the subdivision confer- 'IICCS. There arc 04 homes in the group nit only four house designs are Hy I. S. Klein InPHERE'S a race among the I. .British dominions and colonies Ito determine which will be first to lissue stamps bearing the portrait lot King Edward VIII. The new postage may not appear before the first of next year, but already rlc- I signs have been submitted to the liing nnd plans arc being made I tcf their printing. i Australia, in fact, may beat the Fin by issuing its Kdward VIII Fjtamps even before 1037, and Bermuda may slarl a close second. Canada and Hong Kong, loo, are in the running. » « a . Various organizations hnvc nskcd the U. S. Poslofficc Department lo issue two more stamps commemorating famous persons in U. S. history, but the probability is that no action will be taken. One request is for a stamp honor- .ing Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Scion, founder of the order of the Sisterhood of Charily of St. Vincent <le Paul; another for one honoring the slave-born Frederick Douglass, famous Negro journalist oml orator. Collectors of Philippine stamps should add to their collections the new set o! three, commemorating the birth of Dr. Hijol, great Filipino hero. The set may be lir.d lor 22 cents from the Philippine Trade Commissioner, 019 Barr Building, Washington, D. C. Send money order and enclose « stamped, addressed envelope. 000 The Leftist government In France has grasped the opportunity to issue a slamp honoring Ihe Socialist leader, Jean Jaures, who «r,s assassinated in 1014 on the i$-e of.the World War. ltv>l»»right, 1»36; M.;A Service, Inc.Js Housing Question Box Q. Tn c plaster on the wills ot keeps getting closed up so 1 tun our liouse has been patched so'writing to ask you wlmt to ilo much mat even (minting dots not j A. The ilrnln pipe, in nil piob- make It look nice, someone lokl iibllity Is loo smnll, Have II ta- mo 1 could use something they moved and replaced will! n 2-Inch colled plywood lo coa-r It up. Can pipe, you tell me something about It? . A. It Is [i material mndc of sev- | Q. I Imve n nice mitplo floor In oral layers of wood, usually three i my house, bul It tins cm-led up til Or I Ivl.'. OHU'H tmrnl'Miip n.tHi »l... it... .,.1...... * ,.. L. .. i. , ;, L with the , , grain of each layer miming In opposite dlri'cllons to those on each side. This makes « strain mill that Uoe.s not warp and has considerable strength. It makes very good wall covering nnd is comparatively easy (o apply. Q. What. wou'id yo'u suggest as a way o( Mug our kllchen tloor? It Is old and the wood splinters ) the edges. My husband says It Is from washing the lloor. }-. llmt so n i id what should I di> to fix II? A. Undoubtedly If yon wash the floor with, water II will winp. The floor should he scraped or saudetl unooth nnd either filled nnd wnx- ed. ov varnished, nnd yon should clean II with nn oiled mop. Q. I metal . ,, . --- -I ^<. i notice .that ihc nm afraid ll is too rough lo put nrouml my chimney where U „„., linoleum over. ihrough ih e roof Is rusted llmi All should be possible lo 1m vc I and I nm gelling lenks from It' he lloor scraped or sanded down j Must 1 pull down (he chimney to In a smooth enough surface (o put replace it? ' on linoleum. It may be necessary A No; not necessarily. You can to do some pniching and felt inke the Joints where the llnsli- sioud be used but it can uedone. Ing enters the brickwork and In- 11 Slm '•" 1e « expensive than sect new Hushing. The deeper in the Joint you can get 11 the bel- ter. Ue sure you use a non-cor- Drop-Leaf Type Table Is Kitchen Convenience A Inble, of the folding variety, In the kitchen of I'ne home where much ciiU'iinlnlng is done is n great convenience for holding cx- tru dishes or food materials when there lire many additional guests. A drop lent (op Is hinged to the side of llio wnll, with subslnnlial movable brnccs fitted underneath lo hold it nrmly when In use. When not In use the leaf is cosily dropped arid hardly noticeable (is It occupies hut little space lujahisl the side of the wull. A table of this kind solves file problem of whnt lo do with nddlllonnl pieces of silver w<in>, piles of cups nnd saucers, plnles of siilnd, desserts, etc., waiting to be carried to the room where refreshments nre served. The cost of building this Inble is cry small but the accommodation Invaluable, In a laundry or sewing room also ils sort of table would he of great sslstnnce. •eplncing the lloor. Q. The drain from my ice box roslve innlerlnl. Fences, Walls or Hedges Give Desired Privacy to Property -,,.,, -'• ul ^' le heart of I'liilcidelphia, under the Buonsor- V H I ir re ? lden ' 1 . al Pl»™i"K division of ll.r American Homes' Exhibitor*, wit], the cooperation of the J ederal Housing Admmislration. The plan, for the house were approved by the .rcWtcctur.l tM,i£ : Bhip o: used. There Is no appearance of stnndnrdizcd design, however. Variety is oblained through slight architectural changes, choice of color nnd material, iiiid the manner in which the 'house is placed on the lot. The houses used in Ibis display nre from the designs of low- priced houses suggested In the Federal Housing Administration's Technical Bulletin No. 4. II is the intention of the Hous- In» Administration, to show through this exhibit of miniatures, the results possible when nil entire subdivision is planned around I'ne low- priced home. The streets are laid out In an umistml fashion, another feature which avoids the appearance of uniformity. An area in the' property is sel aside for park and recreation purposes. There is also n. shopping center, set off from the residential section by n line of poplar trees. Adcquale parking space has been provided to avoid congestion in the market place. Each lot is completely landscaped. "Gingerbread" on Old Home Easily Removed Houses subslnnlially built a generation ago frequently show n;> (tcTmilc signs of flcterlomtion.Tliey nre "dated." however, by the excessive ornnmcntation—a "gingerbread" cITect popular nt the time or their erection. If the "gingerbread" can be successfully removed cxterlornlly nnd iiitcriorally the plain effect resulting is more In the present manner nnd glyes the houses a modern look. A house of this type ordinarily contains a series of small cut-up rooms. If partitions are removed the more spacious rooms are attractive and offer greater possibilities In the way of redecorating and furnishing as well as comfort. Funds for this typo of work may be obtained under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Atlic Space May Be Used in Ventilating If there is an attic space over Ihe second floor that can be used tor venlilaling purpose. 1 ;, place a register In the celling of the hall, preferably over the stair, and build a wooden flue over the opening nboul three feel high. This will assist the draft nnd make the ventilation more positive. Linen Closet Light Adds to Convenience A light.In' the linen ' closet will save you the einbarmssing experience of hurriedly giving a guest a torn towel, or grabbing a sheet instead of ft table cloth. Funds for the vewirmg of your home may be obtained under the terms of | the ' National Housing Act. A 'private fhwndal Institution which 1 holds a. contract Sot insurance under, the Federal Housing Administration's 'Modernization Credit Plan' will advance iurids for the work. When large families occupy houses with too few bathrooms, much time will be saved and tempers cooled if at least some of the bedrooms have lavatories in them. Quick Relief for Chills and Fever and Other Effects of Malarial . Doh't put iip with the suffering 65 llalarb—the tccth-chaltcring chills and the burning fever. Gel rid of MaUria by setting the infection out ol your system.'s whit Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic docs—destroys and drives out the infection. At the same time, it builds up your system against further attack. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinine which kills the infection >n the blood. It also contains iron which builds up the blood and helps it overcome the effects of Malaria as well as fortify against re-infection. These arc the effects you want for COMPLETE relief. Grove's Jastelcss Chill Tonic U pleasant lo Uko and absolutely safe, even for children. r<o billet lasle of quinine. Get a bottle today and be forearmed against Hf.ilaria. 1'or sale at all drug stores. Now two sizes —SOc and ?1. The ?t size contains !>/, times as much as the SOc size and givei you 2570 more for your money. Large Closet, Useful for Storing Supplies The hoiis'ekcejwr who caters to a Marge family, anil has^ space for the storage of .canned .'goods, groceries in wholesale lots, soap, nnd similar ; supplies', ' iiYay cave considerable', money by'taking' nilvan- lage'of, special sales,of these commodities.'. ;.:'' .. .."/J .'•';; '-. A storage 'closet v/ith ample, shelving In n'dry • basement or attic readily • .constructed for |hts purpose at little -expense. Funds for this work may be obtained under the 'Modernization Credit plan of the Federal Housing Administration. LUMBER FOR SALE riant Clowd Down rcmm- nently Cheap Prices All kinds rough DRY LUMBER Chicago Mill & Lumber Company Blythevillf, Ark. Phone 800 .Fences, walls, hedges all mid k. the ntlraclivencss and privacy of n home, particularly when (lie plot, is small. Such additions may DC mille inexpensive and will probably luld more thrm tlielr rost to Ihe value of the properly. The type of archllecture of the house will determine what sort of euclosm-e should be used. For the colonial collage a while picket fence is Ihe most appropriate, although a hedge, well trimmed, looks well agnlnst the U'liltc background of the house. These fences may be of many styles, from Just simple flat pallnigs nulled t(> H top ami bottom rail, tosciunrc or round pickets that pierce n molded top rail, with elaborate gate iHJsts. For Hie English type, or for Ihe brick Georgian, a brick wnll looks besl. These may be of any height desired; tills will be gov- erned by local conditions. If the. house Is on a busy thoroughfare and complete privacy Is wanted, a high wall may be'built to completely exclude the outside world. On a quiet street, on the olhci hand, a low wnll that docs not completely hide the house may be preferable. For a house of the- Mediterranean type, n stuccoed wall would look besl. With some types of house In this general cute- gory, the finish of the wall should be lexliucd und nil corners should be softened by rounding. There [ire many good plants for hedges and the best way lo determine which would be besl for your place Is lo consult some good nurseryman. Walls, fences, and hedges may ue financed under the Modernization Credit Plan of Ihe Fcdcrn Housing Administration. The United States stopped (coinage of Its 3-ceiit piece in 18C8. Kelser News Notes Mrs. j, C. Elleson and children, Mrs. Donna llracc and baby owl Charles nnd Leonard F.lleson left Tuesday morning for Albuquerque, N'. M., to visit Mr. nhd Mrs. B. C. Beajack, who formerly, lived in Kelser. Mrs. 13eajack is a sister of Mrs. Elleson. nicy expect to be away three weeks. Mrs. Waller Adams and famllj ol Macon, Miss,, arrived last'week for n visit with Mr. nnd Mrs. W. M. Taylor. Ii. M. Franklin Is visiting his fnlhcr, ISniy Franklin, and family at Charleston, Miss. : Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ward.-of Kennclt, Mo., were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Watson jr. Miss Joan Watson and Miss Sue Gwynn returned with them to spend the week. Mrs. J. v S. Thompson of Hot Springs... came over the first of the week to spend her vacation with Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Poiil- ler. Rev. T. R. Orlffen of Faycttc- vllle, Tenn., started a revival at the Baptist church Sunday mom- ''Gly-Cas Has New- Different Action From All^O'Uiers" ftlr. Ffcy lU'lk'vt'd Of \Afti- lime Of Siifft-rintr With Kidney Anil liladilcr Troulilt 1 ; Now Slt!i'|>s ^iH)d, Former Kne r if y Kike A Now Per son "Clly-Cns \vns H real blessing lo nio," suld Mr. J. n. Frey lioule No. B. Dos a81, I'lne Blull Ark. "All my life I hnd lieer sulferlng with kidney and bladder trouble. I was up us ofter YEAR AROUND COMFWFCAN BE YOURS 1'lncc Red Top Insulating Wool in your attic and enjoy cooler stini- njcrs and warmer winters. The cost ' is relatively small. Phone 40 for a Free Estimate THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. ing. He exjiecU; to hnvc n two weeks' meeting and nil nre Invited to attend. Mr. Kirk Chllds Is In charge, of the song services. J. H. Jeiulgan ot Hornsby Tenn., Ims .spcnl the past two weeks with his sou,. J. R. •.•Jernl- ' Ban. and family. ' • T. .). Rnlney of Little Hock wns a business visitor In Kelser the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Enicsl Corlcy nn- nouiice the birth of n son IIH!, Thursday morning. The bnby lived > only several hours. Funeral services were conducted at Garden Point Friday. Mrs. W. W. Wnlson entertained with a birthday dinner last Sunday in honor of her husband and grandson, Wlnfrcd Watson wluuu birthnys are only one day apart. Mixs Kathrine Watts, who 1ms finished n busine.<vs course Jit, Draughon's Business college, was home over the week end. In the last 75 years, aboul 100 monnrclis, presidents, princes, and other lilgh omdals of state, have been murdered. Read Courier News Want Ads. MK. J. It. KKKY ns eight limes cncli night, hand nnd feel swelled nnd of eoilrs 11 wns impossible for me to ge n good nights sleep. Luinbng nlliicked me nnil] I wns so crip pled 1 could hnrdly walk al a nnd It was impossible for m lo work nl times. I tried man dllferent kinds of medicines—do Ing my best to find; somethl lo help nnd fulled in every nl tempt until I Dnnlly began th new Clly-Ons — it wns the on .medicine I should hnvc yenrr, before." "Qly-Cns' action Is entirely, dif fcrcnt from that of nny ollu medicine, of Ihe present dny he continued. "My kidneys nil bladder nre regulated and 11 poisons have been eliminate from my system. T sleep goot . never disturbed nt night, gel in needed rest nnd my former pe 1 nnd energy hnve been restore Gly-Cns Is one medicine sultei Ing people should not hcslln to try—for it gives real icsul which nre lasting." Gly-Cns Is sold by Klrby Bro Drug Store, this city, nnd by a lending drug stores In surroiint i Ing towns. —Ad Be Our Guest Wed. Night Al Our Big Ouuloor Parly For Our Friends On Our Used (Jar Lot. , Wednesday Night, August 12, at8:00P.M. A Full Evening of Perfect Entertainment ••Fcaliiriiig- ATTI «77' nr\ 77 • j-\. llirMing leaking Pictures News Reels, Novclly Shorts, Thrillers —Inclu ding— 'TIKI,]) DAY" - - "STKKPLK CHASE" "WIND, WEATHER ANI) WHEELS"—The Mosl Unusual Picture Produc- in Hccent Months Children Under 1-1 Musi He Accompanied By Parents Tom Little Chevrolet Co. HOI WALNUT Home Improvements The T. J. Nance house, at 1707 '. Main St., has been Improved y (wiring away the old porch id adding n new one. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Fox arc 'painting their home al 813 w. ish street, which , they recently mclinsed. Hardaway Appliance Co. ISIllf. Phone 233 The Life of a Roof is the Asphalt "Millcrixinu" is n scien- lific, palenicd process which pliices more as- pluilt, more thoroughly nnd uniformly in the fell (hitt composes the hiise of (he roof. Certainteed Universal Shingles ARK "AI!U,EIUZEI>" In addition they are thoroughly locked a s well as nailed on and (heir beautiful coloring is LASTING. 5% per year on the face of the loan is the o n 1 y financing! charge for new Universal Roofs or other repairs. SEE US FOR PARTICULARS E. C. Robinson Lumber Co.

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